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    Come on in...i saw my post was 31 so i opened up a new porch.

    Sun - yes, we ve taken a hard hit with losing the income came from the rent of the buildings that need to be redone..life is so unpredictable...but so many people lost their lives AND their houses..we are lucky.

    love that you decided to revisit your manuscript you started...or write another
    book...i am excited. I used to write stories/poems when i was a kid of ten..but not after, my journal entries would be the closest to writing.

    Rock - i remember you said you are going thru an energy slump..me too. yesterday i had made a plan to go out and stock up on all essentials in view of the shortage going on due to the embargo on good due to political unrest..(the agitators went and set fire to three passenger buses with passengers in them, at the border so you can imagine what they will do to cargo vehicles.) but did i do it?

    no. I went and sat to rest awhile and then felt the fatigue overtake me so i kept 'resting'. Except it didnt feel too good. Was worried about all the chores but....whats to do. If the body is not willing, what good is it if the spirit is? The picture of the orchid is so funny isnt it? The one you posted too looked like a bird or something...with all those splashes of colour where eyes would be and n0se and mouth...strange how many of those flowers looked incredibly like monkeys..or birds. is it really a co incidence? or by design. will we ever know.

    Mikie - i love reading about your day...all the things you did, people you visited or just about your thoughts about people and things. I hope the kitty cats settle down and dont yowl any more in the night. Your DD is so lucky to get just the right job. In this day that is truly a blessing.

    Julie - hang in there. I know its easy to say. My thoughts are with you.I replied on the other place.

    Granni - busy busy busy you are. Stitching and putting glitter. Your DH is going to fall in wuv with you all over again when he sees you in the Mickey Minnie shirt! I hope the performance goes well. That pork roast sounded yummmm...as does all the food you make. I do admire everyone here on the board...working thru all the aches and pains and getting a move on, doing things needing to be done.

    God Bless

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    I'm bumping up this porch volume to the top.

    Please, no more posts on Vol 839!

    I'm wiped out, my friends. Too much stress. (nothing to worry about!) I'll post more when I feel better.

    Hugs and prayers to everyone. I'm thinking about y'all.

    Luv y'all, DIANE
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    Thank you for the new thread SPRING WATER and DIANE. I need to look some more at my music for tonight and the program tomorrow. It really bothers me that I was not at the last practice last week. I really needed that practice. Hope all goes well tonight and tomorrow. Tonight is what we call the dress rehearsal but we don't have our costumes on. The instruments will be there and all the extra acts will be ready or should be. I gave up on my shirt. Not going to do any more. I brought back the extra shirt I bought along with the extra glitter paint I bought.

    BTW, SPRING WATER, I did not do any stitching. If I did I probably wouldn't have much of a costume. I bought the Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirt as I was trying to get away with having to make up something. Then the director said to glitter it up and make it blingy or more flashy. Well, I did a little bit of filling in some areas of their clothing on the shirt and a little bit on the noses of Mickey and Minnie. I do not know how much anyone will be able to see from a distance anyway. I don't want to mess up the shirt any more, so that is enough for me. I just used glitter pens . That was enough supposed artistic work from me ;):)!!

    DIANE - I hope you aren't feeling to badly. Sorry to hear that you have some more stress from somewhere. Sometimes I know it doesn't take to much to add to everything we already have with the way we feel, etc. Hugz to you sweetie and hope you will feel better SOON !!

    Hope all is well with everyone. Thinking of JULIE, MIKIE, ROCK, BARRY, QUINN, JAIME, et al.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Spring: Whew.....all that family dynamics concerning a wedding. I guess that would fatigue me too. You all sure have a lot of traditions that must be followed. When my son married my DIL, she's Vietnamese so they also had rituals. My son explained all, but I found it most confusing. I guess the main thing was we were all to go to her mom's house several hours BEFORE the catholic wedding at the church. At some point of trying to "mingle" among sooooo many relatives, my DIL was brought out of a room by her mother, and her hand was put into mine, and I was told this is my new daughter. I was then to give a gift to the mother, and my DH gave a gift to DIL's dad. So when we got to the church, both son and DIL were outside before the ceremony. A friend came driving up and saw both bride and groom outside and thought they had gotten the time wrong.

    Yes, many people lost their lives and all their possessions so I guess you and DH were lucky/blessed.

    Mikie: I write on my Ipad using a free Microsoft Word app. This is what disappeared when the new Ipad update was installed. Yes, I lost but mainly just about 10 months of a daily journal. My stories I was busy copying from a hard copy I had printed. I do have a PC but I don't want to use it because I get terrible neck/back pains within 5 min. of sitting there. I've tried everything, a new chair, cushions and pillows, lowering the keyboard and bringing the monitor up close, so I DREAD when I'm forced to use it, which is just for downloading pics. from my camera, resizing them, then adding things for sale onto Etsy.

    When I write, it's very handy to sit at the kitchen table for about an hr at a time. I was reading up on selling stories thru Amazon/Kindle so that's what the plan is for me. And when I write it takes me to another place in my head and helps me forget how I'm feeling.

    Diane I'm sorry things are stressful for you. Have you gotten in to see your new PCP yet?

    Granni: you may have said before but what is this special program you will singing for? And I'm sure your shirt will look very festive with bling. I've never decorated one, aside from sewing on a pre made "bling applique.

    I had errands to run this morning while my cleaning lady was here. I got some $ out of the ATM and was shocked to see $$ was missing. Then driving home to get my latest statement I realized I was the one who transferred from one bank to another. "robbing peter to pay paul" so I had to head to my regular bank to get it straightened out. My brain sometimes isn't working quite up to snuff.

    Rock: what does "up to snuff" mean? If you use snuff do the brain cells work better? Perhaps I might check into that? LOL
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    Hi Sun

    In response to your question, there are two (well, at least two) views on the origin of
    the snuff bromide. I have always heard it in the negative. "He (or something) is not
    up to Snuff."

    Snuffy Smith is a hillbilly cartoon character who has been around forever. He is very
    short. Thus, guys not even as tall as Snuffy were really short, i.e. not up to
    Snuffy's height. Therefore, they were lacking. So the expression "not up to Snuff"
    meant whatever it was that was desired just wasn't there.

    The other (more scientific) view is that only the highest quality tobacco could be
    used for snuff. It had to be sufficiently robust that the flakes would not crumble
    into dust. It had to be aromatic. It had to withstand the rigors of storage and packing.
    Thus, it's up to snuff was the highest and costliest grade. Everything else was not
    up to stuff and was used for other purposes like cigarettes.

    (It should be noted that both of these historical views have equal reliability as I
    made them up myself.)

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    OOPS!!! I accidently posted yesterday on the old Porch--my bad! :oops: This is supposedly the emoticon for "Oops." Well, not much to tell anyway but I did respond to all y'all. Just want you to know I'm not ignoring you. My brain has been really bad lately due to exhaustion. Last night, thank God, the kids went out on the lanai and stayed out til after 5:00 this morning. I let them in, gave them their treats without turning on the lights, and went back to bed. Both came in and went to sleep on the softy-wafty throw on my bed. It's a big one and both have plenty of room. I slept til 7:00. Finally, enough sleep, even tho it was interrupted several times during the night. Those throws are worth their weight in gold. If we get some really cold nights this winter, they may have to share it with me.

    I went to the pool yesterday and worked out with two of my pals. The water was cold from rain the day before and, after I came home, I felt sick and achy. I shouldn't work out in cool water. So, once again, I got nothing done. This lack of NRG is getting to me. Whine, whine, whine!!! :( It rained all afternoon and evening yesterday from that huge low-pressure system moving up from the Yucatan into the Eastern Gulf area. It's going to rain all day today as well. Doubt I'll be going to the pool tomorrow. Our little retention pond out back is rising. I expect I'll see animals walking two by two down the street soon.

    Once again, I never received a confirmation e-mail from Comcast. Four conversations and four orders to upgrade for four different monthly fees. They could not be more incompetent if they tried. Sometimes, I think the incompetence is designed to up their profits. I think I need to go out to the Comcast center but I hate that place. It's always busy and I have to take a number. Last time, the woman was cold and aloof to me. Some of the so called customer service people there are nice. Oh well, if this is my worst problem...

    Spring, thanks for setting out such a lovely tea. Please know I'm praying for you and your country. Please try to be as safe as you can. Rarely does political or idelogical unrest turn violent here but we occasionally have some smaller outbursts of it when certain sections of society feel trod upon. Shootings by police can trigger days of protest in the towns in which they occur. These can turn violent, including looting and burning of stores and vehicles. Some protests can last for days and continue to be peaceful. We still have a long way to go in race relations. Our problems are nothing compared to what you are going through. Yours is a more widespread problem affecting the distribution of much needed supplies. Violence is bad enough but not being able to get what you need on a daily basis is untenable. No wonder you are exhausted. Again, my friend, I know you are in all our prayers.

    Diane, I'm so sorry you too are suffering from lack of NRG. Geez, it seems to be affecting most of us here. I pray for all of us so hope we can all feel better soon, including you, Kevin and the kitties. Come back when you can.

    Granni, hope your performance goes well. I'll bet the Mickey Mouse shirt is adorable. Is this part of a theme for the performance? Forgive me if you've already explained this; my brain is a sieve, especially when I'm not getting adequate sleep.

    Sun, I'm sorry you lost what you did of your writings/journal. I hope you can start new and be able to e-mail what you write to your PC. I don't think I could sit at a tower PC anymore either. I use both my laptop and Surface tablet on my lap while watching TV, sitting on the sofa. I really need to download my pix and dox but am too lazy right now to do anything I don't absolutely have to for survival. You write to get away from what ails you; I read and watch TV to get away from what ails me. Creative people usually excel in more than one area so I'm sure what you write will be exceptional. Good luck.

    Rock, I just thought of another possibility. Perhaps one is not up to snuffing out one's enemies. Leave it to me to go to the dark side. My Mom loved Snuffy Smith. She got a big kick out of some of the things he said. I remember a little placque she had on the wall which read, "A friend is not a person who is taken in by sham; A friend is one who knows your faults and doesn't give a damn." She wrote some wonderful little ditties herself and, as I've mentioned before, she was always in great demand to write them for special occasions at work. How's your NRG? Better, I hope.

    Before getting into the shower, I need to read the paper. I won't be having a good hair day with all this rain. AACK!!! :confused: I'll try sending this rain to CA and TX.

    Love, Mikie
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    I just wrote a big explanation of our program to SUN and all and the fonts went teeny tiny and then I tried to fix it and it disappeared. I brought it back and then it disappeared again for good. aaaaccckkk!!!!!

    It is our county chorale society opening program of our season which consists of 3 programs. This is our Dinner/Showtime which is usually our first one. The others will just be shows with no dinner. This one will be DISNEY show and thus we all had to have decorated shirts instead of our usual black dress. I thought I could get away with not decorating but our dear director had other ideas.

    Sorry you lost some of your information I think on your I pad or wherever you had it. That is very frustrating, I know when virus' must have attacked the computer. I lost a lot of my Family Tree Maker and consequently I haven't gotten much on it since them. I have all or most of the info but in books and on paper.

    Hi ROCK - I know all about Snuffy and not being up to snuff as they used to say since we are bout the same age. However, not sure if certain phrases were possibly used more in certain areas of the U.S. perhaps. I have no idea but I sure do remember it.

    JULIE - Hope things are going better for you and Gpa and hope things are progressing in getting ready for the kids visit. I forget when they are coming exactly or how long they will be staying. I know you all will have a great time revisiting. Drop by when you can.

    MIKIE - We must have been posting or you reposting at the same time. So I am adding this to my edit. Sorry but I really haven't had to much time to read all that you wrote. I will have to go back and re read !!! So much to do today.

    Well I had better send this. Not sure if I will get back on here later on or not. Thinking of everydobby. - MIKIE, SPRING WATER, DIANE, and all I cannot remember at the moment. This font is driving me crazy and I need to change it before I try and send. I need a microscope to see these letters. Why does it just change on its own, I would like to know???

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    I tried to watch a DVD that Gordon picked up at the library. As usual I couldn't
    get the durn thing ta work. Gordon usually can though. So far as I can tell he
    clicks on the same places I do. Guess the machine likes him better.

    I looked up the info on UTS (up to snuff). I found the same sorta vague info
    everywhere I looked:
    "The first meaning of up to snuff was somebody who was sharp, not easily fooled. This
    may have come from the idea of snuff being itself a sharp preparation, but perhaps
    because it was mainly taken by men of adult years and some affluence (it was expensive)
    who would be able to appreciate the quality of snuff and distinguish between examples
    of different value. The evidence isn’t there to be sure about its exact origin, though
    an early form of the phrase was up to snuff and a pinch above it, which at least confirms
    it did indeed relate to tobacco."

    Granni, did you wear your shirt? Are you posting a picture of same? Did it make you
    feel like a Disney character? Which one? I feel sure your performance was up to snuff.

    Springwater, pretty fancy spread you posted. I'm guessing that is not breakfast, but
    a high tea. I looked up "tea sandwiches". The first one was curried chicken. I guess
    that's something you might make, huh? Hope things soon settle down in your neck of
    the woods.

    Mikie, in response to your question, my NRG is rather low. If it were money, I'd be
    hard pressed to buy a pack of Yucatan gum. Do you still have any of your mother's
    ditties? I used to write lots of them at the office. I guess the last time I put colored
    pen to paper was June; Gordon's birthday card.

    Yes, please send some rain as soon as you're able.
    Or was that another impossible fable?

    According to the weather folks, the next 5 days will all be dry and in the
    mid 80s. Hope you feel more perky and the cats and the weather all behave.

    Sun, it's too bad there isn't much market for short stories anymore. Most of the
    magazines that printed them are out of business or on their last legs. Do you
    remember the novel My Friend Flicka? It started out as a short story in
    "Story" magazine. The editor was well known for nurturing new writers. He
    encouraged Mary O'Hara to turn it into a novel. Eventually it became a movie,
    and then there were sequels and a TV series. Or in other words, Flicka
    became a flick.

    Diane, hope you get some some energy and stress all fades away. Keven and
    the cats all OK?

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    Julie: Personally......that's just me......I would feel very angry (but trying to stuff it all down inside) that you have the responsibility of Gpa. It's been my thinking about his house where Sis lives. It's too bad Lyndsey and David and family couldn't have moved there and sis moved elsewhere. Not fair not fair. And she gets free rent too. Especially with the entire situation with Gpa at your house. Hey.....how about if she moves into that house that the family moved out of? She would be right next door. Seriously, have you thought about that? And what hurtful things has Gpa said to you?

    You always talk about your feelings on this whole situation but what does Den say?

    Rock: thanks for doing all that research on "up to snuff", etc. I tried to look it up but found everything very vague. I know that snuff is put up into ones nose, and I was wondering if that's how it came about. Meaning things would be better if one used snuff.

    I've had an awful day. Woke around 6:30, went to get out of bed and was hit with awful vertigo. I was fine at 4 a.m. for bathroom call. I've been having terrible pains again in my neck. I called a neighbor who went thru the vertigo, wanted to know if she had gone to a local chiro....nope, was sent for PT. I'm fearful of going to one or picking the wrong one who will mess me up even more. I worked my neck muscles and wore a heat rice sock for about 5 hrs. It feels better, but actually I'm afraid to lay down on the bed again for fear I get it again. I'm at such a disadvantage living alone......some days I have to push myself to drive to the market or the library, etc. This evening I had to sit at my regular computer and sure enough.......myofascial pain hit within 10 min from my head down to my toes, so I ran for the big ice pack for my low back, ice around my neck, and a heated sock hanging down my shoulder.

    I honestly feel like Rock did last week......just feel like a big giant cry. I'm so tired of living with what I have been.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Oh, my, seems so many of us are down in the dumps with low NRG, pain, vertigo and untenable situations at home. I hope and pray we can all get better. It is so very difficult to contend with what ails us and still try to handle all the usual chores of living. Sometimes, just living is a major chore. I'm in the same boat and have been in survival mode for quite a while except for working out at the pool. I try to do that, at least, because it seems to help in some ways but not with the exhaustion. I think my constant waking at night, and only getting about six hrs. of sleep, keeps me in a chronic state of fatigue. Heavy fatigue causes my cognitive function to suffer.

    Granni, is it possible that part of your hand is touching the screen, or touch pad, on your computer when you type? That will cause the size of the print to shrink or enlarge. I have no possible explanation for losing your posts, though. I hope the performance goes (went) well. I can't keep up with things right now. I can barely keep up with my life.

    Rock, most of Mom's ditties went to the person being honored at whatever function--birthday, retirement, marriage, birth, etc. Another friend of hers at work also wrote them and I think they are buried in old pix, cards and other memorabilia.

    I'd send you some rain,
    if I were able;
    But I'm in such pain,
    I just sit at the table,
    typing this sad refrain.

    So, if Flica became a flick, was it a chick flick? Enquiring minds want to know. If it was based on a short story, was it a quick flick? If I still smoked, I'd flick my Bic. Was the movie based on fact or was it a trick flick? If I were streaming the movie on my computer, would it be a click flick? Was the story set in a rural area; that would be a hick flick. Was the horse infested? That would be a tick flick. Did the horse play soccer? That would be a kick flick. Was the movie set in Ireland? That would be a Mick flick. Is it played on Nickelodean? That would be a Nick Flick. Is the movie a favorite? That would be a pick flick. Is the movie violent? That would be a sick flick. Oh, somebody stop me.

    Julie, my heart breaks for what you are going through. I am glad the kids are coming to visit. I just pray it isn't all too much for you. No matter how much we love our kids and enjoy their visits, the visits can be a lot of work. Hopefully, GPA will behave himself while they are there. Do the great grandchildren cheer him up? I hope so. I think it's wonderful of you to pray for a cheerful attitude; I pray for more than that for you.

    Sun, I am so sorry for all you are going through right now. You are right; living alone, and having to do everything by ourselves, can be so very difficult. On the other hand, we don't have to be concerned about anyone else's needs and can attend to our own. I'm just barely scraping by, getting bills paid, taking out the trash, etc. I pray you feel better soon.

    It rained all day yesterday and everything is soaked. I couldn't take the trash down nor clean the lanai so just lazed around all day. The most NRG I exerted was to run the dishwasher and unload it. Tweety and Sir Vester just lazed around too. They get up on those softy-wafty throws and knead them with their front paws as their eyes glaze over. Such contentment!

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just got back from taking the trash to the dumpster and thought I'd drop in. No one else has been here. I was dripping sweat because the humidity is through the roof with all that rain we got--about 3" in two days. Ran into an old friend who took my place on the board but isn't the pres; that fell to the VP. He is such a sweetheart and always likes to talk to me. He's the one who told me he's glad we are friends. How sad that my social life consists of having coffee on the Balcony and meeting folks at the dumpster. How classy!!! :D

    Sad news today--our beloved bald eagle, Ozzie, died following surgery for injuries. He recently spent months at a rehab facility following surgery for what would be hip and shoulder injuries on a human. He tried to return to the nest with his mate, Harriet, but she took up with a younger male while he was gone. He tried to fight the young male but was severely injured. The second surgery couldn't save him. There is an eagle cam set up at the nest.

    I got one new credit card with the new chip technology and a letter from another that I would soon receive a new card. Seems the card companies and retailers are too far behind. Don't know what will happen when we use the old cards. Guess we'll find out. I'm still waiting for one drapery panel for my sliding doors; the other one came yesterday. Don't know why they were not shipped together. They match the fabric I bought so may go ahead and use the fabric. I may put the area rug I love in the dining area and get a new one for the living area, one which goes better with the fabric. Barb keeps telling me that the print on the fabric is too big but it isn't.

    Wish I had more exciting things to report but my life ain't too excitin' these days. Hope all y'all have as excitin' lives as you want and have NRG for.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: take a pic. of your new fabric so we can see it. That's what I was thinking about the rug.....move it for a change of scenery.

    I HATE humidity....can't function at all. That's why I wear a wet black tank top to help cool me.

    About the chip card, I read yesterday that Oct. 1 is the change over date. After that ALL merchants are responsible for any fraud, etc. if they haven't installed the new reader. It's different.....I forget and try to slide it sideways, then it comes with an error and the clerk will ask to see if it's got a chip. So far Target and Walmart have it installed where I shop.
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    Good afternoon dear PORCHIES,

    Last night the program turned out pretty good I thought. I only got a chance to speak to my family who enjoyed it but need to talk to others to received their reaction. Everyone's shirts were so cute and some dazzily. I didn't put much time into mine and I think perhaps a few might have bought one already bedazzled. The guest who came and also performed were excellent also. Joseph Martin is a great pianist and composer as well . His wife Sue has a beautiful singing voice and was at one time the voice of Ariel the Little Mermaid . I think it was movie but not sure. Joseph is hysterically funny and had us all going. I think the adults were probably laughing a lot. All in all I think it went over well. I took a pic of the shirt but not sure I know how to get it from the phone to the PORCH?? I doubt that if the little bit of dazzling I did even showed up.

    Got up late this morning after 8 I think it was and got ready to go shopping with DH who wanted me to go shopping with him today to check out some jeans and flannel shirts at SAMS. Then we went to HEB, a TX made store that we love and has so much there that is wonderful to buy and eat, even cheeses that I can't eat):!! However, if we buy any expensive cheeses we usually buy them at Sams. The sliced 2% cheese for sandwiches we usually buy at HEB. WM doesn't always have the 2% cheese. I think they may have some but they go fast. I forgot to look at the fresh veggies as we couldn't find the list we had that was in DH's pocket but then couldn't find it. When we got home he found it - ugh !! They also have lovely breads in HEB and Sams too. Bought some interesting multigrain rolls to use for sandwiches.

    SUN - I just recently got a new credit card and when I went to WM I ended up getting a lesson on how to use the card with the chip in it. DH will have to call them to have them send him a new card with the chip in it.

    MIKIE - So sorry to hear about the death of "your" bald eagle. Sometimes even modern medicine, veterinary or human cannot help. How old was the eagle, do you know?? Sorry also that you are not running on all or most cylinders either. Yes, as you and SUN both said that it is so hard to do anything extra when you are dealing with so much in your own bodies. These extra bad home situations and stuff like that can throw you over the edge sometimes when there are other physical ailments present. I hope JULIE can be feeling well when all the kids come to visit and that Gpa behaves himself. Hope the kids will all pick up her spirits but not wear her out completely, and Den too. Not sure how much he is working now..

    JULIE - Hope you are feeling and doing OK. Don't wear yourself out trying to get ready for the kiddos. When they get here you will be wearing yourself out then. You are already pooped out and then trying to get ready for them. Hopefully you can really enjoy yourself with the kids without totally make you crash. The stress you have been under too an also work against you. I do hope not but try and be careful. Hope the sources that be at your house and beyond behave themselves. Thinking and praying for you sweetie. You and Den cannot afford to get physically sick !!! You already have enough on your plates.

    ROCK - Hope all is well with you too. Miss you when we do not see you or hear from you. If you posted and I missed it, I am sorry.

    DIANE- Thinking about you and hope that you are feeling OK and some of the stress you were under has gone. Hope to hear fro you soon when you are able.

    Thinking of all my PORCH friends and MIA's.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Where are our Porchies this morning? Doing well, I hope. I left the kitties inside last night and got more than nine hrs. sleep. Woo Hoo!!! :) I left the sliding doors to the lanai open just enough for them to go out if they wanted. The only time I woke was when Sir Vester got up on my dresser. I put him back on the floor and he went on his way. There was a time when they would be playing games and having smackdowns off and on all night. I credit the new softy-wafty throws, and the cats' natural maturing, for their settling down. I just hope they keep up the good behavior.

    I'm hoping I can get a few things done today. My Sjogren's is causing my mouth to be sore so will call the doc and set up an appt. for a peptide injection for next week. I may have to just bite the bullet and get a couple of them. I can't afford a whole new series of them but, perhaps, a few will do the trick. I can't keep going like this.

    I put one of the new aqua/turquoise drapery panels next to my fabric over the old valance and they look beautiful together. I found a new area rug online which would be perfect to go with both; however, it is $350. There were many others for $150, which is twice as much as I paid for the one I have. It was from Wally World and is a Homes and Gardens brand. The perfect one is aqua/turquoise with the same exact kind of leaf design, in a darker tone, as the one which will be the center of each valance panel. It is an indoor/outdoor rug and is made of polypropoline and, even if I decided to get it, I'm afraid it might not be soft and would feel like astroturf under my feet. Think I'll concentrate on a solid turquoise one; there are plenty of those. I still have the option of buying new fabric and will take one of the drapery panels to the fabric store and see whether I find something else. The fabric I have is growing on me in leaps and bounds.

    Sun, I will try to get a pic of the fabric but, right now, I'm struggling with everything. My pix often won't work when I try to move them. I hope you are feeling better. Another incidence of our experiencing the same thing at the same time. I am really in a relapse and the return of Sjogren's symptoms is certain evidence of it. I feel "fragile" like I'm 100 yrs. old. I just hope the injection will help. I hope and pray you are doing better.

    Granni, so glad the concert went well. Does anyone record them? The performances I attend are all televised, and stored digitally, from three cameras. They are shown on big screen TV's so those with lousy seats can see the performers up close. The performers can view them later if they want to. Of course, church resources are not what an expensive senior community has, but even with one camera, you could see yourselves later. It's wonderful DH likes to shop. Many men do not. My Richard always loved it and it was such a joy for us to shop together. I watched a documentary on Netflix yesterday which pointed out that we will not be able to continue to eat an animal-based diet. Producing eggs, dairy and meat uses up an enormous amount of land and water. We are running out of both, even as the world population continues to grow uninhibited. Cattle pollute the air more than all the transportation exhaust gases put together. The film maker decided to go vegan after seeing animals slaughtered and finding the unavoidable evidence that animal, and animal products, were ruining the Earth. I thought about you and how hard you are finding it to change your diet. When I feel so sad about not being able to take care of chores and myself, I only need to think about Julie and how much she has on her plate. I don't know how she does it.

    Julie, I think of you often and hope and pray all is going well. Keep us updated when you have the time and feel like it.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning Porchies,

    DH is at his men's breakfast and he is collecting the money he won for the football pool that he couldn't collect on Tuesday evening when we were at the concert. He won second place and about $91.00. We have a group here of both men and ladies who do a weekly pool. You put in $5 each time. Sometimes we split it and each of us puts in $2.50 and if he wins anything we split the winnings. I surely could have used this one but didn't have the cash last time. This is for the pro's and college football. When that is through they will do other events. I know that DH wants to work out and work outside when he gets home so I had better write FAST.

    MIKIE - You are right about when I start to feel bad and not being able to do things I would like to do for myself and chores as you said, I can a think of JULIE and all the things going on with her and family. I do not know how she does it either but maybe she can do it a bit better as she is quite a bit younger and can deal with it a little bit better. However, I know it is very difficult when you are feeling not to good all the time with no stress added. The stress can make you feel so much worse.

    So glad the kitties are letting you sleep later in the a.m. Hope that continues !!

    JULIE - Stay well dear and take care of yourself and Den. Try and take things a bit easy with ALL your company even though I know you love it and them. Drop a line when you can. We will miss hearing from you but understand.

    ROCK, SUN, DIANE and everyone, thinking of you all inc all our MIA's ! Chores await ):!!

    Granni :)
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni,

    Wow, that DH of yours does well at gambling. Hang onto him. :) I am not lucky in gambling but feel I have been lucky in many ways at life. I just called the doc and am going in for a shot next Fri. I have to be off my meds for two days before, the day of, and two days after the shot. I am getting my eyes examined on Mon. so don't want to be off my BP meds as he will be checking the pressure in my eyes.

    I just paid my bills online so am glad to have that done. Maybe I can do a few things around here. A good night's sleep really makes a difference. The biggest difference is how I feel about life--maybe I can do something as opposed to--I am totally overwhelmed by the slightest little thing. I gave the kitties their treats and they are snoozing. I thanked them for being so good and they gave me the sweetest looks. I swear they understand.

    Gotta go. Hope all y'all have a good one!

    Love, Mikie
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All, just popping in for a second.
    I've just washed the dishes -- I am the dishwasher. We don't have one of those mechanical contraptions! My mom, once she got a dishwasher she still hand washed all the dishes first before putting them in the machine. Couldn't see the point of it.....

    We are still out of water here and have to sanitize the tank water by boiling before can use for dishes. What a pain in the butt! We always buy our drinking water though, for drinking and cooking. I want for it to rain, but am enjoying the mild weather. Lots of flowers still: many Petunias, Chrysanthemums, red Salvia greggi, and loads of "California Fuchsia" (aka Zauschneria).

    The Ash trees have turned yellow and are dropping their leaves. The Big-leaf Maples are turning yellow-gold, the vine maple is showing burgundy but is not as pretty as the poison oak leaves. The back yard is littered with fallen apples -- mainly Golden Delicious.

    Shorty and Slinky are doing well. Slinky wants to spend nights out and days in. She has found another cubbyhole in which to secrete herself. Sometimes I can't find her!

    Just wanted to say hello to all of you.
    I'm really wiped out and stressed, so that's all for now folks .o_O
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Barry,

    So good to see you here but sorry to know that you too are not feeling well. Geez, it's an epidemic. It's not like we are all examples of glowing good health to begin with. I hope you get to feeling better. Isn't it funny how cats can continually find new hiding places? Sometimes these guys will recycle their old secret places.

    I didn't get anything done except to do some personal landscaping and a pedicure, both badly needed. When I don't feel well, my grooming goes to hell in a handbasket. Then, not only am I depressed because everything is behind, I am depressed because my nails are unsightly. I did a long hot soak and washed with exfoliating crystals and finished up with a liquid soap which is like silk and smells like Heaven. Mmmmm! Ahhhhhhh!!! Love my spa days.

    Talked with my ex and his present wife is really in bad shape and no one can diagnose it. She is in pain and falls all the time. She's been to every kind of specialist and had every test and, still, no diagnosis. He isn't in the best shape but a lot of his problems are caused by poor lifestyle choices. Tomorrow, he will visit his life-long best friend who is dying of pancreatic canter. Oy! Getting old ain't for sissies, as they say.

    Well, kids, going to do my finger nails with clear polish and do nothing else the rest of the day. Hugs all around.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to post about today. So many of us are feeling so poorly and I hope and pray we all get better soon. I called and set up an appt. next Fri. for a peptide injection. I may have to do several before they help. This is no longer a choice as I'm sinking fast. I will go over to the pool despite my fatigue and difficulty with cognitive problems. Working out over there may be the only thing keeping me going. Hope by the time I get back, some of our Porchies will feel up to dropping in.

    Hurricane Joaquin is pounding the Bahamas. It's a Cat 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 130 mph. Yikes! Those poor people. The Bahamas, Hispaniola and Cuba always get hit by these storms. It is supposed to take a right-hand turn and stay off the East Coast; however, it will likely dump a lot of rain on the western edge of the storm. The East Coast already has had heavy rain for three days so flooding is a real threat. There goes our flood ins. premiums again. We were told they will skyrocket due to fraudulent claims in NJ when Sandy hit there. Well, if they know the claims were fraudulent, why don't they go after the claimants and demand they repay those claims. Criminal charges should also be filed. We all pay for fraud. Grrrr!

    I'll check in later and, in the meantime, I pray for all my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Was listening to "The Invalid Corps"yesterday. A Civil War song about men with
    medical problems who did light duty thus freeing up the able bodied who could go
    and fight. Despite the gloomy subject matter, the tune is cheerful. Kinda like us.
    Beset with multiple medical woes, we all do our best to be cheerful and supportive.

    Mikie, that was some barrage of puns you loosed re: the flick Flicka. As though
    the deadly gattling guns had opened up with rattling puns. The gattling gun BTW
    also dates from the Civil War. I hope the peptide injection reverses the tide
    and brings back some pep.

    With regard to fraudulent insurance claims, I learned when I was an insurance
    adjuster that folks want claims thoroughly investigated unless, of course, it
    is their claim.

    Barry, we had ash trees in Minnesota, but I don't know how to identify them. I
    suppose they were the yellow ones. Minnesota and New England have spectacular
    fall colors. Minnesota has better scenery though because we have rolling hills.
    New England is full of steeper hills and valleys which restrict the view.

    Do you know the song The Ash Grove? It comes from Wales (as did some of my
    ancestors). The song was used the the movie How Green Was My Valley. Is
    your "pain in the butt" a reference to a water barrel? Probably is. You're such a
    barrel (butt) of laughs. Ha Ha.

    Julie, thanks for reminding me. October is birthday month is our family too. I
    hope you have a wonderful visit with Lindsey et. al. I don't understand about
    the insurance. Why wouldn't David's insurance be good in a different state?
    I think things were better when people didn't have medical insurance. Oh, well.
    That discussion is liable to segue into political realms. Anyhoo I hope you can focus
    on having a pleasant visit without having to take care of everydobby.

    Sun, I read about credit cards and protecting them a while back. I was
    concerned after reading about modern technology that allows crooks to
    still the info off one's credit cards while the cards are still in the pocket or

    Anyhoo, I got conflicting opinions on the net. All made more confusing because
    these new cards were coming out. The general view seemed to be that
    wrapping aluminum foil around your cards might help. Anyhoo Gordon got
    some protectors from QVC. They look like credit cards. You keep your cards
    between the scientific (magic protecto) cards and all is well. At least until
    the next electronic break though.

    Diane, hope you get some energy. Granni, how many more singing dates coming
    up? Springwater, my mother collected cups and saucers. Just one cup and saucer
    of each design. One of them looked the ones in the pic you posted the other day.
    She also had a whatnot shelf with little angels, an inch or two high. And one red
    devil with a tiny pitchfork.



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