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    Smarty pants dance, smarty pants dance, Lola does the smarty pants dance..

    I just finished reading Barrys post and felt like doing something zippy myself.
    The above is taken from a utube where a daddy sings this song for his little
    one year toddler girl each time she rightly identifies a state in US on
    a map...she gets each one right. Saw it on AFV first.

    From experience i know the smarty ness might not last. My DHs first cousin
    sisters little boy used to rightly identify all the countries on a globe before he
    was two but he is a normal student now, not genius or anything.

    Julie - I am so relieved to hear your dear dad is back from emergency.
    What a fright! Prayers that he stays healthy.

    Rock - a letter every year to be opened 'afterwards'. That made me cry.
    Some couples are fortunate to be reunited with their soul mates. After
    most of the kinks and kanks have been worked out in previous lifetimes.
    And the union is a 'fit' in every way, physical, emotional, mental. I
    believe you and Gordon are one such lucky couple. What folks term
    'made in heaven'. This is my belief. because this is such an amazing
    blessing. And so rare.

    Barry - crocuses at your window and the birds tweeting
    outside and the wind rushing around..and nature everywhere
    ..just what ive always wanted. I had it once, when i was about
    nine ten. I still recall how my heart leapt everytime i went outside.
    tho i may not hv been consciously aware of it at that point of time

    Mikie - are you going to do a jiggity jig around your apartment
    once the car carrying the 'barb'arian gang swerves out of the condo gates
    carrying their ill wind with them? ok. just a joke. I know theyre not really.

    Sun - wow. what a history. it was a sombre time those days wasnt it?
    Im sorry to be getting on so much about this but this came to mind.
    There was an show on indian tv before it was pulled out due to
    'upsetting' the sensibilities of the kith and kin of those participating
    This winner of an action reality show called MTV Roadies, signs
    up to take part in another show where they volunteer to be regressed

    into another time../times. During regression he goes back to USA
    Civil war times and he is the older brother even then of his present
    life twin brother. The older brother is a soldier who forces his reluctant
    younger brother to join the army and the boy is killed in action which
    devastates the older brother.

    When the guy is regressed back to present times, he wakes up and
    says he now realises why he has always been overly protective of
    his younger twin brother and is always anxious about him. It was
    because of the guilt of sending him to his death as he believed it.
    The twin brother has accompanied him to the show.

    The regressionist is a past life therapist, a lady. Some of the stories are
    so bitersweet. A lady regresses back to a time in civil war strife torn
    Pakistan/India (newly created in 1947) when hundreds of thousands
    of Hindus / Muslims were massacred in ethnic cleansing). She is this
    temple sweeper who has a shy young man admirer who she too loves.
    She regresses to a time when she is visited in the temple grounds by
    the boy and they spend time shyly flirting, (she is chuckling and
    laughing in her regressed state) making the doctor as well as studio

    audience laugh along with her) they then return to their village'and find all the
    houses burning, (panic, flailing) and run off into the fields where they
    encounter a vigilante group and the girl is shot and the guy is bayoneted
    (those times the army carried such rifles). the therapist gently guides her
    thru her death, telling her its over, its in a past, she is free and no longer
    tied to those memories and brings her back to present life.)

    On waking she identifies her present fiance as that love and he tells the
    doctor he even now has shooting pains in the back where the girl said he
    was stabbed. It seems once the cause has been identified chronic pains
    without any known cause are known to disappear.

    The present couple were such a happy one, and it was so encouraging to know in
    the end they reunited and were blissfully happy engaged to be married.

    Of course, for some, it all may be a hoax, or an imagination due to something
    in the brain, or some such. But in the east, for most especially the old school,
    this is a way of life, reincarnation and karma.

    yesterday i nipped out to town, went to the bank, ran some errands, bought
    mushrooms at the market, and ordered two veggie hamburgers and potato
    tikkies, to take home. I had a spot of bother when i hailed a taxi in town.
    and the cabbie stopped, i got in, only to be stopped by two traffic police who
    fined the cabbie for stopping where he was not supposed to.

    The lad was
    so upset, he was already in a funk (I think) just beginning his taxi rounds)
    he was muttering about a life where he has to work like a dog in all sorts of
    weather and then hand over the bulk of money to his boss, and how he
    regretted not having finished his studies. Boy was he majorly in a funk.
    I felt so sad, The boy didnt look much older than my son. So i paid him
    the fine as well on top of my taxi fare. I just hope he was able to pull
    himself out of his blues. I dont want him to go around like that. Just hating
    what he is doing. he has so many years ahead of him.

    On the home front, my freesias are coming up. They just smell so heavenly.
    I mean when theyre all bloomed. I had thought my help had killed them off.
    But there some of them were, all lumped together. So i took a spade
    and parted the plants and hv a couple of pots of them. Lola does the smarty
    pants dance. Maybe coz the sun has come out, i feel cheery.

    Oh, Rock, guess what? I have a brand new feral kitty in my garden grounds!
    I just saw it three days ago. It is black but brown with caked dust and mud.
    And so thin like a panther. But boy, is it feisty. It is fearless. It knows
    my dogs cant climb up the ivy and barbed wire and tin roof of the outhouse
    so it has made those places its playing and hunting grounds. Right now it is
    sunning itself on the roof. I think it might not be more than two months old.
    Younger? Its very little. But an exercise in 'being happy in just being'.
    Yesterday it was playing on the felled tree trunks, chasing its own tail and
    leaping and bounding. What a sight for sore world weary eyes.

    God Bless
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    By last evening, I was shredded. I have to go back to Wally World first thing this morning to try again to activate this phone with Verizon. I chose Verizon because I've always liked them the best and now, they have a $45 unlimited plan. Yesterday, everything that could go wrong did. It was a Murphy's Law Day. I bought one of those battery-operated pumice stone dead skin removers with the pumice a roller which spins. Well, it is sooooo weak that when put against the skin, it stops. It's going back to Bed Bath & Beyond after I get my phone activated to return it. When will I ever learn that those "Shown On TV" products are junk!

    A new medical study has shown that a woman having more than 4 oz. of wine, one beer, or 1 1/2 oz. of liquor is at 34 percent greater risk of a stroke. For a man, double the safe amt. of alcohol. Barb used to sit out on the balcony in the afternoons and drink three glasses of red wine which were probably 8 oz. each. Because of her blood thinner, she wasn't even supposed to drink. After seeing what her stroke did to her and her family, I'm sticking to the recommended amts. Having one glass of red wine is still good for one's health.

    I'm going over to visit a dear friend this evening for a drink and I'm sticking to the new rule. When I go out, I usually drive and I'll only have one drink, beer or glass of wine so I'm legally sober. I'm slowly trying to move fully into the heart healthy recommendations from Dr. Masley's book. I decided not to make hasty drastic changes. I actually eat pretty healthy now but I'm going to get rid of the whole Lactaid milk I use in my coffee and on my fibre cereal. I'll go with skim, even though it tastes like water. AACK!!! :confused: Yogurt is fine but it should be fat free and contain none of the sugary fruit. I can add my own fresh fruit. DGS, the one doing magic on the video, is jumping rope for the American Heart Assn. I have to remember to send my check. He raised $250 last year and his goal this year is $350. Everyone on my Mom's side of the family eventually dies of heart disease so I'm glad he's so enthusiastic to raise money for the cause.

    Springwater, thanks for starting up a new Porch. I edited the title of 778 and put a red closing post at the end. I hear stirrings next door and hope that this means Barb is getting up and ready to leave. I'm sure the "Barb-arians" will stop to get her on the way North (I love your clever pun on her name). I'm tempted to go out and dance up and down the balcony but, of course, I won't. I will go out and smudge the whole place of all the dark NRG they left behind. I will bring the flowers back after smudging.

    I believe we stay pretty much with the same soul family as we reincarnate. It takes a lot of coordination from the spirit guides to put together a scenario in which one, or many, of us will play our roles, and meet our challenges, to grow in spirit. My cousin was using a Ouija board (I don't recommend this) when a young man came through. He said they were together in a past life and that she would dream of him that night. She had a detailed dream about their life together. In this life, she was married briefly but never remarried and is a bitter person. I think she's never gotten over losing the man "of her dreams" in a past life.

    There is nothing so cute as a kitten jumping around and playing. Tweety is a muscular and ornery cat who can be sweet when she wants to. Sir Vester is a sweet cat all the time and he still jumps around like a kitten once in a while, despite his lame paw. It's sooooo cute. You'll have to keep us up to date on what the kitty is doing. BTW, it was very kind of you to pay the taxi driver's fine for him. Really good Karma! Not only did that bless you and him but it continues to bless us who read about it. Just learning of a good deed improves one's health.

    Barry, I love hearing you describe your life in the forest. It sounds so downright peaceful. I always loved crocuses when I lived in CO. They would bloom through the snow. Snow would ruin other bulb blooms but not the hardy little crocus. My driveway was lined with purple, yellow and white ones. ZzQuil usually does the trick but the other night, after the board mtg., it didn't. I think I was too keyed up. I slept well last night again despite all the problems I had yesterday. I think I'm mentally tired and am definitely having cognitive problems. I hope this insomnia is a passing thing for you. BTW, a doc on TV said the ZzQuil is safe and better than most other products and Rx's. Good luck; you could try it. It might work. I don't recommend taking it if one wakes in the middle of the night much later than 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. If taken later, it can leave one groggy the next day.

    I hope I get my phone activated and everyone else has a problem-free day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. I see that it rained last night. No sign of the kitty. She used to come
    around regularly during the night. The last month or so she is gone all night.
    Shows up around Dawn. Well, occasionally she shows up around Tony.

    I am continuing to slowly fall apart. (I know. It's a split infinitive. But it no longer
    matters. Not when we live in a time when kids can graduate from High School without
    being able to read. And if they are star athletes, they can do the same from college.)

    Anyhoo I attempted a dangerous stunt last night and paid the price for my foolhardy
    behavior. I tried to put something on top of the dresser. Smashed my hand into
    the dresser so hard it bled and my thumbnail was smashed. I did the same thing
    a month or so ago trying to put something into the microwave. It didn't feel like
    I was moving my hand fast, but it sure made a loud crash. I was using a
    glass baking dish. I was amazed it didn't shatter. Life keeps getting more and
    more hazardous.

    Berry, in response to your question, I've been staying warm for the past month or so
    with thermal underwear. It's lightweight. Looks like black mesh. Kinda like
    the shade clothe we use to protect the orchids. Gordon found two piece sets at
    the mall for $30. The brand name is Alfani. A good German name.

    Too bad we don't have chipmunks around here. They are members of the
    Cute Family along with koalas, penguins, pandas (especially the red panda),
    and many baby animals. Did you know studies show that the most famous
    chipmunk in America is Alvin? But the two most famous chipmunks are
    Disney's Chip and Dale. I was an adult before I realized that was a pun.

    Springwater, I always enjoy your posts. I especially liked "Kinks and kanks". Yes,
    Mikie is right. That was very kind of you to help the young taxi driver. You know,
    I have never seen freesias growing. Only in bouquets. It's only in the last
    few years I've grown to recognize and identify them. We went to Ralph's
    market again yesterday. They have a cooler-displace case with the most
    beautiful bouquets. But most are priced from $25 to $50. Too pricey for me.

    Julie, condolences on the death of your aunt. I hope you have many happy

    Oh, Jeepers Creepers! How long since you've heard that? I gotta go, Folks.
    I got all confusiated trying to post on one thread and read the old posts on
    another. As my neighbor used to say, "Too much for color TV." I never
    thought that expression made a bit of sense.

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    No time to post really but wanted to check in and make sure I get posts on my phone that come in under the new volume. Will come back later. Need to get out and start pulling weeds.

    Mikie - I know you are doing the happy dance today :)!!!

    Julie - Hang in there.
    Granni :)
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    Hello Again, I'm back again. Bewitched. Bothered and Bewildered.
    Same meter.

    Julie, I'm glad to hear your Dad seems to be OK. Nice of you go fetch
    him some shrimp. You ever notice? Whenever examples of an oxymoron are
    provided, one of them is almost always "Jumbo Shrimp".

    Springwater, I liked the video you provided. All the animals seemed to be from
    N. America. My home territory in Minnesota did not have eagles when I lived
    there, but it does now. And here's a kawinkydink fur ya. Just finished rereading
    a book set in an English village. Written over half a century ago. The village
    rector takes a bouquet of flowers to a lady. When he hands them over, she says,
    "Oh, freesias! My favorite flower."

    Diane, I take 4 meds, and one of them is lisinopril. Since my brain no workee any
    more, Gordon has taken charge of monitoring and ordering new pills when
    necessary. He always gets a new bottle of each. Yet somehow, I have one or two
    bottles of three meds and 6 of lisinopril.

    This puzzled me for a while, but I have finally figured it out. If you study the name
    of the med you will notice the word "sin" right in the middle. During the night
    the pills apparently get together, have illicit sex and reproduce. This is no joke.
    I am very sincere in this belief.

    Sun, we studied Albrecht Durer in school. He was one of the leading artists to
    break with the medieval traditions and paint people that looked like real people
    instead of stiff, lifeless symbols of people. His "Praying Hands" is one of the
    most famous images in the world. I was gonna post it here. Can't find a
    photo that can be copied though. Anyhoo I read that Durer and Matisse and
    were two of the greatest draftsmen. I would add Salvador Dali to that list,
    wouldn't you?

    Hugs, Guys
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    Hi, Kids,

    Y'all should have been here this morning to see me do my happy dance while singing, "Happy Days Are Here Again." I was doing some amazing moves for an old lady. Once they left, it's as if a pall, which had been hanging over our bldg. like a dark cloud, was lifted. I didn't realize how stressful it had been until they were gone. I went to Wally World and, evidently, the phone I got yesterday must have been defective. They returned it and gave me a new one and the tech at Verizon was able to activate it in minutes with my old number. Woo Hoo! It took an hour in all but we got it done. I spoke to the tech's supervisor to tell her how great this guy had been. He will get a letter in his file which helps at raise time. I also told the asst. mgr. at WW that their tech had been very helpful too. I silently thanked St. Jude because it had been looking like a lost cause. Now, if only I can get Comcast to speed up the wi-fi, I'll be happy.

    Neighbors downstairs are infested with tiny sugar ants so had to call our bug guy to come back out early. Her birthday is in Aug. so I said I'd take care of their cat, Ponette, while they go away to celebrate. Ponette was a rescue kitty and is as sweet as Tweety is ornery. The neighbor is from France but has lived in the States 38 yrs. She still has such a French accent. Oh, La La!!! I hear her speak French to the kitty. When I take care of Ponette, I speak French to her too. Maybe they will look in on Tweety and Sir Vester if I go to Orlando in Mar.

    Took my pumice dead skin remover back to Bed Bath & Beyond and got another Himalayan Salt Lamp. They are only $20 but I used a 20 percent off coupon so got it for $16. I want one in the bedroom for while I sleep. Then, I went to Publix where I was able to use my extra $5 coupon, a $2 coupon for my mascara and BOGO's on greeting cards. I need to send one to Richard's Mom for her 90th birthday and valentines for family. Saved $8 on those. By the time I was done, I saved $25. Not too bad.

    It took two potted arbicolas to hide the bins on the other side so will have to pick up two more for my side. When those plants grow a bit, and the hedge grows high, I don't think the bins will be an issue for anyone but Barb. I need a new pot for the desert rose because it's outgrown the one it's in. I might as well pick up another desert rose because they have them for $7 again. That's what we paid for this one which has grown into a giant. A LOT of bang for the $.

    Tomorrow, I'll trim the hibiscus trees and move the ladder behind the pool house. That will make a big difference behind that hedge. I'm torn three ways now between the big board, our bldg. and what life I still have of my own. As usual, my condo needs another good cleaning. If only the cats would cooperate. Well, they kinda do. They use the litter boxes but the covered one on the lanai has even more litter tracked out of it than the open one in my bathroom. The new bowl setup out there is great; no more spilled water and food. The spilled water was the worse part.

    Rock, black mesh undies? Again, Oh, La La!!! :rolleyes: I do the same things as you describe. I have always had spacial problems and bump my hands and legs into things. I even bump my teeth as I bring a glass to my lips. I also move much faster than I realize and hurt myself or break a nail before I know what I've done. Then, the cussin' begins. It's the only way I can vent my anger when I do something like that. When I bite the inside of my mouth, the swearing flies out uncontrollably. I've always been a cusser, even in childhood. No one knows why. I certainly don't. We have freesias down here and they smell like Heaven. In CO, we had forsythias and in late winter when they looked dormant, if we cut a branch or two and put them in water inside, we would have beautiful yellow blooms. We did it every year because it was like a promise of spring to come, even as the snow was falling outside.

    Granni, you got that right!!! :p If you read above, you know I was kickin' up my heels, even as their car was leaving. I said a prayer for a safe trip and asked St. Christopher to guide them safely home. She is supposed to come back in Apr. now, according to a neighbor. I hope she doesn't come but, at least, it will give me time to rest up from her hate and nastiness.

    Diane, I think ZzQuil is the same thing as Nyquil except that Z lacks some ingredient that Nyquil has. The last two nights, I've slept sooooo well. I only use the Z when I need it, which isn't that often. Doc says it's safe and not habit forming. I take Clonidine for BP and one of its side effects is insomnia. I take two pills, one in the morning and one late afternoon/evening. I take my Cozaar (losartan) in the middle of the day around noon. My BP was a bit high when I took it at Publix but I had just been through a stressful time at Wally World again with the phone and was hustling to get my shopping done. Have a nice nap.

    Guess I had better get going. I'm trying to work with mgr. to get a better price for a tree removal from our landscapers. Hope y'all have a great day. BTW, I've made/had three calls on the new phone and love it. It's so much better than my old one on so many levels that I have another reason to do the happy dance.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to share the photo of the cymbidium orchid I brought to the
    orchid meeting last Tuesday. It's the latest orchid to bloom for me. It's a
    miniature cascading white one named Janis Lin. There was a minor difference
    of opinion in the club's procedures that I forgot to take pictures of the other
    flowers that were brought in. I'll try to remember at next month's meetings.



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    Hi Diane, et al,

    Yes, Benadryl and ZZZ Quil have the same ingredients or ingredient as you said. They do have some products that are non drowsy in the Benadryl or the generic brand, I forget. Maybe one of them might not bother your Sjogrens symptoms. It might be worth a try . Would try them together for sure then it would be like double dosing. Hope you get to feeling better soon and getting a good night sleep. I don't sleep all the way through anymore and have cut off my special K to O and my Flexeril to 1/2. I get up in the night and take my Strontium Citrate for my bones and then Armour Thyroid again sometime before getting up for good.. I have been taking my 1/2 Flexeril and 1 Somnapure (all natural) (instead of 2 caplets). So far, OK.

    I forget who posted the Smarty pants Dance !!! Tat was really cute and a smart little one at that:)!!

    I was busy this morning weeding and doing some wash. So DH took me out to lunch. It was good. I had salad and shrimp creole since I didn't want their usual Friday specials of fish or spareribs.. DH ad a BIG hamburger for a change going off his low cal (cholesterol) diet. Oh well, he did enjoy it.

    MIKIE - You must be busy dancing around the hood after seeing the Barb-arians leaving the area :)!! I love that pun !! Maybe now you can just concentrate on your presidential duties and having FUN while trying to take care of yourself. Do you have a lot of smudging to do to clear the whole hood of negative vibes :)????

    ROCK - Nice to see you popping in. Both DH and I take Losartan , ( so no wild parties going on with them) and we still have extra bottles but that is OK. I am in charge of that. However, I take double the dosage and I also take Verapamil ER.

    I have also seen the famous picture of the praying hands - very beautiful and simple. I haven't seen it lately though so don't remember where I could find it. Someone had sent it to me.

    JULIE - Hope things are slowly getting back to normal at your house, whatever that may be. I am guessing you still have not found the missing drain clog. I forget when you were going to your Aunt's funeral. Again, so sorry about that and glad your daddy is back at his home.

    Another quick HI to Spring Water, Sun, Barry, Joan, and everyone else I cannot think of at this moment.

    Tomorrow afternoon (late) we go with DD into the big city to see DGS in his HS play - The Confused Chaparone. or water it . I do not have the info in front of me. The only part I know that is correct is the Chaperone part. We will meet at a small Italian place for dinner nearby close to the school - thinking maybe pizza - mmm good ! We'll see, I love almost all kinds of Italian food.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! More posts; I'm so glad I popped back in. I now have to check my e-mail more often because of the ongoing things happening in da hood. Our treasurer is the guy I have to keep a close watch on as he's always trying to cut deals outside the mgr. and pres. So far, he's being pretty good. It's a double-edged sword because he's also incredibly energetic and helpful doing all kinds of things around here. I keep him close and, so far, we have a good working relationship (knocking on wood here). He likes his Jack Daniels and I keep a bottle ready. Ooh, ooh, I'm watching NBC news and I think Brian Williams just had a spray tan and opted for the John Boehner Package. Can anyone say, orange? Yikes!!!

    Diane, I understand that you were comparing ZzQuil to benedryl and not to Nyquil. Since the peptide injections, cold and allergy meds no longer make the Sjogren's worse for me. I believe it is the ingredients which dry up mucus which make Sjogren's worse. I have also found that sugary food makes the Sjogren's worse. Don't know why. Blankies, couch, pillows and kitties sounds good to me. I'd just add the salt lamp to make a nice calm atmosphere.

    Gordon, another spectacular orchid! Is there almost always one or more of your orchids in bloom at any given time? I took most of mine and hung them back in our tree. They love it there. I can hang them according to their needs for light. Thank you so very much for sharing your pics with us. I wish we all had a real porch, filled with plants, were we could sit and gab in person. Still, the friendships formed here have gotten us all through a lot and my Online Family means the world to me, including you.

    Granni, I did smudge the whole front of our bldg. before putting out the orchids and furniture. I really didn't think it needed it as it seems that the Barb-arians took all their negativity with them when they left. Still, no reason to take changes so smudged it good. Two friends came up to sit with me right after I put the furniture out. It's so nice to have a pleasant place to sit again. I love the praying hands too but there is something about that drawing of St. Jerome which fascinates me. I hope you enjoy the play and Italian food. Yesterday, I had a hot Italian sausage sandwich at Home Depot. I got hot mustard and grilled sweet onions on it. Yummmmm! HD and Lowe's have some of the best food.

    Well, Kiddies, I think I'll take my tired bod into the bed to watch TV. I've had the new salt lamp on in there for a couple of hours. Maybe all those neg. ions will help my allergies. Everyone is complaining. We don't know whether we are sick or have allergies. In my case, I think it's both. The Whatever Herpes is still with me so I'm taking my AV but I've not taking anything for the allergies. When I do, it's usually Corcidan HBP so as not to raise my blood pressure. Hope all y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We had a light rain early yesterday. Then we had a fierce rain in the
    afternoon. Complete with lightning and thunder which we seldom get here
    in sunny CA. I feel sorry for the animals and people that don't have shelter.

    Found a box with some odds and ends yesterday. Including a few CDs I
    bought some years ago. One was titled "Songs of the Civil War". I think I played
    it when I bought it. This time I examined it a little more closely. Thirty-five
    percent of the music is not from the Civil War. And one of the song is from
    the Civil War era, but has the wrong title. Good Night Shirt! The incompetence
    around us today is staggering! The good news is that the musicians play just
    fine and the arrangements are excellent, so the music is enjoyable despite the
    packaging flaws. And, it was a bargain. Only $4. (No coupons needed.) :rolleyes:

    Mikie, my thermals are not OOO-La-La. You must be thinking of black lace
    underwear. (I only wear that at Halloween.) The thermal stuff is warm
    because of the waffle weave. Says so right on the package. I guess if you
    wanted to pursue the French theme you can call it a French toast weave.

    Yes, you're right. We have orchids blooming all year. Especially the
    epidendrums. But Gordon has over 500 orchids so it's not surprising that
    something is always in bloom. Right now we also have narcissus, geraniums,
    and camellias in bloom. There were other orchids blooming on the top
    tier at the back of the property. Haven't been up there for a couple weeks. .
    I hope you are feeling rested after the meds, sleep and the magic salt lantern.

    Granni, that's nice that you and DH got out for a pleasant lunch. Gordon and I
    haven't gone out to eat for years. Never had shrimp creole, but my neighbor
    used to bring over a dish of his jumbalaya now and again. Maybe they are
    similar. Anyhoo, it was delicious. The only spicy food I ever ate on purpose.

    Hope you enjoy the Drowsy Chaperone. The number titled "I Don't Wanna
    Show Off" is the showstopper! I understand that members of the audience are
    encouraged to join in. Just run up on the stage and start singing and kicking.
    Your grandson will be tickled pink!

    Diane, I hope whatever quil or dryl drink you take, if any, that it's helpful. I
    have a vague memory of taking Nyquil once decades ago. I think it came in
    a green bottle. Oh! that reminds me. Have to take my 4 pills after I finish
    this post. What's Kevin up to these days?

    Hugs to Sun, Joan, Alyssa, Springwater, Barry, Julie, and Mr. and Mrs. E. Al.

    (There! I took my meds.) :p
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope we all feel as energetic as these kitties. They are playing some kitty form of hide 'n seek and tag. One will go hide and meow to get the other excited. It's a standoff to see who can stay put the longest. The first one to come out gets chased and they can really speed through here. Tweety zooms through the narrow opening I leave in the slider out to the lanai. If she ever misses, she'll knock herself silly. Yesterday, I was able to leave the front door and the sliders open to let the breeze blow through. The cats can stand up and look out the opening in the storm door in the front. The glass on the top of the opening can be lowered to let the breeze in through the screen. That means the lower half, where the cats can look out, has glass between them and the screen. No tearing at the screen. Seems that they understand they can't go out anymore but I don't take any chances. I make them get back from the door before I come in.

    It's early and I'm watching "This Old House" on PBS. Last night, I watched a show on how women have come from the feminist days of the 60's and 70's to be a real force as heads of some of the largest companies in the country. We still have a long way to go but the progress has been amazingly fast as movements go. Now, if only most women made the same as men doing the same jobs.

    I thought I'd be June Cleaver forever when I got married. It was when I watched Phil Donahue every day that I realized I was one heartbeat away from having to do everything on my own. I wasn't worried about money 'cause DH was insured for a lot but it occurred to me that if we divorced, I would end up with money problems. That's when I decided to return to college just in case. Good thing I did. Also good thing I took notes when Mr. Home Improvement did projects around the house. I ended up having to do that by myself too. Despite the heartbreak of divorce, in the long run, I'm so much better off without him. I made a good living before I got sick and I've been able to fix problems and build projects by myself. I'm independent and do what I want when I want to. If I had my druthers, I rather still be in a loving marriage but when the love flies out the door, it's time to get on with life.

    Neighbor/friend who came over to see me was going to ask whether I am going to the big Art Fest down by the river in our downtown area next weekend. I was going to call her to see whether she wanted to go. So, we're going. This art show draws some of the best painters, sculptors, photographers, jewelers and glass blowers. There is food and music too. I'm so excited because I haven't been doing much lately. We invited Grace from downstairs but I doubt she'll go.

    Today, I'll climb the ladder and trim those hibiscus trees. Then, I can get the ladder outta here and over to the pool house enclosure. I've marked it as belonging to our assn. but everyone can use it if they return it. If I can get to Home Depot, I think I will. I want to get those two plants and a new pot for the desert rose. My allergies are so bad that I took some Corcidin HBP when I got up. My sinuses were hurting but my nose got all runny so I guess the pressure is off of them. I'm coughing and almost feel as though I'm coming down with something. Yikes! I had planned to go see Nancy 2 at the rehab center but, if I'm getting sick, I don't want to expose her. She has enough on her plate as it is.

    Rock, I was teasing you about the black mesh undies. I actually wore thermal underwear when I skied. There is nothing like it to stay warm. I have lightweight thermal jammie bottoms which I love. Target had them on clearance and I bought seven pairs because they were soooooo cheap. I've had them for years and they are still like new. I did have to throw one pair out because, when I took that bad header, there was too much blood on them to try to wash it out. These lightweight ones are comfortable to wear year round. Throw on a tee shirt and I've got comfortable jammies to sleep in. The French never said, "Ooh La La." It was Americans who mispronounced it. It was "Oh La La," but I think even some French are saying "Ooh" now because of widespread use.

    I woke early but slept well. I left the salt lamp on all night. It has a dimmer switch built in so I turned it down to a dim peachy orange glow. The neg. ions are supposed to attach to viruses and pollution in the air and drag them down to the floor. Well, obviously, if what I have is allergies, the neg. ions didn't drag the tree pollen down to the floor enough. If it's a virus, it's too late for the lamp. I'm taking an AV for the Whatever Herpes Virus but it may not prevent common viruses going around. Despite all this, I have been feeling so much better lately. All those injuries really took the wind outta my sails but, I think and hope, I'm on the mend. The physical work I've been doing around here feels good.

    Well, I'm off to read the newspaper online. I guess that makes it a virtual paper. My laptop has an HD screen so all the photos come across perfect, even better than the print version. Our paper is always filled with pics residents take of sunsets, birds and other kinds of natural things and they are beautiful. Last night's sunset was spectacular. There has been a controlled burn in the next county up the coast. The winds aloft have carried some smoke particles into the upper atmosphere and that makes for the best sunsets. The sky was a beautiful blue with neon pink, orange and copper-colored clouds all along the western horizon. The balcony is a perfect place to observe sunsets. The only place better is the beach where, if you're lucky, you might see the green flash.

    Hope all y'all have a good day. Weekends, I don't have to check my e-mails as often because mgmt. is closed. I still get phone calls from residents, though. Well, I'm off to read the news of the day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good almost afternoon everydobby,

    Just resting some today before going in to the big city to see DGS's play. May have some rain later today. This keyboard is slower than molasses in Jan. So I had better get out of here ):!!!

    MIKIE- Enjoy your happy hood without the barb arians :)!!!!!

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm baaa-aack! Just testing my wi-fi speed. I moved the modem and router to the living room to see whether that would fix my media streamer without having to call Comcast out for a svs. call. It might cost me $50 if they can't find anything wrong with their equipment. So far, it seems faster on my computer but the acid test will be whether I can stream videos on the Amazon Fire TV Media Streamer.

    I'm resting after spending the morning trimming our hibiscus trees on an 8' ladder. It would be easy peasy 'cept the trees all have hedges around them so placing the ladder is difficult. Even more difficult is hoisting those heavy clippers and getting into the places in the trees where I need to cut. I finally got it all done and brought the trimmings to the curb for pickup on Mon. when the landscapers come. Then, I hauled the ladder over to the pool house. A nice older man, who said his name is Uncle Bud, carried it for me from the street around back to the enclosure. Another example of human kindness. I was getting tired so was glad for his help. I got my permanent marker out to label the ladder as belonging to our assn. and also, "Borrow me but, please, put me back. Thanks." It feels sooooo good to have it outta here. :)

    When I work that hard, I need protein so grilled myself a steak and had plain sweet taters. No butter and no brown sugar. :( I hope this healthy heart stuff is worth it. I feel sooooo good and just hope it lasts. I plan to ice my shoulders and later get into an Epsom Salt soak. My neighbor found a guy who wants a bike so he took my bike outa my walk-in closet and said he'd try to get some money for it. Heck, I'm just glad to be rid of it; I had planned on donating it. I said if he got some money, I'd split it with him. He and his wife said they are sooooo glad to be rid of the Barb-arians too.

    The guy who painted our railings stopped by cause they are doing work in da hood. He's going to give me a proposal for fixing a few small problems, like hairline cracks in our deck and loose railing uprights in the deck and stair floors. Also, he wants to cut out the rust and restucco it in those areas. It doesn't sound as though it'll be that expensive. His ballpark est. for painting the whole bldg. was quite low. He doesn't think it needs painting right now. I think he's right but I want to get the important repairs done. I'm tellin' ya, it never ends. Since our own painter won't return our calls, I'm sooooo glad this guy decided to stop by. He's no more expensive than our usual guy. I've been praying for help and, slowly, it seems that each concern is being addressed. Woo hoo!!! :)

    Well, once again, I'm signing off. Hope we get more traffic on the Porch but, being the weekend, people have other things to do.

    Love, Mikie
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I've sat for eons, waiting to see the greenflash but never did. I honestly wonder if it's a trick of our eyes since the green would be opposite the orange on a color wheel. For instance, ever stare at a red dot then look up and it's not red but green? So because you stare and when you blink this could be it????

    Great that you have strong men around the hood to help with the heavy stuff. A neighbor of mine came over the other morning and trimmed the fig tree for me. He had told me a few weeks ago he was going to do that, and I thought he forgot, but one morning I found him out there. Another neighbor came by at that time and she remarked isn't it good to have your own treetrimmer.....I told her it's HIS tree, because he gets almost all the figs. So I call it "Ed's tree". LOL

    Granni: OK.....did I imagine this or didn't you go to your DGS Drowsy Chaperone play about a month ago? Or am I psychic?

    Spring: thanks for that adorable "Lola does the smarty pants dance" video. That child is so precious. I hope she goes on in her life to perhaps become a doctor and cure cancer. She seems very smart.

    Gordon/Rock: The cymbidium is gorgeous. 500 plus orchids? Must be exciting to see what will be coming into bloom again. We only got a few scatter sprinkles yesterday. What a surprise to read you got a real storm. By the way, did you see the fantastic peach and blue sunset the other night? Really outstanding.

    I went to my art group yesterday, chatted, chatted, painted for about 20 min. then chatted again while waiting for some of the water to absorb.......so chatted again. This is a large, friendly group of artists for the most part. I talked quite a while with two older ladies.....one 78 (OMG.....she looks 55) and another one 84 which blew me away too. Somehow we talked about PAIN, cancer, vitamins, etc. The 78 year old said she used a personal laser which she always carries in her purse. She turned it on and I held it for about 5 min. over an arthritic thumb. Didn't feel anything then all of a sudden felt like a needle had jabbed me. She said it had never happened to her. And something amazing, she told us about her 20 year old cat who couldn't climb the stairs anymore. They had been using it on her hips and she now can bound up the stairs. She said it cost her $4,000. Way over my budget but I did a search and this must be the cadillac variety. Apparently these lasers are used quite a lot to heal animals.

    I'm cleaning a closet today. My DH was into making CDs of old time radio shows. SIGH.......the entire closet above was filled with them. They're going to a local charity today along with some other things.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Sunday Morning, Porchies,

    I forgot to put the cats out last night because I fell into a sleep that was like a coma. About 1:30, both got on the bed and started to wrestle. I got up, put them out, took a swig of Z and finally went back to sleep til 6:00. I am up but a bit stiff from clinging for dear life to the ladder and using those heavy clippers. Still, I feel as though I got a lot accomplished. Comcast is coming out between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. They will call first and I have to be available for the whole visit and show my ID. That seems reasonable. As much as we complain about these guys being late or not showing, I'm sure they have their share of people who aren't home. I hope he or she finds the problem and that it's Comcast's problem. I don't see how it could be mine. My modem and router are working fine but the wi-fi is sooooooo slooooow. :(

    It will get to 78 today but it's so cold out this morning. I turned on the heat just to take the edge off. Inside, it's supposed to be 70 but I put the heat temp at 72 and it feels much better. I don't like it too warm. Need to keep a cool head. :cool: I told my sweet neighbor that I was wanting to get rid of my bike if he knew anyone who wanted one free. He has a friend looking for one and he got $25 for it. I offered to share it but he wanted me to have it all. He said that guy is his friend and he got a good deal on the bike and that I'm his friend and it's good I got a little money for the bike. He said the whole thing made him feel good. I feel good having it out of my life. It is 20 yrs. old and looks like new, but needs new tubes. When I got it, Consumers' Digest listed it as the best bike in the mid-price range. It has 21 speeds but only 14 work. The derailier got damaged and the bottom 7 speeds don't work. Those are only for steep mtn. climbing and he won't need them here or in WV.

    Sunflower Girl, I watched a video on the green flash but can't remember what causes them. They exist, I know, because I saw two in one sunset. I think it has more to do with bending light rays as the sun slips behind the horizon. When I saw it, there was a bank of horizontal clouds above, but not touching, the horizon. When the sun set behind the clouds, I saw the flash and again when it set behind the horizon. If one were to blink, one would miss it but it's quite spectacular. The green flashes out like a burst. I'm so glad I got to see it. I'll look it up to see if I can find the cause. :D

    Your art group sounds sooooo interesting. There are products which are much, much less expensive which use light to heal and ease pain. They aren't lasers, just light in specific spectrum ranges. I have a small one I got online at Costco (they don't sell them in the stores). It's about the size of a face powder compact. It has a healing blue light for people with acne and a red one which is supposed to tighten the skin on the face. My daughter has one too but we both forget to use them. When we do, on a continuing basis, our skin does look better with fewer visible wrinkles. I once had an outbreak of acne and was horrified to have it at my age. Yikes!!! :eek: I used the blue light and the acne almost immediately started to go away. It was gone completely in two days. I'll have to remember to use the red light every day. I'm getting those Ronald Reagan puppet mouth wrinkles. AACK!!!

    I am content and pretty much have everything I need but it would be so nice to have lots of money in order to try the expensive treatments which help others. If I had my druthers, I'd get a monthly or semi-monthly peptide injection. The ones I've had have helped but I'd like to feel that well all the time. I have been feeling just wonderful recently (knocking on wood) and hope it continues but the arthritis in my fingers is hurting with this cold weather and using my hands so much. If I get any worse, I'll go in for another injection. I might try those copper gloves.

    I'm glad you had help with that fig tree. Many neighbors don't give a fig! Sometimes, even a little help means so much and restores our belief in amity and good will. Yes, it's nice to have a man around the house when help is needed. If I had a loving mate, I would welcome it but my experience was that it wasn't that great. He was handy but never finished his projects and left his tools all over the place. The men around here are wonderful at helping me and I don't have to cook for them. :p Two guys in da hood work outside on their courtyard all the time. One talks terribly about his wife. The other one doesn't say anything but his wife is always after him to do more (and more, and more). The third guy puts on working gloves and never lifts a finger. They joke about it. A young, hot looking woman moved into the cul-de-sac and those men were falling over one another to help he with anything and everything. It was like watching a comedy from the balcony. BTW, the balcony looks beautiful again with the orchids in the tree and my furniture out there. Neighbors will soon be gathering once more.

    Tomorrow is earmarked for walking around with the landscaper's proposals for work in da hood. I need to refresh myself as to where some of this work is to be done. Then, I need to sit down with Diana and, possibly, one other board member to make a multi-year plan and to prioritize. I am going to ask our brand new member if she will help us. She is smart, has good judgment and wants to be involved in keeping da hood nice. She is a bit shy and isn't ready for an office yet but I'm trying to groom her for the future. This is assuming I have a future on the board and not just one term.

    I am sending up prayers for everydobby and also sending warm healing hugs and love,

    Love, Mikie

    PS: Regarding the green flash. The flash is caused by atmospheric conditions which separate the different colors in the sunlight. There are other types of green phenomena which can occur around a sunset, like a little green dot over the top of the sun, but the flash is what most people see. Interestingly enough, pilots flying west will often see the flash longer because they are traveling toward it, seeming to stand still in time. I got this info from Wiki.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Going to have an early dinner/lunch this afternoon and will snack during the Super Bowl. Not sure how much I will really watch :)!! If the Pats win I win some $. I really don't care that much since our team is not in it. DH didn't want to go to a party or anything - so boring ):!!! I go for the socialization :)!!! We just bought an already cooked rotisserie chicken today for dinner. Smells good already. Just heating up.

    SUN - you were not imagining anything . I think I mentioned it some ago but it is playing now. I believe it is the last weekend, It was really funny and our DGS actually was on stage this year and had a singing (group)part along with several costume changes. The other sporty twin also helped this year as a tech. Very talented kids at that HS.

    MIKIE - Hope you get your TV working right and that Comcast can help. Also hope you can get your new friend Diana to help with things in your hood. If she is anxious to help that is the first step. Also glad you got to get some help in carrying that adder from "Uncle Bud". Every bit of help, I know is very much appreciated by you. Also, if you treat everyone in the hood like you treat all on the PORCH you should have lots of help :)!!!

    JULIE - I hear via FB that you are snowed in with the kiddos at your house. Stay warm and have fun !!!! Try not to wear yourself out !!!

    Big hugz to everyone and hope all is well especially with those feeling worse than usual as well as those like me who feeling stinky just about every day.

    DIANE - Hope you are feeling a little bit better with that flu bug haunting you and Kevin. Also hope you get to sleeping better soon.

    SW - Hope you found some NRG in your travels. More later.

    Love to everydobby, inc. those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Well, the guy from Comcast came and went over everything until the signal to the modem was strong as can be. Problem is my router. It's only about two years old but the tech told me the Cisco brand, which used to be good, is now junk. I'll get a new router tomorrow or Tues. This tech usually installs Comcast alarm systems and he builds his own computers. He even went up in the attic to check everything. I tipped him $20 because he was soooo good and so knowledgeable. Because it's my equipment which is bad, I'll probably get a bill for $50 from Comcast but if I do, it'll be worth it to finally be able to use my new Amazon Fire TV streamer. So, two big problems solved: My phone and my wi-fi. BTW, I looooove my new LG phone. It's so easy to use and intuitive. Don't even need a manual for it.

    I suspect that my painting problems for the bldg. are about to be solved. I did nothing but pray since our old painter won't return anyone's phone calls and, voila, along comes the guy whose co. painted our railings. The ballpark prices he quoted me sound sooooo doable. This is one of the best companies in the business so I'm pleased that the prices are so good. Ilona and Frank were too. We're just waiting for his proposal.

    My Mom always told me not to worry and that everything would be alright. Mom was a wise woman! It's not that I was worried so much as frazzled by dealing with tech difficulties. It wears a person down. I can deal with most problems related to the boards and our property but my personal tech problems drive me nuts. I'm so relieved to have two of them fixed. I don't currently have any other tech difficulties (knocking on wood here) and I hope I don't get any.

    I spent a lot of time sitting out with a friend/neighbor from downstairs. We couldn't sit out with Barb here. It was her DH who got the $25 for my bike. We sat out before and after the Comcast guy came by. We are going to Bealls on Tues. as they are having a sale and it's Senior Discount Day. Think we'll have lunch too.

    Granni, like you, I'm watching the game at home. I'll switch to PBS when "Downton Abbey" comes on. I can always catch the highlights of the game that I missed. Even if my Broncos were playing, I'd still watch DA. Now that I don't have Comcast, I don't have On Demand so I have to pick and choose what I want to watch. This summer, the networks will have reruns but I don't know whether PBS will rerun DA and I don't want to wait. The network shows I watch are goood but so many are like the other shows on. If I get that $14.99 download for my computer, I may even get some of the cable shows again. I hesitate because there is only so much time and so many shows on. At least, with the streaming devices, I can choose when to watch. Can ya tell? TV is my life. As always, thank you for all your kind words and good wishes. I really appreciate them. You are always so kind to everyone here and I admire you for all you do.

    Well, Kiddies, today wasn't my idea of how to spend a Sun., except for sitting and talking with my friend, but it was productive. I am going to go vacuum behind my armoire before pushing it back against the wall. I did, at least, get the cats' boxes cleaned out. They were alarmed by the man when he went up in the attic but if I bend down and call them over and tell them everything is OK, it soothes them and they relax.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful evening and hoping everybody who is sick or in pain gets relief.

    Love, Mikie
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hellos all around

    I went to a wedding on Saturday, prepared for it Friday and recovered from it yesterday, :D.
    I hadnt been looking forward to it..gusty winds and drafty halls..not my idea of a good time
    but i actually enjoyed it.

    Granni - that was me posted the Little Lola smarty pants dance. sometimes one discovers treasures
    online. It was too precious not to share.

    Sun - you asked about the stairs i hv to climb up and down and were there many in an older post.
    And why its so tiring. I live on the second floor. And the terrace is on the third floor. Terrace is
    where i hv to climb if i want to dry a little dishcloth because we dont hv balconys in this house.
    And the house was meant as a carpet showroom/offices and flat and since the business was
    thriving those days some 20 years ago, DH spent no expense making the walls ceiling 10 ft
    high and the staircase is in the centre of the house spiralling up with a skylight in the roof
    to give light. Each staircase has 8 steps, and there are six staircases in all with some walking
    space again...nowadays im aware of how much energy im expending while walking so i try

    to save time by carrying things up and down every time i climb or descend. I have to take
    Poopsie down to the garden at least twice, to do her business because on the terrace, we
    hv to use water to clean up after them..i also air each of our bedclothes every day and light
    incense in a little mud container and smudge the rooms besides having to go and take down
    the washing (help washes them). It all adds up to a lot of energy being expended. I also
    feed the doggies their food on the terrace because they tend to like to spray near where
    they eat afterward.

    No wonder i always am playing catch up with house work. My CFS kicks in after a
    few moments and i hv to rest. But i would say ive improved after the meditations
    i began some years ago. Then i would be walking in the streets and feel the need
    to lie down somewhere or i would come home and feel like my lungs were going to
    burst of lack of oxygen. I dont get those debilitating episodes anymore. Pretty
    sure its the meditation.

    Rock - lucky you, to be able to saunter out of your house and have that cymbidium
    and its whole family of orchids and other plants to feast your eyes on. I hope your
    hand has recovered from that injury.

    Mikie - woah, you are knee deep already in jobs. i like kawinkydinks like that
    your other painter man turning up when your regular one isnt showing. i read a
    book called The Green Flash..in my teenhood. i remember it was about a
    doctor and the flash was supposed to be this 'inspirational solution' to a medical
    problem. i wish we had GFs . i would love to experience an aurora borealis here
    but of course that is as likely as Spiderman actually turning up on the streets of New

    Diane - sorry to hear youre out of sorts. Get better soon.

    Julie - stay safe wherever you are, i know you were going to attend your
    aunts funeral.

    This wedding i went to, it is DHs second cousins daughters wedding. The
    second cousin and two of his brothers all emigrated to Canada, Nederlands
    and Switzerland respectively about 15 years ago and they had all come for
    the wedding. with their spouses. The bride stays in New York and met
    her groom there. He is not of her caste (Tibetan) and the her uncles were
    telling me how their kids had now gotten married to Portuguese. Italian
    spouses. 20 years ago it was unheard of. We got married to people of
    our own caste.

    it was a small cozy affair...and they danced the Tibetan dance, linking
    arms and doing a sort of tap dance. Its very intricate and me and
    DHs niece went and tried to join in and retired gracefully after a while
    it was too complicated to learn in that moment. we hv decided we should
    actually learn it and participate.

    from 56:20

    i couldnt find a proper utube..otherwise all the people form a long horizontal line and do the steps according to the music, and the older people have it in their heads, theyre all

    mmm, the day has slowly started breaking and there is a watery sunshine..well, ill
    take that rather than the dreary cold that was most of yesterday morning.

    Take care all

    God Bless

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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Well, my adopted team, the Patriots, won the Superbowl. I did sneak away to watch "Downton Abbey" from 9:00 to 10:00 and came back for the end of the game. It was a good one but a couple of mistakes will likely haunt both teams. Even the winning team has to review their tapes and that interception Brady threw will make them cringe when they watch it. I stayed in the living room but was going to sleep by the short post-game show. I decided to go into the bedroom but leave the light on to try to stay awake to watch "Blacklist." Of course, it didn't work and I fell fast asleep. I woke at 1:00 and put the kitties out, even though they were being good. I took a swig of ZzQuil and slept til about 6:00. Six hours of sleep seems to be enough to keep me going and, considering how well I've been feeling, could be my sweet spot. I think docs recommend 7 or 8 hrs. at my age but I don't know many people my age who actually get that amt. without naps. I no longer need naps.

    Think I'll go get my new router today. The Bealls coupon expires today so if my neighbor and I want to use ours, we need to go today. It's 20 percent off everything. Tomorrow, we only get 15 percent for being old (Seniors Day). I only dread installing the new router and getting it on all my devices. As I recall, the printer was a real pain to hook up to the router I have now. OK, so maybe it would be good to have a man around the house--a tech-savvy man! As the world gets more technologically complex, I predict that nerds will outnumber jocks as being desirable.

    One of Barb's old friends, who doesn't come around often anymore, came to see her off but missed her. She sat with me and my downstairs friend and we made plans to go to the Art Fest downtown on Sat. She evidently called Barb to say she was sorry she missed her and told her that she sat and talked with my friend and me. Barb immediately called my downstairs friend and demanded the details, including where we sat out on the balcony. She said she didn't want anyone sitting in front of her condo. OMG! The woman has really gone over the edge. The balcony is considered limited common space and it doesn't belong to her. We, in the bldg. and our guests, can sit anywhere we want. When her family was here, they spread out all over the balcony, including in front of my condo. It must be eating her alive that she is up there and totally out of control of things going on down here. If she keeps this up, she is likely to have another stroke. I've never seen such a tragic person. She's always been a borderline case but now, I think she has full-blown mental illness. I'm not doc but anyone can see she is so far out there now that she isn't even close to being reasonably sane. Anger at that level is a killer of the body and soul. My prayers haven't changed; I pray for her recovery but also pray she never comes down here again. While she's up there hating me, I'm caring for her plants. Such a deal!

    Springwater, I'm glad you ended up enjoying the wedding. You weren't kidding about getting your exercise. Wow! All those stairs! I only saw the Northern Lights once and it was in CO. It's almost unheard of, seeing them that far south. The sky looked as though there were shimmery transparent green and silver curtains moving through the atmosphere. It was eerie but beautiful. Once, when my instructor and I were flying at night, a phosphorescent green thing shot by the plane. It looked like a tracer bullet. It exploded out in front of the plane into what looked like red fireworks. It was a meteorite. Several commercial pilots reported seeing it too. I'm so glad I got to see it. I'll have to watch the wedding video later but I'll be back before too long. I think learning the intricate dance would be fun. Since getting sick, I have a difficult time learning dance routines. Heck, some days I have difficulty just walking. :)

    Well, Kiddies, I have to pay a couple of bills, walk some mail down to be picked up, and get dressed so I can confer with our landscapers when they show.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I hope all y'all start feeling better. Sorry you missed the viewing and funeral. The friend called Barb just to tell her that she was sorry she missed her and didn't get to say goodbye. This friend is the sweetest person and would never rile Barb up but, as you know by now, it doesn't take much to rile her up. That's what caused Barb to call the neighbor downstairs because this neighbor doesn't want to take sides; she just wants peace. I told her I would never try to put her in the middle of all this. Barb preys on the naieve and sweet. I just hope this friend will still want to go to the Art Fest but if she's that easy to sway, better I should know it now. She's known Barb a long time and I don't think Barb can control her. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope everyone gets better.

    I got up early and walked the property. Our dumpsters were a mess so the mgr. is arranging three pickups a week. I got the landscaper down on his price to remove a dangerous tree and told him about the fire ants around the perimeter of the property. His guys removed the palm frond with the wasp's nest in it. So, I worked a full day before I even got going. When I came back from shopping, I got two of the men in here to toss a discarded toilet into the dumpster for the next pickup.

    Grace, downstairs, and I went to Beall's but neither of us found anything we liked. I exchanged my salt lamp at Bed Bath & Beyond. We went to the computer store and I got a nice router that should solve my speed problems. Finally, we went to Home Depot where I got two more arbicolas to camouflage the bins and a new pot for the desert rose, which had outgrown the old one. I got a new baby desert rose for the old pot and will put it at the other end of the balcony.

    We decided to stop at Perkin's for brunch. I ate like I'd never eat again. I came home and put the arbicolas down next to one bin and stuck my arm with a branch of the hedge. It made a deep, three-corner tear and I had to come in post haste to wash it in antibacterial soap. It hurt sooooo bad to wash under the skin flap. I put the skin back in place and dried it. Then, I applied antibacterial salve and closed the wound with tape. Thought I had some butterfly closures but didn't. It's bandaged and doing fine but it almost made me sick when I first looked at it.

    Gotta go; I'll be back later.

    Love, Mikie