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    Thanks Rock and Diane! I thought about posting a "before" pic of Lindsey...one where she hadn't showered or brushed her teeth in awhile, wearing a shabby-looking outfit, covered in spit-up...with one of the babies strapped to her back...but I imagine everyone can conjure up their own picture of that :rolleyes:

    I think David earned most of his medals in combat in Afghanistan...he and the others sure didn't want to be at war, but that's just how it was...

    I just got back from seeing how things were going. Lindsey is getting worse, but was still up in the night with the babies. The babies are playing, but Isaiah is crying a lot because he doesn't feel good and is cutting teeth. Liora is into everything, but also fussy from teething. They can't get Lorraine to eat...I think things don't taste good to her...even her beloved chicken strips. David has to work all night...like I said, craziness!

    One thing "good" about being so busy with the kids...I haven't had time to think about the other "family stressor". Gpa did call me last night to ask if I would take him to his out of town doctor appt. on Monday.

    Gpa is a WWII veteran, and restaurants offer free meals to them on Veteran's Day, so we will make a fun trip out of it...eating at least one or two meals. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive (Gpa's doctor moved his practice away from our local clinic) in mid-afternoon, so we can probably work in lunch and supper...Den has the day off, but is on call...maybe he can still arrange to go with us.

    I need to head to town for some groceries, and see if I can think of stuff Lorraine will eat. Lindsey is going easy on dairy (makes the mucus worse) so that cuts out a lot of things that Lorraine loves...

    Maybe things will calm down in a few years? We can only hope. Keira had pj day at school today...Amy texted last night that it would be neat if she already had her zebra pajamas that I got her for Christmas. Would have gladly gave them to her early, but no way to get them there with such short notice. But apparently there will be other pj days throughout the school year.

    Better get going...might not get a nap before I go "on duty" again tonight. Need to still take care of my hubby...laundry, supper, lunch for tomorrow. Yes, Rock...parents and grandparents would be weighted down with medals :D
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    Julie - Thanks so much for the lovely pictures of your beautiful daughter Lindsey and her handsome hubby David. They both looked great and the other pic of Linds was beautiful too, with her hair up and all Hope she and everyone else gets well soon.

    I am just exhausted reading about your marathon with all the sick ones. Now I just hope you don't get sick but I understand. It is a bad time when everyone has their responsibilities and if you hadn't been there Lindsay is already stressed enough, poor kid. You were there so you just had to help, I know. Glad they are doing better esp Lorraine but hope it continues. Hope you get a bit of a time to rest some.

    Yes, you are right about parents anew some onions and poptatoes in there too. Smells good d grandparents should be worn down with medals.

    Rock - Sorry I haven't had much time to read and thoroughly understand . Yes, Sunday's Confirmation Mass was special with special music. It was very nice but the fun part was that is was bilingual. Luckily I had 2 years of H.S. Spanish. I like and remember when you said "Those Dear Hearts and Gentle People"and then I remembered "who live in my hometown". I could also sing it too if I remembered all the rest of the words. Boy are we dating ourselves. ? he he :)!! I think I could fake a few more words to it though.

    Diane - Hope you are feeling better and doing OK on your staycation. Are you still on it. Have you done a lot of cooking , maybe some soup cooking in the chilly weather ?? Sorry your ipad or whatever you are using is driving you crazy.:oops:

    Mikie - Glad all is well with you and that the kitties are doing with Aunt Julie. Hope it continues. Are you going to do the planting around the condos or are others doing that, maybe with your help ??

    Spring Water - Sorry you have to wait for your new sink to arrive. I know the feeling of not being able to cook or clean in your kitchen. I can do without the cleaning though :)!! I have some Country Pork ribs in the crock pot along with onions and potatoes thrown in and BBQ sauce. It does smell good. Yes, we need some pictures when you get your kitchen finished.

    Hugs to Dar, Sun, Joan, Georgia, Elaine, Teacher and everyone else I am thinking of and or can't remember. It would take me forever to list you all.

    Granni :)
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    very pretty......so she decided on the red on black! A very handsome couple! And she's as slim as a reed.
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    Thanks, Granni and Sun, for the kind words. Apparently, Lindsey and David's story about this being the first time they had left their twins overnight reached the Brigadier General...he came over to their table during the program/meal and talked to them for awhile.

    Sun, I think she will wear the long ball gown next spring when the MP's have their own ball (military police from all over the state.) This past weekend was the battalion's event that David's MP unit is attached to.

    This afternoon I decided to go to another town farther away to get groceries. I wanted to find some non-dairy things for Lorraine and better choices for organic produce. Got her some ice cream and cheddar cheese made with almond milk. Bought myself some also...I've been wanting to stay away from dairy more, but I love cheese and ice cream, lol!

    I helped Lindsey get kids to bed, then she insisted that I come on home. She knows she can call if necessary.

    Now, I am headed to bed myself. Am a little worried about Dar...anybody heard from her? And Joan? I see Georgia on fb sometimes...always good to hear from her. Others too, but my mind has gone blank.
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon did lots of errands yesterday. Went to Bank of America and collected his
    unemployment benefits. B of A did their best to persuade him to open an account with
    them. He declined.

    I had a Bank of A checking account a couple decades ago. My bank went belly up and
    B of A took over. The only problem was they kept charging me ten bucks a month for
    the privilege of having a checking account. So I talked to them a couple times. They
    kept telling me I had to have so much money in my account, and I kept telling them
    I already did. Anyway they kept charging me. I figured $120 was nothing to B of A, but
    a substantial amount to me. So I closed the account.

    There's more to this absurd story, but I guess it's not really that interesting. Anyhoo it
    always amazes me that these big successful companies would rather spend a million a
    week on advertising than provide the products and service their customers want.

    Today's quiz question. What was the original name of Bank of America?

    Mikie, did you see the story about the guy who had his motorcycle stolen? It was
    found and returned to him 46 years later! Every now and then they have a rash of
    these stories. I guess they come in cycles.

    Granni, yes, "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" was a great song. I remember Perry Como
    singing it. America's greatest composer from the 19th century Stephen Foster died in
    New York. He wasn't even 40. In his pockets he had less than dollar and a slip of paper
    with these words: "Dear friends and gentle hearts."

    SG, Lindsey looked great in her red and black outfit, didn't she? If you like those colors,
    next Halloween you can wear same. Just make a sorta sandwich board effect with a couple
    of checker boards. Hope your asthma and flu have done flew the coop.

    Julie, I never heard of PJ day. Sounds like fun. I read some schools have other special days
    like: wear a certain color; or wear a funny hat.

    Well, guess I'll go back to bed. No PJs. I quit wearing them when I went to college. I am,
    however, wearing a very tasteful ensemble: sweatpants and a T shirt w/ a funny saying.
    "A Grouchy German is a Sour Kraut". Sehr gut gelaunt, ja?

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    Beautiful indeed! Julie, thanks for sharing. You guys have really been through the ringer with this stuff. I hope every starts feeling better. Another prayer going up!

    Rock, do you get to go to the dinner show? When my kids lived in LA, they went to a lot of Show Biz parties because of DSIL's family. One of my favorite things is learning which stars are really nice. DD worked in movies, DSIL did too but he had a regular job so not as much. It's on the set where the really nice stars show what they're made of when dealing with extras, people playing small parts, and the behind-the-scene crew. Shirley McClaine, Bill Cosby, and Roseanne were her favorites and, of course, Chevy Chase who is a wild and crazy guy. Thanks for the heads up on the Desert Rose sap; didn't know that. In fact, there was little info with the plant except that they grow in Africa and Arabia. Funny, we have Plumarias and I was just thinking that the Desert Rose bloom looked like the ones on the Plumaria. Barb has a big argument going that the Hawaiian Frangi Pangi is not the same thing as the Plumaris. Most people here use the terms interchangeably. I'll have to look it up.

    Diane, sorry you are fighting with your laptop. I was in that situation a while back and, as predicted, it just stopped being so stubborn overnight. I have yet to use my Surface2 as I've been busy with all this landscaping business. Barb and I have spent days looking for just the right pots and plants. Then, we had to load everything and unload it here.

    Landscapers didn't do as I asked and filled in the holes where they removed the old plants. This means I have had to dig a lot. My arms and shoulders are sore. My knees hurt from shoveling. In one case, they filled the hole with rocks and packed it down. I'll have to buy a pot for that plant. Our landscapers are grasscutters at best and slashing amateurs most of the rest of the time. Our place has never looked so bad. Thank God, some of the assns., like ours, are doing our own relandscaping around the bldgs. We are responsible for about 10' around the bldg. and the rest is considered common elements, cared for by the main board. There has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not we should retain the slashers.

    What I should have been able to do in one day will have to be finished today. Tomorrow, Barb and I will have to drive back to Home Depot one last time for more red mulch and two pots. I don't hold much hope for the stairwell at the other end of the bldg. One woman there keeps planting bits and pieces of free plants and it destroys the chohesiveness of the plan. It looks scattered and messy. When she's through with her watering can, she just throws it in the atrium. AACK! Just glad I don't have to look at it. It's more important to keep the peace than to make a big deal of it.

    I have so many things which have gotten behind because of this project but it'll be worth it when I'm done. Today, my car has to stay over on the next street because the painters will be here to paint the bumpers, speed bumps and parking space lines. It looks nice but we really need to repave and stop spending thousands to cover up a bad paving job to begin with. Our blacktop is cracking and crumbling in places and this topcoat doesn't cover it. Our main board is penny wise and pound foolish. They always take the cheap way out and it comes back to bite them, and us, in the end.

    I'll finish up the planting today, but will have to wait until tomorrow to get the extra pots and mulch. I won't be able to back the SUV in until then to unload the heavy bags. Got up at 3:30 to pee and was able to go back to sleep until 5:00. That's a big deal. I think that's why I have some NRG to do this planting. Simon wasn't outside this morning. Yesterday, he only ate about 1/4 of his bowl of food. I hope the poor little guy isn't sick. He fails to show up at all every now and then. Wish he had a cat cam so we could see what all he does when he's not here. Julie will be off for several days so maybe I'll be able to see Sylvester and Tweety. Am just glad they are doing so well.

    Porch traffic has been a tad light. I hope everyone is well and I hope we all stay well and protected from all these nasty bugs. Our weather is the kind we usually don't enjoy until later on. It is sooooo wonderful to sit out, look at the beautiful blue sky, and breathe in the wonderful air. It's hard to get off my chair and go work on the planting when I'm sitting on the Balcony. I have to take frequent breaks. I'm wearing my back brace and that really helps.

    Sending love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well Rock, you are our "sour kraut" and we love you for it! :cool: Love your "cycles" pun also...do these things just pop into your head, lol?

    It is fun to "go back to school" through Keira...many things have changed since my girls were little, but a lot of things have stayed the same. I really like her teacher...so patient and such a positive/fun lady to be around...it rubs off on the kids too.

    Mikie, I would be so angry at your landscapers...you would have thought they'd rather do "less" work if they had a chance, than go to all that extra trouble of putting ROCKS in that hole! Hope you don't overdo it completely...I know Barb can't help, but good you are taking breaks. If I was closer, I would come help you!

    I can't comment on the sunrise this morning (or really since the time changed)...hard to see the sun come up at 6:30 am when I don't get up till 8:30 :rolleyes: I have not been setting my alarm the past couple mornings, giving my body extra sleep time to "heal" and hopefully not get really sick. I've had the same symptoms as the kids, but not as severe.

    Getting ready to head over to check on them now...Lindsey put on facebook that Liora slept 11 hours straight :D and the other two each only woke up once. Glad I didn't stay, and got to sleep in my own bed...and I hope this is the start of better sleep every night for all of them.

    Amy just reminded me that our little friend from Tennessee, Susan, will be here next Tuesday (middle of the night.) I thought it was another week away, so better get the "guest room" ready and get my act together to have company. She's really no trouble...sleeps a lot when she is here.

    She is a young single Christian gal/quite involved with youth at church, works as a physical therapist, and leads a very busy life. When she is here, she just relaxes and rests. Works for me...I am happy to just have her company.

    She actually met Lindsey and David when they lived in Tennessee, but quickly adopted our entire family. She'll spend two or three days at our house, then go to Amy's for a couple days before heading home. I think she would move up here, but feels like she needs to stay down there for her little brother.

    So...here I go...this is me, getting busy, lol! Hello to everyone...have a great day!
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    Julie: a visiting PT! Wow.....maybe she can do a little "homework" on you. It sure is a problem with the little ones and what they can't have when their sick. Never heard of cheese from almonds. Let us know how it is.

    Mikie: I've found that MOST hired help rarely remember what they're supposed to do. Just hurry up with their work so they can collect their paycheck. Slap dash and get out of there. It's too bad you weren't around when they were working so you could have supervised and reminded them. ROCKS!!!!! UGH.

    Rock: I hate the service we get from banks......what a change from even ten years ago. I lose track of the current owners of the banks where we have $. A few months ago I asked DH about a certain one, he said they changed owners over 8 months ago.

    I'm feeling pretty awful from FM, TMJ plus neck/back troubles. The oral surgeon I saw on Friday said the xray showed bone on bone rubbing in my jaws. No wonder I get these awful headaches. I've now got a bone scan scheduled for dec. but won't take Fosamax or anything like that though. Took Fosamax years ago for the pre osteoporosis but stopped it cold turkey when I read about the jaw bone death that can occur with these meds. My cousin's wife died from cancer and necrosis in her jaws. An incredibly awful thing what all surgeries she underwent but a blessing when she finally died. I wondered if she had been taking one of those meds.

    When I get silent and almost disappear that's a sure sign for me. I drug myself to a few stores yesterday, looking for a polar fleece jacket for my upcoming trip (which I'm dreading because of what I go thru) made a larger carry on travel bag to hold my foam pad I carry around to restaurants, etc. and my raincoat, umbrella for possible rain when we arrive in Portland. Didn't want to stuff my raincoat into my suitcase and look like a wrinkled mess.
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    Hi there everydobby,

    Sorry I need to almost get off when I get one. I need to do my Deneroll and some of the exercises I didnpt do yesterday. I have ten more adjustments and I know he will want me to continue but I can't at least to go as often as he would want me to.

    DH is at a meeting and having lunch most likely. I had leftovers, not to exciting but it was pasta, one of my favorite things to eat. After the chiro in the rain I went to WM to pick up a few things for company we will be having on Friday evening. Eat Stouffers Lasagna, garlic bread and salad and a few snacks perhaps in between game playing. Then ice cream somewhere when everyone feels like it. A real low cal meal :)!!! However the icr cream is TX BlueBell vanilla with NO extra sugar or fat. It does taste yummy with sugar free choc syrup on top - mmmmm, good.

    Sun - So sorry you have been feeling so bad. I sort of know what you mean with all that constant pain - no fun at all. Is your DJ going with you and do you have family there or what? I didn't catch the reason for your visit. I know what you mean about traveling - all it takes to get ready and then the sitting for long periods, at times, Are you flying, or what? How long will you be?? I know you will miss your own bed, pillow, etc. When are you leaving?

    Julie - So glad that Lorraine is doing better and that the babies slept pretty well after all of your ordeal. Glad you have gotten to sleep a bit longer the past day or two. You need it and hope not to get sick like all the others . Now you have to get ready for compay:)!! There is always something happening at your house.

    Keira's school surely is different than I went. Not lots of fun stuff like PJ day.

    Hi also to Diane, Rock, Spring Water, Dar, Joan, Georgia, etc. etc. I do see Georgia and Joan occasionally too on FB, inc. SW.

    I have been wondering also about DAR. I hope she is doing OK. I know work takes so much out of her some days or maybe most days.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hey gang...I am going to close this volume out and start a new one...look for it soon!