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    Hello All

    starting the new porchlight ..here you are..pls help yourselves and enjoy



    Gordon - now they started dyeing orchids to make it another colour?!!

    Granni - that is irritating, too loud music at a gathering. But it sounds like a lovely
    dinner you had.

    Sun - i like the way you improvised and made your colour palette. So you
    must be carrying a nice large tote bag everywhere.

    Julie - your Den is so sweet and has his priorities right, cookies over firewood.
    i loved all the pictures the little ones have made and the handiwork involved.

    Mikie - the dendrobium sounds just beautiful; what a large plant.

    Ive been busy getting all the curtains washed. We washed them in September but the
    amount of dust from the streets..

    even the dogs are looking grimy even though the vets say you need to have a gap of
    20 days before bathing them to conserve their body oil.

    i saw Boston and the snowstorm they had...lots of snow. on CNN. I hope the spring
    comes around really soon for north america. Brrrr.

    God Bless
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    Spring: yummy looking tray of goodies! Thanks for starting the new post up.

    Julie: That's great that Den was able to help Clinton with the basement. A 2 l/2 hrs nap! I'm sooooo jealous. The most I can muster is 30 min. Obviously you're really worn out.

    My SIL came to get their dog late this afternoon. It was very nice having this furry companion all weekend, and call me crazy, the thought has crossed my mind to look for the right little dog for me. The only drawbacks are 2 cats who are jealous, and when I heard my neighbor's putting their little dog out for potty at 3 a.m. then letting her back in 15 min later. I need to REALLY think the pros and cons.

    My SIL fixed two shutters for me also. The magnets had come off, and I thought they were missing but they weren't, just in disguise. I'm also considering selling my house down the road, something I said I wouldn't even think about. But I'm not getting any younger and I would like to live closer to my family than 30 min. away. I have an awful lot of things to clean out also so that will take months but I need to get to work on that.

    My cleaning lady called an hr. ago to tell me she's really sick with a flu bug. She sounds awful. Been sick 3 days with everything symptom there is. Oh great.....another bug going around town. She said she's heading to the dotor tomorrow, but if it's the flu they just tell you to go to bed.
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another cold morning here but it's 70 inside without turning on the heat. It is supposed to be nice later on. I am seeing my doc at 10:00 and will ask for the peptide booster. Worst part is not being able to eat until an hour has passed after the injection. I end up with a headache and feeling weak. I'll rest all day to give the shot a good chance to work. Seems that now, I need a booster about once a year.

    My hair is limp and lifeless and my scalp is itchy. It must be from all the dryness in the air right now versus our warmer months' humidity. I need to color my hair and give it a trim but that'll have to wait. Tomorrow is a condo mtg. at the pool and, later at 11:00, our assn.'s annual mtg. I don't think our residents have returned their proxies so we likely won't have enough to make it a legal mtg. People here just don't care. Things will continue until Ilona and Frank sell their condo and I'll have to see if I can cajole someone into joining me on this little bldg. board. If not, I'll just continue to run things. That's good because everything with our bldg. is going well and we have plenty of money. Still haven't received the proposal from the painter on repairs and cost to paint this year.

    I just realized that even if I could find my printer's CD, it wouldn't do any good because it doesn't work with my computer's operating system and the Epsom website doesn't have utilities and drivers for that printer anymore. So, tomorrow after the mtg., it's off to buy a new printer. I got all the ads for them in yesterday's paper so will compare prices.

    Springwater, thanks for starting a new Porch. The refreshments look divine. I have avoided washing my drapery panels because I'm afraid they might shrink and I don't want to have to iron them. I take them down and shake them outside and air them out. I do need to shampoo the carpet. I'm glad I don't have to bathe the cats. When I had dogs, I took them to the groomer to be bathed and trimmed. I admire your taking on a cleaning spree. Maybe the peptide shot will give me some NRG to clean.

    Sunflower Girl, when I had dogs, we had a fenced-in yard and all I had to do is let them out. Here, people have to walk their dogs several times a day. Taking care of the cats' needs, and cleaning up after them, is about all I can handle. One of the things which had made me not want to have pets is the possibility of their getting sick and having big vet bills. I do enjoy the neighbors' dogs and they return the love. We have two cute little guys in our bldg. Their mammas bring them up on the balcony so I can see them. I hope your cleaning lady gets well. This flu/cold season has been really hard on those hit with illness. I would like to live closer to my kids too but that would mean moving to TX or back to CO and I still wouldn't be close to one of them. So, I stay here and miss my kids. Good luck with your decision.

    Granni, glad you had a nice dinner. It's too bad those people were making so much noise you couldn't hear the music. I think good manners dictate that, when a strolling musician is by the table, everyone stop talking and pay respect to the musician and the music. It's so nice you and DH get too eat out and enjoy yourselves.

    Well, Kids, I had better get going. Maybe before that, I can get in a short snooze. I hate having to get into the shower on cool mornings. Brrrrr! Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Am back from the doc's office with lots of good news. I am 11 pounds lighter than I was less than one month ago. My good cholesterol has improved and is now normal. My blood sugar creeps up a point or two each year but my doc is very happy with my result--105. I've always tried to keep it under 100. I always feel crappy when I get my shots because I've been off all meds, 'cept my Special K, and I've had to fast the morning of the shot. It always gives me a headache. I had just arrived at the door and there was the painter wanting my spare can of paint and the landscaper was here to see me. I was just hanging my Do Not Ring sign on my door. I got the paint and talked quickly to the landscaper and came inside to cats yowling for their treats. Yikes!!! It's like everybody was lined up and just waiting for me to come home to get a piece of me. :eek:

    I got my peptide injection and will rest the remainder of the day so that the shot will have an easier chance to work if there are no demands on my bod. I told the nurse about this and she said she is going to suggest that to others on the shots. There is no proof it works but it makes sense. Besides, it's a good excuse to veg out and watch TV. I was able to take some acetaminophen for my fast-induced headache. Now, my bed awaits. BTW, doc said my cough and scratchy throat are due to acid reflux. I'm going to elevate my bed but, if that doesn't work, he'll prescribe meds. Reflux isn't something which should be ignored. AARG!!! It's always something! :mad:

    Simon was here for his breakfast this morning. I think it's been a couple of months since he's stopped by. He looks a bit smaller to me but looks good. He's lean and muscular but not thin and his tail was nice and bushy. When he wasn't doing so well for a while, his poor little tail was so straggly. Speaking of straggly, my hair is back to normal so it must have just been a fluke.

    Julie, you guys work soooo hard. I admire that and hope you get everything done. Your kids and DGKs are very lucky! :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi All. I'm still in a state of exhaustion over recent events. Shorty is alright, but is very sleepy with the tramadol they have given him for pain. He has drainage tubes in his chest and around his anus, where he was severely bitten, and has numerous stitches everywhere. We have not yet been able to contact the owners of the two attacking dogs -- it seems they made a run for it, as their vehicle was seen leaving as soon as Richard carried Shorty down from the hill. We will try again today, and if not reconciled, appropriate authorities will be alerted (which is the last thing these people would want -- I think they have a grow house for pot.....)

    Today is sunny and will be in the sixties again. The migratory birds are starting their journeys; saw V's of geese flying north when I went to Doc. in Eureka last week, and lots of egrets. Around home here the first warblers have shown up (orange-crowned warblers), and others will be following along with the tanagers, etc.

    Still emotionally and physically exhausted,
    Wish you all well,
  6. Granniluvsu

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    BARRY - So sorry to hear that poor SHORTY was hurt so badly by those awful dogs. Can't believe that people keep dogs like that and then run when something awful happens to others, animals or people. Hope Richard wasn't hurt to badly . Sounds like they were busy attacking poor Shorty. Hope you can get to the bottom of it and find out those involved so they cannot attack any one else a gain. Yes, I imagine how upset you both are for SHORTY and how exhausted you both must feel. Just TERRIBLE !!

    MIKIE - Sorry about your headache and acid reflux. Neither is any fun. Hope the shots help you. Glad you got a chance to rest today. BTW, are there any green drinks that you have made taste not to bad? If not, DH will probably not taste to bad or even good or fairly good. DH would benefit a lot probably from those drinks but he is so picky on taste. I made a breakfast drink this morning and he took sip of mine and thought it tasted bad. It was yogurt, frozen fruit, milk, water, 1/2 scoop of whey powder daughter and bought me some time ago, cinnamon, a few walnuts. I think he will be a hard one to sell on green drinks.

    The cold front hit this morning and the temp went from 60's to 40's with the wind blowing and of and on rain. Crazy weather but I will take it over the alterative going on in the North east and elsewhere. DS got home safe from his flight to the frigid north. The temp was 12 degrees in NYC I think - brrr!!

    JULIE - Good luck with all you are doing. Try and take it easy some will you ??

    Hugz to awl inc DIANE, SPRING, ROCK, SUN, and everyone else I missed.

    More stuff to do and fix dinner so I and to choral practice tonight out in the COLD weather..

    Granni :)
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    I'm sorry to read that poor Shorty was so injured. Yes, you're probably right about their pot farm and the dogs were there to keep people away. Probably renters? I have mixed feelings about MJ. A close relative was hooked on MJ and I know what it did to the family until he went cold turkey in a 30 day rehab. My sons both smoked it and I was very dead set again it. I'm a Christian so it goes against my beliefs. Then when my DH got cancer we HAD to try MJ cookies to help him feel hungry. Two old people (us) heading to the dispensary every couple of weeks!!!!! They seemed to work for a couple of months then he got dizzy once and that was it, he didn't want it anymore, and then his weight spiraled down rapidly. Most people die from weight loss and chemicals than from the actual cancer.

    Granni: My DH didn't want anything to do with healthy smoothies but had to turn to them because of the weight loss. It was mainly a combo of fruit, cottage cheese, protein powder, and yogurt and we both found them really good......like a really good shake. He wouldn't try the green smoothies though.

    Mikie: you lost 11 lbs. in a month!!!!! Wonderful. Tell us your secret. I've put on 5 thanks to the girl scout cookies so now I'm having to drop it.

    I spent another 2 hrs. this morning doing yard clean up in back, mainly some bush trimming and using the blower, still very tiring though and add it to the other 6 hrs. I did this past week, I really need to rest. I'm heading for a nap and then need to start on organizing and purging.
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Barry - prayers for Shortys speedy recovery and for you and Richard as well to get over this
    shock. I hope the attacking dogs and their owners are stoppin their tracks.

    Sun - purging sounds good. its an ongoing thing isnt it? when do we ever feel we have
    ever completely accomplished it? We seem to keep collecting more even as we purge.

    Julie - i hate having to wake early. Though there are phases when that comes naturally.
    That feels so good. Not having to force oneself to do anything.

    Mikie - looks like another set of health hiccups. Just hope you are back to normal soon as
    soon. 'Normal'. I suppose most of us would wonder, huh? what is that?

    Granni - was a time i actually made and downed a couple of green smoothies. Wonder
    which century was that. Right now, i wouldnt try. I dont think my stomach would
    endure it.

    Diane - you and Julie must be so waiting for the spring to come. Do the cats ever
    venture outside in the snow? Its so good to hear Tabeet has gotten used to
    having to have mushy food. Yes, if only there was an antivirus program
    for our bodies to just tuck behind our ear or under our tongue and run for
    a few minutes and wipe out all traces of virus and bacteria and genetic
    defects. Who knows in the other planets out there but they do just that?

    Yesterday me, DH and DS went to our DHs youngest uncles place. We had been
    invited for dinner. And my MIL, BIL and DHs middle uncles family. But the ladies
    were too caught up in work so i was the only lady of the house who went, my BIL
    and DHs youngest and unmarried cousin sis came. Nine of us family. They have
    this absolutely gorgeous house. The previous owners were from the former
    aristocratic family, (before the kings dynasty, the country was (misruled?) over
    by the nobles who got overthrown) but these people were very wealthy. The whole
    architecture and decor was lovingly put together by that family, and then when
    the Maoists uprising began, these were the first people being targeted..threatened,
    extorted..so they immigrated to the US and sold the house to our uncle for a
    pittance. But mostly i think because DHs uncles son is a monk and it is
    considered an act which accumulates merit if you help or donate to a spiritual
    guru. There is even an indoor little space purposely built to house plants and
    glassed in with a skylight which one can look at through the kitchen.

    And a lovely covered porch right outside the dining room with wrought iron
    tables and chairs. And grape vine covering the trellis above. My Chinese
    friend is their neighbour and had gone visiting and she too fell in love with
    the house.

    In my dreams i own a house like this one. beautiful but homey and
    cozy. Not stiff and 'do not touch' beautiful.

    Well, today is a public holiday, and the DH is off to his game of golf
    and the days housework, and cleaning , tons of it await me. There
    are all the curtains which have been washed to put up too. Bleh!
    But im glad they are washed and dried. The sun hasnt been shining
    too much past few days.

    And the annuals are taking a little longer to burst into bloom.

    Take care, all

    God Bless
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Fat Tuesday Morning, Porchies,

    Mardi Gras is in full swing in New Orleans and Galveston. Think I've mentioned that my CO kids own an historic house in Galveston. They rent out the main house and have an apt. in the basement so they have a place to stay when they visit. DD was the one who built the apt. and fixed up the house. Before she decided to start nursing school, she worked doing home renovations. She had her own business with a partner. She has FMS and realized that she couldn't keep doing hard physical work. After the last hurricane hit, the house was OK but the basement had flood water damage from the surge. She went down and replaced the drywall and flooring. She has also worked with her Dad doing renos.

    The kids have asked me to come down for Mardi Gras for years but I don't do well with crowds, confusion and noise. My sensory overload has improved sooooo much with these peptide injections. I'm surprised that the improvement continues despite my weaning off the Special K. Dr. Cheney was right; when one gets well enough, it is easier to wean off of it. I tried some years ago and the withdrawal symptoms drove me back to it.

    I did rest all day yesterday. I binge watched TV with my new Amazon Fire TV. OMG! This new router is amazing! Everything is sooooo fast. I hadn't realized that routers can go bad and, when they do, it doesn't happen all at once. They just keep getting slower and slower. I can relate to that. Sometimes, I just keep getting slower and slower. :) I can tell the shot was successful. Despite being off my meds for the 4th day now, I feel so much better. Within two hrs. of the injection yesterday, I was drooling like a slobbering bulldog over a pork chop. I ate sparingly because so much saliva was upsetting my stomach. On top of everything, I'm Herxing because I had to stop the Acyclovir several days ago. Herxing isn't pleasant but it signals a HUGE pathogen dieoff so I welcome it.

    I need to go downstairs and look at how Frank elevated their bed. Instead of putting wood under it, he cut some PVC pipe and slipped the legs of the bed into the pipes, cut to size. He is very clever, a lot like my ex, when it comes to doing things around the house. It's time I inspected their place anyway. I have a condo mtg. at the pool this morning and then, I have to go to the mgmt. co so our little bldg. assn. can have our annual mtg. by teleconference with Ilona and Frank.

    I imagine they will be available as there is nothing to do up in MA. The streets are kept clean but so many businesses are closed when the storms hit. Those poor people. I&F both have to go to PT for their hips. After what Frank has gone through with that infection after his hip replacement, I would imagine that Ilona is trying to fix her bad hip with PT instead of surgery. I don't think we got enough proxies that we can have a legal annual mtg. For these little assns., it's no biggie. If, by chance, we do have enough, I'll do an off-the-cuff report.

    Barry, I am so very sorry for what happened to Shorty, Richard and you. I know this is very stressful for all of you. I've asked St. Francis and St. Anthony to watch over you. Every day, I ask them to go to the animals in their time of need. I'm glad Shorty will be OK but he's really been through a traumatic experience, physically and emotionally. Please get extra rest and let us know how you are doing. I'm glad you have your beautiful birds. I NV where you live but I do feel fortunate to be able to look out on the pond behind my bldg. and see the storks, egrets and herons. I've never seen a painted bunting down here but saw a pic of one (evidently we do have them). What a beautiful bird. Be well and take care.

    Granni, I haven't yet found a green drink which is yummy like the fruit smoothies one can make. I like fruit so usually get enough of that. I drink the green drinks because, even though I like veggies, I know I don't get enough leafy green ones. It is a matter of getting used to the taste. It's part of the Healthy Heart diet and I've just decided to bite the bullet and drink them. If they make me healthier, I can chug down something that isn't particularly tasty. I hate to sound sexist but I do think it's more difficult to get men to do things which are good for them if they don't want to. Good luck.

    Sunflower Girl, I managed to walk past the cute little GS's selling their cookies at Publix yesterday. It sounds as though you get exercise working out in the yard. Growing up, I was very athletic and, it seems, that exercise is the most important factor in managing my weight. I had lost 20 pounds when I was running in the pool but had to quit at the end of last year when I had so many assaults on my poor old bod. I had put 15 pounds of that weight back on when I couldn't work out. The series of injuries caused the Whatever Herpes Family Virus to reactivate and left me tired again. Now that I'm recovering from the physical problems, I'm able to do more. When I do more, I tend to eat less. I eat my main meal at lunchtime and will only try to have a healthy snack at dinnertime. A lot of what I've been doing has been quite physical. That said, however, I need to get back to aerobic activity for my heart. I was surprised that what I had been able to do seemed to have improved my good cholesterol. Doc was right!

    Springwater, that home sounds lovely. I often dream of a big old house I can renovate to my tastes. I guess we all have a "dream house" we would love to live in. Only a few have the good fortune to be able to do that. I saw pics of Tom Brady's and his wife's new home they had built (he's the QB on the New England Patriot's football team; they just won the Superbowl). Some celebs build big blingy, gaudy homes to show off their success. Brady's home is a place I'd feel very comfortable in. It's big and very inviting looking. One nice thing about living in a condo is that I don't have to work outside unless I want to in the yard. When I'm feeling well, I can keep up with the inside but when I've been sick or lack NRG, it's even too much. Good thing I don't have a big family as I'd never fit that many people into this little place. Of course, having a big family can be such a comfort too.

    Well, Kiddies, I should hop into a nice Epsom Salt soak before the meetings. After they are done, I'm off to shop for my new printer. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    No pep. Well, I never have any pep, but the last few days I've had even less.
    Uff-da! Will be brief. At least that's my intention.

    Barry, I'm not surprised you feel exhausted. Hope Shorty is recovering
    uneventfully. I'm reading James Herriot's book of dog stories. He had lots
    of dog friends and patients. I hope things quiet down at your place soon.

    Mike, what a kawinkydink. Gordon just put Epsom Salts on his shopping list.
    It's not for him. It's for the orchids. Yesterday he asked me to search the
    net and found a hot line. He wants to report the orchid lady for plant abuse.

    Springwater, what a colorful tray. What are those things that look like potatoes
    with pretzels sticking out of them? And is the stuff in the flower pots to eat or
    to look at? I do recognize the pansies.

    Sun, yes, a dog is a great friend if you have the energy and the money. The vet
    bills have gone crazy lately. We must have spent $2,000 the last few years.

    Julie, don't think I've ever partook of Shake N Bake. Did Keira say, "An Ah helpt!"
    Actually I haven't eaten a pork chop for decades. My Dad made great pork
    chops. Gordon only like the fatty ones. "They have more flavor." Reminds
    me of an old lady we used to play bridge with. Her favorite part of the
    turkey was the tail.

    Granni, your weather sounds fierce. I always thought of Texas as being warm.
    Well, when I was young anyway. Here we continue to have sunshine with temps
    in the 70s, no wind and no precip.

    Went to Ralph's last night. They finally put up a sign. Closing permanently
    the middle of next month. A shame. They had lots of nice people working there.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Made both mtgs. and went to Target to get my new printer. I got an Epson for only $69.99 and it does everything my old one did. The old one was more than $200. The new one is smaller and weighs a lot less. This one installed and hooked up to my wi-fi like a dream. That was my last fear; printers have always intimidated me because the "handshake" among it, the computer and, now, the wi-fi has to be perfect. At last, I can relax.

    Rock, my NRG is waning as the day progresses. I know yours is worse and I'm sorry. I hope you can get recharged. Mine is because I'm still not on my meds and can't go back on them til Thurs. morning. Oy! The shot did work, though, and I should be doing better once back on the meds. Does the orchid lady have to do community service, working with down and out orchids? My lovely friend with advanced lung cancer hasn't abused her orchids but she was forced to neglect them and I know it was awful for her. I always let her know how well the ones I got from her are doing. I hope she found good homes for the rest. I knew that Epsom Salts were used as a fertilizer but I have used only the Miracle Gro orchid fertilizer as I'm a newbie and don't want to take any chances. Epsom Salts also work as a laxative. You take it and plant yourself on the toilet. You can't leaf until you're done. Oh, somebody stop me!

    I learned how to cook pork chops from my ex's grandmother. You only use chops with bones and fat. You brown them in a bit of oil in a hot fry pan. Then, you turn down the heat, add a bit of water and cover to steam them to be sure they are done. Then, you remove the cover and turn up the heat again. This time, they turn a lovely brown and are delicious.

    I'm sure you hate to see Ralph's go. Are they closing all the stores or just this one? I'd hate to see Publix close. We have no Safeway stores and no Kroeger stores. We only have Winn-Dixie and I don't like them. There's always Target and Wally World but I'm not keen on doing my grocery shopping in a big-box super store. Wally World does have one store here which is only for groceries.

    Well, guess I'll see whether my neighbor wants to come up to the balcony. I think she's a bit lonely. She's a golf widow. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  12. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi All,

    I'm located in the UPPER RIGHT part of the Country, so our weather has been ------- more snow!

    Yesterday I went to start up the snow blower and it wasn't working. It would just konk out every time I would try to press the gauge for the blade to engage. It is a monstrosity of a snow blower. 24" tall in height.

    Worked on it for about 1 hour yesterday, then resorted to shoveling as much of the driveway that I could.

    Started to get very worried because we got more snow last night & a non-working snow blower is of no help.

    The only thing that made sense to me was the blade would not engage or turn because of a build up of ice within the snow blower.

    This morning I went into the garage with a few screw divers & started chipping away at the ice, hoping that would make a difference.

    Finally I resorted to getting my -------- blow dryer for my hair & used that to get the ice to melt. Ran that for about 15 minuted & WA-LA, -------- the snow blower stayed on, the blade worked properly & all broken up pieces of ice chips came flying out of the snow shoot.

    I came running into the house, saw my Mom in the living room & bellowed out ------- "Mom, I got it to work, we can get our cars out of the driveway today!!!!"

    My Mom was thrilled. Both of us were worried because tomorrow I have my appointment at the Surgical Center to get the Facet Joint Injections & if we couldn't get out of the driveway with 1 of the cars, then I would have had to cancel my appointment ------ post-poning it.

    Haven't been out of the house / drive way really since Thursday & I needed to get out for scripts.

    Most importantly ------ appointment for the Surgical Center tomorrow.

    Wish I could write more, but I can't because my back is starting to hurt me a lot now and I have to lay down before I get into the shower.

    HUGS to all,
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - that elusive energy! Ive been in full pursuit of it myself. I do do things but
    its different when your pushing yourself than flowing naturally...i think one has
    better memories when one has energy and is motivated.

    I think those things on the trays were more of a treat for the 'eyes' than filling
    the tummy

    Mikie - i dont think i could keep track of my meds and what i need like you do..
    I cant stand most meds or supps. Good to hear you are feeling the good effects
    of your peptide inj.

    I envy your DD her house in galveston. A historic home! I dont like the
    historic homes around here..the nobles had these huge buildings with
    tiny windows and cold grey wooden floors..and draughty halls with
    Wooden staircases..our govt offices are housed in some now. The
    houses had a white exterior and green windows.

    During another period, they had wooden houses with very detailed
    Wood carving on the doors and windows.a nightmare to clean.

    Elaine - lots of snow..in your part of the country..but how beautiful
    it gets during summer..

    Aw righty then, must needs go attend to breakfast, have a good
    day when you all wakes up..

    God bless
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Not much to tell today. Think I'll try to finally get that front office organized and cleaned up. I slept from 9:00 last night til 5:00 this morning. I had a great night's sleep. All my dreams lately have been anxiety dreams of frustration. Shrink once told me that means I feel frustrated in my life. Well, I do! For so long last year, I had one injury after another which rendered me incapable of doing everything I need to do in this condo. Then, the Whatever Herpes Family Virus hit and made me sick and exhausted. I'm just now starting to feel well enough to get some things done. I'm frustrated that I still don't have enough NRG to do it all.

    At least, other things are going well in my life. Doc visit was excellent. I just realized that we have some extra paving stones about 4" thick over in the pool storage area. Think I'll try propping the head of my bed up with two of those. Downstairs neighbor said using a brick worked for his dad. While I have the mattress off the bed, it would be an excellent time to clean under it. Tomorrow, I'll be able to get back on my meds and that will make me feel more normal.

    We got a little rain last night, and our sprinklers also ran, so things ought to green up a bit. I love it when we get some rain during dry season. Now, we are entering a cold spell and it will only get to the 60's today. By Fri., it will get into the 70's and by this weekend, it will get into the low 80's. That's more like it! I know this sounds whiny, considering all the cold and snow up north, but we've been way below our normal temps this year. The cost of propane to heat the pool is killing us but the Yankees who come down here want to get into a nice warm pool. They will get into the pool when we year rounders think it's cold out. Living in the sub tropics makes one a wimp!

    Elaine, so glad you got the snow blower to work. That's very clever to figure out what was wrong and then use the hair dryer to fix it. I used to have to use my hair dryer to open my car door in CO when ice kept it frozen shut. We can use our hair dryers not only to be beautiful but also to fix things. That's using your noggin. Good luck with the appts. My friends, Ilona and Frank are in Mass., not too far from Boston. They have really had a bad winter too. Both are in physical therapy. Frank had a hip implant and got an infection. He was really sick. Now, Ilona has a bad hip but is hoping the PT will keep her from having to have an implant. How's your puppy? Well, I hope. Try to post a pic if you can.

    Springwater, my kids' Galveston home isn't that large or grand. It's a normal size Victorian house. I can't remember the year of the big hurricane, which destroyed much of Galveston, but I think it was around 1905. Just about anything which survived is on the Historical List. Their house was behind a seawall which is what saved it. I love Galveston and believe it could be a real gem if it were done right. It's far enough south to have palm trees and great BBQ. I haven't been there in years and, from what I hear, they are trying to grow it into a good place to live. You really hit the nail on the head when you said it's better when NRG flows freely rather than having to push yourself. Even though the peptide injections really help, most of the time, I have to push myself. Whine, whine, whine!

    I'll be back later to check my e-mail. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    The best layed plans...Board member called and said both heaters were out in the pool. He jumped the gun and called the heater man despite the message on the heater that there was no water flow through that heater. We had the pool guy come out and he was able to restore water flow to the heater and we were able to cancel the heater guy. Our pool guy is great and didn't charge us for this. This board member is my biggest challenge. He tries to control everything and he often doesn't know what he's doing. At least, he did sign up to go to the Board Certification Class the other new board member and I are attending. It's like Board Members 101 taught by attorneys. Later on, they have more focused topics. This guy realllly needs it. I can always learn something new even after years serving on boards. I'm looking forward to it and hope it helps this guy to become more informed. Didn't know he's be my biggest job.

    After having to go over to the pool in the cold wind this morning, I came home in pain and feeling sick. My acid reflux has actually gotten worse and I'm not sure that raising the bed at night is going to fix it. I didn't get anything done today. Tomorrow, I'll be back on my meds and that should help.

    One thing I found out is that I almost always have to be up, dressed and ready for just about anything. Some days, just getting up, dressing, bathing, fixing my hair and putting on makeup is about all I am capable of. Everything else, except small emergencies in da hood, have to wait.

    Julie, I sure hope your exhaustion stops dragging on you. Thing with our illnesses is that if we don't pace ourselves, we can get underwater before we know it and have time to slow down. Then, it takes days or weeks for us to catch up. I'm glad you are taking naps and resting. Don't mean to sound like I'm preaching but I've been through this. If we keep just pushing ourselves, we can get so far behind the eight ball that it's can be almost impossible to get out from under. Rest, my friend. Your family loves you and would understand if you had to cancel something to take care of yourself so you can be around for them. Thanks for your kind words about looking for the positives. There is almost always a silver lining if we look hard enough. Like today--I was feeling too sick and in pain to keep going but I made the most of it and enjoyed resting and binge watching TV. The week surrounding my injection is always hard on me despite the fact that the injections themselves help me in the long run. I pray for help for you too.

    Gonna go check online for remedies for acid reflux. DD says the med almost ruined the health of one of her friends who already had an autoimmune illness. Yikes! Hope y'all have a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: My son was waking up with acid reflux every morning. So he started taking a little apple cider vinegar and some water before going to bed......voila.....no more acid reflux. It's certainly worth a try.

    I believe you've mentioned this guy who wants to be in charge. MEN! Sorry, Rock and Gordon, nothing against you guys but some men are just programmed that women don't know diddly squat.

    Julie: You're most definitely sleep deprived. I hope you start feeling better.

    I've done a little this and that today, ran some errands. Some days it's just soooo darn hard to feel even substandard. I suffer a lot from TMJ and I was reading more about it yesterday that it can also contribute to neck and shoulder pain AND headaches. Julie.....are you reading this? So I did a lot of massage on my jaws yesterday.
    Can't say its helped me any though.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here is a photo of another beautiful Cattelya. Gordon says the actual colors
    are a bit deeper. The photo process washed away some of the subtle hues.
    Gordon is thinking of taking it to his Thursday night meeting.

    We are pretty much done with the chicken coop. While moving the plants
    back in, Gordon discovered several plants have new spikes. They will be
    blooming soon.

    Barry, any news re: Shorty? Hope he is coming along all right. Is Richard
    OK? There are really too many rotten people in the world.

    Mikie, thank you for the sophisticated verdant pun. You could be a
    stand up comic. Although I guess that was more of a sitting down pun.
    Those frustration dreams are obnoxious. That's all I had for years.
    Lately I haven't had any dreams at all. Who knows what's going on
    in there?

    BTW, I remember the Galveston Flood (hurricane) as being in 1906.
    Looked it up. It was 1900. Well, nowadays close is about as good as
    it gets.

    Sun, glad to hear the apple cider helped your son. Now and then I see
    articles on the net. Same thing I used to see in women's magazines
    at the doctor's office. 6,000 ways to use vinegar (or baking soda or
    hydrogen peroxide) around your home. Remove make up; or paint.
    Wash your hair. Cook vegetables. Kill fleas. Cure cancer, etc.

    Julie, I'm glad to read that you are getting more rest. I'm sure your
    Dad's birthday party will be a success even if you don't half kill yourself
    getting ready. The main ingreeiments for a party, I think, are nice
    folks and some food. Everything else is secondary.

    BTW, do kids still have toy chests. We had a big sturdy wooden one
    when I was a youngun. What about Oreo? She have a chest or
    just a special spot?

    Diane, I like caramels too, but I gave up eating them decades ago as they
    tended to pull the fillings out. I believe I read in some authoritative
    source like the National Enquirer (they still make that?) that caramels
    were invented around the turn of the last century by a dentist in order
    to create more customers for the dental profession.

    Granni, hope you're staying warm. Are you going to try green drinks with
    Kale? That rather obscure vegetable seems to be in the news alot lately.
    I only tried it once. Then a couple weeks later Gordon told me it really
    wasn't kale anyway. Some days I don't know what goes on around this ranch.

    Springwater, I saw another buncha photos from around the world. There was
    one from Nepal about a festival. Whoever chose the picture was not too
    sharp. It showed a man's hand feeding something to some sort of bovine.
    Coulda been taken almost anywhere under almost any circumstances.
    Nothing to indicate a festival was in progress.

    Yes, I agree with you about "stiff and do not touch beautiful". Nobody
    would ever think our place was either. Ha Ha!


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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope all y'all are doing well today. I read about home remedies for reflux and will try some of them. I did see the one on apple cider vinegar but any kind of vinegar makes me feel sick, even smelling it. AACK!!! Good thing I don't drink much as alcohol isn't good for reflux and neither is chocolate. I should eliminate it from my diet even tho it's sposeda be good for the heart. I'm drinking green tea instead of coffee. I put lemon and honey in it. It soothes the throat and is good for the heart. I'm going to go back to making the ginger water with lemon in it and will keep it in the fridge. I was surprised to learn that raw almonds are good for reflux. I like them as a quick snack. Still haven't gotten out to get what I need to raise the bed. Found out that chewing gum is good after eating as the saliva helps digest food and gets rid of excess acid. So, here I sit, chewing like an old cow with her cud. Lovely picture--NOT!!!

    Sunflower Girl, I hope if you do have TMJ that you can get help for it. I used to grind my teeth at night and wake with a sore jaw. It stopped when I started taking the Special K. I know many men are programmed to be Alpha Males but I usually don't have problems with men. Thank God this guy isn't mean on top of being sneaky and controlling. He thinks he's Mr. Smooth and no one can read his ongoing agenda. He's transparent as can be and it's a good thing because we can read him like a book. I work with him and keep him close so I know what he's up to.

    Rock, that orchid is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and tell Gordon we appreciate seeing all the beauty he cultivates. It's cold and windy so I brought in my Phal and Barb's Dendrobium last night. I put Barb's out on the lanai as it's protected from the wind. This morning, the pot was lying on the floor with the orchid lying beside it. I put the plant back but the blooming stem broke off. I think Tweety's paw prints were likely all over this caper. No one would ever consider my condo too stiff and beautiful to touch. I make sure everything in here is comfortable with cotton fabrics which can be washed. My wood furniture is distressed and I put my feet up on the coffee tables. I do keep my little sitting room/guest room decluttered so I have a place people can sit when they stop by. The cats, and their accoutrement, have taken over the living room and lanai. Last night I dreamed that I was walking in a beautiful white seascape with my Mom but when it came time to go, I couldn't get to the steps to go with her.

    Julie, I've thought of you when they do the weather for the whole country. I'm so sorry for all this freezing cold weather. It wears on a person after a while. We have freeze warnings out for tonight but it wouldn't be a hard freeze and it gets, at least, into the 60's during the day. We should be back into the 80's by the weekend. If it were cold at night and during the day, I would shut off the heaters at the pool but people from up North will get in as long as it hasn't iced over. :) Must be strong Yankee stock. Not me; I'm a wimp. Hope GPA is being treated well. I can only imagine how hard this is for you and Den.

    Barry, please keep us informed as to how Shorty, you and Richard are doing. You are in my prayers.

    Well, guys, think I'll try to get to Lowe's today to find something to raise my bed. I still have to get into that spare room to clean it out and organize it. I have a lot of old paperwork I need to get to the shredder. It's too much for my little home shredder. Don't think Richard is going to make it down for a visit. If this weather doesn't drive him to warmer climes, nothing will. Could be too that his real estate business is doing so well that he doesn't feel he can leave. Condos are selling like hot cakes down here and the prices are steadily going up. That's good new for us and another reason I want to keep da hood looking good.

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon everydobby !!!

    I have been trying to speed read al your posts. That was no problem but trying to remember what was said is another problem :)!!! This will be a quick one. S much going o wit the computer and a big change I the way we are contacting the ladies in our Ladies Association. They are changing the whole system and stuff is in a bit of a disarray. I have a new list and I am not even sure that it is the correct list, since e person in charge sent them all out to all the callers.. They are supposedly; sending out all the invitations by e-mail addresses. Hope it works.

    MIKIE - Sorry about your acid reflux. Hope you can fix it naturally without any more drugs. Sorry it has been c there too or at least to cold for US :)!! I still feel so cold and it is low 60's now but will soon slip back in the 50's and 40's probably tonight to maybe 30's. I know some of us are wimps but I don't care. Must be at least sunny to sit out with your with your friend on the balcony. Or patio, or deck gets little sun.

    JULIE - MMM, Cherry pie sounds great for your Dad's birthday. I would love a piece how about wit ice cream on top, even if it is cold out??? Bratwurst sounds yummy too. Do you all like sauerkraut with it? We do but will eat t any way. Yes, little ones are so cute to watch playing.

    ELAINE - Hoe you got out for your injections today, I think it was or tomorrow???

    DH needs the puter, so need to scat and this keyboard is gong crazy again. Sorry not to chat with all separately. Thinking of everyone !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I gots itchy eyes today. Took some antihistamines and some aspirin. Not helping.
    Well, I suppose it's better than having an itchy trigger finger. I have been battling
    the library computer for two days. I finished my James Herriot book on dogs.
    Discovered he had a book from the 80s I never read. Tried for 2 days to put it
    on hold. The library computer could not find any books by James Herriot.
    Pretty amazing considering his popularity.

    So I told Gordon who immediately sat down at the computer and put the
    book on hold with no trouble whatsoever. Robert Benchley used to write
    about his war with inanimate objects. He got paid. All I got is grief!

    Julie, yup, it's a good idea to check all those old papers. After Gordon's mother
    died, her kids went through the vast piles she left behind. Found about $700
    in cash. Of course it was all money Gordon had given her. In her last years
    she never went anywhere or did any shopping. Just now and then she decided
    she wanted to have some cash on hand and would ask him for it.

    Six degrees! Yikes! Been a long time since I've faced weather that fierce. I
    remember when I lived in Minneapolis I had a choice. I could drive to work
    or take the city bus. Either was horrible. Standing waiting for the bus in
    freezing weather was miserable, but so was driving with the slush and the traffic
    and frequently large mounds of snow at street corners that interfered with
    vision. March always seemed to me to be about twice as long as the other
    winter months. As the song from Gigi put it, "Ah yes, I remember it well."

    Mikie, what is this about raising the bed? The entire bed? You ever see
    those old beds at San Simeon? They were so high they had steps. Your
    reference to cud chewing reminded me of a verse from my yute. Hadn't
    thought of it for decades. You guys remember this?

    The gum-chewing girl and the cud-chewing cow
    are somewhat alike, yet different somehow.
    What is the difference? I see it now.
    The intelligent look on the face of the cow.

    (For some weird reason, when I searched the net, I got lots of sites
    dealing with Bible verses. I don't remember any cows in the Bible.
    I thought the reference was usually to cattle or oxen.)

    Oops! Was going to post the picture that accompanies the verse, but you'll
    just have to imagine it as it won't copy. It's a contented cow blowing
    a bubble with her Bazooka gum.

    Hugs everydobby
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