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    Saw the posts were upto #33 on the last thread so took liberty of switching on the new porchight.:)

    Julie - would you tell dear Joan she looks like a million bucks? How glad i was to see her. I dont use FB anymore.

    I pray Clinton is fine. What he has sounds so similar to what my elder brothers wife went thru few weeks ago. She was hospitlized for three days because she ignored wht she thought was a cough and cold for weeks. Turned out to be pneumonia. Her tests showed an enlarged heart. She had fluid in her lungs. She didnt tell me until after it was all over...for fear of worrying me. In addition to the medical doctors, they also visit the healer here. She said someone cast the evil eye. i dont know. She is fine now. but she said the terrible fatigue she encountered (she is the most active person alive normally) made her go see the doctor when she didnt get better. She has a large family who rallied around her.

    Diane - how terrible that the doctors brought on your PTSD! I hate the whole doctor medical test rigmarole myself. But having thyroid, sugar tests and biopsies, colonoscopies, endoscopies and the like come back norml hv taken the edge of my fear a little, as the knowledge that its the mind which is responsible for a lot of physical stuff. Stressors, Lord knows i have had enough of those to last several lifetimes. There was a bone doctor i visited who himself didnt know what to make of all the bones cracking in my shoulder, he was asking ME what was that..I hd gone hoping he could hv told me. LOL! But the tests for rheumatism/RA came back -ve. I got my answers in the alternative medicine field, on my own reading and also some amount of recovery.

    I pray your anxiety issues will resolve. And you return to the pink of health.

    Granni - lol. its nice t know im not the only one dreads washing my hair. Its the sheer effort of it...i have very thick hair and its grown long too so takes a while to wash and longer to dry. and even longer to comb. But ive never given in to friends suggestions to cut it and have a new hairstyle...i dont know what it is..my hair is me. Yes, when i was going thru a lot when my brother was ill and all that i had thought of cutting it in a boy cut, choppng off the lot..but i didnt ...i may regret not styling it now but i hv a face which is a little difficult to find a hairstye which wont make it look hard, i hv a wide jawline. So i try softn it up with long flowy hair or the hair loosely held with a clasp at the back.

    Mikie - i de cluttered again...and hv collected a pile of clothes to give away. Mostly my own. I hv kept these clothes because i had not worn them so much, and some were very good material with beading etc and i felt too stingy to give them away. but i realised i used that excuse and hadnt worn them the whole of last year or even the year before that and th0ught, 'enuf is enuf"..Ishall not become a slave to my clothes - theyre really better off being taken out and worn and seeing the light of day rather than being shut up in a dark suitcase...

    My DHs cousin keeps encouraging me to throw away all the old thngs in the house..to make way for new she says. I realise there is sense in what she says.But yes, I did happen to hv some new clothes so it made the purging of the old that much easier.

    That picture of the desert rose you posted..those were some of the flowers didnt make it in my garden this spring..i had bought some seedlings but dunno what happened, oh yes, it was the horrible grubs in the soil did them in. The catalogue in the nursery showed such a riot of pink and red..such a pity what happened but i will try again next year.

    Sunflower - your brood sounds interesting. Thak you for sharing about your family.I think you are so strong and steadfast even though you have faced upheavals in your life. and not the most nurturing of company while growing up and after. I thought there was such a quality of inner light about you when i saw the video of you when u were young. The fact that you did not turn bitter and hard is surprising..normally that is what happens when one is hurt and lives with hurt. I became very bitter and turned inwards at one point of my life. I was such a loving kind child who thought well of everyone..well, that changed soon enough. i think i regained a little of the compassion later on and it is a work in progress trying to understand and empathise with those who hurt me. Today i attended a talk at the Healing centre and when i came back home as i was sorting out clothes i found myself welling up with tears when i thought of some people who have tried to hurt me badly..not tears for myself but for them thinking of how much hurt i must hv caused them (unintentionally) for them to go to the lengths they did. Normally i carry so much anger thinking of what all has happened in my life and the people i held responsible.

    Barry - woah..would i love to go to Europe..and the south of France. hmm just thinking of that makes me feel like a millionairess. Lucky lucky Richard. Who is the cook in the family? you do seem to hv some lovely meals. We used to live in the country when i was a kid..when i was nine and ten years old...what a lovely time...we walked a lot..the lights went out often, we used little kerosene wicker tin lamps and our nostrils would be full of soot the next morning. And when it rained boy, it was a task trying to keep from slipping in the sodden paths..but i dont remember ever being bored...meals were mostly veg out of necessity, wasnt possible to hike down to town for two hours to buy meat..and anyway there wasnt any money. so it was lentils and rice and potatoes mostly, but i spent my whole time outdoors playing the stream, or wandering in the woods, there was so much space to play..so much to see. luckly no one got terribly sick. the doc was in town. I remember coming back home several times because of a terrible pain in the region of the heart..but as usually it happened those days, it resolved on its own.

    Rock - isnt it funny how kids grow and especially the late teens into 20s. Sometimes they become different. I used to worry about my nephew who was such a skinny boy but he has grown into a hulky lad..tall and broad in the shoulders. My son has difficulty keeping his weight at an ideal level, he is on the slight side...puts on when he works out at the gym, loses immediately when he stops..but i tell him when he reaches middle age, the weight will increase anyway. ive gained some weight myself..only since i was deemed too skinny before (45 kg) ive gone and become the ideal weight for myheight at 50kg. It feels so strange, having to let out blouses and dresses to fit the new me. And not to hear people go ,,,oh you are so skinny, you must eat!

    Prince Harry of UK came on a visit...i have seen Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princess Diana...when they came individually. We were in the sidewalks to see the Queen ride by in the open horse drawn carriage because those days we hd a monarchy ourselves. P Charles i saw by accident because he was leaving the british council as i was passing by, this was just afterhis divorce..he waved at us..and Princess Diana i went especially to see as she drove from the airport to the Palace, those days we lived at our inlaws house which is located in the same block as the royal palace. (Now the palace is a sight to see, converted into a govt building and four parts of the enclosing wall which tumbled down in the earthquake not even rebuilt ....who would hv thought? )she was much fairer and pinkish than what i see in pictures but her eyes were so brilliantly blue, and her hair was blonde, very striking looking even in that fleeting sight.

    My daughter was saying her friends aunt accompanied Prince Harry on one leg of the tour, and she said he was more down to earth than our politicians..he was chatting to the drivers, porters, everybody. he extended his tour by one week...helping to rebuild some house in an earthquake affected zone. I wish i could hv seen him..but this time i coudnt make the effort. Too much to do at home.

    Well, take care all

    God Bless

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    Julie - i see you popped in as i was editing..I dnt know how you manage to do all you do for others in your own state of precarious health...you are so right about hurting others just by existing...isnt that so strange..all tis while we are taught do good and all will be well...not quite so black n white as they said...turns out...

    you take care and dont over do...your DF will be so happy with his presents...so sweet of you to think of all that even when youre sick...
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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Gonna be another hot 'n humid day today. It was 74 degrees at 5:00 this morning. Humidity is 100 percent! Yikes!!! We just jumped into summer. I'd rather we have some nice spring weather. Only upside is that, if El Nino is still with us, we are less likely to have strong, destructive hurricanes. On the other hand, El Nino brings other types of wild weather. Someone asked on the other Porch whether I got the bad storms which have hit FL lately. No, those stayed well to the north, in the Panhandle Area, with the front which moved through. All we got were a few scattered rain storms.

    Dear friend, Nancy 2, came over yesterday morning and we sat out on the balcony and drank coffee. It was so good to chat with her. She has a sweet little dog and a big Main Coon cat. Of course, a big part of our conversation centers around the pets. My other dear old friend is taking us both to lunch on Fri. That will be fun. I will drive because it's easier for Nancy to get up into my car than down into a sedan. She had unsuccessful back surgery and still walks with a cane. She also has sciatica. When she first moved in here, it was her little dog, Chewy, who ran up to greet me in the street. I knew instantly that we'd all be friends. He's old but runs to me like a puppy when he sees me.

    In the afternoon, my neighbor, Tracy, came over to ask if I had a good A/C technician. I gave her the name of mine and looked up some on Angie's List. There were quite a few rated A and they also had the Gold Customer Service Shield. I read some of the comments from their clients. She is a single woman who, like most of us, doesn't have a lot of $$$ lying around. She is stressing about possibly having to replace her compressor and air handler. I hope she can get by with less expensive repairs.

    So, I didn't get much done. I started to watch a documentary on the real Mr. Selfridge on PBS but fell asleep. I woke in time to watch most of the first episode of this season, which will be the last. PBS also had a look of the new series coming up. They look interesting. There will be a ten-part mini-series on Winston Churchill's secret illness and recovery in the 50's.

    Spring, thanks so much for starting us up again. I read in the newspaper about Prince Charles' trip to Nepal. From everything I've read about him, he is very intelligent and interested in almost everything. I realized that part of my learning and understanding from this lifetime is to forgive and deal with the anger others have caused by hurting me. Intellectually, I was able to forgive Barb and try to reason about why she acts the way she does but getting rid of the anger is another matter. It takes time and prayer. It has taken years to get over the anger my ex caused. Fortunately, the anger is eventually replaced with compassion and healing. It is a worthy pursuit. Good for you for giving away the clothes you no longer wear. I have to do a lot of that but will delay until my weight settles down. Right now, I'm trying to give away household things I don't use. For some reason, I cling to my skis, golf clubs and pool cue stick. I got rid of my bicycle but can't seem to part with the rest. Oh well, it takes time. Supposedly, the Universe waits for us to get rid of old things so it can bless us with new things. I'm starting to think that even the nicest things are dragging me down.

    Julie, you work harder than anyone I know to try to use the anger and hurt to motivate you to do good works in life. You are likely the only reason GPA is still alive. The sick and elderly don't last long when neglected and subjected to stress.

    Sun, I think you and I are members of a very large group of wives of P/A's. We've also had other struggles to deal with. You have especially had your plate full this last year dealing with the insurance. What doesn't kill us does make us stronger but it would be nice to get a break now and then.

    Diane, you have really been through a lot with the docs. No wonder you don't want to see them. I'm glad your labs are better with your dietary changes. In this country, so many are underserved medically but a lot are overserved with unnecessary lab work and medication. I think profit is at the bottom of a lot of it. Good for you for making the dietary changes. I'm so thankful to Sun and Windy for helping me to understand more about the changes and for the heads up on the book.

    Rock, hope to see you here soon. Are you too busy preening in front of the mirror now that you can see? Gives a whole new meaning to, "I saw the light." I'm not sure I want lighting which shows my wrinkles. I put on my makeup and think I look pretty good until I put on my glasses and see them. Yikes!!!

    Granni, hope things have quieted down for you and you can come to the Porch for a visit. It should be less frustrating with the new computer. At least, I hope so.

    I'm sorry if I missed anyone. I can't remember what all I read on the last Porch. Pea brain is very tired. Wishing everydobby a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    DH already told me that he needs the computer very soon so this needs to be fast. Doing all kinds of stuff and had a nice Easter Sunday. Didn't even sing since the children were singing on that day. I sang for Holy Thursday and gave up on Holy Sat. fter church I rushed home to get the food ready which has already been cooked, other than the asparagus. DD and DDIL with DS came and brought food. It was very good and and we all had a nice chata especially us ladies when the guys left for awhile to watch TV.

    In between everything going on DS fixed the old IPAD that was DH's that he had bought for his stocks when the computer went caplooey or however you want to see it. At that time the phones were not that great to do all they do now. So DS fixed the Ipad and DDIL showed me how to work some of it and get my apps or some of them anyway. I should be studying my music that we are going to sing on Friday for our last concert. The dress reh should have been Thursday but was changed to tonight to make it easier for others.

    Off for now. Will try and get back. Granni
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    I'm back long enough to write a few words before signing off again. Almost time to start dinner early before getting ready for chorale practice.

    JULIE, et al - Hope all goes well with Lindsey's closing today and Gpa's surgery goes well too. I know you still must not feel to good but who else could bring him.?? Maybe I will get to write a little bit more tomorrow when DH goes to his meeting. However, I will go with DD also to Fit and Fabulous exercises. That is more for balance and flexibility and some strength.

    We have leftover meet from yesterday and a little bit of gravy. Have to make some veggies and brown rice too. DH could eat all of the may slices but trying to limit him and I really shouldn't eat it either since it is pork but I am eating it any way or having a few small slices.

    HI to everydobby - to numerous to mention. I need to check on Joan on FB, I haven't seen her lately. Need to go fix dinner. What fun !! Is this color any better or worse??

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Julie- just popped in to read..so sorry to hear about Clintons EF. Im not sure i know all this but try not to worry too much. My BIL (DHs sisters husband) felt very uncomfy once in his office and went online to see his symptoms and it indicated a heart attack..so he went and got himself tested and it was ...he immediately had the surgery and is 100 percent fine now, its been a couple of years.

    A cousin sis of DHs too felt uncomfortable for two days and then went and got herself checked and they found she had to to heart surgery immediately...she is absolutely fine now.

    I dnt know what might hv triggered such a thing in Clinton..has he been undergoing a lot of stress..or anything? Actually i think it happens on its own sometimes...my both relatives above had everything going smoothly when they got ill. Who knows why we get ill when we do if we havent been abusing our health.

    Could be build up of bad eating habits or something for my SILs DH at least. he drank a lot of beer on friday evenings and ate a lot of meat. And fatty stuff. he has three brothers in the vicinity and they sit down to drink together on weekends. Their family is the only Tibetan one in the locality in Switzerland where his parents got relocated as refugees in the 50s. Now he is a vegetarian and no beer either. Both the people above were very healthy and active and cheerful people. So maybe it could be a genetic condition or something although i havent heart of any history of heart troubles in those families.

    Take care and praying for Clintons speedy and full recovery.

    God Bless
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    Julie: I'm so shocked to read this about Clinton. I'm wondering if this is a heart birth defect? And 47 is not old.....any history of heart problems in his family? It never ends at your end. I pray for Clinton, and for skilled doctors, that's all you can do, and to be ready to help whenever. And good thing you've got the care center that can take Gpa at a moment's notice. I'm sure you're beyond exhausted.
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    Hello Kids

    Spent much of the day sleeping. Been sunny, warm (70s) and windy the last
    few days. One of the palm trees across the street is leaning in a somewhat
    alarming manner. It's 40-50 feet high. In the days of frontier justice I would
    just take out my trusty chain saw and cut the darn things down. Oh wait,
    the chain saws in those days were human powered.

    Thanks for opening the new thread, Springwater. Glad to hear you were able
    to do some decluttering. Gordon did some too. Must be something in the air.
    I'd like to do some decluttering here too (starting with his brother), but it's
    not feasible. And I'd run outta energy after ten minutes anyhoo.

    I looked on a site called Joke Buddah to see if it had a joke about curry.
    It didn't, but it indicated a top ten hit song in India is called 'You Can't
    Curry Love'. Well, that's good to know.

    Julie, I see you were decluttering too. Must be something in the air. Well, the
    same air circulates in Nepal as in Iowa. Just not at the same time. Shocking
    to hear about Clinton. Didn't you say he was 47. (I'd look back to check, but
    then I might lose my post.) Yes, that does seem awfully young for a heart attack.
    Amy is lucky to have you available to help. Congratulations on getting your
    tax papers mailed to the accountant.

    Mikie, I have not spent much time admiring myself in the mirror. Not even
    with the improved lighting. Perhaps you are thinking of Vanity Smurf.
    In the Selfridge book I read that dept. stores didn't sell much in the way
    of cosmetics back then. Queen Victoria didn't approve and even though she
    was dead, her influence lingered on. I read somewhere that in the 19th
    century women used rice powder to combat a shiny nose.
    I see that you have been delcluttering. Must be something in the etc. BTW,
    which is bigger. That Main Coon cat or the little dog. Oh yeah, you are the
    only person I know who has her own cue stick. I bet you were a shark!

    Granni, glad to hear you had a nice family dinner for Easter. Caplooey!
    Haven't heard that word since I was a kid. Or did we say Capooey? Doesn't
    matter. Come to think of it, haven't heard Anti-I-Over or Allee Allee in so
    Free-e for a long time either. (I've seen many variations of that last one.)

    Hugs to Diane, Sun and Barry
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    Julie: Amy has a great X DH and MIL. Lucky her, and that Keira's dad would offer to stay there with her while she goes to school. Will he take vacation time or what? We'll all be waiting to hear the news

    Rock: that's a mighty big palm tree. Is it swaying? Not too much wind out here but I heard more is coming, up to 40 MPH. And we got about 15 min. of rain this morning.

    I'm decluttering also.......working my way thru the oil painting of The Absinthe Drinker, finished for the day and decided to pull out shoe boxes of used tubes. Some are incredibly old.....bought at yard sales (used) at least 20 years ago. So I squeeze first, and if it's hard it goes into the trash. Then I started dividing them according to colors and into separate baggies. It's been at least 4 years since I've worked in oils and I have to say I'm enjoying this change from watercolors. Read up on the painting. Apparently Degas liked to paint little sections of a scene rather than the whole that's why his two people are all the way to the right side. This one I thought the printers had goofed but no.......he did paint only part of the man's pipe.......it just didn't work for me so I've added a little to the side of the painting.

    One of the fellow artists showed several paintings he had "copied" including Vermeer's "girl with a pearl earring"....amazing! It's one of my favorite paintings. I told him if he ever decides to sell it to let me know. I own the movie about it, starring Scarlett Johannsen. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it......it's like watching a moving painting, so beautifully shot.


    I'm still really really fatigued from this 4th round of the virus. My DD and her family are leaving tomorrow for a few days at their desert house but I declined again. I just wouldn't enjoy pushing myself or being a wet blanket.
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    Mikie Moderator

    Mornin', Kids,

    It's a bit cooler this morning--71 degrees. We will likely get a good rain this afternoon but I've been disappointed before. I'm just tired of having to hand water the plants in containers. Between housework, cleaning up after these messy cats and my exhaustion, it's all I can do to force myself to water plants outside.

    My neighbor, Tracy, called me last evening to thank me for referring her to my A/C guy. He fixed her compressor for $250; it was burned-out wiring. The other guys she had had out said it would be thousands of $$$'s. My A/C guy isn't the cheapest nor the most expensive and he is honest and nice. She was thrilled and so was I.

    Julie, I've been praying for Clinton. The good news is that they are doing the tests and, if he needs surgery, they will have gotten to it in time. Too many people used to die because they were never diagnosed. I am praying that, if he has had a heart attack, it didn't do too much damage. My ex had six bypasses and my neighbor, Grace, who is in her 80's, had surgery and both are doing just fine with their hearts. I also continue to pray for you and the whole family. This is a time of stress and chaos so just pull together and go into survival mode until you can get your bearings.

    Granni, geez, I keep thinking you are through with singing and then, there is one more performance. I couldn't commit to anything like that in the condition I'm in. I'm relieved to be off the big board here in the hood. I'm glad you got the iPad fixed so you can use it. Also glad you had a nice Easter.

    Sun, I also love The Pearl. His other paintings used light so beautifully too. I also saw the film and was surprised at how much I loved it. Decluttering things like painting supplies and jewelry-making supplies is so time consuming but a worthy pursuit. Perhaps I should pursue it.

    Spring, so glad to see you popping in again. I've been praying that life is getting a bit easier for you there. You are very strong to have gone through all the shortages, EQ's, etc. You are also very strong spiritually.

    Rock, Richard and I used to play in a pool league at a local dive where there was once a shooting in the parking lot. We used to laugh and sing, "I've got friends in low places." I'm not very good at playing but having a decent pool stick makes all the difference in the world. Mine comes apart and screws together and has it's own case. I actually have two of them--don't know why. DD was here visiting one time and she, my Mom and I went to the pool hall and played. We had a ball, no pun intended. Richard has his own table at home and his Mom and mine used to play. My friend's Main Coon cat is about the same size as her dog, but the dog weighs more. The cat is mostly hair. Both Tweety and Bob do what Nancy calls, The Silly Dance. It involves arching the back and doing intricate little steps sideways on the toes of the feet. A cat will get all goosey before entering into the dance. Silly cats! Never heard of the Vanity Smurf but good to know!

    I've had my coffee, nasal spray and allergy tablet so think I'm gonna make it after all. Woke during the night with stuffed-up sinuses and a hideous headache. For once, I look forward to getting in the shower and letting the hot water run on my head. I need to go to the store and have soooo much to do in here. Keeping everydobby in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everybody,

    Before I forget, thanks for all your kind words about my prior, and upcoming, doc appts. I really appreciate it!

    JULIE -- You have a safe trip. Kevin and I are keeping y'all in our thoughts and prayers. What a shock about Clinton! As others have said, Clinton got diagnosed in time. And diagnostics and surgical procedures have come a long way. We're all cheering for y'all. I know that it will be such a comfort for Amy to have you there. Take good care my friend, and keep us posted as you can.

    I can't write any more; just too tired. I think Sun said something about Virus Round Number 4. Count me in on that. This darn crud is back. I'm so nauseous and dizzy, I'm going back to bed.

    So, I'll just say a big HELLO to all!

    Love and hugs and prayers,
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Good grief! I got my shower and did my coif and am too tired to do anything else. I still don't know if this is a virus making another round or allergies making another round. They are not mutually exclusive so anything is possible. What a waste of a good hair day! I did manage to give the flowers a drink. From the looks of the sky, and the severe weather watch, I think we will likely get some rain.

    Last night just after 8:00, I went down to the pool to tell some grown men and a family of noisy little boys that we can't allow swimming after dark. The man wasn't rude but didn't look too happy to be told. He knew he was breaking the rules. Another neighbor explained to him that, if someone got injured after dark, our ins. would likely not pay. I had already 'splained that the health dept. could shut us down for breaking their rules. The noise from screaming kids at the pool comes right inside our condos, even if we have the doors and windows closed. We have a right to peace and quiet at that time of night when we want to relax and watch TV. Thank God, this family only comes down for spring break--so far!

    Diane, I just sent up a prayer for you this morning. I try to get in individual prayers for us, depending on what is challenging us. Just to be sure, I also say a 'blanket' prayer. The health info I've received from our generous and loving members is invaluable but the emotional support and friendship is even more important to me. Research is showing that having a supportive community is necessary to our health. We are a community here as sure as though we actually get to sit on our Porch and chat. Always good to see you here.

    Rock, forgot to mention in my last post that the Mr. Selfridge program did show how long it took for women to accept that they could wear makeup and not be considered ho's. Back when my Mom was a little girl, no women but ho's wore red shoes. I'm sure that there were women in the theater who wore them but, in rural NE back then, I doubt one would have seen them. OMG!!! What would I do if I could not wear colored shoes? A reporter recently wrote a list of 'facts' for liviing here. He said flip flops were fine to wear during the day but not at night when dressing up unless, of course, they had crystals or sequins on them. I had to laugh because my 'dressy' flip flops ( is that an oxymoron?) are a tasteful black with sparkly crystals on them. Following WWI, women wanted more freedom and times were changing rapidly. I think the same thing happened following WWII, when women went to work. Some 'Rosie The Riveters" were just honored in D.C. at the WWII Memorial. They all had on the red and white polka dot scarves like the one in the original poster. People were thanking them for their service and they were just overwhelmed. How nice to recognize their important contribution. My ex missed the memo that women no longer need to be kept home, barefoot and pregnant.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get going. To what? I don't know. Still wishing all y'all a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    I've just spent over 2 hrs. blowing all the leaves and junk from flowering trees (front and back) and working AGAIN to get this pool to prime. I called my pool guy again but no one could come today. So after flipping the switch off and on for over 3 hrs. the darn thing finally started to prime so it could work. I've done some research on the internet so hope to be home when the pool guy comes on Thursday so we can talk more about this problem. Yes......I'm really tired but I just force myself to put one foot in front of the other, since I have no one to help.

    Mikie: I'm with you on the flip flops. I hate having to wear regular shoes except when it's cold and rainy.

    Diane: So far I haven't been bothered by stomach troubles with this bug......it's more of a respiratory one that's going around. My DD INSISTED I try her essential oils so I drove over there and followed her directions. Even with putting peppermint oil in a capsule to swallow I could feel it burn my throat and all the way down into my stomach. My cleaning lady said the same thing happened to her DD, so both of us are saying no to swallowing them.
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: So is this fluid from pneumonia? I'm sorry for all the craziness. And what will you do about Keira's school? Are you staying at their house while she has to go to school? Yes, if only Den's sister will step up but it WON'T ever happen. She's a flake, only concerned with herself. Too bad.

    And most men are like Den. They really find it hard to cope with emergencies. And so good to read that Miley is OK where she is. Just another example of people not stepping up to their responsibilities.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Not much to tell. I'm still sick with this virus/allergic reaction? Whatever it is. I woke up all stuffed up, including my ears, which are ringing. Can't take 1/2 a Special K pill if I want to go to the store. Actually, I don't want to go but should get food. By tomorrow, it will be necessary. I've run out of allergy med but blew some Nasacort up my nose and that should help. This gets old fast.

    We did get some violent rain and wind yesterday but it gave us lots of moisture and that is a good thing. One very loud thunder clap scared Tweety. Sir Vester goes to his comfort place, the top of the loveseat in the little office in the front of the condo. He just finished his little walk back and forth in front of me so I could brush his hind end. We are all enjoying a nice quiet morning.

    Those noisy people were in the pool last evening but left before 8:00. I'm glad they didn't cause trouble over it. So many people today care only for themselves and have no manners nor consideration for others. Their children learn rudeness and selfishness from the parents. It's sad. Our society, as a whole, seems to be getting more and more angry and unpleasant. This constant underlying anger is probably just another reason each generation is less and less healthy. It may also explain this horrible campaign season.

    Sun, what a frustration that pool must be. I hope you can get it fixed. Last evening, I reread a lot of Dr. Masley's book on getting heart healthy. Like Suzy Cohen, he is an advocate for getting rid of the carbs. He says that bad carbs cause cells to be sugar coated and produce small cell LDL cholesterol. This is the worst kind of cholesterol and it leads to plaque in the blood vessels. He also links smoking, stress, obesity, high blood pressure, poor diet and lack of exercise to the increased risk of heart disease due to plaque in the blood vessels. He agrees that diabetes meds, BP meds and statins are not the answer. I've been off my feed bag due to whatever is ailing me but I'm craving some fresh veggies. Hope you and I both feel better.

    Julie, I hope and pray they can find the problem with Clinton so they can do whatever is necessary. I'm glad Miley is OK. It's wonderful they have you, and others, to help them through this. Glad Amy's ex is doing his part for Keira too. This could be a real opportunity for the kids too see kind and caring adults working together to pull through a difficult time. Hope you can get home to Den soon; you can only be pulled in so many directions. In the meantime, did I hear you mention shopping? I hope some retail therapy does you some good. Buy something for yourself and not just for others. When it comes to retail therapy, Grandma Mikie knows best.

    Don't know what I'll do today but I know I'll have Roomba clean the floors. Think I might try it on the lanai. Dirt in the air, stirred up by traffic out on the road, settles on the tile floor. I think that is why the bottoms of Tweety's feet, and Sir Vester's undercarriage, are dirty. Wind from the storm blew in a lot of dust too. Both cats are sneezing and the TV newscaster just said allergies are bad and will continue. AAACCCKKK!!!

    Love, Mikie
  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Good morning everybody,

    Just checking in, to see what's happening with Julie and all my porch friends.

    Julie, you are still in our thoughts and prayers. I hope a solution to Clinton's heart problem can be found and treated, soon.

    I'm sort of on pins and needles. Kevin's car rental lease is up May 8. That's a Sunday. We have laws here in Pennsylvania that say no contracts can be signed on Sundays.

    So Kevin decided to terminate his lease on the Kia a month early. Get the "end of month deals." BUT he has to have a third party inspection on the car first. So tomorrow (he took a vacation day), he'll be driving to get to his office by 8:00 a.m. That's the only place the Kia inspectors could accommodate him. There's a 4-hour block of time for when the inspector will show up. Then Kevin's planning on driving to the Kia dealer and turn in the car.

    Does that sound right to you? I think he's going to pay high price for a new lease. But, statistics say that getting (purchasing/leasing) a new car at end of month inventory will get you the best price. Maybe I'm just feeling a bit worried that he gave Kia advance warning. I don't know.

    Kevin (and nobody in his office) has gotten a raise this year. Nor have they had their yearly performance evaluations from 2015. We're soon approaching April, so I'm not hopeful about even a minimal cost of living raise, again.

    By the way, Kevin has a new supervisor, based in Los Angeles. Brian is really impressed with Kevin's skills and attitude, and found money in his budget to give $25 dollars extra per paycheck, as a bonus. So that's $600 a year. It'll help, as our bills go up each year.

    Anyways, I'm still not feeling well. Worried about Julie and family. Thinking of y'all. And worried about our "finances" at the moment.......... Sigh.

    Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

    Love and hugs and prayers to all,
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    This is another quickie and I am hoping that next week I will be able to be on here more often. So many things going on around here plus trying to work out or work with some family problems. Not sure how that will work out. More later when I find out anything. DH is at the store and I have to go over some music I have been putting ff. The final practice is tomorrow night and Friday night is the concert. it is mostly Spirituals and the SPIRIT. Most of them are quite catchy and make you want to dance around. like When The Saints Go Marching In is one of them. No chance to read to much . Got keep moving on to the next project.

    DIANE - Hope Kevin finds a good deal on your next rental car and that everything else works out well too.

    JULIE - Hang in there kiddo and hope all is well with Clinton and family and they find his problem quick and get it treated. Hope all went well with Lindsey's closing.

    Love to MIKIE, SUN, SW, ROCK, BARRY et all.

    Gotta run.

    Granni :)
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just popping in. Still feel sick with this crud or whatever it is. Didn't go to the store. There was an accident just down the street and it was causing a traffic jam. By the time it was cleared, I was feeling worse. I fixed some bacon 'n eggs for my lunch. Roomba is vacuuming and I'm sitting on my duff. I have some eggs and a couple of potatoes I need to use up so think I'll make some potato salad. I know white potatoes are a no-no but I do eat them now and then. BTW, Dr. Masley says a little pasta is OK--something to do with the density of the flour. I know pasta doesn't seem to raise my BS.

    Diane, the guy downstairs leases his Kia and recently turned in the old one for the new one. They did well on the deal. I hope and pray you and Kevin do well on yours. Car dealers have been advertising really competitive prices on leases so I think they are anxious to keep leasing their vehicles.

    OK, I just lost what I wrote to Granni. Sooooo frustrating!!!

    Granni, I hope you get whatever problem you have worked out.

    Gonna run. When I'm sick, I have even less patience than I usually do, and that ain't much!

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up around 4 this morning. Freezing to death. Partly because it
    was only 53 degrees here, but mostly because my blood sugar was too
    high. Took a diabetes pill, put on another shirt, turned on the electric
    blanket and went back to bed for another 5 hours. So I"m back to
    normal. The problem, of course, is that for us, "normal" really
    isn't all that wonderful.

    Anyhoo it's a sunny day; temp 59 on its way to 63. Gordon is just
    leaving to do errands. We are going the library today. It's book
    sale day. He has a couple extra plants he's going to give to the
    2 volunteers who run the book sale. Our branch library was built
    11 years ago. These two gals are there every week. I told them they
    should get a medal. The head librarian told Gordon the funds they
    raise enable to library to buy extra books.

    Granni, can you sight read your music? You remember in the movies
    the stars were always singing some new song the composer handed them
    and it sounded just as though they had rehearsed it for weeks. I always
    thought that was a another bit of movie fiction.

    But then I was in a community theater project. I brought the sheet
    music for an old song I had found in a second hand book store. The
    gal who was singing the lead picked it up and sang it beautifully.
    She, at least, could sight read. The piano player could too.

    I trust your group will do a rousing version of When the Saints Go
    Marching In. My favorite for the last 60 years has been the one
    by the Weavers.

    Diane, I am shocked that Pennsylvania still has Blue Sunday Laws.
    They are clearly a case of religious laws that curtail the activities
    of everybody. Nevertheless, The Supreme Court has upheld them.
    When I was a kid almost every store in our village was closed on
    Sunday. The drugstore, restaurants and gas stations, however,
    stayed open.

    Good luck with the car lease. I wonder if a store like Costco
    could help. I bought my last car through them. You get
    a discout just as if a large business were buying a vehicle
    for its fleet. And, there's no dickering and listening to
    endless mind games and fables from the salesman. They
    tell you the price, and you buy it or don't. Maybe it
    works for a lease too.

    Mikie, I agree about the terrible state of the country. Glad I
    won't be here much longer. Hope I go before the big collapse.
    Yes, it's probably a good idea to buy some groceries. Now and
    then we get an ad in the mail. "Shop for your groceries at
    home. We deliver." Seems like every item is a dollar or two
    more. That would add up in a you know what.

    Sun, one of the books waiting for us at the library is the Debra
    Lee Baldwin book you recommended. Gordon has many
    different flowers, but after orchids, the next biggest group is
    succulents. Hope you're having a good day.

    Better go. Gotta shave before going to the library so I look a
    little less like a bum. Nothing helps too much these days. AACCKK!

  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I'm sure Gordon is going to be in awe over the book, I know I was. Watch out, he might get ideas about your front yard. Yes, it is very hard some days for all of us. How about letting it grow into a full beard instead of shaving???

    I can't remember how long it's been since I've felt "decent". I've got soooo much to unload around this house and garage, but I know I have to tackle it. When I'm no longer here, I KNOW the kids would just come in and load up, taking everything to the thrift store.

    Diane: I didn't realize about your Sunday's until Rock explained. I remember when everything was closed on Sunday, I think that changed back in the early 60s and everyone was shocked, then started taking it for granted. Now it's a shock when you come across one that IS closed. Hey......that super that Kevin will be getting more in his paycheck. I know he feels appreciated now.

    My son is still out of work, it's been about 8 months now. He's gone on a few interviews but no one wants to pay what he was making before, which was a supervisor's pay. He got his last check from the government yesterday.

    Mikie: I wouldn't be surprised if it's a bug that keeps reoccurring. As I posted early last week this is the 4th go around for me. I heard from Windytalker that her son has just now picked it up and can't get over the cough. I'm surprised it took him so long since he works in the medical profession where he's always around sick people.

    Granni: where are all these performances being held that you talk about?

    Well, the pool wasn't working this morning AGAIN. I'm so frustrated. Called my pool guy (I'm sure he dreads when he sees the call is from me) BUT.......I think I may have located the source. This pool was put in about 35-40 years ago and has an old brass thing that drops in to regulate the pressure. I discovered if I remove it, then let the water prime, then drop it back in, it will continue to work. However, I can't baby sit this pool all the time!!!!! He's coming tomorrow. I hope he has a solution to make me happy.