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    Hello I peeked in and saw a new Porch needed opening.

    Please come on in, lay down, rest, dream, daydream, relax, do whatever you want to.

    Help yourselves too ...to whatever you like.


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    Julie - seems like you have your hands full..when were they not. I truly wish Grandpa and Dens issues hadnt not happened together. And now the stress is showing up on you.

    It seems like all of us are not doing mighty good at the same time..pain issues, fatigue issues, and the depression which goes along with it.

    Granni - im glad your DH won something even if you werent as lucky. I didnt even realise you had gone away.

    Rock - ive not been too far from having me a good cry myself...i think its therapeutic actually to let it out once in a while. We had an Indian ad here some time ago which kind of said its all right for boys to cry. Or that we shouldnt tell boys they dot cry.

    The goldfish plant whch my friend had, i dont know now whether it was the same you showed us. Hers was an orange elongated bulb bright orange with two very noticeable mini bulbs sticking out at one end and looked like a deers head.

    here are some intriguing orchids i found on the internet.

    naked man orchid


    dancing girls orchid


    parrot flower


    Mikie - its the heat among other things...i dont think i will remember this year as anything other than annus horribilis..as Her majesty called the year Windsor castle burned down.

    Sun - that was scary having to take out so many vials of blood. I went thru that stage once, ten years ago...running from one doc to another trying to find out what was wrong with me. taking out blood at each for one test after another. In the end it was a digene and a tranquillizer which got me out from a year long suffering period. From throwing up constantly,

    I hope you find somethng that helps with the pain, and other issues.

    Well, need to go make a cuppa tea for the DH. Love you all.

    God Bless

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    OMG, Spring, everything looks delicious! Thanks for the lovely picnic and for starting us up again. I hope all is going better with you. Yes, this has been an annus horribilis for you. How long will it be so hot and rainy? Your seasons seem to be a lot like ours here in FL. Today is the first official day of fall and we will have another four weeks or so of this heat but it will be tapering off. Rain will be off and on too. Those orchids are amazing. Oh, oh, Gordon will be losing his mind, trying to find them if he doesn't already have them. We just got a new birdhouse prayer box (God box, as it says in the scriptures) and I'll be dropping in prayers for all of us. Hang in there, my friend.

    Granni, so sorry you didn't do well at the casino. I remember when Vegas was cheap and I still didn't care about going there. Friend of mine was in construction there and got out as he said he was sick of having to deal with the mob before he did anything. I'm also sorry you are struggling with your diet. After a couple of days off sugar, I don't crave sweets. I can pass up most anything. I don't cut dairy completely but I don't have much of it. I have a wee bit of Lactaid whole milk in my coffee each morning. I would think you would be noticing some improvement in how you feel by now if the diet is working. Can you tell a difference? I hope so.

    Julie, I'm so glad you are getting the medical attention you need. It's your turn. I know how difficult it must be to think sis is skating through life carefree but she really isn't. People like her are tortured souls. Just pray for her and let it go at that. Concentrate on your own health and well-being. You deserve the best so give it to yourself. Be your own best friend and treat yourself as you would your best friend. Pamper yourself now and then. It's good for you. If I could, I'd take us both to a spa for the day. As I mentioned to Spring, we have a new birdhouse/prayer box and it will be stuffed with prayers for all our Porchies. Keep us updated.

    Rock, I hope you are feeling better today. Check out Spring's orchid pics. They are amazing.

    I slept eight hrs. last night, except for letting the kitties in around 2:00. We have a little gray cat in da hood that is out at night and it goes where there are other cats. It climbed the screen enclosure of my friend's lanai, trying to get inside to her cat. Sir Vester and Tweety will yowl when it comes around. I have to let them in so they don't wake the neighbors. I don't turn on the light but I do give them their treats. They settled down on the bed and let me sleep late. I have cut down on the amt. of little treat pieces they get. We are all on a diet. Their little sides are bulging out because they don't get much in the way of exercise. I have to drag a string on the carpet to get them to move. Their smackdowns must burn a few calories.

    Today is the official Autumnal Equinox when the nights and days are equally as long. Sho 'nuff, the sun rose right over my friend's, Joe's, balcony outside his front door. We are now losing about a minute a day. When standard time is here, we will gain an hour. Wish they would make up their mind and either leave it standard or daylight saving all year. None of this switching back and forth. I hate it.
    I have to call Comcast. I never got the e-mail confirming my new good deal. They probably lost it and won't do it again for me. The customer service is scattered all over and one doesn't know what the other is doing despite the fact that everything is supposed to be entered in the central computer system. They are hopeless. As though I need more stress in my life. :(
    As I mentioned to Granni, I have started my diet. No more sweets except for fruit. The first day, I felt faint off and on but am now OK. I slept so well last night but that may be a fluke. Today is only the third day on the diet. I'll be eating more veggies, some good protein, some fruit and nuts and seeds for snacks. I put Chia seeds on my cereal this morning. Does that mean my stomach will look like a Chia Pet inside? Yikes!!! :confused: DD#2 does well on a similar diet but she eliminates gluten. I've tried it and it doesn't make me feel better to eliminate it. I like pasta now and then. I'm hoping this diet will get me back on the weight loss path.

    After the pool this morning, I'll be going to Publix to get fresh veggies. I picked up some fruit at Target yesterday but I don't usually like buying my produce there. I want to get back to making green drinks in my Nutri-Bullet. Today is the last day for buying Puffs tissues on sale and I need to get a few. I got through tissues like crazy. I still haven't gotten to Home Depot for a couple of new plants for the lanai and some ant spray.

    Well, Kids, that's my plan for the day. Don't know whether I'll hold up long enough to make it to HD but, if I don't, I can go tomorrow. I'm like Scarlett O'Hara--"Tomorrow is another day!" ;) Hope this day is the best for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Springwater, that's some picnic spread. I see strawberries with kiwis and apples and
    sammiches and pasta and fried chicken and cucumbers and stuff too fierce to mention.
    Where did you find the exotic orchid pix? Here are some miltonia orchids aka the
    pansy orchid. I don't know if they grow around here. I have never seen any except
    at orchid shows. The vendors come from all over: Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, etc.
    Lots of exotic plants.


    Granni, How long are you to stay on your diet? Avoiding both sugar and dairy sounds
    pretty difficult to me. I hope there will be stuff you can eat at your luncheon today.

    Mikie and Springwater, thank you for your kind words. I agree, Mikie, "Anger, depression,
    and sadness are appropriate reactions" at times. Got a Daedalus book catalog yesterday.
    There is a book about aging and dying. "How to make the most of our time, avoid depression, and stay happy...maintain a loving energy and blah blah blah transform ourselves." I am not gonna buy that one. I would like to see a book of photos from the Civil war. It comes with a stereopticon for 3-D viewing. It's the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. I remember the 100th anniversary. Lots of books and records put out to commemorate same.

    Gordon's car has to go to the garage today. It wouldn't start yesterday. It's 25 years
    old. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. [​IMG]

    Hugs to everydobby
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    Spring: strange little orchids! I think God has a great sense of humor when he was creating everything. Speaking of God, it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the emense universe out there. I've seen pics. of things out in space sent back from the Hubbel but I think I need one of those coffee table books to look at rather than my little ipad screen. And it's my understanding that there are now discovered millions more of galaxies.

    I'm sorry about your financial loss after the earthquake. Is this a building that will eventually be repaired or what? It must be very hard having to add more furniture, etc in your already cramped home. Perhaps you could just sell some things? When my mom moved from her mobil home to a retirement home I was stuck with a lot of things that I had to cram into our home and garage. I didn't want to sell anything......how could I tell her? But now with my own situation I really would like to unload some furniture but the economy is not that good so I just make do with being a tad cramped.

    Rock: I think we've all been pushed to the point of crying, so it's only natural. It's a great stress releaser. I remember once years ago that too much was going on in my life, lots of pain and fatigue and other stresses, and my son was over for dinner. I had made pizza......I usually made the dough, the sauce, etc. and when I was taking it out of the oven, trying hard not to burn myself, it fell off the pan onto the floor! I just started crying. My caring son came over and put his arm around my shoulder and said we could still eat it! So he scooped it off the floor! !!!!! I try really hard to always keep control of my emotions but at that time they just got to me.

    Mikie: I agree with you. I hate when we have to go daylight saving and now it's almost dark by 6:30 at night I keep wanting to go for a walk in the late afternoon when it's a bit cooler but it gets dark soooo quickly Goodness......a cat jumping on a screen can cause a huge amount of damage.

    I've been off sugar for about 6 weeks now. I think it took about a week to lose the craving and I've cut out all bread stuff except for 2 corn tortillas a day. I've also tried going gluten free for over a month but it didn't see to make a difference in how I feel. A lot of those blood vials were for the allergy tests she was running. I think she's trying to cover everything, including a complete thyroid testing and cortisol, etc. Today I go for the dexascan. I cancelled the mammogram though. What Ive read is that over 70 it can cause more harm than good. Everyone has their own ideas and I'll stick with my thoughts at this time.

    Granni: we've all asked.....are you feeling better now that you've been on this diet? I would say if not, then it's not food that's doing it. Glad to read your DH came home with $. And do you do the "spit test" first thing in the morning to check yeast? I was doing pretty good with it, while taking oregano oil, but over the spring and summer I slacked off taking it, and sure enough....the spit test was bad. So I'm back to taking the OoO.

    I've been doing a lot of reading about the gut/brain connection. Most interesting. I'm trying to add either plain yogurt or sauerkraut in my diet. Apparently it helps put good bacteria in it. I take soooo many supplements that the thought of swallowing more pills (probiotics) just isn't something I can do. And now that I have to watch everything I eat because of pre diabetic and make sure I drink enough water every day, it just feels like a heck of a lot of work. I did buy some sugarless chocolate candy at Trader Joes but I still can't pig out.....allow myself 2 little squares in the evening as my dessert. And I have to say it's not very good. I even found that eating too many grapes one day shot me over the top the next morning.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from shopping. I found fabric for my new valance for over the sliding glass doors. I ran into a woman at the fabric store as I was trying to choose and she showed me the one she got for her valance. I had planned to go more whimsical but just know whimsical won't last and, in six months, I'd be sick of it. I got the one the other woman chose and I think I'll like it. It's tropical but not Florida tacky--no pink flamingos. There were a lot of pretty prints with fish and shells but, again, they might look OK for a while but have no staying power. I got a print on cream but the print covers most of it so the background is small. There are tropical leaves in shades of teal/aqua, shades of green, and just a wee bit of a rust color. I saw some turquoisey blue drapes in a similar fabric and will pick them up for the sides of the window. The print repeats so that I can pick my favorite leaf for the center of each panel in the box-pleated valance. I got enough fabric to make some throw pillows to match. Everything was 50 percent off so I really scored big.

    Only one friend at the pool today but it was nice for just the two of us to chat. She is quiet when there is a gaggle of us. She may be going to the symphony with my dear old friend and me. In Oct., she will be flying to Europe for a river cruise. But, I digress... I have more NRG now that I'm off the sweets and have no desire to eat them. I'm lucky that way. I worked out hard, came home and changed and went off shopping for a couple of hours. I got a Publix "Super Foods" salad at the deli. It's all the good stuff I should be eating. Got my Puffs tissues on sale so I'm a happy camper. OMG, there's a guy on PBS TV cooking a pork loin on his grill. He's making a Tennessee glaze for it out of equal parts, butter, brown sugar, mustard and Jack Daniels. Now, I'm drooling. His website is BBQUE.net.

    Rock, those orchids are spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing. I would also rather have a book on the Civil War than one on getting old and dying. There ought to be lots of self-help books at the library. I think one way to avoid depression is not to spend too much time reading about it. The book on the war you describe sounds fantastic. Have you watched the Ken Burns series on the Civil War on PBS? It's well worth seeing. He uses actual photos of the war, current video of the battlegrounds and actors voicing the parts of the historical participants. It's so much better than most documentaries. His series on the Roosevelts was wonderful too. I hope the mechanic can resurrect Gordon's car. I pray every day that my old Highlander keeps on keepin' on. It's 13 years old but it's low mileage and has always had preventive maintenance done.

    Sun, that orchid on the left looks like a watercolor with those little drips on the petal. I'll bet you could do a beautiful painting of it. Like you, I thought I'd stop the mammos but have decided to keep on getting them. My friend, Joan, is 82 and they just found her breast cancer. She's gone through hell with her mastectomy, radiation and chemo. I'm also amazed by the thought of the Universe. It's more vast than we ever imagined and scientists think it's infinite. When I think about it, if it isn't infinite, what's beyond it? I hope when God calls me Home, I can get some of my questions answered.

    Yes, cats on the lanai screens aren't good. They make a screen that they can't get their claws into. I was worried Tweety and Sir Vester would claw my screen but they don't seem interested in that. They have a scratching post out there on their kitty condo. Glad the doc is running so many tests; I hope you get some answers. I don't take as many supps as I used to but my probiotic is one I've been taking for decades and will continue to take for the duration. More and more, the health gurus on TV are leaning toward the prebiotics, probiotics and super foods. My diet and supps are one of the few things I can control--that and exercise, as long as my bod holds up for the workout.

    I'm out of steam now but not as exhausted as I usually am from working out and shopping. Hope this is a trend. Like everyone here, I'm sick of being sick 'n tired all the time. Too much to do around here. Hoping and praying for lots of NRG for all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spring: Such lovely flowers; I would not like to meet a naked man that looked like THAT though! :eek::confused:. Do many kinds of wild orchids grow in your region? Do you grow any? I am about to toss a couple of Phaels out because the house is too crowded with plants, and I really don't know if I can get them to rebloom.

    For you dieters out there, I went gluten-free for six months and then gave up. This was about ten years ago. I understand that docs. think there is a fad for non-gluten foods. And they truly think too many people are self-dxíng. But what do I know? I do know that I would consult a physician first.

    ROCK: crying is good for you. With the state the world is in, the idiocy of politics right now, our illnesses and all we have good reason for crying. And it IS harder aging than I thought it would be! What kind of car do you and Gordon have; I imagine a Bentley. Am I right? :rolleyes: Our old Saturn is starting to need bits done all the time. $$$$:eek:

    Richard has decided that he wants a steak for Friday dinners --- not my favourite. The best parts of the cow for me are the tongue and the tripe. The brains are boring, the tail is good but fatty, the kidneys are good if they are calf. Well, I've probably disgusted you all, so will sign off with:
    Love to All,
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    Another really quick one :)!! I hate being away from the Porch and then when I come back there is so much to read and take in. I can't stay on here and need to check something for DH and then get ready for beddy bye,

    MIKIE - What do you put in your green Nutribullet? I would like to try a few but don't think my DH would want to drink it. Went to our luncheon today and it was really neat with a well known chef showing us how to make a few fancy holiday dishes or appetizer, that is supposedly easy to make. This guy was a showman and very funny. The food was also good too. I cheated though on my diet but didn't have to much choice. Well, I paid enough not to eat it :)!! Watching the Popes visit on and off also today.

    SUN - My b/p seems to be doing much better from what I can see but just haven't taken it as much as I probably should have been. My problem is that I have a lot of problems and I don't think she is able to take care of all my problems all at once. The diet and nat. meds are working mostly on getting rid of that fungus and b/p and giving me that strong antioxidant. I can also take liquid olive leaf for b/p if needed but right now I don't think so unless I start getting rid of my real b/p meds. Not sure I can do that any time soon. I go back to see her in Dec. so hope for at least some improvement in that area. I don't expect the pain to disappear with the nat meds I am taking unless I take a lot more of them daily. They are not cheap so I will see. One bottle is for less than a month's worth. My problem is that I have to many problems ):!! I am trying to be very patient.

    JULIE - Keep on hanging in thee JULIE and try and take care of yourself for a change. Glad that you are getting some tests done and hopefully they can get to the bottom of what ever it is that is really bothering you and fix your right up.

    I forget all who I have read about on this threat and what they wrote. So I will send my love to awl.

    ROCK - That is right, crying s good for you and is a great release for you. Hope you are doing as well as expected. If you write I do not remember what you said. You are not the one with problems with your memory - yikes !!

    BARRY - You actually say that you like tongue - YIKES. You have got to be kidding. My mom used to make me eat it as a kid and I hated it. Haven't had it since but if you like it go get some and eat as much as you want, eat my portion too :)!!

    SW and DIANE - Hope all is well with you both. Sorry if you wrote and I forgot what you wrote - duh !! Will try and get back tomorrow. Busy day tomorrow too.

    SW - OOPS I remembered , thanks for starting us up and that lovely spread to eat on the Porch. Looked like a picnic lunch - yum yum !!

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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    Barry - glad you and all liked the orchid pictures. I dont think they could be grown in my city because our temps are way too high. They probably could be raised in my hometown in the hills in India tho..cool, wet, with fine drizzly rain for three months..and dry, not too cold in winter.
    One of their main means of businesses up there in the hills besides tourism is exporting flowers, so. I did go to an exhibition of orchids here once but found most of the flowers very big showy although of course spectacular..(i never saw an orchid didnt make you wonder at Mother Natures innovativeness.) Maybe because the bigger orchids are hardier and able to stand the mostly hot weather here better.

    I gave up trying to grow orchids...they need so much nurturing here, which i am at the moment, unable to do. Tongue used to be a favourite of mine, and ive served up quite a few at parties, again not for a few years now since stuff happened and i stopped giving parties. They were so easy to cook tho..boil until tender with ginger, garlic, and then slice and fry with green onions.

    Rock - go to the site Bored panda. I found the quaint orchids there. They have a number of other equallly astonishing flowers....

    some of them are here

    monkey face orchid



    arent they ah-may-zing?? Gordon being an orchid enthusiast may be having some of these or at least know about them.

    Sun - when i look at some of the above flowers...and others as intriguing on the site..i
    feel like it cannot be a co incidence some of them look like faces!!! or figures of people. I wonder about the galaxies out there, the black hole etc..its all so vast..im sure they must have a purpose...even if scientists say no. it just happened. I remember seeing Larry King lives interview on creationism with a American astronaut, a spiritualist James Van Praagh, and some others and the astronaut said when he went out into space and looked down on earth and the galaxy, he just knew there was a Divine Presence who was at the bottom of it all. He wasnt very forthcoming, seemed embarassed but was adamant that he believed in Someone out there.

    Ive had run ins with the worst kind of things which one cant see...and been helped again by things one cant see, so i have no problem believing in the Divine. And that a piece of from what we were created is within each of us...which is what Buddhism teaches. That we all have God within ourselves. Time and again i have gone to see our monks and they ve always told me, i can seek help all i want outside, but in the end its me who can actually help me.

    Julie - dear one. I saw you posted after i had edited mine. You are as busy as ever, and giving. Lyndsey and gang are going to be so happy to have those crunchy apples and lovely applesauce. Your SIL is so so thick headed or uncaring, i dont know which. frightening Granpa like that with horror stories of her own medical procedure when she knows he already hates it.

    Oof. well, all i can say is, she was probably put on earth to test you in some way. Ihave plenty of those or such situations in my own life...i cant wait to get thru all of those and be rid of them.

    Mikie - i loved your descriptions of your furnishings...aaah what a haven to relax in. Isnt it interesting to think of and imagine the different ways one can dress up the same room? If money was no barrier, that is...I suppose thats why those movie stars keep changing homes..though i do think if i got exactly what i wanted i may want it to stay that way especially if it were connected with good memories.

    so Sir Vester and Tweety cat are getting fat are they? the little scamps.

    Well, time to turn to and get on with the day..

    God Bless

    God Bless
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    Hi Kids
    Above are a couple dracula orchids aka money faced. Gordon says they like cool weather.
    One of the speakers at a meeting brought some to display. He kept them in an ice chest.
    They grow in Mexico and S. America.

    Springwater, I went to the Bored Panda site. You are right. The flowers are astonishing.
    With regard to the subject of tongue, here are 2 old jokes. "You want some lunch? I
    could make a tongue sandwich." No, thanks. Actually the idea is unspeakable. I never
    eat anything that comes out of an animal's mouth." "OK, then. How about an egg

    Thanks for the clarification about the deer plant. So far we have no new goldfish.

    Julie, 25 quarts of applesauce? Did you make all of it yourself? You must have a
    freezer as big as the one Lucy got stuck in. Hope David has good luck with his
    interviews. That's great that the family can come visit. Where is the cabin
    they will be staying in?

    Granni, I like your summation of the situation. "My problem is I have too many
    problems." Very likely true of most of our porchers. Yes, a picnic lunch would
    be nice. Don't suppose many are as elaborate as the one Springwater posted.
    But can you imagine all the porchers at a picnic. "I can't eat that. Well, I can't
    have any of that. My diet doesn't allow, etc...."

    Barry, Gordon and I bought Toyotas the last time we bought cars. We
    were thinking about buying a Bently for a while. Gordon's job had him
    flying around inspecting properties for Freddie Mac; the Federal Home Loan
    Mortgage Corporation. He went all the way from Washington state to Texas
    to Hawaii. Sometimes I went with him.

    Anyhoo the Volkswagen folks had a plant in Texas. The British Bentley LTD
    company, as I'm sure you know, was sold during the depression in the 30s to
    Rolls Royce. Sixty years later it was sold to Volkswagen. Anyway we were
    in Texas so we stopped to take the tour of the plant.

    Our guide was a substitute as the usual fellow was away. He introduced
    himself as Ivan, an exchange worker from Vladivostok who usually
    worked on the assembly line. He and three friends were here for a year.
    So we were talking. Gordon asked about vodka. Yes, he loved it. Yes, he
    and his friends could work just fine after a glass of vodka at breakfast. Or even
    two glasses. Gordon said, what about 3. He said, "Well, we're all here."

    So we didn't buy a Bentley. Yes, you're right. The world is in sad shape, and
    so is the USA. The middle class has been decimated. I feel sorry for the folks
    growing up here. The good times are gone and not likely to come back.
    Regards to Richard and Shorty.

    Hafta go and come back later. Can't sit up any longer. Hugs to
    Sun and Mikie.
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    Hello Guys,
    It seems Buying A house in Vegas is not a good idea.:oops:
    so I think I should drop it.

    Thinking of shredding a few pounds.
    So I think the Fruit & Veggie Diet will help :p
    I just can't stand the heat these days so I workout early morn.

    Mikie, Barry, Sun, Rock, Granni, Diane and other porchies, How are you guys doin?:)
    images (2).jpg images (3).jpg
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, are you going to do all that sewing yourself? The only sewing I can do is
    sew on a button. My mother taught me just before I left for college. Also how
    to do laundry and how to play bridge. Anyhoo, I'm sure the place will
    look really spiffy when you're done. Post some pics by all means. Well,
    by electronic means.

    Yes, pink flamingos can be rather tacky as decor, but if one is a flamingo then
    pink is the only way to go. They get that way, I read, from their diet. All
    that beta carotene in the shrimp they eat. I wonder if that's true. Bugs Bunny
    only eats carrots. They contain beta carotene, and he's not pink; or orange
    either. Flamingos also eat blue green algae, so shouldn't they have a few blue
    green highlights here and there?

    Yes, I remember Ken Burns Civil War documentary. It was wonderful. And
    it introduced the world to Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar. I have only to
    hear the first three notes: instant nostalgia. Gordon bought the huge
    coffee table book from the documentary. I haven't seen it for decades.
    Packed away in a box somewhere, I guess.

    I'd sure like to enjoy a salad again. I never ate salads until middle age. Then
    I discovered you could make your own at the salad bar in Ralph's Market. So
    I used to concoct one on the way home from a work once or twice a week.
    But after a decade or so the store took them out. Well, I read salad bars spread a
    lot of germs. So apparently do ready made salads and sandwiches that you can
    buy at the market. Glad to hear you have more energy lately.

    Sun, You should have seem my cousin Alberta's house. After her aunt died she
    moved all of the furniture in her aunt's apt. into her home. It was kinda like an
    old fashioned furniture store. Remember when Ricky and Lucy* were moving to
    the country? You had to walk sideways between all the furniture. That cousin
    was something like a second cousin twice removed or something. She was an
    unpleasant, sarcastic woman but my mother loved her. Never could understand
    why. Something from childhood maybe.

    Well, good luck with your dexascan. Do you get the results soon? You're
    right about getting dark early. A couple nights ago we went to the library
    around 7 PM. I was surprised it was so dark. I guess old Otto (the
    autumnal equinox) done snuck up on me once again.

    Quinn, great pics. Are they from Bored Panada too? I revisited. It turns out
    they have more than flower pics.


    What kinda workout do you do? And where? Home, gym, pool? I used to
    do that stuff 40 years ago. It didn't make me any healthier. I was already
    healthy. Now I couldn't do it.

    Well, hugs everydobby

    *I Love Lucy is one of the frequent sources of info and reference points
    in my life along with Gary Larson cartoons and Dave Barry humor. Only
    the best I always say.
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    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Got a lot of sleep last night but am definitely not bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. I stepped on poor Sir Vester's tail while thinking I had plenty of room. He likes to lie right under my feet while I make my breakfast. He knew I didn't mean to do it and was immediately forgiving while I heaped the love on him. Tweety came running to make sure her brother was OK. I had to give her love and reassure her too. I just feel loggy headed but it may be due to the wine I drank out on the Balcony with Barb last evening. I don't drink much anymore and am not used to it.

    Don't know whether or not I'll go ahead and use the fabric I bought. It's a lot of work to make a valence and, if I don't just love it, I don't want to do it. If not, I'll just chalk it up to a $60 mistake and buy somethin else. The fabric store deeply discounts their fabric and they had 50 percent off on top of that. It isn't that I don't like the fabric itself; it's that I'm not sure it's going to look good with the area rug I have in here. I love the rug so don't want to get rid of it. Like Goldilocks, I need for things to be juuuuust right!

    All these orchid pix are amazing. Thanks for posting them. The dendrobium I bought for Barb when she had her stroke last year is getting ready to bloom on two canes. I have neglected it and didn't realize it was going to bloom. The one in our tree, which is a memorial plant to my friend who died, is blooming too. She gave me the orchid; she grew them and bonsai trees.

    Julie, OMG, did you make all that applesauce? Just picking all those apples would do me in. I'm saying prayers that David finds a really good job. Glad they will be there for a visit. I'm also praying that GPA's test and yours go well and that nothing serious shows up. It would be nice, though, if your tests would provide some clues as to how the doc can help you. GPA should know by now that he can't believe anything sis says but he is likely in denial that she is such a piece of nasty work. Good luck with everything.

    Barry, I'm with Richard; I'll take the steak and you can have all those other parts. AACK!!! I do think a lot of how we feel about various foods depends on the food we eat as children and the culture in which we grow up. In other parts of the world, organ meat, tongues, etc. are considered delicacies. In some places, deep fried insects and spiders are treats. Again, AACK!!! I have discussed my dietary changes with my doc. He doesn't seem to care one way or the other. He's a weird duck. Don't know whether or not he's a quack! Oh, BTW, I do love to eat duck. Instead of orange sauce, I like cherry sauce. Mmmmm! Are you getting any relief from the heat? I hope so.

    Granni, I put everything but the kitchen sick in the Nutri-Bullet. You don't have to put greens in it; you can make fruit smoothies if you want. The thing about greens is that they are sooooo healthy and you can drink them. If you don't like to eat greens, it's easier to just drink a small glass of them. I mix fruit with the kale, spinach and other greens. I throw washed strawberries in with their leaves. I put apple slices in but remove the toxic seeds first. I would think that losing weight and working out as hard as I do three times a week would cause my BP to go down but it hasn't. I think the kind of high BP that runs in families doesn't drop with weight loss and exercise. I still have to take my meds. Sounds as though you had a good time at that cooking show.

    Spring, more and more, scientists are leaning toward a Supreme Being because the Universe is so amazing and well organized that it couldn't have happened by accident. That's a far cry from how science saw things in the past. My family and I have had spiritual revelations that cannot be explained any other way. I look at the near-death experiences, not just the short ones but the extended ones, to see that there is more to things than just this physical realm. Thanks again for all those orchid pix. They are truly amazing. Some who have had NDE's say the flowers in Heaven are of colors we don't have here and they sing to the glory of God. I need look no further than the beautiful flowers we have here to believe. I used to have a sign in my garden that read, "One is nearer to God in a garden than anywhere else on Earth."

    Rock, the jury is still out as to whether or not I'll use the fabric I bought. When I was in high school, I took a dressmaking class from a master teacher. I made a pleated wool skirt, complete with zipper. I'm not much of a seamstress but that class has been soooo beneficial to me all this time. I made matching clothes for my girls when they were little when I couldn't find ready-made outfits for them. I even made a swim suit for DD#1 when she was in a synchronized swim group. I no longer make clothing but still use what I learned in that class to sew other things. The box-pleated valance isn't difficult; it's just a fair amt. of work. I made the one which is up now. It just feels tired so it's time for a new one. It's not the only thing which feels tired! I'm amazed that orchids which need a cool climate are from Mexico and S. America; it's hot in both places. It's hot here too but the orchids seem to thrive. I've not been taking good care of mine lately. Bad, bad orchid mom! Hope you're feeling better. I wish we were all able to meet on a real porch to regale each other with stories and jokes. You would be a host extraodinaire!

    Quinn, more exotic pix. Thank you! Hope you can shed the pounds if you need to and want to. I love veggies and fruit so it isn't difficult for me to eat a more plant-based diet. I need protein so have to have meat, eggs, poultry and fish. I think the Mediterranean Diet makes the most sense healthwise but we are all different with different needs. I think exercise is so good but, again, some of us can't do it. Good luck. So good to have you here on the Porch.

    Well, Kids, I need to read the paper and get going for the day. I do seem have more NRG. I hope it increases and lasts. Sending love, hugs and kisses, plus prayers, for all my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning my dear PORCHIES,

    Not much time to post actually but had to come for a quick visit my back or upper sciatica is bothering me today or started last night. Wondering if it was all the sitting in the car and casino while I eat my breakfast. Then I have to get dressed and go shop when DH gets back. Wish I didn't have to go as my upper side possibly sciatica is bothering me. Wonder if it is all the sitting I did at the casino and in the car.

    QUINN - How nice to see you again and thanks for the pictures you sent. Yes, I think I wouldn't want to live in Las Vegas. However, some people might like it, at least for awhile anyway. Yes, as MIKIE said some people cannot do a lot f exercise and some of it might not be that helpful. I think some is good for a little strength and flexibility, for me anyway. I also do some treadmill but not that often and I walk briskly shall we say and do not jog. Hope to see you more on the PORCH.

    JULIE - Good luck on David's interviews and your and Gpa's tests. Keep on hanging in there kiddo.

    SW - Sorry I forgot to thank you for all the lovely flower pics you posted too. Hope you are doing well and are not to HOT !!!

    It is getting late an I need to get dressed.

    Love to all - MIKIE, ROCK, BARRY, DIANE. SUN, et al.
    Granni :)
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: How about draping your new fabric over the old one and live with it for a week or so, then you can decide if you like the feel of it. If you're like me, fabric, colors, textures affect my moods, and also the amount of sun coming into your room can add to the emotions you feel. I've done that with fabric I've had, thinking about recovering a chair or even bigger a couch. I've made some awful mistakes by just jumping into a project.

    I took 4 years of sewing in HS and loved every bit of it, well except those times when I would take something to the teacher and she would have me rip it out. First item of clothes I made in class was a dress for my mom....I worked very hard on it and she loved it too.

    Rock: I should get the results from the dexascan in about a week. I was osteopenia years ago.....I'm just praying it hasn't ratcheted up. I'm with you on the Ashokan theme.......As soon as I hear the first notes I get teary eyed. My Dad's family lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the heart of the battles. A great grandfather was a doctor at that time but apparently he died from thyphus or typhoid......whatever it was that killed a lot of people. We think we suffer from our weather and food shortages! HA.......I couldn't imagine having to go thru that. And everytime I'm wearing my bare minimum clothes I think of the women having to wear black clothes and lots of them too. No wonder they fainted a lot.

    Quinn.....I think you're smart to nix moving to vegas. From what I've read is there are soooo many abandoned houses, and it's not a good environment to live in either. There's a reason they call it Sin City.

    Granni: At our age it's an ongoing battle of "moving those muscles" so just do a search online on youtube for some for the sciatic parts.

    Mikie: you had mentioned being in close touch with God. I have to share something that happened to me years ago. I had been at the doctor for a cold or something and happened to ask if it was normal that at night my heart would stop and I would have to sit up, breath extra hard to get it to beat. I was immediately sent across the hall for a heart test, then a holter monitor was strapped to me. I came home and told my kids...look, I was the bionic woman. Wore it for 3 days while it registered, went back to the doctor who looked at the record and told me he thought I needed a pacemaker and for me to go home and think on it. I did.....I did a lot of praying that saturday while lying quietly on my bed. Ran everything thru my brain and decided I would get it done then...........suddenly.........there was an audible voice in my room..........NOT in my head, that said: "But what about the fast heart beat?" I sat up and looked around, then said outloud, yes, what about the fast heart beat? So I decided against it, went back and told the doctor I believed I was going to be healed. I think I stunned him. He said he was also a Christian but he didn't agree. I left the office, KNOWING God was going to heal me.

    So my heart went back to beating normal for about 14 months.....then it was back again, so I again went to the doctor and again I wore the monitor. When I went back for the results he said he had seen what the problem was and that YES, a pacemaker would have been a waste. He told me he could give me meds. to lower my heart beat but because of the slow at night I could die, so I just had to live with it. So if I hadn't had that voice from God or my guardian angel I would have gone thru the operation.

    I've had a stressful day concerning my Ipad. I rely totally on it, though I do have a PC, but just can't sit at it. I downloaded the Apple update yesterday, and today I discovered my microsoft word was kaput. Tried to download it again, but it kept getting hung up. Tried everything I read on the net, so got angry and deleted it all then reloaded it fresh. So a small part of what I wrote was there......go figure......but a lot missing. Oh well. Just last week I was thinking I should just print off my "daily journal" for my own benefit and now it's gone. I HATE computers but we sure rely on them to work for us.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2015
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    It's 2 degrees cooler this morning--76 degrees. It feels wonderful. I have bed head so have to take a shower and do my hair before I head off to work out in the shallow end of the pool. Then, I'll either come home and work in here or go to Publix for groceries. I will buy at least $50 worth so I can buy a $50 gas card for $40. Just heard that people on SS will likely not be getting a COLA raise in benefits this year. It's linked to the Consumer Price Index but the CPI doesn't take groceries into acct. It is mainly based on inflation which is close to zero for 2015; however, again, that doesn't include a lot of things we buy. Now, we have this astronomical rise in the price of Rx's. What are poor older people going to do? Most of us don't have a lot of wiggle room and the poor have none. I'm going to write to my senators and representative to find out why Medicare and Medicaid can't negotiate drug prices like the VA does.

    Yesterday, I cut off seven palm fronds while our landscapers were here to haul them away. I also trimmed back the cassia tree branches which are impinging on the bldg. I need to get the ladder so I can get to the higher ones. It was only a couple of minutes before I was sweating like a farm animal. I came inside and felt sick so I rested and then took a soak in the tub. I went to bed and slept. When I got up, I fixed some pasta with garlic scallops in Alfredo sauce. I took a plate of it over for Barb and we sat on the Balcony and ate while it rained. The roof covers the balcony in front of our doors. I got more than eight hrs. of sleep so feel much better. I'm not sure any of my pals are going to be at the pool today. I don't want to miss a day of working out if I can help it. I'm hoping this diet and working out will help me to continue to lose weight. I think I need to be sure I am getting enough healthy carbs so I don't feel sick from low blood sugar.

    Granni, there are exercises for sciatica on You Tube and, if it is caused by periforma (misalignment of the pelvis and hip) those exercises really help. You could get one of those Icy Hot TENS units like mine; they help too. If I go out to shop and walk around the stores, my sciatica will act up. I try to always remember the unit before I set out. Target had the refill pads on sale last week. I bought two packs and got a $5 Target gift card, making each pack, with two pads, only $7.50 instead of $10. I hope your back is better.

    Sun, I am always amazed at how much we have in common. Thanks for posting about your spiritual experience. It sounds a lot like what has happened to me. I also don't know if the voice is God or an angel but it always sounds the same. What I hear is always true too. Supposedly, we all have the ability to "tune in" like this but, most of the time, our minds are too stimulated to be able to. Meditation is supposed to help us quiet our minds. I have to get my Dexascan in a few months. I too have osteopenia; mine is in my left hip. I also hated to have to rip out seams; my teacher was a stickler. Something that has stuck with me ever since taking that class is that every time I stitch, I press. That's a good idea to drape the fabric. I'll do it. I had reservations as soon as I brought it home. I don't usually make this kind of mistake. I'm so sorry about your computer problem. I keep thinking I will back up my pix and Word documents on a thumb drive but I keep forgetting to do it. My laptop has been acting up, mostly in startup mode. Hope you get the problems straightened out.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna go. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Yes, Mikie, I've been struck also by how much we seem to have in common. I've tried meditating and I either think of all the things I need to get done or I get very sleepy. My son went to a one week meditation class a few years ago to learn to calm his brain. He said it was REALLY hard because there was NO talking including in the kitchen where everyone pitched in. He meditates every morning for about 30 min. He did say even that's hard. I now how to breathe properly but trying to calm the brain is a problem. As soon as I wake in the morning, whether it's 2 a.m., 5 a.m. or 8 a.m. it feels like I'm overloaded with adrenalin. Years ago when I got like this I would go for a jog but now I can barely walk 20 min because of the COPD. My lung doc. told me I had to, to keep the lungs functioning.

    Why not purchase a glucometer to see if in fact you do have low blood sugar. That's what I always thought because of the awful drop in energy, etc. I bought it at Walmart, everything I needed ran me around $35. And like I've mentioned, big surprise to find I'm pre diabetic. I was BAD last night and ate sugar free chocolate....too much....knowing full well it has a lot of carbs. Well, this morning my fasting reading was 112. I've been very good for over 6 weeks watching the carbs, eating a lot of fresh veggies, and either fish or chicken. Some mornings it's been good at under 100 but I'm LEARNING what I can't eat.
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I just read some news about the Publix store in Tampa. Forgot what it was
    already. Land O Goshen! Well, there's a story about a brawl at the deli counter.
    Maybe that was it. Anyhoo your name wasn't mentioned.

    Yes, my Social Security check goes up every few years, but never by very much.
    I read the folks in Congress get a raise every year. They don't even have to vote
    for it. The raise is automatic unless they vote against it. How often do you think
    that happens? I trust Sir Vester's tail is restored to good health.

    When I was a kid we used to drive to La Cross, WI every fall. I think it was
    about 45 miles. Much of the route paralleled the Mississippi. You could see
    the cattails growing at the edge of the water. Red Winged blackbirds were
    often perched atop them. You could also see the muskrat houses in the water.
    Similar to the beaver homes. Every year we stopped at an apple stand and
    bought a bushel of apples. They were wonderful; lasted for 2 or 3 months, I think.

    Sunflower, it must have been frustrating to be a doctor when your great grand-
    father was alive. They had so little to work with. I was reading about various
    medicinal plants a couple days ago. The directions for some of them were:
    rinse the leaves, chew to a paste, apply to the rear. enjoy. life giving.

    Guess who just got back from running errands. He added to my previous sentence.
    Reminds me of an attorney who typed something cute on a letter while his secretary
    was away from her desk. She never noticed. Sent it out. We never heard
    any complaints. Guess the client also thought it was funny.

    Gotta go, Gordon wants the machine. Needs to review the orchid club
    newsletter or some such.

    Hugs Everydobby

    I'm not a big pasta eater. Never had Alfredo sauce. I do, however, have some
    recordings by the late tenor Alfredo Kraus. He was from the Canary Islands.
    Did he sing like a canary? Not really. He was a lyric tenor.

    Well, Goodnight Shirt, How did things get all discombobulated? Well,
    it will have to suffice.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2015
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Have so much to do today and for the program next week, etc. that I don't know where to start. Just want to come say hi to everyone. Seems like that day off and trip really put me upside down. Plus had to call this afternoon to get things rolling again with my bank. I couldn't get into my phone access or on line access for the bank. Luckily, I got a nice young lady who was able to get me up and running again, so many passwords, and ID, and access codes happening. My nice country bank is not a simple one anymore. They even had to change their name a bit so they could branch out, literally .

    Need to fix my stuffed peppers again and then get ready to go out to party on the patio with DD who wanted to go. Both DH's wanted to stay home. They have music and some dancing and line dancing that we both go to. DH is not that much into dancing , not that was his natural liking anyway. I have always loved music and dancing - genetics for sure. Not sure how much we will do and also how my sciatic feels. Seems a bit better today.

    MIKIE - I have the exercises and have to find them somewhere . I remember a couple of them off the top of my head. Hope you are feeling OK . Whoops again there goes my font - big here. Glad it was cooler for you this morning. It is warm and pretty muggy here today and also did some weeding this morning too with the little bugs swarming around.

    SUN - That is a wonderful idea of putting the material over the couch before recovering right away to see if you really like the material. Wish you and MIKIE were here then you could both help me to decorate my Disney shirt for our concert. I am afraid I will botch it up. Bought some glitter pens in WM yesterday and will probably get to work on it tomorrow. Hope it turns out OK.

    JULIE - Hope things are going OK for you today with all you have happening with your family. When is your family coming and how far away is the cabin they will be staying in overnight??? I know you are looking forwards to that. Hope GPA and sis are behaving themselves and that he is feeling and breathing OK. I know that can be very scary to have trouble breathing.

    Hugz also to QUINN, JAIME, SW, DIANE, ROCK et al !

    I need to go finish those peppers and then get ready to go out for a bit tonight. It is outside so hope we all don't bake even though the sun will be going down at that time.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    Decided to check in. I hadn't completely read the newspaper this morning before going to the pool so am on the laptop reading it and decided to drop in. One friend did show up at the pool and I really enjoyed talking to her one on one. I enjoy my group and we really get into funny and stimulating conversations but I love being able to selfishly enjoy them one on one as well. She took the concert brochure to see whether she might like any of them. I don't think her DH is interested. She and I always go to the Feb. Art Fest, the one where I got my little ceramic sieve in which I prepare my berries.

    I went to Target to see whether they had the drapery panels but there was only one left in the aqua. I had to order them from Bed Bath & Beyond. I've no idea how this whole thing is going to turn out. I stopped in at Stein Mart and picked up a pretty pair of silver hoop earrings and a softy-wafty throw in a smaller size for Tweets and Sir Vester. It's aqua blue with white paw prints on it. While at Target, I found a really classy looking long top in black with a beige ethnic looking design just on the chest. I'll have to wear something under it and found a camisole with the same racing back design to go underneath. Both were on clearance so were verrrrry cheap.

    DD#1 called me while I was driving from Target to Stein Mart. She just got a job after the grant money fell through on her last one. She is soooo excited because this job seems to be tailored just to her. She will have a couple of weeks off in between jobs. She always loves to clean in the fall before the holidays and this will be perfect. Wish I were up to traveling and I'd go see them for a couple of days but it will likely be a long time before I want to fly again. It's difficult enough when I feel decent (Lord, will I ever feel decent again?)

    I just had my 4th conversation with Comcast. I knew that last deal sounded too good to be true. It would have jacked my monthly fee to $85. As it is, it will be $75 for basic HD cable and internet--no dvd player. There is On Demand and streaming so I really don't need the dvd. Still, I feel totally bait 'n switched. Now, I just wait to see whether this will be another screw up. Comcast wouldn't let me get a slower internet speed for less than the $54 basic fee for the fastest speed. So, between the increase in my Rx's and Comcast, from $39 to $75, I'll have to find more wiggle room. I don't know how long I can do that if things continue to go up every year.

    Right now, I'm watching a PBS travel show on Switzerland. It is sooooo beautiful there. I hope that somehow, someday, I'll be able to go back and spend more time there. As it is, I can barely continue to live here if things keep going up. Whine, whine, whine!!! :( OMG, the guy on the show is touring chocolate factories and shops. I can have a bit of dark chocolate; in fact, I'm supposed to eat it. The chocolate in Europe is to die for.

    Sun, yes, I may get the glucometer to check my sugar. My labs have always been good each year but I don't know what it is on a daily basis. I'm just assuming it's low blood sugar which has attacked me after taking the sweets out of my diet. I will need to ensure I'm getting adequate carbs with bread, pasta or fruit. I also need to ensure I'm getting enough protein. Drastic changes in diet can cause some real disruptions in our lives. I have a difficult time meditating these days. If I do manage to clear my mind, I get too sleepy. I also wake in the middle of the night with the feeling of adrenaline in my legs. This is a relatively new thing in just the last few months when I began my back slide in health. I have very mild COPD so I can still jog in the water. I think having grown up at high altitude has helped make it easier for me to perform at sea level. I hope you can get things under control and feel better.

    Rock, well, I had hoped my brawl at the Publix deli wouldn't make the news.
    :D Seems that lately, everyone is ready to brawl or have road rage; it's in the news daily. The other night, there were four shootings, injuring seven people, including a five-year-old boy. They happened in the worst part of town. Cops think at least three of the incidents were related. Your fall trip sounds idyllic. I always loved fall in CO with the changing colors and, usually, an early snow storm. I have always loved the changing of the seasons and, in the fall, the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite. Even though it's close to 90 degrees out, I have placed my bountiful fall wreath on my front door. Barb has put out her faux pumpkin on one of the little tables on the Balcony so I guess I had better put one of mine on the other table. Congress is sooooo out of touch with the poor and/or people on fixed incomes. That they always get their raises is an affront to the rest of us. Reeks of, "Let them eat cake."

    Granni, you are a busy little bee today, even more so than usual. Yes, even a couple of days away from home can put a person upside down. Actually, I don't even have to leave town to be upside down. While it was cooler here this morning, it didn't take long for it to get muggy; we had a rainstorm about an hour ago. It's just about another month before we cool down and I can't wait. I'm having a good hair day and that's all that counts.
    :) I'm not much on dancing but do enjoy it now and then. If Richard comes down, I may have to brush up--he's a great dancer and enjoys it. I'm glad I kept my golf clubs in case he wants to go golfing. Don't know whether I can swing a club with my sciatica. What kind of Mickey Mouse shirt are you decorating? Do you have to draw the mouse or is it printed on the shirt so you only have to bedazzle it? I'll bet it will turn out just fine. Get DH to take a pic of you in it and share it with us.

    Gonna go. I'm relieved to have gotten Comcast taken care of, even if it means spending more. That is, if it really is taken care of. They screw up everything every time and it ends up costing me more money. Grumble, grumble, grumble!!!

    Love, Mikie

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