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    OMG, did I miss Happy Birthday to Mikie???? So many things happening today. This evening we thought we lost the computer but after talking to our DS he figured out it must be the battery had worn down or someone took out the plug or it fell out during the wok the painters were doing. Phew, just what we didn't need to do go buy a new computer. Although it seems from what DH said that Windows 7 is not going to support a lot of their stuff anymore. Of course, so everyone can run out and buy a Windows 8 computer. Geez, just when you sort of get used to the Windows 7 :)!! YIKES

    Just wanted to pop on to see if I missed anything.

    Mikie - Sorry to almost miss your birthday. I hope you felt well enough to do something fun. Have a good nights sleep and hope the kitties will behave or will they be outside? If so, I hope they behave when they get inside again. Almost like having babies or toddlers again even if they are older than that. Cats definitely have their own minds !!

    Julie - Sorry to hear about Sheba. I know everyone will be very sad when she goes but sometimes it is the best thing for them when they get so bad. W had to put poor Smokey don, DH's do when he got so bad. Poor thing, he sound ike Sheba is now.

    As I said before not sure if and when I may get on tomorrow. AGAIN, I HOPE ALL THE BIRTHDAY GALS AND BOY HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY !!!!! :D

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Granni - just popped in and saw your post...you are being very busy yourself, the
    singing and all...i doubt whether i could remember any lyrics now...myself...
    hope you dont hv to get a new computer...who needs theextra expense, now?

    julie - about sheba...i cant even think about it too long...Hobbes is too recent.

    mikie - do you hv a church nearby ? maybe going there sometimes would
    sort of replenish positive energy and make the negative energies out there
    go away quicker? sometimes wonder if whatjulie encountered was an entity,
    because of the way her behaviour changed ..those early days when she just
    took in the cats...

    sun - here dahlias and zinnias are most common for rains..

    Rock - i have five doggies...now..hobbes n Tommy left us some time
    back..theyre a handful, buti love them..theyre family

    God bless
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    Dear Porchies, what a difference a day makes (and not in a good way :( At PT this morning, I tore my ham string muscle. I think they try to push people too hard. They use a One-Size-Fits-All evaluation and try to force people into being as flexible as a 20 year old. Hell, I wasn't flexible at 20! I was a good athlete and always doing sports but never had the flexibility like one sees in people in Yoga videos. After overstretching my calves, the tech had me do another stretch and I heard a very loud POP and was in horrible pain. It was on the back of my thigh. I hobbled over to the table/bed and lay down. The tech, who looked as though he was going to be sick, got their tech with the PhD in PT. She had done the same thing playing volleyball. They iced it and let me rest. She said to put the TENS unit on it and ice it and then wrap it in a compression wrap and elevate it. I've done all that and it feels better. I have to stay off of it today and tomorrow. On Thurs. they will evaluate how it is doing. I'm done with PT. I can do the sciatica exercises/stretches at home. If this doesn't heal or gives me problems, I'm going to ask them to file with their insurance to pay for further medical care for it. I don't think that will be necessary but I'm a bit miffed with the them.

    Since I could limp along, I put the TENS unit on my leg and ran the errands I had planned to do. I stopped to pick up my repaired glasses and ordered a new pair. They gave me a nice discount because I buy my contacts there and have been going there for years and years. I should have them in a week. I stopped at Bealls cause they are having their semi-annual intimates sale. I wait and get my bras then. You pay full price for the first one and the second one is only $1. It's almost a BOGO. I ended up with four bras, two white and two beige. I wanted a couple of wild colors but they aren't carrying them anymore. I still wear a 38 long! Tada! With my Senior Discount, I ended up saving more than I spent. In addition, my purchase earned me $10 in Bealls Bucks which are just like cash to be spent as I wish.

    The cats are doing better. I've decided to more carefully choose my battles with them. When Tweety turns evil and I spray her with the water bottle, if she doesn't stop what she's doing, she gets time out on the lanai. That seems to work. I've started looking at them as children. I've also spent more time with them, grooming them, playing with them and just giving them more love. I have a basket full of shells and I've tied a big bunch of raffia on the handle. I drilled some shells and they are on the raffia which cascades beautifully down to the floor. Well, Tweety thinks it was put there just for her to dive into. She pulls some of the threads of raffia out now and then. I've decided to just let her do it as I can always replace the raffia. I hung gold Christmas bells on the handles of my closet door handles so I know when she is trying to open them. She seems to know the bells are ratting her out. I'm making some headway with them. In the meantime, I'm enjoying them as much as I can.

    Julie is having back surgery on Tues. I told her not to worry about the cats. I'm not willing to dump them on a shelter. Neither of us needs to be worrying about them right now. As long as I can keep them from being destructive, I will keep them. She said Jeff has refused to help us any with them. That has really disappointed us. He and she kinda dated and I think that has to hurt her. If they need anything from the vet, he had better chip in as we all chipped in for them when he had them. I put a bunch of prayers in our birdhouse/prayerbox yesterday.

    I had to leave this post to talk with my DSIL from CO. He talked for an hour. This post is still here but I have to check page 2 to see whom I missed. I'll respond to our dear Porchies on this page and go check page 2 and come back.

    Granni, as you can see from above, the kitties are doing better. Thanks for the birthday wishes. BTW, if your battery goes dead, the computer will still work when plugged in. If you let the battery run almost completely down before plugging it in and charging it, it will prolong the battery life. If you leave it plugged in all the time, it's OK but, eventally, the battery will no longer take a charge. That is what happened to mine. I just ordered a new one from Amazon for $29 instead of $80 at the computer store. If you absolutely cannot get your computer to turn on, look on the bottom for a reset hole. You poke it with a ballpoint end or a straightened end of a paperclip. If there is no reset hole, simply take the battery out of the computer and then, put it back in. That can reset a computer. You may get a B/W screen asking how you want to restart the computer. Just hit the enter key on Start Computer Normally and it will restart. Don't be afraid to mess around when there is a problem. No need to buy a new computer if the battery is shot. You can decide to always use it plugged in or just buy a new battery.

    Julie, tell little Lorraine I said Happy Birthday! She looks just beautiful. Which birthday is this one? Sorry the pancake batter was ruined. I make some from organic flour and cook them on my little Cuisinart griddle/grill. They turn out beautifully. I love that little appliance and use it all the time. Best thing I ever got--well, that and my Nutri Bullet. I ate terribly yesterday. There's something about being injured and in pain which triggers my desire for junk food. Yesterday was so horrible that I decided to just give in to it. Hope the house is going well. It brings back memories of when we added on. It can be a real pain but it's also very fulfilling to see something you built yourself take shape.

    Rock, a good Miley Cyrus tee shirt might read, "Will twerk for money." Instead of tongue, it might have a picture of a rump roast on it. Actually, the girl isn't any worse than a lot of other rock stars. It's just that we remember her as wholesome Hannah Montanna. She's joined the ranks (no pun intended) of Lady Gaga, Madonna, and LaToya Jackson. She's a woman; no wonder she doesn't want to keep the Hannah Montanna persona. I say, "Good for her." I love her "Wrecking Ball" video but then, I've always been a Madonna and Lady Gaga fan. See, I may be a conservative Cancer but I've got that Aquarian moon sign which makes me a bit zany.

    Sunflower Girl, geez, I didn't mean to act as though I was imparting wisdom but I'm glad if you found it interesting. Rock just mentioned Port and Starboard on boats and not many, except pilots, know that the same designation holds true on planes. It came in handy one night when I was doing touch 'n goes on a N/W runway. There were parallel runways and I was using the westernmost one, furthest from the airport tower. As I took off, I saw a plane coming straight at me from about 2 miles out. It was the position of the lights which told me it was coming my way. I radioed the tower and told them I had an approaching plane at 12 o'clock and could they please identify. The other plane radioed in to say they were landing on the other runway but had mistakenly lined up with my runway. They moved right over so they could land on the one nearest to the tower. I laughed afterward and told the guys at work I was playing chicken with another plane the night before and I won! :D

    Springwater, thank you for your sweet blessings. May God hold you in the palm of His hand. I haven't had time, or health, to smudge the bldg. If you read what happened to me at PT yesterday, you will see that I may not be able to do it for a bit. Thanks for the suggestion to visit a church. I actually feel closer to God just being down here in our beautiful area with all the blooming foliage and big, gorgeous birds. I've been meditating and praying a lot. I've just turned all this over to God as I know there is a reason for everything. I've always asked to walk, and work, in the light of Spirit and for God to place a protective dome of light over me. I'm dealing with whatever has been happening and that, I believe, is helping me to grow spiritually. I do not believe there is a neg. entity. This is either Karma I'm paying off or just challenges to make me stronger. Thanks for your support and concern.

    OK, gonna post this so I don't lose it. I'm going to close this tome of "W&P."

    Love, Mikie
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    The workmen will be here very soon and so we probably will not be able to get in here for all or most of the day. Just wanted to check in to see what, if anything has been happening. I can read on the phone when someone posts but don't want to post on the phone.

    Mikie - So sorry to hear about your problems, I think you said torn tendon, not going back to check. I hope your severe pain lessens and you get it really under control. Try not to do to much shopping :)!!!

    Glad the kitties are doing better. Sounds like you have to keep on them like some little children :)!! Hope it continues and they get better !!! Have you been putting them out at night?? If so I would think they would wear themselves out
    and be tired when they come indoors. Please REST !!!!!

    Spring Water - Nice to hear from you. Hope all is doing well and you can stand the heat !!!

    Julie - Hope Lorraine had a nice birthday and you survived everything going on in your house. Poor Lindsay must be getting so ready to have that baby. Then their and your house will really be hopping. I know you enjoy mowing but you need someone else to do it at least some. Can Grandpa pay to have his grass done? Of course not sure how much land he has or how expensive. I don't know how you run back and forth to do that all the tie plus yours plus everything else you do. Or maybe SIS could el him pay for it if not to expensive. Just not sure esp with that new baby coming how you can continue on, plus it is not like he lives next door to you.

    The guys are here so have to run.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Everydobby

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Illustrating that it's all in how you look at things, I
    am now a year older. Or just one day older than yesterday.

    Gordon made English fool for my birthday treat. It's flavored whipped cream. In this
    case, with raspberry puree. I read about it on the net. In England it was originally made
    with gooseberries and custard, but nowadays most folks substitute whipped cream and use
    whatever fruit is handy. One source said the word "fool" came from the French word
    "foule" meaning crushed referring to the fruit. Another source disagreed. Meh.

    Mikie, your "twerk for money" made me LOL, literally. I got a birthday card from my
    brother, the forest ranger. I had talked to him on the phone and asked him if he
    remembered slashing the top of my snare drum. The only note he wrote on the card
    was "I still don't remember any snare drum."

    He is coming to the Sacramento area soon. Every few years he visits California, but
    never comes to see me. The dysfunctional family is alive and unwell.

    Really sorry to hear about your hamstring injury. I looked up hamstring on Wikipedia.
    It says the term refers to both muscles and tendons in the back of the leg. The diagram
    is labeled with a tiny font; gray letters on a gray background. Must be a print from the
    18th century. (I just read a mystery involving antique dealers. The hero specializes in
    old prints like Currier and Ives.) Do you think you will need to see the doc?

    Springwater, glad to hear you still have most of your doggy pack intact. All we have is
    the ornery, feral cat. Yesterday Gordon took a piece of mail that was delivered to us by
    mistake to a house on our block. There sat the B & W cat on the front porch eating. So
    it has other resources.

    Will come back later. Hugs.
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    Good morning, everyone! Yesterday's events included lunch at Pizza Ranch (Lorraine wanted Grandma to go also), a visit to the animal shelter and another midnight Amish run.

    Actually, Lorraine must not have been feeling so good and/or was "acting out"...just seemed out of sorts. She seems to be feeling very overwhelmed with the baby coming, all the remodeling going on in the house, not being able lately to come to Grandma's where it is quieter and less hectic. But I had Gpa here, then left for a week, then trying to keep yards mowed, etc...I just haven't been in the house for her to be here.

    After lunch we went to visit the animal shelter, just to get an idea of what kind of dog would fit in with all the occupants of the farm (not replacing Sheba, but Den has been wanting to get a dog for months and I just can't get over there when they are open.)

    Turned out to be too hectic, with all the barking and yipping, so Den and I will just go by ourselves and spend some time alone with a few of them. I was drawn to the only dog who wasn't "going crazy for attention" and they brought her out to me, but she was so timid and afraid...we are worried the kiddos might be too much for her (she's a 2 year old retriever mix, who had been found by her past owner...Miracle had been dumped out and the lady found her tangled up in barbed wire.)

    Miracle comes from a farm setting, but the owner had to give up her and two smaller dogs...we weren't given a reason.

    Sun, the wall you mentioned is the kids' coloring wall...Den started that; he likes to leave "history" around the houses we live in. That wall will probably never be covered up, lol! All the kids know that is the only place in Grandma's house where they are allowed to color on anything other than paper. :)

    This Grandpa Den is all about the kids...he has lots of plans for kid things in mind for the new house.

    Mikie, what an awful thing to happen...go to PT and get hurt worse! I would think they would bend over backwards to help you now, financially or whatever you needed.

    I'd better get busy...still need to clean out the fridge from when I was gone...Den didn't eat all the food I left and I just haven't had time.

    Oh, the Amish run wasn't really at midnight...but I had to take Kathryn (the one who hurt her leg the other night) in to town to a family picnic at 6:00, then go back and get her at 9:30. She can't bend her knee yet to ride comfortably in the buggy.

    Hello to everyone...
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    Hi Diane!!! So good to see you, and your greeting is so fitting...what a wonderful gift to all our birthday guys and gals :)

    David and I finished up Sheba's final resting place...the kids asked me to take her to the vet, so I made an appt. for this afternoon. I won't mention any more about it; don't want to upset Springwater, Rock or anyone else who has memories that are just too fresh. Lindsey is feeling so guilty, like she neglected Sheba too much. True, with all the craziness going on, she didn't get groomed as much as she could have been, etc...but I believe she does know how loved she is. And nobody can help that she has heart trouble and a host of other health problems.

    I guess I will chalk this up with my other "Grandma duties." Actually, I brought her home from the shelter for Lindsey, so it might be only fitting that I take her to the vet and back today...and I did offer, as I love her so much myself.

    Mikie, sounds like you have a good plan for the kitties at your house. I hope they will settle down...they have a good thing going for them.

    Need to get on the ball...it is almost noon and I just finished my breakfast/lunch. Things will calm down some day, but for now we just "roll with it", true?

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    Hi, Porchies,

    I tried to make my last post this size but it would only use the HUGE size so my "W&P" was even longer. AACK!!! :confused: I forget that so many have trouble reading so I like to make the size a bit larger without being obnoxious about it. Oh well...

    Diane, that card is a real winner. Thanks so very much. It made my day! I often think of you and pray you are OK.

    Granni, as Rock mentioned, the hamstring involves both tendons and muscle. A torn tendon would have been worse but, fortunately, it was just the muscle. That's bad enough and it will take a month or so to heal. Workmen coming over--Yikes! :eek: I love it when they are done but hate it when they are in the home. Too much noise and confusion and mess. I'm sure you'll be glad when they are gone.

    Rock, so your family is from Dysfunction Junction too. Funny our families didn't know one another. Strange how those childhood pains stick with us. We still feel wronged and angry that the guilty party won't fess up or apologize. I haven't looked up torn hamstring muscle online yet. I couldn't bear to do it while it was still so raw and painful. I'm better now and will check it out. Thanks for your kind thoughts about the injury. I am seeing the doc in a month, just about the right amt. of time when the muscle should be healed. If I need to, I can see him earlier. I love all kinds of old prints: medical, maps, navigational charts, illustrations, etc. I also love clocks and compasses but don't know why. I am mesmerized by the moon. It's our ruling "planet" in the Zodiac. Hmmmm! smashed fruit and whipped cream, huh? Sounds good to me. Use strawberries and put over some poundcake and you've got something. Oh, yeah; that something is strawberry shortcake. BTW, when I put the TENS unit on my butt, it automatically makes it twitch like twerking but only on one side. Guess I'm a semi-twerker.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about Sheba. You are all in my prayers. When we added on to our house, we invited all the kids in the hood to paint graffiti on the inside of the outer wall, between the studs, before the insulation and drywall went up. They were elementary school age. We told them that their artwork would one day be discovered, like hyroglithics in archeological digs. Boy did that excite them. The word got to their teachers and they even came over to add to their own place in history. Pretty soon, everyone who heard about it had to put his or her two cents' worth on the walls. It was great fun. We found out that the people who bought the house moved the big sliding doors to the back wall and must have found all that graffiti. I hope they were amused and delighted. Yes, the kitties are settling down. They sleep out on my lanai, which is all screened in and they are quiet until I get up.

    I'm tackling one problem at a time and am optimistic that things will work out. It just seems that, sometimes, everything comes piling on top of us at once. Every time this happens, we get better at handling it or, rather, turning it over to God after we've done all we can. The good news is that I realized that I needed to buy new glasses and I love my new frames. Can't wait to get them. There is always a silver lining, no matter how small.

    Love to everydobby,

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    I know I said I wasn't going to mention Sheba again, but thought this photo might make some of you smile. This was the kids' family picture when they were a much smaller family :) David was deployed to Afghanistan when Lorraine was a month old, so this must have been around that time, right before he left. Sheba stood guard then and has all these years...and now waits patiently at the other end of the Rainbow Bridge. I cried when I took her to the vet and I am crying now as I type. Hope it doesn't make too many of you sad...just wanted to share.
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    Hi Kids

    Haven't been doing much today except napping and reading; doing crosswords. The only
    chores I did were feeding the stray cat and washing the dishes. When I was a kid my mother
    washed and I wiped. Must be more than half a century since I've used a dish towel to
    dry dishes.

    Diane, thanks for the vibrant birthday card. Is that your kitty? What's her name? Rosie?

    Mikie, I think graffiti in the walls is a great idea. Did you come up with that? Maybe some
    archaeologist in the future will sound like a present day English teacher. "Keep digging.
    We've got to find the hidden meaning."

    And speaking of digging, Miley Cyrus started out as a child actress for Disney. Disney's
    "Snow White" was the first feature length cartoon. Maybe the dwarfs should have been
    singing, "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's off to twerk we go."

    Julie, that's a great photo of the family with Sheba. Her coat looks beautiful.

    Granni, hope the work goes smoothly at your place. I never knew computers had
    batteries until Mikie mentioned same. Isn't your birthday coming along pretty soon?

    Just realized I'm typing this one page one of this thread. I wonder if it will show up
    at the end of page two. Computers keep getting more sophisticated, but the personal
    computer in my head keeps deteriorating daily. Pretty soon I'll be dumb enough to
    run for Congress.

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    I finally got to get back in the den after the guys left after painting and putting stuff back together. Not sure which room we will be displaced from tomorrow, maybe more than one as they are bringing another guy to help tomorrow.

    Diane - What a pretty Happy Birthday "card" greeting you sent to all the birthday people early this month. That was so sweet of you and so glad to see you were here on the Porch. That was definately you with that kitty on that card.

    Julie - So sorry to hear about Sheba but understand. The poor doggie must have been suffering so much. She was a pretty dog and that picture with her Linds, David and baby Lorraines so sweet. Hope the children aren't to upset by it. I am sure Lindsay is probably upset but it is no ones fault. I am guessing that Lindsay is also feeling quite hormonal and waiting uncomfortable and for the new baby to arrive. too and having tout don her sweet doggie is so hard. You were wonderful to di it for her even though I am sure you shed some tears yourself, at least at the time..

    Mikie - Glad you got new glasses and new FRAMES too - wow! What color are they? Do you wear contacts too ( not at the same time?) Glad the kitties are in the fenced lanai. I guess that is like a screened porch. So they are safe and that I good but away from you when you are trying to sleep. At least they do not bother you when you are sleeping. You can deal with a lot more stuff if you get your sleep !! Hope you aren't in to much pain today. God to read your W and P:)!! Sorry I got the wrong word for what you injured and glad it wasn't you tendon just the muscle. Tat was t first thing that came into my mind. I realized I goofed later on after sending but couldn't get in to change the post .

    Spring Water - Nice to hear from you and what a lovely post to our birthday people. Hope you are doing OK and dealing with the heat and everything else that might be going on with your climate and family. Hope you do not have to many social engagements on your calendar.

    Sun - Thinking of you and your DH. Hope he and you are both doing better. You have so much to deal with. I finally sat down today and wrote a bunch of cards for people who are ill. I haven't been able to get out and buy them till yesterday. I have been so bad. I used to be so good about that. Lately, not so good !!Let me know if you would like me to give you some info I got about natural healing and Ca. and some supps and cleansings that might be helpful. Some of the cleansings are not really harsh but I know you are trying to get DH to gain weight or not lose any more. I know you know some of the information already, about no sugar..

    Rock - Have you gotten over your birthday celebration. You celebrations are like mine, not much :)!! When I think of all the parties the kids have now and how many I had I my life. It was mostly family and I got something I needed most likely. Sound familiar. ?

    Gotta run and start supper. Not sure when I will et back here tomorrow - maybe before and after the painters leave :)??

    Love to everydobby inc. those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: What a sweet/sad pic. of the 4 of them, something they'll always treasure. When we take on a pet, we all know that someday down the road we'll lose them. I hope little Lorraine won't be having troubles with the loss of Sheba and the arrival of another baby to take time away from her. Wow......what a blessing that you live just next door. I'm sure Lyndsey has been telling Lorraine how much she's going to need her help once the new little baby gets here.

    Rock: I hate to dry dishes! I'll give you all the dishtowels you want and you can come dry all of mine. I have a dishwasher but have those incidental things I don't want to put in, so have to do them by hand.

    Is a fool like a trifle, just a different name to the dessert? Sounds really good though.

    Mikie: I'm glad to read the cats are settling down in the lanai. That's really rotten of Jeff not to want to help out somehow........that's all I'll say. And boooooooo on the PT guy. Reminds me of when the neck traction at the PT I was getting about 18 months ago, ended up causing the TMJ to give me terrible pains for almost 9 months, all because of one person.

    Spring: I LOVE zinnias and dahlias! Do you grow them in your garden? My mom used to have a huge flower garden with those growing in it along with tons of other flowers. I buy dahlias at the store, though, when I see them.

    Granni: My DH is on blood thinners because of the chemo, so every time I look up something for him to try (naturally) there are warnings that it could cause troubles. Even L Glutamine which someone told me about for warding off neuropathy can also cause tumors to grow.

    I've had my Nutribullet for about a few weeks, made a yummi drink yesterday using organic kale, fresh pineapple, strawberries, pumpkins and flax seed but he refused it so don't know how much good all my investigations are doing.

    Today we were at the doctor for over 2 hrs. for help for his swollen ankle. The doctor said he probably has a side effect cancer, from the lung cancer......it all started with colon cancer back in jan. So after xrays he was told to see a rheumatologist now. My DH is sooooooo sick of seeing all these doctors.

    I'm heading now to the library to pick up a book I just read about.
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    Sun - I am so sorry after you made that yummy and probably healthy drink for him he didn't want. Did he try some first or just decide he didn't like it. Sometimes my DH does the same thing and will not taste something before he even knows how it will taste. I am sure it would have been healthy for him but how true that I about leading a horse to water - but you can't make him drink. I will look at my info and see if there is something you maybe could try. That is sad when there are problems even with natural things, that might be normally a good thing for most people. Thinking about and praying for your DH too.

    Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Almost tie for beddy bye here. NIGHT AWL !!

    Love to you awl,
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    Not sure if anyone is still around, but I am going to go start a new porch...no more posts on here, please!