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    Opening a new thread...

    Eh..took some manoeuvering to find the Post new Thread button.

    Mikie - what gets into Tweety she behaves like that? Isnt it strange how animals too have their moods and moments? I was watching a mynah bird, (we are swamped with them) on a post opposite the house yesterday. It sat perched there doing some stretching exercises. First..the winds, it stretched them wide,
    And slowly up n down..then, the lower body...it stretched itself up like us on tip,toe..i was stunned.

    How similar to us humans. Theyve built this nest in our chimney above the stove, and the chicks scrabble
    and fight and squeak in there.

    I laughed when Rock asked if your heel was heeling. But i know its no laughing matter, the pain...
    You could maybe send in some healing violet light too in addition to other meds/therapies. Silver violet flame of st germaine helps a lot to speed up recovery.

    Rock - your brother is having a busy time, nice to hear about his work with the lions Club.
    And the play. I love those. I remember the bustle behind stage. At school plays. the atmosphere in the audience and behind stage was different. The rush, excitement of getting ready. I didnt really play many parts but bit ones in Robin Hood but danced our Tibetan dance in a group for some years running.

    My daughter was in a play in her A levels school once, she played Beatrice of A view from th Bridge and she said when they were behind stage at the actual performance, waiting to come on, ther was this horrible smell all of a sudden, and she commented on it...and her class mate and best guy friend who played Rudolpho said " err..thats me, i get nervous before a performance." They all laughed so hard, and could barely keep it in when it was time to go onstage.

    Im keeping on having to get up...lol! And then edit

    Diane - good to hear from you..i wish too they would let Kevin stay home and rest

    Georgia - how good it was to see you! You sound much more relaxed than when you were at work, at that hospital..

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    Hi! How are you dear?

    Fight4acure! ;)
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Spring, thanks for starting a new Porch for us and for the laughs. Also, thanks for the suggestions for my healing heel. At least, I hope it's healing. The bottom of the heel is almost pain free now but there is still pain in the tendon area. I've found that the myofacial pain massage is turning up very painful shins so I'm trying to rub it away, one day at a time. I had that level of inflammation in my thigh when I had sciatica and the massage really helped. That is so interesting that God's other creatures stretch. I've never seen a bird do it. The Anhingas and Cormorants here will spread their wings to dry them. They dive to catch their fish. They look so majestic with both wings outspread.

    Tweety has always been a pill, even as a kitten. It didn't matter much when she lived outside but it's awful now when I'm trying to go back to bed to catch a few ZZZZ's. This morning, she waited til 5:00 to ask to come in. I was awake by then so didn't try to go back to bed. Both cats were very sweet and loving when they came in.

    I have that mtg. this morning but don't feel like showering and doing my hair. I plan to keep off my foot one more day. I'll just soak in an Epsom Salt bath before I go. My hair will make it through another day. I have to go out tomorrow to have the lenses changed in my glasses. A little chip in one side appeared so they are giving me both new lenses. They guarantee their glasses for two years. I still need to check the new reserve schedule before I go to the mtg. It won't take long.

    Don't think I can stand another day in bed with little to watch on TV. I will likely read. It's not good to sit for long periods. Staying in bed isn't the best thing but it's better than sitting. I did manage to do three small loads of laundry yesterday so I was up and down, moving around a little. It'll be almost 90 degrees out today but the next two days are to be cool, probably the last of the cooler weather until fall. If I can stand it, no pun intended, I think I'll try to finish cleaning the ceiling out on the lanai tomorrow. The walls are much easier and if I can get the ceiling clean, I won't have to paint it.

    Fight, good too see you. Why not stop in when you can stay a while.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all my Online Family here.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Funny you should mention the anhinga, Mikie. Only yesterday I thought I
    saw one when we drove by Echo Park Lake. Would be unusual since they
    don't live in CA. As soon as your heel is better, I would like you to come
    visit me. Bring your cats. Maybe they can do something to civilize that
    ornery critter I feed. Two years I've been feeding her, and she still hisses
    at me. Bad as all those countries that hate us while we continue to send
    foreign aid to them.

    Fight, I hope things are OK with you. I tried to send you a message, but the
    mechanics are confusiating to me.

    Springwater, we don't have mynah birds here either. Not naturally anyway.
    But when I lived in Ventura the lady next door thought pets might give
    her squabbling teenagers something to do besides bicker all day. Her husband
    told her to get each one a pet. Well, she was in a hurry and just got 3 mynah
    birds because they were on sale.

    The plan didn't work though. All day long she kept hearing, "That's not your
    bird. That's mynah."

    Gotta go. Been here too long. My back no likee.
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    Hi, again,

    Just thought I'd drop in when I came home, after watering plants. Two Phals are in bloom and one is about to pop. The big dessert rose is covered in blooms and the new, smaller one is ready to burst out in bloom. Dessert roses are the best bang for the buck that I've come across. I think the aphids on the tip of one bloom on the big plant are dead and they haven't spread but I'm taking no chances; I sprayed it again just to be on the safe side.

    Mtg. was very productive. Wasn't exciting as it was dealing with budgets and financials but those are vital to what we want to accomplish. I've had it with our ugly, derelict dumpster enclosures. I told our mgr. to find a way to make at last one new one happen. I'd rather have three but I'll settle for one. There are two new ones over on the next street but last pres. had them done with chain link fence with those little vinyl strips run through the chain link. AACK! UGLY!! Industrial looking!!! We should be trying to make our hood more upscale and attractive, not like the hoods in the high-crime areas of town (actually, one of those hoods has better dumpster enclosures than ours). As soon as a hood starts looking unkempt and ugly, a criminal element decides to move in or break in. Unfortunately, the last pres. didn't see things that way and tried to cut corners. She left a mess for us to clean up. The good news is that every time we make a little bit of progress, it gets us closer to a nicer hood. That is very fulfilling and rewarding.

    Glad I didn't shampoo my hair this morning as it's going to be muggy out. Tomorrow will be cooler and drier. I just hope I can clean that ceiling. Being out walking while watering the plants was a bit painful but it's not hurting now. That's progress.

    Rock, there is nothing I'd like more than visiting you and Gordon. I think we'd all love to be able to visit one another. We are all like family but what a treat it would be to meet face to face. I wouldn't count on Tweety, though, to be a role model for manners. At least, she doesn't hiss at me. Sir Vester is a role model but he hasn't been able to have an effect on his sister. Do you have cormorants in CA? The only way to distinguish them from the anhingas is by the shape of the beak. Anhingas have a straight beak and the cormorants have a curved one. In CO, we had a great blue heron hanging around and they aren't supposed to be there. Guess he never heard about "Birds of a feather..." I'm glad we don't have myna birds just outside as they might pick up my language. Yikes!!!

    Julie, you and most of your family are so kind and caring of one another. No wonder you are a close group. There is no higher calling. Speaking of role models--your kids have great ones. I do pray for you to feel up to the tasks you have before you. I always pray for everyone. We all have so much on our plates. I'd love to visit you and help you with the kids. Of course, that would mean my heel would be all better and I could afford it.

    I'd love to have everydobby visit me in FL, especially when the weather is so lousy where some of all y'all live. What a good time we'd have. Maybe we could all leave the Porch from time to time and virtually visit each other's areas. We could all take a kayak ride on one of our beautiful rivers here, complete with exotic birds and a few lazy alligators sunning themselves on the banks. A party one night at the beach with live music--a singer who does Jimmy Buffet songs; a barbeque dinner the next night; and a seafood restaurant the next, perhaps Joe's Crab Shack on the river. We could hire a charter bus to go to Orlando and visit Disney and Universal. We could go off season when it's not as crowded and use scooters for those unable to walk. Finally, we could hire a party boat to take us along the Gulf and stop at a couple of islands. One of my friends, and fellow board member, has developed a drink, named after da hood, which is guaranteed to let you feel no pain. Come one, come all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning! Fight, so good to see you! How are you?
    Mikie, you were asking about Ancestry--I've used it in the past, and found some good information. It is costly, and I'm not subscribing to it right now. Rock, I'm knitting hats right now for the veterans and homeless shelter. I haven't made a Faroese shawl for several years, but am thinking about starting one soon. Does Gordon still knit?

    Julie, I enjoyed seeing the photos of your farm--what a wonderful place to live.

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    Will have to try and get back here so I can write more. What a busy Porch !! Need to start the spaghetti sauce for dinner. I took a couple hour nap. Not much sleep last night probably due to Prednisone.

    Hi again to GEORGIA and FIGHT. So nice to hear from you both. These keys are sticking again. Hard to type.. Be back later.

    GRANNI :)
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    Julie: so it sounds like you're got two "real winners" in your family, what you put up with Den's sister, Lyndsey will put up with David's sister. What is it with these" self centered women"? A friend and I were discussing this subject a few months ago, how much of this second generation is a "me" generation, and then I heard a pastor, Greg Laurie, talking about this a few weeks ago. He said our generation was so deprived growing up in the 50/60s that we wanted our kids to have things better, so we kinda spoiled them, and then the next generation is totally demanding.

    Mikie: humidity! Ugh. It certainly will do a # on your hair. But then it's the humidity that makes those orchids flourish. Out in so. calif it's a dry heat......actually over 90 today.

    Granni: I've tried the tumeric and ginger. Honestly, FM is the least of my problems. I was watching AGAIN the Miranda Esmond White program on PBS. I sure wish her exercise program came on in L.A. I just can't justify spending over $70 for a dvd. I've tried doing the chair yoga, a little Tai Chi, and the exercises the PT showed me for the sciatic pain. Yesterday afternoon I felt Soooooo good, I thought I had a new body, but sadly this morning it was all back again.

    Georgia: I know you used to go by Goatwoman.......and that you knit. I have a friend whose neighbor raises llamas. I asked her last year what she did with the fur when she sheared them.....threw it away. I said it was such a shame that someone couldn't take it from her. What a waste.

    I picked up my tax papers.......it wasn't good for me. I have to pay $$ because of a life insurance I cashed in. You get penalized for everything. After april 15 I need to make an appt. to talk to this tax lady about what I can do for the future. Sigh. It's hard to win in this life. I looked at all the paperwork and honestly, I don't understand any of it.

    Well, Bruno arrived today in the US Mail. Bruno is my alarm burglar dog. It took a bit of moving it here and there before I think I got it just right. It's supposed to bark realistically when someone approaches the area. I've now made "beware of dog" signs and attached them to my gates. There's been some robberies in the neighborhood recently and the sound of a dog barking will definitely deter thieves.
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    Hi Kids

    Not much news. Civilization is continuing to deteriorate, but I guess that's
    not news these days. Jonathan Kellerman has a new book out, so I put it on
    hold. The library has 60 copies. I was number 129 on the list. That would
    ordinarily be a wait of 4-5 months. I got a notice 4 days later that the book
    was waiting for me.

    Of course it really wasn't. "Computer error." I suspect there was a least
    some human error involved. I told you a week or two ago Gordon got a parking
    ticket for parking in his driveway so he could unload the car. He sent a
    check 2 days later ($68). He has now received a notice that the ticket has not
    been paid and he can expect to be arrested and have his car confiscated pronto.

    A phone call to the bank confirmed that the city had cashed the check. Uff-da!
    A phone call to the city revealed that there must have been some sort of
    computer error.

    Moving on to the world of flora and fauna, the Swedish ivy is in bloom. The plant
    has green leaves edged in white and small white flowers. One site says
    it is a great plant for beginners; easy to grow.

    I called our neighbor who currently has custody of Buddie and suggested we
    visit. I don't want the dog traumatized by losing the home he's had for the
    last few months. We've already visited him once and he was here once. So
    Jeff and Buddie came over for a visit. And then after he moves over here,
    we can take him back for visits. Buddie had his surgery and is wearing a cone.
    Looks a lot like Dan Aykroyd.

    Sun, I hope you and your Bruno get along just fine. I remember taking
    my son to some mediocre movie in the 70s or 80s. One of the characters
    had a device to scare away bad guys. When the door was opened this
    person sized monster moved forward and growled. Have
    no idea what the name of the movie was.

    Georgia, Gordon hasn't done much knitting for the last decade or so. He
    started a grey shawl for me 3-4 years ago. It's been lying on the sofa ever
    since. Looks done to me. I don't know what else he needs to do. Yesterday
    we did some gardening.

    Gotta go. Bis spater
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Good news! Foot is a bit better. Think what I've been doing is helping but I know healing a heel is slow business. DD says her DFIL's tendonitis in his heel took months to feel better. Months? Yikes!!! With this new protocol, I'm hoping mine will heal faster. DD ate out with DGS and she got food poisoning. She had horrible stomach pain and was lying in bed. I hope it isn't e-coli. I still have pain in the liver and pancreas areas from suspected e-coli years ago.

    Tweety and Sir Vester didn't get me up til 5:00 and have been soooo good. About the only time Tweety misbehaves in the morning is when I want to go back to bed. Of course, after she runs around a bit after being let in, she goes to snooze on my bed. She pees in the litter box and just leaves it for her brother to cover up. She really is a princess cat. I'll bet in her kitty mind, she sits in the middle of space, wearing a tiara, and the Universe revolves around her.

    I'll be getting in the shower this morning and dropping in at my eye doc's office to get my new lenses in my glasses. Then, I need to stop at Publix for a few groceries. I don't need much but do need some greens and butter. I'm basically bored with food and feel too lazy to fix anything because nothing appeals to me.

    Julie, sorry you missed the movie. I've heard it is good. I hope the kids aren't getting sick again. I don't remember the virtual parties. Could have been before my time on the Porch. Sounds like a good idea, though. I tried to give y'all an idea of what's here to enjoy. Thanks for moving Granni's post over here. Hope all y'all are feeling better and get to see the movie.

    Granni, glad the fever has broken. I hope your recovery is speedy now. Love my family but glad I don't have to worry about holiday dinners. I hope you are better in time for yours and for singing. How is the weather there? I hope it isn't too up and down because that can impede healing.

    Georgia, thanks for the FYI on Ancestry. I kinda figured it was expensive. Most people I know who are into geneology (sp?) use other resources. It is so generous and kind of you to knit things for the vets and homeless. I'm not very good at needlework but, every now and then, I'll do a very small project. Knitting seems to have stayed with me but crocheting has not. My neighbor and I got colds a few years ago. When we got to the point that we were not yet well but bored, we went to Michaels and got patterns and yarn and knitted some potholders which look like slices of oranges and limes. They are really cute.

    Sun, so sorry you have to pay taxes. I cashed in my life ins. policy when the premiums went from $35 a month to $125. The cash value wasn't a lot but it paid for my peptide injections. I never received a 1099 from the ins. co. Even if I had, I still wouldn't have had to pay taxes. My IRS annuity is only taxed on the part which has grown over and above the initial contribution I made with after-tax money. I don't think I'll have to pay this year on the minimal distribution I had to take on the one I haven't annuitized yet. I hate all this and can only imagine how difficult your taxes were to do this year. It should be better next year for you. Over 90 today there? AACK!!! We are in for four days of below-avg. temps. I'm glad to see it. Cold front moved in this morning.

    Rock, "computer error" is a convenient excuse when someone screws up. Do they really think anyone believes that? Garbage in/garbage out! Will have to look up Swedish Ivy online. When I lived in CO, we grew a ground cover plant called, Snow On The Mountain. It had a variegated leaf and spread like crazy. It was really good for growing around trees and along property lines. Ilona and Frank have some kind of vine up in Mass. which is HUGE. It covers their back fence. I think you are smart to introduce Buddy to his new home slowly. Tweety and Sir Vester have gone back and forth several times now and adapt so well each time. Of course, dogs are different but I'll bet Buddy will do just fine.

    Big rain storm came though about an hour ago but just missed da hood. We are sposeta get another rain storm later this afternoon. I hope we do. Everything is dry here. Brush fires have been breaking out. Even in the wet season, lightening starts brush fires. There is evidently a lot of dead underbrush, even in very jungle-like areas. Now and then, they do a "controlled burn." Well, one time, it didn't turn out so controlled and they haven't done much of that since.

    Better get going. Love, hugs and prayers to everybunny.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just finished trying to read all the posts. Need to go get dressed. The roofers are coming soon to hopefully fix this dumb leak for good. DH is off getting more plants I will need to pot.

    Try and be back soon.

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    Hi Kids

    Just fed the cat. If I leave the door open she comes in the kitchen and
    yowls at me. "Hurry Up!" Haven't seen her pale boyfriend for a week or so.

    Mikie, some of those "controlled burns" are like computer errors. They've had
    several at Yosemite over the decades. The last one was only 2 years ago. It got
    outta hand and burned down a couple dozen buildings plus hundreds of square
    miles that were not part of the plan. The official government response is always
    the same. "Oh well. Yosemite is so vast it doesn't really matter.

    With regard to income tax, one of the few good things about being old is
    that I don't have to pay it anymore. The only income I have (my Social
    Security doesn't count. The tax on that money was paid when I earned it.)
    is interest on savings. Well, the bank has been paying a quarter a year on
    every hundred dollars in the account. This year they are paying no interest.

    "Nothing appeals to me" is the way I feel about food nowadays too. Nothing
    tastes good. Haven't had any sold food for weeks. Just drinks. It's the
    opposite of a controlled burn. If you don't eat it, you can't burn it.

    Julie, my computer is about like yours. I don't know what is going on. It
    has become more difficult to use in the last few years. For example, half
    the time when I hit backspace now, I get thrown off the net. And the
    mail box has become a nightmare. I got an e mail yesterday from the
    President of Gordon's orchid club. She is from Minnesota and has
    the usual Norwegian ancestors. We had been talking about cooking and
    baking Norwegian goodies. Anyhoo when I tried to move her message to
    a folder it vanished. Uff-da!

    Shame the movie is out. Do the kids have lots of movies on DVDs to
    watch? I used to love taking my son to the movies.

    Granni, hope the roofer doesn't charge too much. It's repairs like this
    that add to the overhead.

    Hugs to Springwater, Barry, Diane.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Back from the eye doc's office, Bealls and Publix. New lenses are sooooo clear. Seems as though I could never really get the old ones clean. I had two Bealls coupons for $10 off a $25 purchase. I try to keep my supply of basic Capri pants updated. I always seem to be doing something which stains them. I wear old things if I know I'll be working in something messy but it seems I can be doing nothing and get a stain I can't get out, even with my magic stain remover. I got a white and a khaki pair at half off and ended up buying two pairs of half-off earrings because the Capris weren't $25 each. In the end, I got $112 worth of things for less than $44. My kind of sale! Woo hoo!!!

    Foot feels sooooo much better today. I walked a lot through Bealls and Publix and it still doesn't hurt very much. I've done my leg message and it's less inflamed too. Either it was going to get better on its own or that Sock Doc really knows his stuff. Lots of mail when I got home. Lots of bills but the one for the card I used on the trip wasn't anywhere as bad as I had thought it would be. Always a good thing. When I got home, I found two $50 bills I had evidently put in a drawer so I wasn't carrying around so much cash. I had forgotten about them. I use my credit cards for most everything.

    As I was driving away from the mailbox, I spotted a covered car with no license plate. We just got rid of one from that parking space. I took a pic of it and sent it to our mgr. I love technology when it saves me time. Sooooo much of the board work is sent out from mgr.'s office attached to e-mails. I can download it, save it and/or print it out. Saves a lot of time. But, like with Rock's, and often Granni's, computer problems, technology can drive us nuts. My computer will sometimes do things for no apparent reason. AACK!!!

    Julie, sorry you got no sleep. Now and then, despite my peptide injections, I will have that hip and leg pain, mostly in my thighs. Every time I've decreased my Special K, my legs have killed me. I don't know why we get that leg pain but it's awful. I had it in my 20's but never knew what caused it. Thanks for your good wishes for my foot. I hope all goes will with the kiddies today. Stay warm, energized and pain free.

    Granni, hope they fix that leak once and for all. Rain needs to stay outside the house and not inside!

    Rock, sounds as though you and I are in the same boat. The good part is that we don't have to pay taxes, although I wouldn't mind paying them if I had a lot of money. I've never understood why the truly wealthy resist paying taxes in a country which has allowed them to profit in such grand manner. Greed!!! I wish you would eat something more than liquids. Even the fortified drinks are no replacement for fresh food. Do you like smoothies? A banana, some strawberries and a little yogurt make a delicious smoothie when blended. Please take good care of yourself because we need you here and I'm sure Gordon does too. I always look forward to your intelligent and funny posts. I actually came home hungry and had some steak, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce with whole berries. Only the potatoes are a healthy heart no-no. I figure some now and then won't kill me. I got a dark chocolate egg at the store and it has pecans in it. It's allowed.

    Life is good! My foot is better; I got some super buys; the larder is full; and, I have nothing else I have to do today except rest. It's humid and rainy out so need to postpone the cleaning of the lanai ceiling another day. Tomorrow should be a better day to do it. Yesterday, I watched an Amazon original series--"Bosch." The first season just came out in Feb. When Amazon and Netflix come out with the new season, all the shows are finished and one can binge watch all, or part, of the season. They will likely have the second part of Season 7 of "Mad Men" shortly after the final episode airs on AMC. I think I'll watch another original series. They are pretty good. I am still reading "17 Carnations" and will try to read further. Hope everyone has a great afternoon and evening.

    Love, Mikie
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: So glad to read you're feeling better with your foot. I guess what you did really helped. I HATE it when I hurt.....for some stupid you would think I would learn the word "patience" but I want healing NOW. When I'm in throws of misery it just feels like it will never end.

    Rock: I agree with Mikie about the food. It's so important to eat real food. When my DH was ill and had no appetite I told him he had to look at the food as part of his healing treatment. We swallow pills, hoping they're going to make us feel better, so you have to do the same with real food whether we fill hungry or tempted by a food. What did you love to eat when you were a kid? Think about that, and see if Gordon can fix something that you might like. When you're away from eating for so long, the body just gets used to not eating. I'm sure you've read how anorexic young girls are......they've convinced themselves that food is not good for them. We love you and NEED you on this board, and I know how Gordon also needs you.

    A cousin's young DGD was anorexic, and was sent to a special healing facility to live, to teach her how to enjoy food again and to learn to eat.

    Julie: I would be absolutely lost without my heating pads. Most nights either my legs hurt or my hip and the warm heat helps my muscles to relax. By the way, I get so tired of swallow pills. I bought a product I really like. Ionic-Fizz.....magnesium plus. I bought the raspberry lemonade flavor......just an extra way to get more magnesium into me, which helps the muscles. ProHealth might carry it in their store. I try to drink it before bed to help me sleep.

    Well, I was very upset with Bruno and sent an email about it. The guy just called and asked me to try it again, moving the unit around. I said I would.......though I already moved it around to several places.....but I'll give it another shot. I really want this thing to work.

    And tomorrow my new mattress is coming!!!!!!
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  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and encouragement on getting Rock to eat
    some solid food. He's basically afraid of the difficulties he's faced with when he tries
    to pass it thru later. Things get worst as he can't taste many of his favorite food. I've
    offered to cook any/all of the food he likes but no go. I know it's hard for him and
    I've always told him I'm there for anything he needs. Fear Factor is a big thing.

    Please continue your encouragements.


  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - thats rough, not wanting to eat..its sweet of Gordon to coax you...hv you seen a doc for appetite? Lets hope this thing resolves itself soon.

    Looking forward to you guys having Buddie soon..

    Mikie - so good to know your foot is better..like yur capri pants, i use my track pants,
    Turn by turn,...it is convenient...and in mettalic shades so the dust doesnt show up immediately..

    Sun - hope Bruno does his job..ive never heard of something like that..

    Julie - how many people do you hv to take care of? Now, davids father also might come??? All i can say is..bless you.

    Granni - i hope you are better..and can go out to your programs

    My help has to help relatives get treatment, theyve come from the illage so i still hv my hands full.

    A friend was spoosed to visit the other day, and i picked up a little and cleaned but it rained hard so the visit was cancelled for another time.

    I did go to the veggie marketsquare in town..what a busy place..lots flower garlands being sold, fresh veggies..it was morning but so crowded, temple bells ringing, incense.

    I didnt hv to cook last evening, we got in some parathas..(indian bread) really good and had them with asparagus soup...

    Also some very delish apple cake with jelly..

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock and Gordon. I know it's not my business but I have a nuturing nature and want to help a little. My suggestion is talk to a doctor about this and I'm sure the doctor will send Rock to a nutritionist to help with the needs of the body. Perhaps on your own just start with a tiny bite of something easy to digest. When my stomach is on the fritz I turn to a little cottage cheese because I know protein is so important and it goes down easy or a soft boiled egg. Maybe l/4 of a banana or a couple of fresh strawberries. You don't have to look at 3 meals but more like little nibbles all day long when you think you might keep it down. And as you eat you tell yourself that it's good and that you're enjoying what you're eating and that you want to heal yourself. And if you suddenly feel like eating a peanut butter cookie instead of something more nutritious then DO IT.

    Years ago I got it into my head I needed to lose a little weight, convinced myself that so many foods were wrong for me. I started to lose weight, fast, then I was finding I really couldn't EAT. Food just sorta stuck in my mouth and wouldn't go down. I went from a size 12 to a size 6.....Then I realized I could turn anorexic.....very easy to get there, and at that point a doctor is needed. I was able to TELL myself to stop this behavior as I had a family who needed me. I had to force myself to start eating healthy again. I hope you will think about what I've been telling you.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Thank you all for you ongoing support and prayers for my sore foot. I might have overdone it a bit yesterday, walking around in the stores. It hurt when I got up but as I walked on it, it started to feel better. Just got done with the massage--far fewer tender and inflamed areas on my legs. I did lie in bed and watch TV the remainder of the day yesterday. I started watching the first season of "Wire," an HBO series. It's pretty good. It shows what happens when a police dept. has very low morale and the effect on cops who try to work and solve crimes. It also lets one see how criminals live in the poorest projects. No wonder they end up living lives of crime.

    Tweety continues on her road to crime. Last night, she jumped up on my bed and was really miffed when she saw Sir Vester snoozing next to me. She gave him a disgusted look and jumped down. In a couple of minutes, I heard a loud noise and yowling. She was up on top of my tall antique armoire where she knows it's off limits. I got the spray bottle and aimed it at her because she wouldn't come down. She jumped down and ran from me, hiding behind furniture. I just went back to bed and ignored her. She was still hiding out when I put her brother out on the lanai. Later, when she curled up on the back of the love seat, I had a chance to grab her and put her out. I don't know what gets into her when she gets so ornery. I worry that she may hurt her legs when she jumps down from that armoire. She's acting a bit "off" today. She wouldn't eat her treats this morning and that's really unusual. She's snoozing on the loveseat right now. Sir Vester is curled up in his little bed. It's a dark and dreary morning but I think it's sposta clear up later. Yesterday, we got a long gentle rain. So glad as we need it.

    Gordon and Rock, Gordon, thanks for all you do for Rock. Rock, I know that your inability to taste food causes disinterest in eating. Also, digestion problems could certainly contribute to the issue. I don't think you're in danger of psychological anorexia like young girls, and women, get when dieting. A few guys get it but it's mostly a female problem; however, as mentioned, yoru body may get used to only liquids and exacerbate the digestion problems when you try to eat whole foods. I agree with the suggestion about seeing a nutritionist or gastroenterologist about the digestion problems. Even if you could liquefy whole foods, it would be better than just subsisting on those drinks. A blender or the Nutribullet can be a real help. I liquefy kale, spinach, apples, strawberries, etc. in my Nutribullet. I don't especially care for the taste of green drinks but I drink them because they are really good sources of nutrients. Good food can heal. Sorry, I don't want to sound "preachy" but, like all our Porchies here, I am concerned about you.

    Sun, how disappointing that Bruno isn't working for you. I hope you can get it to work. I laughed because my neighbor's little dog always barked when someone came to the door. We figured he was a deterrent for burglars. When we had the doors painted, I opened her door to make sure her little child gate was up. Her dog never heard me but I could hear him snoring loudly in her living room. Some watch dog! Glad your mattress is on its way. I really need to get off my duff, literally, and shop for a new bed. That is one thing I dread. It's so important for sleep and pain. I don't know whether to move down to a queen size or stick with the king. I've slept in a king size bed for so long that a queen might really seem small to me. Also, I think queen size beds are a bit shorter than kings. With having to raise the head of my bed, I kinda slide down a bit and need the extra room. One thing I know for sure is that I'll not be getting another pillowtop bed. I have to be sure I buy really deep pocket sheets and the normal king size quilts and comforters aren't wide enough to cover that extra height.

    Spring, your marketplace sounds like a feast for the senses. Sorry you cleaned and the visit didn't happen. Still, you got some cleaning done. Wish I could finish cleaning the lanai so I could clean inside. When I lived in CO, I spent most of my time in sweats in the wintertime. Even on relatively cool days, if it was warm enough for shorts, I'd wear them. Just tried on my Capri pants. The white ones fit fine but the shorter khaki ones are HUGE. I have to take them back and try to find a smaller size. With Gloria Vanderbelt clothing, I know if I buy my size, they will fit. Caribbean Joe clothing is more expensive but the sizing can be all over the place. Can't find GV pants in khaki in a cut I like. Seems to me that the Capri pants are longer this year--almost like long pants. Down here in the jungle in the summer, it's too hot for long pants.

    I hope all y'all have a great day today.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - Oh my, I guess Lindsey and David are back from trying to help his parents get back home. So sorry everyone is not doing so well at the other house. Hope you will stay well too trying to help everyone else. Hope they all start getting better FAST.

    GORDON AND ROCK- SUN is right about eating and it is so important to continue to try and eat the right foods. Yes, and you are also so important to us and you need to keep trying to daily eat some of the right foods for lots of reasons. While drinking things like BOOST and ENSURE are also good for nutrition try and keep eating at least a little of the REAL food too. If you need to consult a nutritionist please do. We love you and you both need to be there for each other and all of us.

    Went to an Estate sale in our area and got a few bargains :)!! Really neat!! Got some bar stools for the Living room, very nice , some baking sheets, and garden do dads as DH calls them. Very exciting !!!!! We did find out though after some other nice things were already sold.

    Gotta run for now. Doing better I guess but still coughing etc.

    Love to awl,
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Started reading an astonishing book an hour ago. It takes place during the filming of
    Gone With the Wind. I was seriously jolted about page 20 when there was a reference
    to correction fluid being used by a typist. There was no such thing in 1938. It wasn't
    even around 20 years later when I took typing in High School.

    And there are references to the costumes and Edith Head. Edith worked for
    Paramount for over 40 years. Paramount did not make GWTW. MGM did.
    Walter Plunkett did the costumes. Regular readers of my column will recall
    I read a book about the filming of GWTW last year written by a friend of Margaret
    Mitchell who was hired to make sure the film was historically accurate. I also
    posted some of Plunkett's design drawings.

    Oh yes. I'm now on page 50. There are references to the porta potties. These did
    not exist as the time either. And to think Doubleday, the world's largest publisher,
    put out this travesty.

    On a more personal note, we went to Trader Joe's yesterday. Used to go there
    a lot. Not anymore. Too pricey and too crowded. Anyway they had lots of
    beautiful flowers for sale including miltonia orchids which resemble pansies.
    They also had mini calla lilies in shades of pink and lavender that I had
    not seen before.

    Granni, sounds like you got some good bargains at the estate sale. My mother
    used to say "do-dads". Haven't heard that expression in ages.

    Julie, I hope the little ones are better, and that you can catch up on your rest
    today. I guess it must really be Spring in Iowa by now.

    Mikie, I hope your foot is continuing to heal. As Yogi Berra might have put
    it, "It's hard to walk around with a bum leg 'cause you can't walk too far
    without using your legs." That Tweety sure has a lot of personality. Too much
    sometimes, huh?

    Springwater, apple cake with jelly sounds tempting. I saw a candy bar at
    Trader Joe's yesterday. Chocolate plus p-nut butter plus raspberry jelly.
    Sounds good. I kinda doubt it would be though; after sitting on a shelf for
    who knows how long.

    Sun, good luck with Bruno. Think the dog whisperer could help? Gordon
    likes that program. I think' it's a sham. The star never tells us anything
    about how to modify dog behavior. I read he makes 3 million a year. Uff-da!


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