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    Good Saturday evening to everyone! Granni, I'm sorry to hear you have had such sadness this week with the funerals. I have always felt that funerals are important for the family and friends who remain behind...to have a "celebration" of that person's life, to share memories, and to give a sort of closure.

    At my mom's funeral, and many that I have been to...there are usually pictures sitting around, and maybe a video playing. Lots of times, there is extended family present, who don't get to see each other very often. And we always promise each other we will try harder to keep in touch...but life gets so busy that we may not see each other again until the next visitation or funeral...but that doesn't mean we don't care...

    Well, I have a confession to make...I never made it to bed or to the couch this afternoon. I decided, on the spur of the moment, to go to town and take fresh flowers to my dad, fill his bird feeders, get a few groceries and pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper.

    Lindsey and the kids met me at our house and Den joined us soon after (he was doing a wiring job for the sheriff.) Then I helped Lindsey get the twins back home and we kept Lorraine over here. She enjoys the "one on one" that she gets, especially from Grandpa Den.

    I love to watch him with the grandkids; he always finds something to teach them. Tonight Lorraine was playing with a model lighthouse of my dads (complete with a fog horn and moving lights) but was having trouble understanding exactly what a lighthouse is for. So Den got on the internet and was showing her all the different kinds of lighthouses and how important they are to ships at sea...

    Then I rockabyed with her and she was asleep within just a few minutes. Hopefully, Lindsey and the babies will sleep well tonight too...

    Since I went out today, I know not to push it tomorrow. I am glad that the people in our church understand when we're not there...no "guilt trips" or anything like that. David should be home at a decent time tomorrow, so they can have some of their own family time.

    Wish I felt well enough to go to Amy and Clinton's church tomorrow...the pastor asked Clinton to speak. But Amy doesn't want me to overdo it, and said she would record it for me...

    Dar, just want you to know that we are so happy to have you here...and all the other relatively new porchies. So good to hear from lots of people, even if only once in awhile...

    Okay, my house is quiet now, so I will head on to bed myself...take care, everyone!

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    Leah, I didn't realize you were losing your voice, is this from the cfs or what? Sorry for this news....

    My sis who has been struggling with MS for many years, has about lost her voice, I have so lost my sister, I can't go back, 3000 miles away and she can no longer fly. I accept this as it's what it is....sad, but I let go of struggles I can't change. Maybe you will get some of your voice back? Life sure has it's ups and downs for us....jam
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    Hi Folks

    Yesterday was chiro day. After that it was quiet. Even quieter than we had expected as one of
    Gordon's brothers was scheduled to come by and pick up some of his junk. He never did though. He called in the evening and said he had had to work. He's the one I complained about previously because he never contributed to the cost of running the household. He has now moved out. But he's been in and out several times over the past two decades. He has a wife, but they seldom live together. Gordon never asks him, or his other siblings, about what's going on in their lives. He thinks it's prying.

    Julie, you have a good memory. I had forgotten all about those bags of concrete in the cellar.
    I hope Gordon has too. You guys know the difference between concrete and cement? My
    understanding is that it's the same principle as chocolate chips and cookies. The chips
    are like cement; the cookies are like concrete. I guess Den could tell us. Good luck to the kids with their house hunting.

    SG, did you ever do caning on chairs? Is that stuff wicker or something different? We
    have an old wicker clothes hamper that is on its last legs. Little pieces flake off. It must
    be decades old.

    Leah, that must be terribly frustrating to be mute. Can you mutter a few words? Do
    you carry one of those Magic Slates that could be erased by lifting the plastic sheet?
    Just think. Half a century ago that was high tech.

    Springwater, nice to meet your posse. I don't quite understand about Joey, though. He
    has yellow dots on his head? Eight degrees Celsius sounds pretty cold. Well, only 8 degrees
    above freezing on your scale. I remember in 9th grade science we were taught how to
    change Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. I sincerely doubt if anybody in our class
    has ever tried to do same. All I remember is that you use some complicated formula
    and multiple by something and divide by something else and then add your birthdate
    providing your income is less than line 23 if filing separately. (Ala Dave Barry.)

    Mikie, where are you? I hope her head bump isn't the problem.

    Well, I wanted to address everybody, but I've run outta stamps. Try and come back later.

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    Hi Some more

    Went back to bed but didn't fall asleep. Hunted around for my diabetes pills. No where to be
    found. Couple weeks ago Gordon told me to check on the pill situation. I take four meds. Had two back up bottles for 3 of them. He got me an additional bottle of med # 4.

    I had each med in a separate bag. The ones from the pharmacy. Then he went into his decluttering mode and told me to get rid of the bags. So I did. And now, of course, I can't find the needed med. I wonder if there is much difference between wandering around in an Alzheimer haze and a drunken fog.

    Dar, I am impressed that you can canoe and ski. Dave Barry once combined the two in a column that reported on an incident described in a LaCrosse, WI paper. Three guys, all with Norwegian names and very likely a substantial beer intake, rode a canoe down a 30 meter ski jump.

    "The canoe, traveling at 14,000 miles per hour, flipped over. Miraculously, the three occupants suffered only cuts and bruises." The paper said the athletes were "three grown men with jobs and families."

    My dad was a drunk for most of his life, but never did anything fun like that. Mostly just yelled and cursed and smashed furniture and kicked down the back door. Not really a party animal.

    Granni, are you singing this morning? How big is the choir? The church I went to was small.
    The choir was only about 8 people; only 2 of whom had a decent voice. I could read music and sang in the school chorus, but still had a lousy voice. My mother was always making me do stuff I hated because I couldn't do it. Like play in the band. Never even learned the school

    Fixing anything special for Sunday dinner? Gordon made an extra good meat loaf yesterday.
    He said it was because he put a duxelle in it. Which reminds me, he has duck gizzards in
    the fridge. He's going to do something with them. I am doing my best to ignore them.

    Diane, hope you and Kevin are peachy keen. Jam, too bad we never got to play bridge together. When we were cleaning and decluttering last week we found some master point certificates from the 1980s. The club we usually played at was one we started. Even when you came in first you only won one point.

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Freida, I editted my "do ray mi post"...I somehow thought it was Dar who posted the "deer in snow" avatar...now I see it was you!

    Good Sunday morning! 46 degrees...doesn't look like we will make it to 49, but the computer says our high will be 47...we'll take it! :D I helped Lindsey get off to church, Den went to town to get rafter-building supplies and I just had some quiet/devotion time by myself. Beef round steak and potatoes with cream of mushroom soup in the oven; will think of something else to go with it.

    Rock, I learned a new word today...had to look up duxelle...sounds good as I love mushrooms and shallots! I, like you, would try to ignore the duck gizzards, though :oops:

    I hope you find your extra meds...things like that can be very frustrating.

    Freida, as I was reading my devotional book and reading aloud the corresponding verses in my Bible...a thought came over me. Would you let me, in a sort of long-distance way, be your voice? I will start a thread over on the worship board...if you would like (otherwise, just tell me "no thanks") you can give me some scripture that you would like to "hear" and I will pledge to read it out loud each day.

    I know you won't hear it with your own ears, but maybe somehow my voice will find its way into your heart/mind/soul? We can be sort of "penpals", although I'm sure there is probably another word that would fit better :)

    I enjoy reading out loud; as a matter of fact, it helps me to stay focused as my mind tends to wander whenever I try to read the Bible or pray.

    You can think about it and let me know...it won't hurt my feelings if you say no.

    I'd better get the rest of dinner organized...it's one thing I can do in the comfort of my own home and not worry about feeling like getting "dressed for town" and being "social."
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    Rock, your bridge comment joggled my mind....did you play with Gordon and isn't he chinese? The Monday bridge game I did for years and no longer go as I can' t move fast to be somewhere by 11:30, so I gave up that game,,,,we have a chinese man who comes there and he's a wild player, an engineer from china and he opens with 8 pts....chinese bridge we women yell out.....we forever were chewing him out and many still do. We sure do have a united nations at that monday game....the UK, Iran, Italy, and more....
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    Hey Rock, that meatloaf sounds delicious! Please to ask Gordon what kind(s) of mushrooms did he use for the duxelle? I am really wanting to try this. I've got porcini powder and will get maitake at the store. The latter are grown locally, and are said to have medicinal qualities (Maitake fraction-D or something like that), but for me it's the flavour. They are not called Hen-of -the-Woods for nothing! Meatloaf will be an extravaganza for us; haven't had one in years!

    Gotta post this,
    I'm drenched with sweat. Being at 99.6 degrees during these short spells of activity and following. Wondering about my thyroid. Will ask doc.

    Bye All for Now,
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    Butting in on the food scene, the meatloaf sounds too good....I have NOT made a meatloaf in years but maybe it's time.....

    Justa little while ago I stir fried in coconut oil one lovely bunch of green chard and cut in 2 Open Nature (Vons) chicken sausages......what a flavorful combo....I'm so enjoying this as late lunch/early supper snack....it is very warm down here, just took the trash out and yaked with a neighbor a bit and it felt 80....makes me long for my walking days...... jm

    Thinking about this chard stir fry, I may do this more as I get good greens and nice chicken sausage, otherwise the chard can be a little boring. I'm already thinking about doing this again in a day or so, gotta buy more ingredients....getting veggies and protein....
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    Just a quick HI to awl. How nice to see so many posting, as JULIE has mentioned.

    Julie - Glad you seem to be feeling somewhat better. I am guessing so since you went shopping things for Grandpa, etc. DH just reminded me of something I need to do on the computer. So I cannot stay to long. Hope the kids find a good buy soon on a house and not to far from you but maybe far enough away so that you get to rest more :)! I know you love doing for everyone but sometimes you do need to take car of yourself..

    Yes, Julie one thing that many people are doing at the visitations or what we used to call wakes now, is to have pictures and slides of the person who has passed along with the family in different stages of their lives.. I think it is very nice to see all this about the person and their family. I agree with what you were saying and see that it must be in different areas of the country too, which is nice. Years ago it was just all so sad with none of the pictures, albums, music etc. that goes on now,

    Hi to SW, Jam, Barry, Dar, Sun, Freida, Diane and everydobby whose names I have forgotten. Just went to church today and did some wash and fixed dinner with DH's steak on the grill. Somehow I still forgot to do any more exercises :)!! We hurried up to make the steak before it decided to rain again. Just a little so far. Sorry I can't talk to everyone individually right now.

    Gotta quit am having pains in my right shoulder again. Hope I can sleep tonight OK. Have to get up early and go to the chiro and then hopefully line dancing. I hope I can do it all tomorrow. More later !!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)