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    y'all come on in folks

    Starting up our new one, well on our way to 1000....celebration time then.

    Someone pls post the pic if ya can..it's a little garden corner.

    Sun - we lived in india till I was around 18.. I came here because someone got me a job and we really needed the money. I had to drop,out of college. I may hv been given short shrift on a lot of things but where I grew up? Oh, boy did I luck out. It was beautiful. If you google Dr Grahams Homes School, and press images the whole school comes up. It was more like a village and it's said it is only two of the kind in india which is spread across a whole estate with buildings allocated all over for hospital, clothiers, church, science lab, swimming pool and of course an English cottage like house for housing kids...20 of them with its own tool shed, kitchen, garden.I was a boarder for three years and the hall of our cottage was so narrow, two very slim,people could fit in only, it was all made of wood and I have no idea how no fire caught..

    Our grade six classroom was located on the edge of the mountain facing the mt. Kanchenjunga and it was a sight to see them the windows in the winter..especially sunset with red staining the entire scene.

    I love the image of you in yr flowery dress and woven bag..very holiday. I'm sure you have a pair of strappy sandals to complete the outfit?

    That man with the great attitude, he had kind of enough I think, his house was average, with an upstairs and terrace, downstairs, kitchen.. they were basically farmers generation, they had land to build on...they had the basics, gas cylinder, TV, fan, a little three wheeler to ride around with his family, all necessary furniture, sent their kids to school...which is why I was so impressed at his stoic acceptance of different living method.

    Granni - I always pray I get science and mathematics brains too if come back again in another lifetime..I feel life gets so much easier if one is adept at those practical things..I am a duffer in those.

    Mikie - in our language condo means bum (anatomy) so condo Ville?.....:D. I'm glad you feel a little better.

    Julie - thank you for posting the picture of my school and the Internet garden picture. In the picture on the right side of the big field looking into greenery is where the 6th grade classes were. As you can see, it just perches on top of the hill and looks out over to the mountains and the river Teesta below. On the other side of the river valley is perched the town of Darjeeling..tea capital of the world once.I also need to clean my fridge but then I need to do so much else...vexation, vexation..I'm thrilled Lyndsey has success with muscle testing. It must make things so much easier.
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    Spring: I can just imagine how beautiful that must have been to see the mountains bathed in red. I'll have to look up the mountain. Of course I absolutely love sunrises and sunsets. The first time I ever went to Hawaii was when I was single, on a singles tour. I got a whole group of people up before sunrise to see it.....however it was a big disappointment, but a good memory.

    I was just getting ready for bed and pulled up my emails. Someone sent this to me. BARRY: this is especially for you!
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for the pics Sun and Spring and Julie.

    We went to the chiro yesterday. His office wasn't open when we got there, but
    he showed up a few minutes later. He's sort of the absent minded professor
    at times, but he has magic fingers which more than compensate.

    That walled garden looks like it might have hollyhocks growing in it. We
    have them here. There's a pink one growing outside our backyard wall.
    And for years there was one on the corner. It had dark red flowers. Grew
    about 8 feet tall. It disappeared a few years ago.

    The blue butterflies are spectacular. A shame to think that they are

    Sun, sounds like your financial situation is getting a little better with
    the reduction. You're talking about Medicare or Obamacare, right?

    I talked to my brother last night, the park ranger who had the hip surgery.
    I was on the cordless phone. We lost contact twice. Still it's
    a great improvement over the days of the pioneers who went West
    a century and a half ago knowing they would probably never see
    their loved ones again.

    Anyway he still has pain; takes a pill when he needs to. The bladder
    infection complicates matters. He thinks it may be due to the

    Julie, nice picture of your farm. I think I see Oreo next to the
    bushes. Been a while since I've seen or heard the serenity prayer.
    Used to recite it at all my 12 step meetings (Emotions Anonymous).
    This board is now a substitute; a source of friendship, camaraderie
    and laughs. Now and then a few tears.

    Star, I did not say Gordon and I had an argument. I said: In 35
    years we have never had an argument. Not that we agree
    on everything. He likes Chinese opera. I like Italian opera. We
    both like country western and the pop songs from when we were
    young. He likes spicy foods from SE Asia. I like the bland
    food from our Mid West.

    All those who would rather have tater tot hot dish than Vietnamese
    Banh Xeo raise your hand.

    Mikie, seems like you or your roomba clean every day. Your condo
    must be a showplace like the one on Mama's Family. All you need
    is a granni square afghan on the back of the sofa.

    Granni, hadn't heard of cocktail sauce for years. My mother used to
    concoct something she called Spanish Rice for lunch sometimes. It
    was a similar sauce on rice with sliced Vienna sausages. Haven't thought
    of that for decades.

    Gotta go, Kids. The font mechanism has lost its mind. Keep changing
    into bold type. Most annoying.

    Here's a pic of Hollyhock House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
    and built about a century ago. It's located in a park at the east end
    of Hollywood, a few miles from our house.


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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Another hot 'n humid day on the agenda. Another good day to stay inside. I'll be glad when my skin is healed enough to go to the pool. It's just about healed but still not ready for the UV rays. I'll slather on the sunscreen and go early. I need to get back to running in the shallow end. I'll have to start out walking or I'll likely die. News just showed an amazing pic of a thunderstorm a pilot took at night at 37,000 feet. Lightening is lighting up the cumulus clouds with a floor of clouds below and the stars above. I'll see whether I can find it so it can be posted here. Nothing, except our beloved families, can offer us the blessings we enjoy like nature. For those whose family members aren't so beloved, nature may be the best blessing of all.


    Yea! Success! It was even more awesome on the big screen TV in HD.

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again. I tried to edit the old Porch title but couldn't do it. Every now and then, my moderator powers don't work. I'll try again later. You must have such wonderful memories of school in that beautiful place. I looked up Indian Summers online and found that it was filmed in Malaysia even though it is supposed to be in India. Still, it is beautiful. I've never seen so many flowering bushes in one spot. We have some beautiful flowering bushes here but not enough of them. Seems that developers opt for cheaper plants in developments, like here in Bumville. That really made me laugh. Gives new meaning to cleaning my condo! I love the hollyhocks. We had them when I was a kid. My neighbor here had some but I've been unable to get them to grow. Hollyhocks and lilies of the valley always make me think of old fashioned gardens. Take care, dear one.

    Rock, as I mentioned to Spring, I also love the hollyhocks. Think I mentioned here that we kids would use toothpicks to make dolls out of them. We'd connect a bud for the head to a flower for the swirling skirt and twirl them around like little dancers. They reminded me of Carmen Miranda. Oh, if only my condo were sparkling clean. With Sir Vester's hair all over, I have to have Roomba clean often. I only scrub the tile floors with the machine once a week or so, depending on how dirty they are. It probably only seems as though all I do is clean because that's about all I have to talk about. Wish I had a life but, if I did, I'd be too tired to live it. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    I grew up on my Mom's bland Midwest cooking but have branched out to spicy food and love it. Not too hot but spicy enough to be interesting. Loves me my Mexican, Chinese and Italian food. Mmmmm! I also love spicy Indian food but don't get much chance to eat it here. I really have to get to the Indian restaurant to try the buffet. Food critic says the buffet has all the dishes they offer as entrees. Glad your DB is doing OK following surgery. It is likely that he picked up his infection in the hosp. Many here come out with bladder infections following surgery. Any big plans for your birthday?

    Granni, OMG! What a time for you to have A/C problems. I've been getting mine checked every June to try to keep it going during the hot weather. Yesterday was 96 with oppressive humidity. I didn't even leave the condo. I did get a fair amount done, despite not feeling up to par (my par is not that demanding to begin with). I can't imagine going out to work outside. I hope you don't overdo it nor get overheated. I had to take economics and finance in collage but neither helped with figuring out the stock market nor other investments. Perhaps they had more classes for finance majors. I enjoyed economics but not the finance class. We had an instructor with such a heavy accent that I couldn't understand him. Also, he was mean (perhaps his stock wasn't doing well :) Not a good experience. Stay cool, my friend.

    Sun, your headache treatment is the same as mine. I may add some dark chocolate to the mix as it helps too. I'm so sorry you had a stressful phone call but I'm glad you got that SS/ins. situation taken care of. I hope and pray it's finally done with. I'm picturing you in your new dress with your new tote in Hawaii. Can you have someone take a pic and post it here? Those long dresses are great. They can go from the pool as a cover to dinner with just a little bit of jewelry. I find them to be cooler than tees and shorts too. I hope you have a wonderful time. You deserve it! BTW, thanks for the heads up about the batteries at the Dollar Store. I shop at Dollar Tree so will look for them.

    Star, sounds to me as though you have a good attitude of gratitude. I never compare myself to others in terms of money nor stuff. I figure we are all on our individual spiritual journeys and I'm here to do my best with what I have. I love sweet taters and eat them with cinnamon and butter. Very good for nutrition. Some restaurants offer sweet tater fries but I try not to eat too much fried food. They put cinnamon on the fries. I hope your knee feels better. I've had surgery on both knees so I know what knee pain is like. Yes, knowing our Treasures (or in my case, My Little Loves) are safe is really something to be grateful for. DSIL loves it when I call them that. He always tells me he loves me when we say goodbye on the phone. I have been blessed. Sounds as though you are too.

    OK, gonna close this and post before I lose it. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, guys! Would have slept longer, but don't know how early Susan will be here. And I was so "out of it" last night, all I could do was post that porch pic for Spring, then I think the second pic is of the school. Anyway...

    Still in a dwam this morning, so not going to stay long. Maybe a cup of coffee or two will help? But...

    I thought I saw on here that Mikie said her birthday is the 7th...of July? If so, Happy Birthday, Mikie!!! And Rock and Lorraine's birthdays are tomorrow, the 8th. Rock, please correct me if I am a day off. You too, Mikie.

    But here's a birthday wish for you guys now since I may not get back on here for a day or two.


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    Good morning dear Porchies !!!

    Enjoying a few minutes of quiet on the computer before DH comes home from his breakfast as we both wait for the a/c guy to call or come, which ever comes first. I like that "attitude of gratitude" MIKIE and STAR. Yes, I too try not to judge people on what they own, where they live, etc. Everyone is unique and we all don't have the same, if any resources.

    STAR - I also like liverwurst or liver sausage but haven't had that in years. Probably shouldn't have it anyway :)!! Used to eat it a lot when I was growing up. I don't remember how much it used to cost and haven't priced it recently. My mom used to make tongue occasionally and was made to eat it :)!! I cut off the skin part first which made it palatable but I didn't ask for seconds. That was one of the few things I didn't particularly like. I am and never was a picky eater ad should have been a big person the way I ate. I would still like to eat that way but can't unfortunately. Yes, sweet potatoes, not necessarily fried is much better for you than white I have been reading so we eat it fairly often. It is not DH's favorite of course but since he is borderline diabetic I tell him that is what we are eating, plus the quinoa and brn rice and quinoa blends they sell. We both would love to have a baked potato.

    SPRING WATER - I think you had an interesting way of cooking tongue but not sure I could buy it and get it in the house. Don't think DH particularly liked it either. I love to hear the way you cook things.

    Gotta run for now. Dear Husband is home. Be back later.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :):)
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Rock, Mikie, Lorraine.

    Mikie - :eek: wow! That is some picture. It is beautiful beyond imagination! Imagine being somewhere like that for real. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing it...I love. I love. I love.


    The above is my present for you.

    And for Rock


    To giv you unbounded energy

    Granni - I like boiled sweet potatoes..we hv different types of yam here..we hv a festival where on,y yams are eaten. But I like just two varieties. The usual sweet potatoe and another..white in colour like bamboo. Which you don't get here..it's probably a hill variety.
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    Hi again SPRING WATER, MIKIE, JULIE, et al,

    Still waiting for that a/c guy to come and we are supposed to go out tonight to meet some friends for dinner. He was supposed to be here probably 1 PM or earlier. Well it is almost 11:30 so guessing it might be after lunch - hopefully !!We don't know if it will be a small or a big job so that is the big question.

    MIKIE - Is it your birthday today?? I almost forgot my eldest daughters and sil's anniversary. I think it may be their 35th, I have to figure it out. Gee, where has the time gone. I am convinced the older you get the faster it goes. If it is I hope you have a wonderful blessed birthday and year to come. You are a very special person and we all love you.

    Thanks for catching it JULIE. I have been so bad lately about posting and reading all the right ones.

    JULIE - That is a beautiful necklace picture you sent to MIKIE. It is really gorgeous. I hope all goes well with your visit with Susan and all. You were right to tell you know who you would do your own thank yous for the funeral.. don not trust her one bit and I agree with SUN that it is best to stay away from her if at all possible. She just causes trouble with a capital T.

    ROCK - Is it close to your birthday too?? I just know that we are the same age by a few months ( Lucky us) :)!!!! Is Gordon making you a cake or special dessert??? May you also have another good year with us and more on our PORCH. We all love you too very much, and that includes me for sure !!!! I can't keep anyone's b days straight any more except maybe my kids and DH.

    SPRING WATER - What do you put in your boiled sweet potatoes? Do mash them like white potatoes with milk and butter? I usually bake mine and then usually split it between us unless really small and add butter an mash... Probably should start boiling them in this heat although that heat up your kitchen too.

    DIANE - Hope you are still doing well enough to post. How hot is it in PA? You never know up East either? I remember when we lived in N Y. We could also get some pretty hot days and that was without a/c ( at least throughout the house). We might have had one in the bedroom for awhile. Growing up we were lucky if we had a lg fan, period.

    STAR - Hope you are having a good day too. What is your weather like anyway in your neck of the woods ???? That is wonderful that your DH is helping you as much as he can with your medical problems and trying to find answers. I have been doing that for years too and have almost given up finding a cute or something to help get rid of this stuff. However, if anything helps us to keep our sanity , I'm for it. It is wonderful when our DH's give us support and help. I know more medical stuff that DH (since I used to be a RN)so leaves most of that to me but he tries to be understanding and helpful. I have been trying to use as much natural stuff right now even though it is more expensive.

    DH is calling for lunch so I need to go. I am a bit hungry too. Will probably have leftover chicken and macaroni with tomatoe sauce and some goat cheese. I made it almost like a lasagna but was with macaroni. It was rather an experiment but it came out tasty. Glad there is one cheese I can eat since I am not supposed to eat any other cheese. I am a cheese aholic and it is not easy.

    Bye for now. TTYAL.

    Love you all inc those not mentioned,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Was gonna go jump in the shower but got caught up in the broadcasting of the house committee hearing with the Director of the FBI. Regardless of one's political affiliations, these things are historic and very interesting. I settled in with a small glass of white wine, cheese and crackers. An unusual way to spend my birthday but that is the point--I can do just what I want to do today (not that I don't do that almost every other day :) Thank you all for you sweet birthday wishes.

    Julie, thank you so very much for you lovely sentiment and the virtual gift of a gorgeous necklace. Both are beautiful. Hope your sleep and coffee have brought you to life. I know just how it feels to wake in a fog. I also hope Susan's visit goes well. She, and all of us, are blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks again!

    Spring, thank you for the lovely virtual gift of the Chakra pendant. I loooove it. I'm going to use my cards to do a forecast for the coming year. I will also meditate on my Chakras. I think that right now, I may have a bit of unbalance in my root Chakra. Certain times in my life, I feel a bit of unease just before a change. It needn't be a big physical change; it can be a change in perspective or a spiritual/emotional change. I've been feeling a bit stuck and my birthday horoscope said that something will happen to get me unstuck. Of course, I am supposed to try to do it on my own. I'll try to open myself up to see whether it will come to me. Again, thank you for the lovely gift.

    Granni, I can tell you are not judgmental. It's a great way to be in dealing with others. I can also tell you practice an attitude of gratitude. In fact, we have all been through so much in our lives that I think we are grateful for what we do have. I am grateful for you kind sentiments. I really appreciate it. I hope you get your A/C fixed and you can stay cool. I know we both are grateful for our A/C.

    Rock, I want to wish you an early happy birthday. I hope you stop in tomorrow so I can wish you the same on your birthday.

    I did mange to clean the bathroom floor. It's just too small for the big floor machine which can't get behind the toilet. I put down the pretty throw run in front of the vanity which I couldn't have while Tweety was here. She peed on it too. Same with the one inside the front door. DGS is champing at the bit to come down for a visit. By cleaning up the condo, I will be ready for him. He is visiting my ex, his DGF, this month. My ex called to wish me a happy birthday. He is enjoying his new puppy, Murray Puppin. OK, gotta go. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Howdy, All.

    For those of you who asked what star thistle honey is, what can I say? It is honey made from the nectar of the obnoxious star thistle. Just like clover honey comes from clover. There are many kinds of honey, depending on what nectars the bees are gathering. When you buy a jar of honey in the store it is usually a combo of many types. But each honey has its own flavour and thus I savour star thistle pure honey.

    Star, offal has become very expensive here too, if you can find it. I think it must be exported to countries where it is popular. Most Yanks don't care for even liver! As for brains, forget about it! To be honest, I find brains a bit bland, have only eaten them once (in France) and found them so-so. Spring, so you liked tongue before you went vegetarian, eh? Good to hear, and I like your recipe. Easy peasy.

    Sun, thanks for the lovely link to the pipevine swallowtail. I've never seen a live one. I knew they were in decline and am so glad that someone is helping them. Curiously, I planted a pipevine (Aristolochia californica) that I grew from seed, and it grew beautifully. Still is, I think. But no Pipevine Swallowtails here, a little far north for them. But I see that they are in your region, or were once. Again, thank you for the wonderful link! Much appreciated.

    Rock, I will eat with Gordon, NOT with you! :p I love Indian, Chinese and s.e.Asian cuisines. I have tons of Chinese cookbooks...... not up to much cooking these days though.:( I remember Vienna sausages. I wonder if they still make them anymore? I'd rather have a good old boudin noir -- forgive my French -- any day. Black pudding we called it in England. Also known as blood sausage. Waste not, want not. :rolleyes: I made some myself when neighbours butchered a hog, many years ago. It wasn't very good, but it wasn't too bad.

    Hey Julie, hang in there my dear. I am in a dreadful dwam myself!

    For you fur-baby owners, Slinky is SO much better. If she hadn't been taken to the far-away vet I don't think she would be alive today. I am hoping there will be no more fluid build-up in her lungs. We have to moniter her breathing a few times a day, and she will be on abx for a while. But things are really looking good -- touch wood.

    Love to all,

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    Barry: I was amazed at that butterfly! Reminded me a little of the blue morphos? down in the Amazon area. I understand they are very difficult to find......except for the natives who know where to look and capture them to mount and send to the states. I've seen those specimens for sale at times but I would much rather see them flying. I would love to get more butterflies around here. The plant that attracts the Monarchs doesn't seem to want to grow as fast as I want it to, then the butterflies demolish the leaves and it looks pitiful. But I'm doing my little part to help them. I've seen several varieties of the swallowtail around here, some have more black on them than yellow. And an occasional morning cloak. I used to have a LARGE flowering vine (darn if I can remember the name....the flowers look science fiction) and it was always COVERED with butterflies but it took over and I had to remove it.

    Great news on Slinky. Did the vet know what caused the fluid build up?

    Mikie: A big happy 72 to you! Age is just a state of mind......they say. Today my mind is saying I'm pushing 85. And since I don't watch the news I look to you to keep me informed on the state of our country. I don't like either candidate.....sigh.

    OK......here's the thing that's going to replace your robo cleaner. Think I'll pass on the new "dog".


    Julie: what is dwam? Maybe that's what's overtaken me, waaaaaaaay too much stress in my life. Hope you have a nice visit with your young friend.

    Granni: I keep asking you.....................do you see a difference since you've been on this special diet and all the supplements???????????? More energy and less pain? I look back over the last couple of years and I just seem to get worse and worse.

    Diane: How are things going with you now? My neighbor's DH got a VERY good job in Pittsburgh and has been there since before Christmas. They're getting ready to sell their home so she can move. Their only child starts college in So. Carolina soon so I guess now would be the time. They used to live in Texas so I guess they would be used to the heat and humidity.

    Rock: happy early BD to you too. Eat something!!!!!!

    Spring: such a very lovely, special school you were able to attend. Did your brothers go there also?

    I've spent time today putting in a new lining with an extra "envelope" inside the straw purse. I also sewed on some Velcro to close it. Ever since someone tried to pull out my wallet out of my open purse years ago I'm so paranoid about how my purse closes. I used to whiz thru chores but OMG I've gotten so slow anymore.
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  13. Starlight74

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    Hi all.
    Happy,happy birthday Mikie and Rock!

    I wasn't exactly sure of The day.
    As I'm about a day ahead, well, I get a little confused.

    Cheers Mikie! Enjoy the wine and crackers.

    Rock- my mistake about the whole argument bizzo.
    Glad you lead a very peaceful life

    Barry- we enjoy various types of honey aswell. Tea tree (scientific name escapes me at the moment), a favourite.
    It too has gone up in price, but Not something we'll be giving up.
    Glad to hear Slinky is coming good.

    So many beautiful pics from everyone. Thank you.
    Beauty and colour really improves the receptors- or mood.
    At the very least, it puts a smile on the dial.

    A big hello and best wishes to all. You are All in my thoughts.

    Got up feeling like I'd been on the grog all night.
    (Which I haven't done in many a year).
    Not since I was Very young, rebellious, hated myself, the whole world and Was completely irresponsible
    A phase apparently.

    Yeah so,feel all beat up, puffed up and Have a sluggish brain.
    A bit of a train wreck. But this too will pass.
    I really, really hope it's not the beginning of another slump.

    School holidays draw to a close and I'm burnt out.
    My fingers will get a good work out this arvo, sewing up all the uniforms and readying everything for school, come Monday.

    Will catch yas on the other side.
    Take care. Xx
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    Good evening, everyone! Susan got here around noon and we visited for a couple hours, then I told her I just had to take a nap. No problem with her...she went for a walk around the farm, jumped from one big round hay bale to another, and just generally amused herself till Den got home from work.

    I woke up in a dwam (sun, I think it means "stupor", "fog", etc.) and just fixed french toast, bacon and eggs for supper. Afterwards, Den and Susan went to the shop and he helped her make a plaque to hang on her wall. Taught her how to use the router to make fancy edges on the wood and she then stained the wood...then they "Mod Podged" a picture onto the plaque and she finished up by varnishing it. Will add more coats of varnish tomorrow.

    Den usually tries to think of some kind of "project" to do with Susan whenever she is here. Her own dad didn't do things like that with her, so her visits up here are made all the more special with the quality time with her "Iowa Dad".

    Drumroll, please..... I sat down this evening and took time to finish all the thank you's...and I typed up a list of cards, memorials, and gifts that we received in honor of Gpa. I will give sis a copy of the list, then I can be done with her, as far as any of that is concerned.

    Kind of sad...Gpa's own sister had been crocheting a lap robe and slippers for him when he passed away. She had intended to give them to him for his birthday in November, so she finished them and brought them to the funeral dinner. She had wanted me to have them, but while I was outside with kids, Den's sis and her boyfriend left...and she took the crocheted things.

    Gpa's niece (the daughter of his sister) called last night to tell us how nice the service was and that her mom really appreciated everything we did for Gpa. I told the niece that I didn't get to bring the crocheted things home cause sis took them. The niece said that her mom saw that, but didn't know what to say to sis...it's not that big a deal, but just not what Gpa's sis wanted. Oh well, pretty minor compared with everything else we have had to deal with. Every day is one day closer to "being done" with her...

    I am feeling very sleepy and can't focus my eyes or mind, so I will go on to bed. Hope everyone is doing okay. Susan is going with me tomorrow...care plan meeting for my dad at nursing home, then several errands and grocery shopping.

    Happy Birthday, Rock! I hope this "flashy" greeting doesn't give anyone a headache, but I just really liked it :) Hope you have a very nice day. I'm going to call Lorraine and sing Happy Birthday to her...guess this greeting will have to do for you.

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    Hi Kids

    Fell asleep late this afternoon. Just woke up now (ca. 10PM). Good
    thing I have nothing on my calendar.

    I am currently reading a book by author Lorna Landvik. You can
    tell Landvik is a Viking name by just looking at the second syllable.

    She is married to a Gabrielson (never heard that name before).
    His name tells us he is the son of Gabriel just like a Peterson
    is the son of Peter. Lorna is from Minneapolis and went to the Univ.
    of Minnesota for a while. Has now written several books.

    One reviewer compared her work to that of Fannie Flagg. And Fannie
    Flagg endorsed her book. So I guess Fannie is a big fan. Although I do
    note that both Fannie and Lorna have the same publisher: Random House.
    So maybe it's not a random kawinkydink after all.

    Star, I thought "arvo" might be a brand of sewing machine. Looked it
    up. I read it means "afternoon" and is pronounced "ah-vo". I will
    have to work that into my next conversation.

    Sorry you're feeling all beat up. Me too. Wouldn't be so bad if there
    were a realistic chance of things improving. Well, here's a bit
    of humor from the world's most mournful comic.

    Last night I went to a 24-hour grocery. When I got there, the guy was
    locking the front door. I said, "Hey, the sign says you're open 24 hours."
    He goes: "Not in a row!" (Steven Wright)

    Sun, that robo dog is amazing. As the article noted, it looks kinda like
    a steam shovel and partly like a dinosaur. I think it might frighten
    the horses and small children. Especially if there were also a Roomba
    zipping around in the same room.

    I think Barry told us that "dwam" was a stuporous state. I also read it
    was slang for Wow! or Holy Cow!.

    Barry, I hope Slinky's vet bills weren't too outrageous. Just had a
    birthday card from my old friend and former secretary. She just
    spent $8,300 on vet bills for her 11 year old dachshund. She always
    has 3 or 4 dachshunds.

    Her husband is a biker. The kind who rides a motorcycle. He had
    a terrible accident a couple years ago. His broken leg wouldn't
    heal. They had to amputate the foot. Now he's had another bike accident
    (one of many). Wouldn't surprise me if he ends up in a hospital bed
    which he's had mounted on wheels.

    Mikie, many happy returns. I tried to watch the FBI hearing too, but
    the computer or maybe Yahoo wouldn't let me. It's all a dog and pony
    show anyway.

    Don't think I've ever heard of a dog named Murray Puppin before. Nor
    anything even close to that. Is the dog from England? Did it Travers a
    long way to get here? Does its diet include a spoonful of sugar? When it
    heels does it step in time? Does it look like it has a Van Dyke beard?
    Somebody stop me.

    Granni, I cant keep birthdays straight anymore either. Or much of anything
    else. Did your A/C guy show up? Our window air conditioner works, but
    it's so noisy I don't like to have it on.

    Springwater, thanks for the elixir of youth. The Italian composer
    Donizetti wrote an opera called L'Elisir D'Amore (The Elixir of Love).
    Luciano Pavarotti used to sing it before he ruined his voice by
    singing unsuitable roles. It is generally understood in the world of
    operas that the reason tenors are so stupid is that they have big
    cavities in their head to create that golden resonate sound.

    Julie, that's a beautiful pendant. Reminds me of the one in the movie
    Titanic. The one Gloria Stewart tossed in the ocean. I read her biography.
    She was in lot of movies. Her greatest dream was to be in a great movie.
    And at the age of 86 she was in a famous and successful one: Titanic. She
    became the oldest person every nominated for an Academy Award.

    The movie could have been great, but putting a gun chase into the
    middle of a historic tragedy was just a cheap gimmick. Here's
    Gloria in the days of her yute. She looks like some other actor. Can't
    figure out which one.


    Well, I've been here almost an hour. See I've wandered off the track again.
    Anyhoo thanks for all the birthday wishes and same to all with the same
    or nearby date.

    Hugs, Rock
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I woke to the horrific news about the ambush of police officers in Dallas following the police shootings of two men in LA and MN. Sometimes, it seems that the whole world has gone mad. I pray for peace in the world and here at home. Hate to open with bad news but I cannot ignore it. It affects me. I love the Serenity Prayer because it reminds me that there is nothing I can do about this except to pray. So, I will concentrate on what I can control. I can decide not to let hate and violence in the world put hatred in my heart. This reminds me of the Rodney King beating which spurred violence. At the time, I lived in an integrated neighborhood which was peaceful until a white man was beaten at the nearby 7-Eleven. Whenever I even walked down to the garbage dumpster, my black neighbors went with me to keep me safe. I'll never forget their kindness. I will try to keep love in my heart for all my brothers and sisters.

    On a happier note, my kids sent me an Incredible Edible arrangement all made of fruit. It's beautiful and delicious. Who could ask for more? Of course, I started with the chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmmm!


    Julie posted such a beautiful sentiment for you. I had planned to post a pic of a birthday cake but just can't get it to work right now. Computer is slooooow and acting up. Yes, the house committee session was a dog 'n pony show. The representatives didn't so much ask questions to get info from the FBI director, they testified and tried to put their words into his mouth. There was some further clarification on his press conference statements but I fear that was lost in the politics on both sides. Oy! Again, I hope you have a nice day.

    Julie, that was such a nice pic for Rock's birthday. I'm glad Susan is enjoying her visit. How I would have loved having a father figure to work with me in his wood shop. I remember Mod Pogue from a few years ago. The craft stores have the plaques but it's so much nicer to make one's own. You have a busy day ahead so hope all goes well.

    Sun, thanks for your sweet birthday greeting. I think at 85, my Mom felt better than I do now. Whine, whine, whine! Thanks too for posting that clip on the robotic 'dog.' It is kinda freaky but beauty is as beauty does. If he can do dishes and other housework, I think he's beautiful! I have a straw beach bag and the lining keeps coming loose. I keep hand stitching it back in place because I love it. I use lightweight fishing line for strength. Mine came with a big brown wood button on one side at the top and an elastic loop on the other for a closure. Of course, Velcro would have the added security advantage of making that ripppp sound should anyone try to rob you.

    Star, thank you for such sweet birthday wishes. I did enjoy my little glass of wine and really enjoyed the fruit that came later. We have orange blossom honey here. FL has a lot of orange trees used in producing orange juice. A drive through the orchard areas when they are blooming is like dying and going to Heaven. Sorry you feel as though you are in a fog. A lot of that going around with us all. I woke again today with a sinus headache and that always makes me feel as though I'm in fog land. Hope you feel better.

    Barry, so glad Slinky is doing better. I hope she continues to improve.

    Somehow, I managed to inadvertently post this before it was done so am going back and forth to edit and add to it. My head is still stuffed up and aching so will go take some acetaminophen and have another cup of coffee. Then, I'll polish off the chocolate covered strawberries in my birthday arrangement. I send love, hugs and prayers to all our dear Porchies, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie

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  17. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, y'all......

    Oh my gosh, I didn't post yesterday. And now I see all the birthday celebrations going on. :)




    We have singing, a birthday cake, and a cupcake! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIKIE, ROCK AND LORRAINE!

    And we even have the Minions singing -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


    I woke up too early yesterday. Kevin was supposed to have a doc appt, but that had to be canceled due to an early morning meeting. Then, guess what? The meeting got canceled. Oh well, I still was up at 4:00 a.m.

    Granni, is your A/C fixed?? It's hot and humid here. More storms moving through today. We had a gully washer last evening. Parts of where I live got flooded; water in basements, mud on streets, cars stranded in high water. Thank goodness Kevin was home before the storm hit. Now I keep my fingers crossed for today, for all to be OK.

    Sun, we're doing OK. My allergies are acting up. It's been so hot and humid here that the a/c has been running and running. Maybe Kevin needs to change the filter on the furnace "thingy"? When do you go on your trip???? Sounds wonderful, and I hope you have a great time.

    I'm glad that your friend's DH likes Pittsburgh. Tell them that living in "Pittsburgh proper" is A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE than living in the nearby suburbs. Most everything's connected by highways, roads, light rail transit... not many buses in the suburbs though. Also, a lot of bad weather here recently. Over the last 6 years or so (global warming?), we've gotten bad T-storms, sometimes including tornado watches and warnings, flood warnings if you live near a creek, etc.

    Don't get me wrong, PGH is a great area. I just want to move into a house with a tornado shelter! LOL

    Mikie, I was watching that news this morning. Tragic, what happened in Dallas. Sigh. I'm glad you enjoyed your Incredible Edible arrangement! I've seen those commercials on TV.

    Barry, I am soooooooo happy that Slinky Cat is doing fine. And yes, I know that you and Richard will keep an eye on her. It was a good call to take her to the far-away vet. ((hugs)) We know how expensive vet bills can be; we also know how much we will do for our loved pets.

    You got me hungry for liver now! Pan fried liver and onions. Gee, I wonder if I'll put it on this week's grocery list?? :)

    Julie, your friend Susan sounds so sweet. I'm glad she enjoys spending time with you and Den. And I wish and hope and pray that you will be done ... soon ... with Sis. That was just awful that Sis took the crocheted items. Seems like nobody knows what to make of Sis, not even her many boyfriends. I wonder if Sis will say "who are *** and *** who sent that donation to the memorial? Maybe the "gift" should have gone to Sis? Anyways, I wish you strength through all of this!

    Rock, You reminded me a while ago about an Elin Hildenbrand (SP?) book that you were reading. I've read lots of her novels and I enjoyed them all. I have to request that book from my library. Right now I'm reading a Harlan Coben book ... FOOL ME ONCE. It's captured my attention.

    Spring, you got me hungry for more vegetables. I love the "orange" sweet potatoes. Do you have other veggies, like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts? I need to go more vegetarian. Do you eat cheese? For me, cauliflower baked with cheese is A MEAL!

    Star, I really hope you feel better soon!!!! It's no fun to feel like that. :( Can I make you a hot cuppa tea?? (I'm not sure if "cuppa" is British or Aussie! Sorry if I made a mistake!)


    I'm outta here for now. Time to catch up on chores, and finish the book I'm reading. I'll talk to y'all soon.

    Love and hugs, DIANE
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,


    Rock, I did it. Here's a nice big sparkly cake for you and Lorraine. Hope you are enjoying your day.

    , how nice to stop in to see you here. Thanks for the birthday celebration posts. Glad Kevin got home before the storm. They can be really scary. Right now, the sky is dark and the thunder is noisy. I just hope we don't lose power; I need the A/C. I love lightening and thunder but losing power is a real pain. I've been nibbling on that edible arrangement. The 'greenery' in it is kale. I'll be throwing it in the NutriBullet with some of the fruit and other greens for a nice healthy drink. Thanks again for all the birthday hoopla. I love it!

    Julie, I'm sending a big Happy Birthday to Lorraine. The sparkly cake is for her too. So nice that there are so many of us Cancers here. Do you and she ever celebrate together? DGS has his own celebration but he loves to celebrate with me when he's been here on or near my birthday. DD, a Scorpio, was born five days after her dad's birthday. I think birthdays are the best thing families can celebrate.

    Well, Kiddies, the thunder is getting louder and the lightening closer so I had better go. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It's late dear PORCHIES so it won't be long. I tried all day to get on the computer and somehow didn't quite make it. Started off with getting up a bit late and after breakfast went out to do some weeding we had been putting off. Once it gets to late forget it due to the heat. We weren't out to long really but long enough . That a/c surely felt good when I came in. I went to the Health foods store to pick up some more enzymes (papaya) - Thanks SUN. They are also in the other supps I am taking. Then had lunch and off to the store again with DH for a few things we were in need of and forgot to put on the list before.

    Came home and quickly made some stuffed peppers with some peppers I had that were going to go bad soon if I didn't do something with them. I rushed so I could go to ZUMBA Gold with DD. I ave missed the last few for one reason or another and didn't go to the last water aerobics so figured I had better go. It was fun to go once I got there. I love dancing even if I am super stiff and have some pain. When I got home I pretty much just had to cook them in the microwave. They were delicious. I had an old recipe I used to make with reg. rice and Campbells Tomato soup that was very good but I just changed up some of the ingredients and even added some goat cheese. MMMMM-GOOD !!!

    Sorry I missed all the festivities with the party for ROCK, MIKIE and LORRAINE. I have to learn how to do that, post pics on here - geez !!

    Hope everyone had a great birthday.

    DIANE - Thanks for the sparkly cake and nice longish post. I now what you mean about bad storms . Have been through quite a few lately and still remember Hurricane IKE at night with wind howling and no electricity, PLUS trying to sleep or go to sleep and not get to spooked.. Yes, we also have some tornado scares around here once in awhile but we are not in tornado alley as they say, most of the time. Haven't heard that much about hurricanes as that is what we usually look for this time of year. Sure hope we don't get any this year or any year for that matter..

    DD#1 and DSIL are up with One of the twins for Freshmen orientation at Texas State with big sister graduated from in San Marcos. Hope they are having a good time. I still remember going up to SFA in Nacagdoches with her when she was going and other kids too and Parent's day or weekend and many other times. It was fun and we all enjoyed it. Can't believe grand kids are now in college or soon will be :)! !

    It is getting late. I hope to get back here some time tomorrow again to hopefully chat some more to everyone.

    MIKIE - Hope your storm isn't to badly that you were having tomorrow. Hope you had an enjoyable b-day !!!

    SUN - In some ways I think I am feeling better but then something else pops up- you know what you mean, like these digestive problems which may have caused some of this to begin with years ago. I have always had constipation which is not good even as a little kid. That might have been a started and I also had ringworm as an older kids, teen which is a fungus. I told that to the ND. Guessing that may be why it is taking such a long time. I wish could get rid of this pot belly too which is driving me crazy. I have had that for quite some time too and even had tests for ovarian cancer years ago that were negative.

    DH is calling so I need to leave for now. MOre chores tomorrow so not sure when Iwill be here but hope to make it.

    Love you ALL,
    Granni :)
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up around midnight. Found the B & W cat waiting by the back door.
    Unusual for her to come around at this hour. Gave her some kibble soup.
    Looked to see what Lucy episodes will be on later this morning. I want to
    see the one where she is suspected of being a kleptomaniac and does her
    imitation of a cuckoo.

    Thanks for the sparkly cake, Mikie. It was delicious. A very light cake.
    My great aunt Myrtle was known for her wonderful baking; especially
    her light angel food cakes with 13 egg whites.

    Never heard of an incredible edible before. Went to their home page.
    A long winded but vague description of what they sell. Clicked on
    "Learn More" and was told there was no such page. Uffda!

    Julie, thanks for the balloon bedecked birthday wish. And Diane;
    don't think I've ever heard Happy Birthday sung in harmony before.

    Diane, hope you didn't get flooded. I've read lots of Harlan Coben
    books, but not Fool Me Once. Went to the library and put it on hold.
    Got a popup that said, You already have this on hold.

    Granni, glad to hear that you are still able to do some cooking and
    dancing (not necessarily at the same time). I cant do either
    anymore. Maybe that would be a good idea for a reality show.
    Housewives of somewhere who cook and dance at the same time.

    Gotta send an e mail to my brother, the invalid. I've been sending him
    an e mail every day since his surgery, but didn't send one yesterday
    evening 'cause I fell asleep early.

    Hugs Barry and Star and Springwater and GB and Sun.

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