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    As usual, I've opened the Porch door and will be back when I've read the posts on 814. OK, I'm back...

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept til 5:00; what a treat! Will go back to the pool now that I know the aches and pains aren't permanent, just the usual result of working out. Got nothing done yesterday as I was tired. This usually happens when I start being more active. It'll resolve itself. Like most of us with these conditions, working out doesn't energize me; it exhausts me. I still try to do it, though, because I just can't veg forever. With the heart disease in our family, I really need to get my heart rate up at least three times a week. Haven't heard from DD#2 regarding her tests. I doubt that her doc has given her the results. Again, thank you all for your prayers.

    Just to clarify--I sent the letter for two reasons. First, to help keep our residents from the liability of the insurance companies coming after them if their grills start fires or explode in a fire because of being improperly stored. Insurance will usually pay but will then go after the grill owner. Second, to protect board members from loss of our Directors and Officers insurance coverage in case we get sued for not telling the residents about the Fire Code. A big part of my job is to recognize liabilities and take steps to close the gap. It isn't likely that any of this will happen but we need to ensure that we are covered just in case.

    Got a phone call from another board member and she is disgusted with the loud mouth on the board. We were all shocked when he got elected. Some people think he is obnoxious but underneath it all, he is a nice guy. I thought so too until he got on the board. He is passive aggressive and uses a jolly persona to cover up his aggression. I call people like that chocolate covered spiders. Got that saying from Julie Nixon Eisenhower in a TV interview decades ago (can't remember who she was describing). It just fits the situation. Tomorrow we will see how it goes when this guy shows up for our condo mtg. In the meantime, I can simply remove myself from all his negative NRG. I just don't need it.

    We haven't heard yet about services for my friend. We are also needing to know whether she had a charity where we can donate and about a service. When people die in the summer, it's hard to take up a collection. I've done it and been left holding the bag for the money I put in for absent residents. Still, any amount donated is so much appreciated by the family.

    Spring, those flowers are just perfect! What a nice thing to do. So many beautiful types of flowers. I hope things have calmed down there to give the jitters a chance to go away (no pun intended).

    Julie, you really do look soooo young. Is there a way to get help for GPA? Since he has had a stroke or little strokes, would Medicare send someone out? I can't remember what they will pay for and what they won't. I know home health care is an attempt to keep people out of long-term care facilities. People are better off living at home or with family but, as you say, it's a lot of work. Sis should be very grateful to you because, if GPA had to go into a nursing facility, before Medicaid would kick in, they would want him to sell his house to spend down his assets. I hope you can get that tooth taken care of. Sounds as though you'll get good care from an oral surgeon.

    Granni, if you are putting Vaseline on DH's incision, any sweat would likely roll off the Vaseline and not get into the incision. It's hot here too and also for Spring. Guess we'll just have to bite the bullet until things cool off. We got a nice rainstorm last evening. I did have to go down to throw some young people out of the pool after dark. I was nice and so were they. Yes, that loudmouth is a new board member. What a pain. Ex and I would have been married 52 years this coming Dec. I still wish things would have worked out but I know I'm far better off without him. I'm always happy for people in long-term marriages.

    Rock, yes, the flowers are not only bodacious but also awesome! Groovy! Remember the song, "Feelin' Groovy?" It was a happy song. We sang it in my yute. I forgot to check to see whether you are online. Hope to see you on the Porch today.

    Sun, I'm hoping that, without housework to do and someone else to cook for you, you will feel well on the cruise. I hope so. It sounds so exciting. My plans didn't pan out either. I always thought I'd be married, have a big family house, and have my children and grandchildren around the table at Thanksgiving. I had the house but it's gone, along with my ex. Andy is the only grandchild I will have and I am thankful for him. Still, my life is good so I can't complain. I've been richly blessed. Thanks for your condolences for my friend. I'm glad that letter went out if it helps plug insurance gaps on two levels. Rest up so you can enjoy the trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

    Hope all y'all have a bodacious day!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Julie, Looks like you have enough on your calendar to keep you busy. Actually,
    it's probably enough to keep several people busy. A pic for the Christmas cards
    reminds me. Back in the dawn of the computer age, we used to have a program
    that would let you combine text and graphics to make you own greeting cards.
    They were printed out on regular stationery; you folded them into the finished
    product. Hadn't thought of them for years.

    August 6 seems like a long time to wait for that extraction. Does you tooth
    hurt all the time; now and then? We should have teeth like sharks. They
    keep shedding old ones and growing new ones during their lifetime. The life
    span of sharks, BTW varies. Some are thought to live more than a century.

    Granni, are you unsure about what anniversary is coming up for you and DH?
    I guess the main thing is it's been a long, long time to quote some song or
    other. Oh yeah, it goes, "Kiss Me Once and Kiss Me Twice, etc."

    I'm surprised to hear that Harvati is Danish. I figured it must be Norwegian.
    Well, we sometimes had folks at the Sons of Norway who were from Sweden
    or Germany or someplace similar. Most of them were from Minnesota or Iowa
    or Wisconsin or the Dakotas. And if they weren't from there, they had relatives
    from those places. Hope DH's nose heals up with no problems.

    Sun, how long is your excursion? A friend of my mother went one. She brought
    back a plate made of some striped clay. Hmmm, Ok, I think it was from
    Sitka. Did you buy Havarti with dill in it? Are there other flavors. If my innards
    were working properly I'd go out and buy some Havarti right now. Probably
    would make an awesome grilled cheese.

    Mikie, how did your friend Bela pronounce his name? I read a bio of
    Bela Lugosi. It said the correct way was Bay-luh. I'd always heard Bell-ah.
    The book also said he had been a distinguished actor in Hungary, and
    was very unhappy to find himself typecast as a vampire.

    Yes, I am on line. I'd rather be on line than in line. Ha Ha. That's our
    witticism of the day, Folks. Well, some days you get havarti cheese and
    other days you get coal in your stocking.

    So Bela's plans for the future didn't work out so well, and neither did yours
    or mine. Probably true of most folks. I was gonna move to a small college
    town in the Mid West. But I got CFS in my 40s. Then I had to stay here
    where I could work part time for a coworker. We had been talking about
    starting our own firm. C'est la vie.

    Springwater, how are the dogs? Any signs of uneasiness or trauma from the
    earthquake? How many do you have now? Did you see the recent article
    saying Everest isn't the highest mountain? I didn't bother to read the
    article. Figured it would be a lotta mathematical stuff I wouldn't understand

    Gordon transplanted bunch of epidendrums to the front yard yesterday. They
    cast interesting shadows on the stucco wall behind them. Reminds me of the
    song the Statler Brothers used to sing; Flowers on the Wall.

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    Sorry everyone I need to hurry and get dressed and ready for Line Dancing . I just read all the Posts and read a note from a good friend of mine that took awhile and I had to answer her right away.

    MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again.

    Stay well all, I'll be back later. Glad all are well other than just plain pooped - like JULIE as usual.

    ROCK - Havarti may have other flavors but that is all I have seen at Sams, just Dill and plain.

    JULIE - Hope you get to rest some time soon from all your activities. BTW, I understood that Lorraine was being silly. Kids are kids and that is what they do :)!!

    Back later dear ones.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from the store. I got some cream Havarti cheese and ate it with a bit of French bread and cut up fruit. Mmmmm! They only had plain and dill Havarti. I love it but didn't realize how salty it is. Didn't eat too much of it. Ended up spending more than just for food; I also got Epsom Salts, Zantac, ZzQuil and a sunscreen lip balm. What a cute and sweet young cashier I had. Love it when shopping is a friendly affair.

    Worked out at the pool for 45 mins., 30 of them at my target heart rate. Of course, now I'm in serious pain. It was all I could do to walk through the store. I showered and trimmed my hair before I went to the pool. It came out great. I don't swim so my hair doesn't get wet. My dear old friend came over but, again, he was afraid of falling under the water so didn't stay long. I told him to ask his doc to send him for physical therapy for balance. I'm not ready to lose any more friends.

    Checked on HSN and, voila, they have the handbags back in stock. Yea!!! I love the mint green one my DD#1 gave me for Mothers Day and I wanted to get it in white. I ordered it and it's still on sale with three easy payments. I love white bags with brown trim for summer. They remind me of the brown and white spectator high heels women used to wear in the summertime. Of course, down here, we can wear white all year round. Can't wait for it to arrive.

    Rock, one of my favorite songs is "Ah, Yes, I Remember It Well," from Gigi. Maurice Chavalier and Hermione Gingold sang it in the movie version. One of my favorite musicals. Vanity Fair just did a story on the Ford Modeling Agency and the Fords. The movie, Funny Face, was based on one of their models. It starred Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn. Another favorite. Growing up, all my friends and I wanted to look like those models from the 50's--slim, tan and blonde. B pronounces his name as, "Bee lah." I've never heard it pronounced like that. In the play, Lost In Yonkers, by Noel Coward, there was an Uncle Bela and it was pronounced as Bela Lugosi's name was always pronounced. You know what they say about plans? If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

    Granni, I am just plain old pooped, like Julie. I hope line dancing doesn't poop you out as well. That's the problem with working out in the pool; it poops me out. Dagnabbit!!! Come back when you can stay a spell.

    To appease my aching body and exhausted mind, I'm gonna rest, probably for the remainder of the day. Hopefully, at some point, I'll get used to working out and can tolerate it better. Sending my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Sorry to hear that you are just plain pooped out, like JULIE. You surely have done a lot today and you should be pooped. You sound almost like my DH who is anxious to get out and so something since the docs instructions were not to bend, left, do anything strenuous go to the gym to do the treadmill and or lift some weights. You need to really need to rest a little more during the day. DH is driving me somewhat batty at times. wanting to so some of this stuff and I have to tell him not to. Not that he always listens to me and does what I want :)!!! Glad we go and get the sutures out on Thursday morning.

    JULIE - Is the church that David is going to preach at in your church or the one he was going to do so out of state, was it Tennessee??? I have forgotten. Would this be just a trying them out thing and they trying him out? Would he probably be an assistant Pastor or something like that, at least for awhile.

    I am so excited. I finally heard from my dear cousin whom we were very close to growing up as children in NY. We were there and visa versa for most holidays, birthdays, etc. or just to visit with my mom's sister ( whom I am named after - middle name Rose, as also my mother's Mother in CZ, the CZ name is Ruzena) . She and my Mom's sister, husband, and they had two children. The youngest daughter and then her brother who was s older and became a doctor. He is a retired pathologist from Ohio and then moved and retired when he and family moved closer to his family in AZ. He is about the age of my DH and does lots of thing in the community and for his family and grandsons as well as some home schooling in History and maybe a few other things.

    He wrote two books and have been hoping to get autographed books from him. He is doing a book signing on the last one soon which reminded me to ask him. Just so happens he is not to busy right now so could order them and the good prices and send to me without me having to pay the shipping. If any of you are interested in HISTORY you can get these books almost anywhere but I would have gotten them from Amazon.com. They are - if you are interested !

    1- The White House Physician - going all the way back to George Washington first till now.

    2- The Health Of The First Ladies" from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama. I think they should be extremely interesting. If anyone is interested in checking it out go to Amazon.com and you can get more of an idea of what they are about and you can order it there also if you wish. Both books will give the reader a glimpse of how medicine has changed through the years. My 1st cousin is Dr. Ludwig M. Deppisch and I am so proud of him.

    SUN - Are you getting ready for your trip?? You must be starting to get exciting. Try and take it easy though and not do to much at one time in packing and on your trip.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,
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    Rock: I buy the havarti at either Stater Brothers or Sprouts.....cut to order. Buy as little or as much as you want. Personally I like it with dill.

    Mikie: I know that jumping or walking in the pool is easier on your joints but personally I find it energy draining. No wonder you're tired.

    Granni: I'll make a note and check on those books......they do sound interesting.

    Yes, I'm anxious and excited about the upcoming trip........fly to Seattle and board the next day for Alaska for 7 nights on the ship, then fly home from Seattle. I think half my suitcase contains comfort items including a new pillow I made and have been trying out.....2 heating pads, muscle rubs, tens unit and extra batteries, thermacare pads (I think I've got 12 in there) meds, makeup which includes ALL the things us women need, 3 pairs of various shoes. Then I add things I might need.....like a flashlight, ice bag, several books to read, a pair of reading glasses. Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth the hassle.
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    Crap, I just deleted my whole pots myself I think. Dang it I am so upset.

    SUN- I was grinning at you and hope you have room in your suitcases for clothes :)! I always pack to much. ENJOY and have a great time. You can always do whatever you want on a cruise, be really busy on the ship or just rest. Then on the ports you can see some beautiful scenery and take some neat trips if you want. If you can find something not to tiring, like a bus tour. I think we might have taken one. Denali is just gorgeous. That might have been a train ride, but wasn't real cheap though. I think we had a meal on the train too. I am getting so excited for you.

    Julie - Hope you are getting to rest some today after your big party.

    I need to go now and take a shower and try and send this before I delete it again. aaaack !!!

    Love to everydobby - inc Rock, Mikie, Diane, Elaine, Joan, Mickie and so many others.

    Granni :)
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    Hello Everyone,

    Mikie, glad to hear that the orchid club is close by your home. just want to make
    sure you remember that the orchid meeting is this tuesday night. i hope you'll
    save some energy so you can attend. i'm sure you'll enjoy the sight of the various
    orchids. try to attend the 'how to' session at 6:300 before the actual meeting.
    the meeting usually is over by 9:30 - 10:00. see if they have a plant opportunity
    table where you can buy raffle tickets. they're usually $1.00 apiece or 6 tickets
    for every $5.00 you buy. this is the cheapest way to increase your collection.
    you might want to bring your smart phone and take pictures. i want to hear a
    full report of your successful evening and about the wonderful orchids you got!!!!!

    Sun & Spring, it is getting harder to fit any more orchids in my growing area but
    i donated 7 plants to the cymbidium society and 4 plants to the orchid hobbyist
    club......so, now i have room for 11 new plants.......one just gets carried away with
    them. i got a Spider Orchid from the raffle table last year and it now has 3 spikes
    that are just beginning to open (the member who donated it got it from Trader
    Joe). hopefully it'll all open by next week so i can bring it in to the meeting.

    i'm pleased that everyone is enjoying my flowers and i will continue to do so
    as they come into bloom.


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    Hi Kids

    Do you remember a few months ago it was announced that a book
    by Harper Lee had just been published. Previously she and
    Margaret Mitchell had a special place in American literary. They
    each wrote only one book, and that book had become a best seller,
    a movie, and a book both admired and loved. Now it turns out
    Harper Lee had written a book before To Kill A Mockingbird.

    So I put it on hold. Checking the library site, I found it was no longer
    on hold. So I re-holded it.
    Guess what. The library has only one copy. I'm number 259 on the list. That
    means if the book is taken out and returned after only a week, it will still take
    5 years before it's my turn. I think it's pretty safe to say I won't be here for
    another 5 years. I've already lived 15 years past the life expectancy chart from
    the time I was born.

    Sun, sound like you're ready and rarin' ta go. When is blast off? I hope
    you have a wonderful trip. If you go to Denali Park, stay away from the Grizzly
    Bears. I read a book a year or two ago about a guy who went there for a dozen
    years and camped every summer and studied the bears. (Informally. He was
    not a scientist.) But something went wrong on the last trip and he and his
    girlfriend were killed.

    That's a lot of stuff you're taking. How many suitcases? Reminds me of some
    biographies I've read. A star who traveled with 14 suitcases and a trunk, etc.
    I guess bears would appreciate Havarti cheese. They're classified as omnivores
    like people and pigs. Will eat anything including meat, fish, insects, plants,
    berries, nuts. Are you taking a camera?

    Granni, did you see the bears on your trip? I remember riding the train when
    I was a kid. We took the train called the Hiawatha from La Crosse, Wisconsin
    to Chicago a couple times to visit my grandmother. It was a treat to eat
    in the dinning car, but it was so expensive we only did it once. The tables
    had layers of immaculate tableclothes and heavy silverwar and fine china.
    All the workers on the train were Black except the conductor. My mother
    says I pulled the cord that stopped the train; like Lucy. I have no memory of
    this incident, however.

    That's very interesting about your cousin. Our library has the White House
    Physician. I have put it on hold.

    Mikie, Ah yes, I remember Gigi well. One of our best musicals. Great cast and a
    great director: Vincent Minnelli (one of Judy Garland's husbands). The film won
    numerous Oscars.

    I don't remember Havarti as being salty, but then I haven't had any for years.
    I have only the faintest memory of Feeling Groovy. Actually, those 2 words are
    about all I remember. I was too serious to have an appreciation of hippy culture.

    Hugs everybody
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Got up with swollen lymph nodes. I'm taking my Acyclovir but will have to double up on it. AACK!!! I'm soooo tired that I have no memory of yesterday beyond coming home from the store. We have a condo mtg. this morning and I'm not looking forward to seeing that obnoxious member. I told him off in my last e-mail and he's probably going to try to do something at the mtg. to get back at me or to try to puff himself up. What a pain!

    Got a call from our old president yesterday and she wants us to plant a tree in the hood in memory of the former board member who died. We have never done this for other board members who have died and I'm afraid it would set a precedence we would have to continue. If we only do it for one, it doesn't seem like a good idea. It's supposed to be for her family. What if they move? I just don't think it's a good idea. Of course, those two idiot board members will probably want to argue it so everyone will think them so intelligent and thoughtful. Most people now see them as neither. I am always happy for good, constructive consideration but that's not what these two are about. My only comfort is knowing that I can just resign any time I have had it with them. I don't want to but I don't need this stress.

    Sir Vester has been playing with a toy. He typically isn't one to play with toys by himself. He is pouncing on it and standing up on his hind legs with his front paws in the air like a monster. Then he does a little dance, jumping around. It's sooooo cute! The princess has gone in to snooze on the bed. My orchid is teasing me like the purple one did. Every morning, I check it only to find the little pods haven't opened up. It's maddening!

    Granni, so glad you heard from your cousin. My Mom's name is Rose. I also have a cousin named Rose. Mom's memorial plant here is a huge dark red desert rose. I'll have to check out those books at Amazon. Historical books are all the rage now. I've been reading them myself. They told Barb the same thing after her surgery for skin cancer. I think they go deep to get all the cancer. I do rest a lot in the afternoons and evenings. I'm hoping that I'll get used to this exercise and will have more NRG. Still, it's important to exercise and get my heart rate up so I'll keep doing it. Let us know what the doc says when DH gets his sutures removed.

    Sun, I'm laughing at all the stuff you are taking on your trip. I think you are smart. Only your Online Family would understand this. Is the Alaska cruise more casual than, say, the ones to the Caribbean? One of my neighbors cruises a fair amount and she actually rents storage to hold all her clothes when she isn't wearing them. I've heard she dresses to the nines and owns 60 pairs of cruise shoes. Around the hood, she appears as though she's poor. Barb always takes a HUGE suitcase which I can't lift (and I'm strong). She wears gowns and her DH always wore a tux to dinner. They never went to Alaska, just kept cruising the Caribbean. I hope you have a wonderful time and feel super.

    Gordon, I thank you for all the info on the orchid club. I'll try to get there but, as horrible as I'm feeling right now, I may be in bed by then. No kidding! I'm often so pooped out by afternoon, I have to go to bed. I am running out of room for orchids. I had to bring them in on the lanai when they severely trimmed the tree they used to hang in. Again, I thank you but the spirit is often willing though the flesh is weak.

    Rock, I guess now I can say I ate like a bear instead of eating like a pig. I'll just say I have an Ursine appetite. No wonder I feel like hibernating in the afternoons and evenings. This is horrible but I can't remember whether or not I read that book. I need to check out the cloud to see whether I read it and stored it there. I can read books over and over and still enjoy them. I'll stream a movie only to realize I've seen it. Is it deja-vu or my blasted memory, or lack thereof?

    Well, Kids, not much to tell. I'm going to call DD#2 to see whether the doc has given her the results of her cardio tests. I keep y'all in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. rockgor

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    Mikie, sorry that you might not be able to attend the meeting at this time. hopefully
    in the near future. the meetings are a great place to meet others who have the same
    passion and love for orchids. you would be amazed at the many types there are and
    the fact you can grow them!!!! now about having too much orchids already,
    NONSENSE!!!! there are orchids growing in many type of situation, cold, hot, tiny
    ones, some on twigs, on the ground. remember - THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR
    JELLO - in our case, orchids.


  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Gordon, I agree with you but I live in a condo and can't be loading up the outside areas with my orchids. Right now, there isn't much shade for the ones which need it. Just hot direct sun. My lanai is loaded with them and the cats knocked over my new lady slipper orchid and broke the beautiful pot I had it in. Grrrr!

    I'm sooooo tired that I can remember nothing from yesterday after returning from the store. I left my keys in the front door lock all night. This tells me I need to stop and rest. I will get to a mtg. when I'm up to it.

    I've had a lot of stress but think it may abate. One of our board members is an obnoxious passive/aggressive bully. I had had enough and ripped him a new one in an e-mail and, like with most bullies, he seems to have backed down. Our mtg. this morning was uneventful and he was respectful. Think I just need rest.

    You've been soooo kind and helpful. If I had the room and $$$, I'd have a ton of orchids. BTW, my friend here who has also helped me died over the weekend. She had gotten rid of most of her orchids months ago as she fought her cancer. The big dendrobium in my tree is my little memorial in her honor. It's blooming.

    Take care, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon MIKIE, ROCK, GORDON et al,

    I guess SUN is busy packing or trying to. I hate the job and just getting meds and supps and other things needed wear me out. Especially going to a different climate is difficult to know what to bring, at least for me. I also bring extra OTC meds too so I don't have to go searching and then pay a fortune for a couple of IBU or AZO tablets for a urinary tract infection or something. DH had no problem and just throws stuff in and I have to redo it or all would be all wrinkled before getting there. Who wants to iron when you get there even if they give you an iron.

    ROCK - When we took the train ride and afterwards when we got out someone said oh there is a bear on top of the mountain. It just looked like a little black spot way up at the tippy to of the mountain. That is the closest we got to a bear in Alaska :)!!

    MIKIE - Sorry that those rambunctious kitties knocked over your lovely potted plant and broke the nice pot. Geez, how upsetting. Also hope that some of the stress over some of those board members will disappear so you can relax a bit. It is a shame that you have to put up with some of these people and give them some of their own medicine, so to speak, before they will back off. How far away from your home is the orchid meeting Mikie? It might be nice to go there sometime when things settle down for you. You are trying to do so much stuff at home and hope your DD doc has a good report for her.

    Going out tonight for my DD#50th b-day dinner. It will not be a cheap place so it will be interesting. I need to start thinking about what to wear.l Maybe white jeans or something. No one dresses up any more and I am sure there will be also some in shorts. Gone are the days where people dressed up to go out on a date to a nice restaurant. I know that MIKIE has the same dress code as we do down here:)!!!

    JULIE - Hope you are doing OK and trying to rest some after your anniversary party. Hope you can post sometime soon and that things are going OK for you and all.

    I need to go and figure out what to wear. Gee, these guys are so easy to dress when going out.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    Peeking in for a second..got lots to do before thesun really starts burning..its already so hot, im sweating..i think we are upto 93 F these days mid day.

    Mikie - sorry about your beautiful pot...one of the hazards of having fur babies...i was so sad to hear your dear brave friend with the lung cancer passed on..well, sad for us who she left, not sad for her..she is healthy now and all sorts of blissful. Because you wrote so much about her i felt like i knew her. I hope you get reprieve from your aches and niggling health concerns...how shortsighted of those people who want to plant trees for the departed board member. You are right, it will set a precedent and one needs space, lots of it.

    Rock - they aired a docu about our earthquake the other night on Discovery Channel, it was put together kind of hurriedly im thinking, but had lots of interviews with scientists, photographers, couple of victims and lots of montage of video recordings of the actual event taken from different CCTV cameras and personal mobiles..

    I was too busy running down flightsof stairs to notice just how severe the shaking was, but some cameras captured it, and on hindsight, whoa! were we lucky! The doggies were fine, they just wondered why everyone was rushing around.

    I sure am glad no one is writing about my health...Michelle Obama looks one healthy lady to me.

    Granni - did your line dancing go well, i am just smiling thinking of you. I wish i felt limber enough to dance as well. But just raising one leg and then the other to get up n down the stairs is effort enough. Did you read that book about the health of the first ladies? I think Nancy Reagan might ve been rather sprightly..i read in Princess Dianas book by her butler, that when prez Ronald stayed at Buckingham Palace, they didnt need a valet, Nancy took care of all his clothes and needs...he travelled with a big jar of jelly beans..to which he was addicted. The jelly beans not the jar.

    Sun - have a wonderful trip..thats a lot of things youre taking, but they are all so necessary. Whats to do.
    We will be thinking about you...and wanting to know what all you did/saw.

    I at last was able to get my two ethnic dresses (bakhu) from the tailors who came back after visiting his home after more than a month...(earthquake n all)..i decided i better go before something else happens. I also got my tea leaves..the strong one we love..i had to go in evening and it got really late..dark..but its cooler tho still warm.

    Even doing that much gave me a sense of having accomplished something...(First Lady material i am not).

    Julie, i know you're busy, Diane, Dar all MIAs ....hope you all are doing well

    God Bless
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2015
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's 8 PM here. I looked out the window. Saw the back porch light was on. Hollered
    to Gordon to turn it off, but he didn't hear me so I went downstairs (ours is a second
    story computer) and told him the light was on. He said, "I know. I just turned it on.
    It's nighttime." Here I thought it was morning. Land Oh Goshen! I hope I get off
    the roller coaster before I go completely gaga.

    Just finished reading Anne Tyler's book "A Spool of Blue Thread". It was published
    this year; won a Pulitzer prize. She won an earlier one too. I thought it was a good
    book, but not really a great one. Anyhoo Anne was born in Hennepin County (Minneapolis). Her mother was a social worker. What a kawinkydink. When
    I lived in Hennepin County I was a social worker.

    Springwater, I saw several of those videos on Youtube that show buildings collapsing.
    Very scary. Like a bolt of lighting or a tornado. So many perils in this life. Temps
    in the 90s would make Gordon melt. Very common at our ranch for him to have
    the fans running while I'm wearing a sweatshirt.

    Granni, I think you were about the right distant from a grizzly. Black bears are
    less ferocious although still formidable animals. I remember visiting Yosemite
    in the 70s. There was a black bear with her cub investigating garbage cans at a
    picnic ground. Park visitors were running toward them to get better view. I
    was keeping my distance.

    Mikie, too bad you can't post a video of Sir Vester dancing with his toy. It sounds
    like you are really tired a lot lately. Do you think it is due to your new duties as
    Frank Sinatra, i.e., the Chairman of the Board?

    We got lots of books today. Went to the library and picked up the ones on hold.
    Bought a few paperbacks for a dime @. Stopped at the fire station a few blocks
    from our place on the way home. The fire station was closed decades ago, but it's
    open now and then for community events like a Halloween Party or a rummage
    sale. Bought more books at 50 cents@. Yes, I've been rereading books lately
    too. I read one earlier this week. It was published 3 years ago. It seemed
    vaguely familiar once I started reading it, but it was by a favorite author so I
    reread it anyway.

    Hugs everydobby
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I guess the thing is with this loud mouth is just make him understand that you don't take any guff from him. Sorry Tweety and Silvester were naughty. I'm leaving my cats to their own devices.....leaving plenty of food, water and 5 litter boxes to keep them happy.

    Spring: That must have been something seeing that program on Discovery. Scary....and you lived thru it!

    Rock: We went twice to Yosemite when I was around 13 or so. It was soooo nice and not crowded. The big thing every night was to go to the dump and watch the bears go thru the garbage. They stopped that years ago....not safe. We also would see the fire fall but not sure if they have that still or not.

    Wasn't it HOT yesterday!!!!! I got to around 100 here but today is muggy and overcast with a little occasional sprinkles. I HATE humidity.

    I realize I never told you guys where the ship will be traveling.....we leave Seattle, then Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau cruising also thru the inside passage. I'm assuming we'll see lots of icebergs. We have a 3 1/2 tour at Juneau to see the Mendenhall Glacier and coming back we are in Victoria, British Columbia from 6 PM to midnight.....it's my understanding a lot of the shops will be closed so we have a carriage tour booked.

    I'm laughing about my stuff I'm taking.....yes....adding some clothes. It's just that I have to come prepared for everything that can hit a "broken body".....LOL

    Hi to everyone else....sorry, I'm just so darn tired and my brain is shutting down.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    For the first time in ages, Tweety got up at 2:30 and started yowling out on the lanai. I let them in and gave them treats in the dark and went back to bed. She woke me up several times with her ornery antics but I shushed her and she let me alone. I went back to sleep and slept until almost 6:00. At one point, she was standing on my Mom's ashes on my dresser. I said, "Get off of Grandma." My Mom would have laughed at that.

    Think I mentioned that the loudmouth bully behaved well during yesterday's mtg. I hope he continues to behave himself. As much as I try not to let people like him bother me, it can't help but add to my stress. I am not going over to the pool this morning. I need a day that I'm not pushing myself. I do think the exercise is helping as my hips and legs are in much better shape. I'll be back at it on Fri.

    Doc on PBS was pitching his 10-day cleanse last night. It's just getting rid of all sugar, caffeine, glutten, processed foods, and dairy for 10 days. I could do that and may try it. What would I have to lose? Lots of testimonials from people whose brain fog and pain went away. I have, at various times, given things up but never all at once.

    Granni, don't know in miles how far away that orchid meeting is but it's not far, maybe 4 miles or so. I haven't been as worn out as I've been the last few days for ages. When I lose track of time for a whole afternoon and can't remember anything, it's a bit alarming. Then, leaving my keys in the front door lock all night just confirmed that I need to rest. Yes, men do have it easy when it comes to dressing but look at how much more fun it is to have all the choices we have. I'm beside myself with anticipation, waiting for my new handbag to arrive. I have to rest up so I have someplace to go. Unfortunately, I'll likely be going to some kind of service for my friend. Do you learn new dances at line dancing or do ones you already know? It sounds like such fun.

    Spring, your temps are about the same as ours. At the mtg. yesterday at 9:30, we had a nice breeze but if one were to do anything out in the sun, one would sweat like a farm animal. AACK!!! Most of the people there were not in favor of planting the tree. I don't think we'll do it. I need to look up the bakhu dresses. Ethnic looks are back in style here and I love that look. Long dresses are all the rage. They are actually cool in the summer. They are not expensive but I seldom wear dresses. Hope you can stay cool until the weather gives us both a break.

    Rock, I laughed at Chairman of The Board. I had forgotten that he was called that. I'm sure the added stress of dealing with that one board member has taken its toll on my NRG. It isn't my style to come down hard on someone but, sometimes, it's necessary, especially with bullies. Sounds as though you have a lot of good reading ahead of you. I love to read but usually fall asleep when I try to read. I did get caught up on a lot of my mags lately--"Vanity Fair" and "Popular Science." The VF articles are always sooooo long. It's hard for me to take pics of the cats. By the time I could get my phone ready to video Sir Vester at play, he would have long rolled over on his back to go to sleep. The cats will attack a toy without warning and do their little dances. Enjoy your summer reading.

    Sun, I'm sure your kitties will be fine. That's the good thing about cats; they can take care of themselves. You are smart to try to pack for every scenario so your trip won't be ruined. I'm hoping that the good fresh air, all your food prepared for you, and the exciting surroundings will help you to feel better. Sometimes, a change in scenery is just the thing to help us overcome our exhaustion and pain, even if only for a little while. I hope you feel well the entire trip. We are all so excited for you and can't wait to hear how it all went when you return. Bon voyage!

    Julie, it's too bad GPA's doc isn't using the new heart monitor which is very small and just adheres to the chest. I saw them on TV. Much easier than those holter monitors. I hope your test results are OK. I'm glad you are not trying to mow GPA's grass and, as you say, he doesn't need to be trying to do it either. Can't imagine how sis can be sooooo lazy. Geez, you are taking care of him. All she has to do is the mowing. I find the idea of someone giving me something which would stress my heart scary. I'd rather climb up on the treadmill. Yikes! Keep us updated.

    Gonna go drink my coffee. Hope everydobby has a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Back From The Pool. I am tired but just couldn't stay home. I feel so much better from running in the pool, except for fatigue, that I don't want to miss even one day. My legs and hips are not nearly as painful as they had become. I was planning on not doing much today anyway so thought I'd go and just rest the remainder of the day. I'm glad I went.

    Not much to add. Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Busy day shopping with DD and lunch for her b-day yesterday. She bought lots and I a few things. Just wanted to check in as tomorrow will be another busy one and getting up super early to make an early doc appt for DH. Then my cleaning lady will be here in the morning too. What a crazy day for sure.

    Sat and part of Sunday I and possibly DH will go with me to church for a Retreat depending on what his surgeon says. I will most likely be there for sure.

    JULIE - You are right not to mow or to let G pa mow either. Neither of you need to be doing it till you both see what is what with your tests and your heart. You already have so much on your plate. G pa needs to build up his strength much more to be able to go home and mow.

    SUN - I forget exactly when you are leaving on your trip. Have a fantastic time. I know you will love it and enjoy everything and rest and hopefully that will also help you physically. Hope you brought a few clothes with you sweetie :)!!! LOL . You sound like me trying to be ready for anything. Go as prepared as you can be so you can really enjoy yourself and get the most out of your trip as possible.

    MIKIE - Hope you get some more NRG but sometimes too if you do a little extra like your water jogging, aerobics, that may give you a little ore zing of NRG for what you HAVE to do. Just try not to overdo. That is so hard to ascertain that fine line between getting that little extra zing and completely pooping yourself out.

    SW - I understand about hot it is hot now and it is not August yet, the hottest month. Stay as cool as you can my dear . Do you have a/c or fans to help cool you off. Thinking of you and all your family and friends having to endure the heat and hope they and others in your community can stay fairly comfortable and have the things needed after the awful EQ's.

    Hi to everyone not mentioned inc. Rock, Dar, Elaine, Diane and so many others.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Slept til about 5:30 this morning. Woo hoo!!! Had been out of ZzQuil but bought some and took a swig last night. It really helps me sleep. Not supposed to be addicting and not supposed to build a tolerance to it. We had a gully washer last night and again early this morning. Cat condo got a bit damp so Sir Vester slept on one of the lanai chairs. Tweety stays on the table out there all night. Can't imagine it's too comfortable for her. She's like a sentry out there. I think night before, when she was yowling at 2:30, there was some varmit out roaming around. Our carport motion light was on. Probably raccoons. Neighbor downstairs has been finding some kind of scat outside his lanai porch.

    The fun in the hood never ends. Old pres. wants us to plant a tree for my friend, and former board member, who died. It is illegal for us to spend POA funds on any kind of memorial or gift. I told her we don't have any trees needing to be replaced and there wasn't support for doing that. She flew into a rage, spewing obscenities at me and when I asked her to stop yelling at me, she hung up on me. Scheesh! She's on chemo and I'm chalking her rage up to that. I told her I would donate for anything she wants to do privately. She claimed she was going to show up for the Tues. mtg. and cuss out everyone. There's nary a day goes by without some new form of hell. Obnoxious guy told another person in here that the "gas grill issue" isn't over yet. The guy he told was my dear old friend who warned me about him. I figured he wouldn't give up this easily. Resigning is looking more and more inviting. I refuse to let these idiots suck the joy out of life for me.

    I'm thinking of doing the 10-day "cleanse" Dr. Hyman pitched on PBS. I don't have the $244 to get his book and other material but I may check it out on Amazon. Actually, he gave the basis of the cleanse in his presentation: No dairy, caffeine, MSG, sugar, glutten or processed foods. It's all protein, including eggs, fresh or frozen veggies and fruit. This, I could do for 10 days. Have been drinking 4 oz. of tart cherry juice in white grape juice for about a week and it may be helping the pain in my legs. I've been taking the extract in capsules but a neighbor said one has to drink the juice. I need to get rid of the foods which do not belong on the cleanse before I start. Think I'll go back to drinking Prevention Magazine's "Sassy Water," (filtered water with lemon and cucumber slices and a bit of shaved fresh ginger). It keeps in the fridge for about a week.

    Granni, oh what I'd give for a shopping trip with DD's. We used to go shopping all the time. Of course, now, I'm trying not to spend $$$ so don't shop as much. I'm glad you had a good time. I could tolerate the kind of busy involved in having a cleaning lady. You are right about just the right amount of exercising to get NRG versus getting pooped out. I didn't work out as long yesterday and wasn't as exhausted as on Mon. Still, I was tired enough to stay in bed, binge watching episodes of "Suits." I never watched it and am now enjoying it's quirky humor. I'm finding out that these antennae like I use are like dishes--inclement weather can make the TV go bezerk. That's why I'm streaming TV more and more. Hope your DD had a lovely birthday.

    Well, Kids, think I'll go read the paper online. Hope last night's good sleep allows me to get a few things done around here today. Geez, another body found floating in the water. Not a week goes by without a murder, bodies found or shootings. What a violent little town I live in. A five-year-old boy was killed in a drive by, witnessed by a woman who knew the shooters. They intimidated her into "forgetting" what she saw and they are out of jail. We have a bad neighborhood here, thankfully not near me. My heart breaks for the boy's mother. The forgetful witness was her best friend. That shows how great the fear is and how the thugs run that hood. They live in fear of the thugs and don't trust the cops. My stress is nothing compared to how they must live. BTW, the latest cop fracas is in McKinney, TX where DD#2 lives. I'm going to call her today about her tests.

    OK, I'm really going now. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie