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    OK, Kids

    Rosin on the Bow and Here we go!

    Salute your corner, bow to your gal.
    Wave your hand at your fishin' pal.

    Ladies to the center; curtsy and back.
    Gents stay put at the old haystack.

    Allemande left, reverse, go right.
    Be here dancin' till late at night.

    Do-see-do and swing her around.
    The hogs got out and can't be found.

    Parade your gal from here to Nome.
    Now all join hands and all go home.

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    Thanks for starting us up again Rock. Talk about a fast flying volume - swoosch !!

    Jaime - If you haven't read my post on the last Porch number 833 please go check it and everyone else too who might have missed the last few posts including the last message including Den's latest medical update. Jaime also told us a bit about herself in the last part of that volume.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend but I will most likely be on to see if anyone has posted.

    Love to awl,
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Please check #833 for some new posts there.

    Just watched the weather on TV. It appears that the tropical storm/hurricane is predicted to head north in the Gulf just off the West Coast of FL. We've had a lot of these over the years. Unfortunately, Charley was predicted to follow this familiar path, making landfall at Tampa. Instead, it came ashore on Sanibel Island, just down the road from where I live. It was a Cat 2 and quickly became a Cat 5 before dropping back to a Cat 3 when it hit the island. It bounced back into the Gulf and traveled up the Coast to the Peace River as a Cat 3. It followed the river and traveled northeast across the state, doing a LOT of damage. Because it briefly made landfall so close to us, we got the full effect of the hurricane. I huddled under a mattress in the master bath. For a while, I thought the roof was going to come off. That it didn't has given me a lot of confidence in our bldg. The engineer who inspected it confirmed that confidence.

    I have what I need to hunker down if I have to. Tomorrow's forecast will tell me whether I need to bring in the furniture. My guess is that I'll need to do that. I've got gas, cash, food, lanterns, batteries and my meds and first aid kit and I'm keeping my cell phone charged. If the storm passes over Cuba, as it's predicted to, it will lose some strength but, when it passes over water in the Florida Straits, it will gain strength. Of course, the longer is stays offshore in the Gulf, the stronger it may become. There is some dry air around Cuba which may cause the storm to dissipate. Anything can happen.

    Cats didn't make a peep during the night but I got up at 5:00 to check the latest storm forecast from the Hurricane Center. They are frisky, playing their little kitty zoom-zoom games. Sir Vester was scratching the loveseat. This is some kind of new thing he has been doing. He won't use the little scratch mat that Tweety uses. They have one of those little bottle brush arches on a carpeted pad. He likes it so I showed him he should scratch the pad and not the furniture. He got all excited and was scratching it and rubbing up against the brush. I just rubbed some catnip on the pad and they are both fighting over it. Tweety flung her body over it to keep Vester from being able to use it. Little rascals!

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again. I did get the title changed--no biggie! I hope you'll be back to post soon.

    Granni, I don't think the storm will get to TX. Steering air currents are to the northeast. As I said, though, at this point, it's impossible to predict accurately. Weatherwoman is saying that the weaker storms are more difficult to forecast than the strong ones. This one is wobbling on its path. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on Den and Julie. We finally got some nice rain last evening and it's supposed to rain again tonight. Even with all the rain we've had this summer, it doesn't take long to dry out.

    Jamie, I'm so sorry for all you are going through. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be triggered by a lot of different things, including viral or bacterial infections, other illnesses, stress, hormonal imbalances or trauma. CFIDS can have lots of other symptoms besides bone-crushing exhaustion. I would guess, based on the daily pattern you described, that there is some underlying issue. It often takes a couple of years to rule out other conditions and get a diagnosis. There is a lot of info on this website which could be helpful to you in mitigating your symptoms. The founder of this website has CFIDS. Also, our members on the CFIDS/FMS forum can be a wonderful source of info and support. You will always find friendship and support here on the Porch. I'm glad you found us.

    Julie, I continue to keep you and Den, and your family, in my prayers. I pray that on Mon., they can shock Den's heart into rhythm and figure out why the cardio output isn't up to snuff. Drop in when you can.

    Diane, if you're reading, I am keeping you, Kevin, and the kitties in my prayers. I hope you are all doing well.

    Spring, I also pray that you are out of harm's way. Let us know how you're doing when you can.

    Dar, we haven't heard from you for a while. I hope you and DD are OK.

    Sun, hope it's cooler there and you are feeling better. Any new art?

    Barry, hope you are feeling better. too.

    Sorry if I missed anyone. I send love, hugs and prayers to all my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for fixing things up, Mikie. My Alzheimer's keeps gettin' worser and
    worser. I started doing crossword puzzles about 20 years ago because I read
    such activity would help ward off Alz. Didn't though. Actually doing the cross
    words now exposes my condition. I intend to write one letter in a box but
    somehow write a different one, etc. Very annoying. I intend to report this
    to somebody as soon as I find out etc.

    Jaime, sorry to read about your situation. I'm glad to hear that you have a
    dog for company. Gordon and I had dogs that we got from a rescue society,
    but we are now too old to care for one properly. I couldn't walk one anymore.

    With regard to finances, have you checked to see if you are eligible for
    assistance from the government? Hard to do if you don't have much energy,
    but you might try calling various government offices. Do they have some sort
    of food banks or a food shelf in your area? My brother lives in a village in
    Minnesota. They have a free food shelf for those who need it. Illustrating that
    things are getting worse, it used to be open one morning a week. I think it's
    now open 3 times a week. There is no test for eligibility. Everybody
    knows everybody.

    I have read that some drug companies make their meds available to those
    who can't afford them. I wonder if any pet food companies do the same with
    their products.

    If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I do. Sounds like you might have.) you
    can read on the CFS board and also find the area on the board here where they
    report on research and supplements that might help. I've forgotten where you
    click, but somebody can probably tell you. I got some help several years. One
    of our posters recommend 3 supplements. Vitamin D3, grape seed extract,
    and a third one I can't remember. Anyway they helped give me more energy
    for some years. Oh, yeah. Just remembered about research info. Click
    on Supplement News at the top of the page. Good luck.

    Hugs everydobby
  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, glad I decided to drop in. Yes, that does sound like good news. Finding the root cause could be the answer to the whole thing. I'm also glad these docs are continuing to look for answers. Hopefully, the drug for the thyroid will help right away. I hope the shock works too. I won't stop praying. Keep us updated.

    Rock, my own memory is shot right now. It's exhaustion, plain 'n simple. At least, I hope that's all it is. I got a little battery-operated AM/FM radio for the storm. I have very small ears and the hard plastic cheap ear buds won't fit in my ears. I went on a search for my soft ear buds and found them--attached to a radio just like the one I just bought! I have absolutely no memory of buying it. Everything since I kind of fell into a relapse some months ago is a blur. This bug which has been with me for several months hasn't helped either. Whine, whine, whine!!! I haven't been like this since I fell and had that head injury. I think each thing which happens to us weakens our brains a bit more.

    I took my garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster enclosure so I'm glad to have that done. Y'all know how much I hate that chore! Weatherwoman is now saying the storm is falling apart as dry air moves in. It may still bring rain but the chances of its forming into another storm are slim. I ran into my dear friend, Nancy, and she was walking our other dear friend's, Nancy II's, little dog. He is soooo cute. He's an old dog but, when he saw me, he ran to me like a puppy with a huge smile on his sweet little face. Nancy hasn't been through a hurricane yet and, I guess, this one won't pan out. It's almost easier once one has weathered the storm. It's like childbirth--you don't know what it's gonna be like til it comes.

    I just "hit the wall" and my fatigue is keeping me form doing anything else. I've tried doing some little things around here but even that is too much. I just hate this! The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. There is so much to do and it's depressing not to be able to do it. Hope everydobby else is doing better than I.

    I'm going to go into the bedroom and watch Netflix's new series, "Narco." A lot of it is in Spanish with captions in English. I'm picking up a bit of the Spanish but, like with all captioned films, the translators take so many liberties with it that it confuses the brain. I hear one thing and read something else. Also, they speak a different dialect (it's set in Colombia) and speak low and rapidly. Still, it's immersion while I'm watching so I'm learning a bit.

    Adios, amigos!

    Love, Mikie
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    JULIE - That sure will be great if the Thyroid med helps him. I know about all the crazy symptoms hyper or hypothyroid can cause as I have some of them myself. I probably could take more or stronger Armour, I am guessing. I sure that is the answer. Let us know. Also hope they are looking at new standards for the number chart they used. I was consider just fine for yes at a TSH I think of 5.0 or higher and they finally changed that to hypo. That just may help him a lot and I am praying that it does. Continue to keep us up to date.

    MIKIE - Hope that stupid hurricane dissipates or goes somewhere else where it doesn't both anyone. There is a lot to do to get ready, I know. Hope that furniture you may have to move is not to heavy for you to carry. Sorry you are still rather pooped out. Rest as much as you can my friend. Speaking of memory mine is not that grteat either, believe me.

    Special hi's to Rock, Sun, Diane, Jaime, Dar, and all our many MIA's.

    Love and hugs to all,

    Granni :)
  7. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: thanks for that most promising update. I'm so glad he's getting good medical care! And how are you holding up? Are you sleeping in his room or what?

    Mikie: Have you thought about giving some oregano oil a shot at killing whatever is hanging on? And good news for you in Florida also. Yes, I've been painting along with trying to get back into a story I started years ago. I get bored easily and I need a variety of things to keep me busy. It was so hot last night even at 8 PM and nothing I wanted to watch on TV so I sat outside and read. My two cats were very busy exploring and trying to catch moths. Speaking of moths, I used to grow tomatoes and those nasty large hornworms would eat my plants. They are the larvae of the large striped moth that flies around. Anyway, one apparently laid eggs on a flowering vine nearby and was eating the leaves. Every morning I would have to come out and sweep up the droppings which were getting huge! UGH.

    Jaime: I'm sorry for all the troubles you're going thru. So good to read you've got a friend who understands and is helping you.

    Rock: Have you ever had Gordon do a search on ALL your meds you're taking and see if they're contributing to your memory troubles. I hope I'm not stepping over the boundary but I'm willing to bet $ that it's not creeping alzheimers but the meds that are the problem. Lots of times doctors just keep prescribing and adding to the mix without really doing a check.

    My DD has been taking gabapentin 600 mg twice a day for about 3 years, along with another RX for stress and anxiety and not sleeping. She's told me she has TERRIBLE short term memory (she's 42) and has to write things down including where she has to be at certain times of the day. I told her it's the meds that are doing it, but she told me.....oh well. And she still has troubles sleeping. I'm trying hard to get off the gabapentin for me.....though I was only taking 300 once a night. It's hard.....it contributes to the anxiety which is what happened to her when she tried to drop a dose. Big time panic attack in a grocery store. The brain gets used to a medicine and it does awful things to our thinking. I watched this with my mom......she had HBP and was put on a variety of meds. Too many in my thinking, but back then I didn't know all the side effects. She would tell me in the mornings that she just couldn't think. All one has to do is go into a nursing facility and see all the people in wheel chairs....doped up.

    I haven't been feeling good lately.......the heat really bothers me......and I discovered I get low blood pressure and a racing heart. I've read up on it and apparently just forcing myself to drink lots more water and consume more salt will help it. I hope. So now that I blew all the leaves in front and back (my continual hobby...not) I'm going to sit in front of the fan with the AC on and write.
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    JULIE - Has Den started on any Thyroid meds yet? I sure hope they help him get rid of a lot of these heart symptoms. That pic on FB looked pretty good of Amy, Keira, Den and you. Gee that Keira is getting big and it looks like she might have gotten a new haircut. She is really growing up. Hope to hear some more good new about Den soon.

    SUN - So sorry the heat is really bothering you and hope it cools off for you soon. I relate on the memory thing. Sometimes my notes have notes :)!! Also sorry that your DD is having all of her problems and has to take all kinds of meds too. My DD who moved here also has similar problems as I do but no high b/p - so far, lucky girl. The last few days my b/p has gone down but who knows if it will stay that way with my pain. I finally got to the 5 pills of Mag. Malate. 6 capsules = 625 mg if I remember correctly but I have been going up slowly.

    Hi to MIKIE, ROCK, JAIME, DIANE and all the ships at sea :)!!! More later alligators !!

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    I woke early and decided to get up. Tweety was doing her half-hour feeler to see whether I would get up and let them in. She only really keeps it up if there is some critter roaming around outside. As I mentioned earlier, for some reason, Sir Vester has been scratching the furniture. I moved their little bottle brush arch just behind the living room loveseat where they pass by it coming and going. I even rubbed some catnip into the carpeted base. He has been soooo good and is using it to scratch. Not to be outdone, Tweety is also using it. I've been praising them for using it. Praise goes a long way with those two.

    Morning news is still 20 mins. away. I want to see what the storm is up to. Even though it has dissipated, it is supposed to bring a ton of rain to us. My dear old friend wanted to come over for coffee and we will sit out on the Balcony if it isn't raining yet. Don't think I'll bring the furniture in just for rain but I will bring in the cushions. I've been praying for some NRG. I spent so much time being bedridden most of the time years ago that it's really depressing for me to regress to that now. I'm much better than I was then but just want to be able to keep up with things.

    Julie, how wonderful that you can stay right there with Den in his room and get some sleep. It's great that they have the wireless monitoring. Those beeps can really get to a person. Yes, thyroid meds take a bit to start working properly. I hope Den's med works well. I also hope correcting his hyperthyroidism will correct the heart rhythm. It's good he can wear the vest. They also have little shockers which can be implanted under the skin to keep the heart beating in rhythm. Thanks for keeping us updated. Good luck with everything.

    Granni, I do hope we both have dodged the hurricane bullet. I wish we could both keep our BP in check without those meds. They all seem to have side effects. I didn't find one I could tolerate until the fourth try. Even then, the one I can tolerate causes insomnia. I reread the other side effects and it may be the source of some memory problems. I have weaned off the clonazepam but long-term use of benzos can permanently cause cognitive and memory problems. I would do it over again but I may have paid a pretty steep price. I think with these illnesses, it's a constant balancing act to try to keep going the best we can. As we get older, that balancing act gets more and more difficult. We have the usual conditions associated with aging, along with all the problems associated with these illnesses.

    Sun, I'm picturing you in the yard with the kitties chasing the moths. Such a peaceful picture. There is something so comforting about having cats around the home. I've seen those hornworms and they give me the creeps! Yikes!!!
    :eek: I'm like you--I get bored easily. I always have a ton of things I enjoy doing because it's difficult for me to stick with one thing. Right now, I'm not doing anything I enjoy because I can't even do what needs doing. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Dr. Mercola sells pink Himalayan sea salt online and it's not expensive. I use it for seasoning everything. It is loaded with helpful minerals, including boron which is good for our bones. I hope we both start feeling better.

    Oops! Too soon to celebrate dodging Erika. Tropical Storm Fred is coming our way off the West Coast of Africa. It's like this in active hurricane years. We just hope that they stay away from us. Well, Kiddies, I'm going to go check to see whether the paper is here yet. As always, I keep everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Today's mystery question is, Why do I have a bump on my head? I have no
    recollection of a knock to the noggin. Life is full of mysteries. It's full
    of other things too. We can all make our own list.

    Mikie, here's some advice from a child's page about medicine (or something).
    Should your Miss Puss get sick, what should you give her? Answer: tweetment.

    Your right about those hospital beeps. Really irritated my mother. Fortunately
    her last visit was only 2 days. Maybe the beeping machines have now been
    replaced. You think maybe your energy will return with cooler weather? Hope
    so. I'd send you some of mine, but we'd be working with negative numbers.
    I hope Fred is like Erika. Doesn't drop in for a visit.

    Julie, I bet you will be glad to get home. Sounds like Den is better. I wonder
    how difficult it will be to get the thyroid situation back to normal. Maybe meds
    will be enough?

    Just read a memoir by Bill Bryson about growing up in the 50s in Des Moines, IA.
    The colorful title is "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid". He also wrote
    a book about visiting small towns in America, but that one can't be checked
    out of our library. Uff-da!

    Des Moines had a wonderful Dept. Store which was so big it took up two
    buildings. There was an alley between. He said it was the only store in
    the world where you could be run over while traveling from underwear to
    the shoe department. And there was an ornate palace of the movie house.
    But all the old stores are gone and people now shop at a mall. Well,
    the tiny towns in my home county will never have a mall. But I think
    there are two in Rochester which is in a different county.

    Granni, thanks for helping Julie keep us up to date on Den's progress. And
    for your explanatory info. What is that mag. malate you are taking? Magnesium?
    I have a bottle of that somewhere. Just too many things to take nowadays.

    Sun, thanks for the suggestion about my meds. I last saw the doc about a month
    or so ago. He always has us bring in our pill bottles and he reviews them. I
    made a mental note to look up all the side effects of my pills, but you know;
    as Sam Goldwyn almost said, a mental note isn't worth the paper it's written on.

    How is your plan to drink more water coming? I tried a few years ago. Didn't
    seem to matter much. Gordon's been reminding lately; we need to drink more
    in this hot weather. He'll be so glad when the weather finally cools down.
    We've had temps in the 90s lately, but supposed to be in the 80s for the
    next 3 days.

    Hugs to Jaime, and Quinn and Diane and Barry and all the ships at sea
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Feeling a tad bit under the weather...its not like im ill or anything but just not feeling too perky. It could be the Full Moon which just occured two days ago. Or it could be the heat and humidity.

    I will be happy when winter starts coming around..we dont hv a fall here really, its really hot and then one day its cold.

    i dont feel like cooking in the evenings because the kitchen gets even hotter because of all the heat the cement ceiling absorbs during day and starts sending downwards at night.

    As a result, meals have been anything but exciting. and only just edible. The helping lady does cook veggies and meat in the mornings but some meals are better when they are freshly cooked and of course mandatory when its tortilla

    They havent come to a conclusion about the constitution and hence, strikes still going on in
    border parts so prices of commodities like onions going up by double.

    I decided not to put onions in the lentil soup. I hope a time doesnt come when i post that ive stopped making lentil soup because prices of that went up.

    Ohhhhhh..heck..the chair started shaking so i got up and went down..the help downstairs confirms it was a tremor.

    Why doesnt someone declare our country the 'weight loss' country..people running out every now and then and losing weight in the process.

    Actually just after the big earthquake there was a news piece showing a man whose house was under the shadow a very big sprawling high rise which became uninhabitable, cracks runnning through the entire length of the buildings and huge gaping holes in the walls from where one can see into bathrooms. The man said he had lost 13 kgs just from stress that his untouched house would be collapsed on by the highrise. I feel for him.

    Julie - im kind of relieved they are getting the tests done and eliminating possible causes of Dens problem. Thryroidism, both types are common here. One of my friends has it. Im praying continually for everything to calm down there, for Den to be well, for all of you to not have to worry.

    I did manage to go to an animal shelter, (my old one has moved i dont know the location) and donated a little..$30.00. Its far away i think i spent half of that on just getting there and then buying dinner because it got too late. But im telling myself every little helps. Actually just the sight of the kind kind people there, and the happy happy doggy woggies most of whom were crippled lifted my spirits and took it to a nice place.

    One doggie had paralysed back legs but was besties with another rotund lil chap and they were mouth wrestling. There were two such tiny pups but their bellies were protruding and they were waddling so i asked if they had water retention or worms and the doc said no, they had just eaten and eaten rather well :) only those who were ill or had had some operation were kept in cages and the rest were roaming around with happy bright faces and waggly tails. i heard they bit the property owner when she came round to collect the rent :D but i could hardly believe it of these sweet lil pooches. They come running up to greet every visitor with tails wagging all the time.

    The lights just went off and its too hot to stay here and type. i havent really been doing anything much anyways.

    I do make it a point to log in and read up on everyone and am keeping Sun. Mikie and all who are not feeling A ok in my thoughts and prayers.

    welcome also to Jaime.

    Love you all

    God Bless
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  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    P.S. Praying Mikie and Granni are able to avoid the storm! and for Jamie to be able to get the right treatment.

    Jaime - also praying for your sweet little dog.
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  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: sounds like great news.....God always provides. I was wondering about the roof and your house. I pray that the thyroid meds take care of all the problems. Hang in there. Yes, Den is the most important. It's been a hard week for you guys.

    Rock: that's good to read that your doctor always goes over the meds. About the water, I kept track of how many oz. I drank yesterday....I got up to 48 plus. Since I weigh 140 lbs. you're supposed to shoot for half your weight so I'm still short. But I'm not used to drinking so much water, I tend to drink coffee instead and that doesn't cut it. This morning because of all the water my fasting reading was 91.......yea. First time in 3 weeks I've been able to bring it below 100. Now to get my low blood pressure regulated.

    OK.....AFTER you read this get a pencil and paper and make a note then look up all your meds for side effects.

    Spring: You've got such a tender heart towards the doggies. Just don't break down and take in another one! LOL Onions! Goodness.....that's a staple for anything. I'm sorry you've got such miserable weather. I think most places are awful right now. It's been so hot and thank goodness I have AC. I don't normally run it that much but this summer the heat bothers me a lot so of course, my bill is high. Thank you for your prayer.

    Mikie: Stay safe! Too bad they didn't name her Ethel instead of Erica.......think I love Lucy. And I wonder who gets to choose the name?
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I'm sitting here in the A/C after being out in the heat and humidity. My dear old friend and I had coffee on the Balcony. After he left, I repotted two plants and cut some more blooms and a frond off the palm trees. Then, I swept the Balcony floor, eaves and window sills. I swept the bugs and cobwebs off the front of Barb's door. I even swept the light fixtures. At some point, we will have to have our sidewalks and the Balcony pressure washed. Sidewalks here turn green in the rainy season. My sciatica was killing me while I was cleaning. Sweeping always riles it up. I folded the chairs out there and brought in the cushions.

    I am also looking forward to cooler weather. It is only in the 80's today but it's soooo humid, with Erika's rain ready to soak us tomorrow and Tues. There are flood watches already, even though the rain isn't supposed to hit us today. It's gray and ugly out. I just hope the storm doesn't reorganize once it's in the Gulf. What kind of name is Fred? How could any storm named Fred cause problems? BTW, the Hurricane Center has their computer pick the names randomly, except for alternating between men's names and women's names and selecting in alpha order. Once a storm is named, that name is not used again. Storms in the Pacific have their own names, separate from the storms in the Atlantic. Some refer to hurricanes in the Pacific as cyclones.

    Julie, hope you and Den are just enjoying yourselves today as best you can under the circumstances. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    Rock, I thought if Tweety got sick I'd have to get her a cat scan. Love your pun; it's better than mine. When I let Sir Vester in, does that make him an invester? Sometimes, I call him, vestibule, Mr. Hall. Don't know whether or not he's a punster. He loves to watch me do almost anything. He enjoys watching the toilet flush and watching me in the tub. Both love to watch me clean but I've done so little cleaning lately that there isn't much to watch. He has such a cute, funny face and, when he's fascinated with something I'm doing, his expressions are priceless. My friends, who are all animal lovers, think it's great that I continue to fall deeper in love with the kitties. BTW, that big old dendrobium in the tree, which is a memorial plant for the friend who gave it to me, has now covered the small pot with roots. Think I'll repot it in one of those big wooden slat containers. It is blooming on three of its canes and, I'm sure, my friend is looking down on it and smiling. Thanks for the offer of some of your NRG. I'd return the favor but mine is also in the negative zone right now. That said, however, in math, two negatives turn into a positive so maybe we will both be in the positive zone with our NRG. Is this what they call, "fuzzy math?"

    Spring, I'm so sorry you haven't been well. The quakes, heat and political unrest don't help things. I think those of us living in such heat will greet cooler weather with open arms. You are so sweet to visit and donate to the dog pound. The dog pounds here collaborate with pet stores to have functions to raise money and get their dogs and cats what they call, forever homes. Vets here donate their time to help animals who have been injured. One dog lost its leg and a man who makes prostheses for humans donated an artificial leg for him. The dog seems just fine using it. I've seen dogs, and a pet pig, use those little two-wheel wagons for their rear legs when they become paralyzed. They just use their front legs to pull their little wagons along. Animals are amazing. Sending prayers for your feeling better.

    Sun, I think a storm named, Lucy, might cause a lot of damage but, unless it's a bad year for hurricanes, we don't usually get into the L's. Yes, Ethel might be quite a storm too. I'm just not seein' it for Fred. Fred is still just a TS, close to the African Coast. Weatherman points those storms out but always says that it's too early to worry about them until they get closer. I'm glad that you have your A/C for when it's this hot. Mine runs all the time just to handle the summer heat and humidity. My bill last month for electricity was $81 (we don't use gas). Not bad considering that, before I got this more efficient unit, it used to run close to $100 in the summertime.

    Think I'll finish reading the newspaper and do the puzzles. I didn't have time this morning because of having coffee on the Balcony. Sending love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Darn it I lost my long post. That makes me so mad:mad: and this silly computer is also changing my fonts and I have to keep fooling with it so I can read it. If I ever find it I will send it on to you.

    MIKIE - Hope you especially dodged the bullet with Erika. However, I see there are a couple more following it including a TS FRED. There is a whole line of them we have to watch now and DS is a bit nervous about it. Also hope you feel better soon.

    SW - Hope you feel better too and you get some cooler weather but not COLD.

    JULIE - So glad things are going better for Den and hope it continues. Happy Den will get help with the roof before the cold weather sets in. Hope he doesn't need any more treatments other than Thyroid meds. Is he taking any heart meds still? Also hope that they can get his heart started in the right rhythm so that will be taken care of. Otherwise it will hopefully just take some more time. Does it feel that uncomfortable for Den's heart to be in A - Fib??

    It is time for lunch so I need to send this on before it disappears too. Hi to all not mentioned too. Bye for now.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2015
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids
    I thought you'd all want a report on my medical condition. I still have an owie
    on my head. It's about the diameter of a ping pong ball. Possibly some miscreant
    struck me with a ping pong paddle in the dead of night. Except I'm always awake
    in the dead of the night. And we don't have a ping pong paddle. Although there
    is a baseball bat around this ranch somewhere. Our batting average, however,
    is pretty low.

    What would someone gain by striking me with a ping pong paddle? Or I suppose
    I should say, what would be the net gain? Well, guess I'll have to table that
    question till next time.

    Mikie, the tweetment pun was cute, but I merely passed it along. We'll have to
    investigate Sir Vester's status. Speaking of original, I did some research on
    hurricane names. Came across a funny essays on hurricanes. About the
    newscasters who stand in the ocean and warn everydobby to stay away from the
    beach. It was, in fact, a Dave Barry piece. Went to his site to verify same. Even
    though the site where I read the piece says Copyright Cybersalt. Ya think Dave
    changed his name?

    Sun, Mikie's research dovetails with mine regarding hurricanes and their names.
    There used to be lots of jokes about why hurricanes are named for women. (When
    they leave they often take a guy's car and house.) They've been using mens'
    names too since the 70s. The name is actually selected by a groundhog who is
    offered a tray of dog biscuits with names printed on them.

    BTW, did you guys know a groundhog and a woodchuck are the same thing?
    Another name is whistle pig. If you go to Youtube you can hear them whistle.
    You can also hear Bridge on the Kwai, but those whistlers are largely human.

    Did you know in the old studio days they had some very talented specialists
    on the staff. (Or at least on call.) People who could whistle, write beautiful
    script, yodel, crack a whip, etc. MGM had as many as 6000 employees. The place
    was a complete city with its own hospital, electric plant, foundry, police force.
    (The cops were trained to recognize all the actors who had contracts with
    MGM and were required to salute the stars of which they were 33 during the
    peak years.) Can you tell I'm reading (another) book about Louis B Mayer
    and MGM?

    Sun, thank you for your advices. I did make a note about side effect. Seems
    I wrote it sidewise though. Kinda hard to read. I read a year or two ago that
    the old advice to drink 8 glasses a day had no scientific basis. The article
    did not say if any new number was recommended.

    Springwater, sorry you're not feeling too perky. You're lucky you don't
    live on Jupiter. That planet has 63 moons! You'd have a full moon every
    night and then some. I wouldn't object to onions in the lentil soup. I
    do, however, object to the lentils. I think I previously posted about the lentil
    soup I made years ago. The lentils had all the flavor and texture of gravel.
    Did I do something wrong? Probably.

    Ha det bra, Folks
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I'm back at least for a bit until we leave to go to DD's to watch the game and dinner. OUCH, a little while ago I hit my toe in the bathroom without a proper shoe of course and it sure does hurt. I am finally putting some ice on it as I type. Hope it will help the swelling a bit. I see that it is already black and blue on one side of the toe.

    JULIE - Just guessing that you are spending a rather quiet day today watching TV with Den. You both can use that till your much busier day tomorrow and hopefully a very uneventful trip home :)!!

    MIKIE - Don't wear yourself out girl with all you are doing? Of course you are not sure about that Hurricane that may not be a hurricane any more . Hope you get some just much needed rain like us.

    Hi there ROCK, et al - Love your humor. Hmmm- remember Good Humor ice cream???? That was awhile ago for sure. Now I am not supposed to have sugar or milk products so where does that leave me. I just have to cheat every once in awhile with not a lot but talk about boring and I am getting at a loss of what to fix from the way I used to cook. Was in the habit of making stuff with Cream of Mushroom soup and all that stuff has some milk products. DH can have milk products but I am not going to make lots of different things for both of us. We love lentils . I suspect you didn't put some of the right stuff in it when making the soup. Don't know how SW makes hers. I know onions is in there for sure and I think some carrots to in the soup. You can also grate some white potatoes in there too.

    JAIME - Hope this finds you feeling a little better and not to gloomy today. Also hope your doggie is feeling a little better too.

    HI to DIANE, ELAINE, DAR and so many more of our MIA's.

    Love to you and all
    Granni :)
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi all; Too much going on for me to keep up.-- though I do read you everyday!

    I'm still exhausted from my trip to the doc on Friday; I don't get around much anymore. Oh well, I've scaled the Sierras, hiked Death Valley, explored the Mohave and Anza-Borrego deserts. I've traveled around in Costa Rica, Switzerland, France, England and Scotland too. I guess I've had my fair share. ;)

    Rock, I was just telling Richard that I would be glad when soup weather was upon us. YES you screwed up your lentil soup if it had the texture of gravel!!! Didn't you whiz it up with a stick blender? As for taste, you get what you pay for. Only use the petit gris lentils for salads.

    Sorry for all in pain, anxiety ---- my condolences and blessings to you all.

    I've got to stop reading the news --- it is always so sad-making. Palmyra, Trump, migrants in peril, too much barbarism based on religion and fanatical interpretations. So, so sad....

    We had a rainy night the other day. First rain in months, and it helped a lot with all the wildfires. And also washed the dust off the huckleberries, so gathered a handful, dropping many in the process.o_O. I love them, and they are so abundant this year. I should make a huckleberry pie -- but that's more in Richard's line of cooking. I wish I could get up the energy to make up a big pot of menudos --- I've been craving it. Will probably settle for a can from the store.

    Julie, you are in my thoughts with Den.
    Sun, why are you giving up gabapentin? 300 mgs. is a minuscule dose. I was taking 2700 mgs for quite a while. I am reduced now to 1200mg.
    Spring, thank you so much for your compassion for animals. You are blessed!

    Mikie, no energy here on the west coast either. :(
    Jaime, nice to meet you.
    I'm going to read now,
    Love to All

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: Yes, you have had a giant share of traveling and I know you have wonderful memories to think on. I'm trying to get off the gabapentin because at times I just feel loopy.....I deal with senile head tremors same as my mom but it's done nothing to help them. And ALL meds have their side effects, you just have to weigh in on the benefits. I also had tingling in my legs and feet for about 3 weeks almost non stop and it was driving me CRAZY. I don't want to develop peripheral neuropathy and many meds can contribute to it.

    Oh yes, I've been wanting to buy one of those blender sticks instead of using my regular blender.....what a pain to clean it. With this heat I eat a huge chef salad for lunch every day. Today it was spinach, some grated carrots, red cabbage, avocado, some ham and cheese slices, sunflower seeds, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I usually have to eat quickly otherwise I get filled up and can't finish it. But I'm looking forward to cool weather and soups.

    Rock: From what I've read about drinking ENOUGH water, not coffee tea or juice, is that it dilutes the urine and of course the sugar and will bring your reading down. And it's good for me in all respects. It's just a habit that one has to cultivate. Do you test your blood sugar daily? I know you mentioned you're diabetic. I've done pretty good with giving up all known sugars and I've gotten into the habit of reading the labels. Last night I had a glass of red wine but drank a lot of water afterwards to dilute it in my gut. So the reading this morning was 91 which I feel like celebrating.

    Granni: sorry you stubbed your toe. Hope you didn't break it. I ran into a doorway a few years ago and one toe didn't make it thru. It hurt like the #%$^@, I tried taping it to the other one but since I wear flip flops it was just a pain. So it healed wrong and sticks up. Guess I should have gone to the doctor.

    I took a walk early this morning before it got hot then came home and potted up some more succulents. My potting table in back is such a mess so I figured it was time to do some cleaning. Still have a lot of succulents left so I might just put an ad on freecycle and let someone have them.
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Deat Sun, I'm taking gabapentin FOR idiopathic peripheral neuropathy (small fibre ). The gaba has helped me a lot; not so much the tramadol -- which I seldom use now. Somedays my PN is through the roof, somedays not at all. Very peculiar! I also take alpha-lipoic acid for the pn, and sometimes mj. :rolleyes: which helps a lot. Ditto with anxiety issues, of which I have plenty. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired! :mad:

    Picked more huckleberries today. Preparing for the Apocalypse, ;)

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