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    Hi Kids

    Things has been very busy around the ranch lately. By that I
    mean Gordon has been busy. Now that he's no longer putting in
    12 hours a day at work plus commute, he has time and energy to
    do something about this old house.

    It has two big problems. 1) it's old (which means a lotta things don't
    work so good, and 2) it is crammed full of junk, mostly accumulated by
    his pack rat mother.

    He would like to get rid of her stuff, but on the other hand, he just can't
    bring himself to do it. As I may have mentioned once or 30 times, we
    have that big industrial size sewing machine in the kitchen. Bigger than a
    gas stove. And there are several (couple dozen maybe) cartons of junk
    strewn around the place. Mostly old fabric from the days when she did
    sweat shop sewing at home.

    The problem is aggravated by the fact that I am so feeble now I can no longer
    move furniture and lug boxes. I do little things to help. Kinda like having
    a toddle as a helper. Good intentions; not too much substance.

    Today I spent an hour or so with my CDs. Don't know how many I have. No
    sense counting. Would just reinforce my compulsive behavior. Anyhoo I have
    enough that the boxes fill up a 6 shelf bookcase. Last week we took the CDs out of
    small boxes and put them in big boxes. All the while I kept saying, "But I
    can't move boxes this big." The project was sheer folly (about 15 denier) since
    the boxes could not be opened on the shelf. Not enough room to lift the cover.
    So they had to be moved off the shelf if one wanted to take out a CD, and the
    boxes were too heavy for me to do that. All the while I kept saying to myself,
    I don't care. Que serra serra. It's his house. If it makes him happy, etc.

    Today he agreed I should reverse the process. From big boxes to small. Oy-vey.

    The last time I posted, I ran outta steam before I addressed everydobby. Was
    hoping to do better this time, but ran outta steam again. Maybe I can come back
    and do little mini posts. Anyhoo I do wanna say to Sunflower, I hope the docs
    can fix up hubby. It is so aggravating when things that have been automatic
    for decades (like thinking and breathing and circulating and digesting and etc.)
    go haywire. (Gary Larson had a cartoon about things running amok in a
    baling wire factory.)

    For our pun lovers, here's a memo from the Personnel Dept.
    "Employees are advised that civil conduct and common courtesy are
    required here at Maybelline. Those who have been engaging in
    petty spats are instructed to make up."


    Illustrating that everything is more difficult when your computer and your
    brain don't work, it has taken me an hour to write and post this. Took two
    tries to sign in here and two tries to cut and paste and then the post was
    double spaced and had to be corrected and on and on. It took less effort
    to brief cases for law school.
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    Thanks Rock. I'm hoping the surgeon can fix DH too. This thing has hit us all square in the face!

    And about the "clutter" the way I'm looking at it (I inherited packrat thinking from my Mom) is if it's NOT being used, nor will I use it anytime soon, I need to give it to someone who WILL use and NEED it. Ask Gordon if he's going to take up sewing pretty soon. Or........he could shove it outside and decorate it with orchids.

    I used to repair antique wicker and all these bundles of supplies for it, hanging on garage wall. I need to search around and see if there's a basket weaving class where I could sell cheap or give away.

    Julie: It's always hard when young kids need to buy a house......$ is always tight when you really need it. What is the average price for houses in your area? I will be very surprised if my son and dil will be able to buy a house in L.A. They have high expectations but low cash flow. My son in Oregon will never be able to buy one but then who knows.....they both might hit the lottery.

    I'm waiting for my SIL to bring their dog for the weekend.....she's a large weimeraner and a real sweetheart.
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Hi AWL !!

    Rock - Thanks for starting us up again. I have been so badly lately in posting and checking volumes :)!! Have fun cleaning out. I know that is quite a processes.

    Got back not to long ago form another funeral. That makes the second one in close to a week. Found out yesterday when I went to the beauty shop and met a good friend there whom I hadn't seen in some time. Her DH was about to have a test done to check for bleeding in the rectum. I haven't heard anything yet and have left messages. I hate to call her in the hospital but I may later on.

    Julie - So sorry you are now feeling poorly again. This has got to stop. I know the weather surely is no help to you all. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Hope your little family does too. Also hope that they get to find a home suitable and affordable enough for them and their ever growing family :)!! Curious how expensive the homes are in your area too. I forget who mentioned it, maybe Sun but not sure. In the TX area or in a lot of the areas in TX they are pretty good prices I think. I know in CA and NY and up eat they are pretty HIGH in what you can get for your money. Not sure about FL, probably depends on where and how close to the water, etc.

    Mikie could tell us about that, I am sure. Prices of homes in FL at least where she lives. Of course if close to the water it is more expensive too. You wouldn't believe what we sold my parents home in NY for after Mom died. It was such a small house for about $500,000 but it was on the bus line and good neighborhood where I grew up in teenage years, on Long Island, NY. Only one bathroom in the whole house and 3 very small bedrooms. No DR just a kitchenette with dining area attached, for a small dinette table and chairs, and very small living area and "study" or "den".. I think our home was build in the 20's and my uncle owned it for a time.

    Freida - Yes snow flakes are VERY pretty even though we haven't seen any in years . I hope you find some NRG soon.

    Diane - Think I found out how to retrieve the x to get out of each computer program ! Will get to you on the other thread :)! THANKS :)!! Hope it is warming up by you and all.

    Hugz to everyone for now.

    Love you awl inc all those not mentioned !!
    Granni :)
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    For all of you sick with bad coughing from the flu, my son forwarded an email from a friend. His friend had the flu for 2 weeks and just died from swine flu......confirmed by the ICU he was in. I thought swine flu was a thing of the past? Not sure where this friend lived. I would suggest that all of you with a respiratory illness that doesn't go away, get to the doctor to be checked.

    Diane: I think you were going to the doctor today?
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, I hope you got to go to the doctor today DIANE. Is that right? Hope you will get well soon. Yes, lots of weird stuff going on with the flus and such. Best to be careful for sure.

    Thanks for the warning - SUN !

    Luv and hugz,
    Granni :)
  6. Darrae

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    Rock, Thanks for starting up the new porch. I hear you. You live someplace long enough and you acquire so much you really don't need. It's tough to know where to even begin to sort! I am in similar straits. Not a good prospect when I am hoping to move soon. Cute pun by the way. Make up. LOL :D.

    Sun, Death by swine flu?! How scary is that! Good news is, my upper respiratory is gone thank goodness. You have been in my thoughts. Warm vibes.

    Julie, You might be on to something there. God does have ways of orchestrating things doesn't he? We don't always recognize his hand in our lives until later when we step back and look back. Hope you and family get better soon. This has been terrible for you friend. Prayers........

    Hi Jam, When I said opposites attract, I guess I should have clarified, (Not complete opposites). Of course you still have to be like minded when it comes to the important stuff, like finances, child rearing, who does what in a relationship because they are better at one thing while you are better at another, what your expectations in a relationship are, etc.....I admire Granni and her DH for their capacity for cooperation and the long happy relationship that they created together. It's rare.

    I was referring more to the little idiosyncrasies. The little differences in personalities and interests that often keeps things interesting and not boring. A place where you can actually learn new stuff from one another because of your life interests. Example: My youngest son's father taught me the love of canoeing and downhill skiing. Things I'd likely never have gotten into had he not loved those activities himself and wanted me to share them with him. And from me he developed a love for the nuances of language, appreciation of art, eclectic musical tastes, and of literature.

    However, if you and your significant other cannot agree on a healthy balance, then it's doomed. I expect a relationship to be a 50/50 partnership. My last X thought he should control 75% of everything and I should only have a 25% say in life with him. Not acceptable. I am open, giving, generous, kind of nature and willing to extend myself and try anything once. My X was closed minded, controlling, greedy, cruel of nature, and unwilling to ever step outside his own comfort zone. Needless to say, that's why he's my X.

    I've grown accustomed to living alone and have developed a very independent lifestyle for the last fourteen years. I like it that way for the most part. But I do, sometimes, miss laughing with another person over little "private" jokes, a shoulder when I could use one, a special look, a warm tender hand to hold. But not enough to ever settle for less than I deserve. I set a standard years ago. My standards would be very difficult to live up to. ;)

    FYI, it's a heat wave!!! We got up to 40 degrees above zero today! Woohoo! :D

    Love to all on the Porch!


  7. springwater

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    Hello all

    Julie - hope the stomach bug is soon out of your system...just cant imagine what
    the family will do if you too get sick..but you seem to recover pretty quick, even
    if the bugs are aplenty out there..could be your healthy lifestyle, no vices and always
    on the move and thnking of others :)

    Sun - I missed seeing the post about your daughter, is she ill? I know your dh has
    to have a medical procedure, im praying it is taken care of soon.

    meanwhile remember to take care of your own self. Need to give yourself even
    more TLC when there is something stressful going on.

    Granni - sad to hear about your dhs friend that passed on due to heart attack.
    I lost my FIL to it. My dhs sister's husband had to hv a procedure because his arteries were
    blocked or something...but he found out before he had a full blown attack. He is young
    prob around 40 at time of incident and felt uncomfortable in his heart region at work,
    went online,googled the symptoms and took no chances but got himself checked and
    found he needed surgery which he did hv. Fine now.
    Another lady cousin of dhs had similar case, she felt very 'off' for two days, went and
    checked herself and tests showed she needed heart surgery urgently. she too is fine now.

    Dar - thank goodness your car got fixed. I shiver just thinking of the temps out there.
    Did you ask what kind of dogs i hv? Poopsie the old girl is a japanese spitz, joey
    and jeff are brothers mongrel and lhasa apso mix, joey looks like a mongrel
    good looking one, small, shinyblack silky fur and yellow dots on top of his handsome
    well proportioned head, jeff looks untidy mop of hair, keechu is their kid, he looks
    like an over grown lhasa apso, he is beige and tinku is a full blown mongrel she
    looks like a bright eyed frisky deer..picked her up off a bridge when she was a pup
    she was sick and i thought i might as well take her home to die in comfortable
    surroundings and got surprise of my life when she rose like the pheonix and started
    prancing around only two days after being fed and kept warm!

    Tinku is lady boss now, and the boys just better kow tow to her or else they
    get it. They know not to mess with her.

    Rock - i think Gordon had better harden his heart and move the old sewing
    machine out...i can imagine the space it takes. i mean to get back to my
    decluttering soon as my brothers affairs are over.

    Leah - never did see a snowflake up close. i only once or twice encountered
    snow when i was younger. My college town was a hill station and had sporadic
    snowfall but i used to be safely home two hours drive downhill away.

    Jam - i remember when you used to go to play bridge couple of years ago
    before your hip operation...but do you think it was the lesser of the two evils?
    I know some other things got messed up but your hip pain did recede didnt it?

    Your mantra for your daughters recovery was interesting.

    Well, this is what i can remember. A shout out and hello to all the others.
    oh, where is Mikie, by the way.

    Its so cold today. Thin sunshine. A change from yesterdays blazing warm
    sun. Brothers fourth week prayer ceremony. Monks came. My dh and
    son went and got them to brothers place early morn..eight. ten of them
    including a little boy monk, really sweet. SIL had her relatives come over
    to help. cook and all. she has so many relatives! bless their souls.

    i took a chilli, cheese potato with butter dish, sort of gravy and the monks
    had it all, none left over for rest of us, lol! sis cousin had made mushrooms,
    lentil soup, greens, soyabean balls in tomato and radish chutney. we didnt
    serve meat.

    the whole thing was over by 5pm but when i reached home at last i was
    terribly tired. and very depressed. maybe the reaction from being forced
    to be social and surrounded by so many people for so many days now.
    always liked my alone times and feeling the pressure now.

    The good thing is my poopsie was windmilling and doing the snuffling
    on the carpet thing..it means she is kind of well now. she had been ill.
    for two days.
    and it was worrying. not eating anything except biscuit and just whimpering
    sometimes when not sleeping restlessly.the whimpering like she was in pain
    was most distressful. didnt know what was causing it.

    today she has been giving her sharp short barks demanding biscuits and
    ate chicken and rice and her milk. good to see my missy up and sprightly
    the way i know her.

    just now it was so cold, well not for you guys out there in minus temps,
    but i think it might be around 8 degrees celcius..which is brrrrr for us
    i was wanting some nice warm something to eat so made some mushroom
    soup from a packet and added an egg to it...let it boil, stirred and yum!

    wonder of wonders, the lights are on too. we are having more time with
    power off than on these days..so here i am..

    son is at his poetry workshop thingy, i asked him today while he was tying
    his shoelaces what exactly did they do at these workshops since he never says
    and he mumbled "contemplate world domination". aha haha.

    well, take care all

    God Bless
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Nice to see your long post and all the news at your end of the world. How much longer will all these prayers and gatherings for your brother go on? I can see why it's so draining on everyone, especially you who has CFS to contend with. I also need my alone time to "regroup" after something going on. My daughter had the flu bug like most of us out in calif. She's very worried about her Dad, as we all are, but like I told her, and I'm trying to remind myself, God is always in control and we have to let him work without us worrying.

    "Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path." Just one of some memorized verses from the bible that I have to say to myself. I hope I don't offend anyone by posting this, if I do then I will remove it.

    All your dogs sound sooooo cute.....I can just hear them greeting you as you come back home.....woof, woof, bark bark bark, asking how you are and that they missed you. I miss having a dog around me, cats are nice but very independent. I'm too old and decrepit at times to have a full time dog.......at least I get my daughter's dog to come visit now and then.

    Julie: Your kids are being VERY smart not to go over their budget. Too many young people get in over their head when they buy a house. Hope you'll start to get healthy again.

    Dar: My husband and I are opposites! It's been a hard "row to how" but we've managed for 45 years. I don't know anything else but living in a house with a man in control. I went from my father's house to being married. But over the years we seem to have come to more of a middle road with both of us learning to do this.

    Granni: 3 funerals in one week has got to be very depressing. How is your husband taking all of this. As we get older our mortality stares us in the face.

    Mikie: I'm concerned at your absence.....post a couple lines so we know you're OK.
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  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Freida: I think about your confinement and your problems, praying for a healing for you. When you post I almost expect to see a poem. You seem to choose your words very carefully so you can convey your feelings.

    I had to start a second post to continue.......this board hates the Ipad!!!!!!

    With all the problems my husband is having, and I'm incapable of brushing down the pool, I'm searching for a H.S. Student who wants a part time job. I put an ad in the local paper but so far I think I've just wasted $20.....no calls. I did talk to the new neighbor across from us yesterday since I've seen some H.S. boys living there. But apparently her son visits on weekends and her stepson every other weekend. But......she said that maybe her daughter, H.S. might be interested. So we'll see if she knocks on our door this weekend. I don't know what I'm going to do.....pool service (once we week) runs around $l50 and that's ridiculous since in the winter it doesn't need chemicals and when it does I can do that.
  10. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Good Morning Lovely Porchies!

    Julie, Sounds like you're still on the "sick" list. Going back to bed sounds like a capital idea. Take care of yourself. You're right about needing to have similar moral and value systems. Also, getting on with your mate's family is paramount. I couldn't even consider a mate at this juncture who didn't have a similar belief system, an honest nature, and an accepting attitude toward my family.

    My X did a lot of "pretending" and "feigning" affection toward my family and children until after we were married when his true colors came out. Hence it only lasted 23 months. I figure I dodged a bullet on that one. He "played the game" to get into my life due to my coming into large sums of money. Once we were married, he thought he'd bilk me out of most of it. It took me 5 years to get that divorce over with. He was relentless in his greed. As it turned out, even the judge finally couldn't stand the sight of him and he got NOTHING, (Except told he was going to pay all the bills he ran up). I think the first red flags should have been when he wouldn't attend church with me and the kids and the weird dynamic his family had with one another. I think there was some deeply buried abuse there.

    It's heartening to know that your family takes care of you when you are "down". You do so much care giving for them, pouring so much love over them. My children are always there for me and I for them. That's as it should be. Family is, in the final analysis, much of what defines a person. It was good to hear Sheba is doing better. Enjoy your kitties. Bless you.

    Hi Spring, Glad to see you posting. Yes I did ask about the poochies. Sounds like you have quite the cute little brood. Heart wrenching to think you found her on a bridge in such poor condition. To think, that just a little warmth, care and love brought her back to such a happy and healthy state. How wonderful! Tinku sounds like she is definitely alpha and in charge. LOL My siamese cat KoKo is like that. All cats in the house defer to her even though she is the smallest and, I think, the oldest. (Not sure of Pywackett's age as he was a foundling). If they do not tow the mark, they get a jap-slap in the noggin', and a stern hiss! Amazing how animals determine "pecking" order isn't it?

    I think of you and how much you are dealing with right now. I'm not surprised that you are fatigued and depressed. Socializing for us can take a toll very quickly when we're not optimum to begin with. Particularly over a long stretch of time. If you don't mind my saying, I pray that He holds you up and gives you and your DH all the strength you need to get through all this in good stead. Glad Poopsie has rallied and getting to be her old self. I think your son jolly well has a droll sense of humor! "World domination"! LOL How funny. Sounds like something my youngest son would say. Take care and may He continue to hold you and yours in His gentle hand.

    Leah, I am so sorry you've lost your speach. I cannot imagine how difficult that is. I've seen it in my residents and it is so hard. I extend what little comfort I can give. Though, I have experienced some small modicum of what you describe. (I can no longer sing and I miss it terribly). It was always an indicator of my moods. I always sang when I was happiest. Now, that I cannot sing, I just don't seem to feel quite as happy because I can't express it anymore. I, like you, miss being able to vocalize my faith in song. I'm lucky though. I can still talk. And yes, He hears us even when we can only "think" our prayers. It's good that you have kitty and an understanding hubby to lend comfort. It's important that those around you understand.

    Regarding the new poster, well, we've all got problems. This is as good a place as any to find good friends, understanding and support no matter what malady one might have. Thank you for the "atta girl". I appreciate it. Were it not for all of you here on the Porch, I would not have the intense feeling of "belonging" somewhere that I have from you all. You have all been so very kind, accepting, and just plain good for what ails me. Thank you for that.

    It's great to have the support of your family and good friends, but there is no way that they can fully comprehend what our lives really are like. They can observe, but they haven't the capacity to "know" what kind of pain we live with day after day. The fatigue. The wish that we could just be "normal" again by some miracle. The deep desire to be able to do normal things without the heavy price and even fear of further injury or backward step.

    I often think, though, there must be a plan. That something good awaits us all. Our suffering has purpose. I do not deign to know what that purpose is. But I believe that one day it will all become so very crystal clear that we shall wonder how we could have missed it. I hold on to that. Perhaps that is why we all seem to be lovers of animals. They seem to have a "sense" that people do not. They are a comfort just being themselves. Miraculous when you think about it. Sorry, I'm philosophizing again. My mind just goes off on it's own on occasion. LOL. Be happy Frieda and enjoy the snow. Have hubby catch some snowflakes for you and make sure to put one on your tongue. Remember catching snowflakes on your tongue? Such fun.

    To Jam, Windy, Wind, Soul, Pam, Mikie, Rock, Diane, everybody I may have missed, love to all. And thank you for being here.


  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Freida - Good for you posting that adorable picture. I finally did mine some time ago and who knows if I will remember how to do it again. My heart goes out to you and your problems , including speaking which has got to be hard and frustrating. .H sounds like a real gem. Warm hugs to you my dear (((FREIDA))) !

    I have been reading but really don't have much time to post right now. Did want to pop in though and say HI to everydobby

    Julie - So sorry to hear that you have that awful stomach bug. Not a fun thing for sure. That is a switch with Lindsay taking care of you, in between those babies too. Hope you get to feeling better soon. The kids are smart to try and find something on their budget for them to buy. Not a good thing to go over your head. Luckily, DH has a good financial mind and had a good job so we didn't get in over our heads but we surely knew how to stretch our budget to pay for what was needed. I am sure your kids do to.

    Spring Water - Thinking of you and laughing and that big boss Tinku making sure those boys behave and don't bother her :)!!! I enjoyed you talking about your animals.

    Hi also to Mikie, Dar, Sun , Joan and everyone I can't address right now. Need to go over some music and then get ready for beddy bye Hope to get to write more tomorrow. Hope you are all starting to WARM up in your frigid weather. Ours is finally warming up but I am still not that warm myself ):!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Yesterday was chiro day. After that it was quiet. Even quieter than we had expected as one of
    Gordon's brothers was scheduled to come by and pick up some of his junk. He never did though. He called in the evening and said he had had to work. He's the one I complained about previously because he never contributed to the cost of running the household. He has now moved out. But he's been in and out several times over the past two decades. He has a wife, but they seldom live together. Gordon never asks him, or his other siblings, about what's going on in their lives. He thinks it's prying.

    Julie, you have a good memory. I had forgotten all about those bags of concrete in the cellar.
    I hope Gordon has too. You guys know the difference between concrete and cement? My
    understanding is that it's the same principle as chocolate chips and cookies. The chips
    are like cement; the cookies are like concrete. I guess Den could tell us. Good luck to the kids with their house hunting.

    SG, did you ever do caning on chairs? Is that stuff wicker or something different? We
    have an old wicker clothes hamper that is on its last legs. Little pieces flake off. It must
    be decades old.

    Leah, that must be terribly frustrating to be mute. Can you mutter a few words? Do
    you carry one of those Magic Slates that could be erased by lifting the plastic sheet?
    Just think. Half a century ago that was high tech.

    Springwater, nice to meet your posse. I don't quite understand about Joey, though. He
    has yellow dots on his head? Eight degrees Celsius sounds pretty cold. Well, only 8 degrees
    above freezing on your scale. I remember in 9th grade science we were taught how to
    change Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. I sincerely doubt if anybody in our class
    has ever tried to do same. All I remember is that you use some complicated formula
    and multiple by something and divide by something else and then add your birthdate
    providing your income is less than line 23 if filing separately. (Ala Dave Barry.)

    Mikie, where are you? I hope her head bump isn't the problem.

    Well, I wanted to address everybody, but I've run outta stamps. Try and come back later.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Some more

    Went back to bed but didn't fall asleep. Hunted around for my diabetes pills. No where to be
    found. Couple weeks ago Gordon told me to check on the pill situation. I take four meds. Had two back up bottles for 3 of them. He got me an additional bottle of med # 4.

    I had each med in a separate bag. The ones from the pharmacy. Then he went into his decluttering mode and told me to get rid of the bags. So I did. And now, of course, I can't find the needed med. I wonder if there is much difference between wandering around in an Alzheimer haze and a drunken fog.

    Dar, I am impressed that you can canoe and ski. Dave Barry once combined the two in a column that reported on an incident described in a LaCrosse, WI paper. Three guys, all with Norwegian names and very likely a substantial beer intake, rode a canoe down a 30 meter ski jump.

    "The canoe, traveling at 14,000 miles per hour, flipped over. Miraculously, the three occupants suffered only cuts and bruises." The paper said the athletes were "three grown men with jobs and families."

    My dad was a drunk for most of his life, but never did anything fun like that. Mostly just yelled and cursed and smashed furniture and kicked down the back door. Not really a party animal.

    Granni, are you singing this morning? How big is the choir? The church I went to was small.
    The choir was only about 8 people; only 2 of whom had a decent voice. I could read music and sang in the school chorus, but still had a lousy voice. My mother was always making me do stuff I hated because I couldn't do it. Like play in the band. Never even learned the school

    Fixing anything special for Sunday dinner? Gordon made an extra good meat loaf yesterday.
    He said it was because he put a duxelle in it. Which reminds me, he has duck gizzards in
    the fridge. He's going to do something with them. I am doing my best to ignore them.

    Diane, hope you and Kevin are peachy keen. Jam, too bad we never got to play bridge together. When we were cleaning and decluttering last week we found some master point certificates from the 1980s. The club we usually played at was one we started. Even when you came in first you only won one point.

    Hugs to everydobby
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey Rock, that meatloaf sounds delicious! Please to ask Gordon what kind(s) of mushrooms did he use for the duxelle? I am really wanting to try this. I've got porcini powder and will get maitake at the store. The latter are grown locally, and are said to have medicinal qualities (Maitake fraction-D or something like that), but for me it's the flavour. They are not called Hen-of -the-Woods for nothing! Meatloaf will be an extravaganza for us; haven't had one in years!

    Gotta post this,
    I'm drenched with sweat. Being at 99.6 degrees during these short spells of activity and following. Wondering about my thyroid. Will ask doc.

    Bye All for Now,
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a quick HI to awl. How nice to see so many posting, as JULIE has mentioned.

    Julie - Glad you seem to be feeling somewhat better. I am guessing so since you went shopping things for Grandpa, etc. DH just reminded me of something I need to do on the computer. So I cannot stay to long. Hope the kids find a good buy soon on a house and not to far from you but maybe far enough away so that you get to rest more :)! I know you love doing for everyone but sometimes you do need to take car of yourself..

    Yes, Julie one thing that many people are doing at the visitations or what we used to call wakes now, is to have pictures and slides of the person who has passed along with the family in different stages of their lives.. I think it is very nice to see all this about the person and their family. I agree with what you were saying and see that it must be in different areas of the country too, which is nice. Years ago it was just all so sad with none of the pictures, albums, music etc. that goes on now,

    Hi to SW, Jam, Barry, Dar, Sun, Freida, Diane and everydobby whose names I have forgotten. Just went to church today and did some wash and fixed dinner with DH's steak on the grill. Somehow I still forgot to do any more exercises :)!! We hurried up to make the steak before it decided to rain again. Just a little so far. Sorry I can't talk to everyone individually right now.

    Gotta quit am having pains in my right shoulder again. Hope I can sleep tonight OK. Have to get up early and go to the chiro and then hopefully line dancing. I hope I can do it all tomorrow. More later !!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)