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    Freida, I editted my "do ray mi post"...I somehow thought it was Dar who posted the "deer in snow" avatar...now I see it was you!

    Good Sunday morning! 46 degrees...doesn't look like we will make it to 49, but the computer says our high will be 47...we'll take it! :D I helped Lindsey get off to church, Den went to town to get rafter-building supplies and I just had some quiet/devotion time by myself. Beef round steak and potatoes with cream of mushroom soup in the oven; will think of something else to go with it.

    Rock, I learned a new word today...had to look up duxelle...sounds good as I love mushrooms and shallots! I, like you, would try to ignore the duck gizzards, though :oops:

    I hope you find your extra meds...things like that can be very frustrating.

    Freida, as I was reading my devotional book and reading aloud the corresponding verses in my Bible...a thought came over me. Would you let me, in a sort of long-distance way, be your voice? I will start a thread over on the worship board...if you would like (otherwise, just tell me "no thanks") you can give me some scripture that you would like to "hear" and I will pledge to read it out loud each day.

    I know you won't hear it with your own ears, but maybe somehow my voice will find its way into your heart/mind/soul? We can be sort of "penpals", although I'm sure there is probably another word that would fit better :)

    I enjoy reading out loud; as a matter of fact, it helps me to stay focused as my mind tends to wander whenever I try to read the Bible or pray.

    You can think about it and let me know...it won't hurt my feelings if you say no.

    I'd better get the rest of dinner organized...it's one thing I can do in the comfort of my own home and not worry about feeling like getting "dressed for town" and being "social."
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    Hey Rock, that meatloaf sounds delicious! Please to ask Gordon what kind(s) of mushrooms did he use for the duxelle? I am really wanting to try this. I've got porcini powder and will get maitake at the store. The latter are grown locally, and are said to have medicinal qualities (Maitake fraction-D or something like that), but for me it's the flavour. They are not called Hen-of -the-Woods for nothing! Meatloaf will be an extravaganza for us; haven't had one in years!

    Gotta post this,
    I'm drenched with sweat. Being at 99.6 degrees during these short spells of activity and following. Wondering about my thyroid. Will ask doc.

    Bye All for Now,
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    Just a quick HI to awl. How nice to see so many posting, as JULIE has mentioned.

    Julie - Glad you seem to be feeling somewhat better. I am guessing so since you went shopping things for Grandpa, etc. DH just reminded me of something I need to do on the computer. So I cannot stay to long. Hope the kids find a good buy soon on a house and not to far from you but maybe far enough away so that you get to rest more :)! I know you love doing for everyone but sometimes you do need to take car of yourself..

    Yes, Julie one thing that many people are doing at the visitations or what we used to call wakes now, is to have pictures and slides of the person who has passed along with the family in different stages of their lives.. I think it is very nice to see all this about the person and their family. I agree with what you were saying and see that it must be in different areas of the country too, which is nice. Years ago it was just all so sad with none of the pictures, albums, music etc. that goes on now,

    Hi to SW, Jam, Barry, Dar, Sun, Freida, Diane and everydobby whose names I have forgotten. Just went to church today and did some wash and fixed dinner with DH's steak on the grill. Somehow I still forgot to do any more exercises :)!! We hurried up to make the steak before it decided to rain again. Just a little so far. Sorry I can't talk to everyone individually right now.

    Gotta quit am having pains in my right shoulder again. Hope I can sleep tonight OK. Have to get up early and go to the chiro and then hopefully line dancing. I hope I can do it all tomorrow. More later !!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)