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    Hi Kids

    Took a bit of doin'. Three tries to find the "open thread" button. On my last visit
    I couldn't sign in. But macht nichts as the Germans say (never mind).

    Back to post more shortly.

    And I'm back. I'm a man of my word. Smart too. I solved a mystery. "The Case
    of the Bathroom Sumts." For a couple weeks we've had mysterious dirt in the
    bathroom. Looks like little lint balls, but they are black rather than grey.

    After much cogitation and inspection of the premises, I noticed the window
    screen had the same little fuzz balls on it. So I cunningly took a whisk broom
    and whisked them away. Smart, huh? Not really.

    I figured since I was inside and the whisk broom was applying pressure
    on the inside, the dirt would fall outside. But it didn't. It fell on the table
    beneath the window. And what was on the table? The towels Gordon had
    washed earlier in the day and which I had meticulously folded and placed
    on said table.

    Ratbane! All went back to the laundry room.

    Springfield, never heard of Kyanite. It looks like something you might
    use to build a kayak.

    Granni, do you have any contact paper at your house? (Wonder if they
    still make that stuff.) Anyhoo, back in the 70s one of my coworkers was
    married to a very young gal who decorated their apt. as though it were
    a boutique. Feathers and candles and incense and hippie paraphernalia

    And all kinds of stuff convered in contact paper. Tin cans, boxes, books,
    etc. She covered each key of her typewriter with contact paper. A strange
    obsession for which medical science has no name. But I was thinking,
    maybe it would be an easy solution to your toe problem. Let me know how
    it works out.

    Mikie, hope you're OK. Gordon is eager to hear from you.


    Gordon has some vandas. They are all blue or purple. Springwater, I read
    the name comes from Sanskrit.

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Sorry to say that I am sick and didn't get to go to lunch with my buddies. It started in the middle of the night Thurs. I woke up feeling as though a ball of gauze were in my throat and everything else in my head was stuffed up. It feels like a mild head cold which has also migrated into my chest and caused labored breathing. I ache all over. Whine, whine, whine. The good news is that these kinds of viruses usually don't stick around for me. It's the Herpes Family Virus which is so difficult to rid myself of. I slept all day yesterday and until 5:00 this morning. My head is still stuffy and aches but I think I'm a bit better. Thank you all for you good wishes. I'll go to the next impromptu lunch (if they ask me :)

    Julie, those little doggie vet kits are so cute. How is Oreo doing? Well, I hope. Is it hard to keep her quiet? I would imagine that will keep you busy for a while.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, my little red cart is like the ones old ladies used to take with them to walk to the corner store in the 40's when every neighborhood had a little corner store. Mine is slightly larger and I love that it is red. The other day, I used it to bring 62 pounds of kitty litter and Epsom Salts up the stairs from my car. I get up a couple of steps and use my legs to lift/roll it up step by step. Often, I leave nonperishables in the car until I have time to bring them up. Sounds as though you've had a frustrating time with the TV. I hate dealing with all that. Comcast's service, or lack of service, really, has degraded. A lot of the time, the guide is so slooooow to maneuver and On Demand won't work. Wi-Fi is often slow too. A lot of other cable companies and dish companies have much more sophisticated screens available to help one find things. Our On Demand is from the Dark Ages.

    Rock, thanks for you kind good wishes but as you can see, I missed my lunch. Oh well, it's just a lunch.

    Gordon, I got my orchid at Home Depot. It's not one of those already in bloom in a pot. These exotic ones are sold in plastic bags, many with no pots and the air roots exposed. They are young plants and will take time to bloom. I have bought the really small ones but this one is larger. The only thing I can go by is the card it was stapled to which says it is a Vanda with a pic of bright orange blooms. The color is ASCDA SUKSAMRAN SUNLIGHT ORANGE. If it looks like the pic when it blooms, it will be beautiful. None of our orchids are in bloom presently. Our little yellow spider orchid just bloomed and the massive one of unknown type just finished blooming. It's the one my friend gave me which is, I suspect, very old. The long stems are about 3 feet long with purple and white blooms at the ends of the leafed stems. There are two new stems starting so I assume it likes it under the lower canopy of our cassia tree. During the rainy season, the orchids get watered every day but all are in bark with good drainage. We use the clay pots with holes around the bottom. I know a lot of people just put bark in those wooden boxes to hang in the trees. Our orchid expert here, the one who gave me the orchids, uses the clay pots. She has late stage lung cancer and is giving away, or selling, all her orchids. I feel lucky she gave me one and sold the other to me. Still, it's a sad way to acquire plants. We have various plants around here as memorials to loved ones. Her orchids will likely be memorials to her.

    Granni, glad you got some shoes. Sounds as though you are having a good time in LV. Give us a recap when you get home.

    Springwater, my book of stones and crystals says kyanite helps build a bridge between patient and healer and improves communication with higher beings. It is also used to provide a protective shield in which to do psychic or healing work. When kyanite comes into your life, it is a message that obstacles on your path will soon be cleared and new bridges will carry you on your spiritual path. I'd say this is a good stone to have.

    POA president called and left a message that the gardeners will be spreading our new mulch on Mon. Every fall, we have new red mulch put in our areas surrounding our grass. It always makes the whole hood look new and refreshed. I love the contrast of the red with the green of most of our foliage.

    Weather here is better--cooler in the mornings. Still, it gets to 90 in the afternoons. By 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., the cats are ready to go out on the lanai. Last evening, Tweety and Sylvester both got up on my bed and slept for a while by my legs. I think 'lil critters know when we are sick and need them near us. This morning, I went out on the lanai with them just to sit a while. That's about all they ask of me; well, that and the occasional treats. They get treats in the middle of the afternoon and Sylvester always sounds the alarm when it's time for treats. As lousy as I felt yesterday, I cleaned their litter boxes. I like them to be nice and clean for them. They are such good, and clean, little kitties. Simon was here yesterday for his breakfast but didn't show up today.

    I hope none of y'all get this crud. It also includes diarrhea from hell. Still, I think that serves a purpose--to help get the virus flushed out of one's system. OK, that's about it from here.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, sorry you're still ailing. I guess your lunch turned out to be really airy. Not
    too nutritious, huh? I will pass along your response to the resident gardener. I bet
    he'll be surprised the vanda came from Home Depot.

    Sun, phalanopsis do not do well inside. Especially inside garages. Yikes! Yes,
    the poor thing needs water. Gordon says he never heard about letting water sit
    so the chemicals will evaporate or whatever. We did have a friend who grew
    various plants. He used a reverse osmosis machine which operated in his bathtub.
    No, there wasn't room for both of them at the same time.

    Martin Johnson Heade is new to me. He lived most of the 19th century, and is
    reported to be more known and admired now than in his lifetime. Here's a
    sample, Kids, of his work.

    Orchids Passion Flowers And Hummingbird


    A decade ago one showed up on some show like Antiques Roadshow. Even though it
    was very small (6" by 12"), it sold for over $200,000.

    Julie, today is my brother's birthday too. Here's a birthday greeting you can pass along
    to Den.

    Roses are red.
    Kumquats are orange.
    My thumb's black and blue.
    Got caught in a door hinge.

    Hope you have a very colorful birthday!

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    Did some fast reading of posts and need to fold some clothes and do some more packing. Just about done maybe a few extra stuff. We are going to have to put the toiletries my bag that will be checked in. My bag better not get lost.

    Lots of good people born in Oct. including me in a few days but I'll be back. Forgot we need to get to church tonight as we won't be there tomorrow. So much to do it seems esp at the last minute or day. HAPPY BIRTHAY TO DEN AND ALL B-DAY PEOPLE.

    Julie - Did you say you would be celebrating with Keira this weekend or next? Hope all is well with Oreo . TRY AND STAY WELL.

    Mikie - I haven't left yet, tomorrow close to afternoon. Get well soon - REST !!!!!

    Rock or was it Sun - Yes I do remember the contact paper that was put on everything. W used it a lot to put inside drawer but were used for all kinds of things . Rock I did love your colorful poem :)! Not sure if I will be back here before we leave. I will have my phone but to much trouble to pick up on the phone unless I have checked for them to be put on my e-mail when I edit my post.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    I have some rolls of contact paper I bought at a yard sale a few months ago......a black marbled look....and I've been slowly putting them in kitchen drawers.

    Granni: how long will you be gone? And are you staying at a big hotel/casino?

    Mikie: Hope you start to feel better. It sounds like good weather will be just around the corner for Florida....yea!

    Julie: Happy BD to Den and.....Keira now also? I love that little dog. I'm going to search at Walmart for it. Couldn't find it online so don't know what it's called. I think my DGD would like it.

    Rock: I was told by Windytalker to put some tap water in a gallon container, let it sit upcapped for 24 hrs. The chlorine disappears. I used to kill all my orchids, probably from the chlorine, and now I can bring the phals back to blooming and putting out leaves and roots.

    Here's a pic. of one of my orchid paintings I did years ago......when I was into painting orchids and flowers.

    I dug out a huge bag of clean antique linens, mainly doilies, etc. and have been ironing them up so I can put them in my little store. Eeee gads.......what a ton of work. I'm aching a lot today. Think it's too much stress and my muscles start tensing up them comes the hurt. I'm heading for a nap and then my DGS soccer game.

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    I'm back but not for long :)!! Have to eat fast and then go to church since we can't go tomorrow.

    SUN- We are staying at circus Circus Circus which one of the older ones but not the oldest. Anxious to see the newest ones we haven't seen. We probably couldn't afford to stay in any of those. Hope you find that cute doggie that JULIE found for Keira. It is so cute. Most of mine are to old already. I saw your post on my phone so I came to answer your question . I just checked on your painting that you posted. It is very beautiful and y favorite color - PINK :)! Keep it up, you are very talented.

    Bye again to all my dear PORCH FRIENDS. See you soon again. Not sure I will be able to access you on m phone.

    Love you all,
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    thanks for the info about the vanda. i've never seen them @ any home depot out here
    (of course i don't shop there much). vandas are native to southeast asia where the climate
    is always warm and humid. it would make sense to sell them in flordia. all i see selling here
    are the moth orchids (hate them) and the cymbidiums in the spring.

    please post a picture of the flower when it blooms. i just have to see that orange color.


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    Hey All

    Julie - Happy 60th Birthday to Den. Hope you guys get to do something nice
    together..but if not now because things are crazy..maybe you can set aside
    a later date instead.

    Mikie - i was wondering how would you hv gone out with your friends, since
    you were feeling poorly. Hope this horrible virus is gone for good soon and
    you can go out another time..thanks for the info about kyanite. I would love
    for something good to come into my life now. I did have a good day yesterday.
    And a dream in which i saw two swimming pools with crystal clear water.
    I thought maybe that signified something good. This was the day after i
    got the kyanite.

    Granni - Circus Circus is an unusual name for a hotel. I wonder if there is
    a history behind the name. have a good good time.

    Rock - that picture of the orchid by Heade was ethereal. Im guessing he was
    something of a dreamer, the colours he has used. I feel those are the colours
    we get to see in the place we go to after dying here. Lol! Ignore that please.
    I know you are very practical.

    The episode with the black dust somethings in yr bathroom would hv reduced
    me to tears...the extra work..when im struggling to catch up..with everything
    needs getting done.

    Sun - you must be having so many paintings. Is pink your favourite colour?
    Or do you have moods and paint in the colour according to your mood.I looked
    up contact paper to see what it was because we dont hv those here. After looking
    I wish we did. Theyre beautiful. Even wall paper is rarely used because it works
    out to be too costly.

    After about a couple of days at home, i managed to go out. My DH came back
    from golf early on Sat and so me and my two brothers went off on some
    errands together and on the way back we nipped into this little restaurant
    serving Indian dishes at the bus junction and had us a little something. not so
    much because we were hungry, but because i felt we rarely get to spend time
    together, all three of us. My SIL was minding the house, while little bro was
    out with me, we dont usually leave the house locked...the burglary situation
    is too risky. Thieves think nothing of smashing locks and getting in.

    Anyways, it was a nice littlebreak and after reaching my littlest brother to
    the next bus depo me and middle brother took a cab and went to the stupa
    in the south of the city. I hadnt been in a few days. It was a good trip. I had
    been feeling a bit lethargic before going out and it all disappeared and i was
    sort of fresh by the time i got back home, it was dark by then.

    Take care all

    God Bless

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Julie, I was afraid that keeping Oreo still would be a challenge. Sending up a little prayer to St. Francis and St. Anthony, both patron saints for animals. I hope she heals fast. How does she tolerate the icing? I think the crate is a great ideal.

    Rock, enjoyed your colorful post. Hope you are doing well.

    Gordon, I know so very little about plants in general and orchids in particular except that if orchids are planted in bark with plenty of drainage and a little filtered light, they do well pretty much on their own here. I use tap water to water ours; we have hard water. When we had fish tanks, we always had to let any water sit, to get rid of the chlorine, before adding to the tanks. Sometimes, I just water the orchids with Miracle Gro when I'm watering our other plants. I use Miracle Gro orchid food in water once a month for them. They've even been watered with Miracle Gro Bloom Buster which I got for our mandavillas which aren't blooming. The knowledgeable gardeners at HD seem to like Miracle Gro products. Lowe's also sells these little exotic orchids but they don't care for them and they were all dried out. At HD, they are on the end, hanging on hooks in their little plastic bags. They are always healthy looking. I'll send a pic but it may be a while before it blooms. All the little exotics I've planted are sprouting new leaves and growing.

    Springwater, it's funny that the crystal card for kyanite shows a bridge between two clear pools of water. All my cards in my forecast dealt (no pun intended) with going within, working with my higher self, healing and being in touch with psychic ability. I think this stone, and your dream, are good omens for you, especially for healing and spiritual protection. Each stone and crystal has its own vibration. Touch the stone and try to align yourself with the stone's vibration. Make it your ally.

    Granni, you must be like me, a planner. I've read about this trip so much that I figured you had already left. Planning is a good thing as it usually makes things go more smoothly. Whenever you go, have a good time.

    Sunflower Girl, another beautiful painting. I love it. I also love pinks and purples. You are so talented. Can't remember--do you show your work and sell it? Did you get your TV straightened out? Hope so.

    It's somewhat cool out this morning but will soar into a hot afternoon later. That's why the cats and I enjoy the lanai early. There is so little early traffic on Sundays that about all we hear is the splash of the fountain in our pond. It's very relaxing. After two days of sleep, relaxing seems the last thing I need but I'm still a bit peaked. Some of my Sjogren's syndromes came back last night and I'm worried that I'll need another shot. This latest development has me rethinking running for the POA board. I'll also likely not go to Dallas but I'll take one last look at flights. Only a direct flight will work for me.

    Gonna go read the Sunday paper. Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Everyone.

    Not much to report here. Richard is back from Holland and has brought a terrible cold with him. Now I am nurse, when I want one myself!
    There have been bears in the backyard for the last few days. A mother and her two cubs. They climb the apple trees, fall out of the trees, run away when yelled at, and then creep back. Last night I had the handyman loose of a couple of rifle shots to try to frighten them.

    Also, flocks of quail and turkeys in the front meadow (past the woods). Yesterday the turkeys were in the front yard. Chipmunks are everywhere, and are great fun to watch. Their problem is they are too tame; they come up to look at you from four feet away. I'm always afraid the cat will catch another one. :(

    A lot of talk about orchids. I love them, but have only one ancient, decrepit Cymbidium that I am thinking of tossing out. Maybe I'll take off a good start from it...... but then maybe I would be happier just getting a spanking new one! My Oncidium and Zygopetalum were easy enough, but again I left them outside for too long one autumn, so they good frosted and lost. Still, I would try anything. Hell, at my age, and with CFS, etc., I will take colour when I can find it! Costco usually has a good selection of orchids around Valentine's Day.....

    Lydia, I am praying for Oreo and the rest of your family. As someone here remarked, it never rains but it pours o_O.

    We are finally expecting rain, heavy rain, on Tuesday, and for several days. We need it so bad to start the springs running again, and the creek that runs buy our house. Then we can use the well again! And burn trash fires and brush piles. The handyman that is.

    This is marihuana country, and apparently the crops are just coming to harvesting stage, so the growers are all freaking out about breakage, mold, etc. The streets of town are lined with transients seeking work as "trimmers", holding up cardboard signs with the picture of a mj leaf on it! Most amusing, but also annoying. They frighten the tourists! Incidentally, I happened on a second talk about the benefits of med. mj by Doctor Sanjay Gupta. He's the doctor that did a 180 degree from against mj to pro, and apologised for his earlier condemnation of it. Cool, huh? :)
    Anyway, the stuff must be legalised. This ridiculous prohibition has done enough damage already!

    Sorry not to talk to everyone, but I do think of you all with great affection.

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    RAIN! In Calif!!!!! That sounds wonderful. I hope some of it travels down south to us.

    Barry: Not sure if I mentioned that my DH tried the MJ cookies, hoping that it would help with appetite. He would eat the required amount around 5 PM then would take a nap and when he woke he had an appetite. But......he went off using it, saying it didn't help but I KNOW it did. May be he just couldn't get his brain around the MJ part. I've highly recommended it to others who have loved ones fighting cancer. I know that with FM I could also take it, but for the most part I keep the pain under control with ibuprofen and caffeine until around 5 PM when I have some wine to numb the aches.

    Yes, those transients would be scary. Wonder how much they chew while trimming.

    Mikie: yes, finally got the direct TV working. Two more techs came on friday and replaced everything.....wires, box, dish on the roof, connectors, etc. Yea. I was without any TV for more than 2 weeks. Tried to watch The First Ladies on the Ipad, but I kept losing connection so I gave up. My cousin recommended this to me. Apparently Cspan did a whole yearly program on our president's wives.

    I thought about you this morning as I was buying a heavy box of kitty litter at Target. I get one of the guys at the store to put it in the back of my van, then open it in the van when I get home and divvy it up between 3 containers to bring into the house. Where's there a will there's a way.

    Julie: thanks for the name of the toy. I'm going to search for it online and compare prices. Hope everyone had a good BD celebration.

    Spring: I personally head for blues, purples, oranges to paint but don't necesssary pick any favorite colors. The orchid painting was from an orchid I owned at the time and I just used it as inspiration. Right now I'm working on a smaller WC of some palm trees. Now that I seem to be able to handle WC better than in the past, I will probably work more in that medium because there's less space taken up in storing paper as opposed to a stretched canvas. I used to sell in several galleries but haven't even wanted to bother in years. There's so many wonderful artists around that it's just plain hard. And when FM started to rear it's ugly head, there's no way I could do what I used to. I checked out Ebay and Etsy and there are 1,000s of paintings. So how would someone find mine? So I just paint for my own enjoyment.........it's my playtime when stress gets too much to handle.
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for poor Oreo. She's bonded so much with you that she needs you, as does everyone in your family. I understand how Lyndsey feels. I had 3 children, 3 years and under. All I had was my mom who was in her late 60s to help by occasionally watching them for an hr or two and we had NO $ to even hire a babysitter. It was HARD. But look at what women 100 years ago or earlier had to deal with. I see pics. of those poor women with a ton of kids living in a cold water flat in NY, and most of them didn't even have relatives to help. I hope you take this in the way I'm giving it, but young parents have it much better and easier than we did years ago. It will do Lyndsey much good to figure things out on her own. She will become a stronger woman and more confident of what she can do on her own.

    I also help my kids when I can though because I understand. So I understand where Gpa is coming from. He knows you guys need financial help so at least he can do that. Just thank him and accept his help.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    you have the basics on growing orchids and it doesn't matter if you use tap water. only
    orchids from higher elevation need the better water from mountain streams.

    as one of the president of the cymbidium club said, it doesn't matter what brand of fertilizer
    you use to feed the plants as they can't read. what matters is the ratios of the fertilizer itself and
    that you ONLY use one-fourth of the recommended dose so as not to burn their roots. you
    can feed them with every other watering in the growing period as it would be wasted during the
    winter. maybe this doesn't apply in FL as it's always warm. you might check with a nursery man.
    you can also fine out more info from the American Orchid Society's website.

    will look forward to seeing the flower.

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everydobby (a former member used to use this term)

    Julie - i think this situation was coming anyway (it was only when) given how things
    were. They were always busy at your place. I remember feeling apprehensive
    when you wrote Lindsey wanted another child after the twins and then
    almost got a panic attack myself when you wrote she was expecting. The kiddies
    were all so small still. And i was worrying about you mostly. You were willing
    yourself to get out there and help inspite of all the health issues you were
    facing aready. I hope Lindsey will get her pep back sooner than later..all of the
    incidents with Oreo and your father adding of course, unforeseen circumstances.
    The children will grow bigger, need less taking care of.

    It was good of Dens father to help out with oreos expenses..but if he could
    afford it, i think you deserve all that considering how much you do for him
    all these years and years..must be a nice respite though, in view of all that
    you hv been dealing with

    Mikie - that is really strange, the kyanite symbol showing a bridge between two
    clear pools of water. And me seeing those two swimming pools with crystal
    clear water...or maybe not so strange..if it meant something. I hope good.

    Sun - if you did post a painting on a selling site there are chances someone
    might buy..of course, if you dont mind the added labour..the back and forth
    with customer and all. I had wanted an old Caspar comic and a childhood
    book and my daughter found both for me on ebay. and mailed them. used
    of course..but the book was in pretty good condition. Also a book on Spirit
    Guides i had bought in America, had lent it to my healer friend and she
    really wanted it, so daughter again looked up ebay and when it came it
    was in mint condition hard cover (mine was paper back) and at a fraction
    of cost..my healer friend said it wasnt a co incidence because she makes
    so much use of the book, more so than me.

    Yesterday was errands day. or rather shopping day. I asked my middle
    brotehr to come stay at home and i went out and bought some water
    bottles i needed, I could get the water sprinkler in the right size, i wanted,
    also bought my son two new shirts, two rather new ones got lost, (help
    stole?) two had rips down the back, one tee he was fond of, i found
    covered in oil spots, he didnt know how they got there..so it was high
    time. I also bought 'jimbu' a spice we put in black lentils to add tang.
    had to cover a lot of ground and got suddenly tired in the middle of
    it all. (Mikie) by the way i saw online one can make ones own holy
    water...its what i wanted the water bottles and sprinkler for, tho my
    water comes from a place i go to and blessed by a guru.

    At home, didnt need to cook..there were leftovers and DH brought
    back some nice pistachioe cake.

    Take care, all

    God Bless
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Gordon, so good to be hearing from you. I think we do have some orchid fans here besides me. Orchids are addictive. Yes, I live in the perfect place to grow them. It's humid most of the time with only a few dry days in the winter. I read about caring for them and it said to fertilize weakly, not weekly. I thought Rock might get a kick out of that one. The Vanda has put out new shoots, leaves, or whatever one calls them. Our really huge old orchid is putting out two new stalks. It's the one with the long stalks with leaves on them and blooms on the end. It appears it may be getting ready to bloom on one stem. One stem is so long that it folded in half. The leaves on the end are green but some closer to the plant are yellowing. Is that a concern? I'll post a pic when it blooms. Thanks for your help.

    Barry, loved reading about all your critters. Sorry DH came home with a cold, though. This bug I have is part stuffy head cold, part breathing problems, diarrhea and vomiting. It's like the buffet of viruses--a little of everything. I was only on half my dose of AV but have upped it to the twice a day dose. Medical MJ is on the ballot here and it was looking as though it would pass with the required 60 percent but a strong lobby is running ads against it with docs solidly against it. A very successful lawyer here spent $4 million just to get it on the ballot. The anti ads are full of lies but people will believe anything without checking it out. The Opinion Page in the paper is full of both pro and anti letters. I hope it passes but I fear too much money is being spent against it. Hope DH is better and that you don't catch it.

    Sunflower Girl, I buy kitty litter in a 38# box but when opened, it contains two 19# boxes with handles. I give myself a hernia getting it from the shelf into the cart but when I get to my car, I open the box and just take out the two lighter ones. I use the clumping kind with fragrance crystals in it. When the cats paw at it, it releases a nice odor. I just cleaned out the boxes this morning early when I got up. I also finished watering plants on the lanai; I got the outside ones yesterday. I'm soooo glad you got your TV working and I'm impressed they redid the connections. Bad connectors can really mess up signals. Do you have an artists' group where you live. We have the Alliance of The Arts here with all kinds of artists. From time to time, they display their work to the public, giving the artists an outlet to sell their work. Your paintings are certainly worthy of showing.

    Julie, I suffered from PP Depression and I had my Mom to help me out. It's a chemical imbalance following childbirth and all the changes in hormones. Yes, she needs some help caring for her babies, but she could see a doc who could help her with her problem. Sweetie, you have too much on your plate to be able to solve everyone's problems, even assuming you could solve them. Some things have to be handled by those who have the problems. I think it's wonderful that GPA paid the vet bill. Obviously, Oreo means a lot to him but I think he is also saying how much you all mean to him. It was a wonderful gift. Every now and then, wonderful people do wonderful things for other wonderful people who deserve them.

    Springwater, there is no downside to Kyanite. It is there to help you heal and to open channels of communication between you and others and between you and your Higher Self. It came into your life to help you with these things. It is also there to help you heal and to provide spiritual protection so you can do your work safely. I think your dream and the picture on the card is no coincidence; I don't believe in coincidences. I think it is an omen that you can put the stone to work for you. I hope and pray that it helps in any and every way. When I do my quarterly forecasts using the cards, it is always right. It isn't necessary to actually have the stones and crystals but if one does, it helps support one's path.

    Well, I've had a bath; I really need a shower but just am not quite up to doing my hair today. I'll do it before tomorrow's condo mtg. I'm better but still a bit peaked today. I hear the gardeners trimming outside but not mowing yet. The mulch has yet to be delivered. I want to be there when they do the stair atria as we have climbing plants and they can't be moved. They will just have to mulch up to the pots. I'm afraid to take my meds and supps as I threw them up yesterday. Think I'll just take the AV and my hormones and forget the rest. I don't know what to eat as I have no appetite. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie,

    Thanks for the book poem. It really struck a chord with me. I think we are changed by what happens in our lives. One way we can choose to change ourselves is to read. We almost always take something away from books. Even if it's just light reading to distract us from our health issues, books are miracles to me. You are definitely right about the ups and downs of CFIDS/ME (and FMS too). Without TV and books, I'd loose my mind dealing with the symptoms. I also think you are right about God's plans for us. What often seems a setback opens a door that, in the big picture, helps us on our path.

    Keira is one of the cutest, and hippest, kids I've seen. Does she put her outfits together? If so, she has a real talent for looking so perfect and appropriate. Maybe she should start a blog for kids her age. So many of them have no clue as to how to dress.

    My temp finally returned to "normal" yesterday and I started to feel better. Good thing because I went down and moved all our plants in pots in the atria, except the climbing vines and huge olla pots, so the gardeners could spread the new mulch. I then had to go back down and put the pots back. My Christmas Cactus is getting waaaay too much watering as they are running the sprinklers every day to water our new sod in some areas. I put it up on top of one of our storage bins behind the hedge. The only problem is that when it starts to get sun, it will bloom. I usually like it to bloom at Christmas so I let it rest in the shade down in the atrium. I also had to bring a dracaena up on the balcony as it was getting overwatered. Everything else looks really good, especially against the new red mulch. It's cedar and smells soooo good.

    Another neighbor mentioned my running and becoming president of our big board. The old president is making a big deal out of my health and saying she has issues with it. Well, I had a cold/virus which anyone could catch. I am confident I could do the job but I just don't know whether I want the grief which goes with it. BTW, the old president took cruises and vacations and missed meetings. There is only one thing worse than living in a condo village full of gossipy seniors and only one thing worse than politics--indulging in politics in a condo village full of gossipy seniors. On the other hand, I do love living here and love the people who live here but it can be a challenge.

    I worked up a sweat moving plants around and sweeping our sidewalks when the gardeners were done. I got a glass of cold water and sat out under our cassia tree. There was a nice breeze and the orchid pots were swaying gently. I think they like the motion. It was sooooo peaceful. The Vanda orchid is putting out new shoots. It sits on a table under the tree's canopy. The tree puts out dappled shade which seems just right for the plants.

    That's about it from here. Hope everyone is OK.

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    No news here. I am reading as usual. Mostly thrillers and show biz books. Some history
    now and then. As various folks have pointed out over the years, books let you travel
    and explore other lives in the comfort of your own easy chair.

    Barry, have you read "Among the Bears" by Benjamin Kilham? He raised orphaned
    black bear cubs. Despite being dyslexic, he wrote about same. Said black bears
    are curious but rather timid. More likely to follow you in the woods to see what you
    are doing than to attack you. Still, there was an account of someone killed by a
    black bear in the news recently. Did you get your rain? There's supposed to be a 10%
    chance here, but that means we won't get any. The folks in the hills might.

    Ask Richard if he has read Frances Marion's autobiography titled "Off With Their
    Heads". She was a reporter who became a screenwriter. Worked on dozens of
    films beginning in the silent days. Won two Oscars.

    Julie, great picture of Keira. She looks so healthy, alert, cheerful. I was wondering
    about Oreo's vet bill. Figured it would be about a thousand bucks. But twice
    that much? Yikes! Great that grpa has the funds and the generosity to step in.

    Mikie, your tall orchids with blooms at the end sound like epidendrums. We have
    lots of them. They are cheerful, easy to grow, and pretty much bloom year round.
    I know what you mean about no appetite. I hardly eat any solid food anymore.
    Gordon bought a couple cases of Ensure for me.

    Springwater, "everydobby" comes from John Lennon's first book "In His Own
    Write" which came out about the time the Beatles came to America. I see
    copies of it on line advertised at 50-60 bucks. Cost $2.50 when it came out.

    What kind of pistachio cake do you make? Gordon makes one in a bundt pan.
    He uses a cake mix and Jello pistachio pudding. I used to make a glaze for
    it, but I don't do that any more.

    Sunflower, love your orchid painting. We used to go to lots of orchid shows. There
    was a painter that often showed up. He sold painting. Did some on the spot.
    They were big. About 4 feet long; half that wide. He used big bold strokes.
    Worked very fast. Reminded me of Chinese scrolls.

    I have not heard from my siblings for three months. Sent them birthday cards
    last week, but that did not provoke any response. Hard to know what's going on.

    Granni, we are awaiting your report on the Vegas reunion. I bet you had a
    great time; hope so anyway.

    Hugs everydobby

    Hi Julie, we were posting simultaneously. "Dark and stormy night" was
    by Bulwer-Lytton. Writer's Digest, a how to write magazine, has an annual
    contest to see who can come up with the worst opening sentences.

    Anyone wanting to read some of the previous winners can check out the
    Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. (The site won't let me copy anything.)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2014
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Cute pic. of Keira. Me thinks she likes to model clothes! How tall are her parents? I know that most models are thin and start around 12 or 13 and made up to look 18. Interesting about Kong toys. I've seen them but didn't know they open up. You have your OWN baby to take care of, with Oreo. I hope she's good for you.

    Rock: Why don't you eat solid foods? Just no appetite? Do you like cottage cheese? It's full of protein and easy to get down. The problem with Ensure is it's full of chemicals, that's why I made fresh smoothies for my DH, using some good protein powder from Trader Joes. Yes......where's OUR rain. My yard looks pathetic. Even succulents have suffered and they're supposed to be drought tolerant.

    Mikie: Nothing like some fresh bark to spif up an area. It sounds like your tree is a perfect place for the orchids to live and also shade for everyone to sit under.

    My cleaning lady came yesterday so the carpets look nice and fresh again. We have a dyson pet vacuum so it really pulls the fur off the carpets. She emptied the canister 3 times yesterday of fur. I brush them daily but it's an ongoing battle. A few days ago I must have gotten a spider bite on my finger, which is now looking like a sausage. It itches.......and I've put some oregano oil on it.....but I think I need to heat up a moist cloth and wrap it around to draw out the poison.

    I've felt like I'm coming down with something, probably a bug going around, and the fatigue is really bad along with body aches. I took TWO short naps yesterday and went to bed early again with ibuprofen and my heating pads. Of course I'm dosing with oregano oil and also another liquid drops stuff that's supposed to help cut colds, etc. My DD is also complaining of the same thing so I guess something is making the rounds. My art class is today, but it depends how I feel around noon whether I'll go or not.
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Well, no apples this year! The ****** bears ate ALL the apples (Golden delicious) that were on the tree! Unbloodybelievable . :mad::mad::mad: This is a first. And the tree was loaded with apples, branches bending, only 25 ft from the house.

    Also no persimmons this year! The bloody squirrels found a way to jump from the cypress to the p tree and got them all. At least they didn't break any branches. But I am still p.o. ed! o_O

    Rock, Why can't you eat solid foods? Inquiring minds (me and Sunflower)
    want to know. Maybe we're nosy. She suggest cottage cheese, which I endorse. I suggest to fu, peaches, applesauce, lots of low salt cream soups. My granni had no teeth yet ate pretty much everthing. But she was Texan.....

    Supposed to rain today and more, so I got some geranium cuttings potted up, and a begonia foliosa. Just have a Rhipsalis cactus to do and then that's it. I want to be on the lookout for tulip and daffodil bulbs next month.

    Well. I'm off to read my first Miss Read,
    ta ta for now.

    P.S. Moderators: there has been an annoyingly large amount of spam on the Pro-Health Forums lately. But I guess you know that. I'd just like to see it removed more promptly. :rolleyes:

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, Dr. Phil had a kid on yesterday who refused to stay in counseling and he just continued in and out of programs. I don't know what it takes for people like this but, unless they are willing to do the work in therapy, they will continue until something, or someone, causes them so much pain that they finally are willing to get the help they need. I pray your friend gets into a program and gets help. On the other hand, it sounds as though Oreo is the perfect little patient except for wanting to do too much. Can the collar come off when you take her outside? Dogs are sooooo smart; I'd like to see one solve a puzzle to get a treat. Cats are smart too; they just bug you til you give in and give them a treat.

    Sunflower Girl, I hope you aren't coming down with something. I'm healing but, all in all, it will have been about two weeks from the onset of extreme exhaustion, the horrible cold and stomach problems, and now the slow recovery. I get three canisters full of cat hair when I vacuum. It doesn't matter how much I brush and comb them. I think living in the dry A/C air contributes to their shedding. I'll be able to open the lanai all day soon but by then, the air down here will be relatively dry too.

    Rock, my loss of appetite is from this long, drawn out virus but I did buy a ribeye steak yesterday. I'll grill it for lunch. When I get like this, I need a lot of protein. Be careful with cottage cheese as it often contains a lot of salt. With my Nutribullet, I can blend most anything and you might like one. Of course, when I have no appetite, I don't want anything from the Nutribullet either. Oy! I thought "It was a dark and stormy night," was written by Snoopy :)

    Barry, there were 28 spam posts. They are not left on here for more than a day usually. One member suggested that PH not allow links in posts but that wouldn't stop them. I have six IP addresses used by many of today's spammers which will be banned; however, they likely never come back. They are probably rings of people in third-world countries who just post once and hope, like a spider in a web, that someone comes along and gets caught. It's a numbers game for them. I'm sure this is happening all over the web. You may voice your concerns to Holly at TechSupport@ProHealth.com. Believe me, I'm no happier about the spammer than you.

    Well, Barb is wanting me to come out for coffee so I'll sign off for now. Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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