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    As always, I'll be back to post.

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Julie, my prayers are with you. I hope all is OK but I'm really glad your doc is taking this seriously and being proactive. Barb didn't get her stent until she had her heart attack but she is doing just fine with it. You don't want to wait and take a chance. Barb was lucky. You're smart to pack a bag. Last time I had an appt. for something which could have been cardio, I packed a bag too. You must have been a Girl Scout, like me: Always Be Prepared. I'd be exhausted just running to all those apts. Hope chiro helped. You described the neck pain as stinging. That is exactly how mine feels when my neck hurts. As always, I'll keep praying.

    Spring, your weather sounds just like ours. I wake up to temps in the 70's F but by afternoon, we're in the 90's. I can't remember how long ago Haiti had its disaster but they are still digging out and getting foreign aid and aid from foreign charities. Haiti is a very poor country and there is no way they can help themselves. Almost every tropical storm and hurricane that comes across the Atlantic from West Africa hits Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. I hope and pray things go much better for you and your country. That woman who went into a rage is no longer on the board but she continues to think everyone should kowtow to her. I think they are giving her steroids so I figure she has roid rage. It does seem that cancer is on the rise everywhere. Probably from our lifestyles and the environment.

    Rock, sticky keys? AACK!!! I hate that! As it is, my computer is agonizingly sloooooow this morning. I hate that too. Come back and set a spell.

    I walked down last night at 8:00 to try to sticker the commercial van with ladders on it. It wasn't there. I woke at 4:30 this morning and walked down and it still isn't there. Can't figure it out. Now, I have to change the date that he has to call before the van can be towed. We almost never tow vehicles because people see the stickers, freak out and call mgmt. Then, we figure out how to deal with the problems. Am getting my exercise and haven't even gotten into the pool yet.

    I got the board to fix Julie's kitchen cabinet and some shims for the hinges in case I need them at Home Depot yesterday. If she's at the pool, I'll see whether today is a good day to do the work. If not, there's plenty of work around here I can do. I'm trying to eat food which won't work on the 10-day cleanse. I think by tomorrow, I'll be ready. Today, I can pig out. OINK! OINK!

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I've had sticky keys before, but today was the worst. Instead of a letter showing up
    a bit after I hit the key, the whole word was delayed. Then, after turning the machine
    off and waiting an hour, I couldn't get it to start again. Of course when Gordon tried, it
    worked just fine. Makes me so mad. Bad as the car that stops making the funny noise
    as soon as you get to the auto shop.

    My brain isn't working either. Forgot Gordon's birthday. I did that once before. Well,
    that was in my brain fog days. I remembered his birthday a month before, a couple
    weeks before, a few days before. Just forgot it on the actual day. Who knew living to a
    ripe old age that it would be so unpleasant? I'll have to ask Santa for a new computer,
    a new body and a new brain.

    Anyhoo, I gave him a home made card with a 2 line verse and and a comment I found
    on the net. "It's hard to remember your birthday 'cause you never look any older."

    Mikie, good luck with them thar shims. Shim, Shem, and sham all show up in the
    cross-words. All right, Kids. Your assignment for today is to write a sentence
    or two usingall three words. I'll start. Shem was helping his father build the
    ark. He went tothe store to buy some shims, but was the victim of a sham
    and came home with only popsicle sticks. "Shucks", said Shem.

    Julie, good luck with your tests. I can't keep track of all the medical marvels of today:
    echocardiogram, MRI, cat scan, sonogram, EKG, ultrasound. I've had some of them.
    Not really sure which ones. I had the one where you can see your heart beat on a
    TV monitor. Had it two times in three years. Same technician from Iran both times.
    He got part of his education from my cousin Bruce at Rochester's Mayo Clinic.
    "Though the mountains divide, and the oceans are wide, it's a small world after all."

    Springwater, was your city, neighborhood included in the National Geographic film?
    I saw a National Geo film yesterday. It was about the sloth bear which lives in Nepal
    and nearby places. With regard to salty soup, I read that adding water and potatoes
    was the recommended treatment. Are you still having after shocks?

    Sun, how many bags do you have? Are you packed and ready to go? I wonder how
    cold it is when sailing by ice bergs and glaciers. Maybe you will get some ideas and
    inspiration for your painting.

    Hugs to Granni and Barry

    Hi Julie, we were posting at the you know what. All I can say is you have
    more patience than I. And also more than most people I know. A. A. Milne
    said, "“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

    A. A. (for Alan Alexander) was a British author who wrote
    plays and books and humor0us pieces for Punch. But most famously
    he wrote Winnie the Pooh for his son Christopher Robin.
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    Good morning everydobby,

    We will be gone this morning and lunch out with a couple of friends ( a couple). So wanted to check in. Tomorrow will be gone all day for a retreat at church and then the morning on Sunday.

    MIKIE - I am getting tired just reading what you have been doing. You really have to be on the ball to keep up with your responsibilities. Hope you find that van soon. Enjoy eating today :)!! Try not to wear yourself out.

    JULIE - You wear me out too sweetie and you have so much on your plate, both you and Den. You are also being so nice and patient with G pa when he criticizes any of your kids for whatever reason. You already have so much on your mind. It would be easy to explode especially when you think of your SIL and all she has gotten away with up to now. You need to vent dear girl. I am usually quite patient but in a case like yours I might have exploded somewhere along the way. Good luck with all your tests and hope they turn out well or they find out what is causing your pain and can fix it right away.

    I understand what you are going with G pa and the TV up so high. When my dad used to come here to visit he also would have the TV so loud it could blast you out. He finally got a hearing aid before he became so ill and passed away. Hang in there !!

    Hi To SW and Rock, et al. I need to get ready to leave now. Hope to check back later on.

    Just noticed that DIANE was posting as I was. Will try and get back later on to answer. Hope all is well with you DIANE , Kevin and those kitties. Hope you are feeling better.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Went to the pool but Julie wasn't there so didn't ask her about fixing her cabinet. It'll wait. I came home tired and hungry. I had a mango and some of the cream Havarti cheese. I may wait til Sun. to start the new diet as I don't want to waste the cheese. That mango was yummy! They are soooo good right now. My dear old friend, B, and another friend, Jeni, showed up and we had all read the same article about the Summer Concert Series at a retirement community on the mouth of the river where it meets the Gulf. It's a pricey place to live but they have these concerts open to the public and they are cheap. I just ordered three of the series tickets for us and we go to the first one tomorrow night. It's a quartet of singers. Others include orchestras and other musical events. It's such fun when things happen like this--serendipity! Too bad Barb isn't here as she would love it.

    I have my new jacket to wear inside with the A/C and the handbag my DD gave me will go with it. I think I mentioned that I had ordered a white purse just like it. Yesterday, when I read my e-mails, there was one from HSN that it was the last day to use my 20 percent off coupon. I didn't know I had one or I would have used it to buy the white purse. Well, when you find the perfect purse... I went ahead and bought one in black. Now, I am covered. They had one in red and it was beautiful but I've done enough damage to my credit card as it is. Thing is that these bags are a classic in leather which will last a loooong time. They have those chains with the watch faces on them which make them trendy right now but they can be removed. Michael Kors puts little gold padlocks on his bags and they don't look any better than the ones I got but they cost many times over what I spent.

    Oh, Julie, I feel so bad for what GPA is putting you through. I admire your patience. Mom loved me more than any Mom should love a child but, when she was in her 90's and living with me, she would press my buttons and yank my chain. All my friends' elderly parents did the same to them. I don't know why they do it. I used to think she did it for entertainment. Once, I broke down and cried; I was sick and trying to care for her and just couldn't take it anymore. She would criticize me for no apparent reason. This didn't go on all the time but enough to cause me stress. She also had a hearing problem and wouldn't put her hearing aids in or the batteries would be dead. I'd tell her that I just wasn't up to screaming at her. I know exactly what you are going through but you also have a family to tend to. By the time Mom came to live with me, I was alone. I am praying that your angiogram goes well. I agree with you and the doc. Who wants to wait til she has a heart attack before having it done? And who wants to live with scary symptoms? If a stent is involved, the new ones are far superior to the old ones they used. You'll do just fine.

    Rock, Shem shimmied up the tree to get away from the sham he pulled on the angry mob. I know I cheated with "shimmy" but I couldn't resist. Nice save on the birthday; the sentiment was perfect. I am so exhausted that I think I'll binge watch more TV. I am running the dishwasher and usually manage to get a few things done even when I'm vegetating. The most important thing was to get the concert tickets. The four concerts work out to only $15 per event. Heck, if I miss one, it only makes the ones I see $20 each. Tickets like this at a different venue, like the big concert hall up the street, would be $60 for one concert. I need to get away from all the sour pusses around here and have some fun with my friends. That's what I like about coming here. I always have fun reading your posts. They lift us all up.

    Diane, so glad to see you and thank you for your prayers. DD is about Julie's age and her name is Julie too. They are both going through the same thing. I'm so sorry about your allergies. When I lived in CO, mine were horrible and I know how debilitating they can be. My prayers are with you that they let up. Do your cats have them? Tweety does and one eye will water and get irritated. I feel so bad for her. Yeah, this condo stuff seems to be a constant irritation. I'll just resign if it gets to be too much. In the meantime, running three times a week in the pool helps me shake it off. Take care, my friend.

    Geez, Granni, just reading about all you do wears me out! I hope the retreat is truly helpful and brings peace to all who go. They can be wonderful. Maybe I can get the van guy tonight or tomorrow night. Poor guy probably has no idea he can't have his vehicle in here. Whoever owns that unit should have told him. Let us know how the retreat goes.

    Gonna go watch "Suits." I could start binging on Netflix's "Orange Is The New Black" too but think I'll save it for later, like dessert. It's sooooo good. The movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix aren't the best. In fact, I never knew so many bad movies are made. I'd have to pay an extra $11 a month to get better, more recent movies. I'm too cheap too do it. Anyhoo, I'll check in with y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello evbody. I have been lurking but not up to posting. Lydia, Granni, and Mikie seem to have so much energy that I feel left out! Do you all three have ME/CFS or only FM or both!

    Oh well, I'll be a tortoise, you gals can be rabbits.

    Richard brought back the 'Dutch Crud' from his trip to Europe, though he claims it to be the "Stockholm Crud". Whatever, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I've had the worst cold, sinus and bronchial that I can remember. Thanks to lots of guai and pseudophederine I'm almost clear. I had to reschedule my carotid ultrasound for this coming Monday. I have full blockage in one artery, and 65% in another. The upcoming ultra-sound will determine if and when I go to have my throat cut, or whatever they will do. As my PCP said, I'm on the cutting edge. Ha!

    We have been having a heatwave, a horrible heatwave, and today is supposed to reach 102 degrees. I've washed the dishes, fed and walked (very short) Shorty and made the bed. Richard had to take the car in to the fix it shop early this a.m.

    The news is all so depressing. It seems that the majority of wars and conflicts are caused by fundamentalist religions of all types. It is shameful. I got my University BS in Comparative Religions . Even Buddhism has its bad element; i.e. Myanmar, Bhutan, and heaven knows where else. I believe in the philosophy of love and giving peace and helping. I must stop this talk or I will offend someone if I start a catalog of the evils perpetrated by religions, past and present......

    I'm glad I live in the country where it is quiet, except for birdsong and buzzy bees. I've lived in San Francisco and London and that was enough city living for me.

    Flowers are in bloom aplenty : Verbenas, Alstoemerias (Peruvian lilies), Daylilies, Lilies, Spiraeas, and too many more to count. I love the plants and insects (Tiger Swallowtails). And yay! After not seeing any Monarch butterflies for a few years, I saw a couple yesterday. I hope they lay eggs on the milkweed I grow for them. The population has plummeted across the U.S. because of overuse of herbicides, especially in the central states . Such an environmental crime!

    Love to All,
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    Barry - So sorry you aren't feeling up to par but glad you are doing a little better. Hope Richard had a nice trip. Glad you got the NRG to at least pop in for a little while. Sounds like it it is even hotter there by you than here - wow 102 or so. I think it is only supposed to be

    Diane - Sorry your allergies are really bothering you badly. Geez, if it isn't one thing it is another. Oh in answer to your question of the dinner we had the other evening. It was my DD#2's 50th birthday and we thought we would try this restaurant that they had gone to in NC that they liked. It was delicious , we all had something different but shared appetizers. First there was yummy Bam Bam ( a little spicy but very good) Shrimp but I did get to many for some reason. The bowl seems to be piled high but I started fooling around with the drum sticks and them realized they were disappearing to fast:)! We ordered crab cakes that were good but there were only 2 of them to share. I forget what else others ordered to share. Of course had wine except for DGS who is now 21 and had a beer. Others got fist and DD and I got the shrimp and scallops that were wonderful Everything was good but the green beans were to al dente for my taste and I like a little crunch, DH likes much softer than I. Glad he didn't get that. Then we all had a dessert which we hardly ever do. Once in awhile we share one. DGS and I got strawberry shortcake, DD and DSIL got Crème Brulee, and DD got Key lime Pie. We were so full and it was so good . It was quite a ride to get there and DD didn't have to drive otherwise we wouldn't have gone there. It was also fairly expensive and if it were us we would have been more locally and maybe not so far and maybe even a little cheaper. It was a wonderful change though.

    Enough talk of food as I am so full after we stopped at Tony's Italian Deli and got a sandwich to share. To much to eat even with 1/2 sandwich to eat.

    Mikie, Rock, Spring Water and everydobby hope all is well with you all today. I guess Sun is of on her trip or getting ready to. I forget when she was leaving. Always so much to do.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Oh dear, it seems so many of us are sick. I keep us all in my daily prayers; we need it. I am sooooo sore from walking at the pool. I know it's good for my heart but it sure leaves me achy. I continued binge watching "Suits" all afternoon yesterday. We got what I've been asking for--a huge gully washer last evening. Lots of wind, thunder and lightning. It comes in on the cat condo and I have to go out and flip the soft little blankies. The blankies were formerly the sleep sacks I made which the cats didn't use. Sir Vester is a cat of comfort and he loves them in the condo cradles.

    Thought my new white and brown handbag would be delivered yesterday. Guess it'll get here today. I hope it comes before I leave for the concert tonight. I have a lot to do today, mainly because I've been doing nothing for days. The gum where the dentist lasered to keep it from bleeding when he replaced my two fillings near the front, next to the canine tooth, has never healed and has been sore. Now, it is red and inflamed. Yikes! I don't think he is much of a dentist. I'll continue to get my teeth cleaned there but not have any work done. If I need something, I'll go back to my old dentist. This dentist used to work with my dentist so I thought he'd be good but guess he left on bad terms. I'll have to call on Mon. to see if he can fix the problem.

    Barry, so sorry to read how sick you have been. If your crud involves your sinuses, Nasacort is really good for clearing them up and two sniffs last 24 hrs. Of course, I'm a big believer in the guai too. It sounds so lovely there; it's too bad you're too sick to enjoy it. You asked about what we have. I have CFDS/ME, FMS, arthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome. I took the peptide injections for a year and they got rid of the symptoms but are not a cure. I am again run down and believe it's the mystery virus which rears its ugly head now and then. I'm back on Acyclovir. I do what I can but have to rest a lot, especially now that I'm working out at the pool for cardio health. Geez, you, Julie, GPA and my DD#2 all are having cardio tests. I'll add you to my special cardio prayers. I agree about the baddies in the world often hiding behind religion. They pervert their religion, making all others of that faith seem to be terrorists. I belive in live and let live and tolerance and I'm very anti war. Hope you feel better. Keep us updated on the results of your tests.

    Wow, Granni, sounds as though y'all had one hellova feast. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Yummmm! Glad you had such a good time. DD#2 sent me a video of DGS at his first swim meet. I can't tell whether he won or not. The video is not close up and, like with his magic show video, I can't figure out what's going on. Don't want to tell DD that. I e-mailed and told her I was looking at the police brutality video from McKinney but didn't see her. Hope you aren't going hungry :) I'll let you know how we enjoy the singers tonight.

    Just watching "Extra" and they are showing fabulous mansions for sale in CA. One was priced at $125 million. I'm not jealous as I find this level of conspicuous spending sad. Who but celebs have such need for validation. Do they measure their self-worth by living in lavish homes too big to ever use? Some were beautiful but the one, only priced at $8 million and owned by Charlie Sheen's ex wife, looks like what I'd imagine what a brothel would look like. It's decorated to resemble Las Vegas. Yikes! Even if I had that kind of money, I'd use it to create jobs and feed the poor. Better return on investment. Greed is disgusting. OK, that's my rant of the day.

    Gonna go read the paper. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Another day, another dollar. People used to earn a dollar a day. You can
    read about it in history books or biographies like the books of Laura Ingalls
    Wilder. Laura's daughter Rose had a job where she made $5 a week. It
    was a demanding job too. She was a telegraph operator. The only woman.
    The men got paid more.

    I used to play bridge with a guy in his 80s. He was talking about the
    supermarket clerks who were making $20 an hour and on strike.
    "They make more in an hour than I used to make in a week."

    Julie, hope things go well today. Thank you for your kind words.
    Here's a little ditty you can hum while on your tractor.

    Mow, mow, mow you lawn.
    Makes one want to scream.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Push someone in the stream.

    Glad to hear the echo went Ok. (Glad to hear the echo went Ok.) I
    did a cross word a couple weeks ago. The clue was "Nature's instant
    replay." The answer was "echo". I hope the angiogram goes OK too.
    I know there's a character in fiction named Angie. Just can't remember
    what book, movie, etc. Hmmm. Hope the chiro gets you fixed up.
    Gordon and I are lucky to have ours. He has magic fingers.

    Barry, good to hear from you. Sorry you are feeling illish. Why are you
    taking pseudophederine? Why don't you take real phederine? I kinda
    think you'd be better off with Dutch crud rather than Stockholm crud. With
    the former, you could take Old Dutch Cleanser.

    Also sorry to hear you're having a heatwave. It's all Irving Berlin's fault.
    RE: you clogged carotids, I have the same problem. I looked at a diagram
    of the neck. All those layers of muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc. Uff-duh! I
    asked my internist how they could ever do surgery in that area. He said
    they just make a small incision and run a string through the blood vessel.
    (This procedure was invented by a Dr. Lugosi many years ago.) The
    name of the procedure is endarterectomy. So now you know. My regards
    to Richard and Shorty.

    Mikie, nice job on the "sh's". Glad to hear you have a new purse and concert
    tickets. I believe good psychotherapy for many depressed women would be to
    buy a new purse and shoes every week. At today's prices I guess that would cost
    more than the therapist fees. When I first heard of "Orange is the new Black" I
    wondered if it were a movie, TV show, video game. Sometimes nowadays all
    three. The title suggests to me some white collar criminal in an orange jump
    suit. Obviously I've never cared enough to look it up. I know nothing of
    the new entertainment world or the people who are now celebs.

    I admire your determination to get things done in spite of it all. The only
    exercise I ever do is the bouncing up and down on my toes. I did help
    Gordon with the gardening yesterday. More water sweeping. But that only
    takes 15 min. or so.

    Gordon got two new orchids. A gift from a lady in the orchid club. They
    are beautiful phalaenopsis in bloom. The strange thing is the former
    owner considers the white one to be yellow and the lavender one to be

    Reminds me of the guy who was new on the job. His first assignment
    was to take a survey of the factory. Identify and list all the blue
    collar workers and all the white collar workers. Poor guy got fired
    for doing such a lousy job. Turned out he was collar blind.

    Granni, I never heard of Bam Bam shrimp. Sounds like something to serve
    at a 4th of July picnic. As for crab cakes, I bought some years ago at the
    supermarket deli. They were awful, and I took them back. Gordon told me
    about a new sandwich shop that is doing good business. The sandwiches cost
    8-10 bucks. Uff-duh!

    Hi Diane, left a message for you on the Homebound Board.

    Springwater, hope you're OK. Did your house need any repairs? I think
    I will have a therapeutic glass of chocolate milk. Thinking of you so I
    will add a smidgeon of imaginary curry powder.


    Aha! Mikie. Up to your old Trix again. Posting while I'm posting.
    Don't you remember? Trix are for kids. Hope you can get your
    iatrogenic gum problem fixed in a hurry. Nothing more annoying
    than problems caused by the healer.
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    The farm report:

    So: Sow soy, see scenic sights.

    Conversely, cultivating corn causes cramped, crowded conditions.

    That right, Julie?
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    Wow! So nice to come on a weekend and find people visiting the Porch. I'm just killing time before my dear old friend comes over and we go to pick up our other friend. I always get ready early; I never like to be rushed. When I dated Richard, he was always half an hour late so I did what others in my position learn to do--tell him everything is a half hour earlier than it really is. Funny thing, though, he was never late for his tee time. I'm wearing my sparkly watch with only a five on the dial. It's the "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" watch. My getup looks fine, my hair is OK and I'm comfortable so all is good.

    Rock, in Denver, Kroeger employees were on strike for job security and not wages. I have worked in sales for years and had no job security. The best job security is being good at one's job. No sympathy here for unskilled union workers making more than people in positions requiring skills. Sadly, one picketer was killed by a runaway car while walking the line. It was not a popular strike and ended up being sad and tragic. I get "echo" in Xword puzzles all the time. Isn't Angie O'Plasty an Irish cardiologist? "Orange Is The New Black" is a TV series produced by Netflix. It has won awards. It's about a girl tricked into being a drug mule and went to prison. She is upper middle class and is thrown in with all kinds of crazy characters. Netflix and Amazon make some shows which rival the networks'. Yes, shoes and handbags are better than Prozac. Having a good time with friends is good too. That's why I like coming here. I'm glad you are getting outside to help Gordon. It's good for a soul.

    Julie, talked to DD#2 and she won't get her results until the 23rd. She is doing a little light running but is monitoring her heart rate or it would go too high and it's slow to recover. Be sure to check with your doc before doing anything to increase your heart rate. I've discussed my regimen and had an EKG. Of course, EKG's are only a snapshot; a person can have a perfect one, go outside, and have a heart attack. I passed my cardio workup so I am just trying to prevent what kills everyone in my family. It also allows me to eat what I want without gaining weight. Still haven't started the 10-day purge. I need to go to the grocery store first. It breaks my heart that GPA has been so deprived that he is overwhelmed by your kindness. You are doing such a wonderful thing for him. Great pic of him with Den. It must be wonderful for him to be able to talk to family and not have someone yelling at him. Do you rotate the crops? I'm a city girl but I know it works.

    Guess I had better get going. I hope this concert is good. Hope everyone has a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

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    A VERY quick hi to awl before nighty night. Got home later than expected from the Retreat and need to go back tomorrow after early church for another day. I was typing away and this one sentence tried to submit and I wasn't even part way finished. So right now I am on edit before I submit for good this time.

    JULIE - Love that picture of Den and his Dad. Looks like quite a bit of room in there for G pa or enough that he needs without tripping all over himself or anything. Have they planned the Rx's for G pa yet? The more I hear about your sil the more I think she is super spoiled and is really a piece of work as they say. I doubt if she will ever change. She cares for no one but herself. Yes, G pa is so lucky to have you and Den and everyone else close by.

    MIKIE - I hope you have a great time at the concert. et me know how it went. Will be anxious to her about your DD's dx but to have to wait so long must be driving you both coo coo ( as my mom used to say. Has the doc given her the OK to be jogging or slow running, even if it is being monitored by her? I would hope so as I would be worried about that.

    ROCK - I know what you mean about lots of crab cakes if they are not that good they might have lots of fillers and or breading. This didn't have that much at all and it was very moist and yummy. I'm like JULIE and think we don't need those big new words esp early in the morning. We are befuddled enough as it is :)!! LOL

    Guess SUN is on her trip by now. She is so lucky to be going and I hope she will have a wonderful and stress less time.

    Can't think of anything else to say right now and don't want to have to go back and check everyone's posts. Nice to see so many posts on a Saturday as someone else has mentioned. I am really pooped after getting up so early today and have the same thing tomorrow but 8:00 church and then off to the Retreat. Those chairs were not that comfy on my back especially.

    Thinking of everydobby , Inc all our many MIA's !

    Granni :)
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Woke to the most beautiful sunrise. The sky was neon orange. It'll be 93 degrees this afternoon with likelihood of rain but, right now, it's a lovely 76 degrees out. Our schedule got all messed up due to my foray out into the world last evening. I came home and cats were so glad to see me that they wouldn't go out on the lanai. About 3:00 this morning, they wanted their treats. I got up in the dark and fed them and went back to bed. We all slept til 5:00. Sir Vester was just licking Princess Tweety's head and he reared back and bit her on the ear. She took it in stride. He scampered away before she could smack him. He's passed out next to me on the sofa.

    Had a great time last night. Probably would have enjoyed it more had it just been my dear friend and me but I'm glad the woman with us enjoyed herself. Both lost their spouses about 9 yrs. ago. She keeps busy but I can tell she's lonely. She desperately wanted us to come in to have coffee and some kind of pastry she made. I can't eat that late due to my reflux. She insisted I come in so she could write a check for the tickets. I told her it wasn't necessary but she's a nervous person and berated herself all the way home that she forgot her checkbook to pay me at the concert. Good grief! I told her I wasn't worried about it but, obviously, she was. My friend had to wait for me to go into her place to get the check. I had to leave him in the running car like a dog.

    Accapella group was wonderful. They not only have individually won titles in other groups but sound great together. They've been singing together for 8 yrs. They have finely honed comedic timing when they talk in between numbers. They announced that they were going to sing Linda Rhondstat's "Blue Bayou," but they changed the words to a song about losing a toupee in the wind. They sang, "I'm going back there to find my hair that blew by you." It was hilarious! It only lasted an hour and a half--just the right length of time for an older audience. I still have problems sitting for prolonged periods, even on soft seats. I like concerts at this senior village church. The acoustics are great and the people who live there are friendly, appreciative and respectful. Performers love performing there for those reasons. We all bought the series tickets, which makes each concert only $15. The tickets for the extra symphony concert is only $25. They are playing Vivoldi's "Four Seasons," one of my favorites. I may have to go on my own to that one.

    Granni, as you can see, I had a wonderful time last night. I don't think DD is supposed to be running outside in case anything happens. At the gym would be OK. I think the heart rate issue is the main worry so, I guess, as long as it doesn't go too high, she will be OK. I'll feel better when we know more. Sorry you are so tired. I hope the retreat is enjoyable.

    Julie, glad you got a good nap. Sorry your heart symptoms are bothering you. We'll all be glad when Barry, you, and GPA get fixed up. Then, all I have to worry about is DD#2. Sometimes, it feels as though we are all falling apart. Between aching legs/heel, inflamed gum and my reflux, I don't feel like doing anything. I'm tired all the time. Fortunately, yesterday, the gum was much better. Did doc mention having GPA's taking a bit of hard candy in his pocket in case his blood sugar drops too much? A bit of orange juice is better but when one is out, the candy will work. Those sugary striped mint balls, which melt in the mouth, do a good job of avoiding insulin shock.

    I always keep my Family, my Online Family and my FL Family in my prayers. What would I do without all y'all?

    Love, Mikie
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Lost another post. Ratbane!

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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - sorry your computer is acting crazy..mine tries to and i beat it down

    the earthquake didnt cause any damage as such but a cabinet in the living room did go over..and lots of food spilt,
    we had 12 monks over that day and had served lunch..you should hv seen the floor in the dining room, it was all over dal ..(lentils soup) and the kitchen floor was filled with water, our water jar had toppled over...

    we ve been having strong aftershocks one 5 pointer happened yesterday, morning which i felt...the bed shook..so it is keeping us all lively

    that was a sweet b day message forGordon, i wouldnt mind receiving something like that from the DH, but one might as well expect a chestnut to sprout from an oak tree ..this time, we just had a small cake and i told DH no celebrations since so many people died...none of my friends are celebrating..he did give me some money but i used a bit to donate..its gotten so, i feel extremely guilty at the thought of spending on anything not a necessity.

    Julie - best wishes for your angiogram, hope they find nothing amiss. Prayng you return to feeling well. How sweet of Keira to want to take Clinton....that is a warm warm feeling.

    Granni - what what do you do at the retreat?

    Diane - good to see you, hope you get over the allergies really soon.

    Mikie- 103 F .....ack! thank goodness for A/C. Youre right bags and shoes therapy is good therapy. for us ladies.
    Hope you enjoy the concert.

    Barry - i ve heard of the bonpo practises in Tibet...i dont know if you were referring to those as bad elements in Buddhism, a sort of tantra. Yes. those are scary. Lord Buddhas teachings dont involve those i think.

    I will hv to look up Myanmar. I m not familiar with their culture.

    Well, looks like i have to get off here...

    someones a calling.

    God Bless

    PS i tried logging in to my email and was told someone is trying to 'attack' my email and get info....these folks gotta be mentally ill..:rolleyes:
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept til 5:30 this morning. I've been taking just a wee bit of the ZzQuil when I wake early in the morning, anywhere between 2:30 and 3:30 and it allows me to get another couple of hours of sleep. Cats have been great. They slept with me on and off all day yesterday. I had chills, a slight cough and a sore throat with swollen lymph nodes. Felt as though I were trying to come down with something. I may have been exposed to someone who was ill. My immune system puts the kibosh on that sort of thing. It doesn't take much for a person with autoimmune conditions to react. That's why I don't take the flu shots; they make me very sick. News mentioned that last year's shots were only 20 percent effective.

    I went over to try to put a sticker on that illegal commercial truck with the ladders on it. The guy had just left for work. ARGGGG!!! I've been over there before 5:00 in the morning and after 10:00 at night. It's been gone each time. I saw it Sat. when we got back from the concert but was too tired to go home, get the sticker and walk over to where the truck is parked. I am starting to feel like Wiley Coyote. Meep! Meep! Where is that Roadrunner? At least, I already got some exercise in this morning. Will go over to the pool to work out. My dear old friend won't be there as he has a dermatologist appt. I need to make one to get my pasty skin checked out. My other friend won't be there as the ABX she had to take, when her back was infected with a resistant strain during surgery, causes her skin to slough off when she is in chlorine water in the pool. It just never ends for her.

    While I wasn't doing much yesterday, I typed a document for my kids in case anything happens to me so they can access my computers with my passwords. They can come here, using my name and password, to let y'all know. They can send an e-mail to ProHealth too. I need to get a card for my friend's family since I don't know what is happening with the memorial tree. I hope if my other friend comes to the Tues. mtg., she will refrain from swearing and yelling at us.

    Rock, good grief! I don't know what caused that post but it certainly is colorful. Sounds as though you and Gordon have a bumper crop of tomatoes. I will be going to the store today to try to find veggies and fruit so I can eat better. I will get some almond milk and then go to the little store near me for some gluten-free bread. I hope this ten-day cleanse is worth it. Any exciting orchids in bloom? I only have one and it's taking its sweet time opening up. Yesterday, I watered all of them. The lady slipper seems no worse for wear from the cats' knocking it off the table and breaking the pot. Fortunately, Home Depot had more of those lovely little pots. I'm still watching "Suits" before I start binge watching "Orange...." My computer is acting up too but not as severely as yours. My shift key either doesn't shift to upper case or the letter simply doesn't print. Grrrrr!:mad: Hope you and your computer are better today.

    Spring, a very, very happy birthday to you. Sounds as though you are experiencing "Survivor Guilt." It's common for survivors of tragedies. I think donating some of your birthday money is a wonderful thing to do. I believe those who have passed on would not want us to be unhappy, denying any of the joy around us. The psychic mediums I have seen on TV always carry that message from the loved ones in Heaven. They watch over us and take joy in our joy. I know it's difficult after such a horrible event but joy in this life helps us heal. Maybe one of our lessons in this life is to find the joy and relish it. You are still here for a reason and we are glad you are!

    Julie, I think GPA's confusion is normal under the circumstances. I don't know how you do it all. Your life is demanding enough but now that you are caring for him, it has to be downright impossible at times. I am glad you can find time to nap and rest. You really don't need to get terribly run down if you have a heart condition. I'm laughing about the once-a-month shower comment. Every time I take a shower, have to wipe the hard water spots off the tiles, and blow dry my hair, I realize just how much I hate showering too. Give me my Epsom Salt soaks any day. Take care, my friend, and don't overdo it.

    I am tracking shipment on both my white and black bags from HSN. White one is supposed to arrive today. Black one should arrive later in the week. Smaller items are sent UPS to US Postal Service and delivered with the mail. The handbags are too large. It takes longer for UPS shipments. The drivers are soooo bad that they often leave things at the wrong door or even wrong bldg. Addresses for all bldgs. are marked as are unit numbers. UPS and FedX drivers just don't seem to care like they did when most things had to have a signature. Medication for downstairs neighbor's cancer was once left at an empty unit next door and, if I hadn't noticed the sticker on the screen, the poor elderly sick woman wouldn't have known how to get her drugs. Sticker had tracking no. on it and a phone no. to call. Supervisor himself delivered her meds to her. Rant, rant, rant!!!:mad: On a brighter note, all the women on the "Suits" show dress soooo beautifully and look so glamorous. I've seen several designer bags that look just like mine.

    OK, getting down off my soap box now, trying not to trip. Hope everydobby has a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, it was the gremlin's fault. I wouldn't know how to manipulate the
    electronics myself. My previous post was several paragraphs long. But
    somehow only a fraction of it got saved. The previous page is still goofy.
    The margin is about 4 inches off. I think I will wait and attempt a
    longer post when we are on a new thread.

    Gordon went to a fern show the other day. And he brought home some
    plants, but I'm not sure about the source. Might be from his orchid
    friends aka co conspirators.

    Mikie, I've seen various posts here to the effect that flu shots are not
    for us. They are for healthy people. Kinda ironic, huh? I've never had one.

    Yes, those delivery people are typical of the modern worker, I'm afraid. I had one
    throw a package on our porch. Our porch is 6 feet above the ground. You have to
    climb several steps. He just tossed it. So I yelled at him. That also explains the
    broken flower pot we had earlier. Obviously the victim of another thrown package.
    You can see videos of these jerks on Youtube. From the post office, UPS, Fed EX;
    doesn't matter. All have bad apples. Remember one a year or so back. A mail
    person parked his van by some sort of ravine and was hurling all the packages
    into same.

    Ok, gonna go. I'd cross my finger, but I'm afraid if I do, I might hit the wrong

    Later, Kids
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick HI with so much to do. We already have worked outside, I sprayed a bunch of weeds and stuff and picked up some crap outside.. Trying to get ready for more rain that may turn into a tropical storm and then a Hurricane. Hope those area do not get to much that were already flooded. Then we went shopping and came home had lunch and put in a wash. Now just trying to catch up some on my computer stuff and checking up on my Porchies :)!! We are planning on a couple of days next week to go to San Antonio. However, with this storm may cause problems with flooding so we will keep an eye on it. Geez, if it isn't one thing it is another ):!!

    Just wanted to take a peak in to see what was going on if anything. On my phone it showed that Julie had posted but it didn't show her post as usual. So wanted to get only to check.

    MIKIE - Hope you get your purses soon and in good condition. Glad you got to go to your concert to the other evening. It is nice to get out once in awhile and do something different that you enjoy,

    JULIE - Hope all continues to go well with G pa and also your dx and treatments. It is so hard to know what to eat and fix. I am having enough of my own problems trying to figure out what to cook for us with DH and his higher cholesterol and also borderline diabetes. If you find any great recipes let me know. DH loves meat and potatoes and I love pasta. We both like most veggies but you cannot just eat all veggies. We bought some more sweet potatoes today which is much better for you than white potatoes.

    Hi also to SPRING WATER, ROCK , DIANE and everydobby else. Need to do a few more other things on the computer for a bit. Then I might get back here. again . Also bought some chopped meat and so need to get it in the freezer after fixing the packages and making some patties for tonight. I have some reg. hamb. meat and also some ground turkey.

    Hope SUN is having a fantastic time on her trip to ALASKA.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - the mailman was throwing packages into the ravine? Some case of work rage!!! Poor the people whose parcels happen to be in that bunch..what did they do?

    Luckily, the stuff i sent DD got to her. Not much..some religious literature..we usually send stuff like edibles, clothes by hand..thru people. Did hv a problem when the ipad we bought online on ebay was sent to her college, and the college people didnt bother to forward it...it lay in the storeroom until someone sent it back to the sender..funny, she was still studying there. But she tracked it, the sender informed her, and she got it safely the second time.

    That ipad is a trusty lil thing, has lived thru two mishaps when the glass broke after being dropped. We were lucky to get someone who could fix it.

    Mikie - my b day was in May..but tk u for the wishes..i think its a good idea to let someone else know our password on the forum, suppose i had not lived thru the earthquake?

    Just a supposition..not meaning to be grim. I am getting excited about those handbags myself!! I hope they arrive soon in good condition.

    Wil hv to check in later, a chore has come up.

    God bless
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    I'm still a bit tired from that stomach bug I had on Sun. I did get to the pool to work out but that only left me more tired. I ran into Julie there and am going over to try to fix her kitchen cabinet doors after the condo mtg. I got the sticker put on that illegal truck late last night. That was the 5th try. It isn't the 3rd time that's a charm; evidently it's the 5th. I'm just happy I got it slapped on. I feel sorry for the guy because his livelihood probably depends on that truck. If he puts the ladders inside the truck, it'll probably be OK. Still the owner illegally leased the unit and he needs to be aware of what he did. It's a constant hassle to enforce the rules in a place like this but if we didn't, the hood would become blighted and our property values would plummet. As it is, our hood is one of the most desirable middle-class communities in town. Of course, there are nicer communities but they cost a lot more $$$s.

    My white handbag arrived mid-day and it is even more beautiful than the mint green one. I think the green one was used on TV as it came without some of the plastic protectors on all the metal parts. The white one was much better packaged. I try not to buy anything unless I am in love with it. Once in a while, I have to settle. This is one time where I absolutely love these bags. I will likely get rid of some of my old ones so someone else can enjoy them. They aren't bad but nothing like these. I'm normally not materialistic but, once in a while, I find something I must have and don't feel guilty for pampering myself. UPS guy was not a guy; it was a really cute young woman. I always yell, "Thanks," if I catch them in time returning to their truck. They yell, "You're welcome." I figure it doesn't hurt to be on their good side. It's not UPS which has been the most problematic; it's FedX. In any case, I'm sooooo happy with this purse and can't wait for the black one to appear.

    I'm hoping the old pres. doesn't make a scene if she attends the mtg. Our reg. mgr. will probably be back today after her river cruise in Europe. I'd love to go on one of those. One of my buddies in the hood went to Russia on one of them. He said it was great. Barb left me a voice mail. I had forgotten to take my phone off Airplane Mode after the concert and wondered why I didn't get any calls yesterday. Duh!! :confused: It is the anniversaries of both the Magna Carta and the movie, "Clueless." Can't remember which anniversaries. Both have impacted our lives. Obviously, the Magna Carta has impacted our way of life more than a mindless teenage flick; however, "Clueless" was a huge hit and if you hear someone say, "As if," the line came from that movie. One of the stars, Brittany Murphy, was murdered years after the movie. Sad.

    My Amazon Fire Stick came and it's already installed on the living room TV. Soooo nice to be able to watch Netflix or Amazon without having to move the Fire box in the bedroom. One can watch You Tube using these gizmos too. If one likes music, Amazon and Pandora will play it through the TV speakers or an aux. stereo. I'm still binge watching "Suits" but keep falling asleep. I don't miss much during these little cat naps. It was hard to pull myself out of bed to go sticker that truck but am relieved that it's done.

    Julie, I'm so glad you got some rest. I have learned over the years that I simply must rest when I'm run down. If the condo gets dirty and messy, I'll get to it when I feel better. I need to get moving on cleaning it up as DD#2, DSIL and DGS may be visiting early next mo. It would be nice to have them here for my birthday. When the girls were home, we always made a big todo over birthdays. I have friends who don't want to celebrate them any more. I say birthdays are important. It's when we made our debuts into this realm. Your housework never ends with all you do for everyone. I know they appreciate it and, even when GPA forgets how hard you are working to take care of him, he knows. I have always loved the first hour or so in the mornings. Soooo peaceful. Once I get the cats in and give them a treat, I am free to ease into the day. I start with prayers in bed and breakfast if I don't go back to bed; Tweety is taking advantage of the peaceful morning and snoozing on my bed. Then, I get online to check e-mails and come here. Finally, I read the newspaper. Keep on taking good care of yourself.

    Rock, yes, flu shots are not for us if they make us sick. Some have posted that they don't but, if one has an overactive immune system, it will come down like a hammer on the shots. Were I to step on a rusty nail, I would get a tetanus shot; however, some researchers tested a group of WWII men back in the 80's and found the tetanus shots they got in the military all those years ago were still effective. No one really knows how long they offer protection. I do know they sting like hell but I've never had a reaction to one. So many in our country whine about the state of the workplace and some of their arguments have merit but some don't deserve the jobs they have. Even when I worked as a bagger in my little retirement job at Publix, I tried to be the best bagger in the place. I was trained by an older retiree who had a PhD and was formerly an engineer. He took pride in his job and in turning out well-trained employees. They younger goof offs hated him. I respected him. Hope your computer settles down. Oh, oh, ferns can become as addictive as orchids. I'm thinking of making a bonsai tree. Instructions are on You Tube.

    Granni, I hope that tropical storm Bill doesn't drench you and my DD#2. DD#1 and her DH have a second home in Galveston. I saw the track on TV weather. It is a Pacific storm. We haven't started to get them from the Atlantic yet. Each ocean has its own set of storm names. Fingers crossed for you. I hope you do get to San Antonio. One of my all time favorite cities to visit. I laughed at your picking up "crap." Is that literal crap? With the dogs around here, people are picking up crap--literally. Yes, it was soooo good to get out and enjoy a concert. I don't think I could sit through a barbershop quartet all evening but these guys sang acapella songs from our yute, folksongs and gospel. Their funny banter with the audience was great too. I'd likely not have paid to see this concert by itself but it was part of a series package. Next is a brass band. Oh, boy! That should be a loud one.

    Spring, I really had an "aha moment," as Oprah would say. It didn't hit me til I was in the pool that we really do need to find joy in our lives. It's our way of appreciating and thanking God for all His rich blessings. It also helps balance out the negative things in the world. I've learned that I can't do much about the negative stuff but if I can, I do it and move on, if possible. What I can try to do is live in the moment and enjoy whatever good comes my way. Living in this beautiful place provides a cornucopia of blessings every day. Wow, that iPad really traveled. Glad it got to DD at last. I'm also glad it survived being dropped. I'm so glad you and yours survived the EQ. We never know how our lives impact others' lives but I do know that all of us here in our Online Family have impacted each others' lives in a blessed way.

    Well, Kiddies, I have to read the e-newspaper and get into the shower. I put a bit of faux glow lotion on my arms and legs to give me some color and I need to wash off the excessive stuff from my skin. Blowing out my hair is an exercise in futility with this humidity. After I fix Julie's cupboard doors, I have to take my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster area. As y'all know, it's my least favorite chore. AACK!!! :confused:

    Have a great day!

    Love, Mikie