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    Hi everyone...a little late this morning...Rock, I am hoping also that you are ok :)

    Mikie, hope you can get some things done today, that you want to do. I loved my Nutri Bullet, but the bearings (in the part that holds the blades to make drinks, etc.) stuck and it wouldn't work. Den took it apart a couple times, but then I started getting oil all over everything, so I just set it aside. Keep thinking I will call the company and see about getting just that piece.

    was priced at $129.99, but on sale for $99.99 and I used a gift certificate from Amy and Clinton which made it $74.99. Then they tacked on a Senior Citizen discount (I didn't even know I qualified...must have looked pretty bad that day, lol!) So it ended up costing $65 or so...I don't know where the receipt is, but hope I can find it. Even if off warrenty, maybe I can buy the replacement part.
    I went back to the Magic Bullet for just one serving, and my regular old blender for a pitcher-full of smoothies. Gpa sure likes them, and Den has one every morning before he leaves for work.

    I got up at 8:00 am, and Gpa was still sleeping sound (he gets up several times in the night, though, then goes back to sleep.) When he got up, I made his breakfast, then showered while he was eating. He shaved while I dried my hair, then I helped him bathe...and he brushed his teeth while I got dressed.

    He had a few minutes to put his feet up before we had to leave to meet his daughter at the hospital. She had an appt. there anyway, so Gpa went ahead and got his pre-cast-taking-off xrays done. I left him in her care and came back home because I am going with Lindsey to the town where her doctor is...the doctor who will deliver the baby is going to start seeing the other three kids also, and this is their first appt.

    It's about an hour from our house, so I also want to make sure I know the route in case I (and the kids?) have to get Lindsey to the hospital quickly. The plan is for David to take her while I stay home and watch the kids, but you never know...sometimes he has to be out of town for work. Things could happen very quickly...her midwife is on the way to the hospital, so we could always stop and pick her up, lol!

    Lindsey has a perfect for her birth plan this time...the hospital has a room reserved for the expectant mom and midwife, but the doctor is close by if needed to catch the baby or if there are any problems that the midwife can't handle.

    This was as close to an "at-home" birth that David was comfortable with...so I hope it goes the way they want.

    I will drive my car partway and when we get back, I will go around and get Gpa from his house and bring him back to our house. Sounds complicated, but I'm used to that, so not really a big deal, lol!

    I'd better get going...need to "debone" a couple chickens that I roasted before I took Gpa to town...gotta think about what to fix for quick supper when we get back...I definitely have "job security" around here :p

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Hi Sun! I see we were typing at the same time. Hope your exam goes very smoothly...
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    Julie: Whew.......good thing you're an organized person! I hope all is well with Gpa wrists, etc. I know you mentioned that it might be carpal tunnel acting up. And good thing to get to know the route, etc. for in case you have to drive Lyndsey. How's the braxton hicks?

    Mikie: I've done some searching for the right grille. Looks like cuisinart comes in tops. My DH likes a steak grilled but the clean up afterwards is a pain and I was wondering about one of these grilles for them and also the cleanup afterwards. Found that Amazon is the least expensive. Sometimes I fix hamburgers too but there is again the darn cleanup. I'm trying so hard to organize my house and life!

    Spring: I forgot to mention about the deluge and you're taking shelter while enjoy refreshments and watching everyone scurrying about. What an adventure! It's things like that which make our lives rich. Too bad you THINK you haven't inherited some artistic talent from your father......but.....3/4 of the battle takes place in our mind. If you want to draw, then get some supplies and go for it......you might be surprised. My little 6 year old DGD seems to have some talent, which I always encourage her. We were out for lunch yesterday and I handed her a pencil and small notebook in my purse just for this activity. She busied herself drawing 7 birds flying towards the sun, then kept insisting that her 11 year old brother also draw! He would have nothing to do with it......can't get him out of his little hand held game thing.....don't know what it is but EVERYONE seems to always have their head/eyes into one of these.

    I think I slept fairly good last night so I've been up for hours, did 3 loads of laundry, changed the beds, took a 2 mi walk, and now I'm headed outside to finish some gardening repotting I sarted 2 days ago
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    Dear Porchies !!!

    Just a rushed pop in before I go give DH his drops again. Today I start the other eye with antibiotic drops. Now it gets a bit crazy? I over slept this morning and so had to rush with giving drops and dh was out doing some power washing. When he gets the other eye done on Wed. he won't be able to do any for at least a week or so. Then it seems like we do everything over again only with the other eye. Haven't heard yet as to when to show up on Wed. I hope it is not 6 and is later than that cause it takes awhile to get ready and then get there.

    Nice to get into PH another way and not have the problem of going back to print whatever letters didn't come out the first time. Need to make the bed with fresh linens and such to be ready for Wed. However, will probably do it tomorrow instead of today.

    Hi to everyone, I really kind of quickly read everyone's posts. Please forgive if I do not answer your questions or chat with you personally.

    Sun - I think you asked about DH's eye that was done. He is seeing pretty well with it and better than he did before. He got the Toric lens which also corrects astigmatism. He should be able to just need readers if possible. I am the one with the really bad eyes or eye. I would like a corrective lens in at least one eye but not sure if my cataract is large enough yet. i think it was mentioned some time ago that I had one.

    Thinking of you awl. I had better go and do DH'd drops before I completely forget.

    Julie - Hope Grandpa's wrists are OK after the casts are removed. Hope all went well with you awl today.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Julie - What kind of smoothies do you do for Den and Grandpa? What do you put in them? Not to long ago I bought a small single serving mixer, Farberware, sort of like the Magic Bullet but cheaper. After buying it I thought why did I do so as if I make one DH will want one too :)! I think it was like $20 on sale.

    OHHHHH - I just got the call to be at the surgery center Wed. at 5:45 a.m. . That is worse than before. We only have to drive about 20- 30 minutes away and probably miss the early morning traffic but still have to get up VERY early and I will eat my yogurt at least and maybe take my b/p meds or at least some of my stuff before leaving. We do a fair amount of waiting around anyway. Then DH goes in and then I go in and then I go out and then I go in again to the supposed consultation room when they are finished. However, now the doc doesn't talk to you in person any more they call on the phone and tell you all went well or whatever . Then you go into the recovery area where they are getting ready to kick the patient out and give you last minute instructions.. It is really amazing that most of these take about 10-15 minutes and maybe 20 or more if there are problems. DH's took a little more time since they could get his eyes to dilate no matter how many drops they put in his eye.. It is amazing how they do these eye surgeries now and so much less in recovery time. Just loads of drops that probably eliminate lots of problems, discomfort and infections.

    Jam - Guess we were both typing before at the same time !

    Big HI to SW, Nink, Dar, Sun, Rock, Diane and anyone else I have missed. Miss you DIANE, JOAN, TEACHER, LauraE ,ELAINE and so many others.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    I got one of those "lie down or fall down" moments just after I showered and got dressed and made up. So, I lay down and took a morning power nap. Woke up feeling better so went to Costco. I didn't even check BB&B because the Nutri Bullet at Costco was only $89 for the big setup with a large jar, two cups, the base, two types of blades, and a really good book on the body and nutrition. Most places have them on sale for $99 for one with only the two small cups. Costco also had a big bag of a mixture of Swiss chard, spinach and kale. It's perfect for all the Nutriblast drinks. I fill the container halfway with the greens and add whatever other veggie or fruit I want. I had given away my juicer because I was throwing away the best parts of the food. This way, everything gets used. Also, it doesn't take nearly as much produce to get a healthy cup of whatever. It's good, raw, unprocessed food. I just had one with greens and an apple. I had to cut out the seeds because, like with apricots, apple seeds will secrete arsenic. It's just sooooo easy to use and clean. I think I'm gonna love it and dump a whole lot of guilt over not getting my greens. I drink PH's green drink but it's nice to have all the fibre. I also picked up a new bag of hemp seeds. The book said they are a super booster, like nuts. If I just want a fruit smoothie, the blender does a good job. Also makes good Margaritas!

    Talked to my DD and life is hectic because their house is sold and they are buying a new one in the Dallas area. She is so thrilled because Andy is going to such a great school. He is learning computer coding and has designed his own app and is writing the code for it. Oh, my! What these kids learn now. He will be 9 next month. I'll have Amazon send him a gift card so he can buy whatever he wants. He's into magic so he likes to shop there for new magic tricks.

    Granni and Julie, it's a good thing you both are master organizers to be able to keep everything in order while taking care of others. Just take good care of yourselves.

    Sunflower Girl, another neighbor wears a perfumed cream and it smells like a light, fresh floral scent. Barbara likes it and got it for herself. I love it and wouldn't mind wearing it myself if I wore perfume. I told Barbara how good she smelled when she wore it. It's not that she doesn't have choices. It's that she gets ornery every now and then and decides she is gonna do whatever she damn well pleases. Fine! I can't control what she does but she'll have to do it without me. She never got out of the anger phase of grieving for her husband and it's been 3 1/2 yrs. She recognizes it but refuses to get therapy. She admits she is angry and wants to argue and strike out. I love her so it's hard to see her like this. I hope the two months up North with her kids will help her. Again, it's up to her to do something about herself. I can only pray. She is no longer able to do a lot of things for herself and I do a LOT for her. I would think she would be happy to stop using her Red Door but I think there is more to it than that. Her anger is eating her up from the inside out. I know grieving is different for everyone and there is no timeline for it. I just pray for some relief for her.

    Jam, remember the old song, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" Well that pretty much says it all for me. God has given us everything and we waste it by killing one another and poisoning the Earth. That was the message of "The Day The Earth Stood Still," which I watched yesterday. Yes, I'm an old Peacenik and have been for many a year. Make Love Not War is still a viable message but it seems that no one is listening. Well, you and I are and I'm sure there are others like us.

    I had to take an Oxycodone when I got home from Costco. I have to make an appt. for my back. The chronic pain is exhausting me and limiting what I can do. I know I'm not special and there are a lot of us with these problems but I'm going to try to remedy it if I can. Geez, seems as though I just get one thing cleared up and another takes its place. It's like a medical game of Whack A Mole! Hope everyone else is doing better than I. I love you all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - It is so sad to hear you talk about Barb, especially when yo love her and has been a dear friend for some time I guess. I do not know the amount of time. Hopefully, her being away with her family will help as you have said. You wonder why someone who has been such good friends with you couldn't just give up this having to wear this strong perfume in your presence. That would be a very easy thing for me to do if it effected someone I cared about. However, you mentioned her age, being in her 80's. When did you recognize this stubborn streak of having to wear this perfume or else thing going on? Have you noticed that with other things (her being stubborn and not wanting to give in)?

    How long have you known her and have you noticed this stubborn streak before? I am saying this because I have seen and heard of others who have all of a sudden started with really different behavior and striking out when they never did due to medical problems - either a small stroke or TIA, Demensia starting to kick in. Of course it could be psychological too as you said. However, I know a friend of mine whose husband was so quiet, almost to quiet. he had a stroke and after that he was a bear and really bad, struck out at his wife, calling her all kinds of names, etc. Of course she could just be very mad since her DH's death, as you mentioned. Did you know her then before he passed away?

    Sorry to be going on about this but it is a very sad thing no matter what the cause. I hope this will change for the better for you both,. When do you bring her to the airport? If you do so many things for her perhaps she is also not using good judgement on things she should and shouldn't do.

    I am not as organized as Julie, Mikie :)!! I wish that I was but I do what i can or TRY to anyway. She is such a BUSY BUSY person with so many to take care of. I couldn't do that any more and never did the driving she does, but as I said before she is YOUNG :)!! Will need to start supper soon.

    Hugz to awl,
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    And about the scents......some men feel they have to douse themselves in cologne and most men's colognes are REALLY overpowering.

    I have a collection of tiny old perfume bottles which I have soaked in soapy water, and rinsed really good so I can give them to my DGD to play with. OMG some of the scents will not leave no matter what. I've also got a special little purse flacon that had arpege in it......ugh......it still smells but the little container is gorgeous. I bought this for my mom back in the 60s. A long time for the scent/smell to linger.

    Jam: I buy Trader Joe's $2 buck Chuck......which because of inflation.....is up to around $2.50. It's a necessity for me, along with coffee. I'll eat beans as opposed to meat but can't give up this staple for me.

    I've been listening to a book on CD by Clive Cussler.........an action thriller......and he mentioned a red sauce with onions, capers and olives. Mmmmmmm that sounds good so I'm going to do a search. My DH has nothing to do on the weekends........he's a workaholic who's almost ready to retire.......so I suggested he take up creative cooking on the weekends. After almost 47 years I'm soooooooooooooooo sick of cooking.
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    We have a big sign on the board where we practice for Choral Society that says - NO colognes, perfumes, lotions of any kind. We know how bad it can effect some singers.. Of course, you do not have to sing to be effected by these things. JAM - it was a smart thing for your friend to announce not to wear any type of scents at her home.

    One of my daughters lives pretty close to a Trader Joes but there s not one near us. So I have only been to one one time ! They do have some good things though.

    My husband has bought me perfumes, etc. the Christmas before last. I told him not to buy an more last year. I so seldom use it and it lasts forever it seems.

    Sun - I hear you about cooking. I have been coking I guess for at least 50 plus years and I could give I up if I wouldn't starve to death and I do love eat. I don't count that much on DH for cooing or we would starve other than the few things he will fix if desperate. I have been very sick of coking for a long tie. I cooked for 8 people every day when dfil came to live with us and our 5 kids. Now I don't know how I did it. I am sure Julie knows as she cooks so much all the time. I guess she never knows when and who might be needing the food with her family so close by. Wish we could afford to just out and eat more but we can't and it probably isn't as good for you, a lot of the time. I know so many that do. Food is also so very expensive now - whew !!

    Julie - Hope all is well with you at your house and hope Lindsay's BH Contractions aren't causing her any more discomfort. Are she and David going to find out what sex the baby is? I am guessing no since she tends to be old fashioned in some ways. Geez - we all had to wait - how did we stand it???? The last one really drove me crazy with 4 girls already. When is Aug. is she due? Time sure is getting closer. Do they have an idea yet on names??
    Need to go and start getting ready for beddy bye. See you all tomorrow !

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Porchies,

    Mikie, Sun,

    You hit the nail right on the head. It was that stretch with my right leg over my left knee that did it. I refrained from that one this morning. LOL Still limping. I can do the left knee over the right, but not vice versa.

    Thanks for the commiseration. Hoping my refund comes soon too!

    Have a happy All!

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    Gee, Sun I can't believe that you haven't gotten that refund YET !!! Hope it comes soon and glad you ALL figured out what really hurt your leg. Now that you know, please try and NOT do it again :)!!! LOL