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    I opened this one post early but was anxious to get rid of #666. Love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Hope to hear about your trip on your next post. Did it feel good to walk into your own little home?

    Julie: If she's had a shoulder replacement (I only knew about knees and hips) but I know she must be in a lot of pain and will have to go thru PT which will also be painful. You do what you have to do, staying out of her radar range, and yet making yourself comfortable with the whole situation. What's in the 75 goody bags? That's very thoughtful of you and I know they will all appreciate the gift.

    I went to bed at 7:30 because really really tired but woke 3 hrs. later with a ROCK sitting in my stomach, threw up a bit, and finally drifted off to sleep, fighting a headache. I had a bone scan for tomorrow but rescheduled.....don't want to take more bugs to the clinic and spread it.

    I just went back to 666 and read all the posts.

    Mikie: So lucky to get your flight changed!!!!! Yes, it is a shock when we get off a plane dressed for snow and it's HOT. But you made it except now the UTI.

    Spring: This is really the first I've read about your brother aside from his treatment. You all tried the best you could, spending a ton of money along the way, but many times it's without success.

    Don't judge Jesus/God from fanatics who do more harm than good trying to "spread the word". I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control of my life and I just need to sit back and let him work his miracles instead of thinking I know better.

    Rock: How awful for that mail carrier!!!!! Boom, just like that another stranger comes into her life and now she's set for a lot of misery. I will keep her up in good thoughts. Drivers/freeways, etc. are really scaring me lately.....including my DH. He seems to be making dangerous moves like running a red light, not looking before a lane change on freeway, and I've told him I think I'M going to take over the driving even though longer freeway travel gives me anxiety, I'm a nervous basket of anxiety when he drives but better safe than sorry.

    Julie: You've mentioned that Lindsey has had to have pics (I know what that means just can't spell it) and my question is how far along in the previous pregnancies did she start with troubles, and what exactly were they? I had lost one baby before my first one......that was the fault of the doctor who gave me something to abort since the PG test didn't show up. With my first child I had to start once a week shots so I would stay PG, until I felt movement, then at 7 mos. had to quit work because of bad Braxton hicks contractions.

    Don't think I've mentioned all that's going on with DH. In sept. he developed 2 blood clots in legs and was put on Coumadin, with lab monitoring every couple of weeks. A week before our trip the doctor called saying he was anemic but also now has thyroid troubles and he wanted DH to have colonoscopy. Was put on a med for that but on Saturday I was doing a search on internet and found that the two meds are trouble with each other. The gastroenterologist he was sent to last week said he didn't want to do colonoscopy until after the next scan on his legs, since he could have a lot of bleeding. What a problem because he's now searching for another doctor since we don't have confidence in the one he's seeing. I yi yi~!
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    Hi, Again,

    Julie, you guys just never seem to catch a break where sis and GPA are concerned. Please try not to let it stress you out too much (I know, easier said than done :mad:. Wow! Seventy-five goody bags. Don't know how you do it all. Be sure, as always, to take care of yourself.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, I was very lucky to have gotten on early to get my flights changed. So many have since been cancelled. The woman who rescheduled my flights was fantastic. She could tell I was stressed and was so calm and helpful. I didn't stay at my old home town house; I stayed in the Denver area with my kids. Still, it's close to where my house was when I lived there. I'm so sorry you have that stomach thing. AACK! Hope you recover soon.

    I went out to shop a bit and, when I came home, Barb wanted to sit out on the Balcony and have a drink. We were out there for quite a while and I relaxed with a glass of wine. Not good for the UTI but good for my soul. Another neighbor and her dog came up to sit with us. It's so beautiful out. I have to really enjoy this weather because, before we know it, spring will arrive with the heat and humidity.

    I was at Walmart today and found a Himilayan salt lamp for only $15. They are much more expensive in other stores. Supposed to clean the air and put out neg. ions. I have some neg. ion electronic cleaners but
    the lamp puts out a lovely orange glow. It's so relaxing.

    Well, Gang, I'm beat so am going to bed to watch TV. I hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
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    A very quick HI to awl !! So much happening and not happening. We had to cancel most of our shows this week due to sickness of the pianist who is has the flu or something and also fighting cancer too. She is so sweet and such a fighter. So, that means next week is double duty but I may have to bow out on a couple of them.

    DD from NC is coming late Thursday and going home late Saturday to look at a few houses for sale in our subdivision. Hope it works out for them The house they were looking for especially has come down in price and also there were no bites on it till now there are two. Actually DD and SIL are hoping to rent for a few months until their house sells. If this one goes they will look at a few others Hope they find something that works for them and they don't have to run back and forth between NC and TX. They have a bunch to do to get their house ready to sell though.

    We will be singing tomorrow with another pianist for our ladies club luncheon. Hope it works out. I need to go and look at my music and then try and look into our contact. Need to really study that one.

    Mikie - Glad all worked out for you but hope you get rid of the UTUI quickly this time. I know what you mean about wine and UTI's, many times I will have a glass with some ice cubes in it to dilute. I know what you mean about the relaxation properties of wine :)!!!! Tomorrow night is choir practice and I need to study that music for sure.

    SW - So glad to see and hear from you . Sorry not much time to really write the ay I really like to.

    Julie - Hope Lindsay is feeling OK so far with her pregnancy. Poor kid (Linds) needs a rest just like her mama :)!!! All these babies. I know how she feels but I was lucky and had good pregnancies and gained enough weight maybe to much with a few of them esp my son who was almost 9 lbs. The girls were all in the 6 - 7 lb. range.

    Hi also to Sun, Rock and anyone else I may have missed.

    Still haven't heard from the other DD. Sent her a short e-mail which I hope she will get don't know.
    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Porchies!

    Thanks Mikie for the new thread. That #666 kinda gave me the heebie jeebies too. Glad you're back. Sounds like you had a nice trip. And, a safe one.

    Rock, You won't believe this! We just had that conversation about bats the other day. Remember I told you I'd encountered and trapped two since I bought the house? That was almost 15 years ago. About an hour ago, my siamese refused to come "get treat" when I put her favorite treat down. She was staring very intently at my purse on the quilt rack. At least I thought that was what had her attention.

    I put her in the bathroom with her food dish and shut the door. I walked over to the rack to try to figure out what it was about my purse that had so enthralled her. I heard a faint scratching sound. I looked up and here, on top of the drapes, was a small bat!!!! My daughter went downstairs for the tupperware bowl. It flew into her room so we shut the door and caught it in the tupperware bowl. She took it outside and released it. It was just a baby. How ironic o_O Thought you'd get a kick out of it. I still have never figured out how they get into the interior of the upstairs.

    When we moved in and caught the first one, we checked every nook and cranny to see if there was anywhere it could have gotten in. We didn't have anything in the room yet other than the bed. This is the first one, ever, to have been caught outside my room and my door had been shut all night last night and all day today. How weird.

    To all the other Porchies, I'd stay and respond to prior posts, but am tired from work and the fridgid temps outside so I'm going to bed. Will try to check out the other posts and respond tomorrow.

    Nytol :) Sweet dreams and a sunny tomorrow to everybody.
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Here I sit at 3:00 a.m. Had to get up to pee and am wide awake. Decided to just have breakfast and will take a nap before my 10:00 a.m. doc's appt. It's just my six-mo. followup. He'll be glad to know the booster shot the nurse gave me before my trip is still working but I fear if I can't get rid of this UTI, I may need another. I got some cranberry gummy supplements at Wally World yesterday. After my glass of wine yesterday, I drank a huge glass of cranberry juice with lemon.

    I'm sitting here with my new Himilayan salt lamp glowing. It has to heat up before it releases the neg. ions. I am fascinated by the beautiful glow. It looks like something out of the sky in a sci-fi movie. Simon was waiting by the stairs when I got up. Poor old guy; I think he's a bit confused by having two aunties feeding him. Barb is not a cat person so I doubly appreciate her getting up to feed him.

    No doubt about it--when I looked at TV and saw all the cancelled flights, I know I was lucky. I will be stopping at Target today to see whether they have the Peeps peppermint stars I crave. I've been everywhere else and no stars. They sell them online, but by the time one pays S&H, they are too expensive. I'll stop by the Dollar Tree store next door to pick up some balls for the cats' Xmas bag. Tweety loves their colored ping pong balls. I got them some treats they love. Publix has Russell Stover candy on BOGO so will pick up a box for Julie too. Sylvester is too lazy to play with the balls but he will like the treats. I do have a hard time coordinating visits and am missing the cats.

    Granni, sorry you had to cancel due to sickness. There has been so much sickness this fall and winter. I hope things work out for you kids to sell and make the move. That is such a stressful time. Exciting but stressful.

    Dar, you've finally gone batty :D. I'm not sure I'd have the presence of mind to catch a bat to release it. I've rescued geckos in here but they don't seem as creepy as bats. I watched too many vampire movies as a kid.

    Julie, everything down here is upside down. Winter is our beautiful weather when we can grow flowers. Most flowers won't survive our summer heat and humidity. DD lives only 600 miles north in Atlanta. It's as hot there in the summer as it is here but she has flowers. Summer makes out flowers get leggy and limp. They get so ugly, I finally pull them out. We do have our flowering bushes and have to make do with them. I trimmed our new Ixora bushes and fertilized them with the recommended stuff. No blooms. So, I'm putting some coffee grounds on them to try to get them to bloom. Our flower boxes with the orange New Guinea Impatiens and vines are beautiful. All the other plants are doing well too.

    We are all anxious for our Snowbird friends to arrive from up North. There's always a lot going on when everyone is down. Hope our Porchies show up. It's always more fun when everyone is posting. I feel so blessed to have two other families: My Online Family and my FL Family. Just heard from a cousin my age in my Biological Family. I hadn't heard from anyone and my e-mails went unanswered. Found out one cousin is in bad shape and has problems she can't fix with her computer. The cousin who wrote had an annurism on her esosphogas and had to have surgery. The doc only gave her a 4 percent chance of survival. She's lost a ton of weight. She has to care for her Mom who has Alzheimer's. Fortunately, she a high-functioning person who maintains long-term memory but has a problem with the short-term stuff. Their fantastic old dog died but they have a puppy that acts as a therapy dog for Mom. I'm so sad when those around me suffer. Seems I'm getting to the age that everyone I know has something to deal with.

    Well, I should stop before I write "W&P" here. My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    It's cold here tonight. Going down to 45. I was reading in bed with one glove on. Have to
    keep the other hand free to turn pages. I believe the same rule applied in the old West except
    it was your shootin' hand you had to keep free.

    Mikie, I just started this post when I got an alert that you had just posted. Ain't modern science wonderful. Simon is lucky to have two benefactors. It's funny about cats and toys. Some of them love to chase a shoelace or bat a ball around. Some just look sort of baffled. Never heardof Peeps peppermint stars, but I currently have some Palmer Mint chocolates from the 99.9 cent store which are delicious.

    Of course I believe you, Dar. Oops! Gotta go see what all the racket is. ... OK, whatever or whoever stopped by the time I got downstairs. Sounded like people getting outta cars and dropping boards.

    I believe you may have invented a new technique for catching bats. Maybe you should alert the Tupperware people. Dave Barry belongs to a rock band called "The Rock Bottom Remainders". It performed their Tupperware Song at a Tupperware convention some years ago.

    Reminds me of my Junior Prom. I went with a girl named Mary Ann. This was at the time
    when "Mary Ann" was a pop hit. Sung by Harry Belafonte and a buncha other folks. Maryanne was telling me about bats in her house which she had rousted from the house with an old tennis racket. She triumphed over two bats. Two for two which she considered a very good batting average. This squeaky pun amused me greatly and may have started my life-long (well, so far) appreciation of similar tidbits.

    Julie, glad the Christmas party and Lorraine's program were a success. Hope you can enjoy
    your visitors without getting buried in hostess duties. I'm a big believer in the adage:
    Put 'em to work. They'll feel they're contributing.

    Granni, do you have many piano players available? When I was a kid I noticed that every group that needed a piano player (choir, chorus, glee club, etc.) was able to find one. And they were usually very good too. I wonder if that's still true. When I was working I never heard any moms mention piano lessons or recitals, etc. Maybe it's all going to be karaoke machines
    from now on.

    You're right, SG. The mail carrier was just going about her business and suddenly some
    random, stupid act throws a life changing event at her. People always talk about making
    good choices and planning ahead (well, you can't plan behind), but there is an element of
    luck or chance that is unforeseeable and uncontrollable.

    Here in LA people have had their lives changed (or ended) when suddenly a car came through
    a wall, or a bullet through a window, or a plane fell outta the sky or a gas main blew up
    and on and on. Of course the event may be fortuitous. I read of two best selling authors
    who got phone calls from publishers asking them to write books.

    Oh, almost forgot. Woke up and went downstairs yesterday afternoon. Gordon was just
    saying goodbye to Patrick Healy, TV reporter for NBC. He interviewed Gordon re: the
    accident at our corner yesterday. He wanted to do it on camera, but Gordon wouldn't. The
    LA Times had a brief story on the incident. The driver was a 13 year old who borrowed his
    sister's vehicle. He is in custody at Juvenile Hall.

    Mikie, here's one I like that I found on the net serendipitously. Harold had Type A blood, but
    his transfusion used the wrong kind due to a Type O.

    Hugs, Kids
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    I don't blame Gordon for not wanting to be on TV! And......was there anything on TV about the accident. Many times they shoot something and it ends up on the cutting room floor. By the way......you guys are creeping me out about those bats. They scare me!!!!!

    Dar: Last I read is that your house was up for sale? And you were buying a friend's house?

    I've been trying to clean up this house and a few closets, donating items I don't need. I think I usually do this around New Years but I'm a bit early this time.

    DH has been told he HAS to get colonoscopy so he had a choice of next thursday or Christmas Eve! I don't think the latter would have been good for him, everyone wanting to get home and party.
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    Oh, Rock, that one was GOLD! I live for puns and cleaver use of our language. I've always thought since I'm gonna die someday, it would be great to go out in some special way as long as I didn't have to suffer too much. I remember a guy riding his motorcycle under a train trestle. A dog happened to be walking on the trestle, fell off and onto the cycle rider, killing him, and the dog, instantly. We had a brick plant in my hometown. As the bricks were coming down the conveyer belt, the workers were noticing what looked like body parts. It was when they spotted an eye that they shut down everything. A guy had fallen into the huge vat where the clay and other ingredients were mixed. Unfortunately, I don't think this poor fella had an easy passing. I just think it would be a nice service on my part to give folks something out of the ordinary to talk about when I go.

    I did get the cats' new mamma a box of chocolates and the cats some treats but I didn't get to the Dollar Tree for the balls. Even though Sylvester doesn't chase balls, he will chase Tweety when she chases the balls so, at least, everyone gets involved. I did get to Lowe's to pick up a 1X4 piece of lumber to make a shelf behind my sofa on the wall. Can't remember whether or not I mentioned it. I saw it on Pinterest. I got brackets to hold up the shelf, which is just below the level of the top of the back of the sofa. I have to sand and stain the wood before I install it. I can put candles, books, pics, etc. and it will have a big punch of decorating without taking up my much needed space in here. I have a cute little man at Lowe's who always helps me. I credit him with my being able to have redone my baths. I hope you stay warm. One of the drawbacks of the Kindle Fire is that you have to use both hands if you want to go back and forth. Otherwise, the right hand is always out of the covers, getting cold, so you can tap on the touchscreen to turn the page. Considering the magnificent technology of the Kindle, I consider my whining a low point or, perhaps, a character flaw on my part. My gun's on the right-hand side of the bed. If someone broke in, I'd have to decide whether to shoot or turn the page. If it's a real "page turner" of a book, I might have a difficult decision to make.

    Sunflower Girl, I agree about going public as a witness to just about anything. It's a sad commentary that we have to worry about the cost of doing the right thing. I don't blame Gordon for not letting them film him. I wouldn't either. I think I asked a while back but are you still painting? Curious minds want to know.

    Saw my doc this morning. Everything is fine. He wants me to get some followup lab work done but I'm waiting til Jan. when I'm on BC/BS. United HealthCare AARP never did pay my lab bill at Lab Corp and they are sending me past due bills every month. Every month, I call UHC and they tell me not to pay the bill and that they are handling it. I'm sick of it so filed a complaint with Medicare. That should get things moving. The woman at M/C couldn't have been nicer nor more helpful. What a pleasure to deal with a customer service person who acts as though she enjoys helping us.

    Well, gotta go dig out our bldg.'s wreaths and bells and put them up. Ugh! I'm also saving my coffee grounds and dumping them on our new Ixora bushes as they stopped blooming. No rest for the weary.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie et al,

    Our singing performance went off well today. It was only 5 songs with one sing along and lunch. We have to sing next week, 5 days but I have already told the leader I will not be at 3 of them a doc appt. for DH and the day of our big church performance.

    DD and family will be coming in late tomorrow night to look at a few houses and then swish back to NC. Not much time for visit. Getting things done little by little around here very slowly. May not be here much the next couple of days. Just wanted to pop in and say that I am live, I think.

    Hi also to Sun, Dar, Julie, Rock and anyone else I may have missed. Have to rush, eat and go the choir practice again.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Ran into an odd complication on the house front. My credit is good, but it should be sterling. When the lady at the bank who is handling the sale of Barb's house ran my credit, to my amazement, my mortgage company has not listed any of my house payments or flexline payments on this house since 2003 with the credit reporting agencies. They have it listed as "discharged in a bankruptcy", which it was not. I called and after being passed from one person to the next finally got to the bankruptcy dept.. She said I never signed a reaffirmation form. Therefore, they did not report my payments. :confused:

    I called my law office, and the attorney found in my file, the original reaffirmation form signed and dated January 2007. So they were signed and sent. Now I need to call this company back and raise cane! First and foremost because they've been affecting my credit for years for no darned good reason, and this still does not explain why they did not report the four years of payments from 2003 to 2007 before the bankruptcy was filed. They have some 'splainin to do Lucy!! I also noted in the reaffirmation form that by law, I am not obligated to sign said form. I am going to demand to know why 10 years of house payments made after the bankruptcy do not constitue reaffirmation as well!!! They sure haven't complained about accepting them. Nor, did they bother to mention this form to me years ago when the bankruptcy was filed. She stated the attorney should have mentioned it to me. Well, obviously he did because there was one in the file signed! Methinks they better get their records straight.

    The lady at U.S. Bank says once I get that straightened out, she'd be more than happy to refinance my home, get it sold so she can get me into the home I want. I am amazed at what this mortgage company has pulled! I've never missed or been late with a house payment in 14 years. And this is the thanks I get? Course, if we consider motive, how better to insure that I am unable to refinance elsewhere and am stuck making continued payments to this mortgage company?

    So many interesting posts, so little time. I wish I could stay up and chat more, but work will come early again tomorrow. So to all the Porchies I didn't get to post, look for me on the weekend when I don't have to get up and go to work. In the meantime, love to all.

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    Dar: OMG, what a royal MESS. Glad to read you've got an attorney who will help straighten things out. And I'm sure this all comes about because of computer errors, inputed by some little 20 year old chickie.

    Mikie: It's been at least a month since I've painted. Bad neck and back and then the trip to Oregon has kept me away from it. I put on my painting clothes today but as I was cleaning my bedroom I decided to spray paint an old as is chair and then while all those coats of paint were drying I worked on a cute cushion for it. Now I'm eyeing a small oak desk that I use with it. I know my DH would scream because he stripped it years ago but oak is DEAD. I've hurt my back from all the twisting and turning I had to do today so if I do decide it will be come January.
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    Hi Folks
    Slept for an hour. Had a stupid dream. Now I'm awake and will be for hours. "Haven't I suffered enough? I lost Butter Queen!" (Betty White as Rose.)

    Saw our old landlord today. We were his neighbor for 15 years. Then we were his tenets for three. He was in our present neighborhood because his folks live near us. During the course of the conversation I asked him if the So and Soes still lived there. Had they flooded the downstairs apt. again? The answers were Yes and Yes. The way I see it, if you don't charge these miscreants for damages or evict them, then you are an enabler. But it's not my problem. (Wipes hands.)

    Anyhoo, he had lots of big news about his son who is now a college student in Germany and plays on a soccer team. "The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does." ~Phil Woosnam. Don't know Mr. Woosnam's position, but I assume he is either a great soccer player or a great philospher. That name
    kinda reminds me Aileen Wuornos.

    SG, don't worry about bats. The bat is your friend. Well, maybe not exactly a friend. But bats do eat lots of bugs. Thus performing a valuable service for person kind.
    One of the most popular operettas is "Die Fledermaus', i.e. the flying mouse aka a bat. It has
    great tunes but another reason for its popularity is that in the second act, the young prince
    gives a ball. At this point the opera house invites several famous singers to come and sing a
    number or two. Very popular for a New Year's Eve performance. I saw the Met do it
    back in the 1960s. And, serially, I read you are more likely to get leprosy, polio or the BB plague than to get rabies from a bat.

    BTW, what are you doing to that poor table? De-stripping it. Anti-stripping it. Un-stripping.
    If your DH is like most of us men, you could paint it purple, and he wouldn't notice. The only
    furniture we pay attention to is the sofa and the TV.

    Dar, looks like you have been a victim of the general incompetence and indifferent attitude
    that now run our country. I never even heard of a reaffirmation form. Sounds like something
    to do with Reading of the Banns in Church.

    Hope to see you on the weekend. In the meantime, remember that your job duties should not
    include "Death by Decorating". Sounds like an Agatha Christie title, huh?

    Well, have ta taka break. Back later, I hope.
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    Hi Kids

    Let me update you on what's happened since last I posted. ZZZZZZZzzzzzz. Mikie, most people want to go quietly when they go. You must enjoy the Darwin Awards. Well, who doesn't? Have you heard Tom Paxton's song "Forest Lawn"? It's on Youtube sung by various folks and folkies including John Denver. Tom also wrote "I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound." Forest Lawn sorta answers that question.

    Or as Larry McMurty said in one of his books: Ted: "Where do you think you're gonna end up?" Ed: "Same place as everybody else. Hole in the ground."

    Glad to hear your doc said everything was fine. I pretty much feel like nothing is fine with me, but on serious reflection, that is probably an overstatement. So far as I know, there is nothing wrong with my eyebrows, earlobes, or fingernails. At least not at the moment.

    I am still waiting for doc to discuss my carotid artery test results. Gordon called his office yesterday. Marybelle said they are still waiting for the test results. Maybe they are being mailed from Iran? In the meantime, Jam has been providing me with some helpful hints.

    Granni, sounds like you are a singing whirling dervish these days. Tale a tip from Roger Miller. When I saw him in Las Vegas (1968) he started his show by saying, "I like to start slow
    and taper off.) Roger was the only country western songwriter to provide the music for
    a Broadway Show. It won 8 Tony Awards!

    Hope everydobby is doing the bestest possible. Salutations to absent friends. Joan, Springflower, Julie, and et. al.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another quick hi to awl,

    The gal who takes care of our booking for the Sr. facilities has already rescheduled those performances that we had to cancel due to ill pianist. This gal is in her at least mid 80's herself. She also was a piano teacher and still does give some lessons. She is a great gal but is always going. Don't think her DH cares much and she would tell him off anyway if he popped off at her . We are supposed to sing every day next week and some days two performances. I already told the director that I wouldn't be at two of them. One is on Tuesday when I will be going with DH for his yearly checkup . He is not much for docs and wants me to be thee so I will go. I could possibly have made it but I don't want to have to rush around, etc. Fri is our Contata at night and we have to be there about 5 pm for the 7 :30 performance. The other gig was in the late afternoon and to much rushing around. Did that last year. I have enough stress right now.

    Our ladies club performance went pretty well I think. At least many ladies said they liked it. It is still chilly here and sun in and out all day. At least it is not as brutal as it was with the North wind.

    Julie - Right you are on the priorities. Make the grandpa's happy and they will not care about how your house looks, or not :)!! Just feed them :)!! I know you will do that very well. Glad LInds will not be working after Christmas. Lord knows she has enough to do to occupy her time with all those little ones.

    Dar - So sorry about the mess on your credit. That has got to be just awful and certainly at a very bad time for you wanting to buy a new home. Glad you are o n your toes and have a lawyer to help you out,

    Rock - Glad to hear from you but sorry you don't have much NRG. I do understand that. We didn't have to much problem getting a pianist. One of the gals in the ladies club is a beautiful pianist and she was very gracious and did a good job. We paid her some $ for her time and talent. Hope our pianist is up to playing on Monday for us. If needed another one we had at least one other lady we could have called. This gal is in her 90's ate a great lady and pianist, possibly organist too at her church sometimes..

    Mikie - Hope you get to feeling better soon. Glad you got to visit but so often we all suffer for a little fun afterwards, especially if you have to travel like you did. Glad you got home safely in all that bad weather.

    Sun - Hope you aren't feeling badly after your trip. If I read your post I forgot what you said - duh !!! Thinking about you and all anyway.

    DH is having sciatica problems I think now and our daughter and SIL and DGS are coming tonight to look at a few houses to buy but possibly rent out first since they are not ready to buy yet. Actually they aren't ready to rent yet but perhaps in a month or two. They need to get started on fixing up there house to sell in NC. We were going to go to one of the K of C parties tomorrow night but might not make that one either. He is limping around needing help now after I gave him some exercise to do. He may have over did himself with them. He is also not used to pain.

    May not get back tomorrow, not sure with company here and helping them look at a few homes. We'll see what happens.

    To everyone I forgot to mention - lots of love and hugz to you and ALL,
    Granni :)
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: I think Lorraine and I think alike.....I also think when it gets dark it's time to brush the teeth and go to bed. And how nice that everyone was enjoying your little bags of goodies. I guess I missed WHY you were having to watch the little ones almost nonstop, it's understandable.

    Rock: didn't you have that carotid artery test before thanksgiving? Actually, the next 24 hrs. would be the norm on getting the results. I hope the doctor's office gets on the ball and gets the results for you and the doc.

    Mikie: hope you're feeling better with the UTI. Lucky Simon, two lovely ladies who make sure he eats. I sent you a PM....did you see it?

    Granni: Poor hubby.....you've overworked him! That's a painful thing, the sciatic. The PT back in march gave me some stretching exercises for me to do standing up, and of course laying on a heating pad and then a cold pack at night might also help.

    I ran a few errands today, including buying some Christmas cards. Every year more and more people opt out of sending, too expensive for the card and the stamp and then your time to address it. I wasn't going to, my husband was shocked, but I did send a few out today. Mainly for those older relatives who count on receiving one. Stopped at the P.O. and it was EMPTY! What a shock. Stopped at Target and not a lot of people there either. Got a call that I won a trip to Paris....really a shock to me. Went out to an antique shop looking for a vintage painted tie for my son.....he loves those old ties, but no luck. Looks like I'll have to shop on Ebay tomorrow for one. OH yes, the trip to Paris is not true, just checking if Granni is actually reading my posts!

    Spring: thinking about you and your brother.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    This is a first. I'm using the touchscreen on my new Surface to respond. Can't say I like it much. Think I'll snap on the keyboard to see if that makes a it better. Oh, yeah, that's a bit better but this keyboard is so much smaller that I'm making even more typos. I hate typing on touchscreens. My phone touchscreen is impossibly small to try to type on. I'm so NOT enjoying this that I think I'll go to my old laptop to finish. I can see that this contraption will only be used for gaming or other apps. Of course, if this is all I have, it's better than nothing. But, since I do have a choice, I'll switch and do another post.

    Love, Mikie
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All.

    We have had a dry and cold fall here. I hope winter brings us warmer temps and rain, rain, rain . I should be careful what I wish for I guess. There were huge floods around here in the winter of '64 I believe. Anyways, we've stayed at home for the last week. The bridges and roads too icy. Snow in the front yard still. Unusual for here. Global warming :eek:.

    I have been having dreadful drenching sweats --- no fun when it's cold!:( My peripheral neuropathy really acting up. Barometric pressure or myth?

    Mikie, I'm glad your trip to Denver worked out! I've always wanted to visit the rock gardens in the Botanical garden there. Don't know what it's called. Maybe something like Denver Botanical Garden.......;)

    I have been wondering whether the Lounge is being subsumed by the Porch. So be it. Suits me. We might need some carpenters, and I definitely want a rocker! And a non-smoking zone. And a Cannabis corner ;). What do ya'll think? :rolleyes:.

    Little doggy Shorty has given up on the apples in the back yard. The bear and birds have pretty much cleaned up the last of the windfalls. Now little doggy Shorty is fixated on the persimmon tree in the front yard which is still loaded with fruit. I have to stop him from eating them because he tends to gorge, as it were, and if he eats too many he vomits them up. And then eats that. :oops:

    Hey Rock, my right carotid artery is 100% blocked. Left is 40%. I keep going for an ultrasound every six months. They put me on low-dose aspirin and a statin (Lipitor). Eeeek! Scary. Just another thing to try not to worry about I guess....

    Love to All,

    Barry :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everyone

    sad news. my brother left us on 13 th dec. in hospital

    i cant think straight right now

    pls pray for his peace of mind, for his wife M and my brothers n me.

    i am very tired

    thank you

    i love u all

    god bless
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, Springwater, I wish we could all be there to give you a big hug. I can understand your feelings of bewilderment and loss.

    There is a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that you might find helpful. It's a long poem. Maybe too long to read all at one time. I first read it in High School. Every now and then I look up old, meaningful verses.

    Remember that your friends here on the board love and care for you.