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    I'm off to read the last of the posts on the old #840. I'll be baa-ack!

    Love, Mikie

    OK, I'm back. My blood sugar has been all over the place. Before lunch, it was 103. Two hours after, it was 93. Two hours later, with no food ingested, it was 121. Yikes!!! What is going on? I'll keep my journal and see whether I can make sense of these spikes.

    I told Barb about it and she sneered and said there is nothing anyone can do about it. Her mother had Type II Diabetes and wasn't overweight and played golf "every day of her life," according to Barb. She is back into just being negative and nasty again. Yikes!!! I'm keeping my distance. Back when her mother had it, Barb is 86, no one was trying to prevent it. Her mother probably had it for years and no one caught it in the insulin-resistant stage. Once it's Type II, it cannot be reversed. It can be reversed, or rather treated, early on. Today, there is much more awareness and emphasis on treating it early.

    Granni, I'm just getting started and trying to find out what is happening with my blood sugar. It will take a couple of days to make sense of what I'm eating and how it is affecting me. I'm sorry your DH is struggling so much with finding things to eat. BTW, I make my own green drinks with my Nutri-Bullet. Saves money. Of course, I don't know when I'll break even, figuring in the cost of it, but I like being able to use up things in the fridge and adding what I like. Good luck with the diet or, as they prefer to say, with the lifestyle change. A diet by any other name...

    Barry, so glad the alpha lipoic acid has helped you. I'm waiting til Mon. to order mine here. They are always so busy on the weekends. You can get it here combined with acetyl l-carnitine. It was Klonopin Dr. Cheney suggested. That is why I started taking it to sleep. It really helped but, after the peptide injections improved my symptoms, I decided to wean off of it. I am having ringing in my ears and will slip half a pill under my tongue to help. Thanks for your kind good wishes. I hope you are feeling better and get some rain soon.

    Sun, yes, being prediabetic is a wakeup call. I'm so glad I found this and, hopefully, can do something about it. Don't know why my last check was so much higher than the one before it. I had eaten nothing in between. Oy!!! I'm not going to get concerned until I've tracked it a few days. I continue to hope and pray for Abby's return.

    Well, Kids, I hope y'all have a good evening. I'm going to go cook my dinner so I'm not eating so late and triggering my acid reflux.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good luck MIKIE with this BS thing. Hope you figure it out. I need to get off this computer. I have been checking the web and have a list of what I should and shouldn't eat. OMG, this isn't going to be to easy, especially since I have to cook for myself and DH. He doesn't want to starve himself at all but has lost some weight I think. I must have but can't tell from our stupid scale.

    Gotta run for now. More later.

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    Mikie: my cleaning lady told me that it can happen like that.....don't think I understand it though. I think I might have mentioned that one night I took my reading before bed, 3 hrs. after eating. It was 98 and I thought great. Next morning it was 113 as a fasting?????

    I just got a book I bought on the internet and I'll let you know if it's worth it. "Diabetes without drugs" by Suzy Cohen, Rph.

    No, Abby never showed up. I feel so sick about it....came home from watching DGKs soccer games and the house just felt empty. I may end up searching for another cat in a couple of weeks to keep my cat, Clair, company. She was really my DHs cat....Abby was mine. Funny how some animals and people bond.

    Julie: I'm sure that Den will start to feel better once his meds. are adjusted. Hang in there with everything.
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    Good Morning, My Dear Porchies,

    Another beautiful morning. It will be breezy again today, thanks to Hurricane Joaquin off the Eastern Coast. The low pressure from the storm's churning is pulling dry air in from the West Coast. Yesterday, the breeze knocked over a dendrobium orchid which is about to bloom and broke the pot. I repotted it and brought it in. Think I'll hang it in the tree. It's the one I bought for Barb when she had her stroke. It'll have beautiful pink flowers on two canes. The canes are so large that it is top heavy. As soon as the blooms open, it'll be even more top heavy.

    Kitties were good all night. That softy-wafty throw on my bed is like a miracle tranquilizer for cats. Once they get on it, they are goners. I got about seven hrs. of sleep. In addition to diet, doctors and researchers are now preaching the value of adequate sleep. Saw a show on dementia and the doc said while we sleep, our brains clean out the debris in the liquid part of the brain. If it doesn't get cleaned out, it can lead to dementia. Unfortunately, my BP meds have insomnia as a side effect so, am I choosing between a stroke or dementia? Ever notice how we often have to choose the lesser of two evils? Well, there is no "lesser" here. I had hoped working out and losing weight would lower my BP but it hasn't happened. Guess I'll be on the BP meds for the duration.

    I'm watching Laura McKenzie on TV. She travels and is in Munich. I am seeing so many places Mom and I visited when we were there in 1989. I want so badly to go back to Europe but don't know where the $$$ nor the NRG will come from. Speaking of NRG, I hope to clean the lanai after I take my shower. It isn't supposed to be that warm out and there will be a breeze. I could clean it and wait to wash my hair afterward. I have an eye exam tomorrow so need to be halfway well groomed. Doc is doing a contact fit exam so I have to wear them to the exam.

    My fasting blood sugar was 113 this morning which, while high, isn't that high. Perhaps there is hope for me yet. I did read online that blood sugar goes up and down all the time so I'm not worried about it too much yet--just being careful.

    Julie, I know how much work it is to have family home but I hope you can rest and enjoy the kids. I know Barb is a lot older than Den, but she has a-Fib and doesn't have a lot of NRG. Perhaps Den will have to adjust to not having as much NRG as he did. Have you talked to the doc about whether his prior NRG will return? I hope it will. It may just take time and, although I know how anxious you are to get the house finished, it may be prudent to proceed at a reasonable pace. I have three speeds: High (where I was years ago) which I never reach today; Medium, which is where I am when I'm doing better; and Low/Survival, which is where I am right now due to my relapse. Having been like you and Den, it has been difficult adjusting to a new reality. I hope you don't have to adjust but, on the other hand, it's not worth-pushing when tired; it leads to complete loss of NRG. I know you already know this and I'm preaching to the choir, but it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves now and then. Good luck.

    Granni, the Suzanne Somers diet is good for controlling blood sugar. DH should be able to eat fish, poultry and some red meat. All kinds of green veggies are OK to eat with the meal. Sweet potatoes are OK if you don't put brown sugar on them; you can put a pat of butter on them. Her diet uses good carbs but carbs are generally eaten by themselves without fats. Sweets made with stevia are OK too. No-fat yogurt with some fruit is OK. This diet is also good for cholesterol. People on her diet have done better, both with blood sugar and cholesterol, than people on other diets designed for these conditions. Good luck.

    Sun, let me know what you think of the book. Check my response to Granni regarding the Suzanne Somers diet. Has Abby ever been gone overnight before? I hope she returns. Still praying for her. When I think about it, the ups and downs of blood sugar may have something to do with insulin's not being released in an exact flow. Of course, if we do have high blood sugar, it may be a sign that our insulin isn't doing it's job completely. Or, our bodies may not be reacting to the insulin as it should. In any case, I think all we can do is stay active and control what we eat--and pray.

    Rock, I hope you are up to posting soon. We miss you. I haven't had a pun fix in a while.

    When I need fun,
    I read a pun;
    If it's a dilly,
    I feel so silly;
    A day without a pun,
    Is like a day without sun.

    Wishing everydobby a great Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
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    It has been raining off and on all night and I was out moving things, etc. and here she comes....totally dry. That means she got locked in a neighbor's garage for 2 nights. The most she was ever gone in the past was until around midnight or maybe 4:00 a.m. I hope she's learned her lesson not to roam. Of course I haven't slept for 2 nights and have felt so down. At 3 a.m. I felt bad for Clair so I was up making her a little cat nip filled sock to give her comfort. She loves those! And I didn't close my BR door like I usually do so she could come in and lay on the floor.

    Mikie: My sugar reading was 103 when I went to bed around 11:30 then this morning it was up to 113. Go figure. It was about an hr. later than I usually take it so I wonder if it should always be the same time?

    I'm sorry to read Barb is getting testy again. Probably she's now settled into her routine at the condo and is getting bored and irritated. Best thing is to just keep your distance.
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    Yay for Abby! Naughty kitty! Sun, our Slinky went missing for about a week once. We had given up, and then one day we found her in the yard emaciated and dehydrated. Carried her into the house and opened up some fish oil caps into her mouth. Vet was closed, so I phoned one out of town and she said it was the right thing to do. She recovered rapidly. She is still an outside cat at night. She is always at the front door in the morning and runs into the house right away. She slipped by me and I didn't see that she had a chipmunk in her mouth. She laid it at Richard's feet and yowled to be fed. Richard picked up the chipmunk, [I was outside] took it out, and it leaped out of his hand and ran off, apparently unharmed. Chipmunks play 'possum when cats catch them.
    Anyway, so glad about Abby's return...:)..


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    SUN - I am so glad that ABBY came back. I know you must have been so very worried about her, especially if she is mostly an indoor cat. So many things can happen to her out there at night with all kinds of strays and of course not being able to eat right. Hopefully she will now stay inside and be a good kitty for a while. I am sure that Claire feels much better too and you can all sleep soundly tonight. Glad that you have gotten some rain in your dry part of the country.

    Reading about your blood sugar readings and MIKIE's is crazy. Have to get DH going again on testing his bs off and on. It has been some time.

    MIKIE - Sorry to hear about Barb's being grouchy again. Maybe she will figure it out one of these days when people don't want to come out and spend time to chat with her. Liked your pun and your poem about the pun :)!!!

    JULIE - Enjoy your company. I know you and everyone will have a great time. Fill us in when you get the chance. Hope everyone behaves, including Gpa :)!!

    After church we went to the K of C breakfast. They have so much stuff for $5. However, neither of us ate a whole lot. I could really just eat the scrambled eggs and fruit but they gave me a bunch of potatoes and I ate more them than I should have. I told them to give me just a little and I got a big scoop. I did leave some though. They also had sausage and pancakes too and we had none of those. It stinks when you have to go somewhere and don't know what you can eat or you do and it isn't much ):!!! My problem is that I love food and my wine too !!!

    BARRY - Almost missed you. We must have been posting about the same time. Glad Slinky got found when she disappeared that time and is just fine. That can be scary, I know especially when it is some time and you have almost given up.

    Hugz to everydobby including ROCK, DIANE, DAR, ELAINE, JOAN and so many others !!

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in before I go climb in bed, even tho it's only 3:00 in the afternoon. My ears are ringing like crazy so I just put a whole milligram of Special K under my tongue. It's been getting worse the longer this relapse goes on. Also, I feel kinda spacy off and on now that I'm eating so few carbs. I'm very excited because my BS hit 100 about noon. Basically it's not been much higher than that. I think I can keep it close to 100 if I'm careful. My book states that it's normal for it to climb to as much as 140 up to two hours after a meal. I would love to completely reverse it but can live with "slightly high" if everything I'm doing fails. Just don't want to have to resort to drugs.

    Sun, I was sooooo uplifted when I read about Abby. Prayers answered! You must be absolutely exhausted. I'm not going to worry about the slight ups and downs with the BS as long as it's relatively controlled. Climb in bed and relax, knowing Abby is safe and sound.

    Barry, I crack up reading about the chipmonk. Bringing its kill to a person is the highest expression a cat can give to a loved one. I've received a few of these "gifts" myself, AACK!!!

    Granni, how hard it must have been at that breakfast. I would likely have opted for the eggs and sausage and left the pancakes alone. I am going to miss drinking but alcohol is sugar. After I see what I can tolerate, I may have a very small amt. of wine with dinner.

    This relapse has been difficult enough without all this redoing of my diet. I'm sure my body is having to adjust to this new "healthy" me. Just wish I felt healthy. Whine, whine, whine!!! Nothing is getting done and I feel like a slob but I can only do what I can do. At least, I showered and did my hair so I don't have to do it tomorrow. I'll miss running in the pool in the morning but seeing the eye doc is more important.

    Good to chat with all y'all. Have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey Porchies,
    My diet is working, lost 4 pounds.
    I workout at my place, go for running in the morning and some weights and cardio at home.

    Sun- I love cats and I am glad Abby came home. I had a cat her name was Mona Lisa :p
    but after 3 years she died. & I miss her.

    Lydia- Things will be alright with your brother. Don't worry :)
    Mikie- Hope you keep healthy all the time.
    Granni- Cheers to food & Wine.:p
    Nice to chat with you ppl.
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    Good Morning Dear Porchies,

    Temp is only 71 this morning--Yea!!! Fall is arriving even down here in the jungle. I woke early but got 7 hrs. sleep; unfortunately, at the expense of missing "Madam Secretary" and "The Good Wife." I couldn't help going to bed early as I felt as though I'd drop. I tried to help Barb install the print cartridge in her printer and we couldn't get it to print. The installation went fine but, evidently, something was keeping it from printing. She lost the manual and the printer is the cheapest one available and it's old. There is no menu on it that can be accessed. I told her my dinner was staying warm in the microwave and still she came running over to ask me to come back before I had a chance to eat. I still couldn't fix the printer.

    I just got home to warm my dinner up again and another neighbor came over to "see how I was doing." This neighbor will even knock when I have the sign on my door asking not to be disturbed. I sat with her a minute and told her I had to go in to eat. She and Barb are complaining about everything down in the yard--bushes, our tree and the sidewalks. I keep telling them that I won't be doing work down there until it's drier and cooler out and that the sidewalks won't be pressure washed until the rainy season is completely over. I did tell them that if they believe the yard work needs to be done immediately, I would hire the landscapers as this isn't what they normally do. They back down when it involves spending money. Barb tells everyone I won't let the landscapers trim in here--not true but the truth has never stopped her before.

    One of the worst of the board members came over to see Barb and told her the board would be "bypassing" the mgr. I don't even know what that means. I think they don't like her because she will tell them when they are wading in illegal waters. Without her advice, they are likely to get in big trouble and make a mess of things. None of them knows a thing about running a board or a neighborhood. They already said they wouldn't let her in on their e-mail conversations until they had "approved" one e-mail for her to see. These people are so power hungry, and have such huge egos, that they think they can do anything. This kind of thinking is dangerous. Barb only feeds into this new direction because she hates the mgr. for no good reason. She told me this board member told her something about our mgr. but that she can't tell me about it. Barb loves to lord secrets over people's heads. It doesn't work with me because I don't care and won't dance to her tune. She, or someone else, will eventually spill it; it must be driving her nuts that I'm not champing at the bit to find out what it is. Oh, the head games...

    Julie, I guess this is just the season of people's discontent. Good grief, this SIL sounds a bit like sis. Both sound a bit like Barb. People are acting just plain mean. Violence and road rage are running rampant. It's time the world heaved a big sigh, dialed back the vitriol and took a hint from the Pope. Sweetie, I know you've been running in Survival Mode for some time. Thing is that, even just doing the bare essentials, one cannot sustain at this level. Something will eventually give. I just hope it's not you. Please take good care of yourself.

    Quinn, glad your diet is working. Sounds as though you have a good workout regimen. I need to add free weights to my workout. I've concentrated on aerobic exercise for my heart but I need strength training too. With my NRG soooo low, it's very difficult to do anything. Thanks for your sweet good wishes for my health. I appreciate it and I hope you are well. My own health has been an up-and-down deal for so long. Every time I'm up and feeling relatively well, I think I'll continue to feel this way and then, BAM!, back into the depths of pain and exhaustion. Whine, whine, whine! Glad to see you posting here and visiting the Porch. You are family.

    I'll drop in later. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    We had lots of rain yesterday. Or was it the day before? Well, anyhoo it's
    supposed to be clear weather with temps going back up to the 90s by
    the weekend. Crazy weather. My big job for today is to send a b'day card
    to my brother the forest ranger. Oct. is b'day month. Two more coming
    up soon.

    I have to decide if I should send my sister some money. She's such a pill
    it's a hard decision. On the one hand she needs it. On the other,we were
    never close. She came along when I was 16. I was out of the house while
    she was growing up. And she doesn't care enough to write to me so ....

    Mikie, I love your verse. In spite of aches and low NRG and bothersome
    neighbors you still write Warren Peace posts with wit and spot on

    Julie, even worse than bothersome neighbors are ornery relatives. You certainly
    have rotten fruit on your family tree. How did David do in the marathon? I
    never heard of running a half marathon. Is that like you run for a while, and
    then don't come back? Hope the weather and other things are sunny for
    a while at your casa.

    Barry, I never heard that chipmunks play possum. I've heard there are
    rattlesnakes that can play La Cucaracha. They don't need Ricky Riccardo
    or Xavier Cugat to conduct either.

    Sun, I'm happy to hear that Abby showed up. My testy sister has a pekingese
    named Abby. I think she's had 2 or 3 with that name.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Hi, Kids,

    Big morning! Had my eyes checked and everything is unchanged, that is, everything is good. Eye pressure is slightly high but no glaucoma. I asked the doc if it were high enough to prescribe some medical marijuana. He laughed and said to go to CO. I told him next time I visit the kids there, I plan on doing a little shopping, about 1/4 oz. of shopping. After that, I went to Wally World and picked up my berries and some things to make chili in the crockpot. Geez, chili used to be a cheap meal. By the time I bought beans, ground beef and tomatoes, it wasn't cheap. Oh well, I'll get several meals out of it and beans are supposed to be good for my BS.

    I picked up some more BS test strips because this first few days, I've gone through quite a few. Now, I don't need to check as often. WW had some turquoise and white pillows with a geometric print which seems to go OK with the print in my fabric. I'm determined to make the fabric work, even if I have to replace the area rug.

    I made a BIG decision; I bought an iRobot vacuum cleaner at Bed Bath & Beyond. I had the very first model when I was bedridden 15 years ago. It was great. I still have it but it won't charge. If I put a new battery in it, it might just take off. Still, the new ones have improved sooooo much. The prices have soared accordingly. This thing cost more than a Dyson but I don't have to push it. I did use my 20 percent off coupon. Wonder what the cats will think of it. My friend's cat rides on hers. Keeping the floors clean is the most difficult thing for me and I'm always embarrassed when people come in. It's not that I can't push my regular vacuum, I just can't keep up with it all. This can keep things decent in between. I feel good about the decision. Shouldn't be spending the money but something has to give or I'm not going to get better.

    Rock, how sweet of you to make such kind comments on my posts and amateur verse. I know others may not be able to read my Warren Peace posts or may not be interested or have time, but it relaxes me to sit and just write about what's going on. I also like to respond to everydobby else's posts. Yes, fall and spring bring crazy weather. It is cooler here but is raining off and on all the time. Barb is yelling for me to have the sidewalks pressure washed but I won't do it til rainy season is over. No point. She'll find something else to yell about. When she runs out of things, she recycles her old gripes. At least, I can say she doesn't recycle. I love the idea of rotten fruit on the family tree. Ya gotta laugh even in the worst of times. Good to see you here, my friend.

    I'm going to go see how to use this new vacuum. It's so smart that I can run it from my smart phone. Problem is that my phone is smarter than I am. Love, hugs and prayers to all my Dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry: I've been forgetting to tell you I LOVE the story about the little chipmunk! I'll have to remember that. I keep thinking I'm going to write some funny little stories in the voices of my two furry girls.

    About a year ago a new neighbor moved in across the street....they had as adorable male cat. Well "kitty" ......that was his name....found out there were two females in my house and he would stalk them, especially at night. He would sit on the outside of the sliding doors, and Abby usually would sit across from him, just looking at each other. Sometimes I would get up around 2 a.m. and there he was! Clair seemed annoyed that a male was coming to moon over her sister, and sometimes she would hiss at him and stalk off. One evening I went outside looking for Clair......came around the side of the house and there the two were, mooning at each other about 3 feet away. I yelled at this hussy to get into the house. I could just imagine the conversations between the two of them....."he's my boyfriend! No he's not, he comes to see me now. After that incident Abby took out after him to chase him off.

    Mikie: its always satisfying to get a good report on how our bodies are doing! Funny that your friend's cat rides on it. Animals are so funny.

    Rock: About sending $ to your sister, if you really want to then do it, but don't if you're just working with guilt if you don't. If you have a little to spare then do it......and don't even think of the way she is.

    Didn't hear that it's going to be hot again!!!!! Unbelievable weather we're having.
  14. Granniluvsu

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    Good afternoon all you dear PORCHIES,

    So much to do on the computer since I wasn't able to get on it this morning at all. My phone is jammed with e-mails. Things started out well this morning and then cam e crashing down when I thought I would try making a shake out of what I had and just found out the Cheerio s that I have been eating all this time is not really good for me. Anyway I made the smoothie or whatever you call it and I couldn't get the top off. I tried ad tried and it just wouldn't come off. So I was a bit late in getting things done before going to Line Dancing with DD. I finally gave up and brought it to DSIL who got it off also with the help of DD who held it while he twisted. Before he opened it I made something else to eat, yogurt and fruit. After he got it open I drank it quickly and off we went to Line Dancing.

    Then we left to go to the Health Food Store we go to where our naturopathic doc works and owns the establishment. Today was their big sale you draw in the bag to see how much off you will get your stuff. It is either 20% or up to 50% I think. I got 25 % which was good. They are starting something new the first Monday of the month. I am trying out a new sleep suppl. The other I was using has Valerian in it and is not good for your thyroid esp if you already are having problems with it. I also got some more pain caps and will try that another month or two. It is expensive and not even a months supply if you take 3x a day but not the max dose right now Also trying some Vitamineral green stuff which is quite expensive. Will check on line now that I know the prices. All of them are expensive but I did buy the smaller jar which I know is not the most economical but my funds are running low till SS day in another week.

    MIKIE - Hope you are doing a little better. It isn't very good to be around all those people complaining. They certainly aren't condusive (sp) to helping you to feel better. Hope the peeps in your neighborhood settle down so things will get done in proper order without to many other problems. Yay for your robot vac . I sure wish I had one. I know they are not cheap !! Hope it helps you.

    JULIE - I can imagine, especially since you thought you had a good relationship with your brother, how that made you feel. If your SIL is being very negative and complaining all the time she might have started him in feeling that way, just the way you know who does. Hope things get patched up. Knowing you, you will get it right. I have something maybe a little similar happening with my brother but I think things might have gotten better. Sis in law is the one with the tongue if she gets started but I think things might be on the right or better track now. Think she felt that I was lazy and didn't want to help with my mom. Long story !!!

    Quinn - Hi there, Kiddo. Glad you came to visit us again. Glad your diet is working for you. With the diet I am on I hope I don't lose to much weight.

    ROCK - Hi there and glad to see you.

    DH needs the computer so gotta run.

    Love, Granni
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Back again because I had to register the Roomba to start the warranty. Also, I ordered some things from the Store here. I ordered by phone and they were busy. That's good because a large portion of the revenues from the sale of products here go toward providing this website and forums and for research into, and advocacy for, our illnesses. I told my D-ex-H about the new glutathione product and he ordered it for his wife. She is in bad shape. I forwarded the article to him about the importance of glutathione.

    The Roomba is in its docking station charging up. Think before I use it, I'll clean the floors and then, just let the Roomba keep them clean in between my cleaning with the regular vacuum and hard floor machine. It is programmable to clean during certain times on certain days. Doubt I'll use that but good to know I can. It has a remote too. It's a little intimidating every time I have to learn about smart new electronics.

    I'm sooooo excited; I just took my BS two hrs. after lunch and it was 98. Woo Hoo!!! When it gets this low (which really isn't low) I feel light headed. Guess my poor pea brain isn't used to my BS's being normal. Wish this healthy eating would make me feel better but it may take the peptide injection to achieve that. At least, I hope the injection makes me feel better.

    Granni, don't forget to check the Store here when looking for your supps. You can search for them alphabetically so it's easy. I forgot to get yogurt when I was at WW. I use the no-fat yogurt so the fats and carbs don't mix. Oh well, I can go to Publix and get some of their specials. I don't pay much attention to people's complaining here. I can only do so much and if they want more, we can just pay for it. Barb stirs up most of the trouble and I'm not spending much time with her. When I came home, she was desperate for company but I had to come in and eat. She kept trying to engage me in conversation but I was hungry and in pain and told her I had to go in. Hope you find everything you are looking for at good prices.

    Sun, I also got such a kick outta that chipmunk story. Think I mentioned we have a little gray stalker in the hood. He comes a courtin' at night to where all the girl kitties live. Tweety yowled at him. The kitties now stay inside but I leave the sliding door to the lanai open so they can go out if they want. They mostly sleep on that throw on my bed. Last night, Sir Vester once again tried to drink from the water glass I keep on my bedside table. It wakes me up and I have to shove him away. He must think my water is magical or something. Yes, it's always good to get satisfactory doc reports. We have enough to deal with. As we get older, it's so important to do the maintenance and preventive stuff done so we can try to hold the line. Hope your weather straightens out. Hope ours does too; it's beautiful out today.

    OK, I'm pooped and a little bit hungry but it's a bit early to eat. Think I'll just heat up the salmon and broccholi. Hope all y'all have a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I go into the local Sprouts store to check their prices on supplements. They have a good selection but a lot of the time I then go online and check the prices for the same items.....unless I've run too low. Supplements are a big $$$$$$ business. And most of the time I swallow about 20 + pills a day. I have to do them in stages, and lately I've been getting acid reflux about 10 min. after swallowing so I usually have to eat something to push it all down the throat.

    Mikie: Under 100 is great! I talked to my regular doctor this morning about my dexascan....he said the osteopenia hasn't chaged since 6 years ago....but that I should take citracal twice a day. Great 2 more pills. And I mentioned pre diabetes. He said that 116 fasting wasn't that bad! WHAT! Of course compared to diabetics I guess it is, but I don't want it to increase. See......most doctors are so blase' about things. Of course, if we stay healthy they won't have our business.
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello everyone

    ive been a bit rushed off my feet..and taking long rests in between..so havent had time to check in and read properly.

    my DHs newly married cousin and his bride did the rounds of visiting close relatives and came for dinner last evening. The house is a mess but managed to hv the living room just about presentable and go out and buy groceries. DHs uncle called day before and announced that his son would be visiting but DH had a meeting so i was saved from being descended upon when everything was in disarray. And nothing suitable in the fridge or storeroom.

    That one day extra gave me time to clean up a bit and i made my trusty chicken sesame, a marinated chicken salad, capsicum tofu mushroom veg dish and buffalo mince and macaroni. They wentand gave a visit to my MIL and DHs another uncle giving them two hours notice but since their homes are well run, im thinking that went ok. my dhs aunt did seem tired when she phoned me after the visit.

    They also came late around sevenish so i was able to get everything ready. im just glad thats over. The brides nice but not too talkative. The DH and son held the fort while i did the meal so that was such a relief!

    Rock - i started laughing reading your description of half marathon:D. and then i fell down laughing when i read about the rattle snake. You missed your vocation..Rock, you otta have been a stand up comic. If it has occurred to you to send your sis money, i think its your subconscious telling you to do so. If she is in need, the money has been put to good use.

    Sun - so happy your Abby came back. That was funny about your neighbourhood romeo cat and his flirtatious adventures with Clair and her sister. we had a pack of loafer stray dogs come round to our MILs when i was there and somehow communicate with our dog of then..we had grilled iron gates and they would come in a group, stare at Kaaley and he would stare back at them. Then one day he just nipped thru the gates when it was opened for a car, and rushed over to the other dogs and they just took off in a group. He did come back, he did this a few times, but always came back after a few days, until one day he never came back. Im tearing up now, thinking of that ball of curly black fur ..he was a Lhasa apso.

    Julie - like you needed any more stress. Maybe it would have been better if you had directly asked your brother to visit dad more often since you and Den have so much on your plates. i would have thought they would hv figured that out themselves but theyre so used to pushing everything on to you. well, at least brother now knows how you feel. i hv had these run ins with two of my brothers one who is now passed on. i know how infuriating it can be when the other is thoughtless and selfish.

    Woah there, Mikie. Me thinks if that is the way the board members behave, its a blessing you got out of that! its enough to give a healthy person ulcers, and gallstones due to stress, imagine a person who is already dealing with health conditions.

    Granni - your K of C food made my mouth water..would my DH love to tuck into all that good food! Do you get very tired after going line dancing? or does it somehow energise you more, the way a good workout seems to do to exercisers.

    Quinn - i love your cats name. i wouldnt mind naming a tom cat Leonardo either.

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2015
    rockgor likes this.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another beautiful morning here but we are supposed to get back up into the 90's during the day for a while. Oh well, it gives me more time to try to get things cleaned up in here before I have to go outside to work in the yard. I put the Roomba in its little docking station yesterday thinking it would take all night for it to charge. It was done charging in about an hour and ready to go. I'll let it rip this morning after the people downstairs are up. I hope it's not too noisy. My sleep was interrupted last night by the kitties' antics but I managed to get about seven hours. Hope I have enough NRG to get something done in here.

    I think the two geometric throw pillows I got at Wally World will help tie my fabric to the rest of the room. I want to be able to get the new valance made in between cleaning in here and working outside in the yard. Hope the peptide injections work. I also got two hand towels at WW. They are brown with a pretty design in blue. They tie my wall color and towels together in my master bath. The towels are looking a bit sad and these really perk them up. I'm going to get a couple more. They are Homes and Gardens brand and less expensive than towels in the dept. stores. The quality is really good.

    Sun, my osteopenia has stayed about the same with only minimal bone loss. I was taking Citrical but my doc said not to take calcium, that it caused cancer and heart problems. I just read some recent research that calcium supps don't help with bone loss. I don't know what to believe but I have stopped taking the calcium. I use Dr. Mercola's Pink Himalayan Sea Salt which has all kinds of minerals, including boron, which is supposed to be great for the bones. Even though running in the shallow end of the pool cushions my joints, as opposed to running on pavement, I think there is some weight-bearing benefit to help keep bone mass. Yes, these docs really are complacent. BS issues are much, much easier to address early on, which is what you and I are trying to do. Do they think we should wait until we have Type II Diabetes? Good grief!!! Has Abby shown any desire to go back out? I hope she is careful and doesn't put you through all that again.

    Spring, all that cleaning and cooking--makes me tired just thinking about it. The food sounds delicious. PBS now has a woman who has an Indian cooking show. I hope to catch it as I love Indian food. I could eat curry every day. Had I known what kind of people were going to end up on the board, I would not have even run. I don't think things are going well for them and it doesn't surprise me. Glad I'm gone. Even had I not had such a todo over redoing the pool, I would have to have walked away due to how stressful it is trying to work with all those egos. I try to be a no drama mamma. Think of all the NRG people waste on being mean and ornery. Anyone can have a stroke but I do think all these years of anger and mean spiritedness set Barb up for hers. As more people come down, she is gearing up for more gossip and troublemaking. Yikes! Hope you and I both can have a stress-free day.

    Julie, I still say you and Keira look like mother and daughter, not grandmother and granddaughter. What a cute pic. Thanks for posting it. Don't know how you continue to look so good with all you have going on. As for SIL, she will continue to be a pain in the you-know-what no matter what you do. It's not you; it's her. She is like Barb and these people are pathetic. It's almost as though their troublemaking and hating is a hobby. I can think of a lot of hobbies which would be a lot more fun than that. Still, they choose to act mean and ornery; it's almost as though they can't help themselves. All we can do is steer clear of them. Of course, I had to have a certain amount of interaction with Barb but I try to keep it to a minimum. I walk a tightrope of not being drawn into her head games and still manage to be neighborly. Enjoy the kids and get some rest.

    Gonna go. Will report in on Roomba's cleaning later. I hope it does a good job. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Woo Hoo!!! Roomba is cleaning the kitchen, entry hall and guest bath. It ran out of juice about 3/4 of the way through so ran back to its docking station to recharge. It sounded a tone to let me know. Now, I wonder whether it will take up where it left off or whether I'll have to restart it. If I did that, would it again go over and over and over the area already cleaned unless I reset the virtual walls? Downside is that it takes five times as long as a human with a vacuum cleaner because the algorithm sends it along the walls and then it crisscrosses the floor. It appears to use the same algorithm as my very first generation Roomba did 15 yrs. ago. This one is just smarter, it's programmable, it returns to its docking station by itself to get recharged and it is larger and sturdier. When I watch it, I keep wanting to tell it that it missed a spot. Eventually, it returns and cleans the spot. My sciatica is acting up so I'm content to let the robot do the work.

    I am doing some laundry, including the cushions on my sofa. Seems they get dirtier faster and faster all the time. I need a new sofa but, with this big new expenditure, I'll continue to use this one until it falls apart. Same with my old fridge. That's my new motto: Use things until they are shot or so unsightly that I have to replace them. My valance and throw pillows are dated and tired so I want to replace them. The bedroom, on the other hand, is fine with just some new sheets. Just a few new towels have reinvigorated both baths.

    Gonna go brown the hamburger for my chili and get it cooking in the crockpot. BTW, I got another outrageous BS reading so took another test. First one was 156 and second was 112. I now know to retest if the first one seems incorrect. Be back later but maybe not again today. Love to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning MIKIE et al. I need to get dressed and do some outside work outdoors while it is still half way decent. It is supposed to get warmer today than it has been. Bought a bunch of stuff yesterday at eh health food etc store. Spent $*% but I saved about $30 as I drew the 25% thing out of the bag. They do it once a month. This is just a very bad time for me to be getting more stuff . Right now it looks like Christmas isn't going to be a big deal for anyone this year. Need my SS to come in a week and 1/2 or so. I bought a Vitamineral green powder that is a fortune but next time I will order on line but it is sill expensive but is a little bit cheaper. My Naturopathic doc recommended it to make a smoothie with and gave a recipe.

    Hope all is well but wanted to pop in. Hope to get back later on.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

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