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    Hi Kids

    Not much going on here. Gordon went to visit a former coworker yesterday. Took her some
    fabric for her sewing projects. He was told his old employer had laid off more people and
    closed another office. Good thing that (according to the government) the recession ended
    in 2009.

    I read one of those "feel good" books. Worked too. By Fannie Flagg. "A Redbird Christmas".
    Came out about a decade ago, but I just came across it by chance in a Reader's Digest
    Condensed Book. Actually, they don't call them that anymore. They are now Reader's Digest
    Select Editions. Amazing how many people think changing the name of something changes
    its substance.

    Mikie, hope Simon is OK. Same for you. And all of us. Congratulations on successfully
    completing your table project.

    Dar, glad to read your cheerful report. I believe the villainess in "101 Dalmatians"
    also wore crew socks. (You know; Cruella DeVil.)

    Jam, sorry your go go has gone. Wonder if they still make Go Go boots. Arthritis in the feet
    sounds bad. Lotta bones in a foot. (26 according to Wikipedia.) Gordon has a painful area
    in one foot. He figures it's arthritis or a bone spur.

    SG, good luck with your couch covering project. I have never personally covered a
    couch. Except by lying down on one. Remember when Lucy disguised herself
    as a chair?

    Granni, you're right. Don't drive in flip flops. Couple years ago a gal about 60 drove
    through a store window. She said she'd been driving for 40 years and never had an
    accident before. Not even a ticket. But her shoe got tangled up with the pedals.

    Springwater, "The Borrowers" was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. I reread
    it a decade or two ago. Still a great book. Good luck with your security project.

    Julie, Funny that Keira prefers a bed that's too short. I guess it's the same thing as the
    "camping" we did when I was a kid. Sleep in a tent in the back yard. We didn't even
    notice that the ground was bumpy.

    Freida, your descriptions of the snowscapes remind me of my yute in MN. Haven't been
    back there during winter for more than a decade. Actually, it's half a century since I
    moved away. Only went back twice during winter. Both times I said, "Glad I moved
    away from all this." Good luck with the speech therapy.

    Time to go. Gotta help with the laundry and the watering today.

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    One pooped out grandma, reporting in! :p Well, not that much to report, since it is almost noon and I haven't really been functioning yet today.

    Got Keira home yesterday, just as Amy got home from work. We got a late start because Keira wanted to work on some more paintings (I had set up her and Lorraine at the dining room table all weekend.) They each wore one of Den's old t-shirts over their clothes and painted away...Keira incorporated lots of rainbows in her paintings and Lorraine liked to just mix the colors...she felt she had to use one color up first, then go to another one, lol!

    Then Keira and I had to play a rousing game of Bingo! I had bought a cheap set a few weeks ago...Lindsey played with the girls Saturday night, then Keira wanted me to play with her again yesterday. And...she borrowed it, so she could play with her mom and Clinton at home, lol! It is good practice for her, calling out the letters and numbers, then finding them on the cards...

    By the time I left their town, around 7:00 pm, it was snowing huge flakes. During the two hour drive home I drove in blowing snow, drizzle, a little sleet...then everything would quit for several miles. But closer to home, the snow was starting to stick to the road; but I made it just fine.

    Now, I will take the rest of this week to just rest and try to get back to feeling okay enough to get a few things done. The only thing I have to do is watch the kids on Thursday evening, so Lindsey, David and Den can go look at a house (they canceled last evening because the kids all went to the out of town chiro yesterday.) And Friday I will attend a "care plan meeting" for my dad at the nursing home. Other than that, I think I can take it easy...and just do my own chores, etc.

    I know I overdid it, but Keira did let me sleep in yesterday (she played with her tablet computer) and was very quiet so I could doze till after 9:30. A big hello to everyone...hope today is a good enough one :)
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    Just saw we were up there in numbers...will go start a new volume, and move dear Freida's post over there...