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    Starting a new thread. I'll come back to edit it to add on but want to get it up.

    Love, Mikie


    Alrighty then, we're up and running. Wish I were up and running but that crack on the head caused a concussion. I only made a quick run to Home Depot with Barb to get our new red mulch and some purple petunias to replace the long leggy and dying Guinnea impatiens in the flower boxes. The man at HD assured me that the petunias will make it through the summer heat. I'm skeptical but willing to give it a go for $4.36. If they do die, HD will refund the money. I was OK to drive but have had a headache and decided not to do anything else today. Barb and I sat out on the Balcony for a good part of the day and had lots of visitors.

    There were some obnoxious young couples in our pool yesterday, drinking and putting out their cigarettes on the edge of the pool. They were using filthy language and being very loud and boisterous. One big man, who is on the board, and the lady board president told them to knock it off. When they left, they partied until 4:00 this morning. I don't know why the people in that bldg. were afraid to call the sheriff but I called a friend who lives in that bldg. and told her to call if they party hardy tonight. They were at it at the pool again this afternoon so the president called their parents, who live in Conn., and told them what their kids were up to and that if it didn't stop, we would be calling the sheriff. Within a few minutes, the father must have called the kids on their cell phone and the noise at the pool stopped dead. These are grown kids and their parents have no idea how awful they are acting. They will be getting a letter from the mgmt. co and if the kids caused any damage at the pool, the parents will be billed for it. I feel so good that we took care of this. People come here and act like frat boys on Spring Break with no respect for the people who live here. We don't have to put up with that. :mad:

    Other than that, nothing new to talk about. Just hope I feel better tomorrow as I still have lots of plants to pot, weeds to spray, bushes to trim, fronds and branches to cut back on the trees, and mulch to spread. Oy! :eek: Or as Rock would say, "Uff da!" Rock, don't know whether I spelt that correctly. I heard someone use that phrase on the new series on FX, "Fargo." It's a different true story told in the same style as the original movie.

    Julie, I'm concerned about that stomach thing going around. Geez! A year ago last Thanksgiving, I went to Atlanta to see my kids. We all got that stomach thing and would think we were OK and, suddenly, we would get a wave of feeling out of it and had stomach symptoms. It lasted for a couple of months after I came home. I would be OK for days at a time and out of the blue, the symptoms would return. I hope and pray you get well. I actually do shop for things I don't really need but want; however, most of it is for practical things. I refuse to pay retail for most anything anymore. Regular gas is up to $3.889 and I was really glad to have my gas card which saved me 20 percent. As it was, it took $50 worth of gas to fill up slightly more than half a tank. I'm so glad I don't have to drive much. I'm also so glad I have the SUV to haul things like the big bags of mulch. A really sweet guy loaded it in the back for me so I tipped him $5. I only had a $20 and had to go inside to get change. The cashier didn't want to open the drawer to give me change. I was about to ask for the mgr. but I think something in my eyes told her that she should just accommodate my request. Geez! We've bought all our landscaping from them.

    Granni, I hope the performance went well. Hoping you and DH are doing OK too. Stop back in when you have more time to let us know how things are going.

    I need to go back to #701 to see if I missed anyone. My short-term memory is shot and my long-term memory isn't doing that well either. I hope more of our Porchies stop in. I wish y'all could stop in to visit us on the Balcony. As it is, I'll be hitting the hay early to rest my poor abused pea brain.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie - Sorry the other bump on your noggin seems t have caused a concussion. Hope your memory picks up due to the bumps on your head and face. Mine isn't always so great either. I feel so stupid standing by the cupboard or refrig. trying to remember what the heck I wanted I the first place. Hopefully, rest will help your brain back in sinc again.

    About how old were those grown up kids that were acting stupid at the pool? Glad they were turned in and parent called. If they were in their 20's or so they surely should have known better. That is rally a shame that they were acting that way. Hope if they did come back to the pool they acted much better, day or night.

    Thanks for starting us up again.

    DS slept for 14 hours after getting to the hotel I think he tried to stay up some. I told him to go to sleep or at least take a nap but not sure he was listening to me or his body :)!! H is now busy taking pictures. He went to see the PETRONAS Towers for one thing. He sent a few pics to his wife and she is sending a few to FB. There must be so much to see there On Monday I am not sure he will have much time to be a tourist as I know there will e so work to do in the office but not sure if much will be accomplished , at least I the first few days.

    That was nice of Home Depot to offer to give you your money back if they don't make it. Hope they do ! I don't have the greenish thumb around:)!!

    The performance was pretty good considering it was warm out and we were competing with other things in the square. One of the men in charge sad they may do it next year inside the small historical theatre on the stage. If h do that it will be worth it. We did 3 shows with 15 or 20 minute breaks in between.

    Well, time for beddy bye and getting tired of fighting with these letters. Taking too long.

    Hope everyone had a good enough day today !!!

    Granni :)
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    Morning, Porchies,

    Granni, that was quite a performance, or should I say, performances! Bet you're glad it's over but then, I imagine how fulfilling it is to give so much of oneself for the pure pleasure of others. Good for you!!! I never knew that HD and Lowe's will guarantee their flowers for a year, even if one kills them with kindness or neglect, eitherr. Wish I had known that when my last orchid died. Now, I know enough to get it out of the soil it came in and put it in an orchid pot with bark for soil. It's sooooo beautiful. Barb's has two branches of the most beautiful purple blooms, her favorite color.

    Julie, I pray your stomach bug goes away and stops coming back. Mine eventually did and the good days increased as time went on. It just flummoxed me that it would come back, even for just a wee bit weeks afterward. We are seeing some strange viruses. Decades ago, when I had viral meningitis, I read an article that with the ozone layer diminishing, the increase in UV light would cause viruses to mutate into new illnesses we had never seen before. The prediction has come true. I'm sure the climate change and greenhouse effect isn't helping either. Hope the yogurt and probiotics help.

    Well, those horrid kids woke me at 3:30 this morning because they had gone out drinking until 3:00 and decided it was a good time to take a dunk in the pool. They drink so much that they make a LOT of noise. I called the sheriff's office and they sent two squad cars. The kids ran to their condo with the cars hot on their tail. I called my friend in the condo next door to them because I knew they had woken her. She was glad I had called the sheriff. I called the owners of the condo between 3:30 and 4:00 up in Conn. but they didn't answer either their house phone nor their cell phone. I left messages on both phones that we had called the sheriff. They were warned yesterday that if the kids caused any more problems, we would be calling the sheriff. The owners just spent $20,000 redoing their condo. I told them in the message that I hoped the kids weren't making as big a mess in their condo as they did at the pool. The neighbor next to them is sending a registered letter of complaint and, I'm sure, our mgmt. co. will be sending one as well. We can also ban them from using the pool. I think we should and if they return, we ought to file trespassing charges. I'm not usually so hard assed but these kids show no respect for anyone.

    My memory is much better and the headache appears to be gone. I don't think this concussion was as bad as the ones coming at my head from the side. This was just a bad bang on the top. In any case, I think I'll feel well enough to do some yard work/repotting but won't overdo things. I just decided to check my inside A/C air handler and the paper filter was really dirty and it's not quite a month old. I've had the doors open and the breezes blow in dust and pollen. AACK! I changed the filter right away. I need to fire up my big electronic electrostatic air cleaner.

    I hope everyone got a better night's rest than I did. At least, I went to bed early last evening. I'd like to stay awake long enough to watch some good shows on TV tonight. There are so many, I have to watch some on On Demand. If I take a nap, perhaps I'll stay awake tonight. Think I'll go eat a second breakfast since I ate the first one so early. I fogot to check Simon so if he came, he missed his breakfast. He usually doesn't come on Sun. mornings because the sprinklers are soaking everything.

    Wishing everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: good for you for calling the sheriff. Even teenagers have to be aware of their behavior....and even worse for older ones. Doesn't your pool have hours posted? It's inconceivable that their parents wouldn't know what their kids are like. $20 grand is a lot to spend and then give the keys to someone else. My SIL little company owns several vacation homes, one right down near the beach in San Clemente, but everyone who uses it is very respectful of the neighbors since most of them live full time and it's very close to other homes. My DD has house rules posted which must be followed by everyone who stays there otherwise they won't be allowed any further use.

    Julie: A camper/motor home vacation! Got any ideas where and when? When our kids were young I bought a 20' trailer, sight unseen by my husband. Won't go into all that was wrong with this "bargain", but we did have to spend 2 full days and nights in Albuerqerque, N.M. (boy I will never know how to spell that) while we had new brakes put on. We couldn't figure out why all the NOISE when we drove thru small towns......a clunk clunk clunk. God was certainly will us traveling the mountain passes before getting brakes.

    friday went better for me....at least I had energy all day until evening. I picked up my little granddaughter at kindergarten, stopped to get her lunch at subway (I don't visit fast food places often and this was her favorite) then we painted tiles for Mother's Day present (I'll get it fired this week) then the library and ice cream, came home and she watched some movies.

    I spent yesterday doing cleanup (everywhere is dusty) and bought some RubnBuff (silver) to rub onto the metal around my sliding mirror doors. They are so old and GOLD color. Finished them up today and wow, what a difference it has made. I've used this product on this and that forever. I wasn't sure how the metal would take since the directions said to use on porous items. I've got a gold color frame hanging in the bedroom so will tackle that next. My handyman swung by a lumber yard friday and bought the baseboards (16' ea) so I will be painting them tomorrow and he can install when all this tile work is completed. One day at a time and things will eventually be done.
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    Julie - You are trying to do without stress- isn't there some of that all the time, except when you are sleeping ?? That is a cute idea of the mobile home with your old van. Does it even run ??? Keira and Lorraine will probably enjoy it regardless. You are right about the twins and then the new little one. Have they thought of any names yet? I know they do not know the sex yet of the new little one. You are wearing me out talking about all you are doing and have to do.

    Mikie - I can't believe those dopey kids were back there at he pool making so such noise in the early mornings? I do not even want to think of what their condo looks like. Glad the sheriff was called and that they came out. I can't believe so o these stupid kids. Probably spoiled and get what they want and the parent don't care just not to bother them. GRRR I can't believe some of the disrespect and disregard for others and their property by some of these young ones nowadays. Guess they have always been given stuff no matter what and how they took care of it..

    Sun - I know you will be so happy when everything I al doe at your house. Renovations are always a mess but looks so nice when all finished. Hope your DH is feeling better too and that he doesn't mind the mess to much and noise if thee is any.

    Hi al o Rock, Jam Jole,, Diane, Spring Water, and all Lurkers and MIA's.

    Have few tings to get ready for dinner. Steaks on the grill if it is not raining out. There are supposed to be some strong storms north of us . We might get some rain but not sure. We do need the rain but after we cook the steaks :)!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Julie ! Hope the rain calmed down for good so you could do whatever it was you needed to do out in the bad weather. We didn't get any rain at all today. So we had our steaks on the grill tonight.

    I 'm debating on whether to wash my hair or not. I probably won't since it is a bit late and I am to lazy. Also watched a bit of the Canonization of the 2 popes this evening which took up a bit more of my time. I am just to tired to worry about my hair and I don't need to go anywhere tomorrow that I have to worry about it.-LOL. I just to worry about looking at myself I the mirror --aack ! I probably have my hair sticking up al over y head tomorrow.

    Gotta run for now.

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    Hi, everyone. Well, we decided to ban those kids from using the pool and tennis courts. We posted a notice on their door and the pool gate. It mentioned if they entered either, we would be pressing trespassing charges which might necessitate a later trip back to FL for a court date. We saw nor heard hide nor hair of them yesterday. One of the kids, a daughter, and co-owner with her father, left a very contrite message on my phone stating that we would have no more trouble with them.

    About 1/3 to 1/2 of our residents are year round residents, like me. The rest come down during the winter months and head North about this time of year. When we have trouble, it's almost always the kids and/or grandkids of the Snowbirds who come down to use their parents' or grandparents' condo. We have rules posted all over the pool area and even have a "No Swimming After Dark" sign right on the gate. Still, I end up going down to throw people out of the pool. I didn't go down Sat. night because there were seven of them who had been drinking for at least two days. I just called the sheriff and let the two squad cars chase the kids down to their condo. I say kids but they are, at least, in their 20's, if not their 30's.

    People come here after long cold winters up North and act as though they've never seen a swimming pool before. Our pool isn't far from some of our condo bldgs. and common sense would dictate that they keep the noise down. Some of them actually camp out at one of the umbrella tables and bring in lunch so they don't have to leave. The parents sit there while the little ones scream and shriek and try to drown each other. We are very close to the beach but it costs to park there and a lot of these people are on a tight budget, using the condo for free. It's a headache we have every spring and summer.

    Julie, very nice pic of you with your DD. I keep you in my prayers that he stomach bug goes away and stays away. I think your little camping adventure sounds like fun. On rainy days, when my kids were small, I would put a quilt on the living room floor and we would sit on it and have a picnic. We used our imaginations to describe the "stream running next to us" or the "big trees." The kids loved it because it could be any imaginary place they wanted it to be.

    Sunflower Girl, painting tiles for Mothers Day sounds perfect. I'm so glad you felt well. One thing about us is that we really appreciate what others might see as a normal day. I love the idea of sprucing up what one has. Changing from gold to silver will really update the doors. We have hard water here and the folks who lived here for three years never cleaned the water stains off the clear glass shower doors. I went to Lowe's to pick out some new doors and saw some that were frosted with a modern flower design along the bottom. They were $200, a lot of money back then. I copied the design and bought some of that sticky shelfcover plastic roll and cut the design out of it. I put it on the doors and took them outside and sprayed them with an etching paint which frosted them. Then, I pealed off the plastic to reveal the design. They still look good and I saved money, just like you.

    Granni, my hair is sticking out on my head too. I was going to wash it yesterday but realized I had plants to pot out in the heat of the day. No sense shampooing what will be a sweaty mess in a few minutes. It got up to 92 on Sat. This is going to be one of those springs where it goes from mild to 90's overnight. It takes me at least a month to acclimate when it does that. I was so exhausted after being awakened yesterday morning at 3:30 that I had to come in in the afternoon heat to take a nap. Soooo, I'll be coloring my hair and hopping into the shower this morning. I still have some palm tree fronds to cut down but that's not dirty work. One day this week, I have to put on my grubbies and spread the new mulch.

    People in our bldg. are either renters or too old to help me or simply don't care. They like the looks of our landscaping but won't even take a broom to sweep in front of their doors. Barb and I sweep the Balcony area and keep it clean. One single teacher in her 40's never sweeps in front of her door and it looks like Morticia's door with all the cobwebs. She called me to complain about having ants in her unit and I told her unless she cleaned outside her door, she would continue to have them. I told her she was giving them a smorgasbord of trapped insects in those cobwebs. Well, there is no shaming her and she still doesn't clean. We have a guy who sprays for insects every three months but there is only so much he can do if she continues to be so dirty. She is personally clean and the inside of her condo is clean. I guess she pays her dues and thinks the outside should be taken care of. We could pay someone to come and sweep but it would mean increasing dues. People would have a fit!

    For some reason, I woke at 3:00 today. I hope yesterday hasn't set my sleep schedule off. Simon isn't here yet. I just walked outside and all our plants are doing well. It's humid already. I'll have to get the fronds cut down before it gets so gawd awful hot.

    Where is Rock and out other MIA's? I hope everyone is OK. Have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Called the black and white kitty. It appeared promptly. It feels secure so
    long as it doesn't get closer than about 20 feet. Gave it some kibble and some tuna. Will
    buy some canned food for it next time at the market.

    We finally got all the stuff outta the storage site. Now the garage and the house are
    overflowing with stuff we don't need. Uff-da! The computer monitor konked out. I
    think I bought it about 4 years ago. We got a used but free replacement from Gordon's
    old employer. They have lots of spare equipment as business is slow. Dozens of
    employees laid off and some branch offices closed. Gordon will have to install the
    monitor. Too tricky for me. And I'm so clumsy nowadays I'd probably drop it anyway.

    Julie, that's a great picture of you and your dad. Makes me feel cheerful just to look at
    it. I bet the kids will enjoy the trips in the van. When I was a kid we would sometimes
    sit in the family auto and visit pretend venues. Sometimes we would walk a block to
    Mr. Chase's house. Mr. Chase was in his 80s. Lived alone. Still chopped wood for his
    stove. He had an old Model A or T that was perpetually parked under a tree. We took
    lots of trips in it too.

    In the 1970s I lived in a suburb of LA. One of the city parks had an old fire engine as well
    as the usual park equipment. My son and I always spent some time on that.

    Isn't it a shame, Mikie, that so many young people have gone H-E- double hockey sticks?
    I saw a comment on the news. Somebody posted H-E- double hockey pucks. Don't
    know if that was a joke of just someone who didn't get the concept. Amused me anyhoo.
    (Betty White used to say that on Golden Girls.)

    What do you mean, your hair is sticking outta your head? Isn't that where it's supposed to
    be? Ha Ha! Every now and then Gordon suggests we dye my hair: Orange! Then I am
    forced to ask if he's had a bump to the head lately. This kind of sparkling dialog goes on
    all the time around the ranch.

    Steaks on the grill sound good, Granni. I was walking through the living room yesterday.
    Gordon was watching one of those programs where they explain how stuff was made. I
    guess they were in a peanut butter factory. Anyone one of the workers said a pound of
    peanuts had more protein than a pound of steak. Well, that's why peanut butter was
    invented. A way to provide the poor with low cost protein.

    BTW, I was listening to a broadcast of a Jack Benny program. Announced Don Wilson
    pronounced "protein" with three syllables. Maybe the word was new back then.

    Sunflower Girl, I love the name Rubnbuff. I guess it would work as Buffnrub too. What
    kind of doors are you talking about? Shower doors. You're right. "Albuquerque" is a
    treacherous word to spell. I used to live there, but at the time I couldn't spell anything. It
    was during WW II, and I was a preschooler. My mom lived with friends there for a while.
    My dad was in the army.

    My memories are sporadic and few. I recall dogs lying in the street during the heat of the
    day. I wondered if they were dead. And we had a strange structure that looked like an
    igloo in the backyard. I was told it was an oven, but how could that be? It didn't look
    anything like the oven in the kitchen. And there was a shop we visited a few times.
    There was a large glass panel in the floor with a railing around it. You could look down
    and see the "Indians" making jewelry. For many years I had a turquoise ring as a
    souvenir of our trip. (Took 3 tires to spell "souvenir". This post is exhaustenizing.)

    Hugs to friends, present and absent: Jam, Barry, Springwater, Diane, et. al.

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    Almost good afternoon to awl!

    It has been busy already this morning. So, now I am taking a long break :)!! Went to work out early, just treadmill for me and that leg pushy thing. DH got a charley horse I his one calf muscle so he only did 3/4 of a mile. Then we came home and I changed cloths go out and do about 1/2 hour of weeding. We have so much crap all over and I am almost afraid to touch anything, even with gloves, after my past poison ivy/ or whenever poison plant incidences . It is already warm here lately. I think it is supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow, we will see.

    Julie - That is my idea of a great Mother's Day/ b day diner - Pizza. It I so easy and so yummy. To me I keep saying that pizza is a food group :)!! Are they making it from scratch? Do they have delivery where you live? I love the kind in the what we used to call pizza parlors but now they are mostly chains where we are. However, we shop at Sams and they make their own and also sell wonderful frozen ones, like Di Giornos with all kinds toppings. Sometimes I even add some of my own. Great stuff !!!!! Getting hungry thinking about it. We used to have a Double Daves pizza really close to us that had a great buffet too but unfortunately they moved. So many stores and restaurants closing in some areas, very sad.

    Hope everyone has fun at Amy's 29th b day party and/ Mothers day celebration. When the twins nap will Lorraine lie down and red a book or something quiet? That is great if they will do that, even if it is look at a carton or DVD :)!! At least they are quiet for a little rest time. I know mommy Lindsay needs her rest to. Glad your tummy seems to be doing some better.

    Hope your SIL does or did well on the chemo. Gad the anti nausea pills are helping too.. Glad you didn't have any damage due to the storms. In some areas in OK and other states had terrible damage. We are supposed to go visit cousins I Joplin, MO in My and DHis so afraid of traveling with those tornadoes around. It I either that or our Hurricanes. A few years ago Joplin had a terrible tornado and wrecked some of their homes and town, very bad when thy were supposed to come here I think or visa versa.. Those storms are just heart breaking,

    Hi to everydobby not mentioned. I must have missed Mikie's post about her shower door.

    Will try and get back later.

    Granni :)
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    P.S. - I didn't know whether to edit the last post or write another.

    Julie - That pic of your dad and you is just beautiful. You both look absolutely wonderful . I saw it on FB too. Gad you posted to to PH CC also

    Mikie - Speaking of shower glass enclosures. We were planning on changing it out old gold shower door frames to brushed nickel or something similar. I also want to try and find the kind that you cannot see the hard water spots so bad, like you mentioned. I am tired of squeegeeing it after my shower every day. If you were here you could help me put a design on it but I am not going to bother. I would love a water softener but DH says NO GO. He is so against getting one and spending more money. We will go to Home Depot for the enclosure and hope nothing else happens so we can't get it.

    Sun - Hope all is going well with your projects and your DH is doing at least as well as expected.

    Love to Dar, Rock, Dane, Jole SW et al,
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    Hi Kids

    News flash. Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) and his wife were charged with
    domestic violence after a dispute in their Connecticut home. I find it hard to believe
    it was anything serious.

    Anyhoo, someone commenting on the news posted this brilliant parody which I
    wanted to share with you.

    "Hello officer, my old friend
    you came to haul me to jail once again
    Because she pounced on me while I was sleeping
    I laid my hand on her and started tweeting
    And the slap she planted on my brain
    still remains
    broke the sound of silence.

    In a restless cell I sit alone
    Bars around me and cobblestone
    No Ipad so I can't tweet
    I'm barely naked and have cold feet
    the judge asked if it was a fight
    My eyes shined like a neon light
    and touched a sound of silence."

    Isn't that great?! The last time I heard a live performance of a Simon and Garfunkel
    song was about 20 years ago in Pasadena. America's great mezzo soprano Marilyn
    Horne gave a concert. For an encore she sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

  12. sunflowergirl

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    Sorry to read that about Paul Simon. Not going to judge....no one can judge a marriage relationship until we've walked a mile in someone else's shoes. Of course, media loves to blow things way up. I know he was married to Carrie Fisher and we all know about HER troubles, stemming from mom and dad.

    Julie: a wonderful pic. of you and dad. You look a lot like him, same smile and eyes. I know he has alzheimers troubles but at least he's still gentle and recognizes you. Enjoy him as much as you can. My mom has been gone since 2007 also. I think sometimes what I would want to tell her if I saw her again. I saw if because we know we will meet again in Heaven, but may not remember a lot of "junk" we went thru down here.

    Love the concept of a pretend trip, something I've done quite a lot when our children were small.......hey....forget them, I've done pretend trips in my mind for myself. I've been on cruises, taken trips to exotic places, and lived a whole different life in my head! LOL

    Mikie: That shower door sounds terrific. A few years ago I was watching a segment on decorating on HGTV. Someone used an etching product after they applied a stencil. I found it amazing, but then you went an easy route. Smart!
    Rock: the doors are mirrored closet doors now with silver surround. They turned out pretty good!

    Just a few more days and I can wave adios to the tile guys. It's been a long process BUT a learning one. My DD has been pushing for me to have the kitchen and large entry retiled, but it's VERY expensive and the DUST is terrible. My neighbor reminded me that once the house is sold a new buyer might end up ripping out new tile and doing what they want and it would be a waste of time and $.

    My DH gets his 3rd chemo IV tomorrow. We're having trouble getting the chemo pills from CVS or any other pharmacy, so we need to talk to the oncologist about alternatives. He's had 3 days of MJ cookie pieces......and surprisingly it's helping about 1 1/2 hrs afterwards with appetite after he eats it.

    Granni: how's your DH and the pneumonia?
  13. Mikie

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    Soooooo good to hear from y'all. I just wish our MIAs would post, even if only to let us know they are OK. I do know that some of us have to take a break from the forums for a while now and then. Even when they don't post, sometimes they do read so, Leah, and all our other MIAs, we miss you and hope you are well. Come back when you want to open arms.

    Rock, loved your version of "Sounds of Silence." Think I mentioned that my DSIL's family were besties with Mel Brooks and Anne Brancroft. The first time my DD met her, she was lying on a lounge at my DSIL's aunt's pool in LA. She had her leg up and looked just like she did as Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate." She was a really beautiful and nice lady. My understanding of S&G is that S had the greater talent but was not a nice guy. G had the voice of an angel. Together, the were amazing. I never liked anything S did after they split, even though he garnered kidos from the critics. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was sung at the funeral of a friend of my ex's, who died in a horrible accident when a semi hit him as he pulled over to the side of the road and had exited his car. Gary could never listen to that song again without tears in his eyes. I think "Kodachrome" was my fav. Why not buy some of that hair color spray in orange and surprise Gordon. It washes out. Really enjoyed our chat this morning. Thanks! Wasn't Rubnbuff a Russian composer? His albums went gold!

    Oh, Julie, I'm so sorry about GPA. Someone needs to remove the obstacles in the basement. Take this advice from someone who has had four head injuries within a year, two of them from tripping over obstacles. I'm glad you are feeling better because caring for GPA with his two broken wrists will be an ordeal. Bless your heart. I love how you take care of your family. Please, as always, take care of yourself too. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. You look great!

    Granni, Costco also has delicious, and cheap, pizzas ready to carry out. They are HUGE! The new frameless glass shower doors are beautiful but cost an arm and a leg. As long as my frosted doors last, I'll leave them up. I don't usually use that shower; I take baths and showers in the guest bath--only one to clean that way. I wipe down the tiles after every shower so it doesn't leave hard water spots on the tiles. If you put in new glass doors, use RainX on the inside. It helps the water to slide off without leaving so many spots. I have a shower curtain in the guest bath so no glass to wipe down. I just replace the cheap inner liner every now and then to keep it from getting moldy or slimy. So far, it still looks like new after several years. I love having a shower curtain in there because I can buy a new inexpensive one at Target and change the whole look of the bath.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so happy the MJ cookies are helping DH with his appetite. I get my best ideas from HGTV. If I had a big house, and the money, I'd be a redecoratin' fool. Right now, I'm looking for a basket with a lid on it that is not too tall but longer than wider. It's really difficult to find. I have an open basket beside my loveseat in the living room but it looks junky as I have it filled with books, mags, and my ever-present blood pressure monitor and log book. I'm also looking for an antique wooden child's chair or one of those trendy stools which look industrial and old fashioned. Now that the cats' little tent is gone, I have space for one more thing.

    I'm taking some of my leftover ABX cause I have another bladder infection. I'll take them for a week and, if I'm not better, I'll be going back to the doc. Now that my co-pays for specialists are $50 a visit, it doesn't take long to rack up the medical bills. I got up about 4:30 and Simon wasn't outside. I just left his bowl out there because, sometimes, if he's not around, I come back inside and forget about him until it's light outside. By then, he's gone. I never did get into the shower yesterday; I just slept all day. So, I have to do it today. Coloring my hair can wait another week.

    Since I have to look decent for the meetings, I think I'll run up to Publix to get milk and other essentials. I have a lot of food in the fridge, freezer and my little larder. Perhaps Barb would like to run out to Hobby Lobby with me to finish our shopping trip which was interrupted when her kitchen sprung a leak. Everything is cleaned up in her place and downstairs in Ilona's and Frank's. It could have been much, much worse.

    Well, dear friends, I hope I didn't miss anyone. Y'all know how much I love you and pray for goodness in your lives.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Is Rain X a coating that already on the shower door or is it a spray or coating of some kind. Is it more expensive than the regular doors if it is already on there? I would love the frameless if possible but if not the silverish /brushed nickel would work too. I hate having to squeegee every time. DH doesn't do it of course.

    *****Have an of you hear yesterday about Microsoft trying to fix a bug in Internet Explorer? I was off line most of the day yesterday when he told me. I am cheating now.

    Julie - So glad you have grandpa Denzel with you. I know he will get great care with you and all.

    Will try and get back later. Have to get dressed and go to the eye doc wit DH.

    Love to everyone,
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Oh gosh......I'm so very sorry to read about GPA. Just what YOU needed as if you don't have enough on your plate. I'm sure all that clutter everywhere contributed greatly. Perhaps when he goes back home Den needs to "take over" and tell his sis what's what and what's going to happen now, since it's GPA's house. What a mess of troubles you have there. It's more than hard when it comes to "bathroom stuff" and you're his DIL. Perhaps you could hire a young man to come there, CLEAN up the clutter, and help your GPA as needed.

    Mikie: It's too bad we don't live close. I have a child's chair, oak under the shabby chic painting job I did years ago. It went with a child's old school desk, but both are sitting in the garage taking up room. I'm trying hard to declutter my own house. My new cleaning lady comes for the first time tomorrow, so what have I been doing? Cleaning before she gets here so she won't think I'm a worse housekeeper than I am.

    Granni: I bought frameless shower door for a bathroom we had done about 3 years ago......this is the cat's room because I never use it. With all the tile work being done on the 2 other bathrooms I've been having to take showers in there. My honest opinion is they aren't as sturdy feeling as ones with rims. Yes, they look nice as does the "rain look" of the glass.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just walked around our palatial estate and picked a few tamahtoes for breakfast. Gordon
    watered the orchids on the top tier yesterday. He also watered the towel I put up there for
    the feral cat. I was going to pick it up and drape it on a camellia bush to dry. After I got
    back in the house I realized I had instantly forgotten to pick up the towel. It's the Alz
    effect again.

    Granni, was Double Daves pizza started by two guys named Dave? Do they have double
    decker pizzas? I haven't had a pizza for years. Am too deficient in the dental department now.

    Julie, you were the girl of my dreams last night. Well, at least you make a cameo appearance.
    You walked by looking very elegant in a turquoise suit. I've read people don't dream in
    color, but I've had dreams where there is at least some color. Often red. What does all
    this mean? I believe this is the main question we ask ourselves as we go through life. What's
    it all about, Alfie?

    Mikie, great to chat with you this morning. First time I've been able to get the chat
    feature to work. Oh yeah. The brilliant verse ala Sound of Silence was posted by someone
    using the name "WM" or something like that. But I see why you thought I wrote it.
    I did write a response to the author though. "I doff my hat and bow to thee; an apt and
    brilliant parody."

    Ha Ha!!! Yes, Rubnbuff was a Russian composer. The rest of his name was Ivan Anatole
    Dimitri Miroslav. His most famous work was the opera Boris Notsobadenough.

    SG, are you having ceramic tiles installed? Our landlord used to do all kinds of repairs and
    remodeling when we lived in an apt. He had a special electric saw to cut ceramic tile.
    Said it was expensive. Well, everything is expensive nowadays.

    In the 1950s I was visiting friends at a farmhouse in MN. I was told the house had
    been built by the grandfather. He spent $2,000 on the place. And there was a computer
    article recently that said you were middle class a century ago if you earned around
    $600 a year. I remember my mother telling that during the Great Depression men were
    lucky if they earned $20 a week.

    Hugs to everydobby
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, back from shopping following the condo mtg. Everyone is relieved that the trouble makers are leaving today. We've never had so much trouble from one group so have no protocol to follow. I think we handled it just about right. Barb and I went to Bealls so I could try to find a top I had seen in the wrong size at a different Bealls store. The sweetest clerk helped me look it up on the computer and ordered it. It will be delivered, no S&H, to me in about three days. Since I saw it, it's gone on sale big time; I opened a charge card so I got an extra 20 percent off and was eligible for another 15 percent because it's Senior Day. Together, 20 percent and then another 15 percent turn out to be 32 percent. The boss was there so I could tell her what a great saleslady was helping me and she just combined the discounts to 40 percent. I think that top was originally $70 at retail and I paid $24. While I was in the store, I used a $10 coupon off $60 for two pairs of white Capri pants which were $88 retail. By the time I got the $10, the 20 percent from opening a charge acct., and my extra 15 percent Senior discount, my total for the two pairs of pants was $36. I did really well today and got a beautiful top. I so seldom see printed tops, which are a bit dressier than tees, that I had to get it. White Capris are a staple down here. This pair has some sparkly crystals on the pockets so they got a bit 'o bling on them. I'm a happy camper. I'm also happy because they are a size smaller and fit like a glove. I'm going to get back to working out aerobically and if I lose more weight, I'm afraid the pants I have in the larger size will fall off of me. Since I've not been working out, two of those 18 lbs. I lose have come back.

    As Barb went to get into my car, she found a huge feather, about 10" long lying right by my car door. Our dearly departed have been busy lately. My Mom sent this outstanding feather; the black patterned butterfly, which we think comes from Barb's husband, Paul, has been around us when we've been outside; and both of us have found pennies from Heaven several times in two days. Barb is about the only one around here who doesn't believe in life after our lives here, or so she says. I think she really does believe. Wish I could get her to a really good medium who would tell her things only she and Paul would know. I'd probably have to abduct her to get her to see one.

    She is having a scan with dye from 1:00 to 2:00 today. She couldn't have much for breakfast so I told her we'd go out or I'd go pick up something when she comes home. A helicopter has been circling overhead and I'm a bit concerned the cops are chasing someone on the ground. I'll check the news before venturing out. Might not hurt to pack my gun just in case. That happened to me in Denver and I didn't know the cops were chasing a gunman a few blocks from the supermarket where I was shopping. Yikes! I've heard a siren and am now convinced that I need to check it out.

    As tired as I am, I'm having a great day and I hope it rubs off on everyone else. Well, maybe not on Rubnbuff Miroslav. :) Rock, I enjoyed our chat this morning too. It's good to know I could respond. I still haven't tried to initiate one.

    Granni, RainX comes in a bottle. You can spray it on your windshield to make the rain bead up to help your wipers work better. It can be put on just about any glass you want to protect. BTW, did anyone else see the new Honda paint job that causes dirt to slide off? It's amazing.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm laughing at your cleaning before the house cleaning lady arrives. I know other people who do that. I would be one of those but I figure if I had to clean it up before she comes, why bother to have one? So instead of paying a house cleaner, I just buy more Capri pants. Oh well, I know they will be put to good use. My little chairs sound just like yours. There must be tens of thousands of those from the old schoolhouse days. I've just about decided I might like to replace one of them with one of those cute little storage cubes in a more modern print. The hottest thing now is combining antiques with modern. It sounds illogical but, if done right, it brings a whole new freshness to a room. Mostly, the modern is done with fabrics--pillows, drapes, etc. I wish we all lived closer together. What a great time we'd have.

    Well, Porchies, just had to drop back in to tell y'all about my latest shopping scores. My condo is a mess because I've been sleeping a lot when I'm not doing yard work or helping a neighbor clean up a water leak mess or shopping. Hmmmmm, I don't think a cleaning lady would even touch this mess. I better get off my duff and do something. Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

    PS: The problem with Explorer was a security leak so I used Firefox to pay a bill today.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings awl,

    Oh my, what a crazy day. DH went first to get a haircut which he really needed. While he was there I got a phone call from the eye doctor saying she could take him today instead of tomorrow. So I called him and when he got home we went there. After al the exam she said that he needed double cataract surgery. It was a bit surprising but his last eye test said he had cataracts but not yet for the surgery, So I called the surgeon and made an apt. to see him and make a date for the surgery. Well, it look like I will have to wait again for my new shower enclosure. I it isn't one thing it is something else

    Mikie - Thanks for the tip on that RainX. Where do you get it? Do you still squeegee after you spray ?Do you use it all the time when you use the shower. I know you take a lot of baths. I probably would take more baths too if I didn't have to clean up and spray and squeegee after my shower. I shower after he does, of course. Also when. you put Epson salts in the bath how much do you use? Does that seem to help your aches and pains ?? Sorry for all the questions !!!! How neat that you got such good buys on your clothing !!


    Julie - Sorry your tummy is still sore. No wonder with everything else going on in your life these days. So sorry about Gpa . I am sure he fell amongst all the trash downstairs in HIS house. I wish he would realize what was going on and say something to his daughter to make him treat him differently. She is really taking advantage of him, in so many ways.

    Hi all to Sun, SW, Rock, Diane, Dar, Joan and so many of our MIA's. I have small group singing practice today so I need to get off here and do a few other things, before I go..

    Don't know why this font is so tiny. Will see if I can change that after finishing this.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We went to the library tonight. Picked up 7 books. We have canvas bags from
    Whole Foods for toting purposes. Gordon got Mrs. Fields Cookie Book.

    Granni, I love your spring colored post. Makes me feel like running through a
    field of lush grass while my hair blows in slow motion like a shampoo ad.

    I posted about my cataract surgeries a little while ago. They were quick and painless and
    very effective. When the nurse said, "Now before we start I just need to check.
    Which eye are we doing today?" I said, "OS" which made the operating team laugh.
    Good luck to hubby.

    Mikie, did you have a police chase in your neighbor? We did last winter. We could
    follow the chase on TV and simultaneously hear the sirens outside. I think the closest
    they got was about half a dozen blocks. But we do have helicopters overhead almost
    everyday. Hate 'em. It's all the fault of that Russian composer Igor Sikorsky who
    invented the helicopter the year I was born.

    BTW I saw an ad for a new movie. It's titled "Oculus". I think it's a horror flick.
    That would be appropriate since "OS" is med talk for "oculus sinister". 'Sinister"
    means left. When I meet left handed people, I usually say, "Oh, that's sinister."
    None of them ever know what I'm talking about.

    There's a new game on the Homebound board. Celestial songs like Stardust or Over
    the Rainbow. The B & W cat showed up as soon as we got back from the library.
    I had some Friskies cat food for it.

    Time to go back to my book. I found a new author of mysteries. This one is about
    a detective from Minnesota who is solving a crime in Las Vegas. Both places where
    I lived. His depiction of Vegas in the 1960s is not very accurate, but the book is
    entertaining anyhoo.

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jam - Thanks for post. I agree with you about having to have surgery, not unless it is warranted so we will see what the specialist. The young lady who examined his eyes, I do not think is very hasty to brig up surgery unless it is really warranted. He was told by another doctor a few years ago he had at least one cataract that was not ready to come out at that time. So we knew it was coming eventually. I have spoken to more people who have had wonderful results with surgery. So, we will see. He also never wears sun glasses and I can't get him to. His eyes are also very dark and perhaps not that sensitive to the sun and lights as mine are. I HAVE to wear them outside and especially driving.

    I am so sorry about all the grief you have had after your hip replacement, I have had numerous bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis and actually since taking the GSE and the flu shots they have helped me. We all have to do what we think is right for us.

    I also agree with you as far as taking as few antibiotics as possible and that is why we take the GSE to try and stay well. However sometimes you just have to do what you think is right for you and we are all different. I have had problems with URI of all kinds since I was a child and I still remember taking sulfa drugs before the antibiotics came out. There is a time when they say you need antibiotics you know when you have to take them. I remember when we were in NOLA when my kids were little I ended up in the hospital wit 104 fever for 1 week with IV Antibiotics. Not to much fun but they sure did help me. Many years ago when they had none of those drugs many people died also just from things we consider no problem any more. I know we need to be careful and not take them so much and try to get well on your own without the antibiotics. Yes, they do tend to be misused and overused which isn't a good thing either for many reason.

    We will see what happens on Friday after his eye specialist appointment.

    TTYL and thanks !
    Granni :)