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    I'll be back shortly to post. See ya'll soon!



    OK, I'm back! :)

    Kevin's gone to the health food store, and to the grocery store, and another place that I can't remember! :)

    So, the kitties and I are here at the house. So the kitties got a treat -- NOT. Claws clipped! All went well!

    Have any of y'all had a kitty who has "corns" on the pads of her front feet?? Rosie does. And she does not like having them looked at. Today, I was able to look at/trim 6 or so of the corns. She has one corn that looks like she's been chewing at it. We may need to get a vet appt for that, don't want an infection to set in. And the corns can be removed surgically, if necessary.

    I took another step forward, and made a dental appointment. It's with a "sedation" dentist. And yep, I checked out his credentials. So the week of Thanksgiving, I see the psych doc and the therapist on Monday. Then the dentist on Tuesday. I keep going forward one baby step at a time. :)

    I've read your posts, but can't remember what y'all said.

    So I'll just say a BIG HI to y'all.

    Oh, Barry -- I had some steamed clams for my birthday dinner. It was a combination with Kevin's b'day dinner. He had buffalo steak and potatoes. Along with my clams (and seasoned butter) I had a crab cake (I made that earlier this month) and some store-bought coleslaw. Yummy!

    Anyways, just wanted to say HI to y'all. Y'all take care. Talk to y'all soon!

    Love and hugs and prayers,


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    Hi...I'm new. I'm Sharon/55/Cape Cod
    I have a Tortie too! Her name is Caoimhe pronounced Keeva.
    It's Gaelic for precious, beautiful.
    I have been sick since 1993. I got Lyme disease.
    It took almost 7 years to begin feeling like my 'old' self again.
    But then a whole new crop of symptoms began to appear.
    I have EVERY symptom of FM plus head sweats and some form of hiatal hernia no one seems able to diagnose.
    I've been on 2400 mg neurontin daily for 10 years. 10-20 mg vicodin every 4-5 hours and 125 mg elavil at bedtime
    This is my best course of treatment and it barely takes the edge off the pain.
    I'm not sure what the porch thing is, I'm guessing it's a comfy, welcoming place to pull up a rocker and have some nice conversation...
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    Hi Capelady/Sha----

    You are correct! The porch is a place to pull up a chair or sit on the swing. Put your feet up. Have some iced tea or whatever cyber beverages are served. And Talk. About anything. Pets, recipes, ouches, dr appts, daily life, frustrations, tell jokes, ask for a shoulder for comfort, ....... I could go on and on.

    For now, I'll say "WELCOME"!!!!!!

    We're all a friendly bunch here. We look forward to your participating.

    Love, Diane

    By the way, my tortie is named "Tabeet". She was named when we adopted her. Soon as my hubby brought her home, he nicknamed her "Beety". :)
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    Welcome Sha (Capelady), to the PORCH and a wonderful board of fun and very smart and tenderhearted people. You asked about the PORCH. It is a place created sometime ago by others stuck with similar debilitating and awful symptoms where we can get together whenever we please to chat about whatever is on our minds. You can talk about recipes, kitties or pets, what is happening in your life, or just vent about whatever is going on in your life. I love your Capelady handle :)!!

    BTW, click on the name of anyone where they have posted some information about themselves. Some may have still have info on there. Some people are afraid of getting their identities stolen or not wanting to give away their names so hey don't post a lot any more on their PROFILE. I think most of my stuff is still there :)!! However, my age may be older. Haven't checked in some time. I have also had FM for 30 plus years and no fun. I love the picture you put on your profile. That is how I feel most days but force myself to do stuff. If I was by myself I might be more inclined to lay around more.

    DIANE and MIKIE both have kitties and they often talk about them. Please come back again and let us know more about you. I think you will find the PORCH a very comfy place to hang out. W also change Volumes Porch lights about every 30 or so posts to make them easy to keep track of. ROCK also has a feral kitty that he feeds .

    It is such a busy day today and our small singing group will be singing at a local Assisted Living home so I am trying to get things done that I need to do before going.

    DIANE- thanks a lot for starting us up again and closing up the last volume. Your birthday , etc. special foods you and Kevin made for yourselves sound so yummy.

    JULIE - How nice you can share things with your eldest granddaughter KEIRA. Most of mine (grandchildren) are to old and to far away.

    Gotta run for now. Sorry no time to address all today.


    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Welcome, Sha. Your guess about the porch was exactly right. You can sit on a rocker or
    a glider (porch swing) or an easy chair or a bale of hay or a bean bag...well, you get
    the idea.

    The porch is a unique thread because it has no topic. People just drop by and chat about
    whatever they like as Granni said. You can find the board rules on the blue line
    above. "Supplemental News has info on research. The "Shop" is self explanatory.

    Does "Cape Lady" indicate that you live near a cape? Wear a cape? Have a cape
    buffalo as a pet? Drop by anytime you have the energy. Did you pick a gaelic
    name for your tortie because you have Irish or Scottish ancestors? I do; both!

    Diane, sounds like you and Kevin had a nice birthday dinner. Never tried buffalo
    myself. We got a catalog from one of those gourmet places that sells ridiculously
    expensive food some years ago. One of the items was buffalo meat. Gordon went
    around for days saying, "Pleeeze! No buffalo Burgers!" Sounded a good deal like
    Susan Hayward in "I Want to Live".

    How long is your singing program, Granni, or does it depend on the group? I was
    listening to an old song on Youtube last night. From the 1890s. Sidewalks of
    New York. I like the tune and the lyrics. There's a relatively new song I like
    which has a lovely tune, but the lyrics are sadly lacking. It starts out as a
    love song but ends up a hymn and much of it makes no sense at all. Its
    name is "Bright Blue Rose".

    Hugs Everydobby
  6. capelady

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    Hi! Love the porch concept!
    Yes, Scottish on my mom's side.
    Cape is Cape Cod. My home.
    We are a commercial fishing family.
    (The cat likes it!)
    My kitty is just 9 months old. My last kitty was a blonde male Maine Coon who lived for 22 years (KiKi)
    Keeva is a dark tortoise shell who is mostly sweet and cuddly but she has a dark side (naughty).
    It's just me and my honey (John) at home, all the kids are grown.
    John is kind and generous, understanding and loving, very caring and giving and I am lucky to have him. He is my best friend, he makes me laugh even when I don't feel like laughing!
    We have the best daily chats!
    And yes! I did get out and vote even though it was a long, painful walk to the voting booth.
    I could barely make it back to the car. (Thankfully John drove.)
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Darn it, the computer just ate the post I was writing - grrrr:mad: I' m so mad when that happens.

    DIANE - Glad to see you posting and good luck with your doc and dentist appointments. Yes, baby steps is a good thing. It sounds to me like you are doing a great job in getting things under control..

    ROCK- I guess our singing programs are about 30 minutes or so and maybe a little bit longer at times. Next month we start singing our Christmas songs. Ten we have 5 programs to Hope the gal that doesn't do our bookings doesn't get us any more. It is such a hustle wit everything else to do..

    SHA - Glad you got to go vote and glad you have a wonderful DH to drive you.

    Need to go start thinking about dinner besides sweet potatoes that are in the oven :)!! TTAL !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie's usual first-outta-the-gate post isn't here. Hope you're OK, Mikie. Regarding
    Ann Lindberg, I never read any books by her. I see she wrote a lot of them. Seems
    to like titles with a dichotomy: Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead; The Flower and
    the Nettle; Locked Rooms and Open Doors; War Without and Within. Was she
    (or Amelia Eahart) an inspiration for you to become an aviator?

    Finished my book on the boy who lost a leg due to cancer, but eventually became
    a skier in the Paralympics. Just read an unusual crime thriller. It has no cops.
    The criminals get into a deadly squabble all by themselves.

    Gordon is going to the dentist today. The other day was just for diagnosis and
    planning, I guess. Anyhoo they're gonna get out the hammers and chisels today.
    He's a little apprehensive about the dental dam. I think it's some sorta
    barrier to keep tools and whatnot from sliding down the patient's throat.

    Los Angeles is always noisy. It's just a matter of how noisy. Last night I was
    on the back porch, taking some kibble to the stray cat when the racket
    from the helicopter overhead was augmented by two cop cars whizzing by
    with lights and sirens going. They stopped at Mrs. Wong's place, the next house up.
    Weren't there too long. Haven't heard yet what was going on.

    Been here over 40 years. It will never feel like home to a kid from a
    Midwest village. Uff-da!

    Sha, John sounds like a keeper. Someone who can make you laugh in tough times
    is always good to have around. Two years ago when I fell getting outta bed and
    busted my nose, Gordon was telling me to get dressed and encouraging me with,
    "Courage, Camille. You don't die till the last act."

    OK, Kids. Hope to hear from you later.
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    First, welcome Sha and Caoihme to our Porch. I'm so glad you found us. I'm sorry you are acquiring symptoms but it seems to be the nature of what ails us. Having a good husband to make you laugh, it is the best medicine, and a nice Online Family, like us, helps where the meds don't. These good people have seen me through thick and thin and I love everyone. I hope you like us; I think you will.

    Granni, I'm laughing at your saying that today is going to be a busy day. For you, Dear One, everyday seems to me to be busy for you. I'm glad you can do it all but I know it isn't easy for you. I admire your not giving in to the pain and exhaustion. I try not to but I don't try as hard as you. Thanks for 'splaining to Sha about our profiles. I don't even know whether mine is still here. I should check it out.

    Diane, thanks for opening a new Porch. I have never had a cat with corns on its paws. Sylvester has one front paw with webbed toes and he sometimes favors it. Vet said nothing could be done and it isn't painful. I say if a cat favors a paw, it's painful but he doesn't do it too much and even when he does, he'll run like lightening if he sees something. Good luck with the corns. I hope the vet can help. I don't imagine they make kitty corn pads.

    Rock, of course it was Steinbeck who wrote "The Winter of Our Discontent" and Shakespeare who mentioned it. I don't, for the life of me, know why I thought it was Anne Lindbergh except I think she may have used that phrase in describing her marriage in something I read. My brain has been soooooo exhausted that I'm lucky when I can form a complete thought. I can't remember a time when I didn't want to fly. Even as a very young child, I was always looking up, especially when planes flew over. It runs in our family and, I'm convinced, it's in our DNA. My Uncle Bernie, who later in life became my step-father, took Mom and me flying in his plane when I was only two. I can remember it; it was sooooo exciting. Speaking of the Paralympics, in CO, there is a skiing program for blind skiers. The instructors ski behind them fastened with a lead and tell them when to turn or what else they might need to do, like to stop. It's very popular and those skiers get pretty good. Some without one leg will use one ski and poles with little skis on the bottom. For some, there is a chair-like setup with skis. I think it is wonderful for anyone who is challenged to be able to have the same experiences as the enabled. I just saw on TV that the blind are playing baseball with a ball that beeps and bases which also beep when a hit is good. I saw a blind guy on TV riding his bike. He makes clicking noises with his mouth and uses the return sound like sonar to know where the obstacles are. Amazing!

    I whine about everything and always admire those who overcome such debility. Speaking of debility...not much to report on Barb. Her BP won't stabilize so she can't go to the inpatient rehab. I haven't been back to see her. Her kids made the excuse that she was having a bad day the day I visited. Yeah, bad because I visited. Oh well. Yesterday, I went to a POA board mtg. (anyone can attend even if not on the board). I found out that I have to tell Barb's daughter that they cannot bring their Chow Chow here to stay for two days until their rental is ready in Jan. Chows fall into the category of breeds that the ins. co. won't allow. Our ins. broker did a presentation just before the mtg. We could lose our ins., a very big deal in FL, and/or be sued should anything happen. Dog bites are the biggest types of claims and the ins. co.'s pay out tens of millions of dollars in dog bites to kids' faces. Yikes! I'm not looking forward to telling the daughter. She'll just have to board him for those two days. I'll check Angie's List to look for good kennels.

    Amendment 2 got more yea than nay votes but not enough to become an amendment. One can still get an Rx for medical marijuana down here but it's difficult to obtain. If the amendment would have passed, it would have meant better controls over growers. The Attorney General has just cleaned up most of our pill mills, for which FL was infamous, and I think that they don't want another opportunity for docs and clinics to abuse controlled substances. In the meantime, if I want some MJ, I guess I'll just have to go see my neighbor across the pond and ask for a toke on his bong. You can outlaw anything but that doesn't stop people from obtaining what they want or need.

    I hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: OMG......I've felt that sis abuses her dad. Seniors are warned about that all the time.....elder abuse. I hope Den can step in an take care of that situation. The little ones are adorable. I see Josiah has one of those little padded seat things so he can sit up. I need to check yard sales for some baby items again. I got rid of everything I had with the other two grandkids but Nika has to be either held or laid down on the floor when she's here. The problem is I only see her about once a month, so don't want something that won't be used after she gets older.

    Thats GREAT news that Oreo's leg is healed. And after only l month. Yes, it just might be the extra of what you've been giving her. And I know Den was very happy about her reaction to him.

    Sha. Welome to the board. Ah.....living on the Cape sounds so wonderful. I've only been there once about 35 years ago. My mom, my youngest son, and I flew to visit the Brimfield Fair in Massachusetts, then we rented a car and I drove the cape and back for a couple of days. I need to look at a map and refresh my memory. What town is it that Martha Stewart has a house? She's never invited me. LOL

    Mikie: I think Barb holds a grudge and probably will never get over it. She sees herself as in the right, no matter what has happened between the two of you. To bad the board isn't sending someone else to tell her DD no dog. Yes, those chows are vicious. I wouldn't want it around me. How wonderful that you grew up at an early age flying in a plane. No wonder it was so natural for you. Do you ever wish sometimes that you still had your license and could fly?

    Rock: I must remember that line about Camille. Too funny. Sorry about Gordon. I get shivers when I think of dentists......I'm dental phobic which stems from one dental trainee glueing my mouth shut for 30 min while doing a mold for a tooth........must have set the timer for 30 instead of 3. The dentist had to come in and pry my mouth open. 3 months later my jaw slipped into dislocation and that was the beginning of FM for me.

    Diane: My two cats only allow me to pet them/touch them when they're in the mood. And I wonder if my hands give off energy that they don't like. I've heard that before. However, come evening when I'm sitting watching TV they're all over my feet! Reading about Julie's Oreo, I get to thinking about another dog, then I remember all the expense and work connected with one. My DDs dog just had to have 5 fatty tumors removed from her stomach......to the tune of $975.

    Granni: Sounds like you're starting to rev up for christmas singing. I know you're in a small group that visits nursing homes. Is this a freeby or do all of you split a fee? I used to sing in a group in HS and we would be invited to nursing homes, etc. Much fun and it brought great joy to them.

    I did some watercolor playing yesterday, inbetween lots of paperwork and running around. Its sunny and heading for high 70s today and I have a lot of containers of succulents that I want to get planted today. I'm dealing with sinus troubles since the 6 days of flu I had so it might be good to spend the day in the sun. The computer guy fixed my computer (we thought) but yesterday evening I started receiving bad messages again so he's coming this afternoon again. I HOPE this second visit is included in what I already paid.
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    I've always wanted to fly. As a kid, my uncle (Big D) owned a small airport in town. He and my Dad had been flyers in the war (WWII)
    Every Sunday after church my Dad and I would go for 'a ride' (flight) in a Piper Cub.
    We would fly over my neighborhood, he'd buzz my friends houses and fly so low I could see my friends running through the fields below, waving and laughing and shouting.
    They were so envious!
    Those are some happy, happy times to remember...thank you for making me smile.
  12. capelady

    capelady Member

    I wasn't finished...reply wasn't responding.
    I wanted to ask a question.
    What have any of you done/heard of doing when standard drug treatment no longer works?
    I've tried it all...on a regimen of gabapentin, elavil and vicodin at this time.
    My primary care doc and my neurologist ( both of whom I madly respect and love) are in agreement that my next step is medical marijuana.
    (It's legal here)
    I am considering getting my card and I found a place locally that sounds legit, they provide a 'caregiver' who assesses your health and determines what strain of marijuana is best suited to your specific health needs. AND they deliver right to your door!
    Any thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. capelady

    capelady Member

    BIG weekend coming up!
    My eldest daughter, Katherine (Kate,33) is getting married on Saturday.
    I love her very-soon-to-be beloved Brian.
    Kate has a 10 year old daughter, (Emmy) my one and only!
    I am so pleased for all of them, but I am exhausted just thinking about this day!
    I have done all I can do to prepare myself. My kids (there are 3 of them) are very understanding and compassionate with me and my 'condition'. As is my honey, John.

    I'm sure it will be a perfect day and perfectly exhausting as well...but so worth it.;)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Diane, I'm glad you got a laugh outta kitty corn pads. I was laughing myself while typing it. I just hope the vet can help. Even though I know the vet said there is nothing which can be done for Sylvester's paw and that it's not painful, it always makes me sad to see him favor it. For comic relief, Julie and I call him, "Hop Along" or "Hoppie." Dark humor, indeed. Poor kitty.

    Sunflower Girl, so good to know you are painting. I really need to get back to it. I had painted six square canvasses a lighter blue with some high gloss clear sprayed over it; it has a kind of moire look when the light hits it a certain way. I don't have a headboard for my bed so have them on the wall above it. I had planned to paint a branch with little flowers and buds all the way across with, at least, some of the branch touching each panel. Now that I've put that "Aqua Burn" pillow I got from DENY on my bed, it is the focal point of the room. It's sooooo colorful and dramatic. I've decided the panels look just fine as they are. I knew there was a reason I was putting off finishing them. They would compete with the pillow for focus. I know it sounds silly to think one pillow is the focus of a room but, in this case, it's true. I don't miss flying. I did it, I loved it, and have all the memories and that's good enough for me. That said, however, I know if I were to get in a plane and take off, that same feeling of wonder and being part of a miracle would happen to me again. I hope your sinuses and computer get better.

    Sha, what a wonderful childhood memory of flying. It sounds just like the start of a movie, so carefree and exhilarating. I'm glad you have those memories. I would try medical Mary Jane in a NY minute if I thought it would help me. I did the peptide injections for a year and they removed my CFIDS/ME, FMS and Sjogren's symptoms but they are not a cure. I still get a recurring Herpes-Family Viral flare (not that kind of Herpes :) It's probably EBV, CMV or HHV-6. I had a string of injuries recently and the virus has reactivated. I also went in for another shot. I'll likely ask for one when I see my doc next mo. Good luck to you with the MJ. I guess I could just move back to CO and get it whenever I want :) It's good they have someone to help evaluate you and make suggestions as to the right strain of MJ. Congratulations on the wedding. I'm so happy you have such a wonderful and understanding family.

    OK, guys, I just finished sewing the cats' new fleecy sleeping bags. They are a dark brown and black leopard animal print on very, very soft material (like the material in babies' blankets) with white fleece on the reverse side. I sewed them with the fleece on the inside so that the top can be turned down like a blanket on a bed. That way, it's easier for them to get inside. Now, Sylvester is afraid of them so it will be some time before he tries one. Tweety likes the fleece but I don't know whether she'll get inside to get on it. They may just sleep on them, which would be OK as they are soft and warm. It can actually get down to freezing here in Jan. so I figured they might need them out on the lanai at night. It's been so nice in the evenings, I've been leaving the slider open enough so that they can sleep inside or out. Still, they will come in crying for me to put them out and close the door. Like I mentioned before, it must be the kitty version of being tucked in. The sleeping sacks in the cat catalog are $14.99 each plus S&H. I got this fleece throw for what one sack costs so I'm feelin' nice 'n frugal.

    I am going to nicely tell Barb's daughter tonight that she will have to make other arrangements for the dog. I love Chows; they are my favorite breed and can be sweet and loving dogs but they can also be unpredictable. I will explain that Frank, Ilona and I have no problem with the dog but it's not our decision to make and it's against the POA's rules. I'd rather tell her myself than have a letter sent. If I run into trouble, the president said I can type a letter to give to mgmt. for them to send in the POA board's name. I'm glad the president and mgr. are backing me up; I only wish Ilona and Frank would. She was nasty to me when I told her about the dog problem. She has no standing on this but I wish she were not so obstructionist and stubborn. I wouldn't care if it were just breaking a rule for a couple of days but there is sooooo much at stake here. Living in a condo village carries all the horrible stories you hear about but it's also the next best thing to having family nearby if you make good friends. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

    Here's to no pain, no exhaustion and no problems!

    Love, Mikie
  15. capelady

    capelady Member

    Mikie...I love your writing style...Rock too!
    Caoimhe is doing her afternoon kitty parkour!
    Zooming around the house, up onto the backs of sofas and chairs, under tables and beds and back again. In a few minutes I'll find her curled up in one of her favorite spots for an afternoon siesta.
    She likes to steal my seat. It has a very dark blue cushion....I sit there quite often.
    It seems nearly every time I'm out of my chair for a few minutes she decides it's a cozy spot for a nap. (Probably warm from my bum)
    I've nearly sat on her several times, she's so dark!!
    I've learned to check before I sit!

    I'm going to have to get a notebook to keep track of everyone, and their families and pets.
    My memory is so poor....wah, wah, wah.

    And you can write Keeva (for Caoimhe), it's easier. Lol
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Oh, almost forgot--I've started the Oprah/Chopra 21-day meditation series again. Today was actually day 3 but I'm behind a bit. Each day is left up for five days so y'all have two days if you want to start at day 1; however, you can start anytime you want. I've decided this time to write down the focus and mantras, both English and Sanskrit, for each day. That way, I can always play my Zen meditation tape and go back to any of the meditations. I'm tellin' y'all, this stuff works in strange ways. I find that over the course of several days of meditating, my view of life is enhanced and I move through it with more grace and fulfillment. I don't know exactly how it works but it does. Deepak always starts us out with his message and how to do the meditation. In one part, he says to concentrate on our breathing and with each breath, try to receive just a bit more. Imagine that! Doing nothing but relaxing and receiving just a bit more peace, love, desire, etc. That is what I focus on--receiving. If you go to the website, there is an excellent article on ways to be happier. It is all stuff I try to do now but it's nice to reaffirm that I'm doing the right thing and what I do is making me happier.

    Sha, what a nice thing to say! Thank you. We are at a disadvantage by not being able to hear each other and can only read to get to know one another. I do think that some of what we read resonates with us. I look for the little jewels of fun and knowledge from our Porch members in their writing and I'm never disappointed. I like your writing style too. Rock is like our resident professor; he is so knowledgeable in so many areas and his sense of humor is priceless. Each of us is different and I've gotten to know our Porchies through their posts. Everyone here is so caring and loving. I don't know what I'd do without my Online Family.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Keeva (sorry, but it is easier for my pea brain to remember) and her streaking all over the place. My Tweety does this too in the morning before she stops to snooze the day away. She will attack imaginary things on the floor or furniture and then race around. Sometimes, she plays a game where she streaks from one thing to another and touches each one, kinda like kitty tag. She and Sylvester chase each other all over the condo and out on the lanai. Now and then, they have a smackdown which is more entertaining than WWW! Then, they kiss and make up and clean one another before settling down. Their favorite thing is for me to go out on the lanai (sorry to sound so pretentious--everyone in FL calls their little patios or balconies lanais and I'm in the habit) before sunrise and just sit with them. It's so peaceful and I feel so blessed for their presence. That's when I usually say my prayers before the pandemonium breaks out.

    Well, Kids, I had better get going. I hope y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Crazy day today. I has ben raining on and off, mostly in the afternoon. We surely needed it. Then in the middle of my soup for lunch I got another call from my friend's daughter who is a teacher at school. Her mom was having another panic attack and could I be there till she got there. Of course I said yes. So off I went !! All I did was talk to her and tried to take her pulse. She refused to take her b/p as it can get pretty high. Her daughter was much longer than she said she would be but I stayed till she came and the I spoke to her as well as her mom. Her mom is still going over some terrible things that happened to her during her youth as well as in her marriage. It is a very long story, at least some of it is. I spoke to her daughter about having someone coming in for maybe half a day, maybe during the worst times and see how that goes after awhile. She is about 10 years older than I. She has lost so much weight and looks so frail at times.

    This is the lady who is so allergic to things. We were thinking part of the problem might have been from the meds she was trying to go back on for her high b/p. She had taken it years ago and it was fine. However, things have changed since then, her husband is dead, and she's by herself and she has lost weight too. Hopefully they can get someone to be with her during the trying times and maybe she won't needed any longer.

    Gotta run and work on dinner. How about Ravioli , but the ravioli is done. Just have to get the sauce together and a salad..

    Love to you awl,
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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Welcome Sha! and Keeva. Ive seen movies shot in Cape Cod. What a beautiful place. We had wanted to visit it at least for a day or two when we came for daughters graduation to Mass. but couldnt, not enough time. You are so lucky to live there.

    Ive seen cats antics the kind you described, they never cease to entertain me. Dogs and cats can be just so funny when they are having fun.

    I especially love cats when they spring high into the air when startled. Heh heh

    Again just rushing through..so many jobs seem to hv popped up..and none the kind that i can
    put off.

    Granni - i am so sorry for the lady with the panic attacks. Praying for her. It was good of
    you to go to her aid.

    Julie - great news about your youngest. ...Oreo. Lol. Did you think Lindsey? So happy
    she is on the mend and almost mended.

    Diane - buffalo is standard meat around here. It costs same as chicken almost so
    people prefer chicken. We dont get beef. Due to religious reasons. We used to make
    a delicious dish out of boiled and then marinated with spices/herbs meat but none
    of us can tolerate too much spice and then of course the white meat is healthier
    than red meat thin.

    When i hadnt turned vegetarian i used to love love love steamed buffaloe dumplings
    with a spicy tomato sauce.

    Sun - looks like you are steadily handling all that you need to do. Hope the computer
    gremlins are packed off for good.

    Rock - i looked up Locked Doors and Open Doors,(?) sounded intruiging but didnt like
    the description so much. Its a memoir sort of achievements and non achievements.

    Wonder what happened at Mrs Wongs place? Hmm ..nice title for a movie. I hope
    Gordon survived his trip to the dentist without too much ado. Dentists are probably
    my least fear inducing doc trip, but still anxiety inducing.

    Mikie - I am befuddled as to what the heck Barb could possibly have found wrong
    with you that she is behaving like a cad. Yes, that is what i am compelled to call it.
    Just horrible behaviour.

    Reminded me of some instances when a friend of mine behaved in similar manner.

    I hv to think its jealousy, like someone else did. But. pough! how irritating!

    Righto! back to facing the day and all the chores it holds. lets hope i get somewhere.

    Take care all you lovelies!

    God Bless

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, how sweet of you to rush to your friend's side. It was like deja-vu when you mentioned her weight loss after her DH died. That is exactly what Barb did after her DH died. She doesn't have panic attacks but she is desperate not to be left alone. Her poor kids tried to go to the beach in the afternoon just to get away from the hosp. and get a beer and burger. While they were there, someone came to visit Barb and she typed out that she wanted them to call her kids on her own phone and tell them they had to get back to the hosp. They are there 12 hrs. a day. I honestly don't see how she can ever live on her own again but who knows? I agree that your friend could use someone to be with her during the rough times. She would likely benefit from seeing her doc about her BP meds and seeing a therapist. I don't know why people are so reluctant to see a grief therapist when they are stuck in grieving to the point that it affects their mental and physical health. You are a good friend and a good person. I pray she gets the help she needs.

    Springwater, Barb has always been like this and she has driven a lot of friends away. I have to live next to her and I know I can't change her behavior so I decided a long time ago to just be a friend to her regardless because my own behavior is all I can control (and sometimes, I feel I can't even control that :) I do believe she suffers from something. I think there is a lot about human behavior that we simply don't understand. In addition, people who suffer from these things are the last ones to seek help. They are defensive and live in fear. I had a buffalo burger at a BBQ once and it was delicious. I dated a guy who was a hunter and he fixed me an elk burger which tasted better than the finest beef fillet. I've eaten alligator and, to cite a cliché, it tasted like chicken.

    Barb's kids went out last evening with a couple of our other neighbors and I'm so glad but it meant that I had to put off telling them about their dog. So, another day of waiting to deliver bad news. Oh well, when one serves on a board, one had better get used to doing disagreeable tasks. It'll be good practice should I get elected to the POA Board.

    I put one of the kitty sleep sacks out on the lanai last night but neither of them used it. They like to be up high out there. I'm not even sure they sleep at night; they sleep all day. I folded the sacks and put them on the cat condo shelves. Last night, Sylvester came in to my bed and cried to be put out on the lanai. The door was open--he could have simply walked out there but he seems to feel more secure when I close the door. Tweety wasn't ready to be put out so I let her sleep in for a while. When I finally put her out, Sylvester cried and came running to greet her. I worry about the day when one of them is no longer with us and how the other will endure it. They are only five now but eventually, one of them will likely die first.

    My little homeless Simon hasn't been here in more than a week. I've learned, though, not to count him out. I'm convinced he is getting meals from another home in here. I do worry about his getting injured or sick. No one can get close to him although, I do not think he is feral. I think he once had a home. He used to hang out with Sylvester and Tweety when they lived outside. I'm sure he misses them. Sometimes, when he's eating his breakfast, Tweety will sit in the window and watch him. He has seen her but when he's in breakfast mode, he's all business.

    Don't know what I want to do today. My Whatever Virus has reared its ugly head again so I'm back on a full dose of Acyclovir. A cold sore started but when I increased the dose and started putting Abbreva on it, it shrank back down. I had a headache and swollen lymph nodes when I went to bed. I cannot have a cold sore when I see the eye doc for my new contact fitting on the 21st. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Don't gots no energy. A not uncommon sitch-e-ation for us porchers. Amazing
    we get anything done at all. Anyhoo, I will just start typing. Perhaps momentum
    will develop and I'll roll all the way down the hill.

    Mikie, hope you and Simon are both OK and getting better. My neurotic cat
    is not getting friendlier, but is becoming a bit bolder. I left the back porch door
    ajar and she poked her nose in. Reminds me of the old riddle: when is a door
    not a door? Answer: When it's a jar.

    It's great that you find meditation helpful. Can't do it myself. My mind just
    keeps dashing around like the sorcerer's apprentice. I wonder if an astrologer
    would say there is a connection since I was born the year Disney's film about
    same was released. I'll have to ask my brother, the forest ranger. He is a
    firm believer in astrology, smoke reading, tarot cards, etc. He is also intelligent
    and educated. Seems like some sort of contradiction there somehow.

    Springwater, too bad you didn't make it to Cape Cod. I didn't either although
    Gordon and I were in Massachusetts almost 25 years ago. Did you ever
    hear the song "Old Cape Cod"? It was a big hit for Patti Page when I was
    a teen.

    Don't know what happened at Mrs. Wong's place. Can't ask her either. She
    used to play mah jongg every Sunday afternoon with Gordon, his mother, and
    another old lady for a couple decades. Now Mrs Wong still owns the house
    across the street, but she lives in the San Fernando Valley. Gordon sometimes
    talks to her daughter.

    Sha, I bet you've been to Cape Cod. Have you always lived in Massachusetts?
    Is it near Lee, MA? I ordered some CDs from a place in Lee two weeks ago. Where
    the heck are they? Anyhoo, I looked at a chart. Lee is about 40 miles from
    Springfield and my ancestors were settlers of same in 1636. The city park with
    the statute of the Puritan was named after them.

    Are you all prepared for the wedding? Do you have to travel? I hope it's a
    happy day and everydobby takes away happy memories.

    Sun, Gordon's trip to the dentist wasn't so bad after all. They didn't use a
    full mouth dental dam; just some sorta partial one. So everything went OK,
    but the expense is staggering. Around $1700 for one tooth! The dentist
    yesterday told him he didn't need a crown, justa filling. But the dentist who
    made the referral says he does. "Ay Caramba!" as America's most famous
    ten year old says.

    Sorry to hear about your own unfortunate experience at the dentist's office.
    One of my college roommates says he lost a leg due to malpractice by a
    dentist which sounds farfetched, but apparently can happen if special
    procedures aren't followed for patients who have joint replacements. Anyhoo,
    am running down like a tired clock at the end of the day (Thorton Wilder).
    Hope to get back later.

    Hugs All

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