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    Bow and Curtsey. Do see do.
    Once around the ring we go.

    Ladies to the center. Form a star.
    Gents circle round. Don't go too far.

    Side couples in and back in place.
    Move along like a trottin' race.

    Then allemande left, and do it once more.
    There's a nice breeze comin' through the old barn door.

    Sashay round, and don't be late.
    And now you're back at the startin' gate.

    Thanks to the band and to Florence Ingquivst and Sally Storhoff for
    our refreshments. Please see Sylvia Schaffer if you can bring a dessert
    to the picnic tomorrow.

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    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids, starting a new Porch and will go close out #771. Please go back and read the last posts there. Rock has a cute pun on kids with ADD.

    There is just a faint light on the Eastern horizon. It's close to 7:00 a.m. A cold front is moving in and, even though it will get to 80 today, we are supposed to get cooler weather this week. Sylvester and Tweety were so good last night and didn't meow to come in until after 5:00. They are unusually quiet this morning. Both are sleeping. This is usually their time to play chase and have smackdowns. Sylvester is asleep on his back on the floor with his little knees sticking up. He is so cute like that.

    I spent yesterday morning watering our flower boxes and the orchids. I swept the balcony and took down our Christmas wreaths. I am in love with that green/yellow spider orchid. I hope the blooms last a long time. The ornery squirrels are using our potted plants to dig in. They throw dirt all over. My neighbor downstairs is growing cabbages in containers (I don't know what he plans to do when they outgrow them). A squirrel had dug way down into one pot and I filled it back in as best I could. I think this guy really needs to live where he can have a garden. He has a permanent handicap license plate on his car but it hasn't stopped him from taking long walks, riding his bike and playing tennis (he and his DW have given up tennis but played very actively before). I know not all illnesses are visible but this has me stymied.

    I didn't get much else done around here. This morning at 9:00, I'm going over to help take down the decorations at the entrance to our hood. I hope that by next year, we find a better way to decorate than we've been doing. We buy decent LED lights, we test them, they all light, but when we put them up, parts of the strings don't light. Arggg!!!:mad: We change out bulbs and still they don't light. It is very frustrating. The morning we put them up, it was beastly hot out.

    Just went out to see the full moon set over the townhouses across the street. It looked like a big orange ball. I always feel better when there is a full moon. I've had my crystal out for two nights to cleanse it. I think I'll use it later to do some forecasting. I also need to use my crystal ally cards to do a First Quarter forecast.

    Ever since my doc tried me on Avapro to work with my BP meds, my pulse has been high. It's not as high as when I was taking it but it's never returned to its former rate. I've had trouble with all BP/heart meds except the ARB's, like Clonodine and Cozaar (losartan). He upped my losartan from 50 mgs. to 100 mgs. My BP at home is usually really good. I have white coat syndrome and it's always high. He dismisses my BP journal and said my BP is fine, "As long as I never leave my home." Huh? I'm hoping that getting to work out again will help keep both BP and pulse down. Think I'll go to the gym after the condo mtg. tomorrow to join. If I can, at least, get some aerobic exercise three times a week, it should do the trick.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing


    Mikie, I copied your post here!

    Maybe you could delete your other thread for porch 772, please!

    Thank you!

    Hugs, Diane
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    Thank you, Diane. I think there is confusion when one person doesn't see that someone else has started a new Porch. I always post on the old one in red that I am starting a new one. Thing is that it can take a bit for the new one to show up. When people see the red message, they should refresh the page and the one I started will show up.

    Love, Mikie
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    OK......I'm trying not to be confused. I guess this is where I should be today.

    Mikie: what does your BP and HR read? If you think it's the new med. then perhaps your doctor needs to try another one. Not all react the same. My HR is usually above 100BPM even when I'm doing nothing at home.

    Diane: how's the teeth pain? Did you contact your dentist?

    Barry: I thought of you yesterday while at the little organic farmers market they hold on sundays. I bought a type of curry plant.....I think he said dwarf curry. It's in a 4" pot and I'm supposed to put it now into a larger one. I also bought another succulent......darn I should have written the name down.....I think it was called green eyes, or green something. A very sturdy looking silver green. He said to cut off a small branch of the curry plant and put it in a pot of rice, removing it when done cooking. You had asked what I grew......well....surprise a red sorrel plant came back to life. I thought it had died in the summer. I also used to have hyssop but it went wild and I never knew what to do with it, so I yanked it out. I know hyssop is mentioned several places in the bible but I always thought it was more of a bush but this was more lanky like a mint or oregano. I also had purchased another pony pack of purple cabbage, so this makes 12 plants. Not that I eat it that often but I do like the purple leaves.

    Rock: I also was looking carefully at some orchids....mainly phals.....but in the bright sunlight I could see some mealy bugs. I asked what they used to kill them and he said water! HA......obviously I didn't buy. Never again because of the two I bought from Norman's Orchids that were infected and then infected my healthy ones I already had.

    I saw the pulmonologist today for the results of tests. Seems I have bad scarring from pneumonia which has turned into mod. to severe COPD. But the good news I don't have cancer. And he said if I stay active meaning exercises and use my two inhalers it's shouldn't get worse. I got a pneumonia shot today.........a new type that you only get one in your lifetime and in 3 months the other pneumonia shot that covers the remainder of the germs. I think that one is every 7-10 years.

    I started doing a bit of gardening yesterday, emptying an old copper planter to make room for the marked down pansy plants. I had succulents growing in it, pulled them out and found a huge ant nest so I quickly got my bottle white vinegar with dawn. This stuff is amazing and safe to use......I've even sprayed black widow spiders with it and watch them die.
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    Rock has asked me to give you my input regarding the mealy bugs on your orchids.
    Mealy bugs usually occur when there is poor circulation around your plants but is
    easily controlled. You said they are on your Phal, which can be grown indoors, but
    would result in the poor circulation condition. Just apply some rubbing alcohol with
    a Q-Tip on them, around the top/bottom of the leaves (all exposed area). You must
    repeat this procedure every three days for a week or two as there are eggs that will
    hatch. If you have a large collection you can get some chemical solution from your local
    nursery using a plastic spray bottle. If the infestation is really bad it would be best to
    dump them and start over with fresh plants. This is one of the main reason I don't
    grow Phals - pretty flowers but such a pain in the ....

    The procedure for Cymbidiums are a bit more bothersome as you would need to strip
    the bulbs of all the old brown leaves until you reach the green leaves. This is done because
    the mealy bugs do hide between the leaves.

    Let me know if any of this info helps you.

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    Thanks Gordon and Rock,

    I don't have them critters anymore on my phals, BUT it certainly took a wee bit of days/weeks to rid them of the bugs. Norman's orchids is in my general area, but once burned twice shy. He was very ashamed when I took them back after 2 days......said they would be put in quarantine in the back. He did tell me they use a fungicide to rid their orchids of the pests. Come spring/summer I may try my hand again with cymbidiums but my house right now is just too cold for them.

    My cattaleas are grown outdoors but I have protection for them so when we get hail it does a number on the leaves. That reminds me I need to get on a feeding program for them so come easter I will have spikes.
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    lot of gardening talk today.

    i havent done much by way of that lately. And the only thing that is
    blooming is poinsettias, and bougainvillea
    (I still hv a purple monstrous bush clinging to the entire front face of
    the house intermingled with an orange
    flowering vine..not sure what that is called.)

    Sun - Bugs are a difficult one for us. We try not to use pesticide
    when the plants are infested..(religious issues) but try and spray
    time to time to prevent infestations. I do NOT envy you having to
    deal with those things. They look so iggy wiggy. all sorts of shapes
    and legs.

    Rock - your mind seems pretty ok to me. more absentminded than
    gaga. and youre sharp as a tack for spotting puns and creating
    funny posts, some of your observations..i think your true calling
    must hv been a cartoonist..then the whole world would ve got to
    enjoy what we do here at the Prohealth boards.

    Diane - thanks for sorting out the Porch confusion. I too saw
    Mikies porch but i think i didnt hv time to actually post.
    I hope you, Kevin and the fur babies are doing just fine.

    Got some decluttering done and able to unearth some things i thought
    were lost..just little things, a new pair of potholders, a book, a holdall
    i hadnt used..etc

    still need to tackle more stuff.

    yesterday was able to go out for a while..got my ethnic silk blouse from
    the tailors..browsed some stores while walking, it was Full Moon day
    (yes, Mikie) and went to pray.

    Oh i braved the terrific crowds (its always crowded but especially at
    evening when people stop by after office and before going home) at


    thru the market is the shorter way home, to the taxi stand
    so i hv to pass it..and i bought mushrooms, (not button) you
    can see them selling mushrooms in the pic, :)

    Well, just peeked in..have a good night, its night time mostly
    for you peoples there

    im thrilled that our cable is gonna show Downton Abbey in the
    coming weeks...yay.It was showing in another channel and i watched
    two or three epis and was hooked but then that channel got cut.

    God Bless
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    As I mentioned to Rock, I am not going to start new Porches anymore as it seems when I do, someone else starts one too. I try to start the new one before I end the old one where I post in red to go to the new one. I refresh the page so both should be visible but there seems to be a problem. So, no more posting in red and no more starting new Porches. After someone else has started a new one, I'll go close out the old one. That should solve the problem.

    Sunflower Girl, sorry your orchids were infested. I don't think there is any excuse for a nursery to be selling infested orchids but, perhaps, I don't understand the issue. Could they not look infested at the nursery only to show up when you get them home? So far, all but one of mine are looking OK. I have a Phal hanging in the tree. It was just an ordinary orchid I bought at Lowe's or Home Depot. After it bloomed, it got sun burn. I took off the burned leaves but now, the new leaves come out looking normal only to develop lengthwise crinkles in the leaves. Other than looking crinkled, the plant looks OK. New leaves keep coming out. Roots are healthy. BTW, at 6:00 this morning, Miranda Esmonde-White was doing stretching exercises on PBS. All these shows are 30 min. episodes from her 9th season on PBS. This is not the new DVD PBS offers for a donation. These exercises look more traditional and less dance like. If you get up that early, you might check it out. Of course, in your market, the show may be on at a different time. A heart rate at 100 or above when resting is considered tachycardia. Mine has always been high except when I do aerobic exercises three times a week. Then, it's in the 70's resting. Right now, it's in the 80's but has been higher than normal ever since I took that Avapro. Doc switched me off of it and back on the Losartan but the rate is still too high. It's almost as though the Avapro jacked it up and it's difficult to get it back down. Sorry to hear about your COPD. I have it very moderately. My doc said most people my age who smoked at one time probably have it at some level. As I've mentioned, when I have difficulty breathing, I just use my nebulizer and it eases my breathing. This usually occurs when I have allergies. I can't tolerate those long-term inhalers like Advair. I've tried several and they give me blinding headaches.

    Springwater, that orange vine is absolutely gorgeous. Vines can be a blessing and a curse. The good news is that they grow easily and spread; the bad news is that they grow easily and spread. :) Isn't it strange that when we have the "What's The Point Blues," sometimes it only takes one little thing to make us realize we are not lost causes. Usually seeing a well-decorated room, a beautiful plant, or some pretty jewelry will make me realize I'm not dead inside yet. I usually have so much to do around here that if I get off my duff and start working, it will bring me out of it. The trick is to start in the first place. I love the pics of the bustling market. Unless we visit farmers' markets here, we just go to the supermarket. How much better it is to buy fresh from vendors in outdoor markets daily or semi-daily instead of weekly at the supermarket. If I were rich and had great balls and parties to attend, I think those big diamond and colored gem necklaces, earrings and rings would not be so gaudy. What bothers me is thinking about how many people could be fed for what those cost. I love gems, stones and crystals because they come from the Earth and have different vibrations which can be helpful. I tend toward more organic type jewelry. There are some young designers, who are working in bronze and silver, whose work is based on natural things, like vines, leaves, etc. One of my favorite is from Israel. I don't buy but enjoy looking.

    Rock, I responded to your post to me regarding how to refresh a page.

    I got a flat antenna from Radio Shack. It brings in all networks and PBS in HD. I get My TV and CW as well. There is a Christian Channel and a smathering of channels in Spanish. It pulls in the signals from the air. The trick is to find a place where I can get a strong signal for all channels. So far, I have to hang it on the door of the TV armoire. I'm going to try it on top of the armoire. I also need to try it in the bedroom. If I'm willing to give up cable channels and On Demand, I can watch most of what I already watch for free. The antennas are $60 or less. I got the best one for better results. If I decide to go this route, I can drop Comcast Cable and only get my wi-fi from them. This will cut my bill into about a third of what I pay now. I think it's worth it if I can get these channels in my bedroom. I can subscribe to HBOGo and get HBO like I get Netflix. It's very tempting.

    We have a condo mtg., the first in two weeks, so I'm anxious to go. I hope Barb stays home. She is frail so I don't think she will but, on the other hand, it's hard for her to pass up having everyone tell her it's good to have her back, even when it's really not heartfelt. Most people here have her number. I hate to wish my life away but I'll be sooooo glad when Jan. is over. I hope she stays up North. It's so pleasant when she is gone. Many in the hood won't come around when she's here. As much as I try not to let it get to me, I can't help but feel the stress. That could explain my BP and heart rate. Also, my stomach has been upset when I go to bed. I'm just thankful I'm not in the situation of my DD's friend in Atlanta. I think the stress from her crazy neighbor is going to kill her if she doesn't move.

    Joan and I are going over to the Cape for a Chinese buffet for lunch. We've asked another woman, who is also running for the board, but I don't know whether she'll go. Joan wants to ask our friend, who has lung cancer, but she has difficulty with endurance, even with her oxygen. I hope she's up to going; I really like her. She's the one who has sold and given me orchids.

    The cats are resting after many games of chase through the condo and out on the lanai. I've never seen Sylvester chase a ball before this morning. These kitties continue to surprise me with their antics. Wish I had their NRG.

    Better get in the shower as I have wild bed head. It's been humid so it's not only wild but curly wild. AACK!!! :confused:

    Hope everydoobby has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring: what you may have there is an orange honeysuckle vine......gorgeous and especially beautiful with purple. Does it smell really good? And.......I love the pics of the market. I'm going to print them off for future reference for possible painting. There is a wonderful Chinese watercolor artist who would love to paint that scene, don't ask me his name though. If I come across it I'll post and you can look at his wonderful work.

    Speaking of Chinese artists, I went to the first class for this winter semester.......a new fill in teacher. I think we're going to like her because she actually teaches!!!! This week we are to research Chao Shao an, he is a modern traditional chinese brush painter, so we were to copy his style of painting today and work on it this week. I brought a sheet of yupo paper to class, it's actually a type of plastic that does it's own thing. I just drop in paint along with some water and move it around and watch what happens. I'll have to post a pic. of it when I'm finished.
    I'm sorry to say it's been over a month since I've painted, too busy with other things, more pressing than playing.

    Next week the instructor has Helen Frankenthaler scheduled and the following is Marc Chagall.......for us to study and copy the style.

    Mikie: I hope you had a fun day at the chinese buffet. It seems like this is a Chinese theme we're on. One of the chinese artists at the class today brought some pomellos to give out from her tree. Seems that it's supposed to be Good Luck to eat them at new years, although this chinese lady scoffed at it!!!! We picked the one and only pomello hanging on my SILs desert tree......ugh.......rind l l/4 or more thick and sour as all get out. I told him to either fertilize it or cut it down when they have the landscaping redone.

    I'm so sad to read all of that about Barb. She seemed such a good friend for you. How can a person switch gears so quickly??????

    I had a very interesting chat with a fellow artist at the class today. I had asked her name.....odd name.....she said it was sanskrit. I asked if that was her given name....nope.....she had chosen it when she became a healer. So of course, i'm full of questions. Seems she had healing in her hands at 3 l/2 years, so the conversation led further........we weren't doing our sketching but chatting. I had a really good day. After class I headed to World Market to return some things I didn't need, so wasted at least an hr. there.

    And I have to add.......it hit 80 degrees today.
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    Hi folks,

    I have news.

    Thank the Lord the holidays are over. I am in the process of trying to get many things in order to facilitate a change in jobs. I've come to the conclusion that this job is trying to do me in.

    I've been given the opportunity to go back to work for the Department of Human Services doing home care for my best friend, (who was my first client when I did this job back in the 90's). Her caretaker is no longer working out.

    It's $1.35 an hour more than I make where I am, 2 hours more per week, (6 hours a day 7 days a week), 5 minutes from my home, and only one person to worry about.

    I've come to the conclusion that this pace has become too much and I just can't do it anymore. Working for her again will be gravy compared to what I've been doing.

    I will miss my residents most. I will also miss the socialization with residents and staff who have become friends. However, it's gotten so wacky down there that we've lost two of our best CNA's and one of the only two good nurses we had within the last week because they were unhappy in their jobs too.

    I feel like I'm merely another rat leaving a sinking ship. My kids, apparently, have been talking amongst themselves and have been more worried about my health than I knew. I thought I was hiding my exhaustion fairly well. Apparently not. Both my daughters let this fly when I told them about the job change. (Stinkers!)

    I think it will be beneficial to both Donna and myself. She needs someone she can trust implicitly and I need less stress and load. So...........it's going to take until tax time for me to get all the loose ends tied and the refinance on my home done. But once that is done I can go full time with her. I'm estimating about 6 weeks. In the mean time I am going to start doing Sundays with her ASAP.

    And, yes, you heard right. I have discovered a way to get my payment information corrected with the credit reporting agencies, the mortgage company is now having to send me monthly statements, and once this is accomplished, I have a very nice lady at U.S. Bank that states once I get this info to the reporting agencies, refinancing me will be no problem. Woohoo!!!!
    And, now that I am getting monthly statements, I can keep my info current with the reporting entities so it stays current and my credit is once again sterling! Yay!

    Once I have my ducks in a row on this house, then I will put in my two week notice at work and the old caretaker will be let go and I will assume the full time hours with her. She can't wait to get rid of her present caretaker. I can't wait to get out of this over-stressed situation.

    We both win. I will be starting the New Year with a much calmer and less physically demanding life. With only having to work 6 hours a day I will also have more time for me. Yay!

    To all on the Porch,
    Rock, Granni, Mikie, Julie, Diane, Spring, Sun, Barry, and anyone I may have forgot to mention,
    Happy New Year!

    Love n' hugz,
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    Hi Kids

    We had an earthquake. This is only exciting news if you live where earthquakes are rare.
    At any rate Gordon walked into the computer room and asked, "Did you feel that?" And I
    said, "What?" so obviously I didn't. Anyhoo it turned out to be a small earthquake
    (4.3) about a hundred miles north of us.

    According to the earthquake info page, there were 18 other quakes the same day;
    63 in the past week; and 2886 in the USA last year. There was a larger earthquake
    (4.9) in Idaho the same day.

    Dar, good to hear from you. Sounds like things are looking up. Especially nice that
    the new job coincides with some progress in your financial situation. James
    Burke says that creditworthiness is the 20th century's contribution to a list of
    mankind's virtues. Hope things are better for your son and daughter too.

    Sun, you're right. Those orange blossoms are special. And here's a pic. The Orange


    Blossom Special was a train that ran from New York to Miami. As you can see,
    it was once high tech. That was back in the 20s. In the 30s the country-western
    fiddle tune of the same name as the train appeared.

    Anyway we have some sweet smelling flowers in the summer. Some are jasmine and
    some are honeysuckle. I never know which is which.

    Gordon's vanda is in bloom. It has a dozen flowers on one stalk. Half of them are
    fully opened. The flowers are dark purple. They are especially beautiful when the
    sun is behind the plant and the light through the petals produces a stained glass look.

    Springwater, what is that second picture you posted? Are those folks gathered in your
    back yard for a festival? :rolleyes: Funny you should say I would have made a good
    cartoonist. Sometimes when I can't sleep at night (that's every night these days), I
    mull over occupations that would have been more fun than practicing law:
    cartoonist; song and dance man; singer (pop, country, opera, just about anything); and
    writer (like Dave Barry or Garrison Keillor or Fannie Flagg or Ed McBain or
    Margaret Mitchell).

    Mikie, did you get to the Chinese Buffet? I love Chinese food. When I was a kid it was
    a great treat to go to the Chinese Restaurant in Rochester, MN. We kids thought
    it was an even bigger treat if we were allowed to sit in the balcony. I think we probably
    went there 3 times when I was a kid. It was too expensive for more frequent visits.

    Yes, I appreciate your efforts to help me with the refresh feature. I think there's a lack
    somewhere. Either on this computer or in my brain. Probably both. I know we had
    one several years ago.

    Did I tell you I got an e mail from my cousin in Virginia? Anyway I mentioned my
    Alzheimer when responding, and he wrote back and said he didn't believe it.
    I had a nice confirmation of same today. I took a can of V-8 juice to the computer.
    In accordance with the instruction on the can, I shook well. Then I opened
    the can. Just then Gordon walked in and started talking about something on the
    news. I picked up the can and gave it a few more vigorous shakes. What can
    one say but Uff-da? V-8 juice everywhere!

    Diane, hope you and Kevin are OK. I always think of you guys whenever I dance to
    the Pennsylvania polka. Ha Ha! I haven't danced a polka or anything else for at least
    a decade. I guess maybe the last time was some folk dance at the Sons of Norway.

    Hugs to all; Granni, Barry, et. al.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - hahahaha i loved your orange blossom; speaking of memory lapses i think i spend about at least a couple hoursof every day just looking for something i was only justholding a moment before. Comb, glasses,the pajamas i just laid out,the rice,thecondiment bottle i just took out of the shelf,the bottle of water, keys (of course)oh everything, my book that i was reading, even books i hv about improving memory, I havetwo of those... its a good thing i cant carry the cooking stove around, i would vemisplaced that. Anyways some extremely fit and bright people also get these memorylapse attacks ..my SIL, DHs sis in Switzerland once was doing herhousework and then couldnt find theclothes she 'just knew' she had put into the washing machine. After a fruitless search where she started wondering if there was something otherworldly taking things or she was going gaga, she gave up the searchandin the evening when she started to make dinner
    and opened the fridge, viola! there was her dirtylaundry stuck into the fridge. She was soconcerned about a few of these lapses that she got herself checked and the doctors diagnosed a lack of somemineral or vitamin i forget which.

    If i were you i would be proud i had the brains and stuff
    needed to be an attorney. I guess we all long for what wasnt and couldve been. But i know that job also entails
    stress, because youre in combat with someone else toget the best deal for your client.

    That way i think i would have liked to be a gardener,
    lovingly taking care of flowers, andplants. Or just one of Mikies/Julies/Dianes cats. just breathing and being
    taken care of.

    Sun - that picture of the orange blossom isnt my own gardens. I took it from the net. I searched and found out it is called a flame vine. Which indeed it resembles.It doesnt hvany fragrance to speak of but the beesswarm to it anyway because of their bright hue. bees are very scarce these days, but i saw a couple because of those vines. When you asked about fragrance it reminded me of another vine i hv intermingling with the bougain and flame vine, the Night Queen..so i looked out the window to see how theyre doing and sure enough, tiny buds hv formed, and will open in some weeks time,
    now...thats one vine which gives out fragrance, a verystrong lovely scent which is especially strong in theevenings. The flame vine is very popular here and most of thehouses around me hv it on their fences..i hv a feeling some of those houses must hv asked our gardener for the starter, ours has been there since we moved in
    17 years ago.

    You met a healer! That is so interesting. I hv an
    artwork depicting peonies in the Chinese style hanging on my living room wall. peonies are supposed to bring good luck. also a huge artificial peony shrub in a pot in one corner. someone asked me if they were real so i guess it must look authentic. oh, we dont hv peonieshere. I dont know why. the climate?

    oh, before i forget..you can download pictures
    of the bazaar i posted from the net if you type in Asan Bazaar on Google and then click on images instead of web.
    A whole of of pictures come up which yourfriend might like.

    Mikie - speaking of climates, you asked me if
    it was monsoon here. No! Monsoons here
    are the rainy season that starts from June thru early August. They bring lashing rain and probably why we in this city are alive at all.The ground water gets replenished and the rivers from the Himalayas which bring us our (erratic) electricity. Yes. Those monsoonsare our godfather, godmother, and lifeblood.

    the sooner Barb leaves the better. It does
    sound like she has got to you, and i understand
    why. My goodness, i hv been surrounded by toxic people all my life. Can you play some
    good energy music all day long at a low volume? I ve downloaded a couple of singing
    bowl music and bird song and play them a lot. along with my own buddhist mantras
    and Ohms.

    Also theres methods of cutting cords to
    people. or asking Archangel Michael to
    cut cords. I remember when i was so angry and hurt by more lifelong friend, and
    way it affected me so badly. I am so glad things are back to normal. I had thought
    that was one friendship gone 'phut'. But she was obviously having her own horrible issues and just dealing with that pain in her own way.

    Dar - my goodness. what a nice surprise and
    lovely to know all the 'happy' changes in store. Sometimes our gut, body, mind sends out messages that something needs to change.

    I hope the new year brings lots of peace,
    energy, joy and rest to you.

    Diane, Joan, Julie and all MIAs, thinking
    of you and sending you good thoughts

    God Bless

    PS Someone pls tell me how to get the line to go to the end of the page?
    This is taking too much space..i edited out some pictures too so we would
    have more space.

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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OMG, it's so good to come here to my Porchie Online Family. My computer has had malware infect it and I've been starting it in safe mode, running diagnostics and doing all kinds of things. Explorer won't work, evidently due to a corrupted file. I'm using Firefox. I'm used to Explorer so I can't find a page refresh either on FF. I'm just happy to be able to use the computer at all. I love this computer sooooo much that I depend on it.

    As I pulled in to pick up our friend to go to lunch yesterday, the check engine light came on in the Highlander. It seemed to be running fine so I left it there and we took her car. It was Joan; Bertha, who is also running for the board (there are two openings and I hope we both get them); our friend with late- stage lung cancer and me. The one with the cancer is the friend from whom I got the orchids. We want to spend as much time with her as we can. She is so matter of fact about it and she is very strong. She's busy getting rid of things so that family won't have to deal with it. We had such a good time at lunch and the food was great.

    I called my wonderful mechanic and, as I thought, he was busy and wanted me to bring the vehicle in today. I went first thing this morning. I had a new air filter put in when my oil was changed in Dec. and, evidently, putting them in this particular vehicle is a bit tricky. Sho 'nuff, a hose was loose. I had prayed that it was just something minor like that. He also adjusted my headlights. No charge but I gave him a $20 to put in the basket at his church. He's very religious and walks the walk. He only took the $20 because I stipulated it go to his church. I'm lucky to have him. I used my crystal yesterday and it told me it was going to be something small. I've had the crystal out two nights in the full moon to energize it and it's like trying to break a young colt. It's so excited that it jerks on its chain. I left it curled around the crystal ball it loves to settle it down. Maybe now I can use it.

    I got one of those flat antennas and set it up on my living room TV. It pulls in a beautiful picture in HD. I get all the networks, PBS, My TV, CW and some Latino channels. The problem is that it's like the old rabbit ears. I just get it set up for one channel only to change channels and have to turn it to bring that one in. Sooooo, until I get it working all the time, and can run a cable from it to the bedroom TV with good results, I won't be dropping Comcast. It won't work much at all by itself in the bedroom. I love cable TV but think it's rediculous to pay the kind of money it costs. I'm trying to cut back.

    Sunflower Girl, yes, we do seem to be on a Chinese theme. Your life painting sounds so fulfilling and interesting. You don't just paint; you try out different methods and experiences. I admire that. I'm so glad that society is opening up more so that people feel free to talk about metaphysical topics. I think it's so exciting to be a healer. My Mom always felt she was but never knew exactly how to use it. She believed in the laying on of hands. Her hands were always cool to the touch and felt wonderful on a fevered brow. My ex used to work for a Chinese man. He took all of his employees out to eat on the Chinese New Year. There were many courses, including an entire sea bass. The eyeballs went to the people being honored. AACK!!! I prefer the Chinese buffet we had yesterday. My only regret is that I can't eat much. It's not that I want to stuff myself silly but it's so good I'd like to have a bit more. And, regardless of what people say, I don't feel like eating again an hour later.

    Barb is incapable of being a good friend. She is acting so evil that I can only believe it is a sickness. She's hurt a lot of people over the years. Still, I've tried to be a good friend to her but, as Springwater suggests, I have to cut the tie to also cut the stress. I live right next to her and, because of that, I've continued to do things with her and be friendly. We have had some fun but it never lasts. I never know what toxic crap she is out spreading but I've heard some of it from friends. Fortunately, no one around here believes her anymore. She befriended Julie, the cats' other Mommie, and then spread horrible rumors about her. Some of it got back to Julie and it broke her heart. Julie is still struggling with her shattered shoulder from falling in the tub when a seizure struck. She has one more surgery to go. Barb called her a hypochondriac in speaking to me. I told her I thought that was awful and how hurt Julie would be if she heard that coming from someone she thought was a friend. I've never been under any misconceptions about the kind of person Barb is; I've just tried to do my best but that is done with. I hope she leaves at the end of the month and never ever comes back.

    Dar, how wonderful it is to read about all the good news with you. You've really had a rough time of it but now, it appears soon to be behind you. I am sooooo very happy for you. Your friend for whom you care is very lucky. I know you will miss the residents but I'll bet they will miss you more. I hope that now, you can dump a ton of stress and start to feel refreshed and energized. I'm also glad the financial stuff is being straightened out. That's the kind of thing which drives me to distraction. Actually, I don't need to be driven there; distraction seems to be my default setting. :)

    Rock, thanks for the pic of the Orange Blossom Express. I love the art deco era. Seems that everything took on that streamlined look--cars, buses, trains and even bldgs. It's a real treat to go over to South Beach in Miami to see the art deco bldgs. which were scheduled to be destroyed. To think that these were going to be torn down is a crime. If only I could time travel...I think visiting Havana back in the day would be one of my first stops. I really think we all do those things you describe. Uff-Da! I coulda had a V-8. :) A few nights ago, I plugged in my Water Pik when the water tank was full. Unfortunately, it was on with the tool in the holder. Water started squirting all over the bathroom. I quickly turned it off and grabbed the hand towel to dry everything. While drying off the mirror, the towel caught a very big ceramic dispenser on the vanity and it crashed to the floor, with hand lotion spilling out all over. It was oozing across the tile like The Blob. What a mess! :confused: Can you post a pic of Gordon's Vanda? My Vanda is orange but too young to bloom yet. I took a pic of the Brassia yellow/green spider and showed it to my friend. She loved seeing it.

    Springwater, the cats actually took care of me yesterday. I came home a bit worried about the check engine light and felt as though I were getting sick. I was chilling, ached all over and just had that sick feeling. Both kitties got up on the bed, first Tweety and then, Sylvester. Tweety was in a mood to have her belly rubbed and her head scratched. She snuggled up next to me and her presence felt so good. Talk about natural healers--I think when we are sick, small animals lie near us or on us and help to take away illness. Sylvester soon followed suit and the cats licked and cleaned each other. Then, he settled down on the bed and they both slept. Just looking at them makes my heart leap with love.

    I woke up feeling better but was drenched in sweat so I think something was being purged from my bod. It didn't feel like a Herx, though. There are a lot of viral illnesses going around and I could have been trying not to catch one of them. I am not nearly as stressed by Barb and her entourage as I was. Just staying my usual happy self and not letting them get to me is making it easier. A lot of my friends have been talking to me in their presence and I'm sure it signals that I'm in fine shape. Even Barb's kind-of boyfriend told me, as he was sitting with her when I came home from the condo mtg., he had voted for me. He's a nice guy and probably doesn't realize the bullet he's dodged. He's closer to my age. I think my prayers, my decision to cut all ties with Barb, the bagua mirror and the support of my friends, here and in the hood, have helped. I do need to get my meditation going again. I think Oprah and Deepak have a new series. I need to check.

    Well everydobby, I hope y'all are doing well. Has anyone heard from Julie? I hope she's not gotten sick. Love to everyone, including our MIA's.

    Love, Mikie
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello All.

    Springwater, I loved your pic of the Cape Honeysuckle! I'm sad you removed it! Native to South Africa but widely grown as a garden plant (like Spain and Nepal and parts of the U.S. where it is warm enough. It probably grows in Florida..... I don't know). Not a real honeysuckle but SO pretty. Tecoma capensis is the scientific name.

    Mikie: re your relationship with Barb (appropriate name I guess!), I really think you have made a wise decision. Cut the ties.....and best wishes.

    Sunflower, do you use your swimming pool? If not have you considered turning it into a koi pond, with water lilies, etc? Minimal cleaning necessary, and what fun!

    Rock, sorry you are in depression flare; I know how it feels. I read, read, read.

    Two chipmunks today on the bird table. Also some scat that looks like skunk or fox. Guess they wanted some cracked corn and breadcrumbs too.

    My cat Slinky is a night owl. She insists on spending the night out, and the day in. As much as she sleeps in the day she must be very active at night. If she goes out before bedtime she will do her business and then jump up and hold onto the window sill so you can see her head in the window. She usually wants to stay in though for just a short time, and then back out she goes. She has a crate with a warm polartec jacket under the house, and many other hidey-holes. She is always waiting at the door in the morning and races in for her breakfast. This is the cat that came in from the woods ten years ago.

    Love to All,
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings ALL !! I feel like I have been gone for so long. I have gotten on a few times and either had no time to post or when I started I was having problems with the keyboard again, sticking or something. It only does that sometimes I guess in certain programs on the computer and it takes me forever to write something anyone else can understand. I have to go back keep on fixing up the words. Right now it seems to be going OK. KNOCK ON WOOD !!!

    I just have been so busy and haven't had the chance to get on and chat. Both of us were feeling extra achy today. Hope neither of us is catching anything. They have been talking about a strain of flu that has been hitting very young and very old ones and seems to almost be epidemic, they seems to be saying. Not coughing though and we don't seem to have a temp. Of course we were running around to go shopping and get a few things needed. Tonight it is supposed to go into a hard freeze, low to mid 20's. I just finished making some green pea soup but didn't have a ham bone with our ham so hope it will still taste good. It should be ok but that bone really gives it a lot of extra flavor. Then tomorrow night we are going to the choir belated Christmas party for all the choirs and families but not sure how many will come. We are all bringing something and I will make a big bowl of 4 bean salad. Whatever is finished with that we will have Friday night when we are supposed to play Tripoli with another couple.

    I read almost everyone's posts so probably won't get to reply to them all but I love you all and love hearing about you all.

    DAR - Glad you have made that decision about your job and that things are looking up for the house and job situation. You need to take whatever break or change that will help you deal with your medical problems. Hope you can get back to us again soon and post.

    MIKIE - Glad you got to get out to the Chinese buffet. We love them and we have a couple in the area that so many different things you can try, including cold boiled shrimp and sometimes crab legs too. We haven't been there in a while but it is always fun to go and you can try so many different thing. I agree with MIKIE, when I finish eating I do not get hungry again in an hour or two plus they even have small ice cream cones you can have after your meal. Yes, and you are smart to stay away from Barb if you can after all the things she has done to you and others. Sounds like she will never be happy. Glad you are friends with the others who are running for the board or already on it.

    Sorry you weren't feeling well yesterday ( I think it was). Hope you are doing better now. I have read so much my brain may be scrambled :)!!!.

    JULIE - Hope that you are doing OK. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Try and rest if you can. Hope I just missed a post along the way from you. I know you had that big Holiday Family gathering and hope all went well for you. Even if it did I imagine you are really pooped and hope you didn't wear yourself out.

    SPRING WATER - I'm glad that you finally did get back on friendly terms with the friend you thought you lost. We all deal with problems in our own ways but sometimes the friends or past friends are gone, for whatever reason. Sometimes it is for selfish reasons on their part. Glad yours wasn't. I know I have lost a couple of so called friends that way.

    DIANE - Hope you and Kevin and kitties are doing OK and your mouth getting all healed up so at least you can eat fairly normally again

    ROCK - DON'T FEEL BADLY ABOUT LOSING YOUR CONCENTRATION AND DOING SOMETHING SILLY LIKE SPILLING YOUR DRINK ALL OVER. Many of us have done that including myself :)!! You, my friend, are still a very smart guy !!

    Gee, this is great when the keyboard cooperates I write so fast :)!!

    Hi there to BARRY, dear SUN, JOAN and whoever else I cannot think of at the moment, including so many of our dear MIA's.

    Granni :)
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all



    here you are! and another one ...Mikie - this is supposed to be in Florida..the one below with
    light purple bougainvillea

    looks like a painting but im guessing taken from real life.

    Im glad we are allowed to copy..some sites dont allow that.

    your outing with your friends sounded like a nice break. I must say i am
    just filled with admiration for your friend with the lung disease. Does anyone
    else stay with her? How stoic and resilient.

    I have a book by John Edwards but i didnt find it that interesting. I normally
    look for something spiritual to be gained and this one of his just lists his
    work, connecting to spirits and conveying little tidbit messages. I sort of
    already believe about life after death so those parts dont interest me much
    right now.

    Rock - that picture you asked about is the marketplace in town, i make pretty regular visits to mostly because its a shortcut to the places i hverrands to run, my tailor is there,the phone repair shops, the main busstop, photo studio etc. Also an outdoor magazine stand just built around a huge ancient peepal tree. I buy my Bollywood (Indian film industry) magazines there.

    The Bazaar sells mostly eatables, vegetables, fruit, leaf plates- they need a lot of those for prayer rituals, dried little fish stuck in a row on a twig bags of dried fish, tofu, mushrooms, grain, spices and theres a corner each separate for incense/camphor of all kinds, soaps, candles, oil.

    Now they have a law against it otherwise twenty years ago, cows used to intermingle with humans chomping on vegetables spread out for sale.Theyre sacred and not allowed to be mistreated. And the bane of those poor sellers.

    Granni - we love you too! You have been busy and thats so good. Hope you and your DH do not get any flu or whatever, I did see on CNN that there is a flu epidemic declared. Ack! Have fun at your church gathering.your four bean salad sounds like the healthiest food.

    Yesterday i had to make a trip down to the big stupa, met my little brother there.
    We visited some monasteries, I bought my usual supply of incense, the ones with herbs instead of the Indian made ones which are mostly fragrance, watched some squirrels
    in the big monastery compound, they were brought to the monastery by a foreigner
    ten years ago and now seem to hv flourished. theyre everywhere. Well, no one is
    allowed to kill them and there are no predators (not even vultures, for some reason).
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Never heard of a peepal tree, Springwater. Looked on Wikipedia. Also called the
    sacred fig or Bo tree. "Bo" is wisdom in sanskrit. The leaves move even when the
    wind isn't blowing.


    Love the picture of the orange and purple flowers. The house looks like it would
    fit in here with its Spanish style roof. Those tiles are really heavy BTW. A
    roofer's square (10' by 10') can weigh a thousand pounds.

    Good to see you back, Granni. You know you can't keep up this frantic pace. When
    you get old you'll have to slow down a bit. I wonder if we haven't heard from
    Julie because her power is out. I looked up the weather where my sister is in MN.
    Temps below zero. There was a clip of cars skidding in the slush on a Minneapolis
    street. And a computer news article said arctic weather was moving into

    Barry, good catch! I never thought about the meaning of Barb's name. One
    wonders if her middle name might be wire. Yes, I am still able to read. Am
    alternating the Garrison Keillor book with a couple others. I started a new novel
    about Russia during WW II, but it was too grim. Have 2 or 3 more library
    books to choose from. Oh yeah, here's a quote from a Marx Brothers movie I
    found in a book called "Wisecracks".

    "It's in your contract. It's called a sanity clause."
    "You can't fool me. There ain't no Sanity Clause."

    You're lucky to have such a good mechanic, Mikie. We do too. Gordon's
    been going to him for decades. Your water Pik-hand lotion incident sounds
    like what goes on around here. Only yesterday I picked up something from a
    table. A sweatshirt, I guess. Anyhoo it brushed against a much too tall bottle
    of Tums which fell on the floor. The cap came off. Poor industrial design.
    I carefully picked up the spilled Tums, added them to the pile Gordon put
    on the dresser last week from the previous accident, and then threw them

    I read about the art deco buildings in Florida. I guess it was Miami. Anyhoo they
    were hotels. Had a faithful clientele that came back for vacations year after
    year. Come to think of it, maybe it was a TV program.

    Sun, I never heard of a pomelo till I met Gordon. They are very popular with
    the Chinese at New Years. They always look like they are too ripe and squishy
    to me. Sorta like Jabba the Hutt.

    Put up another of your painting when you have the energy.

    We made carrot-apple juice at our casa yesterday. Gordon is still learning how
    to operate his new Tracfone. So far his niece, one brother and one brother in
    law have been over and given him pointers.

  18. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Just look at all these beautiful pictures! I'm sorry I haven't had time to read all the related posts. In this weather we're having here, just the beautiful kitties and flowers make one feel warmer!

    Thank you to all those who extended congratulations and warm wishes regarding my "new" situation. I'm looking forward to a slow down in my pace of life. I start this Sunday for Donna. I'll be doing just Sundays until I get all my health insurance, car insurance, and a few other odds and ends together.

    This will make for a longer work week for a while, but that light at the end of my tunnel is well worth the transition I will be making. Six hours on Sundays won't be that difficult with this position. Donna doesn't require much on Sundays other than getting her up, dressed, into her braces and making sure she has good meals and a clean house. I can do that standing on my head!

    And, with her being my best friend for the last 24 years, we're very simpatico. She's the yin to my yang so to speak. We think very much alike. This will be good for both of us.

    I have to run to my primary job now. Just wanted to poke my nose in and say hello and extend my thanks.

    Have a great day all!

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Guess I'm going to be using Firefox from now on. I did find the refresh button in the same place as when using Explorer. Ever since I restored my computer, when I click on the big "e," I get Chrome search and the task and tool bars are gone. This is soooooo frustrating!! I may try another restore to an even earlier date. I hate to gamble that those restore sessions will work. Anyhoo, it seems my bad luck continues when it comes to trying to do things. On the other hand, it's good luck that I had a great day out with friends and that my Highlander only had a loose hose after the installation of the new air filter. I either write, "Highlander" or "vehicle" because it isn't a car. I guess I could say, "car" and y'all know what I'm talking about. I ask St. Christopher to watch over it and me when I drive. I love it so much that I want to keep it for the duration.

    My friend, Nancy, called me yesterday just as I was about to call her. She gave me an update on our mutual friend, Nancy 2, who had surgery on her spine. I think I mentioned that it was minimally invasive surgery with a laser 1" incision. Anyway, the incision opened up and clear fluid was draining. Eventually, fluid built up inside at the surgery site and it's infected. Doc really didn't take proper procedures and she was in agony. She had run out of pain meds and he didn't return her call. Night before last, Nancy took her to the ER and she was admitted. She's having surgery this morning so they can go in and assess the situation and remove whatever is built up as it's pressing on the sciatic nerve. She's suffered long after the doc should have intervened. She's a nurse and, if she hadn't gotten together with the doc's PA, I don't think this doc would be doing anything for her on an emergency basis. He had wanted to wait until the 16th when ins. would have paid for it. As it is, it's considered an emergency (duh!!!) and ins. will cover it. I'm staying loose in case either Nancy needs me. Nancy told me that the ER was full of people hacking their guts out with the flu. They were smart and wore masks the whole time they were there before Nancy 2 was admitted.

    We are getting the edge of the cold front and it got down to 45 last night. I hate to admit it, considering how bitterly cold it is in most of the rest of the country. I'm not whining but it is a change for us. I put the cats out but by 2:30, Tweety was yowling to come in. Being the compassionate kitty lover that I am, I let them in and went back to bed. Tweety was wild and jumped on top of my antique armoire. I threw her back out. Pretty soon, sweet Sylvester came up on my bed and tapped my arm with his paw to go out to be with his sister. I left them out there til 5:20. Both were wild when they came in, chasing balls and each other around the condo. Tweety decided to punish me by banging around in my orchids on the floor. I sprayed them with water while she was among them and that took care of that. She went in to the front office and I could hear things hitting the floor. I went to the door and called her out. I petted her and gave her some love. That seemed to do the trick.

    Barry, I also missed the pun of Barb's name. That word is often in crossword puzzles. Only three more weeks to go. Your cat sounds as though she also loves the night and is more active then too. I think you should write a book, "The Cat Who Came In From The Woods." It could be fact or fiction or a mix. You have so much beauty and wildlife where you live and you write so well when you describe it. A lot of us love to read about those things. We had chipmonks in CO and, when we went hiking in the mountains, they would come beg from us when we ate our lunch. We always dropped our apple cores as we knew the little guys would clean them up. If the altitude weren't too high, there would likely be apple trees in them thar hills.

    Granni, glad your computer is working; it's so good to hear from you. I hope you enjoy the party and keep warm. I've always thought our little condo village is such a hidden jewel, right in the middle of things and I've always been interested in keeping it a safe and appealing place to live. We now have more renters than we would like but so far, we've managed to keep things in line. Some renters are great but some just don't care and don't want to follow the rules as they have no ties to their homes, no skin in the game as they say. So, I've always gone to the Tues. morning mtgs. and volunteered when possible to help out with various things. Because my friend, Joan, is stepping down as the president, I decided to run for the board. She is determined that I take her place but I have to get elected first. She's found someone she will ask to nominate me for president, if I get elected. She's greasing the political skids here in "Del Boca Grande." ;) If you are a "Seinfeld" fan, this will have meaning.

    Springwater, I don't ever recall seeing this "Orange Flame" honeysuckle vine here. I'll ask at Home Depot if they have. It's strange but here, where one can grow sooooo many different plants, most places seem to stick with the same old, same old. You can drive from one neighborhood to another and the view doesn't change much. I am seeing a new trend toward combining hibiscus, bird of paradise and the orange/yellow crotons in a nice arrangement. That is what we have in our large olla pots by the stairways. The hibiscus are that unusual orange/pink/brick red color. I think I posted a pic of them. I absolutely love that pic of the home and landscape. It could be in FL or CA. The church just up the street is a mission style church like one would see in CA. That artwork from an earlier era is beautiful to me. A lot of postcards are painted in that style and are big collectables. We don't have a monsoon season but our rainy season parallels the hurricane season, from the beginning of June to the end of November. We used to get rain storms almost every afternoon in July and August but our climate is changing. We have a fig tree here which has roots standing taller than I. It's become a tourist attraction.

    Rock, yes, the majority of bldgs. on Ocean Blvd. in South Beach are hotels but there are others in the area which are also being restored. Going over to visit is a hoot! South Beach is topless so the guys like it. Also, it's a trey riche area and I see expensive cars I've never seen before. There are a lot of trendy outdoor restaurants and many boutique shops. There is an outdoor mall near the docks where the cruise ships come in. The big concrete curving bridges are lit from underneath with purple light. At night, it's spectacular. There are interesting shops and cafes there too. It's next to the basketball arena. I can totally empathize with the Tums incident. I am especially clumsy in the mornings. I drop things, bump into things and, generally, do damage to my bod. I'm always covered in bruises and scratches. I feel so blessed to have been referred to this mechanic by a good friend here in the hood who has known him more than 20 yrs. I won't see him as much until Barb leaves but he was at the Tues. meeting. He had rerouted his morning walk to avoid walking past our bldg. as long as she is here. He is in his 80's but still works as a substitute teacher (very brave IMHO). So, many weekdays, he's at work. We normally catch up when he isn't working or on weekends. The majority of the people here are really good folks.

    Dar, you posted since I started this one so am editing it to say, "Hi." Again, I am so happy for you. Could you send a pic of your doing your work standing on your head? Sorry, couldn't resist. Your friend is lucky indeed.

    Guess it's time to read the newspaper online. I'm so sick of all this terrorist news all over the TV. It's so sad, sickening and scary. They are French Nationals, born in France, and could have hopped a plane to the U.S. without getting Visas. Yikes!!! :eek: Personally, I don't see the need to make fun of others' religions but the penalty for doing so shouldn't be death with all the collateral deaths involved. Free speech is a pillar of a free society but that means that people can say and write distasteful things which insult others. No one enjoys satire and sarcasm like the French. They shouldn't have to suffer like this for it. I look at the scenes on TV of places in Paris where Mom and I walked in peace and wonder whether things will ever be the same. So sad.

    I hope to make some progress around the condo today if I have the NRG. I have to keep myself available in case either Nancy needs something. Nancy 2 is determined to come home today following the surgery but if I were her doc, I'd keep her another day. Nancy or I can walk her dog, Chewy. I pray all goes well.

    I also pray all of us are well and happy.

    Love, Mikie
  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: If it's any comfort you're over the bad stuff on the crowns. They have probably made your permanent ones, so all that needs to be done is fit them.....the dentist probably will have to do a little grinding down on the permanent crown but you just sit there, then they're glued on and you're done. If they made good molds of your teeth BEFORE you had the root canals they might not even require much tweaking. You might not even need IV anesthesia........and.....maybe you could do 2, 2 and 3 in three separate visits. How about wearing a walkman with some music while you're waiting. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do!!!!!!!

    Dar: since this is your best friend, this will just be the best thing ever for you. We all could see how your job was slowly killing you. Good luck

    Barry: Yes, we do use the pool in the summer when it's hot, but a little lily pond would be something to think about. And I like the idea also that Mikie gave you.........a book about life where you live.

    Mikie: I hope you do get elected. You're so involved and you belong on that board. One of my cats, Clair, was really my DHs cat.......she was always around him and would swat at me if I tried to pet her. But I think she's realizing she's lonely and needs some attention. Lately she will come to me when I sit in the evening and put her paws on my knee, asking for attention. I don't pick up the cats though......can't take the fur!!!!!

    Rock and Spring: I think those pics. of the train and the house with the vines are from old 40s post cards. I used to collect them when I was a kid and I loved the paper they were printed on So easy to spot them at estate sales. I also used to have quite a lot of movie stars homes.....Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, ......... I think I gave them all away years ago. Can't collect EVERYTHING, and even now I'll still working thru my collections. Which reminds me, I need to get busy and list more things on my ETSY store.

    And have you and Gordon had your "good luck" pomello this year? I was told it was a sweet cross between a lemon and grapefruit, but a lot depends on the soil as to what they taste like. The one we picked at my SIL's desert house was very very sour

    Yesterday I was hurting something awful. There's a bug going around town and I was around 2 people this week who were trying to get over it. Either that or the pneumonia shot I got on monday was just kicking in. I was up and down all night with pain. At 2 AM I gave up and made some coffee to help the pain and watched a program on my Ipad. I'm so tired this morning because as usual I awoke early. I could have tried sleeping in but I'm waiting for the pool guy. The pool sweep and hose is lying on the concrete, per his instructions, and I want to see him open it up and take out whatever is stuck in it.

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