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    image.jpg Hello all, welcome to fall...

    Will be back later..stopping by to open a new post..welcoming all to fall except of course Star in the Southern hemisphere.
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    Thank you, Spring! What a lovely fall view...our leaves are turning and falling. I do enjoy this time of year...wish we could go from fall directly to spring, though, lol!

    I'm headed to bed and will check in tomorrow.
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    Well, it's later, and here I am.

    Mikie - the EQ in Italy is terrible. I saw footage where nuns were running out escorted by policemen. The EQ here changed my life..I would love to go away as a lot of people who could afford to did, tourists, Expats, a lady was two grades senior in my school,in India. She came back here after being settled in Australia for 30 years, did extremely well in Australia and built a dream house here with swimming pool and all and five months after moving in, the EQ. She lost no time getting out of the country with her DH and son back to Australia.

    People don't talk of it now, and I wonder at it. They're immersed in the present living. with the festival right now. With coping, making a living for some, with jazz concerts, with opening restaurants, photo exhibitions for students and others. I have to admire them. They're not praralysed. With the thought of tomorrow. And another EQ. We are in a very seismologically active part of the world and there's no changing that. But hats off to the people here, for their never say die attitude.

    Julie - I would love to be in the country in the fall in the US but if not, that scene above looks pretty nice too. Not crowded. Lots of trees all red and glorious.

    It's the first time I heard of people putting razors and things in treats to harm kids during trick or treats!! That is really sick. Why is there such levels of mental illness? What brings it on? Well, I think,I know. It's just another form the dark side takes. As opposed to love and light. You can see it in ISIS, human trafficking, drug pushers. Anything to get living things to cause hurt and suffering to another living thing.

    Miley's costime,is just too cute. Made me smile. Actually grin like a Cheshire cat. Trunk or treats is anothe thing I'm hearing of for the first time. How exciting for the kids. I love your customs. Loved Easter when I was little and the teacher made us draw something pertaining to Easter. Mine was always a little hillock with three wooden crosses and little flowers on the grass. We never had the Easter egg hunt and I thought how exciting that must be for the little,ones there, especially out in the country.

    Sun - thank you for your kind comments. i try to make sure I'm not influenced in a negative way by what others do to me. I'm not 100 percent successful. I have become less trusting of people and am much more pessimistic in the way I view the world but I try to be a good person. Because I feel, if I let them make me mean, because of that they do to me, that is a triumph for them. And anyway, I wouldn't want to be someone who takes pride in hurting someone for the heck of it. Or to feel good about myself.

    Your DIL sounds like she has mental issues. Asians normally put a lot of emphasis on politeness and respect towards elders. I've never known a Vietnamese personally though. I know their country has gone through a lot.

    I truly wish your aches and pains would go away. You seem to live a very healthy life, you don't indulge in any thing like drinking or unhealthy activities. It's frustrating. When the answers aren't even clear as to a particular health issue.

    Barry - it's still raining there! Monsoon has run its course here, stayed longer than usual, a welcome change for normally water strapped country and now it's sunny days but without the scorching heat. Except mid day..when the sun can still pack a punch.

    I love watching old movies but they took the TCM package out of our cable. I saw House Of Wax once, (in which Charles Bronson starred) and felt so happy to see the old costumes..1950s maybe, my mom n dad saw it when they were young and I used to ask mum again n again to tell us the story. She was very good at story telling. My dad was too.
    My parents had an arranged marriage when they were very very young, barely out of their teens. Mum said once they watched a movie about Egyptian mummies coming alive and talking revenge and she had to accompany dad to the outhouse for a week after that at night if he wanted to go.

    Star - I don't stitch clothes myself though I wish I could. I would go crazy doing little things to my clothes. We give them to the tailors to be stitched. Or altered. It's rarely an outfit fits perfectly. So people take their clothes to be made smaller or loosened up as the case may be.

    Rock - that sounds like a good deal $ 1.00 for DVDs and a book. Whatever it is Gordons cooking im sure it's goingto be yum. I watch this spiritual show where they always say cook with love and the dish will taste better. (It's meant to be at housewives) . The energy of love also gets added into the finished meal and enhances its flavour. I think Gordon has been inadvertently adding that secret ingredient to his cooking all these years.

    Granni - looks like Halloween fever is upon you all. A photograph in witch get up would be cool.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I got up abruptly after Sir Vester decided to nip me on my arm in bed. He doesn't do it in a mean or angry way. My friend's cat always did the same to her. I don't know whether it's a little love nip or what but he knows I don't like it. He doesn't bite down nor bite hard but it is uncomfortable. I'm giving him the silent treatment and he's keeping a low profile. That usually stops it for a while. I paid a couple of bills online. Boy did I have a lot of expense last month, including my new glasses. Gonna tighten the belt for a while.

    It's back up in the mid- to high-80's til next weekend. Then, Daylight Savings Time ends. So, I'll fall back and hate it when it gets dark so early. I wish they'd stop tinkering with the clocks. I don't care if it's Std or Daylight; just leave it one way or the other. I guess my whining is silly when others in the world are hurting so much. The good news is that my util. bill fell $30 last mo. as I use the A/C less and less.

    Spring, I agree with you. There is a lot of evil in the world causing people to suffer so. There is also good in the world and kind and generous people like our dear Porchies here. What others try to do to hurt me no longer has as much effect and I thank you for teaching me how to protect myself. I refuse to participate in their games and it stuns them that they have no effect on me. This is the case of one guy on the big board. He did his darnedest to drive me off the board last year. He was successful but it exposed him as the nut job that he is. He managed to stay on the board but is impotent because the other board members are on to his craziness and vote him down. People have asked me to please reconsider and come back to the board. I thank them and tell them not now. With my health having been so dicey this year, I'm better off. The new board is pretty good so I'm not too worried about how things are being handled. I'm content to just be on the small board for our bldg.

    Thanks so much for getting us started on the new porch. I see you write your dates as they do in Europe. I think I was grown up before I realized it could be done differently. I'm glad people there are continuing to try to live and enjoy life. It's a healthy sign despite the fact that life can be so chancy. As I grow older, I have less confidence that I can cope. Having been so sick with these stones has made me realize how vulnerable I am. I have prayed for strength and courage and I can tell I'm getting help. I just want to feel that I can continue to rise to whatever is demanded of me. I think if I can feel better, it will restore my confidence. A festival would be just the thing. That is why I like Thanksgiving. There are no gifts involved, only feasting, family and gratitude. Again, thanks for everything, my friend.

    Julie, thanks for posting that wonderful pic. Noticing anniversaries is part of grieving. I think it's good that you are able to grieve. It's a process and is different for everyone. I still miss my Mom every day but the pain is not as acute as right after she died. I didn't tell her goodbye but did say that it was OK for her to go Home. I figure it's just for a short time until I see her again. In the meantime, there were feathers everywhere when I needed them. I no longer find them but I am still so strongly urged to look at the clock at 7:11 a.m. or p.m. that I know it's Mom letting me know she is OK and so am I. She died on July 11. I know GPA looks on you with so much love and gratitude for all you did for him.

    I fell asleep early last evening so watched parts of the Masterpiece shows this morning. I still need to watch the whole hour of Indian Summers. These PBS series are better than the network shows which I still enjoy too. I am so grateful to the wealthy donors who support PBS. Their news is also better than the networks. They spend more time on the really important stuff rather than looking at them as sound bites to increase their ratings. I understand the challenges of commercial TV too. Each has something to offer. If I had more NRG, I'd not spend so much time watching. At least, yesterday, I did get something done. Felt good!

    Today, I'll go over to the pool to work out. Then, I'm going to Target. I still have to get on the horn to find out why my lab claims were denied by my ins. co. I hate dealing with this crap. Actually, I'm so low NRG that I hate dealing with most everything. Whine, whine, whine! Hope all y'all have a great Halloween!

    Love, Mikie

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    Melbourne Cup( horse racing), is on tomorrow, so it's a public holiday.
    Treasures had today off aswell, but fortunately most businesses remained open.
    I'm glad I waited to get the other allergies blood test done here, rather than at the place down the road from the specialist.
    (She actually whispered to me, that it'd probably be cheaper for us ).
    Also had the script filled for youngest son. Now we shall see if it is as good as he says.
    I can tell yas, that at two doses a day, it isn't going to last long.
    A trip to the dentist was also necessary, but it won't be 'till the following appointment, Where a decision will be made...

    In the meantime ,I've got a gazillion emails and notes to read before the next face time appointment and my brain is refusing to cooperate. Or retain information...Ugh!
    Oh and I've gotta figure out what the big flowering tree out the front is.

    Thanksgiving sounds like a lovely holiday.
    What Christmas should be like. Family, food and fun. No stress. (Ideally).
    I've gotta tell yas, Halloween is typically Not celebrated in Australia, but this year the big supermarkets were definitely promoting it, in the hopes of making a small fortune, I suppose.
    I wonder ,if in say ten years, it may be in full swing here...

    $800 000 worth of cannabis plants and equipment were seized in Ballarat, according to the news...

    I really like all the different pics here.
    From little Treasures in dress-ups to gorgeous landscapes, porches and loved ones...

    Yes. It's time for you guys to get ready to rug up and for me to prepare to swelter.
    Gotta say I'm not really looking forward to it.
    I used to love being out in the sun, but the last couple of years have been a real struggle.

    As far as my SIL and her attitude towards gifts and things goes...maybe it does have something to do with culture, but surely 'good manners' is world wide? Kind of?

    I really hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow.
    Take care
    Catch yas all later
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    Hi Springwater, thanks for opening the new thread.

    I don't know if you would like what Gordon fixed or not. He cooks lots of stuff I consider
    pretty weird like taro pie with something green on top; cilantro maybe. My idea of
    a tasty snack is a cookie or a chunk of chocolate cake. He likes things that are dry
    and flavorless like a rusk or hard, crunchy things from the Asian store that look
    like twigs. And those filled buns from the Chinese bakery are awful. They contain
    some sort of sour meat filling.

    But the stuff he used to fix for me was fine. I don't eat much anymore anyway.
    Just drink all day: milk, V-8, fruit juice, carrot juice, etc. I remember the House
    of Wax with Vincent Price. Didn't see it when it came out in the 50s, but I took
    my son to see it 30 years later. In 3D. Stereo sound was a permanent change.
    Three D movies were a brief novelty.

    Julie, we could go directly from Fall To Spring if we changed the name of
    winter. Problem is "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." The snows
    by any other name would be as deep. Love the picture of Miley as the
    colorful witch. She looks really pleased with her elegant costume.

    Mikie, you'll have to have a talk with Sir Vester. Explain to him that little
    nippers may get swatted with the big slippers. HaHa! As though explaining
    anything to a cat was likely to work. I certainly haven't brought about
    any change in Miss Ornery's behavior.

    Sun, I look forward to your report on Magtein. I do take magnesium. I
    believe it contributes to my magnetic personality. Never heard of
    L Threonate though.

    Just watched an episode of NCIS. It involved a famous oil painting which
    now has a recording device inside. Another crime story about somebody
    (or something) getting framed.

    Gotta go

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    Good morning, friends...and Happy Halloween! I don't care at all for the gory, zombie-like stuff, but I like to see the little kids going around having fun. Our son-in-law, David (the police officer) will be extra busy, though...some people will use this holiday as an excuse to get all carried away, and anyone involved in the occult, etc...well, I won't even get started.

    Miley's costume is one that Keira wore a few years ago. Amy is cutting expenses this year...Keira is going to be a construction worker (like Clinton is, in real life.) So, I imagine she will borrow his hard hat, tool belt, etc.

    Not sure if I can get a "trunk or treat" video to post or not. A friend of ours posted one that her church hosted.

    I just heated up a bowl of spaghetti for breakfast. Made it for Den and Fred over the weekend. Sent two meals' worth to work with Den for lunches this week. He gets tired of sandwiches, and has a little fridge and microwave in his office.

    Second load of clothes ready to hang out. Will be a bit chilly yet, as it is only 48 degrees. Oh well, the sun is to come out and it will get up to 74. This is the time of year we could run heaters, then A/C in the same day, lol!

    Hope everyone has a good enough day! I think the video will work (it did on my computer) but be careful because the lady walks around while she talks and tapes...it might make some people dizzy. She does talk (yes, she's from the south, lol) but I had to click on the video (even if it started on its own) to get the sound to work.

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    Hi Kids

    I clicked on the video, Julie. Got a message that said video not available. Very
    likely cause I'm not a member of Facebook. Looked for Jolene Hicks Matthews
    on Youtube. Not there either.

    Checked out Turner Classic Movies. Seems to be all scary movies today...
    including House of Wax. If it's in 3D you can't sit too close to the screen.
    You'll get hit in the nose by that ball on the rubber band.

    Star, we were posting multisimily. I hope your son is responding to the
    treatment. Having a sick child is more upsetting than being sick
    yourself. Have you heard of soaping windows on Halloween? We used
    to do that when I was a kid. The business district in our town was a
    block and a half long. The merchants didn't care. The next morning
    on our way to school we'd see them cheerful washing their windows. Thanks
    for the free soap the druggist Leonard Hanson would say.

    Julie, 40 to 74 is a pretty big spread in temp. I remember one of those
    "You Know You're in Minnesota" gags that said": When you wear shorts
    and a parka on the same day.

    Hugs Mikie, Diane, Barry, Granni, Linda, GB
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    I'm sorry, Rock! I will try it again with a video from Utube...posted by a company that sells lots of little odds and ends. This shows a really fancy trunk or treat, so people will order a lot of their product, lol!

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    Hi, Kids,

    I showered and got to the pool this morning but not early enough to get my real running done. One friend wasn't there but a friend of my Mom's was so we chatted. Most of the other women just want to chat and move around a little bit in the pool so I accommodate them. I'm not running full out but am moving my legs and arms up and down as fast as being sociable allows. I got my three reps of high intensity in and that's the most important thing. I really rev it up and it takes a bit to catch my breath. I can tell that this is a great workout for the heart 'n lungs. I ran into Nurse Nancy and she's been sick. Her thyroid is too high and it makes her feel really crappy. I hope the doc helps her soon. She's had soooo much on her plate in the last couple of years.

    After the pool, I went to Target. I returned the printer I ended up not needing and exchanged the set of ink cartridges which were defective. I hate running out of ink. Light weight kitty litter was on sale and, because I bought two boxes of it, I got a $5 gift card. I had three gift cards from shopping the specials before. Between the cards and what I returned, it about zeroed out. I found some cute skulls with hinged jaws for the boys at the end of our bldg. I can just imagine them making the jaws chatter or using them like puppets and making them 'talk.' I also got some candy just in case I have an Trick or Treaters. I'm wearing a black tee shirt and orange Capri pants. A cute little pin with a witch riding on her black cat completes the ensemble. Somewhere I have a button which plays the song from The Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch was flying. Yikes! I'm too lazy to look for it.

    Red Tide must still be strong. My allergies seem to confirm it. A 52 pound green turtle was rescued from the Gulf. It had been really struggling. It was sick from the Red Tide. There was one fibropapilloma growth starting on it. Red Tide causes that, especially on green turtles. The growths can cover the eyes and mouth and the turtle will starve to death. Poor little thing. It will be OK and returned to the water after treatment and rest at the local critter shelter.

    Spring, I'm so sorry you and your little Treasure are going through all this with the doc and lab. I hope they figure it all out and help him. Halloween goes back to the Catholic Christian celebrations of All Saints Eve, All Saints Day and All Souls Day. In Mexico and parts of Central and South America, they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, the Day of The Dead. There are big festivals with costumes. The whole idea behind these was originally to pray for, and pay homage to, relatives who have died. Of course, it has devolved into a big commercial holiday here. Some people go nuts decorating and celebrating. I just read where the average American family spends more than $82 on Halloween. When I was in Target, they were putting up the Christmas decorations. These holidays can make or break businesses. I am glad sweltering time is over for us here. After six months of it, I'm ready for our usual beautiful winter weather. BTW, do you have socialized medicine there like they have in Europe? Again, I hope your son's doing better.

    Rock, I don't try 'splainin' things to Sir Vester but he does understand when I yell, "No," at him and throw a pillow at him when he runs off after nipping me. He knows he's not sposda do it. I give him the silent treatment for a few hours after I get up just to make my point of how seriously I take it. Seems to work for a while. I saw The House of Wax when it came out in the 50's. I was just a kid. It scared the heck outta me. It was in 3-D when I saw it. I thought Vincent Price was realllly creepy. I love Chinese food but when I was in Chinatown in San Francisco, I tried the baked and fried treats and didn't care for them. I love roasted duck and once had duck sausage. I prefer cherry sauce on the duck in lieu of the orange sauce. Mmmmm! Never had duck which tasted foul. Or is that fowl?

    Julie, in CO, we had weather like yours today. We go down to the 40's, or even the 30's, here in the deep of winter sometimes but the swings aren't that wild. It's windy out today; my allergies are giving me fits. I like the little ones' costumes too but, by the time boys get to their tweens, all they want is blood and gore. DD has a friend who is a makeup artist and she is going to help Andy with whatever scabs, wounds and other oozing conditions he will decide on this year. As long as I don't see clowns, I'll be OK. Hope your laundry comes out smelling like fresh air. Today would be a good one to hang out laundry here. It'd be dry in no time flat.

    Gonna leave to watch Indian Summers. Then, I may curl up with my Kindle. I feel my get up 'n go getting ready to up 'n go. Watch out for the ghouls 'n goblins.

    Love, Mikie

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    Trick or Treat everyone :)!! Sorry I won;t be home to see any Trick or Treaters. Of late there haven't been that many anyway but we have some emergency stash to hand out if needed.

    Speaking of weather outs can be pretty crazy too with cold in the morning and MUCH warmer or close to hot in the afternoon and evening...Not so much now, although it does get cooler in the evening and overnight and early morning. Not sure what it was this morning but it wasn't too cool. There was little sun and it was foggy and damp. The coolest it has gotten so far was 50's I think but then i the 80's in the afternoon. Crazy huh :)?? I never know what to wear and start with a sweater and then shorts in the afternoon or capris. Got up really early to go to 8:30 mass only to find it will be tonight and tomorrow. I cannot go tonight with my practice. I was so mad. Then came home and did some more yard work . I was really pooped.

    BTW, I wasn't sure about my diet so I called and left a message for someone to ask the ND more about my diet. Found out Saturday before they closed that I should eat more or less what I have been doing and I can only have a glass of wine and some sugar no more than 3x a week. Well , that is better than it was for sure. I was ready to do that but before asking he was ready to give e wine every night for happy hour as he does. That will have to wait for awhile but I am happy to be seeing some results. The biggest thing the ND says is to stay off dairy and try not to backslide o the fungus. She didn't actually say that but it makes sense to me. I know that stuff can back too with a vengence.. Patience is the key. BTW, DH is not that patient :)!! However, he has been trying to be good with my diet.

    Luckily, I have some left over stuffed peppers t eat tonight so can just warm them up. However if I have to go to church tomorrow night I will have to have dinner fixed before then due to small group practice at 3 pm.. I hate this crazy schedule of mine and having to COOK ):!! Glad at least my diet has gotten a little better or not quite so strict,

    MIKIE - Glad that you got to go the pool a bit even if you weren't as strenuous on yourself as you would have liked to be. Don't push yourself as that is when you get into trouble. However, it is good to keep moving and stretch those muscles , et al so you don't end up like my neighbor who does little but read in the house. He is in his 80's I think but no wonder he walks the ways he does. He used to play gold and all as did his wife but no more. She sometimes goes to the gym but he won;t go. I know you would never get that way, if you could help it :)!! Me too no matter how crappy I feel.

    STAR - So sorry about your treasures and having to take those baths and treatments. I sure hope they are helping him and hope others don;t have problems too. Please forgive as I didn't read all of everyone's posts today. It seems like I have just been on the run or doing something not of my choosing !!

    SUN - I didn't read all of your post the other day either but I get the gest the your DIL said something to you that hurt you. That is all very sad to me. I was taught if you cannot say something nice to someone don't say anything at all. However, when family is concerned, it is also sad when they don't try and say things to you, as strained as they may be. I am so sorry and for JULIE too but none of that is her fault either.

    JULIE - Happy Trick or Treat for your young ones. Will you get to see any of them that are closer and will any in your area stop by or to far to go???

    Gotta run fix dinner.

    Granni :)

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  12. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept deeply last night but woke a few times. I had soooo much pain in the afternoon that I took acetaminophen and lay down. I had to take more in the evening. I don't know why because neither the pool nor the weather was too cool to work out. I did hit the intensity training especially hard but that's only for three reps of 20 seconds each. Strangely, I know I'm better overall but the pain and fatigue plague me after I work out. I'm not going to do it tomorrow because I want to do the 24-hr. urine test providing I can get the FedEx pickup. It has to be sent overnight to the lab. I am sure it's the lingering Red Tide which is causing my headaches and stuffy/runny nose.

    It's only 65 degrees out this morning so I have the sliding doors to the lanai open. Sir Vester is out there enjoying the nice morning air. Muggy Meter says it will be nice 'n dry out. I had big plump blackberries on my bran buds for breakfast. Mmmmm! Soooo good. I wanted to buy strawberries at Target but they had obviously been on the shelf too long. At least, I got the blackberries.

    Morning news showed the green turtle which is recovering from Red Tide. It was swimming around in a little pool at the rescue shelter. It should be released soon. Someone poisoned a family of burrowing owls in a vacant lot. If caught, they could face felony charges. Don't know who would do such a horrible thing. Sickos out there!

    Granni, how awful to be all ready for church and find out there was no Mass then and to have to go later. Sad about your neighbor who isn't active. I'm a big believer in 'Use it or lose it.' When I visited Seniors to enroll them in Medicare plans, so many were inactive. They gained weight and that was hard on their knees. The worse their knees became, the less active they were and the more weight they gained. It can be a vicious cycle. Weight bearing exercise is important for building, or maintaining, bones. Barb was very inactive, sitting almost all day. That may have been a factor in fracturing her femur. I guess I'll have to take layers with me to TX to be ready for most anything.

    I'm concerned that if Julie changes her mind about keeping Sir Vester, Nurse Nancy won't feel up to coming over to feed him. I know the woman downstairs will do it if she's gonna be home. I could also count on anyone on the list. I have those self-watering and feeding bowls and, in a pinch, he'll use his box even if it gets a bit full. I could also get another box for him. I'm glad you are doing better with the fungus among us. Too bad about the diet restrictions. Poor DH; he isn't patient cause he ain't the patient. Tell him about the prayer for patience: God, give me patience; give it to me NOW!

    Well, Kiddies, gotta go read the virtual paper. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Nice to see you're up and at 'em, Mikie. I never found blackberries had much
    flavor. Prefer black raspberries. Don't think I've ever seen them for sale
    in a store though. Just read a book for young adults (or immature adults
    such as I) about flying. The main character is a teen who wants to fly like
    her mother who was a pilot. The setting is Texas during the Great Depression.

    The local airport has no runway, radar, shops, ticket counter or TSA.
    The round trip air fare from Texas to California is $148 but it's not
    clear if that's for one or two people. Seems like it would be for two.
    Still seems awfully high. Only 6 stops on the way. No stewardess,
    safety instructions, meal, or peanuts.

    The book is "Airfield" by Jeanette Ingold. (Anglo-Scandinavian name.)

    We had no trick or treaters last night. Far as I know we have no children
    on our street. We used to have a boy around 6 who would pet Zippy and
    walk him a few feet when we went by. I believe his family moved away
    a year or two after Zippy was killed by a coyote.

    So it's the day after Halloween. There are several National Days of
    observance today including National Deep Fried Clams Day and National
    Cook For Your Pets Day. I always think of it as National Eat Up The
    Candy Day so it doesn't rot the kids' teeth.

    Have you ever noticed as you meander though life: one is always celebrating
    a holiday or getting over a holiday or preparing for a holiday.


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    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Hope this finds all you guys on the up and up.
    S'pose I should know who won the Melbourne Cup, but seeing as I don't gamble and aren't really into all that, I don't have a clue.

    I looked up 'socialised medicine ' and as far as I can tell, I don't think Australia Is a part of all that.
    In a nut shell, it's eigther public care or private care. Public care is Medicare and you have your choice of choosing from various private health insurance companies If you can afford it . Normally you would expect someone on benefits to be a public patient, or if you were a low income earner. Also certain medications approved by the government, are about $6.50, for health care card holders or pensioners, as the government subsidises.
    Come tax time, all this balances out.

    My sister chose a private health insurance for her and her family. They didn't earn a lot, but we're both working and figured with 6 kids between them it'd be the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately, when it came time to actually utilise it, they found they were no better off.
    As a public patient, I've had to go on waiting lists for various operations, which can be frustrating, but it's a matter of urgency.
    You get triaged. Category 1,2 or 3.
    I know plenty of people complain about healthcare, but we really have no right to. Compared to so Many other countries, we are Very fortunate.
    I've heard how families go bankrupt due to hospital bills, in some countries. I've had many procedures and haven't paid a cent.
    But that's also my choice.

    My Treasures are a whole different story.
    There eigther isn't a practice that bulk bills (Medicare) , near by, or I'm not willing to wait a couple of years for them to be seen.
    Some places work with the government where you can pay the full cost and then Medicare will deposit some of that back into your linked account. The government has recently linked Medicare, Social services, Taxation etc.
    Big Brother...
    Hope that explains it all a little.

    Apparently 'soaping' was big over in your parts in the 80's- or so the Internet says.
    Obviously I'd seen toilet papering in the movies, but not soaping or Corning or forking, for that matter.
    There'd be some pretty annoyed folks out there, I'm sure.

    I'm not sure what ferret babies are called. I'll have to look it up, if I remember.

    Budgies are the latest thing in our household...

    I'm so forgetful These days.
    It's getting really annoying.

    Hope those of you who are in pain or dealing with other stresses, have a day off tomorrow.

    Take care all
    Catch yas later.
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  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just had to share my good news--I called my ins. co. and those denied pathology charges will be paid. What a relief! One was more then $1,200 for a urine cell test, whatever that is all about. Of course, the ins. co paid less than half of that. If I had to pay half, it would have been hard. It would have been doable but everything eats away at my $$$ for the future. The ins. CS rep was soooo nice and really helped me. I can't complain about my ins. plan; it has covered everything.

    Star, it sounds as though your insurance mess isn't any better than ours. When one is disabled or reaches age 65 here, Medicare is available. If one has paid into it through enough years when one worked, hospitalization premiums are prepaid. Medicare deducts the medical part from one's Social Security retirement payments each month. Medicare doesn't pay everything so one has to pick up another private plan. Those who qualify for subsidies get Medicaid which pretty much helps take care of what Medicare alone doesn't cover. Obama care for everyone who isn't covered through employers is a mess for various reasons and, regardless of who wins the election, changes are inevitable.

    I did my share of soaping windows and toilet papering neighbors in my yute. Forking and corning sound like something dirty. Yikes!:eek: I just saw something online about all the dangerous critters in Australia. It included kangaroos. Lots of venomous snakes and spiders but I wonder whether there are more of them there than here. I have been so run down and tired that my poor brain isn't working and my memory is just plain old kaput! I hope you feel better. I admire you for all you do for your family when you really aren't up to it. Take care.

    Rock, that book does sound interesting. I have very romantic feelings about flying back in the days of the barn stormers. A guy I worked with always wore one of those long silk scarves that the old aviators wore. I always told him that, one of those days, that scarf would wind around the stick and be the end of him. Of course, neither he nor I flew stick-controlled planes. By the time we flew, the planes had modern yokes. BTW, the passenger planes made in Europe have electronic control sticks like the ones used with video games. I'm so bad at those that I'm glad I never had to fly one.

    My Dad flew out of North Platte, NE when they had a training field for WWII pilots. From reading his flight logs, it appears he was pretty daring. Our Page Field here was a training field for WWII pilots. Finally, women and African Americans who flew during the war are getting the recognition they so richly deserved all along. The company I worked for in the 80's was started by a man who flew for Pony Express before charts and much in the way of flight aids existed. He drew his own charts and soon, others were asking for copies of them. Today, those are the charts commercial pilots and private pilots use, along with all the flight chart data needed for electronics. I had the pleasure of meeting him. The terminal at Denver International Airport is named for him--Mr. Jeppeson. He was such a kind, sweet man with the most amazing blue eyes I think I've ever seen.

    I can't believe it's been a couple of years since Zippy was killed. He sounded like a good dog. Yes, it does seem as though we go directly from one holiday to the next but I believe that is due to businesses' rushing the seasons for profit. Christmas is no longer a source of stress for me due to our foregoing exchanging gifts. Back in the days when I had more NRG, I enjoyed all the holidays. I love decorating for them. I'm glad I did because I'm about to hang up my Martha Stewart boots (or MS apron). I went to bed so early last night but no one rang the bell so I'm stuck with some Butterfingers.

    Julie, I thought about you when I read an article in our newspaper this morning. It was all about letting go of the baggage we end up with when someone tries to harm us, causing emotional trauma. The author admitted that this isn't easy but gave some practical things to do. One is doing something to help let go like writing a letter to the one who caused the harm but not sending it and destroying it. Another was using sage to smudge the area to drive out all harmful and dark energy (you've hear me and Spring talk about this). Incense can be used in lieu of sage bundles. Another is reminding oneself that living with this heavy baggage isn't something one wants for the future and reminding oneself of how one wants to live and be. I can really relate to this.

    We are who we are because of what we've been through but we can choose how we deal with it. We can choose to forgive ourselves for any lapses on our part and agree to learn from everything in our lives. There are lessons in even the worst things we endure. To choose to learn and grow from those experiences helps us to move on and live as we want to. I know you have had to endure so much from you-know-who and it wasn't of your doing. You've been hurt and I hope this helps you on the road to healing those hurts. I did some things back after my divorce which helped me rid myself of a lot of the baggage. I don't know that we can get rid of everything but I'm toting around a small purse-size bag instead of a steamer trunk now.

    Linda, you were posting while I was typing and editing. It takes longer but is better when my computer decides to shut down and I lose everything. I'm sooooo happy for you. Yes, dealing with SSI and MC are both pains in the arse. As mentioned above, I got the denied claims straightened out with my ins. co. I hope you get the surgery you need and all goes well. I am up and down with NRG and pain but I'm sloooowly getting better. Haven't passed a stone frag in a couple of weeks. I'm keeping an eye on the other side in case the stones on the left decide to descend. If they do, I should pass them unless they are too large, like the ones on the other side were. My follow up appt. is in Dec. but, if there are problems, I can go in early. Hope doggie #2 doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I ask St. Francis every day to watch over Sylvester because I can't afford HUGE vet bills. His vet doesn't want to see him unless he's sick since he doesn't go out nor is he around other animals. If I didn't have such good neighbors to watch over him when I go to TX for Thanksgiving, it would cost a small fortune for his exam, vaccinations and a stay at the Cat Nip Inn. So glad to see you here with your good news. Hope you stop back in again soon.

    OK, really gotta go get something done today. I have a little spring in my step having gotten those denied claims resolved. Hoping for good things for all our dear Porchies.

    Love, Mikie

    fall.jpg AACCKK! What a puny little fall pic. Wish I could learn how to resize them before posting. No time to post another right now.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
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  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Just saw Mikie pop on...yay, good news!

    It is 66 degrees here, but to get hot again...up to 79. Will work for me, though...I'm still working outside to make room for Gpa's/Den's junk treasure, lol! Well, some of it is exciting, even to me....but most of it is just tools, nuts and bolts, tractor parts, tools and equipment that he modified to suit a particular need, Oh, so much...and to see my husband's excitement (and occasional teary eyes) as he talks about these things...makes it completely worthwhile to "make room."

    That said, I'd better not stay and visit...need to get back at it. Thinking of you guys, though!
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  17. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    As Rock likes to say, "HI KIDS!".

    I have spent the last several weeks yo yo'ing w the medicare system and I am finally happy to report I now have Medicare Part B, what a crazy system. I hand delivered the change request papers...by hand...to the local SSI office several weeks ago. Last week I called medicare asking the status of my change request, response..."we haven't received anything yet." the nice man that spoke w me told me to fax the papers directly to Him and by mid-night that night I was enrolled in medicare part B. Then yesterday I received said papers in the mail telling me I need to request the date I wanted the insurance effective ...het hemmmm...that info was already on the papers... If I hadn't made any calls, I would still be waiting.

    Anyway, I now have coverage so will be seeing the ortho next week to discuss the needed hip surgery. Not that I want surgery, again, but do want/need this terrible pain to stop.

    Rock I didn't have any trick or treaters either, I was a Halloween Grinch, I shut off the lights and closed the curtains and saved a ton of money not buying candy..Ba halloween humbug.

    For Me today is National Ka-Ching day, Dog #2 has a Vet appt.

    Julie what a great idea w the Trunk or Treat event. Many areas now offer community parties trying to stray the kids away from going door to door. I recall the advent of the razor and apple dilemma, ahh those innocent days are long gone.

    Star I wanted to tell you I empathize what you are going through w your treasure and His allergy problem. I went through the same things many years ago w my eldest daughter. I can not rave enough about a book I got a hold of that really really helped me identify her allergens. The Book is called "Is This Your Child", by Doris Rapp, the name is rather deceptive as the the info in in the book would apply to adults as well. It has a 5/5 star rating on Amazon, you may want to take a peek. The elimination diet is the best way to self test...for free I might add, to check for food allergens.
    Best of luck to you both to include your wallet.

    If it were me I would compare the ingredients of the 2 different nose sprays, I betcha the cheaper one might be just fine.

    Sun sorry to hear you are still dealing w so much shoulder pain, any more thought regarding a steroid shot?

    Mikie sounds like you are yo yo'ing as well but w your pains and fatigue. Are the stones finally gone? Anymore follow up appts?

    Springwater I thought of you while out w the dog this morning when I saw a bright red changing tree, fall is a very beautiful time of year until that is, you have to sweep up all the fallen leaves.

    Granni did you get your car back? My daughters car is now all fixed and looks like new..

    and on that note, I bid you all adieu.....Linda
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Lin: Great that you've gotten your medicare stuff straightened out and you can now see a doctor. I ALSO messed up my medicare big time after my DH died. He was still working and I was told I would have a very inexpensive COBRA, which I paid for over $200 a month. Then a year later when I saw an integrative doctor who ordered over $3,500 in labs, my insurance refused to pay saying I had medicare...no I didn't. A real stressful nightmare for me going back and forth between SS, insurance, and DH company. Over a year later United Health finally paid, but not for the entire bill so then I got a bill from the lab. OK...I called, ready to pay, but a lady I talked to said WAIT...so I did. After 3 bills sent to me, they gave up and I guess wrote it off.

    No, I read about the shot and don't think I want it. Went to my 3rd PT yesterday, and I pinpointed to PT exactly where I thought the problem was in my shoulder/back. So he tried me on a stretch band working on that muscle. OMG....so much pain yesterday for the workout but this morning I think it's a little better and I could actually move my arm slowly behind me without screaming. I asked yesterday how many sessions have been ordered....6....then I get evaluated again and it's up to the doc if he wants to order more.

    Mikie: I agree with you.....use it or lose it. I sit there at PT among all the decrepit, hurting seniors, everybody limping or groaning and suddenly I'm one of them.

    You probably just did too many reps in the pool. Don't try to hit your mark, go slowly and build up again. We think that we're a lot better then try to compensate for our lack of exercise. And about Sir Vester, if you have 2 litter boxes and put out enough food and water, he will do just fine.

    How about getting back to your art that you've talked about for so long. Last night I was watching on youtube this young artist demonstrating sooooo many products in art stores....most of them you put on with a pallet knife....some have grit in them, some crackle, some you dribble for interesting textures. Most are made by the Golden company. Do a search, and they might appeal to you. The artist mentioned how popular abstracts have become again.....right up your alley.

    Julie: I've got a new book from a spine surgeon who basically talked about how our hidden angers affect our chronic pain. The main thing so far is that you should write down the angers, how you're feeling about them, etc. rather than ruminating on them in your mind. He also talked about what he went thru....panic attacks while going thru a divorce and chronic pain......and how he had to fight them. He said that most chronic pain rears up when our mind starts dwelling on our stuffed down anger. The book is called: Back in Control by David Hanscom, MD.
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids, as Linda likes to say I like to say.
    Say what?

    Anyhoo great to see you again, Linda. Glad to hear you finally got your Medicare
    coverage. Government workers have a terrible reputation. I wonder why. I
    lost money because Social Security started my retirement payments six months
    early. That lowered all the subsequent payments.

    Dunno if it's true, but I read that Lyndon Johnson wanted some government
    worker fired. His advisor told him, "Even if we could identify which one it was,
    we probably couldn't get him fired." Kinda hard to believe, huh?
    Hope things go well at the vet.

    Julie, it's warmer where you are than here. How can that be? Sixty degrees
    this morning. I was so cold I put on my leg warmers. Gordon just knit them.
    They look like knitted socks; only no feet. Are ten inches long. Other
    item he has knit for me over the decades: stocking cap, afghan, fingerless
    gloves and his brow.

    Mikie, what a lovely picture. Is that your lanai? It's so small I can't see it
    properly. Ha Ha. I always post small pics if possible. I don't want to use up
    too much of Pro Health's pistols or whatever they're called.

    Thanks for the aviation history. Wikipedia has an article about:
    "Elrey Borge Jeppesen (January 28, 1907 – November 26, 1996) was an
    American aviation pioneer noted for his contributions in the field of
    air navigation." Thought his name was probably Swedish, but turns out
    his parents came from Denmark.

    Star, once again we were posting "simultaneous". We have to stop
    not meeting this way.

    I looked up ferrets. The babies are called kits, like foxes. A male is
    a hob; a female is a jill; a group is a business. Reminds me of a WWII movie
    called Four Jills and a Jeep. The 4 stars play themselves when they were
    entertaining the troops.

    Sun, "Back in Control" is a great name for the doc's book. Wonder if he or
    the publisher thought of it. Actually I never thought I had much control
    over anything in my life except my living space and my files. But that was
    enough. I never wanted to be a President or a CEO. Too much trouble.
    Hope your physical therapy continues to help.

    Hugs, Everydobby
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
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  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all,

    Just checking in, with a short post.

    Kinda stressful here, with the accident/insurance thing. Kevin took a mini-vacation, Saturday through Wednesday. So he's been home.

    Yesterday he got a call from the insurance company. And he talked and answered a lot of questions. Then we found out he was talking to HER insurance claims rep. I immediately had him call his agent. It's so tricky -- both Kevin and the driver at fault -- have the same insurance company! I guess I'm just skittish, working for lawyers all the years that I did (over 20 years).

    Anyway, she's going to pursue a claim against us. Saying that Kevin swerved his car over the middle line. Our insurance agent said not to worry. It's evident from the police report and eyewitness that Kevin is not at fault. Our insurance agent said a check is in the mail to pay for the damages to our car. We will still need to pay our % for the rental car coverage. Kevin's car probably won't be able to be fixed for a MONTH! Ordering parts, and all the work that needs to be done. Ugh.

    Great way to spend our birthdays! LOL Mine was last week; I was still in shock and just ignored it. Kevin's is tomorrow. The KITTIES gave him some (saved) $ to go to Best Buy (his favorite store). I made sure he got a slice of filet mignon (for tomorrow), to be served with mashed potatoes. I'll have some shrimp scampi (we had already bought the shrimp on sale, so it's in our freezer). And that will be our birthday celebrations. :)

    Sorry I can't read and post more. Just a lot on my mind. I'm using distractions, meditation, petting kitties, listening to music, reading, etc., to cope.

    A big hello to all. I might be gone for a while from the Porch, 'til I feel better. Be back as soon as I'm able. YOU ALL TAKE CARE, my friends. ((hugs))

    Love and hugs and prayers,
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2016
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