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    I'll be right back as soon as I refresh the page. OK, I'm baaaack!

    Sunflower Girl, we must have been posting at the same time. We hit 30 so thought I'd just answer you over here. I think you are right; some cats are natural shedders. These two have a cheap animal print throw from Wally World. I can clean the hair off and wash it. I actually got two so I can switch them off. I have it thrown over the end of my loveseat where they love to loll. I made some little animal print pads they can lie on, one on the floor and one on the sofa in my little sitting room where Sylvester loves to nap. They can lie on my light quilt and I can clean their hair off of it easily. Still, they love to find new places to nap. Sylvester's favorite is under my bed. I know when I clean under there, there will be a 5# hairball.

    I agree that finding something one loves to do is really helpful. My only problem is that I never get around to doing those things by the time I do yardwork, housework, and allow for downtime. At least, I'm keeping myself busy. It's really rewarding to see how beautiful our yard looks. The condo--not so much but I don't worry about housework so much. I feel it's so much more important to give these cats a home than to worry about a place almost no one ever sees.

    Rock and Gordon, speaking of doing things one loves, do you belong to the American Orchid Society? It's a bit pricey but looks interesting.

    Well, once more, there is a spammer I have to go take care of.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Gordon: orchid question. I have a phalanopsis that when it stopped blooming on the flower spike it put out a tiny leaf about 10" above the plant. It now has 3 leaves about 3" in size and 3 long roots. I don't think I'll get more flowers on this spike since it's brown. Shall I just leave this new plant floating in the air?

    Julie: Oreo will be fine, whatever happens. I believe I've mentioned the two dogs in the neighbor who do fine with only 3 legs. They both jog with their owners. I think it's only us people who agonize over "suffering" but Oreo seems fine in spirit. And don't worry about extra $ having to maybe be spent. Worry is pointless. God will provide the $ needed when you turn it all over to him.

    I'm waiting for a handyman to come to fix my bathroom faucet. Also have other jobs for him to do to make it worth his trouble of driving here. I just need to stay out of his way because he likes to TALK and that means I'm paying for his talking.
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    what you have is a 'plantlet' or what we call a kiki. since it has roots you can clip it off the
    brown spike and plant it in an another pot with orchid mix that you can get at any nursery
    store. i will assume you are a orchid grower and have had your plant for awhile. if not,
    what mix is the plant in - brown/tannish moss? if so, please TAKE THE MOSS OUT
    and replant it in bark mixture. the moss retains too much moisture and will drown the
    plant. you can cut off the old brown spike. in certain plants it can generate another bloom
    on the same spike, 4 times.

    phals can be grown indoors in a bright room - do not place in direct sunlight(a bright bathroom
    or kitchen is good) you can place a saucer w/pebbles on it and place the plant on it for
    some humidity. it's unusual for a kiki to form on plals - i don't grow them as i don't have
    enough air ciculation in the house and the XXX plant gets mealy bugs. you can take the plant
    outdoors in the spring and grow it in SHADE ONLY and bring them back in around this time
    of the year. the plant need a night time temp differential to initiate the flower spike for the
    following spring.

    you can find more growing info from the American Orchid Society's website for most of the
    popular orchids.

    good growing.
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    Hi Kids

    We are organizing and tossing. The accumulated clutter in this old house is way too
    much. Anyhoo, I went through a box of papers. Threw away lots of financial papers.
    Didn't have a stamp as does Mikie to blot out vital info. Just used a felt tip pen. Got
    rid of old checks, tax records, credit card bills, etc.

    And I found some stuff I hadn't seen for years: greeting cards, letters, photos, and
    my birth certificate. Also a verse I wrote a couple decades ago. It was printed in
    one of those little poetry magazines. I am posting it here as it is educational. Ha Ha!

    "Laser beams reflected off the moon confirm the prediction of astronomer Seth Chandler:
    the Earth wobbles as it revolves. In the 20th century science has modified its views
    on other basic principles such as the construction of the atom, the nature of light, the
    size and age of the universe, etc."


    Truth and knowledge there were sought.
    In our schoolrooms we were taught:
    As sure as death; as sure as taxes;
    The Earth revolves upon its axis.

    Now, it seems, there is some bobble.
    Invented is the Chandler Wobble.
    Not some new, exotic dance.
    It does not make you leap and prance.
    It makes the Earth go topsy-turvey.
    Makes our orbit sway more curvey.

    It seems that much of what we learned
    Upside down has now been turned.
    The only rule, it seems, of late:
    What we know is out-of-date!

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    Hello All

    Julie - sending prayers your way..i wish little Oreo was completely well again..i know how much you
    must be worrying.,and sad to see him go through the discomfort..but hang in there...you have
    been through storms in the past and come out, colours flying..this life, sunlight and shadow
    sunlight and shadow playing hookey with us all the time.

    Happy belated birthday to Keira..that was a spanking pose she held in the pic..im gathering she
    loves the camera or at least doesnt mind it. I would love to have a little girl that age to dress.
    I remember my own DD. What fun it was. Of course once she hit the pre teens she wouldnt
    let me pick out clothes..she got into the plain T shirt with scruffy jeans and a chain hanging
    from her neck phase. Nowadays some of the clothes i pick out she likes, some she doesnt.
    She is mostly into colourful little dresses. and those long flowy sleeveless maxi types. I
    had to bring back a dress i took her once because she didnt like the colour and print. I
    wear it, since its a kurti its all right, i can wear it.

    Diane - the matter of therapists is no simple one im gathering..from all ive heard. I suppose the only
    way to go is trial and error..since every person is different. both doc and patient. I hope Tabeet and
    Gang and all doing fine.

    Sun - lol! you have to avoid the handyman because is is a chatterbox. I always seem to think its
    the fairer sex who have that trait. I hope the work gets done and he is out of there soonest. Its
    nice for me that you, Gordon and Mikie are all flower enthusiasts and discuss them in the board.
    Its interesting to read. Even if i havent been gardening these days.

    Mikie - i know its irritating to hear someone gossipp behind your back and tell you unpleasant
    stuff. But beyond all that i think you should consider the matter carefully. You have been ill
    rather a lot and taking on the concerns of a whole body of people in the condo might
    add to your load. The job will require you to deal with concerns as and when they arise
    in the condo and involve a lot of back and forth with other people which in itself can
    be stress inducing. You will make a wonderful president but do mull over what you are
    getting yourself into. If you are ill during the time something needs attention it is going
    to come in the way of your giving your own health attention.

    I hope i can do the 21 day meditation programme this time. Last time it I just listened
    and copied some of the mantras down.

    Rock - i dont make pistachioe cake myself. The cake which my DH got was a sort of
    moist one with a lot of walnuts thrown in sort of crumbly in texture. Due to erratic
    electricity i hardly use my oven these days..my here just now gone just now bouts
    of energy leave no room for me to plan and do stuff..i do it on as is basis.

    Its disconcerting to know the earth wobbles as it rotates..but since we dont feel
    it i guess its fine. Chandler Wobble is a nice stylish name for any dance. Chandler
    always reminds me of the soap 'friends'. i hv never known any person by that
    name personally nor read in any books.

    this city has grown since your author visited it last, but there are still many
    temples..although not every third house is. BUT you can be sure there is a
    little shrine to worship in every house and business. they offer flowers, fresh
    water and incense every morning. in front of their diety.

    The day before yesterday typhoon Hud Huds remnants came swirling in to our
    country and brought so much rain! It rained rottens i mean toeerents i mean
    torrents all the day - very strange, it would pour hard and furious for 10 mins
    then suddenly it would slow down for 3 minutes then again resume coming down
    hard. I was mighty glad we werent in the eye of Typhoon Hud Hud, that happened
    In India in the interiors. On top of everything my sons two friends from his
    school days who study in India and Australia made up their minds to come
    visit me before going back after the festival hols. Me and son had talked about
    inviting them over but i was waiting for the 'right time'meaning a surge in my
    energy which didnt seem to be happening and then as it happens most of the
    time, they decided to come visit, and there was no putting it off - they had other
    relatives to visit rest of the days, and fortunately i looked in the fridge and
    we had most of the stuff i would need for dinner...i just made son go out
    and get some cold drinks and snacks and condiments in the car. because
    it was raining torrentially.

    I made the food early on, some sesame chicken, lentils, rice, veggie,potato
    curry with the help of our help and then used the remainder time to rest
    and clean up a little. I didnt hv the time nor energy to make the semolina
    halwa i had planned for dessert so phoned DH to bring a cake which he
    did, a very nice moist cheese cake with lemon on top.

    I was telling son he might hv to go get them in the car but he brushed it
    off saying they were well capable of coming on their bikes they had raincoats.
    They were coming from 45 mins away
    I underestimate the vitality and resilience of youth..i remember my son too
    took his bike out mostly even in rain, they find it easier in the traffic, and
    the boys did come, although both needed to be dried off and a change of
    trousers, lent them sons shorts and jacket while theirs dried. Each of them
    got me a present of a pashmina shawl...each..was touched and embarassed.
    These are kids who used to scream and gamboll and play wrestling on
    sons bed when they were seven eight years old and here they are, strapping
    hulks and gentlemanly and courteous.

    Its been one of those coupla days..i get onto the board and read, and then
    get called away when im about to post..i must hv left this post about six
    times to get up and do something. got logged out too. and the cursor
    having a life of its own..jumping wherever.

    Yesterday i went and called on my friend whose daughters birthday I missed.
    I had bought a kurti top and had a scented candle in a little golden tin container
    and a soap made of various fruit flavours, they were gifts from a cousin so
    i gave those. The daughter called me after work and said she could smell
    the fragrance as she was unwrapping the present. I dont like keeping things
    nowadays but sometimes like this time they come in handy.

    I had a nice chat with first friends younger sis, (whose temparament matches
    mine more, actually) and then friend who was handling something in the
    inner office.

    Well. everyone take care

    God Bless
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    Hi, Everyone, something is definitely wrong with my wi-fi or this website. I was taking out the trash (spammers) and couldn't get back to the page of new posts. Oh well, I'll try again. I got most of them.

    Julie, you're such a good mom, grandma, daughter and daughter-in-law, wife, etc., etc., etc. Yes, having animals is a lot like having kids or babies. I pray for all our animals and I hope the cats don't get sick or injured. I had to take my little plug-in oil scent dispersers because I think Tweety is allergic to them. Her eyes water and she looks like she has pink eye. Last night, I took them all out and today, she seems fine. I never want anyone to come into my condo, sniff, and say, "Oh, you have cats!" They are clean and I keep the litter boxes clean so I don't think they smell but I could be used to them.

    Diane, you are so sweet to offer Julie words of encouragement. You've been through so much with the cats.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm laughing thinking about a chatty handyman. Most men don't want to talk when working; I'm the same way. I want to focus on the job at hand and not be distracted. It drives me nuts when someone hovers.

    Gordon, do you belong to the American Orchid Society? It looks like a good thing to do but don't know whether I want to spend the $65.

    Rock, love your poem. The thing which absolutely blows my mind is that, from time to time, the Earth's magnetic field changes polarity. Does God come by and swing his degouser around us? Would that mean my compass would point due South? I'd never heard of this til recently.

    Springwater, I'm sorry to hear of all that rain. AACK!!! When we have a rainy spell, it's depressing. Of course, I shouldn't complain because it's sunny here most of the time. Believe me, I've been giving this run for the board very serious consideration. I asked the present president how much of her time is spent with baloney and how much is actual POA work. She said about 50/50; that's what I figured. When dealing with the baloney, one can tell people to call mgmt. but our mgr. never gets around to doing things, tells people things which are wrong, and has a very nasty attitude. I think, regardless of who gets on the board, they will be looking to replace her. Of course, we could get someone worse. Property managers down here are notoriously bad.

    I'm bored but still don't have a lot of NRG. If I can, I think I'll go over to the pool to work out, even if I can only do a little. Barb keeps asking me to have coffee with her but she is getting back to her old negative self and I just can't stand to sit with her today. Even if I don't go over to the pool, I'll tell her I have too much to do in here. If I say I'm too tired, she be all over the hood telling people I'm too sick to be on the board. I think her daughter and SIL (he is some piece of work) are coming down this weekend. I'll steer well wide of them. Maybe they will keep her occupied.

    I'm trying to stay positive and peaceful so I'm glad to see that Oprah and Deepak are redoing their meditation series. That helps me deal with the negative NRG around me. Of course, I can meditate on my own but there is something about Deepak's mantras which work like magic. This time, I'm writing them down along with what they stand for. I listened to my new Zen Meditation CD for a bit and like it. It's so peaceful. Only problem with this sleek little CD player is that it takes two hands to operate it because it's so light. I may try to see whether there is some way to anchor it to the shelf. The acrylic CD cover slides up and the CD sits on edge. It's my "Jetson" CD player.

    HSN is selling copies of Audrey Hepburn's jewelry. She was such a woman of style. QVC used to sell copies of Jackie Kennedy's jewelry. I bought one small, inexpensive ring I liked a few years ago. They are no longer selling this line.

    Well, I had better go. Microsoft is champing at the bit to install updates on my computer. I hope this time, it doesn't screw things up. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I'm glad to see you are up to posting your Warren Peace sagas again. I think
    it is very public spirited of you to consider being on the board. I wouldn't do it even
    if I were healthy. I hate meetings.

    Yes, I remember some years back when I heard about the Earth's poles reversing, I
    was struck by two things. Isn't that amazing, and how did the scientists ever figure
    that out?

    I think Gordon was going to answer the question about the American Orchid Society.
    Maybe he forgot. Or though I already did. Anyhoo, yes he belonged for a number of
    years. They put out a spectacular magazine. Heavy paper; gorgeous photos. He
    still has many of them in boxes. They're like National Geographics. Hate to
    throw them away.

    Sunflower, how is your finger? All better I hope. Was it your painting hand?
    "The plumber's problem" shows up in the crosswords as a clue. The answer is
    a four letter word. Sometimes it's "drip"and sometimes its "clog".

    Barry, I heard from my brother the forest ranger (ret.). He was on a trip to
    Minnesota. Said he visited the bear center in N. Minnesota. I sent him an
    e mail and told him about your apple loving bears and the persimmon eating

    Have you started Miss Read? The nice thing is that if you like her books, there
    are so many of them.

    Julie, Oreo is lucky to have you to take care of her. Same goes for your family.
    I would like to take a trip back to the nation's heartland, but my traveling days
    are over. I found a pic of my hometown from 1950 on the net the other day.
    Did I already post that. Can't remember nuttin' no more.

    Diane, are Beety and the other kitties okey dokey? I just fed the ornery cat
    that visits us. There's a black tom with long fur that comes around on an
    irregular basis. He's not interested in eating, but he loves to come in the house
    and explore.

    I saw therapists for a long time. 20 years ago. Ran into two that were not
    compatible. Got rid of them in a hurry. But most of them were very helpful.
    Kaiser had therapeutic group therapy. Small groups. Part lectures; part
    questions and answers. Most of the therapist were social workers. The co pay
    back in those days was 7 bucks, or maybe 10. Practically free. Of course
    the basic charge was $7,000 a year, but the employer paid that.

    Springwater, glad you're up to Warren Peacing today. We have a Chandler
    family here in Los Angeles. They were owners of the L. A. Times. Dorothy
    Chandler headed the drive to build a music center in the 1960s. It has
    3 theaters of different sizes. The Oscar ceremony used to take place there.

    I bet son's friends have happy memories of visiting your house when
    they were young. Never heard of a "kurti top". Found pics on the net
    though. Seem to come in a wide variety; some look like dresses and
    some like long shirts and some like a nurse's uniform.

    Well, I hope I didn't forget anybody. Oh yeah, the reason I'm not eating much
    is that I don't get hungry anymore. Isn't that strange? Plus nothing tastes
    good anymore. I've lost 45 pounds more or less. Can't tell for sure. The scale
    went on strike, so Gordon put in a new battery. Now it gives results that are
    patently ludicrous: 42 pounds; 111 pounds; etc.

    Hugs to everydobby and absent friends: Granni, Joan, Dar, et. al.
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    :DWhy can't I make a bigger font? I will see how far my hand will go without giving out. I am so happy that we haven't been ion the storm areas. They have been so bad with all of the flooding
    That all sounds as if an idiot typed it!:confused:

    I am still suffering from the numbness in my right side from tip toe until arms.M y biggest pain is in my feet,rather foot. the bottom is numb and i have Mr. Art in my toes, I walk very far and I have so much pain in the foot. Then I told the therapist please do not make my left leg worse, It needs a joint replacement that I could never get the knee repaired. I aaidentally turned my knee 2 days ago so :( I liml with both legs but I go noewhere with iout my walker

    Then my pet peeve is this thi9ng!! I can not type worth a durn on it and I make mistakes all the time. My sopn from south of here comes to visit and he tinklers I go to do something and it doesn't work
    1. We speny over an hour with both of us on phones and he talked me thru the problem. Of course,. he didn't know hwat the problem was when he began but we made it.:eek:

    I haven't read all the back volumes so reall dont know all that is and has been going on with all of yu kind ;people.It has been 2 monthes since my son-in-laws passing. My daughter hasn't really realized it all but she is doing better.
    A friend is driving her diown here this weekend. then they will go to our home town tp put winter type flowers on both graves, She didn't want to do it alone.

    My neuropathy fingers are worn out. I do hope that y ou have deciphered a,l of the above! KI miss you all

    Gente hugs


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    Hi Everyone

    I was complaining about the torrential rain and being cooped in the house, and
    now i learn many trekkers in the higher regions of our country were struck by
    flash floods and although about 100 were rescued, as many as 85 are still missing.
    around 30 lost their lives among them all nationalities..vietnamese, canadians,
    poles, israelis..etc..ive also wanted to go trekking at least once in my life and
    now im a little shaken.

    Joan - so nice to see you..though i wish you were feeling healthier in your
    legs and hands. Thank you so much for coming on and posting inspite of.
    We are all having computer problems but at least we can post. I think you
    can ask your son when he comes over to teach you to make your font big.
    If not, dont worry about it. Just post and let us know how you are doing.
    I hope your DD will soon be able to up and move on. I know how hard
    it must be. I have a SIL who tries and i think succeeds sometimes but
    she still has these crying fits especially when she comes back to a silent
    house from outside..my little brother who stays with her is withdrawn
    so not much comfort there but at least it is some company. They hv so
    many dogs, the feeding, letting out etc. takes a lot of work.

    I still tear up when thinking about my eldest brother but dont dwell on
    it at all and i think i am getting a little more over it. Maybe losses when
    endured when one is younger are easier to get over? Ive lost my parents
    and friends and innumerable pets but the recent losses are taking longer
    to get over.

    Julie lets us know when you post on FB but ive stopped going there.
    For one thing i hv forgotten my PW. For another im finding im a bit
    out of time..housework errands etc.

    Julie - Glad to know Oreo is waving her little tail and raring to
    go. Please take rest as and when you can. Lindsey is brave to be
    able to entertain the thought of a nine hour drive anywhere
    voluntarily, lol! with a baby..at that. or me, gone are those days.
    Its something about youth, like i said before.

    God Bless
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    My Dear Friends,

    The offending post has been removed; therefore, I have deleted responses to her from your posts. Her bitterness and rudeness isn't worth your trouble to respond. After many warnings, this has been turned over to Admin at PH. We do not need stress of this type in our lives and it will not be allowed here. It is against the rules to post argumentative posts, especially those dealing with religion and/or politics. It is OK to mention God and religion but not to bait people into a fight. So, please put any stress this may have caused out of your minds.

    Julie, I hope and pray Oreo is mending and you and your family are doing well. Thanks for enlarging Joan's post.

    Joan, I'm so sorry you have so many problems. Prayers going up for you. Also sorry you have gremlins in your computer. I've never had so many problems that I have had lately with my computer, Comcast, and my cell phone. It may be the attack of the gremlins or Mercury is retrograde in the Zodiac. In any case, it's a real pain. Sounds as though DD may still be in the denial stage. It's the mind's way of protecting against the unthinkable. I always think grief counseling is a good thing.

    Rock, thanks for the info on Gordon and the AOS. I think I may join. The mags look beautiful and if I join now, I have digital access to back issues. I feel so ignorant when it comes to the orchids. Yes, I seem to be able to grow them but don't know anything at all. I also wondered about the change in polarity. I think things weren't as technically sophisticated last time this happened. Perhaps the compass does point to South and that's how they knew. I'll try to find out. Runway numbers use the magnetic compass for their numbers. If you take off to the south, you are on runway 18 (they leave off the last number). If you take off to the north, you are on runway 36, even though there is just one runway. So the only effect would be that pilots would have to remember to mentally reverse their headings, remembering that north is south and vice-versa. Also a lot of runways would have to be repainted, not to mention all the changes in paper charts and electronic info. Magnetics have always fascinated me.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm sorry to have deleted your post. I think you believe as I do and as many of us here believe. Prayer doesn't guarantee the results we seek but we cannot see the big picture here in this life/dimention. That said, however, there is a sense of peace when we turn things over to God, after we have done everything we can. It means we believe there is a higher power at work in our lives. Some of us are religious and some of us are spiritual. They are not mutually esclusive and some of us are both. It's a personal thing and you explained it perfectly; however, I felt I needed to remove answers to the original poster.

    The cold front is giving us beautiful weather but, yesterday, I rested most of the day, falling in and out of deep sleep. Guess that virus left me more tired than I had thought. Am still mulling around the run for the board. I could always decline the presidency, if offered, and simply be a director. Julie called while I was asleep and wanted to see the cats but the phone was in the living room and I didn't get the message until it was too late. I'm sorry to have missed her as I'm sure the cats would love to see her. I would love to see her too. I'd like to have the cats see more people. With this cooler weather, they were on a holy tear this morning, chasing each other all over the place. Now, they are sleeping it off.

    I don't know whether I'm tired or just lazy. Maybe both! There is plenty which needs doing around here but I just don't care. Hope y'all have more NRG than I.

    Love, Mikie
  11. sunflowergirl

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    thanks Mikie......I'm glad it's all deleted.

    Spring: How terrible about the lost lives of trekkers. Are these basically those brave souls who try to climb the mountain? Yes, as we get older it's harder to get over the loss of those we love. I keep busy and when my mind goes to a "pity party" I remind myself to always think forward. I also find the right type of happy music does help.

    Rock: you're sooo talented with writing. Wonderful poem. I read somewhere that a whole polar change took place 1000s of years ago. Don't understand all of it though.

    Julie: I hope the BD celebration comes off tomorrow. Yes, important for the young ones to have a special day.

    The weather has turned drastically here. Apparently there is a SMALL chance of some rain. It is overcast this morning and in the 60s but I like this good change from that awful hot weather we kept having. I'm having big time troubles with my garage door. We had an automatic installed about 14 years ago.......it's making awful noise and getting louder. The handyman looked at it and felt it's off kilter so there's a garage door company coming today. I left my van out on the driveway last night, afraid I wouldn't be able to get it out of the garage. Sigh. Always something else for me to deal with continually. Yesterday I did some yard cleanup. I'm thinking of spending the $ and getting a small load of colored rock delivered to tidy up in front. But the problem with it is who do I hire to put the rocks around the bushes? I have to blow all the neighborhood leaves from the front every other day rotating with the back yard. I'm thinking I might need to wear a mask while I do it because I did a lot of coughing afterwards for hours. Every night I absolutly fall into bed exhausted from stress and things that have to be done around here. My DD is pushing for me to go to the doctor for a stress stress as many times it's hard for me to walk around.

    I'm going to my art gathering this morning to paint a little and chat with other artists.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    seems like there was something going on here..Im sorry..happening after
    a long long time.

    Mikie - thank you for taking care of it, you and the other mods. I had a series
    of problems with my own computer, set box, etc. Id fix one thing then something
    else would go off..i had to laugh when you mentioned mercury being somewhere,
    as the reason..my own planets hv been off kilter for a long long time now. Im hopeless
    at physics so didnt understand about polarity and the runways..math and physics
    always scared the living daylights out of me.
    i hv most problems when im typing, sometimes after ive posted whole sentences
    hv been lobbed off. and if i dont check..make no sense. the font size keeps changing
    by itself. Besides being logged off automatically after few minutes.

    im sorry you missed Julies visit but glad you got to sleep a deep sleep. Your body
    must be trying to rest and recover. I cant think of you as lazy, ever. You keep
    doing so many things whenever you are able. And sometimes even when you need
    to rest. I know your condo area with plants are what they are largely due to you.

    Julie - Glad to hear Keira is a little better. I hope you all have a good time. It certainly
    seemed like a whole host of challenges descended on you at the same time, dont blame
    you for feeling depressed/anxious. The body goes into fight/flight mode making one
    more tense when we need to be calm. i think coming online to this board and the
    porch family is one of my most relaxing things to do, my precious down time.

    Today was a lovely day, sunny but not hot. I couldnt go out though. I dont quite
    remember what all i did. Ran around like a chicken without a head. Some mundane
    thing here, there and theres still so much chores left undone. I need to focus and
    not get distracted by all and sundry. Wouldnt call today and productive day. But
    theres always tomorrow.

    God Bless

    P.S. Sun - saw your post now..the flash flood victims are mostly foreign trekkers hiking
    at the base camp of mt annapurna and some porters and village herdsmen. Glad to
    hear you are getting some rain.

    Last edited: Oct 17, 2014
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm BAAAACK !!!!! Had a busy day today with three washes and trying to unpack, etc. Got two suitcases where they are supposed to be upstairs. WHEW !!!!

    We had a wonderful time mostly catching up with dear old friends. Some are talking about another reunion but not that sure about us depending on where it is. We are a distance away from everyone. DH is not to thrilled about another plane ride between cost, germs, etc . To many worries right now.

    Glad to hear from Diane today who alerted me to the situation on the board. As I told her, when she told me, I was not surprised as I was reading some of those posts not to long ago before I left and I almost pushed the ALERT or REPORT button myself. I forget what it is called. I could go on about it but I won't. I figure that it would happen sooner or later but none of us needed to be "baited" like that, a lot of the time.. She has had many warnings.

    Mikie - Thanks for all you do for the board and helping to get rid of the spammers, and other people who do not stick to the rules, etc. This might have also proved to be a little stickier than others ):!! Hope that you are feeling better than you were when I left. Lots of hugz and special blessings to you my dear, for all you do for us and PH.

    So glad to see you all again. I just wanted to pop in for a bit to let you know I was back and glad to read ALL your posts. Sorry for JOAN'S neuropathy and JULIE being so warn out with everything going on in her life. Hope things will settle down soon with Oreo and everyone. Stress is not a good thing to have to constantly going on in your life. Glad Keira is well enough for her party and Clinton too.

    Speaking of birthdays. We will be going out with my DD who moved here and family tomorrow. They will be taking us out for my birthday and for all he work we did to help them get this house they bought. So that will be very nice. OMG, I cannot believe how old I will be tomorrow. Geez, next year I will be 75. ROCK, your b-day should be soon. Am I right? I know that your about the same age I am by a few months I think, maybe not Oct.

    Hi also to dear Rock, Spring Water, Sun, Diane , Joan and all my dear PORCHIES !!

    Have to go get ready to go to a gathering at one of the homes of DHs Men's group. We all were invited to a "Fish Fry at their home,

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    First, thank you all so very much for your kind words. I am happy to do my job to try to keep this place safe and stress free. It's never easy to have to ban a member but, in this case, she had one warning after another. It's not fair to everyone else to allow her to come here and break the rules. Please know how much your kindness means to me.

    Julie, kids, and, really, no one else cares about how clean our houses are unless they are like the ones on "Hoaders." I know everyone will enjoy Keira's birthday celebration, especially Keira. Also, I'm sure everyone will be happy to see Oreo's healing. I'll be Oreo will be glad to have so much attention and love. Right now, Sylvester is next to me on the sofa and Tweety is asleep on the top of the loveseat. They just want to be near me. Animals really are God's little miracles for us.

    Granny, geez, you're not old; you're one of the youngest people I know, at least, judging from you activity level. I don't know whether I'll ever want to fly again. Security, cramped planes, aggravating people, germs are bad enough but now, it costs an arm and a leg to be tortured to get from point A to point B. Happy Birthday a day early, youngster!

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry your troubles continue. Sometimes, they just come in bunches. I pray things get better for you. You are so healthy in how you deal with your stress.

    Springwater, wow, girl, you're on a tear, getting so much done. Just don't overdo it. No matter how much we do, there is always more, no gettin' around it. Sometimes, when I'm in survival mode, I just do what has to be done. Yesterday, it was cleaning the cats' litterboxes. I'll do it again tomorrow. With two boxes and scented litter, I can get by with every other day. I'm so sorry to hear about those people who died.

    Diane, thank you for your nice note.

    I did go out to have some water and my vitamins with Barb this morning, later than I usually do. I had to water some plants as it hasn't rained much. I think our rainy season is about over. Our desert rose is covered with deep red velvet blooms but the mandavillas don't have a bloom on them. Rats! I think our huge monster orchid is about to bloom on two stems and it has two new stalks growing like crazy.

    Y'all will think I'm nuts but I took a flat blade dinner knife and tapped Sylvester on his shoulders and dubbed him, Sir Vester. He is very regal. Tweety is now Princess Tweets. That makes me the Queen of Everything. :)

    Well, time for the Queen to sign off. Hope y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Granni

    Glad to see that you're back and to hear that you had a wonderful time. A fish fry
    sounds like a nice way to be welcomed home.

    The story goes that a monastery in England decided to open a roadside fish-and-chips
    stand. One customer approached the stand and asked, "Are you the fish friar?" "No,"
    the brother replied straight-faced, "I'm the chip monk."

    Yup, it's our birthdays time again. I am 3 months older than you. But I believe
    we can immature at any age.


  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: You sound like you're feeling much better......the queen knighting Sir Vester. Tee hee!

    Granni: so you had a wonderful fun time in vegas but didn't hit any jackpots to speak of. How were the shows you were going to see?

    Rock: I didn't get a chance to tell you how good your poem is. You're very talented with words.:) I'm sure you have many more stuck around the house. It would be good for you to get them all organized in one notebook.

    Spring: that must be AWFUL to have people working in your house and you never know when they're going to steal you blind. Wish you could send some of that rain here to calif. We're so parched. And a big problem is all the agriculture that is grown in calif. for all over the world.

    And a big happy birthday to both Granni and Rock. So Rock, you turned............a few months ago. I'm turning the big 70 in Dec. I told my DD I wanted to go someplace for my BD. At first I thought Hawaii, but it's a small/large fortune to fly there and also stay there! Things are happening with my DS up in Portland, so perhaps I might on the spur o the moment fly up there. That would be hard for me, flying by myself. But then I was a big brave girl when I was 21 and flew to Europe to meet up with tour in London and never gave it a second thought. Funny things happen when you become dependent on someone else and suddenly they're gone.

    The garage door guy came, worked for about 45 min. trying to figure out why one of the wheels would do a little jump up when it got to a certain point in the track. So.........he did the thing most uneducated people would do....if something doesn't work give it a whack with a hammer and voila! No noise. Of course that only cost me $75, but then it could have been a lot worse since he was telling me he might have to call the door installers to come next week and look at it.

    And I've made an appt. with my doctor for monday. Being out of breath all the time ain't no fun so I need to see why.

    Julie: we were posting at the same time. Hope all turns out good tomorrow for the party. As usual you're running, running, running. Great toy! Some inventor came up with a terrific idea.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, busy as usual. Sorry you didn't catch a nap but hope you wake feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. The only one around here with a bushy tail is Sir Verser. Even he is limping on his slightly deformed front paw. That doesn't keep him from running and pouncing on Princess Tweety. It's only 65 this morning so they are both up for a good chase and romp. I am loving this cooler weather with low 80's during the day. Hope you birthday bash went well.

    Rock, looooove your little friar/monk story. Aah, a punster with a punstory!

    Granni, a very Happy Birthday to you!

    Sunflower Girl, I'm laughing at the guy hitting your garage door mechanism with a hammer. I used to fix my old TV the same way but just smacked it on top with my hand. I think you are smart to see the doc for getting out of breath. Please let us know what the doc has to say about it. I get that way now and then due to a very mild case of COPD. I just use my nebulizer and it goes away. In the rare case where I have an asthma attack, I have a rescue inhaler. I did have a cardiology workup to ensure it wasn't heart related. I hope, in your case, it's nothing to worry about. These things usually aren't but better safe than sorry.

    Springwater, Yahoo had some pics of the survivors of the avalanche in Nepal. It's all very sad.

    Yesterday, I finally got out my fall decorations, mostly little pumpkins. I have one made of a rubbery type material so I put it outside on one of our little tables on the Balcony. I also watered the plants since we've not had any rain and likely won't until next week. My buddy, Richard, gave me a wooden, jointed scarecrow which I hang by the front door. I'll enjoy them 'cause once Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas decorations go up. I usually don't do anything elaborate but like to do a little. No way could I do a tree and I have no space for one but I do swags of green with little white lights. With Tweety jumping on my half-wall between the entry and my kitchen, I will no longer be able to put a swag there. QVC had little flameless candles shaped like puppies and kittens. They were so cute but I don't lack for decorations. A lot of what they sell can be bought locally at a much better price.

    Nothing exciting going on here so will sign off.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks DIANE and everyone for my Happy Birthday wishes. I love that cute card. I appreciate the good wishes so much. So lazy today and need to go get dressed. Just wanted to pop in for a minute to say HI and THANKS to all.

    I need to go get dressed. DH want to go work out some so I guess I had better change from my PJ's. More later.

    MIKIE - I love your knighting of Sir Vestor and the new name change of Princess Tweety. Yes, my dear you are a QUEEN :)!!

    I will be back later !!

    Love to all my wonderful loving PH and PORCHIE friends.

    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, Hi to you too. Glad you enjoyed my knighting Sir Vester. Of course, Tweety is a princess by nature so I just call her Princess Tweets. I'm sure some people think I'm nuts but I do have a good time with these little guys. It doesn't seem to matter to them what I do as long as I give them love and attention. I know they can sense the love in my voice. I know it's the same with you and Oreo. Knowing how much she is loved will help her heal. I hope the party is great!!! I don't do nearly as much decorating as I used to, especially when I lived in the house and had kids. We had a child's antique wooden wagon and I'd fill it with hay and pumpkins and put it outside at our front door. Heck, in the hood back then, we even decorated our mail boxes with indian corn in a bunch tied with a bow. Aah, those days are done gone!

    Granni, I've been lazy for a week recouperating from that horrid virus. Finally, today I ran the dishwasher and unloaded it and did all my laundry, including the bed. Now, I have a sore shoulder from turning the mattress. I probably should buy a new one but they are sooooo expensive. Also, since there is only one of me sleeping on half of it and rotating it, it should last longer. I'm waiting til I win the LOTTO so I can buy one of those, like a hospital bed, that raises the head of the bed. I say, "Enjoy laziness while it lasts!"

    Diane, thank you for your sweet note. I really appreciate it. Hope your kitties are doing well. I removed the Glade scented plug in fragrance defusers and Tweety's eye seems to be clearing up. She must be allergic to them. Good to hear from you.

    My final act of housekeeping/organizing was to take the garbage/recyclables down to the dumpster area and pick up my mail. I've already gone online to pay my bills. With all my injuries and illness lately, not to mention the regular dental cleaning and eye doc, my bank acct. is a bit anemic. Still, I transferred money to my savings because I have a goal. Good thing I am well stocked up on most everything and don't need anything. Barb just had her condo painted so she isn't wanting to go out anyplace expensive either. We are both in saving mode. I did a little organizing to see just what I have on hand and found two big containers of laundry detergent. Guess I can afford to be clean for the duration. I'm well stocked on shampoo, conditioner, soap and Epsom Salts, thanks to really good sales. My paper products are well stocked too. What I really need to do is get into my larder and use up some of my cans of things and bottles of marinara sauce. I think I have a really good coupon for Johnsonville Italian sausage so I should cook up some pasta. One of my friends is worried I'll die with shelves full of stuff. I think her goal is to die with almost nothing on her shelves. I told her not to worry about me; if I die, my kids will give everything away to my friends and she'll make out OK.

    OK, it's really time for me to go. Think I'll slip into a hot Epsom Salt soak before I slip between those nice clean sheets. Hope everyone has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator