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    lol! suns post..i go thru the same thing...i better get off before the computer turns on this post
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    Oh, Julie, what a beautiful pic. To me, the bond between our pets and ourselves is sacred. I've always believed that having a cat or a small dog lying on one "pulls" illness out of the body and into the animal, where it is harmless. We have a saying in our family, "I'm so sick I need to cover myself with small fur-bearing animals." Both GPA and your kitty look so happy and content. :)

    Springwater, you must be what they call a "sensitive." It's a tough cross to bear because you absorb all the negativity and pain coming from others. If you can find a way to shut that door to keep out their misery, it would help a lot. Mine is just plain ole run-of-the-mill pain and I awoke with it again today. AACK!!! :confused: Nothing has spread the desire for more things than TV. I remember way back in the Cold War Days, the then USSR banned "The Brady Bunch" from running in their country. The TV family had nice appliances and a big house and the power that were, didn't want the Russian citizens realizing how much better we had it than they who lived in squalid apartments. In our condo bldg., most of us own our units. Only two are rentals owned by investors. Thank you for your kind words. We don't have monsoons but our rainy season is about to start and we'll likely soon be getting afternoon thunderstorms. The rain tapers off toward fall but the heat and humidity continue until after Halloween. You guys sure get a lot of weather changes. I'll bet the barometric pressure changes are hard on pain. :(

    Granni, praying DH's surgeries go well. Wish I only had to wear glasses to read. Well, actually, I can get by without distance correction but I just can't see up close so might as well wear them all the time. These are the first glasses I've ever loved and it's because they are completely clear on the face. Just for fun, the sides change out and I have various colors to go with my clothing or jewelry. My next appt. is in Sept. so will see whether I need new correction or not. My lenses are expensive because I wear progressive lenses. I am no longer wearing contacts. I only wore them for years because I couldn't find glasses I liked. o_O

    Don't think I'll get to the pool today as it rained off and on all night and is supposed to keep it up today. If it's not steady, I might get the flowerboxes planted. I have plenty to do inside and it might be good for me not to go out and work in the yard or go to the pool with my aching back, hip and leg. Last night, the leg started to tingle and go numb so I'm pretty sure it's sciatica. Again, AACK!!! :confused:

    Last night, the lovely glow from my lighted calla lilies lulled me to sleep. They are sooooo beautiful. Our lovely new mail carrier, Rose, actually walked down from our mailboxes to deliver it to me as it's too big to fit into our package boxes. She is so cute and so sweet. She is only temporary but is planning on bidding on our route. I'm going to put a prayer in our box that she gets it. We had our last carrier for years and loved her. We all put cards, with gift cards in them, when she got married.

    Well, gotta get off the puter and take my acetaminophen. It seems to work better if I take it before the pain gets so bad. I can't take the skelaxin because I have to drive to Target. There is a new battery-operated heat patch out and I'm going to look for it while I'm there. Heat seems to help a lot. Wishing everyone else a pain-free and happy day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! It is a beautiful day already...the sun is shining and it's pretty comfortable out already.

    Although I maybe "should" stay home and mow, etc., etc....I am going to go to the wedding. Amy really wants me to see her all dressed up as a bridesmaid, and Jennifer has been like a daughter to us since their early childhood. Plus, it will be a nice change of pace.

    I am so glad Den noticed the water leak last night as he was mowing. It has rained for several days, so we haven't even been in that part of the yard since I mowed about a week ago.

    We will have several days of sunshine in a row now, according to the computer, so can try to get both ours and Gpa's yard caught up. Someone needs to be near enough to check on Gpa every little bit...when I mow at his house, I will take him with me so he can visit his cat, Kirby. Need to "schedule" it when Sis is home...and she can help Gpa in bathroom, etc...or at least come alert me to help him.

    Will have all the kids here on Sunday (hopefully David will get back early enough from Guard drill.) Den will stay with his dad (same as today while I go to the wedding) while I go to town to get my dad, Amy's birthday cake, and whatever else I remember while I'm there :) Since we're just having pizza and fresh fruit for "Sunday dinner", I won't have to worry about much of anything else. I will heat up some other things for the great-grandpas...neither one of them care too much for pizza.

    Springwater, I just wanted to answer your question about the nursing home and dust. They have housekeeping staff who go around every day to clean, gather laundry, restock bathroom supplies, etc. The different colors on the dishes are really helpful to patients with any dementia...easier for them to see white mashed potatoes on a different color plate, for instance. Same reasoning for putting a different color seat on a white toilet...easier for the men residents to "aim." :)

    It is such a cheerful place...the staff are always joking around with the residents (something my dad loves...just that bit of "normal" attention is so appreciated.) It truly is like one big family.

    I'd better get around...Gpa is waking up and will be calling for me soon.

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    Julie - I think I must have posted to you about the cute newest pic.on FB with Grpa and Red Mittens. I can't find it here. It is really cute how the animals seem to gravitate to those who seem to need the most help and cheering up and the people to the animals. That is just a precious picture of them both. He does seems quite at home there. It wouldn't surprise me if he didn't want to go back home with the situation he is in.

    Hi to everyone. Finally got time to get on the computer today. Went shopping with DH and picked up $120 worth of eye drops (3) for him to use before and after the surgery. That will be fun having to give him those, his reflex is BAD. Can't afford to lose any of that precious stuff. Can you imagine the cost without his insurance GEEZ !!.

    Have a great weekend you all !! Have so stuff I need to do on the computer and some banking stuff. So wlil run for now.

    Hugz to everydobby ! This keyboard is driving me crazy again - skipping letters. GRRRR:eek:

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    Saturday night...still hanging in there. Lorraine and I ended up going by ourselves to the wedding...sat with Clinton and Keira. The twins are not feeling good at all, and Lindsey was having Braxton-Hicks contractions. It was a beautiful ceremony and, of course, Amy looked so pretty in her bridesmaid dress. :)

    Came home and fixed supper for all of us, minus David...he will be home from Guard sometime tomorrow. Amy and Clinton are sleeping over at Lindsey's, so the house got suddenly quiet when they all left. We will get Keira from her dad's tomorrow, along with my dad.

    Dennis took care of his dad while I was gone and will do the same while I am in town tomorrow. Gpa seems so happy to be around so much family...even got the giggles (along with me) last night and tonight...I think from just being super tired.

    Was just up to wait on one of the little oxygen bottles to fill, then I am headed to bed also...thinking of you all!
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    Good morning awl,

    Just wanted to check in before heading off to church.

    Julie - Glad you got to go to the wedding. I'm sure you had a good time and as you said it was a nice change of pace. Sorry Lindsay has started with the B H contractions so early and sorry those babies aren't feeling well either. Prpa and Red Mitten sure look happy and content together.

    Need to finish getting ready for church. Hugz to all our dear Porches, inc those MIAS .

    Love to everydobby,
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    Hi all. I think we need some extra prayers here at our house. My DH has lost soooo much weight, including 5 more in a week. He's got a swollen knee and is limping around when he walks. I've insisted he has it elevated with ice on it. I think tomorrow we need to see his doctor. I'm afraid he's developed another blood clot in that leg. I'm so very stressed but I know I'M the one who needs to be strong.
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    Dear Sunflowergirl, we are with you in our thoughts. You seem like a very strong person. We are here to help you in any little ways that we can ... even if it is just listening.

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    Hi all,

    Sorry I haven't been posting of late. The last few weeks I've been so exhausted I've not had the umph to sit at the computer and post. I've been hobbling around work in a knee brace, as my knee is giving me fits. Residents and staff alike have noticed I look bad. They keep asking if I'm okay. They've noted I'm moving much slower and look haggard. I'm just so incredibly tired it's been hard to stay alert at work and it's been a race to my bed every day to rest.

    I've come to the conclusion I'm not in a flare, but in a decline. I got my synthroid refilled and got my flexoril upped, a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I feel no less exhausted and not much better. The few supps. I'm missing would not account for the incredible fatigue I've been feeling. This is new. Soon as I can, I will be making an appointment with my G.P. to see if there is something else afoot.

    I rarely take any time off work so I've almost maxed out my "earned time" at work. I'm taking 8 days off the end of this month and cashing in 40 hours of earned time. We're allowed to do this once a year. We can only earn up to 160 hours before we can't accumulate any more. I'm up to 141 and still accumulating. I'm also taking a week off in Sept. to take my friend, Barb. to Tennessee to visit her sister-in-law. She's 83 and this will, likely, be her last chance to do this. She asked if I'd go with her, as she should not travel alone, so I said I'd go of course. Maybe the vacation will do me some good.

    I still have no idea when I will get my Federal tax return. The identity theft thing was curtailed early. I got confirmation from the IRS that my account has been "cleared up" and I will be getting it. But they have no idea when. Originally they said up to 180 days. My friend told me the other day that there was 70,000 of us that got "thieved" and that it may be up to two and a half years before we see our returns. I hope not. Wish me luck.

    The cash out of my 40 hours of earned time will facilitate getting me to the Chiro, upping the rest of my supps., and getting my TSH and Glucose tests run. I've been needing to do these things for months. This extra paycheck will facilitate that end. I've scanned all the posts you've posted, but don't have the energy to respond or comment to them all. I hope everyone is as good as they can be. I've missed the camaraderie and support I've found here on the Porch. I've missed you all. I will try to post more as I feel better.

    Love to all,
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    So much going on here and have some work I need to do on the computer off the boards. Just wanted to pop in and to say I am so sorry to hear from SUN about her DH feeling worse and losing so much weight.

    Have to send a mail to the doc. about making an appt. for DH before his surgery - all that post surgical stuff.

    Also so very sorry to hear from DAR on how badly she has been feeling. More thoughts and prayers going out both of you ( DAR and SUN) for strength and getting to feel better. It is so hard to be strong with very sick person in the house when you don't feel so hot yourself. DAR you surely have earned some time off where you work. You surely do need a lot of rest.

    Thanks DAR and SUN for posting to us all. I know it take NRG to do so but perhaps may be somewhat helpful that you can do some venting.

    Big HUGZ to you both and prayers for you all !

    Love, Granni
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    We are already at 34 posts so let's not post any more here. I'll start a new Porch. Thanks