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    Hi Kids

    Went to bed. Slept for an hour. Am up again. Pretty much the
    norm for me. We didn't do much yesterday. Just went to the market.
    Gordon made broccoli soup. We did the laundry, but he did most of
    the work. Oh yeah, almost forgot. After the shopping excursion we
    walked around an adjacent block. Funny how it's so much easier
    with a companion.

    In the "what's going on dept.?", there are two Victorian homes on
    Carroll Street that have been vacant for 2-3 years now. Some repair
    work was started on one a couple weeks ago, and now it's stopped again.
    It's the house that was used in Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

    Two of Gordon's siblings and their husbands came over and picked up various
    item he wanted to get rid of. Some of it was stuff they had given his
    mother years ago; like a set of stainless steel bowls and some kind of

    Julie, I did find my missing med. That was the good news. But the bad
    part was I had already looked in that box twice before. My mind gets
    worser and worser.

    Do you have deer in your neighborhood? They were pretty common when I
    was a kid in SE Minnesota. Used to see them at night when riding to my
    uncle's farm. They would cross the gravel road and jump the the fence right
    in front of our car. I never could figure out what they were doing roaming around
    at night.

    Jam, your chard mit chicken sausage sounds good. Yes, Gordon is from China.
    Came here when he was a year old. During the Truman administration. We
    played as bridge partners about half the time. One of my other regular partners
    wasn't a great technician at the table, but he did have one positive quality. No matter
    how badly I played a hand, he always said, "That's OK." 20 years ago we used
    to go to tournaments in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego, etc. Now we don't
    play bridge, and we don't travel. Good thing we did when we could.

    Barry, Gordon just used ordinary supermarket mushrooms. I read those white,
    button mushrooms grow up to be portabellos. But Gordon said he didn't think
    so. Anyhoo he doesn't pay much attention to mushrooms. On the other hand
    he can discuss different kinds of tofu and bean sprouts.

    How long have you been having this high temperature? Is it a long way
    to the doc's office? I guess everything is a long way for you guys, huh?

    Granni, yes, there are lots of changes in funerals and what goes with them
    nowadays. Have you seen some of those "personalized" coffins. They are
    painted with a motif depicting the interests of the deceased. Race cars, or
    bowling pins, or footballs; flowers, or birds, or wilderness scenes. And some
    coffins are now eco-friendly. Designed to recycle (decay) in a few years.

    One of my cousins made a DVD that was shown at my uncle's memorial
    service a few years ago. It was pictures from his life. She made a special
    effort to include pics of him with relatives and friends. After the funeral
    she sent each of us a copy. I thought that was a wonderful thing for her to do.
    When I watch it, I have to cry and laugh.

    Hope your shoulder improves. Have fun dancin'. My recollection is that
    line dancing and marching in the band have the same principles. Be sure that
    you are facing in the right direction. Then begin with the proper foot.

    Hugs to everydobby: Dar, Mikie, Springwater, Paulac, SG, Diane, Joan,
    Leah, and Mr and Mrs Et. Al.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Sorry to be MIA. I don't know whether it was the head bump or something else but I've been so exhausted. I get up in the morning and seem to function for a bit but soon just have to go to bed. So, I managed to go get my kidney and bladder x-ray, work in the yard a wee bit, and sort through my piled up junk mail (the worst job of all). Still, I barely was able to do those things before I had to come in and go to bed. Yesterday, I never got dressed and slept all day. I hope that jump started me cause I have plenty to do.

    Our dinner went well and I ate leftover chili for days. I have a large crockpot and simply do not know how to cook small meals. It's been hot one day and cold the next and we all know how hard that is for us. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool, gray and rainy again. Oy! I have a bad case of bed head today but don't care. I'll be dressing in my work clothes so I can repot two ferns, clean our outside light fixtures (they get cobwebs and bugs in them), and start sanding my coffee table. The finish is worn off and the nail polish I spilled got on it. I'd like to buy a new one but can't justify it. I'd like one of those farmhouse/industrial ones on steel wheels which look like a cart. This table is really a nice one and I've always liked it so imagine I will be happy when it's done. I'm going to spread out a drop cloth and do it where it sits. I don't need to use a power sander so it shouldn't make a mess. It only needs a light sand job.

    I'm sorry not to respond to each one of you but I've been gone too long to catch up so will just start from here. I've missed you guys and hope you are all doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  3. springwater

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    hello everybody

    Mikie - so relieved to see you posting..i smile when i hear of the way you potter
    around your house..i love that you are so houseproud...

    Rock - how lucky for those who can afford to occupy the Victorian houses...
    interesting that about MichaelJackson filming Thriller in there. My father
    too drank most of his life..i hv lovely memories of him until he started
    drinking, (around when i was eight). it went downhill then. and those
    sporadic moments when he wouldnt drink..he was a good fun person
    then..but his drinking sort of drove the whole family in a downward
    spiral..so i have heartache mostly when i think of him these days

    Leah - Im sorry you lost your voice...distressing..it happened before, i remember.
    I pray you regain it soon..these illnesses are so strange. i love the deer photo,
    what a beautiful country is yours

    Julie- are you well now? That was sweet of you to offer to say out
    the prayers for Leah. I know you havent been ableto make it to
    church after things got busy with your family but you live out
    what the church teaches anyway

    Dar - i certainly hope there is a plan to our being here..a purpose. Im sure
    there is. I mostly think out my prayers and communication to God. Its
    scary that about your ex husband pretending..close shave! thank goodness
    you are rid of him...yay! you are a smart strong lady...:)

    Jamin - the bridge sounds interesting...all those different people to meet.
    About opposites attracting, i honestly feel its better in long run to like the
    same things,feel the same way about important issues..much less stressful
    than having to compromise most of the time. Ive never cooked in coconut
    oil..i do use coconut oil for my hair. i love eating those dry coconuts,,yum.

    Granni - did you get to do those exercises? difficult to fit those in isnt it
    among all the sundry but necessary things waiting to be done. How did the
    line dancing go?

    Sun - my brothers prayers are held every week till seventh week. the
    seventh week we have to call relatives, friends to lunch too..i shall
    be relieved when it is all over..tho i expect to feel the full force of
    brothers absence when theres no more running around to do.

    Ive been laid low these past two days. No energy. So cold, I just spent
    as much time as i could cuddled up in bed. Very sad too. But grateful
    I hv a warm bed to sleep in. And company. My heart aches for SIL.
    She got one of her crying spells the other day when i phoned..she said
    memories of my brother were flooding back now that house was quiet
    until next ritual on coming Friday.

    well, i need to make a trip to get groceries. in the mood to eat some
    warm dumplings...with nice spicy chutney..and watch some telly.

    God bless
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  4. sunflowergirl

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    such newsy posts! Where to start?

    Rock: I was worried that your med had been tossed.....glad you found it. I ALSO do the same thing at least 2 times a week, can't find something and then go back a third time and there it is. Gremlins are playing tricks on us......really annoying. And I used to laugh about not being able to find something and I'm wearing it! Our brains are so filled up at our age, that's what I keep telling myself.

    Mikie: I'm glad it's not head injuries and that you're doing a little around your place. Did that apartment ever rent? You were worried about college boys and hoping for the older single lady.

    Julie: Yes, deer are beautiful but can be problems too. My daughter almost had an accident while leaving her home one more. A deer came bounding out from the side. And get this, one morning she called to tell me there was a deer leg lying in the street in front of her house. She called animal control and they said they had received a report of another portion of a deer down the street from her. They thought that a mountain lion had gotten to it, left some of it, then coyotes drug the other parts down the street. Just the joys of living near a national forest.

    Spring: 7 weeks is a long time to continually go thru the grieving process. How many weeks has it been now? And did you get your sink finished? And I remember your husband's cousin or someone was taking away some of your furniture to be recovered? Is it back?

    Frieda: I pray for you daily. May God give you peace and healing. I hope that you write poetry every day and save them. I've never heard of this connected with CFS. Do you also suffer from FM? Strange things happen to our muscles, and actually our voice is all connected to muscles in the throat. My mom developed choking quite a lot, having trouble swallowing. Some type of scan was done at the hospital and it had to do with the swallowing muscles. Have you seen a specialist for this?

    Jam: I alternate with doing stir fry between using olive oil and coconut oil. I love the taste the coconut oil imparts.

    I need to color my hair this morning and take some things to the P.O. An envelope is waiting for us therer also.....it's probably a new modum that earthlink was sending......can't imagine why the postal carrier didn't ring the door bell since we were home!!!!!!!
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    Hi everydobby,

    I did go to the chiro and then to line dancing. Then, DH wanted to go work out. I went also since we haven't been in a while, not I really wanted to. Had a good time at the line dancing. It is a lot f fun but there is always something to do on a Monday that DH needs HELP with - good grief ! We have to many trees and to many leaves that DH wants to get rid of. Unfortunately we are not one of those people who can pay to have everything done for them. Yes, it is also good exercise but I would much rather do line dancing or almost anything else.

    Just wanted to pop on to check on my dear Porchies. Glad most of you are doing OK or at least better. Guess you are doing better Julie, that is GOOD ! How is the little family doing? Hope they are all feeling better. and Lindsay too.

    I have some ground turkey that I need to figure out what to do with it. I found a recipe for turkey chili so am going to try and do that. I found two recipes but will probably do the one with the least ingredients. Although both have quite a few. Need a lot of spices as turkey is quite bland.

    ANYONE HAVE ANY EASY AND YUMMY RECIPES TO USE GROUD TURKEY IN? I know that Diane probably has a few.

    Spring Water - Glad you have been able to post some with so much going on with you. Yes, the mourning ceremonies do seem to last quite a while, than around here. I know everyone is missing your brother. It is sad ):!

    Gotta run for now.

    Mikie - I hope that dang URI hasn't come back and causing you to poop out even more than usual. I know that feeling, and it is not good.:(

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni......there's always turkey meatloaf or you can make some turkey meatballs and freeze them. And you're right....turkey takes a bit more of salt and spices to zip it up but it's healthier than beef.
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    that's a beautiful tree! I took an online painting class and for about 4 weeks we had to search for really good tree photos to submit. The right brain kicks in when one is drawing......we automatically want to match both sides which is a no no. I love to drive past one tree in the wintertime about 5 miles from here because of all the beautiful limbs. I've saved the photo of your VERY LARGE tree.

    I've got 4 signs up around our neighborhood, asking for a H.S. Boy to brush down our pool....$10 an hr. So far no calls. The problem now a days is kids really don't want to work because their parents supply all their needs. I was thrilled to get 50 cents an hr. when I was babysitting. When I got an office job I was making $325 a month as a secretary.

    My son in law's niece, age 21 is graduating from college in June. Her parents paid for her to go to college and live in a dorm, but now it's her sister's turn. She wants to get her master's degree, going to the same college as her younger sister in VA. She thinks she's going to get a job, pay her expenses, and pay for college. She's only had a one month job this summer working at a clothing store.....hated it. Her parents supplied ALL her needs forever. She's in for a rude surprise.
  8. Darrae

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    Hi all!

    Sheesh! Where to begin? Rock, thank you for opening the new Porch. Glad to see you posting. I like the idea of the DVD your cousins made for your uncle's memorial. Neat idea. I, too, live in an area with deer. Almost hit a full grown female up on I-5 coming home from work one night. She'd already been hit and was lying in my lane. Thank the Lord there was no one in the right lane when I swerved to avoid hitting her. Actually, about two weeks ago, about 5 blocks from home, again on the way home from work, I was driving down 10th street and here come two little deer fauns trotting across the street. Good thing I obey speed laws! They were so beautiful!

    Mikie, Glad to see you posting. Hope you're going to be okay. You must have taken quite a thump to your noggin! Doesn't sound like you're doin' too hot. Take care.

    Spring, Nice to hear from you. Dumplings, chutney and telly. Sounds like a good way to spend the evening. Your rituals seem like a good way to get real closure when losing a loved one. You take much more time to say goodbye than we do here. I think, perhaps, the long ritual is more cathartic. I am sure, however, that this is very wearing on you. And, yes, I do believe when this is all over, you will feel the void he has left in your life poignantly. Bless your heart.

    My mother was Irish. She loved all things Irish. I've told my family not to grieve my passing, but to celebrate my life with an old-fashioned wake and remember the good stuff.
    I pray you strength.

    Julie, That is one massive tree! Interesting, the stage coach story. How neat. :)

    Granni, So busy you always are! I use ground turkey a lot. I often substitute it in my biscuits and gravy. Just add a little butter, sage, chicken base and red pepper flakes. It works well. I also use it to make goulash, shepherds pie, most anything you can use ground beef for. Just have to add a little "something" to replace the fat it doesn't have. Generally I use a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Jam, I like your chili recipe. I've used turkey in my chili, but never thought to use the bacon. Sounds good.

    Sun, I make turkey loaf too. So right. Much healthier than red meat.

    Freida, Glad you popped in. Praying for you. Good to see you posting even if just a little.

    Today we had exercises at 9:30 a.m to 10:00. Got a 15 min. break. Did manicures from 10:30, to 11:30, covered the front desk at noon to give Diane her lunch time, had my lunch at 12:30 to 1:00, and it was resident shopping day. Gotta get the movie in by 1:45 and have the residents going on the bus by 2:00 p.m.. I took 7 residents to Hy-Vee and filled 3 orders along with my own. We got back around 3:30, I hauled in all the bags and orders to the front desk, got a 15 minute break, then returned a few phone calls and e-mails, worked on February's calendar and newsletter, and started gearing up to see if we can get a WII Bowling team up and registered by January 31st.

    I've got several who play now. It's just a matter of who is willing, who is dependable Re: making long trips, health issues, etc...We've got to be signed up by the 31st and our $75.00 fee sent in. We need to pick a team name. Then through February, March and April we will be going to these tournaments twice a week. Long trips. This, coupled with regular activities and parties for Valentine's day party and Resident birthday party at the end of the month.

    Tomorrow it's a Resident In-service at 10:00, Harbor Light Angel Crafts at 10:30 to 11:30, 15 minute break, cover the desk at noon, my lunch at 12:30 to 1:00. Then 2:00 Movie and 2:00 Trivia til 3:00, 15 minute break, then back to the desk. I go home at 4:30 p.m. daily, (When I can get outa there on time).

    Will be attempting to finish calendar and newsletter as much as I can until people start asking me to include this, that, or the other thing, so I only have to make small changes on the computer before I go to print. I've got to talk to the Administrator tomorrow to see if I can nail down date and time for the February resident In-Service, so I can get our Amicare Pharmacy diabetic shoe lady scheduled in for the residents.

    I have to get hold of a group the owner of the restaurant we went to for our Out To Lunch told me about, that does fundraisers, to see if they will help raise funds for stuff for our new "man cave" for the male residents, need to contact 3 new potential entertainers, to set something up with a group our Marketing person e-mailed me about, need to order crowns for Valentine Sweetheart Election winners for Valentine's Day bash and purchase "baskets" full of body products and such for them.

    The rest of the week is pretty much the same. Signs to make, vision impaired calendars and the like to get done for 4 people and for the dining room, remember to get Bingo $ to the desk by Wednesday, and post upcoming attractions for the following week by Friday (more signs) and squeeze all this stuff in between activities. Somewhere in there too, I need to get the Resident Birthday signs for February done, my expense list and out trip list done for Diane. Oy!

    I really hate Mondays. It seems like I will never get through my week. I always do and always manage to finish everything I need to do by Friday. How, sometimes, I will never know.o_O Okay.... I'm done with my whine fest now. I feel better. Sometimes my job can feel so overwhelming! It seems to have gotten much crazier since our new Administrator came in. She's a micro-manager. And, she comes up with some pretty, well, dumb ideas. Dangerous and inappropriate ideas. Those I have learned to just "ignore". She seems, however, to be under the impression that I have 8 arms and 8 legs and an infinite amount of free-time to just run around and implement "last minute" ideas she has. :rolleyes:

    It's a good thing I love my residents. They are the "spark" that keeps me going!
    Well, for now, I'm going to medicate, and go decompress with a good movie. Tonight I watch The Sound of Music. I love the classics. :)

    To all I may have missed and to those I didn't, I bid you a fond good night!

    Loves, Dar
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    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Can't regale you with yesterday's adventures as I didn't have any. Hardly did a thing all day.
    Not enough to stick in your eye, as folks used to say in the days of my yute.

    Dar, that is some agenda your department has. I guess you must have 4 or 5 people on
    your staff to get all that done. Thanks for the story about the baby deer. I was very fawnd
    of it.

    What does the Amicare Pharmacy diabetic shoe lady do? Teach proper foot care for those
    of us with diabetes? I just tossed a pair of slippers that were falling apart. Worse, they
    were irritating the bottom of one foot.

    Jam, your turkey-bacon chili recipe looks good to me. The only change I would make is to
    leave out all pepper and chili powder. Norwegians don't like anything spicier than oatmeal.

    Julie, never heard of a hackenberry tree before. Certainly makes an impressive picture. I
    checked it out on the net. It said they used to be considered members of the elm family. Now
    they have been reclassified to the hemp family. Current name is celtis. People might get the
    idea it's from Ireland.

    SG, you're right about symmetry in art. Did you ever take the art appreciation test? We took
    a bunch of tests when we were leaving high school and entering college. Don't know if that's
    done anymore.

    At any rate, if you knew two principles, you could get a high score. l) Asymmetry is more
    interesting than symmetry. So, if you are presented with two rectangles and one is divided
    by a line down the middle and the other has a slanted line, you pick the slanted line pic.

    And the other principle is that a pic should not have isolated elements. So, a rectangle
    containing triangles of various sizes is preferable to a rectangle containing various triangles
    and one circle. Assuming, of course, that new principles haven't come along in the last
    half century.

    Ten dollars an hour. Wow! I remember my first official job (cave guide) when I made
    75 cents an hour. That was the minimum wage in the 50s. But with that amount I
    could go to a movie and have popcorn and a box of jujubes. You couldn't do that
    with ten dollars today. BTW, the movie theater I went to when I was a kid was built
    the year I was born. I recently read it is the only movie theater still operating in the
    county. The popcorn popper from 1940 is still in use.

    Well, have to take a break. Will be back latter.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, enjoyed your post. Hey, I've looked for things in the same place multiple times only to spot them there later. I've been like this all my life. My Mom used to find things for me and she'd say, "If it had been a snake, it would have bit you on the nose." Ha! Ha! Very funny, Mom! :) Now, I rely on St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I would love a Victorian house or a Craftsman cottage to redo and live in. Only problem is they are usually money pits. Back then, people didn't have as much stuff as we do and storage and closets are sooooo small. I watch those shows on HGTV and see all the people freak out when they find foundation, electrical, plumbing and roof problems which have to be fixed. $$$$$$$

    Springwater, I'm so sorry for your DSIL. It's been three years for Barb, next door, and she still cries when she misses her husband. I'm sorry for you too as grieving is so painful. My prayers are with you all. Not so sure I'm house proud as house ashamed at the way this place looks. While I'm doing all these little projects outside and in, everything goes to pot. Still, I was happy yesterday to have enough NRG to do what I got done. I've been hungry for something but can't put my finger on it. I hate being like this.

    Julie, in CO, there are deer all over the front range. They often bound out in front of the cars on the road my daughter takes to and from work. There are often dead deer alongside the road. It's sad. I'm not a hunter but I certainly understand the need to keep the herds thinned. Otherwise, the deer die of lack of food and the diseases that lack of food produce. I did once date an elk hunter and the elk meat was delicious. An elk burger tasted better than the best beef steak. Hope you and your family are feeling better.

    Sunflower and Jam, yes, I think a lot of kids today miss the experience of working and earning their own money, saving up for something, and being proud of paying for things themselves. That's middleclass and upper middleclass kids. Then, there are the kids at risk due to poverty. There is such a huge gap in income in this country and it isn't good for anyone. The poor kids don't have the advantages to get an education which would allow them to move into the middleclass. Some of the privileged kids may lack the drive. I'm generalizing here and I realize not all kids fit these descriptions. Still, some companies are begging to fill job slots only to be unable to find suitable candidates. My DGS lacks for nothing. He's only eight but, like all his friends, he has a tablet, a Wii and all kinds of things as well as access to the family computer. It's just normal in his world. He isn't spoiled, though, and his parents try to instill a good work ethic and other good habits.

    Dar, can I come live at your facility? There is so much to do. I honestly don't know how you do it all. Your residents are very lucky to have you. My Mom was Irish too. Everyone on that side of the family is Irish and they love all things Irish. Mom and her sister and niece went to Ireland decades ago. I'm so glad she got to go. Take good care of yourself during the cold and flu season. As it is, I don't know how you keep going.

    Granni, so far, so good--not UTI symptoms. I see the doc tomorrow and take my kidney and bladder x-rays with me. I'm concerned about the kidney stones. I've never known anyone who has had them. All I do know is that if they decide to move, it's extremely painful. Yikes! :eek: Enjoy your line dancing. Singing, dancing--what a nice life.

    I have a condo mtg. this morning. It should be interesting. A guy across the street wants to put up a TV dish. Condo assns. cannot tell people they cannot put one up but they can dictate where the dishes will go. We own so little of the bldgs. we live in that it's next to impossible to put one up. Basically, the only place they can go is on the screened lanais. The last guy who challenged this rule wanted to put one on his fence. The dish co. came out and erected it and the assn. got the atty. to threaten him and it came down. It's not like a dish here or there would be unsightly but we have a three-story condo bldg. and it could conceivably have 24 dishes all on one side of the bldg. Yikes! We just got over a big fight pertaining to a commercial truck, painted from top to bottom, parked in here in violation of the rules. Now, it looks as though we are in for another fight. I hate this!

    After the meeting, I'm going to Lowe's for the Minwax for my tabletop and to look for a storage box for outside the bldg. I need to get the paint and Xmas decorations out of my closet. Then, maybe I can move around in there without falling. I also need to get to Costco to pick up some Smart Water. Costco is the only affordable place to buy it and it's on sale. Then, I'll come home, change into my project clothes and do the final sanding on the table. I will then use very fine steel wool on it to bring up the sheen. The difficult part will be to find a stain color to match the rest of the table. It's a honey color. I will also get a clear coat of polyurethane to protect it. I'll be glad when it's done.

    Well, guess I'd better get going and hop into the shower. I have bed head big time. :confused: Hope everyone has a good day. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Glad to see you are up to posting, Mikie. My mother also used to say, "If it had been a snake, it would have bit you". Yes, those Victorian places are notorious money pits. In addition to all the usual expenses, you have to comply with the "rules". I don't know if they have the force of law, or if they are based on a contract you sign when you buy the house. Anyway, the repairs are supposed to restore whatever to the original state.

    Gordon had the roof repaired on this house a couple decades back. He was furious when two committee women showed up and demanded to know what he was doing. This is not a Victorian home. It was built 25 years after Queen Victoria died, and it does not have the architecture of a Victorian structure.

    Two other busybodies appeared ten years ago when he was having a dead palm tree removed from the front yard. Do they think there is such a thing as a Victorian palm tree? They also hassled Mrs.Wong across the street. She lives in a non Victorian home. They didn't make much headway with her either. She doesn't speak English. She was able to communicate by slamming her door.

    It seems to be a gender thing. All the committee members are females. I believe it's that notorious busybody gene. Men would rather spend their time doing something useful like drinking beer or watching the big game on TV. Ha Ha! Verna Felton comes to mind.

    Good luck with your table project. It amazes me that there are people in the world who can
    actually build, repair, design, and create things. You see the news yesterday about the
    guy who invented a one- wheel skate board in his garage? It incorporates a chain drive and
    a computer and I don't know what all. He'll make ya one for $1300.

    Springwater, do people play bridge in Nepal? What about other card games? People have
    brought me decks of cards from various countries they've visited. The most foreign looking
    were the ones from France. Hard to tell the face cards apart. I have some from Norway that
    have Rosemaling on the back. That's decorative painting; folk art.

    It's amazing how much fun we used to have with just a deck of cards, a pen and paper,
    a thimble. No expensive electronic equipment required. We used to play "Jeopardy" long
    before Merv Griffin and Alec Trebek.

    For example, I say "1066" and the correct response is, "When was the Battle of Hastings?"
    Or someone says, "5280" Correct response is, "How many feet in a mile?" "Leaves
    of Grass." "What did Walt Whitman write?"

    BTW, Alex Trebek was in the news last year. He got robbed at a hotel or something.
    Anyhoo, I was amazed to see all the positive comments people made about him. I always
    thought if you said, "The most boring MC on TV", the response would be Alex Trebek.
    What astonished me even more was that several posters said, "Oh, he's the smartest
    man on TV".

    Gordon is going to Costco today. I seldom go anymore. Peter out after ten minutes of


  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    How cool that the old dead tree that used to shelter people from the stage coach will now grace your kitchen cabinets! That would be an interesting story along with the video Lyndsy took. Perhaps there might also be some old photos showing the stage coach and the "lemonaid stand". I love to read about recycling projects.

    I'm also still dragging around this bug. Went to bed last night at 7:30 soooo exhausted and basically slept about 10 hrs.

    I got the neighbor's gardener to blow all the leaves, front and back this morning for $20. He did pretty good job (better than another gardener a few months ago who charged me double) I'm thinking it would be good to have this done once a week. I've been doing it but it's getting harder and harder for me. And the hunt is on for a reasonable pool person. My DH and I have reached that age where we just can't do things like we used to.

    Rock: No, I've never taken any art appreciation classes or tests. Just try to read what I can and hope to retain some of what I read!
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    say what??????
  14. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    What in the Wide World of Sports was all that!!!????
  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    I just reported that as not something appropriate for this forum or site.
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    and don't anybody click on one of those listed sites.
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Might it be wise to close this thread and open a new one? I'm not all that proficient here regarding spammers. Anybody besides me here? That might know? Or are we safe in continuing to post? I, for one am not opening zilch!