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    Hi, Kids,

    Don't forget to go back to 807 to read the last posts. That's where I'm going and will be back.

    Hope everyone sees the new Porch and goes back to read the last posts on 807.

    Forgot to put the cats out on the lanai last night so they were up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, this morning making noise so I'd get up to give them their treats. I did and went back to bed for about an hour. I couldn't get back to sleep last evening, after dozing off earlier, so watched part of a program on PBS which showed the making of a 9' concert grand piano at Steinway in NY. They interviewed pianists and the highly skilled workers who build the pianos. One grand piano in the showroom had a price tag of $103,000. After watching the year it takes to build one, and the skilled labor to put one together, I think $103,000 is a bargain; however, I won't be buying one soon. Steinway keeps grand pianos in a room they call, the concert room. When pianists are doing concerts, they come into the room to select the piano they will use. It is then delivered to the concert venue. One tuner was telling a pianist that he could make the sound of the piano he selected richer in tone. Each piano, because each is hand built, has a different feel and quality of sound. Fascinating!

    Both DD's called me and we had good talks. DD#1 just graduated with her BS in nursing and will be studying for her MS in Sept. She plans on getting a doctorate in nursing and, I believe, she wants to teach. We are hoping she and DD#2 can come down for a girls' weekend. I hope DGS can come too. I miss him. Actually I also miss my DS'sIL. That is the only drawback to my living down here in FL; I don't see enough of my kids. Well, that and the heat and humidity. Well, those things and the fact that a lot of retired people have nothing better to do than gossip and gripe. Still, all things considered, my life here is good and I have some great friends. That, and my dear Online Family here, keep me going.

    Because I was up early, I e-mailed my list of complaints (see, an old lady griping) regarding our landscaper's performance to our board and mgt. I also composed an e-mail newsletter to be blasted out to our residents who have e-addresses on file. A snail-mail version will go out only once for those with no e-address on file. Our hope is that people here will use e-mail to stay involved in da hood. There is too much apathy. We have our own website and the newsletter will be posted there too. We'll get these people into the 21st Century yet!

    Yesterday, I bit the bullet and washed the slipcover and cushion covers on my big sofa. I had to give in and cut the slipcover just above the zipper in the back in order to get it on. It doesn't show and saved me hours of painful stretching and swearing. I will have to iron some of it on the sofa, including the skirt which I ironed off the sofa; it wrinkled while I was wresting it to get it back on. I have decided that if I want to tackle big jobs like this, I have to be content to get one thing a day done. Eventually, I'll get through these big jobs and back to being able to keep the condo half-way decent. I keep thinking I need a new sofa but this one still looks like new when it's washed. This heavy-duty denim is like iron. If I were to get a new one, I'd get one exactly like this except in a bit smaller version. So, as long as this one can be cleaned and look like new, I'll just keep it.

    Granni, so glad you had such a nice time and the food was so good. DD#2 lives near Dallas and lightening hit her chimney and the home next door. As far as she can tell, there was no damage but it ruined some electronics in the home next to theirs. They will likely put up lightening rods. At least, they were out of harm's way of the tornadoes. It snowed in CO and DD#1 said it broke a limb on one of their trees. Nothing like spring in the Rockies! Glad you didn't have to drive home. It's so nice to be able to stay a little longer and chat and not have to worry about driving.

    Julie, what a neat idea for that tote bag. It's so versatile and, every time you use it, it will remind you of how much they love you. Looks as though you've passed down the creativity gene you have. Glad you had a good day but hope your headache goes away with your appt. with the doc. DD#2 said she was going to go take a nap because she could; the boys are in CO for a little spring skiing. Hope you feel better and glad you got a nap.

    Rock, I prefer staying home reading to running errands too. Today, I will not be so lucky because I have nothing here to eat except what's in the freezer. I'm off my feedbag again so don't know what I'll buy. I throw out too much food as it is. Also, spent more money this month on stocking up on bargain staples and buying another discounted gas card at Publix so don't need to spend a fortune now. Yes, the slipcover cleaning was quite demanding but, as mentioned above, I took a shortcut. You are right; a full metal jacket isn't something to wear. I use the same ammo as the cops. That's what was recommended in our permit-to-carry class. I would enjoy some time at the firing range but have no one to go with me. Maybe Richard will come down or I'll go up to Myrtle Beach and we can make it to the practice range. Don't need practice for close protection but definitely enjoy the sport of shooting. Hope I never have to ever draw on anyone. I'd rather shoot targets.

    Well, Kiddies, this is long and I need a shower so will run along. My love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Everydobby,

    Woke up this morning to no electricity and heavy rain. Since then the electricity has gone off and come back on again so hard to get much done. YAY, the performance we were going to do tomorrow with a visitation and service afterwards for one of our ex members of our small singing group was cancelled and them move to next Tuesday which is great. Will make things a lot easier for everyone. We then will also hopefully have a lunch afterwards at a local eatery we have never gone to, at least DH and I. Whew, at least that is one thing off our plate tomorrow. DH has a meeting also in the morning and so he had better get a ride, at least as of now.

    Julie - Glad you had a nice day yesterday as I did. Do you have a recipe for Chicken spaghetti? It sounds so good !!!! That little bag with everyone's hands on it looks so cute. I remember the things our kids made with the hand prints. They are so cute.

    MIKIE - Thanks for getting our new porch started. Glad you finally got your slipcovers on, and all even if you may need to do some ironing ! Some slipcovers are horrible to get on. Believe me, I know and not sure they sent the right ones for the cushions.

    Sorry but I need to get off here and do some more wash before the electricity goes off again. Hopefully the worse is over. The afternoon is supposed to have lighter rain, they said but we will see.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    Hi all! Sorry I have not been around as much as I would have liked...bottom line is that the weather here in Scotland did something rather unique...several weeks of sun! (Not now though...torrential rain and wind). So, I decided that it was important to get as much fresh air (me and Kappy Cat) and be in the garden doing little things here and there. I have decided in one spot I am going to build a fairy garden....so that should be interesting!

    Uggg...those slip covers sound like a nightmare @Mikie but I am like you...I wouldn't probably be able to settle unless the wrinkles were gone! I luckily have a wonderful steam iron (the kind that has the container of water in a separate area - not in the iron). Let me tell you...that sucker gets out wrinkles and irons in a heartbeat. A lot faster and a lot less physical work, too.

    My parents in Canada have had a blizzard two weeks ago, 33degrees C (ie around 90F) and now they are below freezing again. The wildlife and the crops must be completely screwed up with that kind of weather. Hello people...this is called climate change!

    I would love to move to California, as would Dave, but the drought and the fact that, as far as I can tell through research, there really isn't a back up plan and they expect to run out of water within a year freaks me out. @rockgor is this the case? Or am I getting sucked into the doom and gloom that is everywhere?!

    We just had our elections here in the UK. And the result is DIRE for people who are disabled/ill and on benefits. Scotland voted for the Scottish National Party...and the Prime Minister has been starting to form his government. I cannot believe that he has asked a Thatcherite to be part of this...who is dead set against same sex marriage. The thing is, these politicians who are in power are private school educated - they have no concept of what it is like to live on very meagre benefits. And interestingly...countries that have a good benefits system - also have a much better economy...it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if more people had money - then the more money they will spend - in the country.

    I also had an early wake up call from the cat Mikie. Doing a massage on my back and then sitting on it (on my coccyx - very painful!!!). He needs a t-shirt that says 'born to lick' - because he was licking my hair, then my ear...and of course, eventually knocked over my lamp on the bedside table - on to my head. (Nothing new there...a rather common thing that happens here! Of course, he never, ever bothers his Daddy to feed him, let him out etc...he knows how to make me move!!!

    Well, it is almost 6.30pm here. I need to figure out dinner. Stat.

    Wishing you all a good, pain free day and I look forward to chatting with you all again.

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    Hi, Again,

    Got my shower and went to Target. Had a robo call that I had an Rx in but it was for the one I picked up last week. That's OK cause I found a big white shirt; I've been looking for one for ages. There is nothing as eternally chic as a big white shirt over black leggings with black flats. Elaine Stritch did her one-woman Broadway show dressed like that and she always looked stunning. She was quite old, she is now deceased, and was an alcoholic. It took it's toll on her looks but she was always stylish. This outfit with some chunky gold jewelry looks great. I wide black belt works well with it too. I also found a replacement for my big exercise ball and I got a few groceries. I can wait to go to Publix for a day or two.

    Came home absolutely exhausted. Just a shower and a quick trip to the store wipes me out these days. I may not get anything else done. I'm not going to let this relapse panic me. I'll be OK if I can just do one or two little things or one big thing a day. It took me a while to do the correspondence for the board so I guess I got three little things done. If I don't lie to myself about how well I'm doing, who will? Have to be my own cheerleader. :) I will probably crash and hope I can find something half-way decent on Netflix or Amazon Prime. There is an older guy on PBS painting a beautiful picture of an iris. Wow! If I could paint like that, I might give up my abstracts.

    Julie, thanks for the palindromes. I love those as much as puns. You are smart to do the errands before the chiro. I always wanted to rest after my chiro appts. Poor Lindsay. I hate to break glass and have a mess to clean up. Yikes! Hope you find a new jar for her. If you wait, chances are it will rain again and clean the clothes on the line. That's my lazy girl approach to life. Hope you get in a good nap and sleep well tonight.

    Granni, no electricity? Wow, those storms y'all are having in TX are really something. Glad the funeral has been postponed. At least, you get a little reprieve. Yes, slipcovers can be a real pain. This sofa came with the slipcover tailored to fit it but the problem is that it fits too well. It would be like my trying to cram my generous read end into a girdle two sizes too small. AACK!!! :eek: Hope those storms just send the rain you need and nothing more.

    Rock and Gordon, that old orchid I rescued and repotted after it fell from the tree because, after I watered it, it was soooo heavy, is just starting to bloom. All the bark was devolved into packed soil and it was infested with ants when I got it so am shocked to see it blooming. It is an old Catt and is going to have four blooms on one bulb and three on the other. I thought for sure one of those bulbs had already bloomed once before I got it. It looks really old. My friend told me it was purple but it looks more like hot pink from what I can see but I'll have to wait until the blooms are out just a bit more. I am more excited about this one than any of the others because it was so neglected that I didn't know whether it would bloom again. There are two stems which are going to bloom on the old Dendrobium which hangs in the tree. I keep the Catt out on the lanai due to its large size and weight. It gets morning sun and shade the rest of the day. The Dendrobium is huge but is in a ridiculously small pot so it can stay in the tree. I'll try to get pics and post.

    OK, Kids, that's it for now. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    @lydia1 Lydia, the program on the Steinways sounds fascinating! I am going to check if I can somehow see some of it on You Tube. My Aunt and Uncle had a very old Steinway, apparently over 100 years old (if I remember correctly!). Very ornate...they had to build their addition to their AROUND it as it was so huge! Speaking of pianos, I had my grandmother's piano shipped over to me (my mother had it) in the UK...and I just had a piano tuner I have never used before on it. He opened it up and said 'Wow. You don't see one of these very often' - it is an upright grand. So looks like a normal piano...but the sound is amazing. The piano tuner (easily in his 70s then went on to tell me that he is one of four people in the UK that is approved by Steinway...and that he tuned the pianos used by Pavarotti whenever he came to the UK, because he got the pitch 'just right'.

    Bizarrely, I am able to play the piano without my hands going numb. I don't know if it is the way I am sitting and my neck position or what (lots going on with my neck...to the point that I am waiting to go to India for surgery). But playing is my release and my relaxation. I am not great! But I do love Einaudi's music, and that is something I love to play and play fairly well.

    Most of all...it is a memory of my grandmother. She used to play Moonlight Sonata for me when I went to bed...and now Kappy Cat, whenever he hears me play that song, arrives and sits on the top of the piano. Hubby calls him my 'Catalabra' !!! :) x
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    MIKIE - The funeral wasn't postposed, the singing gig was till next week with the lunch afterwards since we will not sing or practice till after the summer or so, unless we get asked for something special. There was also another visitation but I would have to go with someone and it is not close by at all . So not going to that one today and to many storms around. If it were local I might have tried it. Tomorrow it will be in the neighborhood non denominational church. Our electricity has been on now most of the morning and now into the afternoon so guessing it is here to stay. Think the bad or heavy storms are gone today, hopefully.

    I guess I should start wearing leggings like you were talking about. I see some of the BIGGEST people wearing the tightest stuff on and some of these gals are not to young or slender. I could probably wear them and light jeans that fit well. I can't stand baggy jeans like my DH does on himself, not baggy but called something else other than fitting nicely or snugly. I can't think of the word I need to use. Oh they are called RELAXED fit. That would bother me but he has to wear them. I can't stand jeans that are baggy or loose in any way.

    Your flowers sound so pretty. We don't have a lot of flowers but our weeds and some few flowers we have and Azeleas will be growing like crazy with this rain. So far we have 2.06 " of rain last night and today. I am sure many areas had flooding but we don't usually have any. Also the bugs will be out in force especially those pesky mosquitos.

    ALYSSA - so nice o hear from you. Sounds like you are having some heavy rains to right now. Hang in there kiddo !! I see that you were posting your second post as I was also doing so. I like that you have a Catalabra. That must be an awfully cute picture,

    SPRING WATER - Missing you and hope you and all are doing well after those awful earthquakes. I cannot even think of all that you all have been going through lately. Drop in when you can.

    Hugz to ROCK, SUN, JULIE, DIANE and everydobby else,
    Granni :)
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    Hello Everyone,

    Hope all had an enjoyable day yesterday.
    Attached is the latest orchids in bloom in the garden. The first one is a SLC named
    Jewel box which has a very dark red color. The second one is an unknown intense
    orange colored catt. The third is the Sarc. which won an Honorary(4th) award at the
    last meeting. The flowers are less than an inch across. The fourth is also an unknown
    red mini catt. The flowers are the size of buttons. The fifth one is a spider orchid I
    picked up last month from the member sale table. Spiders are one of my favs. The last
    one is an Oncidium that I have growing on a dry branch. It has two spikes. The color
    is typical for onc. They are known as 'dancing ladies' because the yellow part of the flower
    looks like a skirt and they look like dancers when the wind blows on them. These are'
    small flowers but there is one I have where the flowers are over 3" across (different

    Our annual auction will be in two weeks. This is our fund raiser for the year and they
    have done well in the past. I don't expect anything 'different/special' to be offered for
    sale but one can hope. If one can last the three hours you can get some great deals
    towards the end as they're trying to sell everything off the tables ($5.00 - $10.00).



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  8. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Gordon/Rock - Those orchids/flowers are all so pretty , lovely colors. That spider orchid is so different looking and very unusual.. Your flower garden in your yard must surely look pretty. Good luck at your auction. Maybe you can get some real BARGAINS. I am a bargain hunter big time but know so little about plants in general. I just know what I like and what looks pretty to me. Most flowers are pretty in one way or the other, even if just the colors. I know my mom loved flowers to, especially pansies that she said looked like little faces to her. Keep sending those lovely pictures. You are educating us all, in one way or the other :)!!

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling OK or better and got to rest some after all your work and shopping. You wear me out and I like to shop or at least look and hope to find what I like and can afford.

    It is almost dinner time so I need to start with dinner soon. I did put a huge sweet potato in to bake to share. We haven't had one of those in awhile either. We will also have some salmon and salad, leftover bean salad for sure. It is such a rainy and damp day that I figured that DH would like some comfort food, like the sweet potato which we haven't even had one of them in awhile. We have been weaning off white potatoes which we both love due to his borderline diabetes. Hope all this sacrificing has been helping :)!!!

    JULIE - I forget if it was today or tomorrow that you were going to the chiro? Guessing it was tomorrow and hope it helps. Is it the close one or the 3 hr away one. Hope you are starting to feel a little better and will feel even better after your RX or adjustment.

    Nothing else to much is new since I wrote last time today. So I guess I will sign off again. Hi also to SUN, SW, DAR, JOAN, ELAINE and so many of our MIA's.

    Love you,
    Granni :)
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    just to let all know tho there was another earthquake of mag 7.something, me and family safe. if you guys hear of my untimely passing, i think it will likely be more now from a heartattack than debris falling.

    my maid and i had to make a run once again down three flights of stairs in middle of preparing lunch..

    take you, all

    god bless
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    Hi Springwater

    Just read the computer news. Was worried about you. Glad to hear you are
    OK. The preliminary report said the quake was rated a 7.8. The same
    magnitude as the quake 2 weeks ago. I never before heard of two big quakes
    in succession like this. Will be watching the news. Hope the damage this
    time is much less; maybe the unstable buildings have already fallen down.

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    Hi Kids

    Well, we went to the library yesterday. I got 3 books. Have already weeded
    out two of them. One had a font too tiny to read; even with my trusty reading
    glasses from the 99 cent store. The other was a book of cartoons that did
    not strike my funny bone. You guys know where the funny bone is
    located? In the arm. It's called the humerus.

    Neighbor Jeff and Buddy stopped by yesterday. We had a nice chat and
    Buddy patrolled the yard. He barked furiously at any dogs that went
    by. We have three gates on the West side of the yard. He raced from
    one to the other in order to keep up with dogs who were passing.

    Gave Jeff a bag with about ten tomatoes. He said he was going to make
    a sandwich with olive oil. Sort've a BLT with out the BL.

    The plumber was here. He's coming back to work on some other project
    soon. So we have plumbing, electricity and gas; the big 3. In the days
    when hotels were converting to gas lamps, the gas was piped into the
    room. The lamp was a wall fixture. Since visitors were used to dealing
    with candles,they put signs in the rooms. Do Not Blow Out the Light.
    Because if you did, you could wake up dead.

    Julie, a free adjustment. Wow! Never heard of that before. Thanks for
    the palindrome dates. Like Mikie, I love palindromes. My favorite is
    "A man, a plan, a canal — Panama." Possibly the most famous is
    "Able was I ere I saw Alba".

    Granni, my mother liked pansies too. Never heard of the little ones
    (violas or Johnny jump ups) till I met Gordon. I've seen lots of
    paintings with pansies in them. Maybe Sun can tell us. Is that
    because painters like to splash the cheerful colors around?

    Mikie, I used to have the the recording of the Broadway musical "Sail
    Away" by Noel Coward and starring Elaine Stritch. Also had some other
    records on which she sang songs from various shows. Although she did
    not have a beautiful voice, she knew how to "put a song across". She
    struggled with alcoholism. Said she started out drinking before a show
    'cause she was nervous. Things went downhill for there. At a party
    with the people putting up money to finance the show, Noel gave
    her a strict warning to be on her good behavior. The next day he said
    "Elaine, Dear. I didn't say you had to act like a nun."

    In 1892 the Steinway company gave a piano to Norway's greatest
    composer, Edvard Grieg. You can hear it on youtube. Search
    for Paul Armitage playing Grieg's piano at Troldhaugen.

    Alyssa, never heard of Lodovico Einaudi before. I listened to two
    of his pieces on Youtube. Both were very soothing. Lots more to
    sample. Too difficult for me to play. When are you going to India for
    surgery? And why there? Never heard of a catalabra before either.
    I trust kitty is light on his feet.

    Oops! The computer and my brain are failing. Better quit before this all
    goes poof. Hugs, Kids

  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    So good to come here and see all the posts. Cats asked to go out last night and let me sleep until after 5:00. I lay in bed a while before letting them in. Both are being soooo good. Tweety has a new nighttime game--she comes in to me in bed and cries. I go out to open the lanai door but she goes the other way. I have to go out on the lanai and wait for her to come out, pretending I don't see her. Then, I have to carry Sir Vester to the door and put him out. These guys love to change things up on me.

    I have the Tues. mtg. this morning but nothing else pressing, thank God. I may need a day in bed to catch up. There is so much to do but I have to take care of myself first. I don't know what I'd do if I had a family to care for. Of course, I would love to have my kids closer now but they are grown and self-sufficient. Over the years, it has been heartbreaking to read on the CFIDS/FMS board about young mothers struck down with this stuff when their kids were small. I was young and, I thought at the time, strong and healthy so I could do a lot with them. They often tell me how much those times meant to them. We didn't have much back then but we did spend quality time with them. DD and DSIL now do that with Andy.

    Geez, the weatherman is still talking about possible rain, just like yesterday. We got thunder but no rain. I'm still hand watering everything outside. It's been in the low 90's and everything dries out. Our humidity is low, for us. I am keeping an eye on that old orchid on the lanai and will try to post a pic when it fully blooms.

    Gordon, those pics are amazing. Your spider looks just like mine. I love the spiders too. There is so much variety in the looks of the blooms with orchids and so much variety in the various types of them. My lady slipper is still blooming and looks as fresh as the day I brought it home. I need to ask when Home Depot gets shipments of orchids as they get more than just the phals and they are cheaper than at the nursery which specializes in orchids. Thanks again for posting.

    Rock, as often happens, we were posting at the same time so came back to edit my post. I like the colors you have for us in your post. Thanks for the heads up on the You Tube videos. Yikes, by the time I come back to edit, I've forgotten what you posted. Glad you had Buddy for a visit. He certainly is a busy little guy. Nice of you to share the tomatoes. Gardeners are always kind, generous people.

    Granni, I like the new material they use for Capri pants and jeans. It's got a bit of stretch in it so I can buy something which fits and will stretch enough not to cut me off at the waist when I bend over. Problem is that I have lost enough weight that they are now baggy on me. Also, DD and I have found that, as we wear them through the day and they warm up to our body temps, they seem to get a bit bigger on us. I love Gloria Vanderbilt pants and jeans; they always fit just right. I'm sure you will be glad when these services and practices/performances are over for the summer. It wears me out just to think of all that. Hope your weather keeps.

    Julie, I'm glad you got tweaked and at no charge. That guy's a keeper! The massage probably will help you; I hope so. Drink lots of water to get rid of toxins released when those knots are reduced. I need to go to the grocery store too; Target doesn't count. I'm still off my feedbag and don't know what to buy. When I get like this, I don't eat healthy; I just grab something easy. I think a lot of it has to do with lack of NRG.

    Springwater, glad you came through yet another big earthquake safe and sound except for the stress they induce. I hope things quiet down there. As always, keeping you in my prayers.

    Hope I got everyone. Also, a shout out to our MIAs. Have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    OMG SPRING WATER so sorry to hear about the other quake especially so close to the other. Hope there wasn't to much further damage. I too hadn't heard of two fairly big quakes being so close together in the same area. Glad you are doing OK other than all the awful stress. May God bless you all going through such a terrible time.

    I need to go get dressed and bring DH to his meeting so I can go to the visitation and then the service for this x singer/dancer friend. So sorry to hear of her death but she may have willed it since she was having problems doing al the things she wanted to do and probably couldn't. Guessing her heart was giving out as I think she had problems with that much later in life but she used to wear us out just thinking about everything she did and wanted to do and she was so tiny to begin with.

    We are having more rain today but hope it is not close to as heavy as it was yesterday in the morning.

    MIKIE - I too like those stretchy materials especially in the pants and capris, jeans too. I feel much more comfy in them and I don't look or feel good in the baggy look :)! Rest for a bit and try not to wear yourself out. I need to run for now.

    JULIE - Hope you feel better after your adjustments.

    Love to JULIE, ROCK, SUN and all that I have missed for now. Will try and get back later on.
    Granni :)
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    Sorry I've been missing......I've been reading but just feel wiped out by fatigue. All that stress and "supervising" with my front yard and then mother's day just did me in. I can only take soooo much then I retreat to try to heal my body. I think I've said this before but I got a defective model when I was given this body to reside in.

    Spring: I'm glad you were safe and that you're able to let us know. I just heard about it this morning on the news.
    I pray all this shaking will stop. Heard that even parts of India and Tibet were affected.

    Julie: I suffer from TMJ along with the neck/shoulder/back troubles. Do a search on the net for sternocleodomastoid triggers points. These will affect the jaw and ears and your massage therapist might not have found them. If you don't own the book, "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" I really suggest you buy it. It's really helped me with so much. And I love your mothers day present from the little ones. Do you have a rice filled sock that you can heat up to hold against the jaw to relax the muscles?

    Mikie: I love the look for black tights with a long white man's shirt. But for me, if I belted it I would look 30 lbs. overweight but hanging loose might work for me. My DHs white shirts weren't that much bigger than blouses, so I gave all his clothes away. I did, however, try a few things on....just in case.

    Do you remember who the teacher was on PBS that was painting flowers? Apparently I don't get all the PBS channels.....go figure.

    Granni: I'm sorry you've lost another friend. I guess we're at that age when people start dropping like flies around us. Hope all your electricity troubles are over now.

    Rock and Gordon: Thanks for sharing all your flowering orchids. OMG you sure own a lot!!!! And how nice that your neighbor brings Buddy over to visit. He sounds like a cute little watchdog.

    Alyssa: What type of neck problems do you have that you're contemplating surgery? I deal with stenosis in my neck and low back. I saw an orthopedic surgeon 2 years ago but after he took an MRI and examined me, he said I would be helped from the correct stretching. My SIL's aunt had two hip replacements done in India about 3 years ago. It went pretty good, including the flights, but as it turned out she needed more work, big time, because of the defective implants.....pretty common.....so several more hip replacements were done in LA by her surgeon, and this go around she was without a hip for almost 10 months while they were attempting to kill the bacteria that had set in. I just saw her last week and she said she's doing good now with her new hip which was put in 6 weeks ago.

    I'm trying out the Thermacare heat pad on my shoulders today. OMG......I always thought it was a pad with a muscle relaxant lotion on it but my cleaning lady told me yesterday that there are "heat stones" in them that get activated for 8 hrs. by your body heat. I put it on at 8 a.m. so I'm testing how long I get the heat.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Had a quiet mtg. this morning. Our landscaper showed up and I'm glad he did. It showed he is interested in keeping our contract. I walked a bit with him and told him we understand how much he's had on his plate lately but that we couldn't have given his co. the tree trimming contract due to so many complaints. I also told him that my long-term goal is to get our landscaping, irrigation (sprinker system), and tree trimming with one co. I told him it was a good bid and not to give up on us but just to improve the service. With their merger with another strong co., it's a chance to start over. I figure we hit him with a stick and now, it's time to dangle the carrot. I hope it works as I hated having to tell him we were not awarding them the tree contract. I hope it's a wake-up call for better service. I'd like to keep them. I ordered three plumbagos for our bldg. to replace the ixora which they removed and the plumbers trampled. I got seven-gallon ones so they should look good right away. I love the big blue flowers.

    I was exhausted but decided I really had to go to the store or I'd just eat crap. I got a big cobb salad and it was wonderful. I think of all the things one could do if one were rich, having a cook on staff would be one of the best. Publix always has cute clothes in a small area of the store. They are mostly Fort Myers Beach tee shirts and swim coverups, since we are so close to the beach. I found some short shorts in heavy weight khaki denim. They aren't too short--about mid-thigh. They were only $14.99 so I brought a pair home. They are a tad big but should be fine. I can't find short shorts which aren't too short at Bealls and not for $14.99. I'm getting another pair cause y'all know how I loves me my khakis. If anyone asks, I'll tell them they are by a new designer--Publix. I can put a French pronunciation on it, like "Poo-bleeks."

    Granni, you may be right about your friend. It's depressing not to be able to do things anymore, especially if one has always been on the move and a doer. My Mom was tiny and used to wear the rest of us out when we went anywhere but I think her heart was starting to wind down before she died. I would imagine you would look good in anything, baggy or not but I agree--too baggy looks sloppy. That how I feel I look in the pants which are now too big. If I don't start eating better though, they will probably fit again. :( Did you see above that I found shorts at Publix! Well, why not; I buy groceries at Target. Take care of yourself. Activities surrounding funeral services and visitations use up a lot of NRG.

    Julie, I also don't have a "middle wardrobe." I have dressier things for winter concerts and everyday tees and shorts but, as I found out when we went for lunch, I have nothing that is dressier casual unless I wear a casual skirt. I'm on the lookout for just a couple of things. Back in the day, once when I had hung clothes out on the line, I had done a lot of laundry, including sheets. I was in the backyard, ready to take it all in, when the neighbor came back with her dog. He raised his leg and watered my sheet. She was horrified but I loved that dog so took it all in stride. I laugh now thinking about it. Dog was a shaggy little gray homeless guy who wandered into her husband's motorcycle shop. They tried to find out if he had a home but no one responded. They called him, Hammer; I don't know why. We kept him when they went away. My jaws hurt from the dentist and still do. I've been clenching my teeth (not good). My neck has been hurting as well. I've said a little prayer for you and your family for your aunt and cousin. Visiting the sick can also sap our NRG. I think naps and taking care of yourself are excellent ideas.

    Alyssa, sorry I missed your post earlier. I took a pic of my cat once, sitting under the lamp, one of his favorite spots. I called the pic, "Bright Lights, Big Kitty."

    Gordon, that orchid is taking its sweet time blooming. I'm like an old hen, sitting on an egg and waiting for it to open. It's not like my other catts; there are no long stems. The blooms are like little green clam shells, clustered right near the leaf with a fringe of the bloom peeking out. This is exciting because I have no idea how it will look when it blooms and I never expected it to rally and bloom at all.

    Rock, you are right--Elaine Stritch was not a great singer but, as you said, she could certainly put a song across, a bit like Ethel Merman. She never took a singing lesson in her life. She retired in Denver and once stopped my cousin to tell her that her daughter was the most beautiful child. Merman sightings was a great pastime, mainly because that lady really got gussied up when she went out. I still love to watch her old movies.

    It's time to go rest and bid y'all adieu. Hope everydobby is having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, Julie, I am so sorry about the pop-up ads. I once got that here and it was awful. I went in and put my computer back to default settings and it got rid of it. If you put you arrow on the ad, it may tell you whose ad it is. Then, go in and remove that program on your computer. I can do it from the Control Panel on my Start menu. I believe someone hacks into this website and plants these ads which bedevil us but then, I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world. I even had my pop-up blocker on and whatever evil program this is still go on my computer. In any case, ProHealth is not initiating these pesty ads. Good luck.

    It's finally raining here. Yea!!! Not much but enough to make me a believer again. I still haven't gone in for a nap. I should but am just feeling a bit restless. Have been online most of the afternoon on board business--flooded pool pump room and an exterminator who didn't do his job. Oy! It's always something. I'm getting tired and dyslexia is overtaking me. Oh nmad!

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    These computers are a veritable minefield. My nephew back in MN says
    our computers are attacked every second of the day by some kind of virus
    or evil electronic gremlin. He runs a computer service to assist frustrated
    users. Don't know if it's a full time business or a sideline.

    Hope you can get yours back in shape, Julie.

    Mikie, sorry to hear you are threatened with dyslexic. Enough to make
    me say ffu-dhu!

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee JULIE - Your computer sounds possessed or something :)! What a royal pain that is for sure. I have never heard sirens and other noises just error messages and such and of course stupid pop up adds which is bad enough. Hope you get it fixed up soon or it quits on its own already. Do have someone in town that works on computer that might looks at it? I know it isn't cheap unless you have a kid or g kid who knows how to fix that stuff for free :)!! How new is your computer?? We surely would miss you if you are not on here but would understand of course.

    I was dxed years ago also with Chronic Myo facial Pain syndrome or something like that. You also might have some of that too. Speaking of salads we are probably having one tonight with some chicken on top. DH had a big sandwich out for lunch with pulled pork with the guys and I went to the funeral service for my singing and dancing friend and went to the reception afterwards with all kinds of sandwiches, chips dips, fruit, cheese, desserts, etc. I ate more than I should so it is best to eat light tonight, if I can. Glad he wants to eat light too :)!!

    Good luck to see your aunt tomorrow who has lung cancer. Hope you have a good visit . How far do you have to drive to see her?

    SUN - So nice to hear from you again. I figured that you all pooped out from all the activities fun and not so fun :)!! Hope you got some reading done in your resting time.

    It was drizzling some most of the morning on and off but it is pouring now. We have to go a little farther than in our town for DH's dermatologist appointment (yearly). It had not better be pouring tomorrow as he has had this appointment for a LONG time and it will have to be reschedules. Also some docs charge if you don't show. DH has gotten to the point that he hates to drive in anything but excellent conditions as well as any night time driving too. I cannot complain cause I am worse than he but have been for some time, due to my pain and high b/p.

    .Love to everydobby, Special prayers and thoughts to dear Spring Water and her family and those affected by those awful earthquakes.

    Granni :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    julie - even i had problems getting in..i never 'update' anything thecomputer tells me to.if im not using the programme..because i found once some virus came in the programme the computer offered to update..i try run my antivirus regularly because i know i bought and downloaded itmyself..but thats it.


    Im TRYING to find humour in our circumstances..otherwise...


    god bless
    rockgor likes this.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Name Your Poison, Kids

    A tempest in a teapot.
    A salad in a jar.
    What lies ahead? Perhaps we'll find
    A thermos holds a bar.


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