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    Hello All

    Saw Julies post was # 30 so took liberty to open this one.

    Hello All

    Julie - what a string of setbacks..praying for all of you. I hope it works all out. And you
    can get some others to relieve you for a bit. Im guessing in addition to the added physical strain, the stress levels are gonna up themselves. At least your father is all right for now and Clintons surgery is over. Poor little Oreo.

    Heres looking forward to all this being resolved and putting these behind you, just
    memories. While you surge on ahead, good times, with everyone healthy and
    everything going smoothly.

    Sun - your orchard of pomegranates is so flush! They look really tasty.
    We had a tree when we first moved here, we planted it but the fruit was
    very small and the fruit sour. I liked that the tree was very pretty with
    tiny leaves but afterwards the guava trees started asserting themselves
    we cut the pomegranate down. Besides now, im kind of also a bit aware
    trees start sucking water and we need every bit we can save around here.

    Rock - I would hv liked to park a foldable chair on the street and fix
    myself with some sandwiches and juice and watched the runners go
    by. In our little hometown, our house used to overlook the street
    where the all school marathons route used to be and id enjoy watching.
    We'd get to watch the protests and wedding party groups and everything.
    In India and here too, the bridegroom has to be reached to the brides
    house accompanied by his whole clan and friends to the beat of music
    ..a band with trumpets mostly and a drum and a bunch of people dancing.
    He has to be preferably on a horse, (it was those days) but now they use
    a car.

    Granni - good to know your dinner went well..and now you are getting
    ready to go to Las Vegas.

    Its quite something isnt it, to meet up with schoolfriends from that
    waaay back. our school (the one in India which iwent to) also has
    an annual reunion here, ( I went once, but there arent many from my
    batch) and my friends (Chinese one and her sister) never showed any
    interest in going so that was that. However, the one time i went with
    my DH, they sang the school anthem and actually served buns and
    jalebis (a sweet dish) and smoked tea trying to replicate the very same
    which was served to us in school then on the School Birthday. Tea
    was black and brewed over wood fires and quite horrible but i guess
    when your young just a celebration made up for everything. The school
    was a missionary one and not too flush on funds, we had students coming
    to school barefoot!

    https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=Dr Grahams Homes
    Diane - good to see you pop in. And to know you got your the meds
    you wanted. I hope Kevin and the fur babies Beety and company are
    doing well.

    I went with my youngest brother to a temple a bit ways off from here
    yesterday..son drove usand then he dropped me off home, my brother
    went back to his house and my middle brothers daughter and her
    little daughter and brother we went off to have lunch out..for festival.
    My DH came home from golf for his afternoon snooze so there was
    someone to keep an eye on the house given the help we hv is not
    the most honest.

    I took them to one of the only restaurants open in town (the workers
    hv all gone back to their villages so most of the places, shops et all are
    still closed) and we had a nice enough meal..although it took its time,
    the one harried waiter and cook was overwhelmed im guessing)..
    had pizza and fries..my nephew too joined us later and we all then
    went off to this Garden of Dreams. So called because its a garden
    built by nobility for the then aristocrats wife. It was restored later
    and is now very beautiful with a lot of varied plants.

    Well, i better get back to face the day now.

    I hope Mikie checks in..just hope she is fine.

    God Bless
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    Julie, you and yours are still in my thoughts and prayers! I hope your dad can get something for his coughing and pain. When I had pneumonia, I was prescribed a tiny dose of cough med with codeine. I can't take a full dose of codeine because it will make me nauseous. But I can take a little. Hope the doc will help your dad with the pain.

    I'll be thinking about Oreo. Fingers crossed and prayers too.

    And did Clinton have his surgery and is "kinda" back at work?? I thought I read that.

    Have you been able to get back home, my friend? For a shower, nap, change of clothes, whatever might make you feel a bit "better"? Worried about you too.

    I'm just gonna say a big HI to all on the Porch. I don't feel up to posting a lot. Still been wondering where Mikie is!

    Julie, please keep us posted, as you can.

    Love, Diane
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    Spring: You all have so many festivals! In way it's lots of fun and things to look forward to, but in your case it's also draining. The migrant workers were there temporarily to pick fruit or what? I'm sure it's nice to have some peace and quiet though. I'm chuckling at your remark about my "orchard". No, it's just one tree that I've fertilized the heck out of. A neighbor pruned it for me 2 years ago, but cut too much off so the next year (last year it had only 5). It's grown quiet a lot and I didn't do any pruning so hence lots of fruit. By the way, I love reading your posts. You come across as such a gentle, caring lady. May you be blessed.

    Julie: So you're staying at the hospital with your daddy. It must be hard for both of you, him not knowing something familiar so frightening if you weren't there, and you.....unable to get needed sleep and......do you have a bed to sleep on or just one of those awful chairs? I'm so sorry to read about poor little Oreo. Animals are resiliant and he will be OK. I'm thinking about how awful David must feel.

    Years ago my DDs friend accidently ran over and killed her mama cat, which left kittens. My DD came home with this little 4 weeks old kitty and begged that she be able to keep him. She promised to take care of him totally, which she did. Matisse lived about 18 years before disappearing at their present house. We think he probably KNEW he was going to heaven so just walked away and died in the canyon someplace. My DD was heartbroken as were her whole family.

    I'm waiting for a detailing man to get here and work magic on my Dhs pathetic car so we can sell it to a private party. I'm also waiting for Salvation Army to come pick up some large furniture donations. Slowly but surely I'm working my way thru such a mess. I still feel a terribly emptiness/lonliness but I know God is watching over me and guiding me. Every day I say a prayer and ask God to put the right people in my life that day.
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    Sorry all, I just posted to the last volume. Can someone move it over please??

    Anyway sorry I did that. Also it seems that JULIE's Dad will be staying I the hospital at least till tomorrow I think. Originally I thought Julie said the doc thought he might could leave today but not sure if I misunderstood or the dr. changed his mind. Glad he will get the care he needs and not go home to early.

    Nothing exciting on my last post in the wrong place just trying to do to much and not getting a lot done.

    SUN- Hang it there sweetie. I know it must be so hard for you. Keep on painting !!

    Thinking of you MIKIE and SW, DIANE too.

    Love awl,
  5. rockgor

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    OK. Here's Granni's last post.

    "Not much time to write now but wanted to check in for a few minute anyway.

    JULIE - God bless you and your family. From FB it sounded like they were gong to send him home soon, maybe today. I hope that is true but hope they didn't send him back to Sams (his home) to early. It seems nowadays that they (the hospitals) have been sending patients home to early, possibly the insurance company's choice.

    Hang in there my sweet young friend !!! Hope Oreo and Clinton are recovering well and sorry that he had to go back to work so soon. SPRINGWATER and MIKIE - Hope all is well with you both ! Missing you MIKIE.

    Have so much to do that I do not know where to start besides switching the washes already. Need to start thinking about what I/we need to pack for our trip. Love to everyone,

  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    I just did my good deed for the day. I found Gordon's keys. We go through the same
    routine every time. He says he lost something. I start to look. He tells me, "I already
    looked there." I say, "Well, I can't look without looking." Kinda like those vaudeville
    routines. A team could travel the country and use the same routine for years. Now
    one appearance on TV and you need new material.

    Julie, do you feel like you're in a blender with things swirling around you? Such a
    lot at one time. Well, I'm glad to hear things are starting to look better. I hope you
    can get some rest.

    Sunflower, good luck with all your decluttering. I remember when a car wash
    cost 2 bucks. There's one on Sunset Blvd. not far from us. Now I drive by and see
    signs that say, "Special Today. Only $8! If you want the detailing special it's $50.
    The same place sold burritos for years, but I don't see that sign anymore.

    My car is 26 years old. Every month a guy comes around and puts a little card
    on the windshield. "We Buy Junk Cars!" "Well!" as Jack Benny used to say.

    Diane, hope you get some pep. Did you see Milie's post? She got new glasses.
    I hope she can see her way to coming back and posting here. Even a short
    story. It doesn't have to be Warren Peace.

    A garden of dreams sound nice, Springwater. I seldom dream anymore. When
    I do it's usually a claustrophobic dream. I had one a couple days ago that
    presented a new plot. Instead of being in a small room, I was walking down a
    hall. There were 3 or 4 fat people in front of me and ditto behind me. That was
    all it took to make me wake up in a stressed state.

    The poor school and barefoot kids reminds me of a couple books I've read on
    pioneer schools in this country. Some of the school were so primitive they had
    no blackboards, desk or chairs. Lots of poor kids without shoes or adequate
    clothing. But the school kept getting better and the pioneers thrived or sometimes
    moved back East.

    There are still a few one-room schools in this country. There's one in Minnesota.
    It's way up North, practically in Canada. Only accessible by boat. The article
    I read several years ago said it had about 8 students 1-6 grade. When I was
    a kid MN had thousands of one room schools. I read that Iowa now has
    over 100 local museums in converted one roomers.

  7. sunflowergirl

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    I'm glad you're home now.....and heading to your OWN bed. And HOW will you keep Oreo from jumping?

    Yes, hoping Mikie is OK. Maybe just computer troubles.

    Such a busy day and I'm not feeling good so keep pushing myself. I get a bit dizzy and loopy when I'm overly tired. Tomorrow a floor guy is coming to work on the kitchen floor and grout, steam cleaning it. I'm going to reseal the grout as soon as it dries so I'll again be busy.

    Granni: when are you leaving on your trip?
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Sorry to be MIA for so long. Thank you all for your sweet concern. There is a virus going around here which leaves one soooooo exhausted that all one can do is sleep. People are sleeping 13 hours a night and taking naps. I've been so tired I can hardly see. Yesterday was a bit better and today, I'm up and writing so must be better yet. There are also headaches, joint pain, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes involved but don't know if it's from my usual virus or this new one. I think the new one is on its way out. Good Riddance!!!

    Can't answer all the posts since I've been gone but did notice everything Julie is going through.

    Julie, sending up prayers for you and everyone. Hope Oreo comes through her surgery well.

    To everyone else, you are all in my prayers. I'll be back to write more when I can.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you're back, Mikie. Hope you are substantially better soon.

    Good question, Sun. How does one keep a dog from acting like a dog?

    Hope you can catch up on your rest, Julie.

    Hugs to everydobby
  10. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody!

    Granni, when do you leave for your trip to LV? I know you've posted that you have to get ready for packing.

    Mikie, Feel better soon! We're all cheering for you. We miss you when you aren't posting. But, rest rest rest and feel better!!!

    Julie, Sounds like things are taking a turn for the better. Busy, but better. I can only imagine that you are exhausted!

    Have you thought about a "doggie crate" for Oreo?? They make some very large crates, to contain the pet. No, not an ideal situation, but maybe an idea for you to ponder. The only other thing I can think of is an empty room (nothing to jump on), and I don't know if that's available in the space that you have. Of course, you'd have to walk her (for her bathroom needs). Do you have a collar, harness, leash? And you'd have to keep her from tugging, pulling, trying to jump. Oh dear. I know you'll find a solution, to help Oreo.

    When Rosie injured her front leg, the vet said the best thing would be rest and quiet and her med. Of course food and water and litter box and supervised play time. The vet also said, she's a young cat, so you won't be able to "make" her rest. So we just let her be, and hoped for the best. Of course, your situation is more serious with Oreo's surgery!

    Glad to read that your Dad is out of the hospital. I hope he gets settled in soon, in familiar surroundings. My MIL has Alzheimer's. She's still at home, but the family has taken precautions. Like turning off the gas to the stove. Things like that. Sometimes she goes outside, to look for one of her dogs (no longer alive), but she looks. I'm afraid that someday she'll just wander off, and maybe take a fall. I'd feel better if she was in a care facility, but....

    Anyways, I've been reading all the posts. I don't have a lot of energy right now to reply to all. And now Kevin thinks that he's coming down with bronchitis. Just what I need to be around. Grrrrrrr. I asked him to make an appt with his doc, and he said nope, he's OK.

    So that's what's going on here. All the kitties are fine. Kevin's so-so with the possible bronchitis. I'm still trying to get used to the klon. I end up taking two in the evening, two hours apart, on an empty stomach, just to try to get some sleep. And I do sleep until around 6:00 a.m. I see my counselor next week, and I'm sure we'll talk about it then.

    You all take care! I have got to get started on some chores now.

    Love and hugs and prayers,

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning to awl !

    How wonderful to hear from MIKIE and glad she is seems to be getting better from tat awful virus. It sounds terrible. I have to write quickly as we are meeting some friends for lunch soon. Then I should do some shopping but not sure I will get there today or not..

    DIANE - we will be leaving on Sunday and will be there for 4 nights. I will have to restrain myself from my slot playing :)!!! DH says he isn't going to gamble much as we are tying to save money for some home refurbishing. We'll see :)!! I is fun just o go and see everyone still alive and kicking from our class. We have already lost enough classmates. (4 I think). We will be going to see THE JERSEY BOYS and a comedy called MENOPAUSE, I think.

    JULIE - You surely have your plate full. Try and take care of yourself. Gad your dad I back "home" and doing better. Poor Oreo, I hope she heals well and trying to keep her from biting or scratching has got to be had plus romping around.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  12. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: I hope your dad continues to improve.....same with little Oreo.

    Guess what people........using this wifi at starbucks I can type as long as I want and move my cursor around without having to post then edit, post and edit. So........Spring......perhaps all the troubles you're having are also connected to your connection?

    Yes, I am pushing myself, daily, but there's nothing I can do about it. There's no one to help me so I'm struggling at times to keep up. Today my Ipad won't stay connected to the wifi. I'm here at starbucks checking it out....it works here so it's got to be a problem with the wifi at my house. My SIL installed the new TV, etc. and the TV has a built in Wifi. Wondering if that's the problem. I've got calls into both sons askig what I'm to do.

    This morning the floor guy showed up early. 3 bedroom carpets cleaned and the kitchen floor/grout steam cleaned. Now I'm going back home to seal the grout. No rest for the wicked!! One good thing.....I got my handicap parking tag and used it for the first time near the starbucks......yea.

    The direct TV froze up last night......I just turned it off and went to bed. I'll try it again today after doing the grout.

    Mikie: I'm sorry you've picked up a bug again. Hope it stays on that east coast though. I have no time for it anymore.
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hey All

    Mikie - thank goodness, we heard from you! i know we were all worried and are
    all relieved. I wish you werent sick though...the bug sounds terrible. Sending prayers
    for a quick recovery.

    Julie - we had to put a cone on our dog that we had when i wasnt married. It had
    bit its tail, and kept biting it. Its a bit uncomfortable for sure..i hope Oreo will
    adjust soon and her leg healed. You didnt need this for sure, especially the extra
    work and expenses..I hope theres a plan to all this, i dont get it myself..if there
    is a Divine plan to all this stuff going on. Let it all work out.

    Sun - i get more problems on the ipad ..the letters dont type, etc. I cant get
    into the site sometimes, the post gets lost while im typing etc..On the
    laptop the worst problem is getting logged out without having pushed the log
    out button. But ive got the hang of not losing the typed post now.

    I dont know about others but for me, i know its someone tampering with the
    computer..when someones hacked in, the computer makes a whooshing sound
    and then the keys get a bit stiff and the cursor sometimes starts to jump all
    over the place. And the ProHealth forums is the only place where i hv
    these typing problems..well my email and FB dont work smoothly either

    Rock - Im glad you found Gordons keys for him. Nothing more stressful
    than not being able to open a door or go out because one has lost the keys.
    Amazing how one room schoolrooms functioned isnt it? all those levels
    to be taught. Different groups. Yet, they did it. And succeeded.

    Diane - I had a friend had a MIL with Alzheimers and it was stressful
    because the MIL would forget her ring etc and then endlessly ask
    the DIL about it as if DIL stole it. I guess leaving the gas on and
    water on etc would pose bigger problems. Maybe some day they
    will develop a drug which prevents Alzheimers. I knew a monk
    an 80 plus year old who told me he had never had to take a medicine
    in his life, nor yet had to visit a doc. The monk didnt strike me as
    particularly a pure soul or enlightened person...so i just put it down
    to his having earned the karma of good health from his previous

    Granni - you sound excited about your upcoming trip. And
    so you should be...not just an out of town holiday but meeting
    up with old friends. Hope you have lots to tell us when you
    get back.

    Yesterday my friend visited me..the healer friend. I was upto
    my ears in work and had told her so, she had wanted to visit
    a monastery with me it being Full Moon. So i didnt pick up
    the phone later but she had actually come to the gate so
    that was that..told her i had had lunch and was taking
    a nap (which was true) this CFS makes me take a mini
    bloody break every 10 minutes of doing chores.

    She wanted to show me her work with little crystals and
    copper wire, and the crystals she had bought to work with
    in her healing. She had made these very pretty little
    'prosperity trees' with copper wire and beads..and
    pendants too in the same fashion. Had i been in better
    financial straits myself i might hv offered to buy one or
    two, but a lot of expenses hv come up and since friend
    said she was doing okay financially, i didnt offer. She
    did give me a pendant made of a stone she said was good
    for me. Well, lets see. Im really concentrating on prayers
    and visualizations and self healing just now.

    She is in a better place in her life than a few months back.
    Especially financially, she is having a little success doing
    angel tarot readings and healings. I do find her terribly
    inconsistent though. She doesnt always keep to her schedules
    or inform people of what she is doing. Which is hugely
    frustrating. I feel if people are paying for her services
    they need to be kept in the loop at all times.

    We spoke about her cases, and discussed them, and
    some of her own personal concerns, which is what
    Im gathering she actually had come for. To share.
    And get some input. She has been a divorced mom
    and single parent to a (lovely) young teenaged son
    she and her aunt brought him up...she had an on
    off long distance open relationship with an
    American which she gave up on, he not offering
    committment and i know she wishes she could
    marry and move out of her aunts home.

    I just wish i had her kind of physical and mental
    energy. She is always active..is always up to go
    somewhere...not for her the Im out of steam

    Well, take care everyone, you especially Mikie and

    God Bless
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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Spring Water , et al - So glad to read your long post. If you were really busy and pooped I am glad that you told your friend you couldn't go with her to the Monastery. Unfortunately some people don't always think of how the other may be feeling or what they're doing but of course maybe she just wanted some company. However, you need to do things when you need to do them, sometimes even when you don't feel up to it. I hope you get to feeling better son with more NRG. Thanks for your newsy post.

    Almost time for beddy bye. Will go shopping with DD for a bit tomorrow. I went to WM and got some essentials and things needed at home but I still was trying to get so shoes I needed which they had none of. Seems like now that it is Oct. there are n more sandals, even in black. The ones I own I have worn to death and are all scuffed up on the front. I may have to polish them or try to but not sure how they will last. I know it is casual there but thought for evenings perhaps. It just has a slight heal on them. Oh well, we will see.

    Love to awl, Special hugs to Julie and Mikie.
    Granni :)
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad to hear the my computers updates on your family. Im also happy you didnt need
    to stay on at your fathers place...Im sure you would have been worried and
    thinking about things back home..wasnt that the sweetest thing about Keira
    putting a reminder in the calendar for Oreos homecoming.

    Second sweetest. Well, the sweetest would be you sitting in the aisle at the store
    'playing' with the little doggie and doctor set. This is probably inappropriate given
    the circumstances but i had to laugh out loud when Diane mentioned 'Elizabethan
    collar'. because that truly describes the cone. A picture of Oreo clad in a grey
    brocade Elizabethan collar with old antique lace around it at the circumference
    came into my mind.

    Sun - wanted to reach out and give you a big hug when you said how alone
    you felt sometimes. Especially when stuff around the house came undone
    and needed fixing. I suppose when you get to share the little ups n downs
    of the days business with someone else, it is easier.
    I get these overwhelming pangs of loneliness myself
    sometimes even though its just during the day mostly and sometimes
    when the men are out a little late.

    You were asking about the migrant workers..and if they were here to pick fruit.
    No. Our city is inundated with people who come to make a living from the
    remoter places (a day or two by bus, and then some hours walking). They
    come here, rent out a little room and go back once a year during festival
    time carrying presents of new clothes, shoes or foodstuff for their relatives
    back home. Even if the family of parents and children are here, they make
    it a point to go back home to receive blessings from the parents back home
    in the form of a red vermilion mark made of rice grains, dipped in curd and
    red colour. Its not just parents but uncles, grand uncles, whoever is elder to
    you so people with large families soon hv their foreheads covered with the
    vermilion after visiting each elders house.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! Lots of posts since I stopped in.

    Julie, I'm still praying for Oreo as she heals. I pray for all of us but, now and then, I throw in an extra prayer for those who need it. I'm sorry your Dad has been having such a rough time. I also had to laugh thinking about your playing with the doggie vet kit. Oreo is a lucky dog to have found you. I'm sorry the vet bills will be so high; God bless you for taking such good care of her, just as you take such good care of everyone else. Don't forget to take good care of yourself.

    Rock, thanks for your good wishes. Hope you are doing well.

    Diane, I'm sorry Kevin isn't feeling well. If he has bronchitis, the sooner he sees the doc and gets some ABX, the better. But, that's not how men usually roll. They wait it out until they absolutely have to see the doc. In the meantime, I hope you don't get it. Glad your kitties are all doing well. You are another animal lover to be commended on taking such good care of your fur babies.

    Granni, I have heard both those shows are great. I hope you have a good time. Seems as though everyone I talk to is trying to save money too. Still, I know you'll have fun.

    Springwater, I'm sorry you are having to rest so often due to low NRG. I'm also sorry that woman just didn't "get it." People who don't suffer our illnesses have no idea what we have to contend with. I hope the stone she gave you works. Did she say what kind of stone it is?

    Sunflower Girl, I know how it is to have to do everything by oneself. In time, it does get a bit easier, especially if you can hire things out. I am no longer able to do big projects myself. My wi-fi wasn't performing up to par and Comcast came out to check it for me. The guy was great because, it seems, my old connectors were causing the problem. He replaced them for me and didn't charge me for a service call. Like you, I suspect something is wrong with your equipment if you iPad is working at Starbuck's. I have a little gizmo which plugs into my TV to connect it to wi-fi so I can watch streaming Netflix. It's kinda like the Google Chrome gizmo. I am almost never lonesome but I often felt lonesome when I was married because my ex just wasn't present in the marriage. I know my situation is different from yours but I now enjoy living alone. Well, alone except these two furry rascals who own me :)

    I am pretty sure I'm better today but haven't been up long enough to know how long it will last. I did do a little work around here, very little, and got my little red cart ready to take my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster. I need to get my mail while I'm down there. I can't remember when I got it last. On the way back up, I'll use the cart to haul the heavy boxes of kitty litter and the heavy bags of Epsom Salts I got on sale up the stairs to my condo. Having to go up and down is probably keeping me alive. I can't do much else.

    I need to conserve my NRG for lunch tomorrow. Some of the women in here are going out and invited me. They are going to Bahama Breeze which, as you might guess, serves tropical food. I think it's a bit pricey for what one gets but I need to socialize a bit.

    Our cooler weather is gone and it's back to the high 80's and low 90's. AACK!!! We don't really get our nice weather til after Halloween. Mother Nature just teases us for a couple of days so we know better weather is coming, eventually. My first year down here, I thought it would never come.

    Before I got this virus, I had bought a new orange orchid. It came in no potting medium at all. I've never bought one like this. It was in a sealed plastic bag. It's considered an exotic orchid, a Vanda/Ascocenda in suksamran sunlight orange. As you can see, I know nothing about the various types of orchids but I've had good luck with them and have lost my fear of growing them. We have four of them hanging in our tree, along with Barb's angel wing begonia. The three tiny ones I bought are out on the lanai. It'll probably take two years for them to mature and bloom. Oh well, what else have I got but time?

    Hope everyone has a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in before leaving to go shopping with DD. I received a birthday $10 gift card a short time ago and am still looking for the right shoes and a few things . May not fid anything but hopefully I an at least buy something with my card. I sound like MIKIE with her gift cards and coupons. I still like to shop and just look around, I don't get to really do that and enjoy it with DH. He rushes in and out of stores so fast I don't get to take my time to look very much. I guess I some ways that I good too - you buy less:)!! Not sure how long I will be gone today. Maybe we will have lunch out and maybe not. They might have plans (she and DSIL).

    JULIE - I don't know what to say to you other than please TRY and take it easy will you :)?? You have so much o your pate. Sorry you had another care with grandpa ( your daddy) but seems like he is coming around. It might take a little time after all he has gone through.. Hope all continues to get better from now on with your Daddy, Oreo, and Clinton.

    MIKIE - Thanks for posting and since you wrote a pretty good W and P am guessing you are getting better soon. Continue to rest and try and get some strength and vim and vinegar back, at least what you had before. Miss you and others when they cannot post. Hope to do some shopping like you today with my DD. Then need to do so more packing and washing.

    SUN - Sorry you have felt so lonely after losing your DH. That is just natural. All the things that have to be done are just scary sometimes.

    Have to run now and get ready to leave.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: What a PERFECT gift for Keira! She's at an impressionable age and who knows.....she might want to be a veterinarian. Praying for your family. By the way, I sent a private message to you a few days ago, check at the top.

    Mikie: What type of red cart do you have? I'm thinking like one of those wire baskets on wheels? And is that easy with it on the stairs? The restaurant sounds cool. Have fun. There used to be one like that, but like most places, they come and go and suddenly it's a new one.

    Spring: Your friend sounds very creative. But when we don't feel good, if you're like me, I would rather suffer alone.

    Diane: I hope Kevin AND you are doing something to avoid bronchitis. When I start to feel like I'm coming down with something I head for the oregano oil. For me it seems to knock it out before it gets a foothold.

    Granni: Did you find some new sandals? As a little handy hint, sometimes I've found that shoe polish doesn't cover as well, so you might want to go to a craft store and buy a small bottle of flat black acrylic paint and touch up the scuffs with that. I once painted part of a leather purse and just took a soft cloth afterwards and polished it up. You could never tell it hadn't always been that way. At most craft stores these bottles run about a dollar.

    I had to call the Direct TV people and insisted on a tech to come here.....it's set for friday afternoon. I think I got a bad box because it keeps going thru a scanning for satellites, then checking something else. This went on for 45 min. while I was talking to the lady. This whole mess started when my SIL talked me into a new TV, which lead to more and more troubles.......and $$. I'm also busy trying to list my DHs car for sale. I got the first coat of the grout sealer put on and will do another coat this morning before I have to leave to pick up my DGS and DGD.....minimum day today.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - Yes I did at PAYLESS for only $10, on sale. They were a little different than what I had and wanted but they will do fine. They seem pretty sturdy. It seems after August or Sept they start to get rid of all the sandals and summer shoes. Meanwhile, it could still be 90's out :)!! I am sure MIKIE understands all about that frustration. I also got some flats on sale. DD got lots of goodies off the sale rack - great prices and buys. I am just waiting to see how much we spend in LV before Io much more spending.

    Thanks also for the info on the craft paint on the black shoes. Great idea since the shoes themselves are still in pretty good shape other than the toes. That might work.

    DIANE - Hope Kevin starts to feel better soon and that you don't get anything bad from him. Say well, please.

    JULIE - I missed what you said you were going to get Keira for her b-day. I know it was a thoughtful gift whatever you decided.

    MIKIE - Please rest and get well soon !

    Gotta run for now and check out the suitcase again and maybe start a wash. Tomorrow is hair and nails day- busy busy. So many last minute things to do. I/we should have gotten our flu shots before so I guess will wait till when we get back.

    Thinking of all of you,

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE- That is SO cute. She should lv tat with being so concerned about Oreo. They have the cutest things now. Maybe a vet. in the making for Keira. Where did you buy that??

    Can't stay on and have to fix supper. Tanks for posting the gift.

    Hugz to you and everyone,

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