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    Hi gang! I have meatloaf and sweet potatoes in the oven, and getting ready to add some baked beans. Lazy, rainy day here (talking an inch an hour for awhile there!)

    Hope everyone is doing as good as they can...if you need anything, I think I passed Jerome in the hall...just ask and he is quick to provide.

    Will check in later...
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    Hi Julie - DH will be over for meatloaf and sweet potatoes. That sounds wonderful but I had enough crawfish, potato,corn, bread, cake for me. We had many bonfires when we camped with he kids when they were young. Inor subdivision we are not allowed to or et of fireworks either. This computer is driving me buggy again. Thanks for starting up the new volume.

    Hope you and Amy get some things prepared for the big weekend coming up. I know it will be great and hope it is nice and sunny so the kids and all can play an have fun outside.

    Better go and take a shower and get ready for beddy bye.

    Mikie - I hope you are feeling better with less pain this weekend.

    Love to everyone,
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up a bit ago. As usual I was up most of the night, but I seldom sleep all
    the next day. Thanks for starting the new thread, Julie. Tell Gpa the country owes
    him and and his comrades a great debt of gratitude.

    The D Day invasion was made with the greatest armada in the history of the world.
    I doubt if anyone really knows how precisely how many ships were involved, but
    it was over five thousand. Eisenhower was President when I was a teen. He said
    in his view, commanding the Allied forces in Europe was a far more important job.

    I think he was right. The Germans were very lucky. If the atomic bomb had been
    ready just a few months earlier, it would have been dropped on them. That might
    have changed the course of history considerably. For example, it might not
    have been used against Japan, and it might have prevented the Soviet expansion
    into Europe.

    Granni, never ate crawfish, but we kids used to catch them. We'd pick them up from
    behind thus avoiding the pinchers. We promptly let them go. When I took my son
    to Minnesota I was glad he was able to see the crawdads and the lightning bugs
    that were part of my childhoood.

    Not up to posting much. Maybe later tonight.

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    Rock - Julie ,et al,

    Crawfish (also known as crawdads or mudbugs are the funniest things. They look like mini lobsters but are much smaller. As far as I know most people just eat the tails which are boiled with seasonings, corn on the cob, potatoes and perhaps also white larger onions. The Cajuns cook them with lots of yummy seasonings. Today I do not think they were that hot but were spicy but just right for me, but not for perhaps others. Everyone there seemed to be scarfing them down. They also made hamburgers which DH had but I didn't. There were kids there to and perhaps a few others I saw had the hamburgers instead the crawfish, like DH, at the HB and the crawfish. :) !! They also had two kinds of cake. When we lived on the outskirts of NOLA in the 70's before moving to TX , we learned al about crawfish and shrimp boils - Yummy !! and other parts of their culture like Marti Gras. I think you may be able to eat the claws if you can find crawfish large enough.

    Hope you have more NRG tomorrow, Rock !!

    Julie - Yes, please do tell Grandpa how much we ALL appreciate his service and are so happy that he was alive to tell about it and enjoy his lovely family. God bless him and all the many souls that didn't survive. Hope you se so nice sunshine tomorrow and the kids can play in the pool. Did Aunt Amy get to swim with Lorraine yesterday?

    Took my shower but was just checking in again. DH wants me to watch TV with him soon. Lucky him got to see of old war movies yesterday and probably the weekend.

    Tomorrow should be fairly quiet with church and catching up on some work and laundry.

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    Darn it - did it again. Posted on 715 when 716 had already started. I'm definitely still getting the hang of this. Here's what I posted
    Lydia 1 - we have a size limit for dogs too; a few ppl go over it but as long as they don't create a problem, no one minds. Now that I'm thinking about it, one of my closer neighbors has 2 collies. But she takes good care of them, exercises them regularly, and they're very laid back, so no one objects.

    I've known a few cats that would exceed the 20 lb limit.:)

    Mikie - sounds like we have very similar rules. Here, the problem is students like med school and law . I wish i had the problem of beach bunnies, though!
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Nink, I had copied your post but I see you remedied the situation. Yes, the Porch takes a bit of getting used to but it's worth it. We are like family or good friends who are interested in each other's lives and welfare. We give comfort and a place to vent. We have several universities here but so far, we haven't had students. We are down to only one unit for sale in our little village and it's a bank-owned short sale so none of us is holding our breath for it to sell. I had a client whose HUGE gray tomcat (neutered) showed his fondness for me when I went on a sales call to her home. He was, I believe, the biggest cat I've ever seen and I took instantly to him. She called me later on to tell me she had to move and get rid of him and was sure I would take him. I had to decline because, at the time, I was working about 60 hrs. a week and it would not have been fair to the cat. I hope she found someone who could love and appreciate him.

    Julie, I'm glad the rain forced some much needed rest on everyone. Happy Anniversary! Now, you should be all rested up for it. ;) Condo living isn't for everyone. I thought my life was over when I divorced my ex and had to leave our family home for condo living. As much as I love working in the yard, the first weekend I zipped through my housework (or condowork :) and spent the rest of the afternoon lolling around the pool, I changed my mind. I've been living in condos ever since. Even when we had our house, we lived in a community with covenences which limited what people could do. Again, it's not for everyone but if you idea of paradise isn't a purple house on a small lot with 10 dogs next door, the rules can make life so much better. People here complain about the rules and my answer is always, "Why did you buy in a community with rules?" The biggest problem is that the board has not enforced the rules uniformly and that can turn into a huge problem when someone breaks a rule big time and the board has to enforce it. The law would be on the side of the rule breaker due to unequal enforcement. Of course, most people do not want to spend the money for an atty. and go to court over it.

    Sunflower Girl, I wish the tens units worked on everything but I think they are designed for pain generated by the spine. Good for you for going for a colonoscopy. Honestly, the prep, as you know, isn't that bad, considering that the test is so important. I'm actually looking forward to having mine over with so I'll know whether they find any more polyps which would turn into cancer. Also, I hope the benign fatty tumor hasn't grown. Considering my family history, and past removal of precancerous polyps, I'll gladly endure the prep. I have so many things I can drink and eat that that one day won't be much of a sacrifice. People go on days-long cleanses and mine will be over in a day so I can't complain about that either. Now, y'all know I'm a whiner and if I can't find anything to whine about with the prep, it can't be that bad. During the procedure itself, I'll be out like a light and awake feeling like I've had a good power nap. In my mind, it's a win/win/win situation. Good luck with your new cleaning lady. Wow! She's reasonable if it takes her four hours to clean.

    Granni, I love most seafood but just cant like crawfish, no matter how spicy they make them. Mom and I had a crawfish pizza when we were in New Orleans at Pat O'Brian's. The only way we got it down was with big Hurricane drinks. It was when I went to the restroom that I saw a young girl putting some salve on her newly pierced naval. Her small gold ring looked so beautiful. At the time, I was older than she but still in good shape and wearing bikinis. That was my inspiration to get my own navel ring, a small gold one. I've never regretted it. I know this sounds crazy but it's very close to the spiritual chakra center of my body. If my stomach gets upset, I rub the little ring and it makes me feel better. My Dad (actually stepdad after I was grown) was in the highest ranks of the KofC. He had all the regaia; I wish someone had taken his pic wearing it. When I was a kid in Catholic school, I saw them all decked out at church and was very impressed.

    I vegged out all day yesterday in the "I want to roll up in a ball and be left alone." It makes me smile to think of the cartoon you posted, Julie, with the cute little rolly polly bug. I binge watched "Orange Is The New Black." I don't think this season is nearly as good as the last. There is waaaay too much filthy talk and woman-on-woman sex. I guess nowadays, producers think they have to include it for ratings. It detracts from a good story and if people want smut, they can watch porn. I need to binge watch both seasons of the excellent "House of Cards," because I've forgotten everthing. Kevin Spacey is excellent as the evil villain. I wonder what Netflix will come up with next. I see that Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series is being made into a series for Starz Network. I've read all but her last book in the series and now, the newest one. Like everything else, as the series goes on, it tweaks my interest less and less. Still, I've often wondered why no one has ever picked the books up for a series.

    My body is just a bit worse for wear from the aerobics so guess I'll wait til tomorrow to do them again. I'm not in a lot of pain but there is a little in my knees and shoulders, my weak areas. I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend. We are supposed to have sunshine but rain is on its way during the week. We need it.

    Love, Mikie
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    HI Mikie, Nink, et al,

    Just waiting till it is time to leave for church. However, I probably should go and wrap those steaks DH bought yesterday that we marked on special due to age. Nothing really new here, just going to be HOT. Had a crazy night with weird dreams. Don't ask me what they were about cause I can't remember :)!!

    Mikie - That is a smart thing, I think to just take I easy for at least a day. You don't want to end up the way you were before you went to the docs. We have water aerobics to at our pool but is so early and I don't move very quickly, especially in the mornings. I may be up but not atem :)!!

    Nink - So glad to see you posting and please don't worry about posting on the wrong thread. Believe me, most of us has doe it at one tie or another, even if we were not new to the boards, esp. the Porch. I can imagine college students at your condo can be rather loud and rambunctious.

    Julie - Hope all is well with your busy family.

    Need to run and do a few things before leaving for church. TTYAL.

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    Hi, Granni,

    I've decided that another couch potato day is what I need. After exercising, we need to let our muscles recover; it may take a couple of days after an injury and inflammation. I think if we listen to our bodies, they tell us what we need. I leave my blinds closed and everyone knows that I'm resting. Barb knows that she can tap lightly on the window and if I'm not asleep, I'll come to the door. She stopped in for a few minutes. Unfortunately, she wears Red Door perfume. For a while, she stopped wearing it because I'm so allergic to it. Now, she's back to wearing it. I had to move away from her a bit to the end of the sofa. She swore she didn't put any on today. I explained, for the nth time, that when she sprays it, it gets into everything and doesn't go away. Every time she uses it, it just gets stronger and stronger. I told her I have no right to tell anyone what they can wear but if I'm allergic to it, I can't be around her. I don't understand the appeal of wearing a strong, sickly sweet perfume, but I'm not the only person who has said something to her, including her daughter. AACK!!! :confused: As close as we are, I think the two month break away from one another will be good for us.

    I watch for a certain brand of steaks at Target to be marked down but they have stopped carrying such a large supply of them and marked down ones are not as common. If they are on sale, I'll buy them. The brand is, Laura's. The meat seems to stay so fresh for a lot longer than other meat. I think her brand is a premium brand. I love steak and seem to have a need for a lot of protein in my diet. When rib eye steaks are on sale, I buy four of them and freeze some. My little Cuisinart grill/griddle cooks them as well as any big grill. I have to have my Kellogg's bran buds in order to get my fibre requirement. I also take the little gummy fibre cubes. It was when I stopped eating refined carbs that constipation set in. TMI? Oh, oh, sorry! :( I think it's a sign of age when we talk about our bowels. For the few days I was throwing caution to the wind to get my comfort foods, everything was fine. Here I am, trying to improve my health, and it causes another problem for me. Whine, whine, whine! o_O

    I'm watching "The Day The Earth Stood Still," the newer version. I like the original in B&W better. I saw it when I was a kid and it scared me half to death. I may go binge watch more of "Orange Is The New Black," if I can stand the raunchiness. I'm no prude, but some of the stuff on TV is gross! :eek: I've already taken care of some spammers and one post where the member posted the URL to a supplement co. I wish they would read the rules. Would make my life easier. Of course, all y'all help a lot by reporting spammers which triggers a flag for me to check it out. Thank you all.

    Again, have a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone! A very quick "Hi" as the "Taskmaster" (aka Amy) went over to Lindsey's for a little bit. My job while she is gone is to sort clean clothes and linens so she can fold and put away when she gets back. Amy was up till 3:00 am cleaning (I went to bed at 12:30...when Gpa got back up and he and Amy were taking an ice cream break, lol!)

    But I did get up to a nice clean kitchen, so fixed pancakes, bacon and eggs for everyone....

    Better get crackin'...the boss will be back soon ;)
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    Hi Porchies!

    My Dad was a WWII Marine Corps Veteran. This picture brought to my mind the way he landed on so many of the South Pacific islands he fought on. When I was a child, each year there was a VFW picnic held at Hampton Park. There was a big old barn there. In that barn was stored a landing vehicle like this. The guys used to load up the wives and kids and take us for a short ride in it. A memory indelibly etched in my mind. To all the Veterans of all the wars fought for this country, and for those still being fought.......Thank you for my freedom, my safety and my life. Thank you seems like so little. But it's what I have, along with deep respect.

    My Dad WWII10284965_10152224612531336_5691301581284928397_o.jpg

    To all on the porch, I'm still in sort of a physical funk. This, however, you may find amusing.

    I got a new exercise CD for my residents to change things up during our 3X's a week exercise class. It's a "Chair Yoga" program. Good news is, residents loved it and they all did just fine with it. Bad news is, I threw out my right hip! Oi! Been limping around work for a week like "Festus" from Gunsmoke.

    Staying down over the weekend to see if I can "mend" before Monday.

    Hugz to all,
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Dar - OUCH - How did you manage to throw out your hip sitting down? Or were YOU not sitting?? I'm so sorry as I know how you feel. Hope it feels better soon. Glad the residents seemed to like the video or DVD. I tried Pilates ad beginner Pilates that are similar to Plate. With my FM it is so hard to get in some of those positions. I know our club also as a Sit and Be Fit class or something like that. I have been trying to get to the Zumba Gold class ( for the older folks and turned down a bit)but I haven't been able to get there with everything happening around here. It is exercising in a dance format sort o and I lv dancing. So perhaps that would work for me. I too remember Fstus o Gunsmoke :)!! I often also feel like that.

    What you said about ALL the war vets- You said it very well as that is exactly how I feel. I just tear up when I see some of these pictures , hear some of the stories, as well as just hear the Star Spangled Banner or other patriotic songs. Thanks for the picture. So glad to hear from you !!

    Julie - Wow, sounds like Amy is mini YOU before you got sick and older :)!! I is so nice that she has come to help you and that she is such a big help. I could come and help to but I'm afraid I wouldn't get a whole lot done with my pain and lack of NRG.. Oh, to be young again :)!!! I had to laugh when you called Amy . the BOSS !! I she the eldest of your two girls.? Maybe she should go over and straighten out Sis :)!!LOL

    Wow, Grandpa was up with Amy at 12:30 a.m. eating ice cream?? Did he sleep in this morning??? I guess with all that cleaning and stuff going on it might have been hard for him to sleep plus Amy there to visit with. Hope you get lots done with Amy there to help out. You sure will miss her when she goes, after the big Reunion.

    Just doing wash this afternoon after church. Should change the bed but will do that later on, not today. Wed. DH will be having his next cataract surgery, on the left eye.

    Mikie -.Hope you are resting after all the pain that you have been in. I understand what you mean about the heavy perfume smells. I do not have a lot of problems but we were told at chorale practice not to wear any as some singers are highly allergic and some get to have to be breathing , let alone sing. When does Barb leaves for her trip. It is a shame she keeps forgetting how bad you get when she wears it.

    One of the older ladies that sometimes rides with us to chorale does that and one of the gals in the car can't deal with it either. She coughs an can hardly sing. The other lady says she isn't using anything only hand lotion, not sure if that is true or not. The gal wh wears the perfume, etc.in in her md 80's but still teaches piano and sings with us.

    Gotta run for now. Big hugz to everyone !

  12. jaminhealth

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    Hi folks, I've been reading some porch entries, guess it's hard to stay totally off, but haven't felt like talking....so much I say is so rare on the porch. On the wars and vets, etc....I've expressed my feelings on wars and killings and the industrial war complex as eisenhower coined it way back... All my life I didn't have strong opinions on it, the men in my family did not go to wars...I think a couple uncles in WWII but that's been it I think....

    Since so retired, I have so much time to think and still can't reason wars to an end...why men/women have to kill one another....just makes me sick.....then I think of the civil war and not a history buff at all, how they named it civil, there is nothing civil about war....anyway, I jumped in for a moment... It's sunny here and dry and I will head off to whole foods for a couple things after I ice the back and knee. be well. Just purchased a new Propet shoe on shoebuy, hope they are good for my poor feet...I'm forever trying to keep my feet as comfortable as possible, not too much is comfortable these days....good thing I do sleep pretty good....I go back too often about my long life and how good things were for so long, can't do that or maybe I can....don't wish but keep plugging for this time in my life....

    None of us wear a perfume, some yrs back with a new friend who is very close in my life now, asked me not to wear a perfume when with her, she is so allergic to scents and I have not worn any since...don't miss it for sure....I use aromatherapy drops in my apt and those are fine. jam
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    Hi everyone...the "Boss" ;) is taking a nap on my couch before she drives the two hours home...so I am making some cookies for her to take with her. Granni, Amy is the youngest, but has always been the more responsible of the two girls...kept her side of the room neater, has always had an after school or summer job, etc.

    She took a couple wrong turns in the relationship dept., but seems to have a wonderful husband now. Clinton also thinks the world of Keira, so that makes it even more of a blessing that God put the two of them together.

    Thanks to Amy's help this weekend, I feel like I can manage now...at least I won't panic so much as the week goes by, lol! When I get this last tray of cookies out of the oven I am going to crash for a bit myself.

    Jam, I don't think the "average" American....or any other average person, for that matter, likes the idea of going to war. But...those men and women who do join the military are making it possible for those of us back home to even be able to voice our opinions. When my son-in-law went to Afghanistan, it sure wasn't to "make a living by killing people" or whatever those words were, before you editted that one post. It was because he had to follow the orders given to him.

    Yes, the leaders are responsible for the wars...wish it wasn't that way, but I bet there will always be a county or several in that situation. I am still proud of the military personnel in general and my family members in particular for serving their country.

    I'm glad you are satisfied with your life as it is...I would like for mine to "calm down" a bit, but that's just the "season" I'm in right now. Granni is right...I sure can't do the things I did years ago, even if it seems like I have a lot of energy to others.

    Gotta go, the oven is about to beep. Take care, everyone!

  14. jaminhealth

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    Julie, I would be a conscious objector...why do our so called leaders choose wars.....nothing, good comes from them and way more harm and devistation.....I would encourage any young man in my life to object.....if I could save that person from harm or death.....and destroying innocent lives....it's all so clear to me...we'll just agree to disagree.....jam
  15. lydia1

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    Hi Jam, I was trying to get back on here, but also getting supper in the oven...not enough hands, lol!

    I truly meant no disrespect, and being so close to many Amish families (who definitely are objectors) I understand and respect their point of view. I don't like the idea of war at all. It really wasn't my place to encourage or discourage David to join the National Guard...strictly his and Lindsey's business. No problem here, agreeing to disagree...although we probably agree more than it seems :) I am just glad to have the freedoms that I have, that more than likely wouldn't have been possible if brave men and women hadn't defended those freedoms for all.

    I guess there are all kinds of things in our lives that we don't "choose" but are just thrown our way...war surely is one of those things. By "we", I mean the majority of people on this Earth, not the ones instigating things...

    I know it's a worry to you, along with the other things you have mentioned. I wish the world was a different place, so to speak, but it's not. Perhaps when the craziness of my life slows down a little and I have time to reflect (and catch my breath, lol) I won't seem to be so insensitive to the things around me. Right now, what hurts and disgusts me are things like abortion, human trafficking, parents who are so "busy" they leave their small children in the back seat of a hot car (forgetting to take them to daycare) and find (when get done with work) that the child has suffocated.

    So many things to make us sad and upset, but so many other things to feel happy and blessed about...children running through mud puddles, daughters who come clean house for their mamas, kind deeds from complete strangers. Those are some of my things and I'm sure you can think of many yourself. I wish for you the happiness...
  16. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: Is that what happened......a child was left in a closed up hot car? I stopped listening to the news or reading the paper. Nothing I can do about so many things, and I can't afford to get upset if I can't change things. Too many things in my own personal life that upset me. My SIL was just telling us today that the dead in Afghanistan aren't reported.......that Obama keeps that under control. I don't know about that, I do know that PBS news reports nightly those who died in battle.

    Granni: A crawfish boil! Cool. Did they buy the crawfish from NO and have them shipped in? When my son moved from calif. we ordered a lot of them to be sent here, and that's what we had for his party, along with various other Cajun foods I made.

    Mikie: Red is soooo strong.....overpowering. She probably just forgot and needs a little reminder now and then.

    I rented the Monuments Men last night......quite interesting......most of it true also, about how Hilter and his army stole soooooo many works of arts, then hid them in various empty mines and how they were found. And I got to thinking about how if Hitler had been successful at his art, (he was a frustrated artist) would the entire WW2 have taken place?

    Yesterday I watched my online art class......two more classes to go. Today I did my homework, painted the photo he put up for us......an 8 x 10 worked in oils. Today seems to be a really bad fatigue day for me, but I was feeling antsy so I'm trying to get back into the daily habit of painting. Met my daughter and her family for lunch and then back home for a nap. They were going to Pasadena to be lookieloos at open houses today.....my poor grandson thought they were selling their home and got very upset so I had to explain what a lookie loo was, and telling him NOT to say that word at the open house! LOL

    Got more pics. of my new granddaughter. I need to buy a new photo album to start just for her.
  17. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Julie, back from whole foods, and some more price increases on things I buy there, grrrrrrrrrrrr It gets worse and worse, maybe it's just CA..I don't know how families can eat well.

    There are many many horrible things that go on, but I am pro choice and believe a politican has no right in a woman's choice here.

    But I can't get beyond the war choice....if I were to be religious, I'd choose the Quaker way and their beliefs...I've gone to a couple of their services over the years and enjoyed the quiet meditations at their services and people joining in with their thoughts.....

    The National Guard is to protect our country and SO MANY were sent to the middle east...bad bad stuff....jam
  18. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Here too, Jam...prices going up almost every week, it seems. We do buy organic whenever we can, and the price difference isn't too much...some things we always buy organic, no matter the cost. I don't think the farmers themselves are making the big bucks, though...

    As for the other things, we probably aren't allowed to discuss them on here? But, to me, the one life is just as valuable and sacred as the other. I guess I will just stick with the "chit chat" part of the chit chat board...

    We are having a beautiful summer evening...temp is 72 degrees, with a nice breeze. Den just sprayed for weeds...trying a safer spray; hope it is effective. Made with Epsom salts, vinegar and Dawn dish detergent. None of us have time to do a lot of weed eating, so hope the spray does its job and it doesn't rain before it has a chance to kill those nasty weeds.

    I'd better get busy...lots to do before next Sunday. I think I wear Gpa out because I always have something I need to do...either that or I am "crashed."

    Have a good evening, Jam, and everyone!
  19. springwater

    springwater Member

    hello all

    Julie - good to hear you got some rest...good on Amy..bless her heart..helping out
    her mum and sis like that. Happy Aaniversary too...what a good example you and
    Den hv set as a couple..even though i know not everything is in peoples hands,
    it takes both sides to work at a happy relationship and its also what card you 've
    drawn...and in my belief what youve signed up for before agreeing to be born here
    on this earth...could be working out a karmic issue via a relatioship

    Granni - ive heard about Cajun but never really knew what that was ...i think
    they were some tribe ..is it, like American Indian? or Mexican...i read a story
    once (fiction) about this lady who does some cajun spell for everlasting youth
    for her and her children and they keep moving from one place to another so
    no one would find out...

    Nink - the way i am, i would like space for my animals to roam around, freely
    but realising a nice condo or apartment with everything taken care of by
    management would be more convenient for someone like me with CFS...
    especially for security issues...and utilities...water etc..

    Rock - i like the sound of where you live even though it is in a city..you hv
    these plants, orchids, flowers growing in your garden...and wild critters
    coming by sometimes..where do the racoons live..is there some greenery
    nearby, you said filming goes on sometimes so i hought you would be
    bang in the city but then, maybe not...

    Sun - i wish i had the energy to take a course...painting or whatever, sketching
    was more my thing..not very adept at handling paint esp water colours..
    my father used to paint for a living but he was not a good businessman,
    oil, water colours, patch work, doll making, everything...i remember some
    very good idyllic days when very young...all of us, sitting in his long narrow
    workshop in india...helping dad cut out patches of cloth painted red and
    stuck on paper to stick onto a background of a monk procession in the
    remote areas of Tibet...the clothes used to be real red/wine coloured cloth
    and yellow monk hats and he would paint in the faces, hands etc..we would
    help with putting gum, and he would even let us sometimes paint a few cherry
    petals on the trees....these painting used to be bought by India tourists,
    coming to our hill station for summer vacations...mum would bring in
    hot tea for us and sit and we would all laugh and chat and be happy as
    we worked...

    however, i think because of the financial difficulties faced, and other 'life'
    events happening, dad grew disenchanted with his gift, and then later on
    completely apathetic...i remember he never even bothered to paint me
    some water colours flower portrait/ still life...much later after my kids were
    also somewhat older...i had asked him to...i dont hv a single painting now
    of his...but i dont mind so much now...i hv the memories.

    Mikie - yr colonoscopy procedure sounds so smooth compared with what i
    went thru..a public ward full of people, forcibg ourselves to drink down
    gallins upon gallons of some foul liquid..and then havibg to stand up and
    hv a team of doctors...in the theatre surround you and prod and poke you,
    shouting out instructions..dont bend, dont strain, loosen up, stand straight,
    and then discussing among themselves...blooming i cant believe we werent
    even given any anasthesia!!! it was painful, scary, huniliating and traumatic

    the only good thing being the results two days later....only sores, no cancer
    in the intestine..what a relief...after constantly having diarreoah/ constipation..
    nausea...wonder if it was the relief...the doc gave me tranquilizers and antacid
    and all the problems just went poof! only, i had to build back my strenghth
    from a skeletal 39 kg to my normal, then 45 kg...these days i weigh in at 50
    kg..took me a couple of weeks and then i started looking so good, people
    thought i was in my late 20s when i was actually 40...this was in 2001 approx.

    i just hope the colonoscopy procedure is more civilized now!!!!

    Do you wear any scent or you cannot stand any of them? i loved Eternity
    but in tiny doses otherwise a headache would come on..and then a green
    scent i forget the name...it had a blade of grass on its cover...now, hah,
    i dont bother with scents...if i smell something sickly sweet, or even
    musky i run the other way...too sensitive...the only scents i like now
    are a lemon slice or geranium stem, lol!!!

    Dar - good to see you after a while...i wish you hadnt hurt yr hip, though.
    and i hope the old energy comes back in full swing...

    Jam - those quaker meets sound wonderfully peaceful..i wish there was
    no need for war too but am i glad the allied forces took Hitler out when
    they did..a man taken over by evil like him ....i mean, his actions were
    less human, more of the dark side. no conscience, no feelings. i cannot
    imagine a creature like that running around loose to do as it pleased!!

    well, i got out at last the other day and yesterday..

    on sat, dh and i invited his friend and his wife to a lunch outside...
    he is dhs friend from university days..and his wife is very sweet.
    she used to work in the British council here, until couple
    of years ago...her kids are both grown and working in the usa,
    the parents want the son to come back, look after dads property
    and get married to a girl (arranged marriage), son apparently
    will hv none of it.

    yesterday, i went down to the monastery, and the stupa and ducked
    into a restaurant to hv a milk shake and oreo cheese cake, and to
    wait out the torrential downpour, and i was STUCK there for an hour
    and half, the rain would lessen and pilgrims like ants would come
    crawling out of nowhere and resume their perambulations, after,
    ten mins the heavens would open up scattering pilgrims here there,
    water coming upto the ankles, this happened like four times and
    perched at my window seat on the first floor of restaurant, it looked
    comical, and i laughed out loud and looked back to see two japanese
    tourists, both on their own, look up from their tables..they smiled at me
    .....crazy woman, they must hv thought...as they went back to their
    surfing their mobiles..

    in the end, i had to phone DH to come get me, boy, was i glad to get
    home out of that rain and traffic jam...as it is, i had to wait for half
    an hour in a little incense shop with a little girl shopkeeper, my
    regular place to buy incense and scarves, its right at the side of the
    main road, and she and i looked at the buses, crammmmmed with people,
    motorcycles with pillion riders wearing raincoats like tents, taxis,
    cars, all sloshing dirty ankle height water, honking, getting stuck...

    the little girl, a bespectacled tibetan bright young thing with a pouch
    strung at her side to keep her money in..keeping up a running commentary
    on the goings on...she wears so many string necklaces, blessed amulets
    i had commented on it once, and her older sister told me she refuses to
    take them off saying, they are what 'grounds' her otherwise she will 'fly'
    off into unknown regions,...how i laughed at that!!! the image...

    God bless
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2014
  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    In answer to Granni's question: Yes, I was sitting down. The Chiro told me long ago not to grab my right ankle during our old exercise regime because that was what was doing this to me before. Well.......the new Yoga CD has you grabbing under your knee and pulling your knee toward your nose. Apparently the same leg doesn't like this particular move either. LOL. Still limping and going back in to work tomorrow. I just need an adjustment or 3 to get it back like it belongs. Still waiting for IRS refund so I can go. Wish me luck!

    Bye all,