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    Hi all

    I wish you all a very Happy Healthy Peaceful, and Contented New Year 2015 and thereafter.

    For me, 2014 has not been the best year in terms of anything, except maybe learning
    from trials and upping my endurance levels. So am very happy to see the back of it..
    and so are most others like my friends and other family members.

    its like 11 hours since we rang in the New Year here this side of the pond..

    we spent a quiet new years eve..stayed in and ate some thing i brought from outside,
    veggie burger and veggie dumplings with chilli sauce. I dont know what they put
    in the burger filling but it tastes like meat..hmm..on really cold days i still miss

    the taste of meat..but its not so i cant take it.

    my Chinese friend had asked me if we want to join them and another couple
    at a new branch of a popular restaurant on the other side of town, but brrrr..
    its cold....and i wanted to stay close to the kerosene heater and watch tv.
    not gadding about in the cold weather. Poor friend must be bit disappointed
    today, when i called up yesterday to wish her Happy new Year she was busy cooking
    poories and potato curry to take on a picnic today..but its just cold and
    foggy and drizzling a bit...NOT the best weather for a picnic!

    mm something calls.. so bbl

    God Bless

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  2. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Springwater, thanks for starting a new Porch. I'm sorry the weather is so miserable. Every year, I think this year will be better but when I think of it, just making it through the past year is noteworthy. Our adversities have made us strong people and I am grateful for the strength God has sent me to see it through another year. I feel blessed and try to be grateful for all those blessings. Still, every New Year, I start out optimistic that it will be a better year, for me, for our Online Family and for the world. I'm with you--I want to be where the temp is comfortable and watch TV. I have to turn on the A/C to be comfortable. We are having unusually high temps following a cold cycle.

    There are a few celebrations in our area. One is at "Times Square" on the beach. The other is downtown Fort Myers. They even have a glitter ball. I've been to each once. I'm just not into that stuff anymore. Since weaning down on the Special K, my body hurts from the waist down. I'm stiff and sore. Now that I get my free membership to the gym, I'm going to try to work out and get more flexible again. After waiting forever for my friend yesterday in the doc's office with the hard chairs, I hurt even more.

    When I came home, I met the woman who came down with Barb. She is an in-law to Barb's SIL. She seems like a nice lady. Barb came out and we talked a bit. She is frail but I know that underneath it all, she is still full of something and vinegar. Glad her kids stayed inside. I don't think they want to see me any more than I want to see them. Barb liked the orchid I bought for her when she was in the hosp. It's blooming lavender on a tall cane. I think her dark purple orchid will bloom while she is here. I repotted it some time back and it has the healthiest root system that I've ever seen. Haven't seen the dog but he could be inside. I don't really care as they are moving to the rental today.

    Barb told me that the renters in the end unit are moving today. They must have broken their lease. I know there have been some domestic problems. They seemed like nice people until they had to toe the line on rules here. Again I ask, why do those kind of people move into a hood with rules? Guess they think they don't apply to them. We have a couple of violations regarding parking commercial vehicles in here and one where the family is parking a commercial vehicle and an inoperable vehicle. Everyone is afraid of them as they are crazy, mean people. When the new board meets, if I'm elected, I want to get these things taken care of. Mgmt. can deal with the crazies; it's their job. I don't want people to feel as though they are living in a police state but rule-abiding people in here wonder why the rule breakers get away with it. The violators have gotten away with it for far too long. It makes it more difficult to enforce any rules when we don't enforce the blatent ones.

    My friend, whom I took to the doc yesterday, will have to have another surgery on her back to remove infected fluid at the site of the original surgery. Seems to me that everyone I know who has surgery develops complications and/or infections. I don't ever want surgery again. Several of us have offered to walk her dog, Chewy. He's a sweetheart--a rescue dog. I fell in love with him at first sight when I looked into his eyes. He seems to feel the same way about me. Despite the pain of the fluid pressing on the sciatic nerve, Nancy would rather walk him to get out and up. He's an older dog and will pace himself to her speed.

    I have to clean out my computer armoire in the front office. Then, I have to close the door. Yesterday, Tweety jumped to the top shelf where there is a large basket and a bracket to hold stationery. There was no room for her. I heard things being rattled and went in to see her flattened out on top of the basket, pressed between it and the top of the armoire. I feel as though I'll never get that room cleaned out.

    Well, Dear Porchies, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids,

    Seems like I just posted, but I guess it was on the previous thread. I did a post
    on the Homebound board that took hours. Big delay in the middle due to
    my failing body and the ornery computer. Anyhoo, I started a new song
    game for the new year. Drop by. It will invigorate that board and maybe you too.

    Anybody making resolutions for the new year? I never have. Always
    figured I'd just do the best I could. The common wisdom seems to be that
    all the new resolutions don't last much longer than the hangovers anyhoo.

    I agree that last year wasn't so hot. Not for me personally. Not for our country
    either. I guess the last good years I had were before I got sick. More than 30
    years ago. Do I sound like a gloomy Gus? Well, I am so it's appropriate. I
    wonder if Caesar Augustus was gloomy. Remember him? He was Rome's
    emperor at the time of the first Christmas. "And it came to pass in those
    days there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus..."

    I looked him up. Not a word about his moods, but he was very successful and
    very powerful, so he probably had nothing to feel down about. Well, maybe his
    marriage. After his death there were rumors that his wife had poisoned him.

    Springwater, you're absolutely right. Picnics go with summer. I remember when
    we would go on picnics in the days of my yute. Mom would pack a big basket
    full of good stuff to eat, and we'd drive out in the country and find a nice spot.
    No farmer would mind if you had a picnic on his land. If my uncle was visiting,
    he'd bring his .22 and we'd shoot tin cans. Go wading in the creek. Catch
    crayfish. Watch the ducks in the river. Didn't toss a Frisbee as they weren't
    invented yet. But maybe a softball.

    Mikie, is a glitter ball one where folks have that glitter stuff glued on them?
    I remember our prom dances in High School. No disco ball. The decorations
    were 100% crepe paper. The theme our Jr. year was Evening in Paris. Haven't
    the faintest what it was the Sr. year. I think people actually had more fun at
    a sock hop without all the hoopla and fuss.

    Well, everydobby, hope we are off to a good start with the "Anno Novo"
    as Emperor Gus might have said.

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN TO ALL !! Wanted to check the porch before I have to star thinking about lunch and putting our dinner together with DD and family. They will come over about 4-4:30 or so. Have to wait to eat dinner till about 6 or after when DGS gets home fro working at WM.

    Two of my daughters wanted to do this football bowl thing that we used to do so I'm also in the middle of a Football Bowl pool- geez !!!. I need to get doing something around here since we will be having company. work around here.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for starting us up again. Cold and t here too today. Yes, picnics are not for winter tie, crazy unless you like COLD and nasty weather,

    MIKIE - Hope all goes well with Barb and whoever is staying with her and relatives. It is so sad that you used to do things together , even if things friendlier on your end then apparently with her. I seems somehow like perhaps she was just using you (maybe to drive her places, etc) but her change in attitude or at least more outwardly is terribly sad. Wondering if her kids and family are putting more of that into her head, or if she was. I do know that strokes can do very weird things to ones brain and cause some very strange and different outcomes to their brain . Of course it sounds like she had problems before that too. To me it is still very sad but I know about so called friends who drop you for one reason or another, for their own reasons. Anyway it sounds like you don't need any more of her problems, for sure.

    ROCK - I will try and stop by if I ever get the time to the Homebound board for that new game. Might be fun !!!

    Thinking of you ALL but I need to get off and start lunch and then dinner.

    ranni :)
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    Hi Everyone......I got back late morning today and took around at all the evidence of rain and winds so I need to get out my blower and start cleaning outside and raking up leaves.

    I've been busy reading all the newsy posts, trying to catch up on everyone's life.

    My DD decided yesterday they would stay an extra night.....so 5 nights sleeping away. They have a pool.....steps away from the golf course.....not very private though. First morning my DGD came to tell me the pool was steaming.....no bathing suit packed but when I saw her disappointed look I said I would find something to wear in the pool. So I put on a pair of leggings and a bra with a scarf tied over it. The air was freezing but the water felt really good. We mainly shopped, ate and played cards with the kids. Yesterday afternoon I told them to find a place to eat for New Years and I would stay with the kids. Almost every place was booked but they did find one place. They went to the local casino first and then for a so so dinner. One night we ate at a restaurant called The Cliffs It's built into the side of a mountain. Very nice but expensive and it was raining. Next morning the mountains were all covered with snow and we heard that a local road had been hit hard with snow and people stranded.

    Rock: Yes, we went to Palm Desert. There's a Fred Waring Blvd. nearby. Most of the celebrities have a streety named after them. Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby.......I think those are in Palm Springs though. Went shopping on El Paseo which apparently is similiar to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Me......I head for Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Tuesday Morning to look for bargains.

    Granni: I bought a magic bullet about 8 months ago to make smoothies for my DH. I stopped using it though, but need to get it down and make me some healthy green drinks. I've gotten into a bad cookie habit and need to break that!!!!!!

    Spring: the bouganvilles are vicious........beautiful but treacherous to have to trim. I feel for all the suffering you all went thru. My DD and SIL are planning on relandscaping their home with cactus and succulents and also want a small waterfall worked into the area. A landscaper came out to their home to take pics. and draw upsome plans. Then we drove around looked at what others in the area have planted.

    My battery is running low so I need to get off this now but will be back later.
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    Hello to my new friends. Just joined yesterday. A little about me.
    I live in northern part of California. Just me and husband Mike. We
    Raised two grandkids Kylie now 22 and Tucker now 18. Wow where did
    Time go. Kylie is a senior at Portland State. Tucker he is senior in high school
    We do have Zoey our rescue Doberman and Levi toy poodle. Then a bratty
    Cat Tommy
    I am looking forward to making new friends here. BTW. I am 73.
    Fibro, CFS, arthritis
    ️Hugs , Betty
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    Hello Everyone

    Betty - welcome! You sound like youre gonna fit right in to the little family we have here..we
    love our animals, we struggle with our CFs and whatnot issues and we like a good gabfest
    and sharing whats going on with ourselves.

    Please come on in whenever you can or like and share or you can even just lurk when you

    Mikie - Things are getting busy at your hood, people coming, going. Im glad barb seemed civil when youmet. I know when people are old and sick, they might act up. Start behaving petulant like little kids again. Happened with an old lady i knew..she blew everyone out who visited, she didnt say anything tome but she didnt talk either. She was like eighty something and i think was deteriorating mentally.

    On the other hand there was this other old lady same age ish, a relative of DH
    she was so into life, always on the go, always going out, into everything, and
    had a happy life, had a Man Friday, plenty of money, all her four kids doing
    good. She got cancer at the end but when we went to meet her, she was
    resilient, talking, although weak but when we heard she expired a few
    weeks later and went, her daughter had taken a photo of her after
    she expired and what an expression, she was smiling, and had a peaceful
    expression like she saw something she was so happy to see.

    Rock - i love how you were talking about moody Gus and then mentioned
    Augustus caesar. :D He is the favourite of my Roman Emperors even tho at school
    the teacher really built up Brutus for being a 'hero' and saving the people from
    tyrant Julius Caesar. Thanks to Will Shakespeares play which was in our course.

    Not that i know much about him except that he was Caesars nephew and a
    good and just king and the country prospered under him.

    Drinking water has always been an issue here, but somehow we have managed.
    By kindly neighbours letting us use their well, digging ground water, something
    or other. The ground water has to be purified and still cant be drunk. we wash
    and clean with it.

    I think your memories of childhood some of them are so lovely. Theyre similar
    to mine in that both my parents esp dad loved picnics..and we went on some
    memorable ones. Once we went up a steep hillside and on the way home,
    we didnt hv to walk, most of us slipped and slid our way down, with those
    already on the ground looking and laughing at our expense.

    Granni - hope you had a good family meal. you seem to be so busy nowadays
    after your DD moved nearby. What is the football bowl' thing?

    Sun - so good to have you back from your trip..hv missed you. Sounds like
    a lovely holiday..your DD s garden project sounds exciting..waterfalls
    n all. we hv some monasteries for whom some foreigners constructed a water
    fall in their gardens and of course, it looks lovely! that whole concept of
    a cascade of water falling down constantly, such good Feng Shui too, im

    I bought this little decoration piece with a stone bowl and lady with a
    mechanism which recycled water from one bucket she was carrying into
    the bowl but the mechanism got spoilt and so i just put a lot of different
    stones into the bowl so it wouldnt be empty. But i loved the sound when
    it was working.

    Today the weather is behaving like its got schizophrenic disorder..its really
    dreary,grey cold one moment, then the sun peeks out and its very warm and bright
    and then again its back to cold and dreary. Its just more than what this poor body and
    creaking bones can take. If there werent a mountain of chores piled up everywhere
    i go, i woulda jumped into my bed, under the covers and shut the world out.

    God bless
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  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    WELCOME BETTY !! BTW, you are just a year younger than I. Just turned 74 :)!!!! I know you will love it here, GREAT PEOPLE !! I ALSO HAVE FM, OA AND SOME OP AND MAYBE SOME CFS BUT PERHAPS I AM JUST SICK AND TIRED OF PAIN AS I HAVE HAD IT FOR OVER 30 YEARS. Pardon the caps.

    MIKIE - Did you get the extra warranty on the NB? When I went to register on line they offered it so thought I would check with you first. How long have you had your NB, any problems?? You may not have had it very long but thought I would ask anyway.

    Hi there to SUN and SW. BTW, SPRING we have schizophrenic weather too.

    Sorry I cannot stay long today, so much to da and I am not even dressed. Then have to start with removing the decorations - ugh but shouldn't be to bad since didn't put up the bigger tree.

    Hope to get back later after doing some WORK - yuck

    Love to everyone, :)
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Brrrr! Just went outside for a moment to bring in the cat's dish and see if she
    was around. She isn't. Anyhoo, it is Cold outside! Allegedly it's 39 degrees,
    but it feels at least 20 degrees colder. Reminds me of a poem we read in High
    School by Robert Frost.

    Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice.

    From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.

    But if it had to perish twice,I think I know enough of hate

    To say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice.

    Frost was still alive when we were in High School. So were Carl Sandburg,
    and Dorothy Parker, and James Thurber, and John Masefield. Edna St.
    Vincent Millay and Edgar Lee Masters almost were. They both died in 1950.

    But our teachers never told us anything about the poets themselves. And, of
    course, they never mentioned that some led scandalous lives like Percy
    Bysshe Shelley. Or that it was his wife that wrote Frankenstein.

    Welcome to the porch, Betty. Pull up a chair and have a seat. You could
    also sit in the porch glider or a rocker or an old bean bag chair. Even a
    bale of hay. We also have a wide variety of virtual snacks. Cookies
    and fruit juice and now and then margaritas.

    Springwater, I've only seen a few of Shakespeare's plays. One was Julius
    Caesar at the Tyrone Gutherie Theater in Minneapolis. It opened the same
    year I was graduated from a college in St. Paul. The first play was Hamlet
    starring Jessica Tandy and George Grizzard who delivered his soliloquy in
    a red smoking jacket. Gutherie loved to change the location and time
    of historic plays.

    Sun, sounds like you have a nice visit with Dear Daughter and family. (I'm
    having trouble typing this. I'm wearing gloves which is awkward. And it's
    too cold not to wear them. "Bother!" as Pooh would say. I'm sure your
    impromptu bathing costume was very fetching.

    Mikie, here's a brilliant pun for your enjoyment. Did you see the story
    yesterday about the man who was in a car crash half a century ago? He
    had to have hip surgery. Now he's just had another surgery to remove a
    piece of metal from his arm. It turned out to be a steel rod from the turn

    I posted: Well, it sure took a long time for him to get signal about that
    foreign object he was carrying around.

    But the brilliant pun was from another poster: After that accident, the poor
    guy didn't know which way to turn. :D

    Looks like I'm approaching the Warren Peace level here.

    Granni, was your family dinner last night? Did you do all the cooking or did
    folks bring stuff too? I remember big family dinners from the days of my yute.
    Wonderful food, but the folks always fighting and Dad always drunk. Well,
    every family has its traditions, I guess.

    Hugs to Barry and Diane and Joan and et. al.

  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang, hope you ate a lot over the holidays. And are all now planning diets! Isn't this the tradition?

    We used the leftover roast lamb in a Moroccan dish with spicy harissa sauce. Sort of a casserole with meat, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, yams and whatever, served on quinoa -- my favourite grain. Was delicious!

    BETTY, greetings to our group. I live in N. Calif., very close to the coast and redwoods. I have M.E. (since '94) and am now almost housebound. Hope you stay with us! I am a bird and nature lover, and plant enthusiast. What are your interests?

    I've been hearing a lot of nonsense about fruitcakes. I LOVE fruitcake, and anyone who doesn't is NUTS! There, I've said it. Now I am open to attack! By the way, my mum used to make her own fruitcakes. Now we get one sent to us each year. From Texas, I believe.

    Rock, it's been cold here too. 27 degrees y-day morning. Frozen solid. Water pipe burst. Fixed, but tiresome and (for me) tiring. Our putative cold snap is over, with a gradual warming forecast. It looks like one of the rosemary bushes didn't like it much -- Tuscan Blue, I think. The other two varieties look fine.

    Does anyone grow any herbs of any kind? We also grow thyme, parsley, mint, sage, chives, lemon balm, and some others. Bay grows naturally here.

    Over and Out,
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  11. Bet1941

    Bet1941 Member

    Thank you all for the welcome
    I plan to stay. I am house bound so hard to even go to
    The doctor. Unlike you I am not good with plants. We live
    South of you. Mike wants to move back down the valley where we have more support
    And closer to our doctor. It is in Gods hands.
    You ask me about my interests. Reading and online
    Friends. I am so limited
    Hugs Betty
  12. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry......I also love the fruitcakes with about 50% cake. Our neighbor when I was growing up made this HEAVY fruit cake.......basically lots of candied fruit and nuts.......it might have had 2 % cake just to hold it together......it was AWFUL. She would take orders around oct. I'm sure it was very expensive. And about the herbs, I used to grow a large variety but now I'm down to basil, rosemary, mint (can you ever kill it?) and a replacement for sage which a gardener dug up and tossed out.

    Betty......welcome. I just turned 70 a few weeks ago. This was a bad year for me. My DH died in July, a cousin in April, another cousin's husband in Oct. I've got FM (at least 30 years) arthritis (boy is it giving me fits with this cold weather) lots of spine/neck troubles and come monday I get the results from a bunch of labs and CT scan re: lung troubles. I'm using a steroid inhaler for about 2 weeks, hoping it will help. I love to paint in watercolor or oils, but lately don't seem to find the time. I have 2 cats and live in So. Calif.

    Spring: I think this cold weather has hit the entire world......well, except Mikie where she still needs the AC.

    Mikie: Have you seen the HGTV house they're giving away this year? Gorgeous and huge in Martha's Vineyard. Over 2 million which includes the car. I wonder if anyone of the winners actually keeps the house after they win?

    And I found a fairly new program........Fixer Upper. This couple does amazing things to a house that is crying out for help. They're out of Texas. And what I can see from the prices, much less than so. Calif.

    Rock: How are the thermals working out? I try to keep my house temp around 65 and turn it down at night to around 62. Now that I'm paying the electric bills I'm very cautious. I do heat up a large rice filled pad that velcroes around my waist and a couple rice filled socks for my neck That helps keep me warm. And I have one of those little cube heaters that I have next to my feet while watching TV. We invested in the double paned windows and doors about 6 years ago otherwise I would be freezing.They really make a big difference. Oh yes....I heard that by next tuesday it will be in the 70s.

    I noticed this morning that the pool sweep wasn't moving and the pool deep end was filled with leaves.......thanks to some windstorms. So.....I headed out to check the skimmer.......OMG the water had to be 30 degrees or less. The whole time I had to have my arm in the water I was thinking of the Titanic and how those poor people were in the freezing water. I couldn't get it to work, so had to call my pool man who won't be here until thursday.......he kinda talked me thru some things to do. Tomorrow I need to brush the leaves to the shallow end so I can scoop them out. No rest for the wicked.
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Cold and rainy yesterday and today. The sun may come out this afternoon just in time for it to start the really COLD blast . Just got on to check the Porch . DH is on his way home from the store and will probably need the computer when he gets home. However, I also need to get dressed and work some more on taking down the Christmas decorations.

    BETTY - Hope you are doing well today or as well as you can be. Nice to have you here with us.

    SUN - Hope you get your skimmer working and everything OK with the pool, not that I expect you would be swimming in this weather. Glad to see you on the PORCH today.

    A BIG HI TO ALL. Hope everyone starts to warm up soon.

    MIKIE - How is your weather??? Hope you are warmer than us around here. Not sure if you saw my question before if you thought the NB I bought was worth getting the extra insurance or warranty or not. Wasn't to expensive but it was for 4 more years besides what you get on it when buying , 1 year I think.

    Hope you are feeling OK or not to bad and that Barb and relatives aren't causing any problems.

    JULIE - Hope your belated holiday party with guests turned out great and you stayed WELL!!!!

    More later - work awaits and I need to get dressed too.

    Granni :)
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: just curious........what does your DH do that he always needs the computer and you have to scurry off it? And how do you like your new wood floor? I had wanted a wood floor in this house but my DH said it's COLD so we put in carpet about 4 years ago. When I was first diagnosed with asthma my doctor said......get rid of all carpet and get rid of the cats. How do you give away a pet? So I try to keep my BR door closed. But they do try to sneak in. Last time my cleaning lady was here I told her to run the vacuum cleaner tube under the bed to chase them out......both of them were hiding in there.

    It's 39 in the atrium where it's protected so I'm sure it's a tad lower. I'm going to wait a few more hours until it "warms up" and then I will tackle brushing the leaves in the pool. It's HARD for me to try to scoop them out of the deep end.....too much water that has to come out of the pole each time and it puts a lot of strain on my low back. When we first moved here I wanted a pool, since our kids were just in grammar and Jr. High schools. So I learned to clean it. It badly needed a resurfacing because it kept getting algae so I would get into the pool, put on a face mask and go underwater to brush it. OMG.....I screwed up my back so bad using the brush on the pole and using that while in the water. I think that was the beginning of back troubles. Then my DH had to take over the pool, and then when he got sick I had to hire a pool service.

    I was watching a program on PBS the other night and this exercise person made a lot of sense. She said you have to exercise all 360 muscles in your body, from your fingers down to your toes. I know that I hurt a ton when I first get up in the morning, but as the day wears on just by doing whatever around here I start to loose up muscles. And.........posture, posture, posture is the most important thing to remember. So I've ordered her book from the library (they didn't have her DVD) and I just started MOVING in front of the mirror.......think the exercises we all used to do when in PE at school. I'm determined I'm going to get healthier this year and STOP a lot of the pain.

    I had to go to two banks yesterday to get some things taken care of. Then I hit two Marshalls stores looking for a pair or dressier shoes......no luck. I HATE the high clunky heels the designers are making. And my DD said I need something other than "nurses shoes"! LOL Stopped at a mediterranean market to pick up some nonfat yogurt.....the yogurt they sell at the regular markets are nothing but desserts and I read that taking the steroid inhaler is very common to get thrush so I'm taking a ton of precautions. I also finally got my eye glasses adjusted. The ear pieces were very loose and I had to keep pushing them up. Then it was "pay bills" time! UGH
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's still cold here. Was 39 last night. Going up to 61 today. Happily the weather
    folks say we'll be back to the 70s in a couple days. The feral cat was waiting for
    me this morning. I gave her hot soup i.e., chicken broth w/ kibble. She could
    have things more comfortable. Sleep on our covered front porch, for example, but
    she's just too timid to get near people.

    Spent some time this morning trying to remember an old song. Eventually it
    came to me. It was "Smilin' Through", recorded by Jeanette MacDonald. Used to
    have her recording of it. That was also the name of a movie Jeanette was in
    during WW II. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" is a badly constructed
    sentence. It should be, "It's a terrible thing to waste a mind." But, the basic
    concept is correct.

    Barry, yes, Gordon grows herbs. Over the years he's tried different ones. Right
    now he's growing something. Mint, maybe, and some he referred to as Asian
    plants. And some lemon grass. We had coriander last year. (I believe it's
    related to the salamander.)

    Do you get your fruitcake from the Colin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas?
    It's been in business for a century or so. I got my mother one of their cakes
    for Christmas one year. She was not impressed.

    You guys see the news about piano stores yesterday. They are disappearing.
    People are not putting pianos in their homes anymore. The same decline has
    happened to the folks who make doorstops. People don't buy them anymore.
    Just use a handy fruitcake.

    Betty, what sorta books do you read? Gordon and I lug home several books a
    week from the library. Don't necessarily read all of them, of course. I tried to
    put a book on hold last night. I got this pop up from the library computer: Your
    library card is restricted. No explanation. So, we are going to the library after I
    finish this. We will talk to Neil and find out what's up.

    A few years ago the Los Angels library was restricting hours and closing library
    branches due to funding problems. When I was a kid in a village in Minnesota,
    our library was open 5 hours a week. And our living room was bigger than the
    library's space. The good news was that the state sent out a crate of new books
    on temporary loan every couple months.

    Sun, my new thermal garments are great. And I also use the old method
    advocated by physicists and bakers and farmers. Use lots of layers. I used to
    live in a guest house of a place that had a pool. Way too much work for me.
    In the old days one could hire a high school kid for such chores as cleaning
    the pool. Now there are probably various restrictions: must pay minimum
    wage, have insuracne, etc. Anyhoo, hope you don't strain your back.
    (BTW, most home owners insurance policies provide coverage for
    handy men, etc. who suffer on the job injuries.)

    Granni, you're right. The sun may come out this afternoon. Or, "The sun'll
    come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar, they'll be sun." Did you have any
    turkey for your holiday feasting? I used to love turkey, but developed some
    sort of allergy a decade or so ago. Have you seen that Tofurkey stuff at the
    market? I guess it's tofu designed to imitate turkey. Sounds awful. I wouldn't
    wanna try and gobble that down.

    Where is Mikie? Did she say anything about a trip? Mikie, hope
    you're OK.

    See ya later, gators. We are off to the library and the market and other
    exciting places. Well, at least the first two.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies, Happy New Year!

    I didn't feel well on New Years Day so binge watched TV. Yesterday, I still wasn't feeling well in the morning but got better as the day wore on. Unfortunately, Barb is actually worse than she was before. She was only being civil because of the in-law's being there. A neighbor was out there yesterday and Barbara started in on me about the dog and gloated that he had been there all the time. I told her I didn't care. Then she made up a lie that I've been telling everyone in the hood that her kids care too much for her. I told her that, if anything, I've said I think it's admirable that her kids call her every day.

    She demanded her key back from Ilona's place downstairs. Thing is that she is just seething and drooling vitriol. She said until yesterday, she'd just been keeping it stuffed down inside. I told her that isn't a good thing for people who have strokes to do. This morning, on my way out, she questioned me about the broken door handle in her car. I only backed the car out and back in to make more room. I told her that her son, Michael drove the car after me and that she should ask him. I don't think she is speaking to him nor his wife. I told her the door handle was fine when I backed it out and back in again. No matter what she says, I stay calm. She refuses to make eye contact and curls herself up in a ball and won't look at me. She would rather not speak to me at all but I say, "Hi," or "Good Morning," in a nice friendly voice. I refuse to change my behavior to match hers. I don't think I could. It's actually better now that it's out in the open. I stay inside when her kids are there. Hope I don't run into them.

    I have plenty of friends here. In fact, I called my friend who is in agony with an infected spinal incision from her sciatic surgery. She's told me I'm the only one she'd trust to be able to walk her dog, whom I love. He responds to me. He is small but gets freaked out by bicycles and gets aggressive around other dogs and kids. She needed some Rice Chex cereal and I gave her a box of new TENS unit pads and a couple of batteries for it. Evidently the TENS unit is working for her now. She's calling the doc on Mon. to see whether he can move up her surgery to get the infection drained. Frank, from downstairs, is doing better since the infection in his hip implant surgical site. Egad! Seems as though everyone who has surgery gets infected. Hospitals need to install laminar airflow systems in their operating theaters just like the ones they use in aerospace manufacturing clean rooms.

    Betty, sooooo nice to meet you. I'm glad you found our lovely Porch and the good people who come here to chat. This is my Online Family. As you can see from my post, we can come here to vent-- Barb is my next door neighbor who had a stroke. It wasn't the stroke which made her so angry; she's always been like this but now she worse (if you were wondering whom I've been lambasting here). We also come here to spread our joy and to comfort each other in our struggles. I'm 70 and live alone. I have CFIDS/ME, FMS, OA (the alphabet soup of illnesses) and Sjogren's Syndrome. I'm lucky in that I've had improvement with treatments. I'm not cured nor have high NRG levels but I'm a lot better than 14 years ago when I was bedridden most of the time. I pray everyday for everyone here that all y'all get some healing too. I was laughing at the bratty cat comment. I have two rescue cats, Sylvester and Tweety. Sylvester is no trouble at all but Tweety is a bratty cat times ten. I didn't want pets at this point in my life but I consider them blessings. I hope you can spend some time with us here and get to know us and so we can get to know you too.

    Rock, no resolutions for me either. Now that I'm in the BC/BS HMO, I get a free membership to a nice gym here so I am determined to join and use it. The pool is often just too cold in the mornings and I don't want any more strained muscles. Loooooved your pun. Older drivers down here forget to turn off their turn signals if the turn wasn't sharp enough to automatically shut them off. They drive for miles without ever noticing their signals are still on. My DD says, "Hmmmm! He must be driving around the word to the left" (or right as the case may be). I did hear about that case on the news but was only half listening. In our family, we just say, "A mind is a terrible thing." No one is buying any big electronics anymore. Well, except for this big ear phones. Yikes! Didn't we just get rid of those? But, I digress...I can download apps for my tablet or computer with a keyboard and accompanying instruments. As it is, I have a small keyboard piano on my Kindle. I also have an electronic keyboard I bought for next to nothing. Even in most bands today, they use these electronic keyboards. I still love to see and hear a world-class pianist on a grand piano. Tell Gordon my Cattleya yellow spider orchid is blooming for the second time this year.

    Granni, sounds as though you are busy, as usual. I usually don't fill out the warranty cards nor go online for the warranties and I usually don't buy warranties except for TV's and large appliances. Most of these small appliances have a one-year wararanty. I like to buy Cuisinart because their warranty is usually three years. Barb and her late husband have always been unpleasant people. Now, she is lost without him and her anger has increased since he died. She is mad at God and says she doesn't believe she'll ever see her husband again. She only makes these comments out of her miserable existence. Her anger increased measurably after her DD and SIL announced that they are selling their home. Barb's husband built those in-law quarters and, I'm sure, they both thought they'd have a home there for life. It was after DD's and SIL's visit that they gave her their cold and she went into bronchitis. She stopped taking her blood thinner and had the stroke. This is her favorite daughter and she never blames her, nor her husband, for anything. So, she focuses her anger on me, her son and DIL. Oh, and also our mgr. Despite my illnesses and setbacks, I'm basically a happy-go-lucky person and she hates me for it because she is so angry and miserable. She's always had the mentality of a junior high school girl; she pits one person against the other, starts rumors against people, and clings to one friend only to kick that friend to the curb and move on. Everyone here has her number and no one believes a word she says. It's just that I have the misfortune to live next to her. I've tried to be a good friend but that has to be a two-way street and, for my own peace of mind, I have to just say, "It is what it is," and cut my friendship ties to her. She is, I believe, the most tragic person I've ever known. Our weather has been as Springwater described--cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy again. It's been unusually hot and humid for this time of year and not very enjoyable outside. Hope your weather is better.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm laughing about shopping at the exclusive stores. My favorite exclusive store is Target (pronounced as Tar-zhay). I always wanted a pool but when I see how much work they are, I'm glad I live where we have one to share. It's a really big pool for such an intimate little condo village. When my DGS was about five, he told my DD that he thought it was so nice of me to let all those other people swim in my pool. Sounds as though you are having a good time with family. I'm glad. That's important. I haven't seen the new HGTV house yet. I'll have to watch and try to win it. My guess is that most people sell it after getting a big loan to pay the taxes first. I think I've seen that new show you described. Is it the one where the couple has impeccable taste and favor French country with a little shabby chic and antiques? That's the one I love. What is the name of the book/DVD program you are using?

    Barry, I would like to grow some herbs but I don't cook enough to justify it. I can't grow them outside as we have two kinds of exterminators who spray the bldg. and foliage. I could grow them on the kitchen windowsill except that is where Tweety struts. Hmmmm! Maybe that's why they call those things cat walks. About the only place I could grow them is out on the lanai but I have larger plants for the cats. Right now, most of my orchids are out there just in case they might meet up with an "accident." It's happened before and what I had outside were worth about $200. I know that's peanuts compared to Gordon's but it's a lot of money for me. I am cooking a pork loin as Publix had them on sale. Julie (the cats' other Mommie) brought me some homemade cranberry chutney and I'm looking forward to putting it on my pork.

    Springwater, my friend who also has the schizophrenic weather. Is it monsoon season there? Yes, things are getting busy here. Just noticed the New Yorkers are in across the street. When our kids were small, we lived in Boulder, CO at the foothills to the Rockies. On hot summer evenings when my ex got home, we'd pack a picnic and head up the canyon to the picnic area. The kids loved wading in the stream and walking on the wet rocks. On nice Sat. mornings, we'd pack juice, coffee and pastries and have a picnic in the park. Before the girls were old enough to go to school and it was raining outside, I'd throw an old quilt on the living room floor and we'd have an indoor picnic. We would pretend to be in different areas and the girls would describe what they were imagining was around us. Those indoor picnics are some of their favorite memories.

    Whew! Another War & Peace post. I had to just to catch up with all your posts, which I enjoyed reading. Hope I did't miss anything or anyone. My apologies if I did and my love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Everybody! I hope your New Year is better than the Old Year. I certainly hope mine is!

    1. Betty, glad to have you on board. I'm thinking you might be in Mendocino Co. What kind of reading do you enjoy? Fiction is my reading, -- light and cozy mysteries, and books about village life. Not too much gore for me. I have British citizenship and lean toward British authors, although there are a couple of Italians I like (Cammileri and Donna Leon ), and lately have been reading some good Australian authors -- Peter Temple and especially Kerry Greenwood's cozy Miss Fisher series. Sometimes the slang can be a little daunting:confused:.
    Sun: What kind of sage do you grow? I've just realized that ours has died and need to get another one or two. I've had the big-leafed Berggarten, the normal leafed kind in a couple of colours of leaf variegation, and a small narrow-leafed variety. They are all vars. of the ordinary culinary sage, Salvia officinalis. I also like all the numerous species and vars. of salvias. One of my favourites is "Hot Lips" with some flowers red, some white, and some bi-coloured. I think it is S. microphylla or greggii, or a cross. Do you know or grow it?

    Rock, Please ask Gordon what his Asian herbs. I am so curious. We grow mint too. It grows so vigourously that it has become a weed. Also we have fennel and catnip. And a lot of lemon balm that seeds itself about. I like a sprig of it in a cup of Chamomile tea. Supposed to have a calming effect -- both of them. I only wish!

    Wow Mikie, what a pain in the rear Babs must be! Toxic. But I understand and admire your compassion towards her. About your pork loin. Does it have the skin on? That is the only kind of pork roast I'll buy and they are becoming harder to find. A thing of my youth. The chutney sounds good. Richard made red onion/apple chutney this year. Yummy. Spicy!

    NRG gone,
    lunch, read, nap, and wake for tea at four.
    Love to All,
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Barry, I asked Gordon for the name of the Asian herbs. His answer was exactly what I
    predicted. "Hmm, I dunno." LOL Well, after 35 years predictions of this sort are
    pretty easy.

    With regard to sage, I didn't know there were variations. I do remember an
    observation I read years ago. Young men sow wild oats. Old men grow sage.

    Mikie, glad to see you're back and OK. Gordon says your spider orchid is not a cattleya.
    All spiders are brassias. But maybe that's what you were told when you bought it.
    Or the tag was wrong. Who knows? Maybe it's some new hybrid. After searching
    numerous sites, I finally find a pic that was copyable.

    Brassia Orchids

    "Brassia (BRASS-ee-ah) orchids are often referred to as the “Spider Orchid” because the petals
    of the blooms are elongated, narrow, and spiky and resemble a spider’s legs. Brassia orchids
    are a small genus of 30 to 40 species." Dramatic, aren't they.


    Yes, Barb sounds miserable. But you're right. No reason to let her make you
    miserable. I say, treat her with loving kindness. From a distance.

    "From a Distance" reminds me of a song. That's the title: From a Distance. It's
    about the beauty of God's creation. Unfortunately the tune and words don't fit
    together. Saul Chaplin was unhappy when someone modified one of his songs.
    The emphasis on the new words when spoken did not agree with the beat of the music.

    Am currently reading the autobiography of Saul Chaplin. He was a musician,
    composer, songwriter, arranger, etc. Won 3 Oscars. He is not related to Charlie
    Chaplin. He selected Chaplin as his show biz name. He worked for Columbia
    Pictures and MGM. Like every show biz book I've ever read that discussed
    Columbia Pictures, this one agrees that Harry Cohn was the biggest SOB in Hollywood.

    Harry was proud of his reputation. To him, it proved how powerful and successful
    he was. At his funeral someone remarked how all of Hollywood had turned out.
    Red Skelton said, "Just goes to show. Give the public what it wants and they will
    show up."

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - So glad to hear from you and glad that you are not real sick or anything. Sorry that you were not feeling to well the other day. Sorry to hear that Barb is being so mean to you and so others. You are doing the right thing trying to stay away from her and her kids. That is just a very sad situation, after all you did for her.

    Just curious how your NB has ben working, how old yours is and if I really need to bother with the extended warranty.. Usually I never do either, or DH.

    SUN - Usually I need to get off the computer so DH can get on and do his work on stocks. He works on stocks to hopefully get some more extra money since he is no longer working, I can usually view some of the PORCH goings on via my phone but don't like to post on it.

    Sorry all, I need to get my salmon and dinner cooking. So I cannot stay and chat. Hi also to Barry,Betty, Rock, Julie and Spring Water. Gee, I wish someone else would do the cooking.

    Love ya,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Back again for a bit !!!

    SPRING WATER - We had our big family thing for Christmas Day at DS's home. IT was German theme and everyone brought lots of stuff. It really did go well all things considered. For New Years Eve we went to DD's and had some snacks along with some good tortilla soup - great for a cold day. I brought some shrimp from Sams, already cooked, cleaned and prepared. I just had to thaw and make red sauce. That was very easy. New Years Day, DD and all came to our house in the evening for a ham dinner with snacks to watch some football. All in all I escaped without having to do a whole mess of work. The sauerbraten and potato dumplings came out pretty good considering some of my mistakes :)!!

    MIKIE- Yes, treat Barb with loving kindness, from a distance, as Rock said. That is the best way. Don't make yourself miserable too.

    ROCK - Thanks for the picture and information on that Brassia or Spider Orchid. That is very interesting. I know so very little about flowers, especially orchids.

    DIANE - Missing you sweetie. Hope you are feeling better after your surgery on your mouth. How cold is it there? I am guessing you and Kevin will be watching the Steelers in the playoff game tonight. Hope all goes well. I really do not care since the Texans didn't make it. However, in our small family pool I did pick the Steelers :)!! Hope they do win.

    JOAN Thinking of you sweetie !! Hope you get to visit us again soon.

    Well I need to go and take a shower as I missed it last night and need to get ready for church tomorrow. Hugs to anyone I might have missed, as well as all our many MIA's. .
    Everyone please try and stay warm. More cold weather on the way for us. Maybe 39 overnight and the next night 29 or so and 40's I think, during the day.

    GRANNI :)