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    I'll be back after I go to #724 to take notes.

    OK, I'm baaa-ack! Thank you all for your sweet concerned messages about the cats and me. Julie is supposed to call me today to see what Jeff and she have accomplished. I can barely think of them in a no-kill shelter, waiting for someone who can take both of them and who has room for them to go outside. They are beautiful and only about 4-5 years old. I need to ask Julie whether she can find their original vet papers when they were neutered and chipped. I hope she can find them. She is barely functional these days as her health has gone downhill. She slept through the cookout (and so did I). When I had the cats before, I tried shutting the bedroom door and putting tape on the carpet. That didn't stop them from clawing at the tape and door and keeping me up with their catterwalling. The last two nights, I've put them out on the lanai and they have been surprisingly quiet. Still, the are being destructive when they come inside. I'm constantly chasing them down with the water bottle. They are good cats but they need to be able to go out. If I let them out, it's only a matter of time before the nasty lady sees kitty footprints on the hood of her car and complains to our board. She's some piece of work! :mad:

    Julie, I said when they delivered our glue-lam beam, they used a crane but a boom is more accurate. It looks just like the one in your pic except they had to swing our beam up and over the house and put it down in the pockets in back of the house. Very dramatic! :eek:

    Jam, thanks for your good wishes on my back. The exercises and stretches do help and now, I make sure every morning that my pelvis and hip are in alignment. I don't hear any pop or feel anything but the tech said if I do this one stretch, it will pop things back in place. He has to do it every day as his hips kind of "float" and just kinda go where the want to. Yikes! :confused: I hope and pray for your hip. I will not be having surgery for this as it's not the spine but rather misalignment of the pelvis and hips. Only about 30 percent of back surgeries are successful. I think that percentage is improved since there are new surgical procedures. One of Barb's hips is giving her problems after many years of no trouble at all.

    Sunflower Girl, as I mentioned above, the cats seem determined to keep me awake if they are anywhere in the condo. When I let them in in the morning, they do all kinds of devilish things to let me know how dissatisfied they are with having been left out all night. If they will keep quiet at night, this might work out. I slept til 4:30 this morning. I know that isn't great but it's a lot better than 1:00 or 2:00. Evidently, those head injuries, starting with the first, and worst, one, caused some insomnia. The Special K helps me for most of the night. If I wake too early, I take a swig of ZQuil. Being chronically sleep deprived is so hard on a body. I can't believe DH didn't tell the doc or PT tech about his ankle. I wish someone would do a study on why some men are like this; they won't say anything, or see a doc, until they have to. Chemo has a lot of side effects so he needs to be alert to things in his body. Neuropathy in the legs is common and they usually prescribe Lyrica for it. I hope nothing else goes wrong. It's not fair to you for him to keep these things to himself.

    Granni, thanks for your kind comments on the cats. This is sooooo very hard for me. I think I'll hang on to them until we find a good resolution. I dare not hope for a perfect one but they deserve to live happily. Had any of us known that the nasty woman would turn so horrible, one of us could have taken them to be inside cats before they got used to living outside. She has been home so much lately that I haven't had a chance to let them out. It's too hot for me to stand outside with them for an hour or two.

    Rock, I can't believe the serendipity of your mentioning the lizard which bit you. I opened the newspaper yesterday and there was a big picture of a Five Striped Lizard. It's not something I'd pick up. AACK!!! :confused: Jeff had a beautiful camillion (don't know how to spell this and can't find it in the dictionary) . She was tame and you could hold her. She was bright green and her skin would take on different patterns. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to live in captivity and died, even though he did everything to make a good home for her. Thanks for your kind comments on my computer skills but, actually, I'm not very computer savvy. I do mess around when I have a problem and try to fix it. Sometimes, it works and, sometimes, it doesn't. I buy manuals each time I get a new version of Windows if the new version is much different from the old one. I'm really enjoying my Windows 8 Surface and am glad I got it before the new Surface Pro, which is designed for business use. It's so expensive. They probably still sell the Surface 2 but I never see it advertised anymore.

    I had better close this version of "W&P." There were sooooo many spammers to clean up over the weekend. There were still two of them when I got on this morning. Thanks to our members for reporting them. I hope everyone has a great day. I see my ortho doc this morning for a followup but doubt much will come of it since it isn't the spine. I don't think there is much to be done for piriformis sciatica other than what I'm doing now. If he still wants an MRI, I'll get it done. It might show how the nerve is being pinched.

    Love, Mikie
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    "Note Well." A quote from Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra". And obviously you
    did, Mikie. Of course, there is more to the play than just that quote. The entire play
    consists of approximately 16,000 lines, depending on which folio you consult.


    Editor's note: A folio is folded sheet of paper. If you fold a sheet of paper in half, you have
    4 pages. If you put a bunch of these pages in a book, you can call it a folio or a script, or
    whatever you like. Not be be confused with folly or folie a deux which is a shared
    mental illness.

    Further editor's note. The poster who alleged there are 16,000 lines in "Antony and Cleopatra" has no idea what he or she is talking about. It is a fact, however, that
    regardless of the number of lines. a production of the play generally takes about 2-3 hours depending on how many scenes are cut, the size of the cast, the budget of the
    production, etc.

    Additional editor's note. William Shakespeare was an Englishman who wrote several
    play a few hundred years ago. If you would like to know more, some of these plays
    have been made into movies. Some are still produced occasionally on stage. For
    those seeking additional information, there are 2 or 3 books about the author.
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    Just popping in for awhile till I need to talk to the workman again. He is an older man, going to turn 71 I think but he doe all kinds of odd jobs, very reasonably priced. He is doing lots of patching corners and holes in roof and fixing ceilings and then will paint most of the house, but the doors and so areas that still look good. As the house starts to age everything starts to go - including us :)!! Missing line dancing today.

    Mikie - Despite how you feel you are still a pretty busy gal especially working in your condo area. Sorry the kitties have been destructive inside. I know you love them and it is hard for you to decide what to do for and with them. Are they still destructive during the day when you have let them out at night?? Gee, I missed all the fun with the spammers. I didn't see any but I am not on the computer as much as I old like to be. Glad you and other moderatos chase them away !!

    Julie - My goodness you all have been busy wit the home building you are all doing along with everything else you do. I am worn out just reading ! No way DH or I would be up on any roof either :)!!

    Rock - We have geckos all over here and they do get in the house. I don't worry about them to much . They are very hard to catch. They eat the bugs too.

    Need to run and go talk to the workman, I think. Need to talk about painting and what color .Looks like most of the wall colors will be the right shade of white, close to what we have now, if we can find the right color. Our home is fairly dark with double paned glass , lots of trees and on the side of the street that doesn't get much sun. DH also keeps some of the blinds fairly closed to keep the house from getting to hot and also trying to keep our electric bill as low as possible..

    Gotta run,
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    Mikie: Here's a lot about the kitties......since there's so many people in your "hood" that love them and the problems is paw prints, how about telling EVERYONE to make sure her car hood is dusted daily. Hang a duster in the garage area too. I know your thinking.......even I think about those two living in a shelter and I get upset at that woman.

    Rock: Good thing Gordon gets chatty when you go to the doc. That's what we're supposed to do when in a relationship.....watch out for each other. However, I had to learn at an early age to watch out for everyone but me and it's hard at times not to feel peeved when someone can't do the same.

    And Mikie, yes the doc. always asks if there's any tingling or numbness which would indicate neuropathy. I pulled out the side effects paper last night and read all the problems again since HE can't remember what can happen. Now I'm wondering if the swollen ankle is actually chemo related. I do know he's gotten MORE forgetful than ever before.........I used to think that was bad but it's gotten even worse. It seems like I've always got ten or more things on the list in my head that have to be accomplished and I can't understand why he can't ever remember more than one at a time.

    It's the day for my cleaning lady so I'll be back later.
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    Hi, again, my Porchie Friends. Thank you all soooooo much for your kind thoughts toward the kitties. I don't know what we'll end up doing but I won't let anything happen to them unless they can be adopted out together. When they come in from being on the lanai all night, they are full of NRG and ornery at having been left out there. They are also hungry, though, so we start the day with a nice breakfast like the one I make for Simon who, BTW, comes every day now. Julie said the cats ruined her furniture by using it as a scratching post. They haven't done that with mine. I think I can keep the destructiveness down to a reasonable level. If I can continue to keep them outside on the lanai at night, perhaps, the worse problem, my lack of sleep, may not continue to be a problem. We'll just have to see. I'd rather someone take them and make a wonderful home for them but I won't just dump them in a shelter. I'd rather have a few scratches on my things or a few things knocked over. I'll just have to do what I can to take them outside now and then.

    Rock, is a portfolio some papers one takes to the port, like a passport? I am amused by all the new jargon being used for computers. Now that all our medical records are digitized, many docs have websites with "patient portals" where you can view your reports and chart. They make it sound so exotic by calling it a portal, like something from a sci-fi movie. The "cloud" is just server storage but, oh my, I can send my stuff to the cloud. Woohoo! We had to read some Shakespeare in H.S. and I found I liked his work. Don't want to re-read it but enjoyed it at the time. It was a mind expanding lesson in history, language, and drama. In H.S., most of us had so little in the way of experience. I used to take my books up into a meadow in the Rocky Mountain foothills just outside of Boulder, among the wildflowers. There was one of the old Chataqua campgrounds and theaters there. People still go there for the cultural offerings in the cool summer CO weather. It was the perfect place to read Shakespeare.

    Julie, I wish the kitties could go to your place. How perfect that would be. Thanks for the thought. I think those boom operators are artists. I'm glad you guys did it with the boom instead of some less safe way.

    Granni, I've decided to pick my battles with the cats more carefully. Ninety-five percent of the time, they are good and I need to just continue to put a stop to it when they get destructive. It's their way of telling me they are bored and want to go out. They are better when I send extra time giving them love. They don't enjoy playing anymore now that they have reached the old age of five. Sorry you're missing line dancing. The spammers usually post on other forums and our members click on Report and I see how many reports there are when I log in. It's always so nice when there are none.

    Sunflower Girl, chemo is sooooo hard on the mind and body that I wouldn't be surprised if DH's memory is suffering. I know that since this pain started, when it was ever present, my mind was far worse than it usually is. Doc says I'm probably still recovering from the head injuries. They certainly affected my balance and I have to do PT to improve that.

    Everydobby, ever have one of those times when everything you touch turns to manure (by another name :) It's been like that for me. It isn't just the back and cats, my mortgage co. messed up my mortgage again (it's an ongoing problem); my glasses broke; the gardeners did a horrible job and, when the supervisor left a note on my door while I was gone, I couldn't read his scribbling to send him an e-mail so I'll have to call the co. to ask them what it is; and, Amazon's Chase credit card didn't credit me for something I returned. I just stopped at Publix to buy batteries for my TENS unit and, instead of the ones on sale, I picked up the wrong ones. That means another trip to Publix after PT tomorrow.

    The good news is that my glasses are fixed. The bad news is that the company stopped making them and all the screws and nosepieces which are used to fix them. I can't even get new lenses for them. I get my eyes checked in Oct. and I will get new glasses then. I'd get them now but if the Rx changes, the new ones won't be the best ones. So, I'll continue to treat them with kid gloves and, after I get my new ones, I'll just wear these when I want them to match something I'm wearing.

    I'll just handle all these little snags one by one until I have them untangled. The mortgage is the worst. I think I'll ask Wells Fargo to contact their VP in the mortgage dept. as the ones we have dealt with are moronic. I no longer get depressed when so many little things go wrong at one time. I now just plug away until I get them fixed. Patience is not my forte so I'm thinking this may be a life lesson for me. When my friend, Richard, used to get stuck in traffic, he'd pray, "Oh, Lord, thank you for this opportunity to learn patience." I like my patience prayer better: "Oh, Lord, give me patience; give it to me NOW!" :D

    Love to you all,


    I'll be using my crystal pendulum and my crystal cards to do my forecast. Today is my birthday and the crystal can't work well just before another year passes. Once it does, it can tell me when things will happen. It always tells me the same thing but it adjusts for another year gone. Amazing. I'll ask it about the cats.
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    Mikie - Glad got your glasses fixed at least for now. Better to wait until you get your eyes checked. I know what you mean about Lord send me Patience NOW :)!!!! So much going on in my head now. Also going to be dealing with possibly not singing in church choir any longer. I have to wait for the new director to come and see if he will let me at least sing on Sundays if I don't get to go to practices or most of them. Both DH and I have been increasing leary of me driving at night by myself. I really didn't want to stop singing but if it comes to that, I guess I will then. I am going to wait a bit longer before I send him an e-mail. I have already mentioned it to some of the major choir members via e-mail. The new director is probably now and will be for awhile, in a state of flux as DH would say. They are having a home build but will have to wait a few months till that is done. They will be in an apartment till then and he starts work on the week of the 21st.

    It all depends on the choir director. DH says since I am in two other groups , that should be enough. However, I have sung in choirs for so many years, from the 70's , that it will feel very strange going to church without singing in the choir. We will see. However, I know sometimes we have to do things we don't like to do, even if we know we probably should.. It was more DH's idea then mine but I never liked to drive at night and do it rarely. Now, as in other used to be small towns, our town is no longer that small or full of just great people, who want to follow the rule of law, if you know what I mean.

    Well, enough of that , at last for now !!!!!

    Julie - Poor Lorraine, soon she will feel like she is misplaced, and maybe the other babies to. However, she may try to hug her to death as I still have a pic of my #1 daughter trying to practically strangle hold the second sister, with love. You will just have to watch her and perhaps the other babies too , to make sure they really aren't hurting their newest little one. They usually want to love them but sometimes they hug to hard. You are just going to need more arms Grandma plus eyes in the back of your head.

    That picture of Den's masterpiece is something else. I can't even imagine trying to climb up on it. Take it easy girl will you?? Don't mow too many lawns :)!!! I cannot imagine your house after the baby is born. When I think of it I had 4 daughters 2 years apart before the boy came 5 year after the last girl. Of course Lindsay had twins and so they are probably harder when they are little. I know it was hard when my daughter had her twins but we did not live that close to her to help. You should be resting now while you can. Little Lorraine sounds like she is a little imp so you had better keep a watch out. LOL

    Sun - Thinking so much of you and your DH. We have a friend here whose husband had a reoccurrence of prostate cancer. Now they have found it in his bones. It must be so bad for her. BTW, they have grown triplets and grandkids to. It is wonderful that you love to paint. That is for you like my singing - a therapy of sorts. I know it is helpful to you to keep you calm when you want to scream. God continue to bless you and your DH as you go through this awful process and seeing him get so ill after the chemo. I has got to be bad for his brain as well as his body. Prayers out for you both today.

    This is almost getting like Mikie's W and P so I had better stop. Thinking also of Dar, Windy, Spring Water, Jam, Diane and many others,.

    Love to everydobby, inc. those not mentioned. Busy editing my mess. I had so many typos and stuff to fix due to this computer.
    Granni :)!!
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    hello all

    just had time to skim thru..

    Mikie - hope the cats start behaving well sooner...and whatever is going wrong
    gets righted soon...

    Julie - it was an eye opener, that pic you posted...never seen something like that
    i love all that green you hv around you

    Sun - ongoing prayers for dh and for your peace of mind and tranquility as well

    Rock - my energy is up a wee bit but swamped with chores, inside and out..the
    doggies make for a lot of work...i hope Mikie can find an alternative to her cat

    its raining but sporadically, i saw those beautiful flowers for this season
    those furry crimsom cocks combs things, and furry spearlike flowers in
    orange rust yellow red...monsoon here kills off all the geraniums ..

    lotsa creepy crawlies too....ugh...but no big scary hairy white spiders, yet.
    a pet shop near the supermarket has a three dalmations, one very cute
    pug, and three alsations...for me, nice to look at, but i wont want to
    keep another pet for sure...not rightnow

    visited with the MIl yesterday after re
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, thank you for the birthday wishes. Those are wonderful pics you found to post. I
    was stuck by the intense color. Kinda like a silent fireworks display. Sad news about
    Sheba. Made me think of Zippy and tear up.

    Did you have geckos in Belize, Julie? Granni, I didn't know we had them in Texas.
    Are they super sized like everything else down there?

    That cat that scratched me has been hanging around. Gordon puts out some kibble for it
    now and then. Anyhoo, I got to feeling sorry for it last night so I went out and put down
    a plate of kibble, making sure that cat was a good ten feet away. Well, the darn thing only
    ate half the kibble. So obviously it has other sources of food. Guess I don't need to worry
    about it anymore.

    Gordon is reading cookbooks as usual. I looked at one of them myself. All the dishes
    are named after people or places. Waldorf Salad, for example, comes from the Waldorf
    Astoria Hotel in New York. And Cobb salad was named after Bob Cobb who owned the
    Brown Derby restaurant. It's what William Holden ordered just before Lucy hit him in
    the face with a pie.

    The one I was glad to learn about was Pizza Margherita. When I first heard of it a few
    years back, I figured it might be seasoned with lime (like the drink). But it's actually
    named for a Queen of Italy who favored same and noted it had the colors of the
    Italian Flag: Red, white and green. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. Of
    course those are the same colors as the Mexican Flag. Could just as well call it
    Pedro's Pizza. :p

    Springwater, are all your dogs gone? I want another dog, but it's not a good idea. I
    can't walk one anymore. There was a local ad a year or so ago. "Will walk your dog.
    $5. I thought that was probably a weekly charge for someone who walks 4-5 dogs
    at once. But, no. It's for just one walk! This is not a Holmby Hills or Bel Air
    neighborhood. I think the dog walker needs to move.

    Are any of your colorful plants Kangaroo Paws? Gordon planted ours, and so
    far they are doing just fine.

    Granni, I'm sure it would be difficult to give up your singing. Would cutting down
    some be good? Give you more time for other projects? Renata Tebaldi, the Met's
    most popular soprano in the 50s and 60s retired when she was 53. She later said in
    an interview that she missed singing terribly for about 5 years. Then one day she
    woke up and it all seemed to be part of the past, and she no longer had regrets that
    the career was over.

    Sunflower, cat tracks on the car reminds me of some I saw on my Toyota several years
    ago. The cat had jumped up on the trunk, walked across the room, slid down the
    windshield and jumped of the hood. Didn't upset me in the least, but it did remind me
    to wash the car that weekend. Funny how some people laugh at what drives other
    people crazy. I hope the cleaning lady did a satisfactory job at your casa. Wouldn't it
    be fun to have Mary Poppins come and work her tuneful magic?

    Mikie, yes, a passport is a paper you take with you to the pier. "Port" means left, so
    what you do is go through all your papers and toss out the ones you don't want.
    What's left, you take with you. Then, you sit on the left side of the boat holding your
    glass of port in your left hand, and drink a Melba toast to a bon voyage. Melba
    toast and peach Melba, BTW, were both named after the opera singer Nellie
    Melba. She used to sing with Caruso at the Met.

    Oppps! Some of the paragraphs somehow got disarranged and miscobbsaladalated.
    OK, think it's OK now. Gotta quit. My back is back to hurtin'. As Johnny Tillotson put it,
    "It keep right on a hurtin'."

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    Oh, Julie, thanks for the beautiful birthday card. I can't believe Rock's birthday is only one day after mine. You have your own little Cancer, Lorraine. Not braggin' but being a Cancer is a wonderful thing. Each sign of the Zodiac has its blessings. Being a Cancer suits me fine. Having Aquarius as my moon sign makes me a bit more zany than most Cancers. That's OK too. I am so sorry about Sheba. The kindest thing we can do for our beloved pets is to put them out of their misery when there is no more quality of life but it's soooooo hard to do. I'm glad you have your own place to bury them right on your property. Again, thank you for the great card. It is so happy looking and made me smile. :D

    Rock, port is also the left side on the airplane and they have the same red lights on the left and green on the Starboard side/right side. That way, at night, if you see a plane in front of you, you know whether it's coming or going. BTW, my friend, enjoy your birthday today. I hope Gordon is doing something special for you. Both my DDs called as did Barb. She was very nice. She is enjoying being up North with her family. It was actually my passport which saved me when I had to renew my drivers license. FL makes it almost impossible to get one without TONS of paperwork in addition to your old license. If you have a passport, you are gold. Mine had expired but I renewed and went right in and got my license. Whew! Rock, does you back keep right on a hurtin' til you're gone; is that why you have to go? Enjoy your day!!! :)

    Granni, I'm so sorry that you may have to give up singing in the choir. Do they do a lot of new music or is it the same pieces with which you are familiar. By now, you ought to be able to do it in your sleep. You could certainly practice at home and sing on Sundays. Back when I sang in the school choir, I could read the music for a new song and pretty much nail it Today, it is getting harder and harder just to carry a tune. I've been singing around the house and in the car and I'm getting better. I do believe those head injuries scrambled my in-brain "radio station." :confused:

    Springwater, thanks for your good wishes. I really need to smudge and pray. The praying is done but the smudging isn't. Too many neg. things going on around me. I know what you mean about not wanting a pet. I didn't either but these cats are in my life nonetheless. I will either adapt to their behavior, as long as they don't get too destructive; disciplining them with the water bottle spray to try to change their behavior; or find someplace where they can find a new home. As I said above, they have been dumped on me by Jeff and, now, Julie. She is sick and I can't blame her but she does need to help me a little. We have had a lot of rain too and ants are coming in. I have ant traps where the cats can't get them and I've noticed the ants are slow and sick. The eat the stuff in the traps and take it back to their nest and it poisons the rest of the ants. We have this problem every year when the heavy rains start.

    Everydobby, if y'all haven't watched PBS's "Nova" show on lightening sprites, try to watch it. Don't know if it's on You Tube or not; I watch it at my convenience on On Demand with Comcast. I watched it while recouperating from my Whatever Herpes-Family Virus. It's much better, thank God. I just have to keep on taking the Acyclovir until it's driven into latency. I'm putting ice and Abbreva on the cold sore and it's retreating. It'll never get to the crusty, oozing stage (TMI? Sorry).

    I have PT this morning; this is the last week. My ortho doc seemed pleased with my progress and wants to see me in a month. I'll pick up my glasses when I finish the PT. It's near a K-Mart where Roundup gallons, complete with nozzle, are on sale. I may get two of them as we have sooooo many weeds. I'll definitely be e-mailing our landscaper supervisor and attach some photos of the butchery his crew performed on our hedges. One would think he could see the problems. To ask me what my concerns are makes me wonder about his eyesight and/or mental stability. Oh well, just one more of those chores I have to address. Tomorrow, it's the bank about my mortgage. AACK!!! :confused: I'm sure they hate to see me coming and I certainly don't like having to go there about this never-ending mortgage debacle. I can handle the credit card problem with a phone call and then, hopefully, every problem 'cept for the cats will be taken care of. Tweety is in time out on the lanai as I type. She is wild this morning. I put catnip in their food in an effort to make them more mellow but I guess it doesn't work like marijuana in people.

    I have to go soak in Epsom Salts before I'm off to the torture chamber, aka physical therapy. When I get home, I'll deal with the e-mail to the so-called landscaper and pay some bills online. I may stop at Bealls to exchange a bath mat. They are having their semi-annual bra sale: Buy one at regular price and get one for $1. I think I'll get two nude ones and two wild colors if they have my size. I never pay retail for bras. I hate wearing them but social norms, and my droopy body, require it when I'm in public. I always say I wear a size 38 long. :D I used this smiley face in green; y'all can just call me Shekky Green.

    Sorry for another "W&P." Everydobby, have a great day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning to awl. A, working around painters and DH went to work out and then the bank. Then I get to go to the store. In a while the painters will be in here so it won' t be a long post and not sure if I will be on much today.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY belatedly JULIE. Hope you had a nice one. Yes, I do know a lot of the hymns and Mass setting music but if it is something new I may not know it plus I am one of the high soprano's otherwise known as SOPRANO 1 , 2 is the lower Sop. My range has changed a lot though not as hi or low as I used to be able to sig. This post nasal drip doesn't help either. Since it is a new leader I need to wait and see. Usually you have to go to most practices but just need to talk to this new person to make sure.

    Greetings to everyone. Glad SPRING WATER got to pop on. DH is here so need to get off for now.


    P.S. Just adding a bit before DH comes back or the painters need me to get out.

    Mikie - So sorry for all you are going thru and hope those kitties start to get the idea and behave for you. They could have such a nice home with you if they start to behave a little better but you can only do so much with them. Hope your PT doesn't wear you out to much more. Trying to remember what all you and everyone has said. My brain is out to lunch again :)!!

    Rock - Don't feel bad about forgetfulness. Trying to remember all that I read on this last post from everyone so I can answer - DUH !! Hope all is well with you and Gordon today. I thought I was getting to go to shopping today but DH told me before he needs the car to go pick up paint after the guys get back from lunch. So, it is put off again. I need to go to the Dollar Store to go get Get Well cards and then WM for a few things.

    Thinking of everydobby and hope you all are doing OK.

    See You Later Alligators,
    After Awhile Crocodiles :)!!

    Love to awl,
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    Julie, did Lorraine say, "Awe Shucks!" ? What an adorable picture! Are "Dora plates"
    something to do with Dora the Explorer?

    Too bad Lindsay or David mixed up the batter. Oh, wait. Maybe it was a good thing.
    I get mixed up so easily these days. Gosh, I haven't had home made pancakes since
    my son and I used to make them 30 years ago.

    Granni, I was really mixed up yesterday. We went to the market. I forgot two of
    4 items including the Bran Buds. Shucks Arooty!

    Yesterday Gordon had a phone call from an old friend at his former office. The
    place is not doing well at all. It has closed more branch offices and laid off dozens
    more people. Now the home office has moved out of much of its rented space.
    The large offices the executives once lounged in are gone. Hard to say what's next.
    Shades of the 1930.

    I saw some Tee shirts for sale on the net. They say: Mediocrity Rules!
    There are 4 faces. Justin Beiber; Miley Cyrus; someone who might be a
    Kardashian and someone else I don't recognize. Probably a rapper.

    You know if they name a food after Miley Cyrus, it will probably be a
    tongue sandwich. (A rather unspeakable idea, huh?)

    Gordon is off to Costco today. I have no plans more ambitious than starting
    a new mystery.

  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    A big happy birthday to Mikie, Rock and of course Little Lorraine. What a cute pic of her in her BD hat, holding up a present. Is that a place in your house? I'm seeing a "decorated wall" and racks of kids books. I'm sorry about Sheba though. Such a sad time when a member leaves us. When our last dog, Katie, passed away about 4 years ago, my DH and I took turns sitting with her. We knew the time was near and thankfully we didn't have to put her down like we did with a favorite cat of mine. Really hard, either way.

    Mikie: thanks for that lesson on port and starboard and the lights. I'm going to write it down so I can remember.......most interesting. Glad to read that the PT is working.

    Granni: I hope you'll still be able to sing with the choir without the practice, since you've mentioned you've sung for so long. Hard to give up an activity that's part of you. What all are you having painted in your house? I was doing some cleaning last week and really saw things for the first time, in a long time.......the need for a professional house painter!

    Spring: I guess monsoons WOULD do a lot of damage to plants. What type of plants grow good for you in your part of the world? I was out early this morning blowing a mountain of leaves in my little shade garden. I almost filled a large trash container. Then I had to dig up and move a small philadrendon type plant that just wasn't growing good.....in that spot for over 3 years. It's getting harder and harder for me to even do gardening like I used to, and of course here in so. calif we have a terrible drought. Sure would like some of your rain.

    After l l/2 hrs. of hard work I came in and showered then sat down to watch a special art program. This artist's work is very interesting and striking but all it really turned out to be was him showing all his paintings that will be in a new book......hmmmmmmm sneaky way to advertise.

    I'm trying some licorice root tea......supposed to be good for energy.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2014
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ROCK a little late and sweet LORRAINE. I take so little to make those little ones happy. She surely looks big in that picture. Hope yu ha a god day JULIE andthatthe irthday irl enjoyed herspecial day.

    I finally got to get back on the computer but not for long. They have also been working in here by the computer and it is full of dust !!! COUGH COUGH !!! After supper DH will be on the computer. So, I doubt if I will get to be on tonight , if at all. Tomorrow is also questionable. They will have another man here helping, probably to move some of the heavy furniture. Wonder about the big and little hutch and how will be able to move the big one to get to the wall. I thought we might have to empty it but they didn't say to do it , so I m not.

    It will be anther busy day tomorrow.

    Sun -I reading about natural RX;s for DH have you read about the different cleanses? I got some information on and thought you might be interested in them. I also might have some other supps. but not sure if you know about them or not. I need to look more at them. No time today and have not been able to get o the computer. Have to be home with these guys but limited to what you can do or where you can go. These are things you can do along with the chemo.

    Let me know if that licorice tea helps your NRG. I sure can use some. Hope you and DH are dong well today.

    Gee somehow this chat thing got turned on and I have no time to do so.

    Rock - Don't feel bad about forgetting stuff. I went to two stores today and was I a rush so forgot to look for a pyrex casserole dish for my veggies. The top fell on the tile floor and so that was curtains for the top. I have another but it is so big. Need to get a smaller one. Of course I forgot to look for it, to rushed for time and I couldn't find the list. You surely was busy today with Gordon. I may have to get so bran buds t for a change. We have Cheerios and blueberries or other fruit usually for breakfast. I is very low sugar, at least the Cheerios. ARE YOU COUNTING BACKWARDS NOW FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY ??? WHAT YEAR ARE YOU UP TO NOW, OR SHOULD I SAY , ARE YOU DOWN TO :)!! Did Gordon make you a cake or dessert ???

    BTW, I am still in two singing groups the are off from right now so I guess I'll survive somehow if the director doesn't want me to stay but going to be a bit odd for at least awhile.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling better today after your PT, etc. Hope those kitties are behaving better for you

    Not sure when I will get back here between DH and the painters ):!!!

    Love to everyone,
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  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday to

    Rockgor, Mikie, Julie and Lorraine....may You be blessed with peace, health, love and
    prosperity and all your own own hearts desires...

    God Bless
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG, did I miss Happy Birthday to Mikie???? So many things happening today. This evening we thought we lost the computer but after talking to our DS he figured out it must be the battery had worn down or someone took out the plug or it fell out during the wok the painters were doing. Phew, just what we didn't need to do go buy a new computer. Although it seems from what DH said that Windows 7 is not going to support a lot of their stuff anymore. Of course, so everyone can run out and buy a Windows 8 computer. Geez, just when you sort of get used to the Windows 7 :)!! YIKES

    Just wanted to pop on to see if I missed anything.

    Mikie - Sorry to almost miss your birthday. I hope you felt well enough to do something fun. Have a good nights sleep and hope the kitties will behave or will they be outside? If so, I hope they behave when they get inside again. Almost like having babies or toddlers again even if they are older than that. Cats definitely have their own minds !!

    Julie - Sorry to hear about Sheba. I know everyone will be very sad when she goes but sometimes it is the best thing for them when they get so bad. W had to put poor Smokey don, DH's do when he got so bad. Poor thing, he sound ike Sheba is now.

    As I said before not sure if and when I may get on tomorrow. AGAIN, I HOPE ALL THE BIRTHDAY GALS AND BOY HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY !!!!! :D

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - just popped in and saw your post...you are being very busy yourself, the
    singing and all...i doubt whether i could remember any lyrics now...myself...
    hope you dont hv to get a new computer...who needs theextra expense, now?

    julie - about sheba...i cant even think about it too long...Hobbes is too recent.

    mikie - do you hv a church nearby ? maybe going there sometimes would
    sort of replenish positive energy and make the negative energies out there
    go away quicker? sometimes wonder if whatjulie encountered was an entity,
    because of the way her behaviour changed ..those early days when she just
    took in the cats...

    sun - here dahlias and zinnias are most common for rains..

    Rock - i have five doggies...now..hobbes n Tommy left us some time
    back..theyre a handful, buti love them..theyre family

    God bless
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Porchies, what a difference a day makes (and not in a good way :( At PT this morning, I tore my ham string muscle. I think they try to push people too hard. They use a One-Size-Fits-All evaluation and try to force people into being as flexible as a 20 year old. Hell, I wasn't flexible at 20! I was a good athlete and always doing sports but never had the flexibility like one sees in people in Yoga videos. After overstretching my calves, the tech had me do another stretch and I heard a very loud POP and was in horrible pain. It was on the back of my thigh. I hobbled over to the table/bed and lay down. The tech, who looked as though he was going to be sick, got their tech with the PhD in PT. She had done the same thing playing volleyball. They iced it and let me rest. She said to put the TENS unit on it and ice it and then wrap it in a compression wrap and elevate it. I've done all that and it feels better. I have to stay off of it today and tomorrow. On Thurs. they will evaluate how it is doing. I'm done with PT. I can do the sciatica exercises/stretches at home. If this doesn't heal or gives me problems, I'm going to ask them to file with their insurance to pay for further medical care for it. I don't think that will be necessary but I'm a bit miffed with the them.

    Since I could limp along, I put the TENS unit on my leg and ran the errands I had planned to do. I stopped to pick up my repaired glasses and ordered a new pair. They gave me a nice discount because I buy my contacts there and have been going there for years and years. I should have them in a week. I stopped at Bealls cause they are having their semi-annual intimates sale. I wait and get my bras then. You pay full price for the first one and the second one is only $1. It's almost a BOGO. I ended up with four bras, two white and two beige. I wanted a couple of wild colors but they aren't carrying them anymore. I still wear a 38 long! Tada! With my Senior Discount, I ended up saving more than I spent. In addition, my purchase earned me $10 in Bealls Bucks which are just like cash to be spent as I wish.

    The cats are doing better. I've decided to more carefully choose my battles with them. When Tweety turns evil and I spray her with the water bottle, if she doesn't stop what she's doing, she gets time out on the lanai. That seems to work. I've started looking at them as children. I've also spent more time with them, grooming them, playing with them and just giving them more love. I have a basket full of shells and I've tied a big bunch of raffia on the handle. I drilled some shells and they are on the raffia which cascades beautifully down to the floor. Well, Tweety thinks it was put there just for her to dive into. She pulls some of the threads of raffia out now and then. I've decided to just let her do it as I can always replace the raffia. I hung gold Christmas bells on the handles of my closet door handles so I know when she is trying to open them. She seems to know the bells are ratting her out. I'm making some headway with them. In the meantime, I'm enjoying them as much as I can.

    Julie is having back surgery on Tues. I told her not to worry about the cats. I'm not willing to dump them on a shelter. Neither of us needs to be worrying about them right now. As long as I can keep them from being destructive, I will keep them. She said Jeff has refused to help us any with them. That has really disappointed us. He and she kinda dated and I think that has to hurt her. If they need anything from the vet, he had better chip in as we all chipped in for them when he had them. I put a bunch of prayers in our birdhouse/prayerbox yesterday.

    I had to leave this post to talk with my DSIL from CO. He talked for an hour. This post is still here but I have to check page 2 to see whom I missed. I'll respond to our dear Porchies on this page and go check page 2 and come back.

    Granni, as you can see from above, the kitties are doing better. Thanks for the birthday wishes. BTW, if your battery goes dead, the computer will still work when plugged in. If you let the battery run almost completely down before plugging it in and charging it, it will prolong the battery life. If you leave it plugged in all the time, it's OK but, eventally, the battery will no longer take a charge. That is what happened to mine. I just ordered a new one from Amazon for $29 instead of $80 at the computer store. If you absolutely cannot get your computer to turn on, look on the bottom for a reset hole. You poke it with a ballpoint end or a straightened end of a paperclip. If there is no reset hole, simply take the battery out of the computer and then, put it back in. That can reset a computer. You may get a B/W screen asking how you want to restart the computer. Just hit the enter key on Start Computer Normally and it will restart. Don't be afraid to mess around when there is a problem. No need to buy a new computer if the battery is shot. You can decide to always use it plugged in or just buy a new battery.

    Julie, tell little Lorraine I said Happy Birthday! She looks just beautiful. Which birthday is this one? Sorry the pancake batter was ruined. I make some from organic flour and cook them on my little Cuisinart griddle/grill. They turn out beautifully. I love that little appliance and use it all the time. Best thing I ever got--well, that and my Nutri Bullet. I ate terribly yesterday. There's something about being injured and in pain which triggers my desire for junk food. Yesterday was so horrible that I decided to just give in to it. Hope the house is going well. It brings back memories of when we added on. It can be a real pain but it's also very fulfilling to see something you built yourself take shape.

    Rock, a good Miley Cyrus tee shirt might read, "Will twerk for money." Instead of tongue, it might have a picture of a rump roast on it. Actually, the girl isn't any worse than a lot of other rock stars. It's just that we remember her as wholesome Hannah Montanna. She's joined the ranks (no pun intended) of Lady Gaga, Madonna, and LaToya Jackson. She's a woman; no wonder she doesn't want to keep the Hannah Montanna persona. I say, "Good for her." I love her "Wrecking Ball" video but then, I've always been a Madonna and Lady Gaga fan. See, I may be a conservative Cancer but I've got that Aquarian moon sign which makes me a bit zany.

    Sunflower Girl, geez, I didn't mean to act as though I was imparting wisdom but I'm glad if you found it interesting. Rock just mentioned Port and Starboard on boats and not many, except pilots, know that the same designation holds true on planes. It came in handy one night when I was doing touch 'n goes on a N/W runway. There were parallel runways and I was using the westernmost one, furthest from the airport tower. As I took off, I saw a plane coming straight at me from about 2 miles out. It was the position of the lights which told me it was coming my way. I radioed the tower and told them I had an approaching plane at 12 o'clock and could they please identify. The other plane radioed in to say they were landing on the other runway but had mistakenly lined up with my runway. They moved right over so they could land on the one nearest to the tower. I laughed afterward and told the guys at work I was playing chicken with another plane the night before and I won! :D

    Springwater, thank you for your sweet blessings. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. I haven't had time, or health, to smudge the bldg. If you read what happened to me at PT yesterday, you will see that I may not be able to do it for a bit. Thanks for the suggestion to visit a church. I actually feel closer to God just being down here in our beautiful area with all the blooming foliage and big, gorgeous birds. I've been meditating and praying a lot. I've just turned all this over to God as I know there is a reason for everything. I've always asked to walk, and work, in the light of Spirit and for God to place a protective dome of light over me. I'm dealing with whatever has been happening and that, I believe, is helping me to grow spiritually. I do not believe there is a neg. entity. This is either Karma I'm paying off or just challenges to make me stronger. Thanks for your support and concern.

    OK, gonna post this so I don't lose it. I'm going to close this tome of "W&P."

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    The workmen will be here very soon and so we probably will not be able to get in here for all or most of the day. Just wanted to check in to see what, if anything has been happening. I can read on the phone when someone posts but don't want to post on the phone.

    Mikie - So sorry to hear about your problems, I think you said torn tendon, not going back to check. I hope your severe pain lessens and you get it really under control. Try not to do to much shopping :)!!!

    Glad the kitties are doing better. Sounds like you have to keep on them like some little children :)!! Hope it continues and they get better !!! Have you been putting them out at night?? If so I would think they would wear themselves out
    and be tired when they come indoors. Please REST !!!!!

    Spring Water - Nice to hear from you. Hope all is doing well and you can stand the heat !!!

    Julie - Hope Lorraine had a nice birthday and you survived everything going on in your house. Poor Lindsay must be getting so ready to have that baby. Then their and your house will really be hopping. I know you enjoy mowing but you need someone else to do it at least some. Can Grandpa pay to have his grass done? Of course not sure how much land he has or how expensive. I don't know how you run back and forth to do that all the tie plus yours plus everything else you do. Or maybe SIS could el him pay for it if not to expensive. Just not sure esp with that new baby coming how you can continue on, plus it is not like he lives next door to you.

    The guys are here so have to run.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Everydobby

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Illustrating that it's all in how you look at things, I
    am now a year older. Or just one day older than yesterday.

    Gordon made English fool for my birthday treat. It's flavored whipped cream. In this
    case, with raspberry puree. I read about it on the net. In England it was originally made
    with gooseberries and custard, but nowadays most folks substitute whipped cream and use
    whatever fruit is handy. One source said the word "fool" came from the French word
    "foule" meaning crushed referring to the fruit. Another source disagreed. Meh.

    Mikie, your "twerk for money" made me LOL, literally. I got a birthday card from my
    brother, the forest ranger. I had talked to him on the phone and asked him if he
    remembered slashing the top of my snare drum. The only note he wrote on the card
    was "I still don't remember any snare drum."

    He is coming to the Sacramento area soon. Every few years he visits California, but
    never comes to see me. The dysfunctional family is alive and unwell.

    Really sorry to hear about your hamstring injury. I looked up hamstring on Wikipedia.
    It says the term refers to both muscles and tendons in the back of the leg. The diagram
    is labeled with a tiny font; gray letters on a gray background. Must be a print from the
    18th century. (I just read a mystery involving antique dealers. The hero specializes in
    old prints like Currier and Ives.) Do you think you will need to see the doc?

    Springwater, glad to hear you still have most of your doggy pack intact. All we have is
    the ornery, feral cat. Yesterday Gordon took a piece of mail that was delivered to us by
    mistake to a house on our block. There sat the B & W cat on the front porch eating. So
    it has other resources.

    Will come back later. Hugs.
  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member