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    Oh, my, sooooo many posts. It always makes me happy to see our Porchies hanging out here.

    Rock, I'm sooooo impressed--puns en Francais? Tres bien, mon ami. That lemon dessert sounds delicious. I love lemons. We are enjoying some from our little trees. The shopping networks on TV sell the mandolins on their kitchen shows. I don't recall their being that pricey. I have a couple of antique wooden and metal cabbage slicers to make kraut. They sit among my other smaller antiques on top of my kitchen cabinets. It's a mix of wood, iron, brass and pottery. There is something so comforting about seeing antique kitchen utensils up there. I have a Cuisinart which I've never used. Got it for half price new and, somehow, thought I'd use it. Then, I got sick and stopped cooking much. One of these days, I'll do something with it. Glad you've been feeling up to going out.

    Jam, flip flops are a staple in my wardrobe down here so likely won't stop wearing them. Back in high school, we girls all wore Capezio flats. They were such soft leather but gave no support. My doc said they would ruin our feet way back then. I am also a fan of wearing socks when it's cold out. I have on my fuzzy wuzzy ones now. My Mom gave up trying to get the bottoms of my white socks clean. I've fallen out of my slippers but never out of my underwear. Perhaps my head injury keeps me from being able to read between the lines. Oooh, maybe I don't want to :eek:

    Granni, thanks for the good wishes that I don't have a UTI. I hope it continues. When I first read your post, I thought you said your pic is the one sent to the FBI. Had to read it again. One little space makes all the diff. I, of course, watched the game between the Broncos and Pats. Broncos are my home team and the Pats are my adopted team because, when I first moved down here, we almost never got Bronco games on TV. My friends and neighbors are from the Boston area. I fell asleep during the second game. Playoff games are usually better than the Superbowl games but, of course, I'll be watching and my friends will all be cheering for the Broncos.

    Julie, be careful with all this overdoing. I am glad you are feeling better as I know how much you do for everyone. Are you still getting snow? Is everyone feeling OK?

    Springwater, I'm so glad you got to see RaviShanker. I remember him and his course. He's been around a long time. The only celeb I've met out of the blue was O.J. Simpson on the beach in Hawaii. I didn't get any bad vibes from him. In fact, I thought he was so handsome and charming to everyone. That was back in the days of his Hertz commercials with him running through the airport. I think security cameras are an excellent idea if crime is an issue. We have a sign on our carport that the area is under surveillance but we don't have any cameras. Our lights are motion activated and I think that discourages car break ins. You must be exhausted with all the ceremonies and company. Take good care of yourself.

    Well, I've nothing left to say (a big sigh of relief goes up from the crowd). I said it all in my remarks to our Porchies. Just want to wish everyone a great day. Just realized it's MLK Day. No mail today. I watched "The Butler" yesterday afternoon. A fitting movie for this holiday.

    Love, Mikie

    Sunflower Girl, yes, the temp has to be just right. Only problem is that it's afternoon before it gets to 70 degrees. I know I can apply the coat when it's about 65. It's fast drying stuff so I think it'll be OK. The new board member did a beautiful typed resume which was sent out with the notice of the mtg. Two members did messy written ones, including my friend who lost, and the rest did nothing. My worry is that this new member has been less than forthcoming over several issues so I don't completely trust her. She got on the board back in 2010 and was kicked off because she never came to mtgs. We'll see how it goes this time. I'm just worried about my friend who looked stricken. I'm sure she must feel that no one appreciates her service. Even very local politics can be heartbreaking. When I had Tweety and Sylvester, I got a cheap, $2.88, fuzzy animal print throw for my loveseat at Wally World. They loved it so much and it protected the loveseat from cat hair and snagging when they knead with their paws. I sprayed the side of the loveseat with a repellant when they tried to use it for a scratching post. They had other scratching posts and I gave them treats when they used them.

    Dar, your Sat. sounds like my Sun. You certainly did a lot yesterday considering it was a rest up day. I went downstairs to help Frank and Ilona move furniture and put their new TV together and hook it up. Then, Barb had a "no signal" box on her TV screen despite the fact that it had a pic. I turned it off and back on and the box disappeared. She was running it on her component cables but it wouldn't get a pic on her HDMI cable. I messed around, switching cables, and figured out it was her old cable box. She had been told by Comcast that she would need a new one as they don't use that kind any more. All she cared about was watching the Patriots game so, at least, she was able to do that. Unfortunately, for her, they lost to my Broncos. I had thought the Pats would win. So a large part of my day was shot but it was OK because I had nothing else to do anyway.
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    Mikie, thinking on these flip flops, I never wore them and I came to this beach town in my mid 20's...wore a lot of sandels and loved my many sandels thinking back, clarks and many other supportive brands....my feet and legs and back need support.......I see so many youngins walking the streets in those flat flips flops, but don't see any of us older gals in flips, sandels yes but not flips...we'll just agree to disagree on this one, too.

    underwear, the confinements of a bra drive me nuts, many of my friends say the same....that's what I was talking about. gonna take my walk to trash bin in my loafers.....jam

    walked into my local market yesterday and it was like a morgue and said to the check out gal, is everyone at the beach, she said no they are watching the games...i could care less at this time in my life to watch those guys knock their brains out...and destroy their joints and they are doing that big time...
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    I'm worn out and don't ask me what I have done. Have to go finish dinner before I go to chorale practice not to be confused with choir practice., that is Wed.

    I have to laugh at these conversations going on underwear and flip flops. I know what you both mean about them. They are so cute and so many wear them around here but I can't do much in them other than if I am just around the house. Then I must remember not to go to fast and trip in them and kill myself or something.

    I will not drive in them, that is for sure. I have the feeling they are going to keep falling off my feet while driving. Almost better to drive in bare feet which I don't think I have done, maybe coming home from the pool which is very close by in our subdivision.

    Gotta run and finish dinner. TTYAL !

    Granni :)
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    SW: I just saw your post. You sound extremely busy and seem to do pretty well on the energy. I don't have CFS but the FM does a # on my energy, but you and Granni wear me out!!!!!

    As to the flip flops, I've tripped wearing those cheap rubber ones and would rather just go barefooted around the pool or in the house. I have a pair of cool looking l" thick flip flops and I love those. I think the difference is that I feel like I've got shoes on and they're sturdy.

    Mikie: I tried spraying Boundary, bought at a pet store, but it smelled strongly and I couldn't stand the smell of it. I also found I had to spray twice a day. It was funny though, when the cats would come along take a whiff, and almost fly in the air to get away from it.

    I'm in the process of working on a covering for the couch. Found a dark brown suede type fabric that stretches. I bought everything they had, 7 3/4 yards, cut it in half, sewed it together, thinking I could just tuck it in here and there, but find I'm going to cut off the excess and then cover the 3 cushions. I'm going to cheat and not use a box style though, so hope since it stretches it will fit good.
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    My daughter wears FitFlops and she claims they have good support for her fallen tendon foot....I bought a pair of FitFlop Clogs and they did not work for me, for a short time I thought they were OK, but had to let them go.

    I have a really tough time with shoes as my feet have become arthritic in the last 5 some yrs.....

    Just got a pair of Merrell's that got a lot of good reviews and need to send them back....oh how I wished they would have worked.......

    I have 2 older pairs of Clarks and they seem to work the best for me and I've had them for years.....

    Yes, granni seems to go go go....good for her.... My go go go is gonno.... Be well all.
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    Hi all...

    Just popped in to read posts and say hi. I had to hit two stores on the way home from work, unloaded groceries, vacuumed the floors upstairs so I could put down the 3 new rugs I bought for the bathroom. Got the wet cat food upstairs and the dry cat food poured into empty ice cream buckets and stored, and groceries put away. Got myself some clam strips and onion rings heated up for din-din and a glass of skim milk. (Not what I wanted, but quick to fix). I'm off to bed so I can get up and go to work in the morning.

    Jam re: underwear........that's the third thing that goes after the shoes! The second thing is "hardware". Jewelry and name tag. (We have to dress to impress where I work). Once I'm out of the shoes, hardware and unmentionables, it's a race to my flannel nightgowns and crew socks. Sooooo comfy! :)

    Granni, SW, Spring, Mikie, Julie, Rock, Leah, Windy, everybody........Have a wonderful night!

    Love n hugz
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    Hi, Kids,

    Jam, I don't know what you are talking about when you say we have to agree to disagree. I agree with you that flip flops aren't good for the feet. Dispite that, sooooo many people, including me, wear them. Mine are comfortable but they do cause accidents if one isn't careful. I either wear dark tops with no bra or wear my comfy bra which is like the Aah Bra but has hooks in the back. These bras are about as comfortable as any I've tried. I also wear some underwire ones which are comfy--for a while. I have some camesoles with built-in light bras. As I get older, no bra is comfy after a few hours. Don't know how I wore them all day when I was younger. Perhaps it's gravity. I always say I wear a 38 long ;) As for sports, I was a huge Bronco fan when I lived in CO but down here, there is almost always something better to do than sit inside watching a game. I did enjoy seeing the Broncos win the AFC Championship. Don't know how they'll do at the Superbowl. Superbowl games are not always the best games.

    Granni, hope you get some NRG. I admire your commitment to your music.

    Sunflower Girl, what I found that worked best with the cats was to spray them with a water bottle when they scratched the furniture. Just the sight of the spray bottle would send them scattering. I used to buy the ready-made sofa, loveseat and chair covers. They now have stretch ones which fit better. If I don't spill any more nail polish, my furniture ought to last a while. Good luck with your cover.

    Dar, you've been busy. Even though I don't work any more, I do the same strip down when I get home or finish my day. I love to be in comfy clothes or jammies around the house. In the house, I often just wear my slippers. They are about as dangerous as the flip flops. The secret is to simple sit around and do nothing :)

    Well, I no longer have that luxury. My labs came back and my HDG is low and my total cholesterol is up. So, doc wants me doing aerobics. It's been too cold to get in the pool to run so guess I'll just have to get out there and walk. I can do other exercises in my condo but I have people below me so running in place with my Wii doesn't work so well. I'm cutting out baked goods and things with sugar. Will start eating more veggies. One neighbor said she didn't want to exercise or diet so she just takes a statin pill. Yikes! Those have caused problems. If one has to take them, there isn't much choice but to actually choose a pill over a little lifestyle change doesn't make sense to me. I've been off my exercising while I've been so exhausted with my never ending UTI's the flu and another virus. But now, even though I have no NRG, I have no excuse not to exercise. Maybe the exercise will give me some NRG.

    Finally, got the first coat of polyurethane on my table top. Today, I'll rub it with 0000 steel wool and put the second coat on. When that's dry, I'll rub it lightly with the steel wool and put a little wax on it. It came out beautifully and I'm so happy with it. It was either that or spend $300-$400 on a new table. I looked at those coffee tables with the mechanical lift which brings them up to table heighth but none of them went with my antique pine and cotton upholstery d├ęcor. One was beautiful but didn't go with anything I have. If this table didn't turn out well, I was going to get one of those farmhouse/industrial type coffee tables on steel wheels which look like carts. I'd still like to have one but I also still love this coffee table and will be happy with it.

    Today is condo mtg. but I'm tired and not sure I will go. For some reason, my entire body hurts all over. How do I make myself exercise when I feel like this? BTW, when I exercise, I do wear sturdy athletic shoes. Simon didn't show for his breakfast this morning. I always worry about him when he's MIA. He either still hunts or has someone else who puts out food for him. Before today, he'd been here every morning for quite a spell.

    As always, my best wishes for a great day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Not much going on here. Gordon went to visit a former coworker yesterday. Took her some
    fabric for her sewing projects. He was told his old employer had laid off more people and
    closed another office. Good thing that (according to the government) the recession ended
    in 2009.

    I read one of those "feel good" books. Worked too. By Fannie Flagg. "A Redbird Christmas".
    Came out about a decade ago, but I just came across it by chance in a Reader's Digest
    Condensed Book. Actually, they don't call them that anymore. They are now Reader's Digest
    Select Editions. Amazing how many people think changing the name of something changes
    its substance.

    Mikie, hope Simon is OK. Same for you. And all of us. Congratulations on successfully
    completing your table project.

    Dar, glad to read your cheerful report. I believe the villainess in "101 Dalmatians"
    also wore crew socks. (You know; Cruella DeVil.)

    Jam, sorry your go go has gone. Wonder if they still make Go Go boots. Arthritis in the feet
    sounds bad. Lotta bones in a foot. (26 according to Wikipedia.) Gordon has a painful area
    in one foot. He figures it's arthritis or a bone spur.

    SG, good luck with your couch covering project. I have never personally covered a
    couch. Except by lying down on one. Remember when Lucy disguised herself
    as a chair?

    Granni, you're right. Don't drive in flip flops. Couple years ago a gal about 60 drove
    through a store window. She said she'd been driving for 40 years and never had an
    accident before. Not even a ticket. But her shoe got tangled up with the pedals.

    Springwater, "The Borrowers" was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. I reread
    it a decade or two ago. Still a great book. Good luck with your security project.

    Julie, Funny that Keira prefers a bed that's too short. I guess it's the same thing as the
    "camping" we did when I was a kid. Sleep in a tent in the back yard. We didn't even
    notice that the ground was bumpy.

    Freida, your descriptions of the snowscapes remind me of my yute in MN. Haven't been
    back there during winter for more than a decade. Actually, it's half a century since I
    moved away. Only went back twice during winter. Both times I said, "Glad I moved
    away from all this." Good luck with the speech therapy.

    Time to go. Gotta help with the laundry and the watering today.

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    One pooped out grandma, reporting in! :p Well, not that much to report, since it is almost noon and I haven't really been functioning yet today.

    Got Keira home yesterday, just as Amy got home from work. We got a late start because Keira wanted to work on some more paintings (I had set up her and Lorraine at the dining room table all weekend.) They each wore one of Den's old t-shirts over their clothes and painted away...Keira incorporated lots of rainbows in her paintings and Lorraine liked to just mix the colors...she felt she had to use one color up first, then go to another one, lol!

    Then Keira and I had to play a rousing game of Bingo! I had bought a cheap set a few weeks ago...Lindsey played with the girls Saturday night, then Keira wanted me to play with her again yesterday. And...she borrowed it, so she could play with her mom and Clinton at home, lol! It is good practice for her, calling out the letters and numbers, then finding them on the cards...

    By the time I left their town, around 7:00 pm, it was snowing huge flakes. During the two hour drive home I drove in blowing snow, drizzle, a little sleet...then everything would quit for several miles. But closer to home, the snow was starting to stick to the road; but I made it just fine.

    Now, I will take the rest of this week to just rest and try to get back to feeling okay enough to get a few things done. The only thing I have to do is watch the kids on Thursday evening, so Lindsey, David and Den can go look at a house (they canceled last evening because the kids all went to the out of town chiro yesterday.) And Friday I will attend a "care plan meeting" for my dad at the nursing home. Other than that, I think I can take it easy...and just do my own chores, etc.

    I know I overdid it, but Keira did let me sleep in yesterday (she played with her tablet computer) and was very quiet so I could doze till after 9:30. A big hello to everyone...hope today is a good enough one :)
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    Just saw we were up there in numbers...will go start a new volume, and move dear Freida's post over there...