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    Hi, Porchies,

    I tried to make my last post this size but it would only use the HUGE size so my "W&P" was even longer. AACK!!! :confused: I forget that so many have trouble reading so I like to make the size a bit larger without being obnoxious about it. Oh well...

    Diane, that card is a real winner. Thanks so very much. It made my day! I often think of you and pray you are OK.

    Granni, as Rock mentioned, the hamstring involves both tendons and muscle. A torn tendon would have been worse but, fortunately, it was just the muscle. That's bad enough and it will take a month or so to heal. Workmen coming over--Yikes! :eek: I love it when they are done but hate it when they are in the home. Too much noise and confusion and mess. I'm sure you'll be glad when they are gone.

    Rock, so your family is from Dysfunction Junction too. Funny our families didn't know one another. Strange how those childhood pains stick with us. We still feel wronged and angry that the guilty party won't fess up or apologize. I haven't looked up torn hamstring muscle online yet. I couldn't bear to do it while it was still so raw and painful. I'm better now and will check it out. Thanks for your kind thoughts about the injury. I am seeing the doc in a month, just about the right amt. of time when the muscle should be healed. If I need to, I can see him earlier. I love all kinds of old prints: medical, maps, navigational charts, illustrations, etc. I also love clocks and compasses but don't know why. I am mesmerized by the moon. It's our ruling "planet" in the Zodiac. Hmmmm! smashed fruit and whipped cream, huh? Sounds good to me. Use strawberries and put over some poundcake and you've got something. Oh, yeah; that something is strawberry shortcake. BTW, when I put the TENS unit on my butt, it automatically makes it twitch like twerking but only on one side. Guess I'm a semi-twerker.

    Julie, I'm so sorry about Sheba. You are all in my prayers. When we added on to our house, we invited all the kids in the hood to paint graffiti on the inside of the outer wall, between the studs, before the insulation and drywall went up. They were elementary school age. We told them that their artwork would one day be discovered, like hyroglithics in archeological digs. Boy did that excite them. The word got to their teachers and they even came over to add to their own place in history. Pretty soon, everyone who heard about it had to put his or her two cents' worth on the walls. It was great fun. We found out that the people who bought the house moved the big sliding doors to the back wall and must have found all that graffiti. I hope they were amused and delighted. Yes, the kitties are settling down. They sleep out on my lanai, which is all screened in and they are quiet until I get up.

    I'm tackling one problem at a time and am optimistic that things will work out. It just seems that, sometimes, everything comes piling on top of us at once. Every time this happens, we get better at handling it or, rather, turning it over to God after we've done all we can. The good news is that I realized that I needed to buy new glasses and I love my new frames. Can't wait to get them. There is always a silver lining, no matter how small.

    Love to everydobby,

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    Hi Kids

    Haven't been doing much today except napping and reading; doing crosswords. The only
    chores I did were feeding the stray cat and washing the dishes. When I was a kid my mother
    washed and I wiped. Must be more than half a century since I've used a dish towel to
    dry dishes.

    Diane, thanks for the vibrant birthday card. Is that your kitty? What's her name? Rosie?

    Mikie, I think graffiti in the walls is a great idea. Did you come up with that? Maybe some
    archaeologist in the future will sound like a present day English teacher. "Keep digging.
    We've got to find the hidden meaning."

    And speaking of digging, Miley Cyrus started out as a child actress for Disney. Disney's
    "Snow White" was the first feature length cartoon. Maybe the dwarfs should have been
    singing, "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's off to twerk we go."

    Julie, that's a great photo of the family with Sheba. Her coat looks beautiful.

    Granni, hope the work goes smoothly at your place. I never knew computers had
    batteries until Mikie mentioned same. Isn't your birthday coming along pretty soon?

    Just realized I'm typing this one page one of this thread. I wonder if it will show up
    at the end of page two. Computers keep getting more sophisticated, but the personal
    computer in my head keeps deteriorating daily. Pretty soon I'll be dumb enough to
    run for Congress.

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    I finally got to get back in the den after the guys left after painting and putting stuff back together. Not sure which room we will be displaced from tomorrow, maybe more than one as they are bringing another guy to help tomorrow.

    Diane - What a pretty Happy Birthday "card" greeting you sent to all the birthday people early this month. That was so sweet of you and so glad to see you were here on the Porch. That was definately you with that kitty on that card.

    Julie - So sorry to hear about Sheba but understand. The poor doggie must have been suffering so much. She was a pretty dog and that picture with her Linds, David and baby Lorraines so sweet. Hope the children aren't to upset by it. I am sure Lindsay is probably upset but it is no ones fault. I am guessing that Lindsay is also feeling quite hormonal and waiting uncomfortable and for the new baby to arrive. too and having tout don her sweet doggie is so hard. You were wonderful to di it for her even though I am sure you shed some tears yourself, at least at the time..

    Mikie - Glad you got new glasses and new FRAMES too - wow! What color are they? Do you wear contacts too ( not at the same time?) Glad the kitties are in the fenced lanai. I guess that is like a screened porch. So they are safe and that I good but away from you when you are trying to sleep. At least they do not bother you when you are sleeping. You can deal with a lot more stuff if you get your sleep !! Hope you aren't in to much pain today. God to read your W and P:)!! Sorry I got the wrong word for what you injured and glad it wasn't you tendon just the muscle. Tat was t first thing that came into my mind. I realized I goofed later on after sending but couldn't get in to change the post .

    Spring Water - Nice to hear from you and what a lovely post to our birthday people. Hope you are doing OK and dealing with the heat and everything else that might be going on with your climate and family. Hope you do not have to many social engagements on your calendar.

    Sun - Thinking of you and your DH. Hope he and you are both doing better. You have so much to deal with. I finally sat down today and wrote a bunch of cards for people who are ill. I haven't been able to get out and buy them till yesterday. I have been so bad. I used to be so good about that. Lately, not so good !!Let me know if you would like me to give you some info I got about natural healing and Ca. and some supps and cleansings that might be helpful. Some of the cleansings are not really harsh but I know you are trying to get DH to gain weight or not lose any more. I know you know some of the information already, about no sugar..

    Rock - Have you gotten over your birthday celebration. You celebrations are like mine, not much :)!! When I think of all the parties the kids have now and how many I had I my life. It was mostly family and I got something I needed most likely. Sound familiar. ?

    Gotta run and start supper. Not sure when I will et back here tomorrow - maybe before and after the painters leave :)??

    Love to everydobby inc. those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: What a sweet/sad pic. of the 4 of them, something they'll always treasure. When we take on a pet, we all know that someday down the road we'll lose them. I hope little Lorraine won't be having troubles with the loss of Sheba and the arrival of another baby to take time away from her. Wow......what a blessing that you live just next door. I'm sure Lyndsey has been telling Lorraine how much she's going to need her help once the new little baby gets here.

    Rock: I hate to dry dishes! I'll give you all the dishtowels you want and you can come dry all of mine. I have a dishwasher but have those incidental things I don't want to put in, so have to do them by hand.

    Is a fool like a trifle, just a different name to the dessert? Sounds really good though.

    Mikie: I'm glad to read the cats are settling down in the lanai. That's really rotten of Jeff not to want to help out somehow........that's all I'll say. And boooooooo on the PT guy. Reminds me of when the neck traction at the PT I was getting about 18 months ago, ended up causing the TMJ to give me terrible pains for almost 9 months, all because of one person.

    Spring: I LOVE zinnias and dahlias! Do you grow them in your garden? My mom used to have a huge flower garden with those growing in it along with tons of other flowers. I buy dahlias at the store, though, when I see them.

    Granni: My DH is on blood thinners because of the chemo, so every time I look up something for him to try (naturally) there are warnings that it could cause troubles. Even L Glutamine which someone told me about for warding off neuropathy can also cause tumors to grow.

    I've had my Nutribullet for about a few weeks, made a yummi drink yesterday using organic kale, fresh pineapple, strawberries, pumpkins and flax seed but he refused it so don't know how much good all my investigations are doing.

    Today we were at the doctor for over 2 hrs. for help for his swollen ankle. The doctor said he probably has a side effect cancer, from the lung cancer......it all started with colon cancer back in jan. So after xrays he was told to see a rheumatologist now. My DH is sooooooo sick of seeing all these doctors.

    I'm heading now to the library to pick up a book I just read about.
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    Sun - I am so sorry after you made that yummy and probably healthy drink for him he didn't want. Did he try some first or just decide he didn't like it. Sometimes my DH does the same thing and will not taste something before he even knows how it will taste. I am sure it would have been healthy for him but how true that I about leading a horse to water - but you can't make him drink. I will look at my info and see if there is something you maybe could try. That is sad when there are problems even with natural things, that might be normally a good thing for most people. Thinking about and praying for your DH too.

    Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Almost tie for beddy bye here. NIGHT AWL !!

    Love to you awl,