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    Rosin on the Bow and here we go!

    Oh, by golly; oh, by Joe.
    Fold your arms and do-si-do.
    All join hands and circle eight.
    Wave at Sam and bow to Kate.

    Weave the ring and circle round.
    Clap your hands to the happy sound.
    Ladies in and men swing through.
    Promenade home, cause now we're through.

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    Nice try Rock......but it is a diptych (two panels)......as opposed to a triptych (three panels).........which is also what AAA calls their maps in a booklet for a trip. Now.....have I confused you all thoroughly? LOL

    That's nice that Lyndsey will be able to get away with Josiah AND have a private room too! I'm sure Clinton will be just fine. If he goes back that soon what is the surgeon doing?

    It's supposed to be up in the high 90s tomorrow......I'm so ready for cooler weather.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I hope everyone is fit as a fiddle, the fiddle playing for Rock's square dance. I had a good day yesterday. When I got up, I did a few things around the condo, like unloading the dishwasher and loading in the few dishes which were on the counter. I have to be quiet so I don't disturb the guy downstairs. I paid bills online and just generally tidied up. About 9:00, I went out to have coffee with Barb. Then, I fertilized our plants and cut back a bit on the climbing mandavilla vines. If I don't keep them cut back, we're likely to have something like the wisteria on our hands. Everything down here grows at warp speed.

    Barb was hungry for a hamburger so we used my coupon and drove through Burger King and brought them home to eat, where else?, the Balcony. The weather was beautiful with our fall breezes. Several neighbors stopped by and we had some wine with them. It was one of those perfect days. I'm still tired so paced myself with the yard work. Also, it's hot once one starts to work out there. I may not get to the pool today; I ache all over.

    DD in CO called last evening and DSIL's step-father had passed about an hour before. When they took him off the ventilator, he was breathing on his own but he was making those gurgling sounds. His lungs may have been filling up with fluid. They just kept giving him morphine and he died peacefully. His scan showed severed damage to both sides of his brain and his frontal lobe. He would not have wanted to be kept alive with no cognitive function.

    DD in TX called, frustrated with trying to help Andy learn 4th grade math. He's highly intelligent but I think he is like me, more right brained than left. Teacher has been giving him some extra help but she is only reiterating the method used in the classroom which, obviously, isn't working. I told DD to find a tutor for him who could teach in a manner Andy can understand. Then, he can do it the "official" school way. Wish I were there to help him like I did with my kids. Being right brained, I figured out different ways to look at things.

    Sunflower Girl, I know how it feels when money seems to just fly out the door. I'm glad you got your TV and DVR. We can only have Comcast Cable or Prism because we can't put dishes on our bldgs.

    Granni, I hope your sore mouth is better. Yes, you don't want to have to have it treated when out of town.

    Rock, I always remove my skis when I enter the bathroom. That and snowshoes too.

    Julie, I pray that Clinton's surgery goes well. Glad Workers Comp is handling it. Josiah is sooooo cute.

    Tweety is asking me to come out to the lanai. Talked the powers that be to turn on our fountain earlier and it just came on. Yea!!! It helps to mitigate the morning traffic noise off the busy road over a block.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Is the school system Andy is in use "common core"? My DGS is struggling with it since the school district just went that way this year. About 6 teachers quit because they didn't want to learn it. My DGDs first grade teacher told the parents at back to school night that SHE didn't understand it either!!!! No more of just adding #s....you have to tell why you got that answer. My grandkids are struggling, they're not dummies but the entire calif school system is broken. My DGS has had a tutor for almost 3 years. And come next year when he goes into Jr. Hi they have shared bathrooms! No more boys and girls. My DD is very upset, most parents are but this is the calif law. She's now thinking about home schooling him. OMG.......what problems parents are having. My DGS has dislexia and has atrocious handwriting and printing. He was to be taught typing 2 years ago but that along with other things fell by the wayside. I've told my DD about typing tutors she can download on the computer. Even Tom Hanks has a typing tutor for apple. I told him I would pay him $10 for every line of keys he memorized so he could touch type, but so far nothing. I've never had that problem. My oldest son was gifted, my DD had to struggle with math, and my younger son did pretty good. I, however, taught them so much before they even started kindergarten and continued with some type of learning all the time. I think I should have been a teacher.

    Julie: zowie.....what a strange looking plate. No wonder poor Clinton freaked out but it will help him a lot. I hope by now he's under workmans comp and also a background check has been done on that guy.

    My direct TV guy will be here in the afternoon. Question......this big flat screen is on legs so it can turn, but with an earthquake that would fall right on the floor. I'm going to check for earthquake putty for the bottom and remove the legs. Is there some safer way for this TV. It will be in a corner and my SIL said there's no way it can be mounted diagonally. The TV is 50". I thought there were swivel attachments for the wall/corner. So many problems that I have to contend with on a daily basis and I'm so worn out by everything.
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    Don't forget to heck the last volume, esp the last posts and that cute picture of Josiah :)!!!

    Rock - Thanks for the square dance call. Haven't heard one of them in some time. I hope that means that you are feeling a little bit with more vim and vinegar. Boy, that seemed like a really fast Porch volume.

    We had a rain storm last night or early morning and this morning it is nice and cool. Will be in low 80's today and cooler tomorrow I think.

    Julie - I hope the surgery for Clinton all goes well. I can't believe that they expect him back to work next week. What kind of work does he do?? Wonder what they consider LIGHT DUTY ??? Sorry to hear about David's mother. Hope she will be OK. Glad Lindsey and Josiah get to go away for the Ladies conference for some R and R and spiritual guidance I guess. Nice to talk to other ladies in the same boat with children and household responsibilities. Hope she will get somewhat rested and it will renew her spirit, mind and body.

    Sun - I know the feeling when it seems like you just keep shelling out for more stuff . Hang in there and things with star to come together real soon. You have been dealing with so much lately.

    Mikie - Glad you had a go day yesterday. Yes, glad you are pacing yourself today and trying to take it easy some so s not to get you really down and out.

    Diane - So glad to see you on the boars and posting your games. Hope that means you are feeling better and that you have gotten that special K fiasco taken care of.

    My tooth or whatever is just on and off pain and discomfort. However, I will keep my apt. today at 11:50 . I don't want to go out of state and have to worry about that the whole time or go to a dentist there. Have to go switch my wash do few things around here before I go to the dentist.

    Love to everyone, inc. lurkers , those not mentioned and MIA,
    Granni :)
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    Greetings everydobby,

    What a crazy day but did go to he dentist and he couldn't find anything and they also took some xrays . I feel a little better knowing here isn't anything or at not enough to see right nw anyway. They also didn't charge me anything too. All in all I m happy but wish I had something to take away some of this sensitivity I guess or whatever it is, I need to go and put on some more of that Benzocaine or whatever it is , generic Oragel. He told me to brush with anti sensitive toothpaste which I was already doing. Glad I didn't have to pay any money to the dentist office. On our trip I will be sure to take some pain meds with me. BTW, the dentist told me that brushing with the anti sensitive toothpaste would take about 1-2 weeks to really work effectively.

    Sorry in a way they had to reschedule Clinton's surgery but maybe this will work out better with her being at your house. The whole thing has to be rather scary for Keira and Amy too. Then Amy can be with Clinton before and afterwards, I guess. You know how much fun Keira will have with the cousins? Although I hope that Keira doesn't catch their colds, if they are getting sick too- again. There are more colds and stuff going on at your house. With little ones the bugs travel fast. They may all start with allergies and then progress to the catchy stuff,

    Hugz to everyone inc those not mentioned ! Love you all !! Tis weekend will be a really mixed up one. We will go to church Sat. night we and some others are taking their turn for the committee work for our big dinner group. We will set up on Sunday morning and then have the gathering that evening. Luckily, it looks like the weather is going to be really nice.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    "The day is running down like a tired clock." (Our Town)

    Actually I think the day is doing fine. We're the ones who are running down. Anyhoo,
    we did our usual errands (library and market) today. I spent ten min. helping Gordon
    water the plants. Napped most of the afternoon.

    Julie, wouldn't it be fun if we could actually get together and have a square dance in
    the barn and sit on the porch and sample various snacks and etc. Don't really have
    the pep to write dance calls much anymore. I recycled that one from a couple years ago.

    That X ray image is pretty daunting. You know orthopedic surgeons spend a lot of
    time dealing with hardware: nails, screws, rods, plates. The dream of many of
    those guys is to invent a piece of hardware and have it named after them. e.g.
    the Sherman plate, the Ender nail, the Haliburton screw.

    The particular staple in the image was invented by a doc at Argentina's largest
    university: Universidad de Buenos Aires. His name was Dr. Jose Alejandro Iguana.
    As you can see, the device looks a lot like his name.

    Shared bathrooms?! I'm stunned. They had what they called unisex bathrooms at
    the place Gordon last worked, but only one person was in there at a time.

    Sunflower/Julie, I wonder if that common core is like the "new math". Remember
    that from the 60s? It was part of the fall out from Sputnik. We had to somehow
    make our kids better scientists. Almost everyone hated it, and it faded away for the
    most part by the 70s.

    Every flat screen TV I've seen seems to be hanging on a wall. I wonder if it's
    possible to buy some kind of stand for those things. Gordon muses about getting
    one now and then, but never actually does anything about getting one. I don't watch
    TV at all anymore. Oh, last weekend I walked through the living room while he was
    watching Antiques Roadshow. Watched for a bit. Amazes me what people will
    pay for old junk.

    Granni, did you keep your dental appointment? Hope you found out the problem
    is minor and easily remedied. How long since you've seen your old classmates?
    When I went to my 35th H.S. reunion, I couldn't recognize most of the kids. We
    all looked middle aged. Only reunion I ever went to. Once was plenty.

    You're right, Mikie. We should all be fit as a fiddle. And here are Gene Kelly and
    Donald O'Connor to demonstrate same. Two of the greatest from the Golden Age.

    Studies show 98% of viewers can not watch this without smiling.

    Never heard of mandevilla vines before. Looked 'em up. Very cheerful. Come
    in lots of bright colors. BTW, have you really been on snowshoes? I never was.
    Even in snowy Minnesota, the only ones I ever saw were hanging on a wall.
    I read a book where some folks tried 'em and kept tripping and falling. Well, at
    least one wouldn't go zipping down a slope at 90 mph.

    Hugs to Diane, Barry, Dar, Joan, and et. al.
  8. springwater

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    Hello Everydobby

    Julie - What a thing to come out of the blue! Clintons injury and that iguana shaped thing to be
    inserted..pls tell him not to worry though..ive seen any number of people here, little kids of
    five too who hv broken something and got steel rods etc..placed. Theyve all done fine.

    Im praying for the little girl your family adopted in Tenn. And so lovely of you all to
    hv adopted her of sorts.

    I hope Davids Mum is well now.

    That pic of Josiah! Its the kind of baby photo you can dare anyone to look at and NOT get
    an irresistible urge to reach out give those chubby cheeks in that merry little face, a leetle
    squeezy weezy. Like my daughter would put it, "Oh my goodness, i want to gobble him up!"
    A delicious delicious baby.

    Glad to know Lyndsey is going off on a mini vacation at the conference..she sure could do
    with some 'own Lyndsey' time, i guess.

    Rock - when i read 'dipstick' i thought, "but isnt that a bad word" ...and then i read Suns
    reply and started laughing.

    If i didnt remove my skis when i went into our bathrooms, there would be no room for
    anything else! thats nice for Julie to get some tips on Clintons case..and what he can

    Granni - Ive seen those special toothpaste ads which address tooth sensitivity. How
    strange for it to pop up now in your case. And irritating of course. Given we hv to
    use our teeth so much. Put me in mind of Beety and her fluids diet. I hope you are
    back to normal soon. Good luck with the big dinner program.

    Sun - we hv the big flatscreen but its set up on a table..just plonked down where our older
    chunky tv used to be. tv is my companion now. i m addicted to watching the news,( not
    ours, too depressing. we hv such an unstable government.).and those Discovery channel
    programs ' The World from Above', Baltic Coasts, and those soaps..Big Bang..Two and a
    Half Men

    I have several door locks with knobs need replacing, lost keys yet again..and a pair of
    curtain rods need a carpenter to come and re drill nails in the bedroom curtain box coz they came
    off, but its pendng, curtains washed and just bundled up..the thin lace ones are up tho..
    carpenters gone off for festival vacations. and because i was busy doing something else..and
    coz i got fed up with everything needs doing around here right now...

    Mikie - that fountain with its constant soothing murmer sounds so lovely..im pretty sure
    meditating would be even easier with that sound in the background..you do get so much
    done, even when you dont feel 100 percent.

    I feel for your DGS Andy..math and i were never friends..no one in my family for that
    matter..i mean my own.,parents, sibs. The DH and DD got by okay.

    Well. the town looks like a ghost town..most of the migratory workers gone back to their
    villages..less buses plying...driving is a funny but pleasant experience in the mostly
    empty streets..almost everyone is going back and forth just visiting their relatives
    and receiving blessings..

    day before yesterday i was busy cooking because i feed the helps family that day..made dinner
    for them...lentils, rice, potato, veggie, mushroom, chicken and gave them curd
    for dessert.

    yesterday, we went and got blessings from our DHs uncle.

    Myhair was just sticky with grease from the cooking and so dry in some places, I
    made a wild attempt to appear more presentable by adding curd to it, while
    washing it. I had clean forgotten to buy some Hair Protein...it took the dryness
    out but wasnt looking too nice. I should hv shampooed after not before adding curd.

    Met up with his extended family of married daughters n all and my MIL and BIL
    . I took some semolina pudding i made and potato curry to help her out with the dishes.
    But, she as usual had everything under control. except the meal was a little simpler than usual since her unmarried youngest daughter who is an enthusiastic cook and arranger..is out of town. Had she been here, she would hv made these lovely souffles or a chinese or continental dish.

    I took some photos..i tried to post them but need to ask son for help..couldnt get the
    camera icon to come up.

    Take care all

    God Bless
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    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Everybody, hope you are feeling well.

    Diane, it's so nice to hear from you, though I have seen you on the housebound board. I'm glad the kitties are doing well, and that Kevin has gone to the library hopefully to get you some nice reads. !
    I wish you could send us some of your weather (I'll send you some of mine:cool:!). It is 'posed to be a ghastly 93 degrees today, with a gradual cooling down. I get up -- well wake up --about 6. I'd like to be able to sleep 'til 8, but, oh well. I compensate with a reading/nap in the afternoon.

    As for your K, Diane, I just don't know what to say, except discuss the alternatives with a good pharmacist who is up on everything. Ask him what's going .....?

    Hey Rock, isn't this heat wretched? I bet Gordon is cursing it, isn't he? I hear you might get to be a hundred today :eek:. Degrees that is..... Are you reading any good fiction right now? That's about all I do read -- fiction -- another world. As for t.v., Richard likes Antiques Roadshow, the British version is a lot better then the U.S. one (too many old muskets, civil war stuff, baseballs with signatures . He also watches one old movie ('30's -'50's) a night. Sometimes I like them.

    Mikie, I love the description of the orchids and begonias hanging in the trees. I have a large (18" across) ball of air plants hanging under the cherry tree. Air plants -- Tillandsias -- are so easy to care for. In this ball are 6 different species. I'll have to be thinking about bringing them in soon before the cold weather comes. I like Mandevillas a lot, but have never grown one. Here they are conservatory or sun-room plants. I see them for sale at the store every summer, so they must be popular! I love their flowers.

    Lydia, I don't know what to say. I have totally lost track of who's who in your posts. My bad. David is your hubby, right? Maybe a family tree is in order! Best wishes and Love anyway. You seem a very busy lady, my dear....

    Sunflower, Isn't this drought horrible, especially with the heat. At least you have lovely pomegranates, and did you say figs? Yum! I have apples (Golden Delicious), but the persimmons are small this year. They are Fuyu's, so no seed, little fuss. They will be ripe next month sometime.

    Love to All,
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! Hi, Kids, Lots going on.

    Julie, I'm sure Clinton's surgery will be bad enough with the hardware but our Julie is still waiting for a donor because her shattered shoulder is beyond fixing with hardware. The waiting is the most difficult part. I hope he heals fast. I can't imagine that he'll be able to work right away as shoulder PT takes a while to strengthen everything and help the soreness go way. I'll send up a little prayer. Barb and I are like ghouls. We don't want anyone to die but when we read where someone died and donated organs or is on life support, we hope that if someone has to die, his or her shoulder will be for Julie. I can only imagine how atrophied her muscles will be by the time a shoulder shows up. BTW, sending up a prayer for your friend who is in need of help. Her situation sounds so heartbreaking.

    Sunflower Girl, DD didn't mention anything about Common Core. She did say that this school puts a lot of emphasis on STEM, much more so than his old school. Also, I think 4th grade is kind of a big step up from 3rd when it comes to math. I'm sure the kids will get a tutor and things will work out. He is in open space as were his Mom and her sister when they were in elem. school. My kids loved it but some need the structure of a regular classroom and my kids' school offered both.

    Rock, I did ski most of my life til I moved here but was only kidding about the snowshoes. They just look like too much work as does cross country skiing. Let me ride a ski lift up and point myself downhill and allow gravity to do the rest. Yes, the mandavillas are gorgeous but mine don't want to bloom so I'll have to ask my friendly gardener at Home Depot what I need to do. I sprinkled some hibiscus fertilizer on them and watered them with Miracle Gro for the time being. Our yard is looking so nice.

    Granni, seems that I did have a go day but am pooped and can't seem to get some NRG. Wish I had half the "git up 'n go" you do. You are amazing. Glad they didn't find anything seriously wrong with your teeth. I hope they feel better.

    Springwater, yes, the fountain is heavenly. I'm so thankful for it. You are another one who is always so busy. I'm laughing thinking about the shampoo. Target had a big coupon for hair care products and I really stocked up. I still haven't looked for a place to stow it all. Under the guest bathroom vanity is usually a good spot. I didn't wash my hair today and probably won't tomorrow as I'm going to week outside and I'll sweat like crazy.

    Diane, so glad you got your Special K. It may just take a bit for you to get back into your old pattern. I hope you do. My clonazepam would work OK but my BP meds cause me to wake early. If I wake too early, I take a swig of Zzquil so I can get back to sleep. I slept the day away yesterday.

    Today, my friend picked up my donations for the church rummage sale so I was glad to get all that out of the back of my SUV. She said she was voting for me, supporting my run for the board and talked of my being president. Oh, boy! What am I getting myself into. Of course, I might not even get elected. However it works out will be OK.

    I ran to Publix and just couldn't find anything I wanted to eat and I didn't want to cook--too tired. I had a bagel for lunch. I only picked up a few things as I was even too tired to shop. Don't know what's going on. We have a cold front on the way and it's cloudy today. It'll only be in the 60's in the morning. That's cool for us this time of year. Tomorrow should be drier and cooler, perfect for working out in the yard if I can dig up some NRG.

    Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Barry,

    We must have been posting at the same time. The only air plants we have are ugly; they look like baseball size tumbleweeds. I'd like to see a pic of yours. We do have the Spanish moss, which is an air plant but, for some reason, we don't have any in our live oak trees. The orchid lady at Lowe's told me orchids are basically air plants. There are only a couple of ghost orchids growing on the bark of a tree in the Everglades. Everyone is so excited because the ghost orchids were thought to be extinct. They aren't that spectacular looking, more like a white spider orchid.

    Sounds as though you have some very interesting plants.

    Love, Mikie
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry, Yes the drought is awful. We're to cut 20% and just this week I read that some counties will be allotting so many gallons per person for inside and so many for outside, then you get fined $500 if you go over. I've lost some bushes but with those I didn't care. I have 6 large cuttings from the fire stick plant, hoping to get them started and planted out. Thankfully we dug up our lawn at least 20 years ago and I slowly started planting succulents. Our city gives out free mulch but I can't get it anymore....no strength or energy. And most cities are paying for people to remove their lawns.

    Mikie: that's great that you got those donations picked up. I called Salvation Army today and scheduled a pickup of the large oak entertainment center for tuesday along with many bags of clothes, etc. I forgot about them until I was reminded by my son. I'm an organ donor though my DH didn't think about it or want it. I figure if I'm gone I don't need anything of mine anymore though I did read once that people with FM shouldn't donate their organs.

    Diane: give the old pills a chance to work. Glad to read all is fine with the kitties.

    Another stressful day added to these past 2 plus months. I don't know how much more I can take. I had to lay down around ll a.m. for a little nap, hoping to get some energy. When I'm overly tired I get a little loopy and dizzy.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to EVERYONE !!

    Yes, it is cooler here today but cannot get to used to it cause summer hasn't passed us by completely yet. I think it will be 90 again - good grief !!! However, I still would take the heat to the COLD. My body just not take it.

    I started to write this, and then the computer froze up and I and had to reboot it. What a pain ):!! That is also not including the sticking of these keys or whatever is happening. It is not the keys I do not think as it only happens on PH, VERY STRANGE!!

    It has been a rather strange day and haven't done to much just a wash and we both went to the Safety Days they ad in our subdivision. The police and jumping houses, the firemen were there and as well as police dogs , Life Fight Helicopter, free hot dogs sodas and snacks for everyone. It is a great thing for the community and especially the well young children to see how the community deals wit emergencies. We went and looked all around and had a hot dog and popcorn , did some chatting and then went home.

    Tonight we go to church instead of tomorrow and tomorrow morning we go and help decorate for the gathering at night. It looks like the weather will be lovely but probably a little warmer than today.

    Julie - You surely have had a fast onset to winter, at least this morning. BRRR. I needed a sweater this morning. It was in the 50's this a.m. but suppose to get into the low 70's later today. Hope Clinton's surgery goes well today and that he heals quickly. Hope your family get better son and the cold or whatever isn't passed onto Keira.

    Diane - How nice to see you pop onto the Porch this afternoon. Glad you got the Special K you wanted but wish it was doing more for you, like it did before. Yes, talk to the doc and also perhaps the Pharmacist . Many times the Pharmacists know a lot more about the drugs than the docs do.. Wow it sure has been chilly up your way too. Glad Kevin and the kitties are all doing well. Hope you can find out the right dosage to keep you going through the day and sleep well to.

    Hi to Mikie and Barry too. Sorry your get up and go got up and went MIKIE !! Nice to see you both and hope the weather gets better for you. You musn't have felt to great if you didn't want to shop :)!!!! You are wrong about my vim and vinegar- If DH wasn't around I wouldn't be doing half as much.

    Barry- Sorry your weather is still to hot for you. I don't particularly like the VERY HOT weather but I would take it instead of the cold. I love I when you and MIKIE and sometimes SPRING WATER talk about plants and flowers. I love flowers and plants but really do not know a whole lot about them, their names and such except a few. M mother just loved flowers too. Of course , SW plants are very different from ours where she lives.

    Thinking of everyone including our MIA's. Have to eat dinner early so we can go to church. At least it will be something very quick and easy like PIZZA, my favorite food group :)!! I am so mixed up today :confused:!!

    Hugz also to Joan, Dar, Sun and so many others.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I thought I would share a photo of my pomegranate tree this year. First time ever it's been loaded with fruit thanks to Epson salts applied about 3 days during the winter and spring. I was DETERMINED I was going to get more than about 5 or 6 as in the past. Yes, I also have a fig tree. I have neighbors that love them so he came almost daily and picked.....probably over 300 or more over the long season. They didn't all get ripe at once though. But I'm thankful for that because I ITCH when I touch the leaves. And about 3 a day is maximum for me to eat.

    It's 95 here now. My DGS had a soccer game at 3 so I'm hoping it will be cancelled due to heat. Not good for the kids to run like that.

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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    where is everyone? I hope everyone is OK.

    The boys did play in almost 100 degree heat. I'm surprised the game wasn't cancelled. They did win though. So far they've on 3 games and had to cancel the very first one due to heat and smoke from a nearby fire.

    My SIL hooked up partially the old direct TV box and the new DVD player and TV. I don't understand the new remotes! I watched an old movie I had.....The Tourist.....OMG Venice on a large screen is really something. We went for dinner down in the village, people everywhere because it had been hot and still was warm. The outdoor restaurant we ate at has a large patio adjoining other restaurants, etc. with a large water complex and lots of trees. I mentioned right away the LOUD birds in the trees. I can't think of the name of the black birds that find an area they like and roost in it come around 6 PM. Years ago we stayed at a hotel in Hawaii with a very large atrium between 4 stories. OMG OMG OMG You could set your watch on them. Suddenly l,000s would swoop in with this LOUD cacophony of noise. It echoed from one building to another making it even worse. Then around 5 a.m. they would all leave.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We are prisoners in our own home today. LA is having another marathon or
    bike-a-thon or something today. It's a block or two from our house. The bad
    one is the annual marathon. One can be unable to get home for hours if you find
    yourself on the wrong side of the track. Good thing we don't want to go anywhere.

    Started reading a bio of a movie director. One of his films was "Jesse James".
    (1939). A nephew of Jesse and Frank was still alive and was interviewed. Frank
    was still alive when my Dad was young.

    Anyhoo I thought the their was a mistake when the book referred to Jesse's wife
    as Zerelda. Zerelda was the name of the mother. Checked Wikipedia. Turns
    out it was also the name of Jesse's wife. How likely is that?

    Sunflower, I looked up black birds in Hawaii. Couldn't find any, but there were a
    couple that are black and white. Another kawinkydink. "Jesse James" was shot
    in black and white. I note a reference to the Village People in your previous post.
    Are you thinking of painting them? Glad to hear you new TV is working.

    "Good Grief!!" is right, Granni. Just checked the 10 day forecast. All in the 90s
    and 80s. Pizza sounds good. Haven't had one for years. Yes, Barry, its "wretched"!
    But Godon is not a curser. Nor a cursor. He's not even a corsair, i.e. a pirate.
    Verdi wrote an opera called Il Corsaro about pirates. The weather is not described

    We have some tillandsias around somewhere. Haven't paid any attention to them
    for some time.

    Mikie, I'm surprised the surgeons are going to use a donated shoulder. I thought
    everything was non-organic nowadays. I remember when I had cataract surgery the
    doctor told me the lenses were made of some kind of plastic. He said they would last
    a lifetime. I said, "Won't they last even longer?" He laughed and said, "Probably."

    Hope you get your energy back. Being too tired to shop is serious.

    Diane, Glad you're feeling better and got your Klonopin back. Too bad it's lost
    some of its effectiveness. I took antidepressants for decades. Gave up several
    years ago as they no longer worked.

    Clinton's surgery over, Julie? Modern surgery would have been called miraculous
    a century ago. Medicine's biggest advances have been in surgery and vaccinations.
    The Scholastic games sound like a good idea. At our house we had cardboard letters
    several inches high. My mother taught us numbers and letters before we started
    school. My son and I played a game with flash cards. He could read and arrange
    the cards to make sentences when he was 3. It was a game so far as he knew..

    Springwater, very appropriate that you mentioned children when discussing
    orthopedics. Wikipedia says the word is derived from the Greek for "correct"
    and "child". The early emphasis was on correcting spinal and other bony defects.

    No, dipstick is not a bad word, but lipstick is. At least it is when a toddler gets hold
    of one.

  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Sunflower, you sure have some nice looking pomegranates! I haven't had one in a few years; they seem kind of expensive for some reason. Maybe the makers of that juice Pom bought them all up,! I remember a few years ago when it was the IN health drink. I even drank it, even though not cheap....

    Another few hot days, and then a cooling, thank heavens. And now just waiting for the rain...

    SFG, I looked up firestick plant and found my old friend Euphorbia tirucalli , but in a red form! '. Wow, you sure have to watch out for the sap on these guys. We had a huge one in Santa Maria when I lived back there, ages ago. It was the green form; I guess the red one came along later. It isn't in my Euphorbia books. I googled it.

    I guess it's quiet on the porch on weekends -- things to do, places to go. I'm staying home and going to try to keep cool

    Best Wishes to All
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: We forgot one day about the marathon when we went to LA OMG......we were stuck and had to end up touring a greek church close by until we could drive again. So I understand how you're feeling. Does the city send out reminders to everyone? Also, I did a search for those birds.....they're starlings. There must have been at least 100 of them in the trees at this little patio area. And apparently once they're there it's almost impossible to get rid of them.

    Barry: If you lived close I would share with you. Same thing for you Rock. A pomegranite lasts quite a while. I don't drink fruit juice anymore.....a blood sugar spike thing with me. I toss some on a salad every day though. I learned to love them as a teenager. I think someone brought one to HS, then I begged my mom to buy me one at the store.

    Yes, I was aware of the sap from the plants. My two are mainly green, but when water stressed they turn red. There's some gorgeous red ones near me......that garden is mainly all succulents with crushed decomposed granite. It's very striking. I heard that a well known pastor had been gardening, rubbed his eye and almost lost his eyesight. I warned my grandkids a few years ago NOT to get near them. I've got two planted where they're out of the way. Out here in so. calif. so many people are putting in succulents. I love them. They bring a lot of color and texture to a garden. If you can order books from the library, look for "Designing with Succulents" by Debra Lee Baldwin. I found the book at the library, then bought it for inspiration and reference. It's wonderful.

    I've got quite a lot of purple wandering jew planted around my gardens and in pots. I really love it....and so easy to break off a piece and stick it in dirt. Actually I call my front garden kinda.....higildy pigildy. I plant what I love, trying to go for a blend of purples, greys and oranges, and lots of different heights. And of course thinking of drought tolerant. I wish I had energy to do more but can't. I have some grey feathery plants in large whiskey barrels with the wandering jew and some large leafed blue/grey succulents that look so nice together. When fall comes I think I'm going to get a few more of the grey plants for the front and seer what needs to be pulled out.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh My Gosh, Julie! Clinton and your Dad and Oreo! All at the same time! It's
    enough to make one want to go to bed and pull the covers over the head.

    But I know you won't do that. You are too strong and too giving. I hope the
    family and friends can give you some comfort and encouragement. Everybody
    here is sending you prayers and good thoughts.

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Oh Julie: I just KNEW something bad had happened. I'm praying for you and your entire family. That's all we can do. I know you're wanting to sit down and cry over all the stress. Maybe one of your Amish neighbor teenagers could be there with the little ones? Or a friend of Lyndsey? It seems like when it rains it pours.

    And I hope Mikie is OK. Not like her to be so quiet.

    I have a lot of errands to do today before noon. The Direct TV guy is supposed to be here from noon to 4, then my SIL is coming in the evening to finish up things.