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    Hi there everyone. Starting up a new Porch volume. Please go back and check for Sun's long post amongst others. Throwing some nice warm choc chip cookies your way !

    Sun - So glad your tlie work is done FINALLY !! Don't feel bad the lady that helps me clean sometimes is Mexican and she doesn't speak great English. When I call her, I phone her at night to talk to her daughter wo who goes to one of the state colleges here. I also think it is a good thing to have yearly checkups although I must admit I haven't always :)!! Try and be better now that I am getting older.

    Will try and check back later.

    Love you all,
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    Good morning awl !

    Today will be a busy day and I need to go get dressed. Just wanted to say HI and to get back later. DH has plans so we need to get gong, stores, gas, workout and who know what else. H feels better but tomorrow afternoon is the eye specialist appt.

    I know he is little worried about that. Also, not sure what the doc will say about him driving right now in daylight. Next week is twins Confirmation and it is way downtown (for me) . We cold go during the day and hopefully travel with them to the church. DH is even more hesitant to drive anywhere not. You know me don't like driving I crowded places or long distances where I am not sure of going.. I can see my b/p if I try and drive. The pain is also factor. I will be so upset if we don't get to go but at least I sent the gifts ( monogrammed bibles for each) since they were back ordered, to their homes and didn't know if they would get them in time.

    Hugz to awl ! Julie - you are probably right about his panic attacks ( Gpas). What to do ): !! More later.

    Gotta run for now.

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    Standard eye exam possibly saved my life. Optometrist, during routine exam detected a spot of plaque in an eye artery. Turned out, after ultrasound, that I have a 100% blockage of one carotid artery in my neck. Am now being carefully monitored and medicated.... Wish me well. And thank my optometrist for being aware. Sure am glad I didn't see a homeopath Jam!

    Jam, what you say might harm people. Please be careful.....

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    Hi Folks

    Just woke up. Was awake all night; slept most of the morning. Finally got up the energy to
    find out what prolo therapy was. Wikipedia has an article on it. It also refers to a site that is
    pro prolo and has several videos on the subject.

    Barry, good to hear from you. Have you had any recent x rays that show your carotid
    artery is less blocked? The only thing my doc told me to do for mine, which is 70%
    blocked, is to take low dose aspirin. It's 81 mgs.

    I think the standard aspirin pill used to be 320 mg, but it changed recently. I read about
    it a year or so ago. All my recall of facts and figures is pretty hazy nowadays.

    Gordon picked dozens of tomatoes this morning. We are taking them to our friends
    on the library staff this afternoon.

    Julie, is a lift chair one that sorta pushes a person up and outta the chair? Does it
    have an electric motor? I wouldn't mind having one. Getting up from a chair
    gets more and more difficult.

    Sounds to me that what Gpa really needs is some device that would life SIL right outta
    his life, but I guess that's up to him. Ya can't help folks what refuses to be helped.

    Just read another book on Hollywood. It was about the last years of the Western movie
    and its three big stars: Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, and Audie Murphy. Not so much
    as biography as a tri-ography. Here's another of several nostalgia songs the Statler
    Brothers wrote.

    Happy Trails
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    Barry - So glad they caught your problem with your routine exam which might have been extremely serious for you. Glad you are being carefully monitored. That I why I like yearly exams for most things ! Good luck with your carotid artery blockage. It was so good that you were checked out.

    Jam - I agree with you and really could care less about driving anywhere. However, around here you need a car to survive although when we first moved here like 15 years ago we had to go into town for everything. Now we have all kinds of stores and such and our 2 lane road is now a dangerous almost freeway. That is mostly because stupid people don't do what they are supposed to do. There have been many accidents and deaths including just coming out of our subdivision. They already moved the MPH from either 70 or 65 to 55. It is hard to keep it at 55 and when I am trying to stay close to 60 people are zooming right past me, some don't signal and all the usual stuff, weaving I and out,etc.. It gets me so upset. When you stay at 55 people are going around you and thinking you are a pokey driver :)!! This is not even in the city. I love to take back way most of the time to stay off major hwys if possible.

    Glad that your extra melatonin has helped you get good nights sleep last night. Hope it continues for you.

    Neither DH or myself feel comfortable driving into the city and now DH has this cataract or cataracts problem. We both want to go see our grandsons on next Thursday for their Confirmation soil leave it up to the doctor tomorrow. I know my daughter especially will be upset if we do not come and I will be upset too. We go to such few things to see or family due to the driving involved . That really stinks. Maybe we shouldn't have moved out here but we liked it a lot and at that time didn't think to much about the driving. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT JULIE BUT THEN YOU ARE SO YOUNG AND GUTSY :)!!

    Glad we will have at least one daughter close by after they sell their house and hopefully move from N.C. and find a home here in our area. They are waiting till tomorrow for the engineer to check the foundation, etc. They already had their inspection before putting their house up for sale which showed some problems, but how bad remains to be seen. They have so much to do to fix up the house before putting up for sale but tomorrow should tell the tale of how much $ they will have to fix up the house.

    As you know our son is now in Kuala Lumpur for work for another few weeks. His wife has been worrying about her dad ( which really wasn't around much during her young growing up years)but she still loves him. She and my so have such big hearts. He has been in and out of the hospital for some time with kidney problems as well as Congestive Heart Failure problems. They drained all the fluid they could this time, did something else, I forget and then attempted to install a pacemaker. Apparently his heart stopped sometime during the procedure. That was two evenings ago. I know nothing else. I believe it was started again but have not heard anything else from her right now. She also works too. M so told her that if he passes and he I needed he will be right home in (in like 21 hrs w/2 flights). He was invited to a Malaysian wedding. I now he speaks a lot to her or keeps in contact. So am guessing he is still around ( her dad) since he went to the wedding. BTW, I find out most of this stuff via FB, some private and some not.

    Thinking about everyone and hope things are gong well for all of you. Tomorrow will be a really busy day. I hope to get n the computer tomorrow morning. Then, to he dentist for DH and I will go with him to the eye specialist to see what is what with the cataracts. Then it will be time for dinner !

    GEE MIKIE - this is almost as long as some of your W and P's :)!!!

    Love to all including those not mentioned,
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    Rock - You must have been posting when I was. Tans for posting that "movie" on all the od cowboys and such. I remember so many of them and DH would remember even m more. That is when the movies were really clean !! Now I am not going to say what most of them are , so as not to get into a fight with someone :)!! DH refuses to pay the prices and I refused to go see a lot of the trash they're showing now. When my daughter gets here we can go see some of the cartoons her son likes to see, even though he is 21. He also has some LD's but has graduated and is working and he drives too. W are so proud of him. Years ago when we were visiting them we wen to see "Despicable Me". It was so cute. Now I know they also have a "Despicable M 2" :)!! I know that there are a few good movies out but I will just have go with my daughter or girl friend.

    Thanks for the post and hope you had fun at the library and found some good books or yourselves.

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    Wow! Another Porch already.

    Sunflower Girl, those mauve pearls sound lovely. I have the same problem as you--don't know what I'll wear these pearls with as they are too dressy for my tee shirts and Capri pants. I can wear them when we go to the symphony or a play. I have cocktail length pearls which used to be too dressy for much of anything except when dressed up. I never wear them. This necklace is much more casual and would even go OK with a dressy top with Capris. Over the years, I'll get my $13.50 worth out of them and one of my girls will be thrilled to inherit them.

    Granni, I miss speaking Spanish with my customers at Publix. I really should get back to studying it. I do leave notes for the gardeners in Spanish and English with the help of a dictionary (for the Spanish, not the English although, with my pea brain, an English dictionary wouldn't hurt o_O

    Julie, it wouldn't surprise me if GPA had a panic attack. You may only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how SIL treats him. He may not want to say anything against her but I think his body language speaks volumes. I've had bruised, and cracked, ribs and it is sooooo painful. That's probably worse than the wrists. Again, bless you for being so kind to him.

    Barry, my doc said I had no plaque in the arteries which supply blood to my optic nerve. There is a direct correlation between plaque in those arteries and other arteries in one's body. In fact, when cardiologists don't want to do invasive procedures, they send patients to my eye doc and he takes the pics of their optic nerves. He reports the findings to the cardiologist. If he finds plaque, the cardiologists know the patients have plaque in their bodies. I have no plaque, which is a huge relief to me as heart trouble runs in our family and kills most of us unless something else takes us prematurely. That's why I'm working so hard on my cholesterol. Thanks for telling your story. I'm so glad your eye doc found your plaque in time.

    Rock, I know you like old movies. I'm watching one called, "A Stolen Life," with Bette Davis and Glenn Ford. It was made in 1947. Those are my favorites, just after WWII in B&W. So much attention was paid to camera angles and lighting. I also love the d├ęcor, especially in the big, expensive homes.

    I got sciatica in my back which radiated into my leg yesterday. Despite that, I got a lot done. I turned my mattress and washed the sheets. I also did all the other laundry. Think I mentioned that I managed to cut down some palm tree fronds. When I'm up to it, I'll trim the cassia tree. It's sick but it'll probably recover if trimmed. Our African Tulip is also a bit under the weather. I also need to spread the mulch here and there.

    Last night, I took a Skelaxon but it's old and not as potent as it should be. I soaked in Epsom Salts, took my Special K and went to bed. I put the heating pad on the painful area and fell asleep. At 2:00, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I guzzled a little Niquil and slept til 5:30. I woke up feeling better and decided to run some errands. I sent my defective earrings back to HSN for a replacement. The bracelet came and it is absolutely gorgeous. I needed to get stamps and buy a sympathy card for our neighbors who had to put their old dog down. I took a pic of him with his "mama" on his last day and will print some out for them. We have a little post office/package store I've been going to ever since I moved here. The people there are soooo nice.

    One of our petunias didn't make it so I decided to stop in at Home Depot for a replacement. I found a $10 coupon for Lowe's if I spend $50 and it expires tomorrow. So, instead of HD, I got our flowers and citrus fertilizer at Lowe's. I bought a filter for my fridge and some A/C filters to use my coupon. I basically got the A/C filters for free. It's like I can't help saving money, even when I didn't intend to. I'm so glad I found that coupon. I always need those filters.

    I stopped at Costco. By then, the pain in my hip and leg were getting bad again :confused: so I hurried through and came home. Neighbors found some gummy fibre supplements which are working really well so I picked up some. I also bought some dark chocolate covered berry candy. I'm supposed to eat a bit of dark chocolate and the berries are good too. Of course, there's no getting around some sugar but even the plain dark chocolate contains sugar. I also found the black rice someone mentioned here. Can't wait to try it. I like it that Costco tries to buy fair trade items which are grown in sustainable ways. It means it's better for the environment and the growers make fair wages. It helps them in their villages with water, infrastructure and education.

    I came home, took two Tylenol and am in bed resting and watching the old movie. The rest of the housework will have to wait til tomorrow. My hip and leg feel much better. Hope I can get it to go away. Before I left I went downstairs to have coffee with Frank and Ilona and another neighbor/friend. We had the best time, joking around until we laughed ourselves silly--the best medicine. It's hot 'n humid but we aren't getting any rain. I saw the films of Pensacola and it was really frightening. Those poor people.

    Well, dear ones, it's time to bid y'all adieu. Have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good grief!!! A bunch of us must have been posting at the same time.

    Granni, in Europe, at least back in '89 when I was there, most people didn't own cars. The trains are so reliable that it's much easier to just jump a train to go most anywhere. Think how much money we would all save if we didn't have to buy cars, maintain them, gas them up, repair them and insure them. I wonder if Eisenhower had created a national train system, instead of a highway system, would we be more like the Europeans? As it is now, it's very difficult to get around without a car. Of course, ever since Henry Ford made cars available to the masses, Americans have been in love with them. I love cars myself. If I were filthy rich, I'd restore old and rare ones, like Jay Leno. I'd make sure mine were available for everyone to see. We need to preserve our past. BTW, when I don't post my "W&P" posts, everyone asks about them (some even say they enjoy reading them). Of course, no one is obligated to read my ramblings; however, ya gotta give the people what they want. ;) Glad to see you posting your own "W&P."

    I slept til 5:00 this morning. Yea! Feel great except that the sciatica pain is just under the surface waiting to come back out. I'm going over to the pool to see whether exercising will help work out the kinks. It's possible that this is myofacial pain, which also refers the pain to the extremities. Got my auto call from Target, so I eventually have to go get my Rx. I prefer waiting until the Sun. paper comes out with the deals but will go today. If I buy something and it goes on sale, they will adjust it for me. I still need to spread the mulch and plant the purselane in our flower boxes. What a pretty little flower that is.

    Hate to disappoint my "W&P" fans, but, "Bedah, bedah, bedah, that's all folks." :confused:

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - You surely have been a busy gal lately. Hope you don't wear yourself out. I am glad you are getting some good use out of your coupons. The stores have been sending coupons and gift cars and I still don't use them. It is no fun to go by myself and DH is not really a shopper unless he is going for himself. Then he is in and out. I like to do a little browsing :)!! Some of the stores I fear are having problems and that is why they are sending out those cards/coupons. The problem with me is when I do go the coupons have expired.):!! Hope your painful areas have gone away and that you scared away the sciatica. That is not fun, I know !!

    I started writing this last night the keyboard locked or something. So I just got off after rebooting. I figured that it would have erased what I wrote but surprised when I just go on and it was there.

    Found out last night that our DIL father had passed away. So we spent some time to talk to her on the phone. I wish I could have been there but since we are not that close in miles, we spoke. Our son is still in Malaysia but thankfully she has lots of friends who can be with her and help her out. She spoke to our son quite a few times in the last few days. Since there will not be a funeral and not to many to go it ,it would have been silly and a waste of money.
    He will be cremated and then sometime she and her brother will go where he liked to fish and scatter his ashes where he enjoyed fishing.

    I really need to go get dressed. DH is going to the dentist to get his temporary crown and then this afternoon we go to the eye doc. Geez ! To much in one day but didn't want to cancel either.

    Hope to get back later to heck in but not sure when that will be, either this evening or tomorrow. Thanks for your newsy W and P Mikie :)!! Sorry not able to post to each individually today.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    P.S. Didn't know whether to edit or star another. So here it is but VERY short. DH is gone to have his temp. crown put in so I will pop on quick again.

    Mikie- Yes, we went to Europe on bus trips 2x and they were great. So many road bikes or trains. Wish we had the trains here and more public transportation but we are or at least were sort in the sticks but not so much any more. However, one does need a car to get around. I the big city they do have busses and those speedy train like things that I cannot think of the name right now. Talk about brain fog !! They are only in some areas but not the whole city.

    One good new to report. DD texted that there was no structural damage in the home they will be trying to sell. Therefore, I guess they can start all the renovations. Not sure if they will still need to put peers in or not.

    Gotta run again ! TTYAL !

    Love and hugz to all,
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everydobby

    good to see and read all the newsy posts, everyone has been busy.

    julie - sorry to hear your FIL met with an injury. It is so kind of
    you to look after him round the clock even with yr hands full,
    but i know you would not dream of having him go back to SIL
    as yet.

    i hope his recovery is fast and complete.


    its been extremely hectic few days..had to help my youngest
    brother and nephew to meet up with a French medical
    group who also helps find sponsors for needy nepalese.
    They both hv a sponsor each who sends them pocket money

    with the french medical team yearly, its a stipend sort of
    like 150 euros and they get a medical check up and free medicines

    theyve been going to this monastery where the group conducts
    its work for six years now, but my eldest brother used to accompany
    them...i was feeling really sad throughout, missing my brother
    because i never had to do this before. its the one hour drive
    away monastery and waiting in the queue took the whole day,
    youngest brother has some sort of disorder, he stutters and
    mumbles so much, soneone has to go with him...the wife of
    the monasterys head priest, who knows our family well and
    knows our history well, looked for the sponsors and then
    informed us.

    people like her give me a reason to keep believing in this

    after that i had two days respite and then had to host my cousin
    monk who is only 24 from Tibet who is here on his annual
    visit. he visits places and gives buddhist teachings, he just
    returned from bhutan and i had asked him to please visit
    my home and bless it, because of all the stress and negativity
    i had endured for two years consequently lowering the energy
    in there. he has to give a two week buddhist teachings to the
    public and could not give me more notice...so i was run off
    my feet rushing getting the house cleaned, and getting in the
    groceries, i had a couple of days to get ready coz i knew he
    was coming only not when...but i spent those days in bed
    with a flare of my CFS...

    however, i prayed hard, and called in my SIL, middle brother
    and this pedlar whose phone i had and we got place cleaned
    up best as we could, i had asked my DHs family and siblings
    n their relatives so there were like 16 of us...i hired a cook
    and managed, it was a bit shoddy here n there, there are certain
    things formalities we hv to observe around monks esp high
    priests and cousin is supposed to be reincarnation of the Head
    of a sect, so we had to be extra careful but i could see the compassion
    in my cousin priests eyes, he understood we were making the effort
    and appreciated it..he gets offered up presents all the time and his
    mother had brought some of these as presents for some of us,
    i got a lovely fur lined coat, two ethnic tailored blouses, my nephew
    and son got a watch a piece and SIL a handbag.

    he also gave me a hanging scroll in silk of our spiritual head
    in his Protector avatar to hang in my bedroom to keep
    negative energies away.

    after he and his group of monks left, and my dhs relatives left,
    me and my siblings and SIL, my healer friend and nephew,
    my niece and her dh and lil toddler daughter we lounged around
    just talking, sharing space...my elder brother would hv loved it,
    he just loved family gatherings.

    am i glad that its over tho, i could hardly walk last evening
    bit recovered tho...my monk cousin did do a prayer over
    me and reiterated to me not to give undue attention to feelings
    of uneasiness, that i was safe and going thru wht i did because
    of too much stress.

    need to hit the sack now, will adress everydobby in my next post.

    ive had to hit edit like ten times...computer acting up

    i love you all

    god bless
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    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, you surely are busy running to the dentist and the doc. I am so sorry to hear of the death of DIL's father. I think scattering his ashes at his favorite fishing spot is a lovely way to memorialize him.

    Springwater, you have been really busy too. I'm sorry it has brought on a flare. I hope your cousin's blessing and the protective avatar will help discharge any neg. NRG from your home. I will be doing another smudging around our bldg. to rid us of neg. NRG. I got a new birdhouse/prayerbox and have already been placing little prayer notes inside of it. Don't know why but we have had so many prayers answered when placed in the box. Maybe it's because people have faith and believe that if we put the prayer in the box, it will be answered.

    One prayer of mine has been answered; it's raining outside. We had a lovely day and now the rain we so dearly need. I only got some mulch spread and the sciatica returned, so I finished it up and quit. At least, the area the plumbers trampled now looks beautiful. After I took two acetaminophen tablets, the pain decreased and I sat out with Barb for a while. Another neighbor stopped by and we had a wonderful chat. My lower back, hip and leg are hurting tonight. I didn't get to the pool today so will try again tomorrow. I HAVE to get back to my aerobics.

    My Bethlehem Lights glass vase of pink silk calla lilies came today. I turned on the timer at 7:00 and it lit up. It's sooooo beautiful and peaceful in my bedroom. I like sources of soft lighting in the bedroom. It will automatically turn on every evening at 7:00 and stay lit for six hours. If the light keeps me awake (it likely won't) I can turn it on earlier. The six hrs. is fixed.

    A stranger came into our yard today and was taking pics of our Plumeria trees. She was so taken with them and curious. She lives in the area so I gave her a cutting. All she has to do is stick it in the ground and it will grow. I will be glad when I get the purselane planted in our flowerboxes, some hawthorne bushes trimmed and our hibiscus trees trimmed. We have gardeners but their schedule doesn't allow them to trim as often as we like and they are totally artless or, as I call them, slashers. Our yard looks beautiful and we get so many compliments on it. Some bldgs. don't look so great but no one wants to do any work. To them, living in a condo means never having to lift a finger again. I actually enjoy seeing just how beautiful we can make ours look. One thing I missed when I first moved to a condo was not working in the yard. I've gotten to know good, knowledgeable gardeners at both Lowe's and Home Depot and they have given me priceless advice. My orchid is thriving thanks to my friendly gardener at Lowe's.

    Pain in my hind quarter is letting up a bit as I lie in bed typing this. I have to get to Target tomorrow to pick up my Rx. If I go to the pool and it makes the pain worse, I won't be able to go. I think I had better go to Target just to be sure I get my meds. I've missed working out and am anxious to get back to it. I've even made small progress in the condo, a bit at a time. As long as I get something done, inside or out, it's good. When I get sick and have to lie in bed all day, it is depressing. I know everyone here knows what I'm talking about.

    Laptop is getting a tad warm so better shut it down. Hope everyone is well.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dar Mikie and all,

    I didn't go to the dentist but DH did. He was supposed to get his new crown but couldn't as it was the wrong color. Yes, glad you are resting your "hind quarters" Mikie. Hope you are feeling better. I went wit DH to the eye specialist and yes he has two cataracts, the rt. being worse than the left but both not too good. So right now we have scheduled two cataract surgeries and Toric Implants. After the surgeries he shouldn't even need to wear glasses other than possibly the readers. I think the doc had told me that I had so cataracts too sometime ago and if mine ever get that bad I would love the implants, especially the rt. eye which has always been the worst. I started wearing glasses for school at about age 10.

    He will have one done (the rt) on My 21st and the left on June 11th. I have to, or what seems like, tons of drops to put in his eye before and after. I will really have to make out a schedule to get it right:)!! I am really sad though that we will have to miss out on our twin grandson's Confirmation next Thursday. Since he can't drive and I am not going to do so, we won't be able to be there. So glad I had their gifts ( monogrammed Bibles)sent to their home since I am not sure that it was gong to make it here I time and they were back ordered. Oh well, we all do what we can do !!! I have cards to send them and will write a note in each for them. We are both very happy and proud of our twin grandsons, now 16 years old.

    Gotta run for now and get ready for beddy bye. Hope you all have a wonderful and as pain free as possible weekend. I probably will try and check back so tomorrow although I know DH has some plans for working tomorrow :)!!It has been fairly cool and lovely, It will get back to hot possibly tomorrow. it was low 80's but low humidity with a bit of a breeze. Sorry that I cannot mention all individually right now. Just got a nice e-mail from our son I Malaysia. Need to go read it !

    Hugz and love to awl,
    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Aaah..rested up a bit and feeling a little more normal.

    Granni - happy to know your son got there safe n sound..i hope he has
    a good time sightseeing inbetween work...they hv some lovely handwoven
    bedsheets cotton ones..and silk scarves etc

    hope your DHs eye medicals go well, i suppose getting checks in time
    save a lot of trouble n energy later. Your performances sounded hectic
    but so fulfilling and fun!!! just the act of singing and filling the air and
    people with song and music....a gift.

    Mikie - you are such a good citizen..your condo is fortunate to hv you for
    a tenant..when i visited daughter she and her friends had just rented this
    house near the college she had to clean the walls of dust and cobwebs and
    because she was first to move in, we got a week of staying on our own
    before her friends moved in, and i helped her get the washing machine,
    basement scrubbed, they were caked with dust..the little porch door too
    but i so loved the whole place with a maple flowering outside kitchen
    window and squirrels..and lovely sunshine, it didnt feel like work.:)

    yr plants must look so beautiful, with everything coming into flower now

    i hope yr hip is better, i too get those but theyre momentary..it goes when i
    pray and send violet light to the area which is why i feel i absorb negative
    vibes whether theyre emotions or energies..my healer friend was telling
    me about some incident and i started getting pains in my lower hip
    area...once she told me abt something which made her angry and i started
    getting stinging sensations in upper shoulder area...it all started after i started
    meditating, three years ago escalating in september last...all i hope is there
    is some kind of purpose to whatever im going thru and i survive it all.

    Sun - your home must be beautiful, you hving the artistic flair, the shower
    doors sound so elegant, i hv always loved frosted glass panes, here only
    the very rich hv those, most people hv plain glass but its becoming modernized
    slowly..due to cable and people knowing about and wanting beautiful things.

    i pray your DH gets thru his treatment as smoothly as possible...

    you asked abt our weather, we basically hv two seasons summer for 10 months
    winter for two. nov and early feb being what passes for spring. summer is mostly
    always in 90s. winters are max 10 and goes to minus 1 c at night.

    starting june we hv the monsoons which meam rain rain rain thru july..so its
    hot and humid then.

    Rock - westerns were a staple when i was a child, me and my family all going
    to watch clint eastwood, terence hill, robert redford..and the like, what fun
    ...those deserts with canyons, ridges, cacti plants red sunsets and cowboys
    thundering thru them on their horses shooting their pistols...whoo! the boys
    and girls
    treaured hving jeans (they were available in our little town freely ) only after
    1980s hving to be smuggled in from the border from nepal. they were a status
    symbol, :).

    i was thinking about teacher who used to teach music..here and hope all
    our lovely MIAs are well, wherever they are...joan and all. miss them all
    even tho i understand everyone cant come on due to stiff happening.

    lol, i wrote stiff insted of stuff...who knows stiff might be happening..
    stiff shoulders, stiff legs, fingers etc..its common enough.

    rock made me lol when he said a robotic cook might slice off customers
    leg instead of leg of lamb...i guess your house must be a riot with you
    and gordons humour combined..

    god bless
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Time for beddy bye. Wanted say hi to Spring Water. Glad you made it back to the Porch. We have missed you !! Hope to see some of you all tomorrow !! DS went to a Malaysian wedding !a 2 day affair !! Sounds interesting and fun !!

  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Aw......what a cute pic. of Gpa and Red mittens. They obviously love each other. Nothing like a pet to sit nose to nose! So sorry about the water leak....yow.....what a mess and an even bigger bill. And what a treasure you are to the whole family.

    Mikie: I CAN'T grow plumeria! Yes, I've heard it's easy but NOT for me. Even killed growing plants....go figure. Sorry you're still having hip troubles. We can't ever win!

    Granni: Tell you DH not to worry. TS COPTER ACTNG P AGAN!!!!!! $#@!%
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    julie - meant to say i loved the pic of your dear father, noticed how cheery it is there, those
    apple green and red glasses and plates so pretty, do you guys ever have dust in there???!

    and i see you hv posted on of your dear FIL, he looks content to be there and the kitty cat,
    awwwww, wil you look at the head pose and little pawsy wausies....how can one not feel
    happy with one of those on yr lap???? God bless you all
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    lol! suns post..i go thru the same thing...i better get off before the computer turns on this post
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Julie, what a beautiful pic. To me, the bond between our pets and ourselves is sacred. I've always believed that having a cat or a small dog lying on one "pulls" illness out of the body and into the animal, where it is harmless. We have a saying in our family, "I'm so sick I need to cover myself with small fur-bearing animals." Both GPA and your kitty look so happy and content. :)

    Springwater, you must be what they call a "sensitive." It's a tough cross to bear because you absorb all the negativity and pain coming from others. If you can find a way to shut that door to keep out their misery, it would help a lot. Mine is just plain ole run-of-the-mill pain and I awoke with it again today. AACK!!! :confused: Nothing has spread the desire for more things than TV. I remember way back in the Cold War Days, the then USSR banned "The Brady Bunch" from running in their country. The TV family had nice appliances and a big house and the power that were, didn't want the Russian citizens realizing how much better we had it than they who lived in squalid apartments. In our condo bldg., most of us own our units. Only two are rentals owned by investors. Thank you for your kind words. We don't have monsoons but our rainy season is about to start and we'll likely soon be getting afternoon thunderstorms. The rain tapers off toward fall but the heat and humidity continue until after Halloween. You guys sure get a lot of weather changes. I'll bet the barometric pressure changes are hard on pain. :(

    Granni, praying DH's surgeries go well. Wish I only had to wear glasses to read. Well, actually, I can get by without distance correction but I just can't see up close so might as well wear them all the time. These are the first glasses I've ever loved and it's because they are completely clear on the face. Just for fun, the sides change out and I have various colors to go with my clothing or jewelry. My next appt. is in Sept. so will see whether I need new correction or not. My lenses are expensive because I wear progressive lenses. I am no longer wearing contacts. I only wore them for years because I couldn't find glasses I liked. o_O

    Don't think I'll get to the pool today as it rained off and on all night and is supposed to keep it up today. If it's not steady, I might get the flowerboxes planted. I have plenty to do inside and it might be good for me not to go out and work in the yard or go to the pool with my aching back, hip and leg. Last night, the leg started to tingle and go numb so I'm pretty sure it's sciatica. Again, AACK!!! :confused:

    Last night, the lovely glow from my lighted calla lilies lulled me to sleep. They are sooooo beautiful. Our lovely new mail carrier, Rose, actually walked down from our mailboxes to deliver it to me as it's too big to fit into our package boxes. She is so cute and so sweet. She is only temporary but is planning on bidding on our route. I'm going to put a prayer in our box that she gets it. We had our last carrier for years and loved her. We all put cards, with gift cards in them, when she got married.

    Well, gotta get off the puter and take my acetaminophen. It seems to work better if I take it before the pain gets so bad. I can't take the skelaxin because I have to drive to Target. There is a new battery-operated heat patch out and I'm going to look for it while I'm there. Heat seems to help a lot. Wishing everyone else a pain-free and happy day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I think I must have posted to you about the cute newest pic.on FB with Grpa and Red Mittens. I can't find it here. It is really cute how the animals seem to gravitate to those who seem to need the most help and cheering up and the people to the animals. That is just a precious picture of them both. He does seems quite at home there. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't want to go back home with the situation he is in.

    Hi to everyone. Finally got time to get on the computer today. Went shopping with DH and picked up $120 worth of eye drops (3) for him to use before and after the surgery. That will be fun having to give him those, his reflex is BAD. Can't afford to lose any of that precious stuff. Can you imagine the cost without his insurance GEEZ !!.

    Have a great weekend you all !! Have so stuff I need to do on the computer and some banking stuff. So wlil run for now.

    Hugz to everydobby ! This keyboard is driving me crazy again - skipping letters. GRRRR:eek: