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    It's 31 messages already so..

    I wish you all contentment as personified by the mr Fluffy there.

    I need to go finish some chores so will bbl

    I didn't get where Mikie said she was visiting her DD, so happy trip, Mikie.

    DIANE - HAPPY BIRTHDAY..Kevin. The blue present contains lots of good wishes, good luck, happiness for your birthday.

    God Bless

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    Good Morning, Porchies,

    I finally called the doc yesterday as my nausea and pain got worse and there was more foam in my urine. Doc is booked til Dec. (that's when my next visit was supposed to be). Nurse said she would talk to doc to see whether I should see the nurse practitioner. I'm assuming she will call today with an appt. to see her. The NP was the one who found how huge the stone was on the other side. I like her. I'll be jumping in the shower soon so I'll be ready for whatever happens. I probably can't see her before tomorrow 'cause I always have to get a KUB x-ray the day before every appt. Or, it may be next week. I just don't want to let this go and risk cancelling my trip.

    Spring, thanks for getting us up and going again. What an adorable little doggie! Made my day. Hope you can come back soon. I'm going to TX to see my kids over Thanksgiving in about three weeks.

    Granni, yes, we both try to stay healthy because we realize just how things can snowball as we get older. I'm sorry about the man who had the fatal stroke. After seeing Barb following her stroke, I hope if I ever have one, it's a fatal one. Same with heart attacks. In spite of everything, I consider myself 'healthy.' I'm strong and manage to come through things but it's usually a slow recovery. You are much more active than I, especially socially. I'm hoping that I feel better when season arrives and my friends are down here. I'm so sorry about your DGS's accident. I'm glad he is OK 'cept for the boot. I hope he doesn't have to wear it too long as they mess up one's stride which affects the knees, hips and back. Take care, dear one.

    Julie, how sweet that Oreo is gifting you a rabbit. That shows real love. Sir Vester once brought one to Jeff but Jeff beat him with it to try to 'train' him not to kill things. I 'splained to Jeff that hunting is a cat's nature and gifting a kill to someone is the highest level of love an animal can give. Jeff was raised on a farm where they did that to the dogs and cats. Poor Sir Vester! No one thought he was capable of killing prey. Perhaps his kill was of a slow bunny. He's such a mellow fellow but he can run like a streak when he wants to. Like you, I don't like to have so much going on. It really eats into my NRG and I ain't got much as it is. Glad you could catch a nap.

    Not much else to tell. I'll let y'all know what happens with the ongoing saga of my stones. Hope eveydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie, do rabbits there get Myxomatosis or khaleesi virus? Like here?
    The effected rabbits are slower and are obviously suffering health wise.
    Sometimes rabbIt's may look ok, but their livers look terrible.
    We avoid feeding our ferrets anything that looks a little dodgy.
    The older folks absolutely Love a good rabbit stew or pie.
    Guess most of them grew up with rabbit as their meat staple,
    Especially during tough times, like during the depression...
    All I know, is when I'm sitting at the doctors and the waiting room full,
    it's a sure way to get a conversation flowing. And Lively conversation too...
    I do hope your dad gets the right foot ware sooner, rather than later.

    Barry, do you eat rabbit?
    I find Winter rather depressing myself. If it gets too cold or wet or windy,
    the aches and pains reak havoc. If it weren't for that, I'd actually spend a moment or two inhaling the aroma of rain hitting bitumen and revel in the feel of the Earth being cleansed and washing away dust and heat...
    memories of yesteryear...

    Rock, I found it interesting that government workers voted separately.
    Is that for this big election, between Hilary and Donald?
    What colour are your leg warmers??
    If memory serves me, They used to be popular in the 80's.

    Sun, I struggle with being over heated most of the time too,
    I actually sleep with the fan on all year round now. Originally it was due to DH and shift work and blocking out the outside world, but now I can't rest without the Fresh air circulating.
    However if the cold 'sets in', Like what is more likely the case in Winter, I'm in trouble.
    The weather here at the moment is as hot as I would want it to get,
    but this is Nothing compared to what's coming.
    Glad Pt is paying off. Hope the pain goes away.

    Granni, hope you get a bit of a breather and some time to catch up soon.

    Spring, cute little dog pic. Mr Fluffy alright.
    Still celebrating over your way?

    Mikie,when we had our two cats, on a couple of occasions we had to go away and leave them at home.
    I'd put out heaps of food and water And they were fine.
    I Didn't like to leave them, but the cats seem so much more self reliant and capable than our dogs.
    Mind you, that was before the new rules , enforcing cat owners to keep them inside at night.
    Due to these new rules, I doubt we'll get another cat.
    Though I could be tempted with another Rag Doll...

    Dianne, rest as you need. Sorry you're going through all that strain with the car insurance and all that.
    Hope it all gets sorted soon, with very little trouble on your part.
    Celebrations too I see. Well, I wish you both well and a sweet and soft joy
    -that settles about you, along with a blanket of peace.

    Still struggling with trying to think straight.
    It's becoming a bit of a worry, but then I'm also putting up with sharp pains.
    Pain gets tiring.
    Oh. Almost forgot.
    Thanks everyone for all the tips and support, especially where my Treasure and allergies and all that are concerned. So much to try and get my head around.
    Felt a bit overwhelmed there for a bit, but your encouragement, advice, 'cracking funnies' , Etc
    is just what the doctor ordered.

    I wrote down the details and will check out Doris Rapp too. Thanks heaps for that.

    Hope I managed to touch base with everyone here and not screw it up.
    Please forgive me if I have.

    Take care All
    Sweet Dreams and I'll catch yas later
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    Headed to dentist...where is that "crying emoji" when I need it, lol! Worried about one of my teeth that is towards the front (eye tooth, maybe?) And, of course, the bill...today is just a cleaning and exam (with a new dentist), but my teeth have been so bad...would appreciate prayers and good thoughts.
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    Good morning to all, its a soggy wet one here w leaves raining down

    Spring how sweet of you to give Keven a gift and I love the fluffy Teddy.

    Mike I hope you hear back from the MD today, in general I like my PA's and NP's better than the doctor. Crazy how they say next available appt. is in December, why don't they leave openings for urgent needs. When I broke my foot I went to an Urgent Care Center, they X-rayed and confirmed it was broken and referred me to an Ortho for F/U. I called my hip ortho group and told them I have a broken foot and needed to be seen, that was beginning of September, they told me the next opening was in November. I said "but I need to be seen now," they then told me to report to their Urgent Care Center to be evaluated, I said I already was....... at which point I threw my arms up in the air w frustration. I ended up being seen same day by my shoulder ortho who "booted me" like Grannies GS

    I Hope you feel better sooner than later

    Star dont let the allergy stuff blow you away, just take it one step at a time and try not to absorb it all at once. I do think the book will really help you unravel what the allergens are. Its really you and your son that will eventually find whats bothering Him most unfortunately you cant totally rely on the docs to solve it all. There are many little tricks you can do to help esp for dust allergies, such as room air purifier, pillow and mattress covers, keep room windows shut, stay away from scented soap/shampoo products, stay away from processed food. Dr Rapps thinking is that people also have many environmental sensitivities to chemicals and stuff Good luck
    Granni I need hip surgery, I have several torn tendons in my hip that causes severe shooting pain. Its been going on for quite some time and I was told it was bursitis until I received my recent MRI results that showed the tears/which cause me tears...same spelling different words...

    Julie, I laughed and thought of you while on our milk run yesterday, passed by a church that had a sign out front "Trunk or Treat" event held on Halloween, never saw that term before until you mentioned it here and a few days later there it was

    Editing to say good luck and prayers for you, your teeth and the bill!!

    Rock where for art thou?

    Hi Sun!!
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting the new thread, Springwater. Mr Fluffy is adorable.
    You sure he's not part polar bear? Here's an old riddle. What do you
    get when you cross a polar bear and a harp seal? Answer: a bear-faced
    lyre. That's a good joke to tell someone who has been stringing you along.

    Star, yes we have Myxomatosis in the USA. Apparently it is less deadly here
    than in some parts of the world. Reminds me of the imp in the Superman
    comics: Mr. Mxyzptlk. The only way to get rid of him was to trick him into
    saying his name backwards!

    Yes, cats seem to be more self reliant than dogs. I remember a co worker telling
    me they were putting their dog in a kennel while the family took a trip. He
    said you can leave you cats lots of kibble and they'll eat some every day. You
    leave a dog a bucket of food and he'll eat it all at once, then throw up.

    RE: the government workers having a special voting day, I never heard of such
    a thing before either. Normal people manage to work and vote. I think it's
    mostly a matter of ego. "We're so indispensable (took 5 tries to get that right)
    that we can't be away form our desks for a minute."

    Oh yeah, my leg warmers. Well, they're between blue and gray. I guess you
    could call them bray or glue if you wanted. I suppose a designer could think
    of a more exotic term: seabreeze maybe, or antique duck egg.

    Mikie, sorry you're still having problems with the same old problem. There
    should be someway to reset the calendar, go back and start all over with a
    new doctor. Hope you can get in soon and get some help.

    Jeff beat Sir Vester with a dead rabbit? I have changed my whole opinion
    of Jeff. You don't train anything or anyone with beating! Wonder how he'd
    like to be trained with a kick in the pants.

    Time to vamoose,
    Hugs, Kids
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    image.jpg image.jpg View attachment 1055 Hmm..took me all day to come back.

    How much I walked today! I went on an errand and found the place closed, didn't want to waste th cab fare I spent so I went to the vegetable market square and got some fresh greens, they're making their first tentative appearances and gladdening everyone's hearts, spinach, mustard leaves, they're tasty, and cheap and so easy to make. They're the hamburgers of vegetables only they're full of nutrients, unlike HBs.

    I went on into the heart of the market inside maze like little alleys, looking at all the bling bling sarees and kurta suits on display. I was thinking oh, now the festive season is done, sales are gonna go down and just realised in a months time wedding season begins. So, more bling bling.

    Then I walked some more and made a whole circle and reached the gardening shop, bought two shears, and a kg of compost.

    Realised I couldn't get a cab because the President of INdia is visiting and they're not allowing any taxis in most areas and cordon ing off roads along the presidents route, so I bought meat and veggie dumplings for dinner, I knew I was not gonna hv the energy to make mushroom dumplings as planned..

    Rock - your leg warmers sound like they're like a lovely colour. Duck egg blue. Here, we get a Holiday to vote. I hate voting. I guess coz I hate politics. I don't know my politicians. DHs family is very strict concerning voting, we have to vote, come what may. No traffic is allowed at all on Election Day so everyone has to walk. I wonder till when I will manage. Our booth where our names are registered is like 2 kms away.

    Linda - good to see you drop in. Loved all the tips about avoiding allergens.

    Star - I hv a feeling rabbit stew would be delicious. The meat must be tender. But they are such timid critters. I feel sorry for those which are trapped. I saw a programme once on TV, a country in South Asia which served dog meat and the dogs in cages, one was trembling with fear...it traumatized me so much. One of the landmark incidents which reinforced my belief that life and people can be utterly cruel. And it would be no great loss if The end of the World just came.

    Took me a long time to forget. I read a book about rabbits, though. it seems they can fight to the death, each other. It was a fictional story about the life of one particular rabbit and his adventures but most informative. Yes, Watership Down. I began it because it's set in hills and dales I love but I found out it's not a nice cozy bedtime read for kids. The rabbits twists and travails as they try to survive are revealed. But written in such a way, at the end you're willing the protagonists to reach their promised land and live happily ever after.

    Mikie - this kidney thing is becoming the Warren Peace of ailments. Neverending. Do you know what contributes to the formation of kidney stones? What are the theories and do they apply to you. I know my gallstones were brought on by stress and resentment when I was living with my inlaws.

    Those boys musta been so happy to receive the skulls. My son wouldve been thrilled at that age. He had a skull scarf and some pictures of skulls cut out of comics stuck on his wall.

    Julie - that b day cat is one lucky cat.!! What a contrast to the lives of some animals. The eyebrows with knittable hair was howlarious! Have you heard of Grumpy Cat.? Apparently he is so famous he has got his own star on the Walk of Fame! I clicked on Grumpy Cat memes and a whole lotta stuff came up. They were so funny.

    Keeping you in my prayers for the dentist appointment to go good.

    Sun - those pictures of street alleys on the URL you gave. We hv a oil on canvas depicting an alley way in kathmandu. But it's in earthy dark tones, muddy green, dark brown etc. not bright. There's a tiered temple in the background.
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    Hi guys! Dentist appt. went fine...they asked how long since my last cleaning and I honestly couldn't remember. Just wasn't a priority when I didn't feel like I should leave Gpa alone for very long. Most of the time, my things could be taken care of when Den was home from work...hairdresser has evening hours, I could go see my dad, get groceries, etc. at "odd" hours. But dentists and doctors very seldom have "after hours" hours.

    My teeth look good, just have to replace a couple fillings that have fallen out. And they want to fit me with a mouth guard to wear at night...seems I must grind my teeth...gee, I wonder why I would do that, lol!

    Anyway, I thought of going to see my dad (in the same town) but while running a couple of errands I hit that invisible brick wall....thought I was going to fall over while standing in line at the cashier. I guess I will finish errands and see my dad tomorrow after my followup with the PCP (about labs from a couple weeks ago.) That means two different towns, but I just couldn't do it today. Gonna go take a nap and hope at least some energy returns.

    Oh, Star...I asked Oreo's vet about the rabbits she catches. The vet said the only problem would be that rabbits carry tapeworms. I give Oreo worm meds on a regular basis, so should be okay...just "gross", lol! But I do praise her and tell her "thank you" for her gift :D I did discreetly move it out of our direct path to and from the door, but not too far. I did hear about a disease rabbits here can carry...seems like it was "sleeping sickness" or something...but maybe our cold winters take care of that. I know our old-timers say not to eat any rabbits until after it freezes.

    Here's just a short thing on the sleeping sickness:

    Trypanosoma brucei subspecies cause the human condition known as "sleeping sickness." In rabbits, these organisms induce a chronic and ultimately fatal disease characterized by periodic parasitemia.
    Sleep during experimental trypanosomiasis in rabbits. - NCBI

    Oh goodness...I am so dizzy and exhausted! Better get crashed.
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    Hi Kids

    Just had a long nap. I finished watching The Glass Bottom Boat. It had two great
    comic scenes. The one I mentioned previously and a slapstick chase scene at the
    end. Doris at age 44 was really too old for the part, but she was so popular it
    didn't matter. She didn't sing much and the songs were mediocre. The cast
    was fine, but didn't really have much to do. The film was a financial success.
    Below: pic of the Catalina island casino built in the 1920's. Appears
    frequently in the film. I've lived in Calif. half a century and never visited
    Catalina. No need to. Plenty of videos on Youtube, and one needn't get
    sea sick.

    Julie, do your best to get some rest. Does your dentist have a sense of humor?
    Tell him you don't need a mouth guard. You'll just do like granma did: stuff
    an old towel in your mouth.

    Springwater, Grumpy cat is now 4 years old, and more famous than any
    of us. Her mother was a Calico. Her father was a stranger passing through
    town kinda like William Holden in the movie Picnic.

    Are you planning to be a bridesmaid? You see in today's news where some
    gal in Russia had a wedding gown that cost $12,000? I suspect there is a
    disease called weddingitis that can only be caught by people with two
    X chromosomes.

    Hi, Linda, Here I are. Are you scheduling hip surgery? I can't give you
    any helpful info from my brother 'cause he said almost nothing about
    his surgery or recovery. Glad you felt up to a substantial post today.

    Mikie, I'm with you. If I have a stroke I hope it's fast and fatal. I am thoroughly
    tired of being an invalid. In my working days, my coworkers used to discuss
    retirement. Some said it would probably get really boring after a while. I
    always thought I'd never be bored as long as I could read and listen to music.
    Never occurred to me I wouldn't be reasonably healthy. As Moe Howard,
    or some other philosopher said, "Man proposes; God disposes". (Just looked
    it up. It's actually the name of a painting. Who'd thunk it?)

    See ya later, gators


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    Darn it !! Lost another good sized one again trying to highlight and edit. Don't do that everything will go.

    Thanks for all the posts and pics. Have to make dinner and do that hair project tonight. Stinks !!!!

    Love you ALL !!

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Spring: Love those Pics!!!!! Sooo grumpy looking that they make me laugh. With all the bling bling clothes, I guess that people have recovered from the earthquake and are ready to spend, spend, spend.

    Rock: I've been to Catalina several times. Just a tiny smidge of a town and lots of walking to get anywhere. The casino is about 1/2 mile from where the boat docks. And the boat ride is LONG as I remembered. Twice is enough for me though. The first time I was single and me and 2 friends spent the night there. Rented one of those little jeep things to get around. Like I said, not a great place to visit. And I love Doris Day! A few years ago I got all her TV programs on DVD from the library and every night I watched one. Such a good program to lift your spirits.

    Granni: Even if something happens when you're typing, this board still saves it. Even if you've been gone 2 days or more it's still there (kinda light) but all you need to do is hit post. I've lost WIFI connection at times while posting, and it's still there what I typed.

    Mikie: Thank goodness for the PA finding the other stone. I would be furious that they all hadn't been caught in time when they were small. I think you should complain about the radiologist.

    Star and Lincamp. I feel your pain!!!!!! Why is it that some people skate thru life with very little blips in the road, and then there are us. I'm in terrible pain the last 2 days.....stenosis in neck and low back have done a # on me again, just when I thought I was doing OK with the arm/shoulder troubles. I'm sooooooo tired of this body.

    Lincamp: have you already had an MRI on your hip and you're just waiting for the referral?

    And here's some pics from National Geographic which should make you smile.

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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept well last night. It's only 65 degrees out 'cause a cold spell is moving toward us. I got an appt. today at 1:00 to see the nurse practitioner. Doc's nurse was sposda call me back to let me know whether I should have gotten an x-ray yesterday. She didn't call me but the NP's did. By the time she called, it was too late to go get my x-ray so will have to do it this morning. I guess each thought the other was going to call. Oy! It really doesn't matter; I might as well do it all in one day. The only things I care about are whether a stone has moved on the left side and, if so, is it passable. Since I've had these symptoms for at least three weeks, I'd guess it may be too big. In any case, I need to find out before Thanksgiving. I've been praying I don't have to have that procedure with the stent again. I already bribed St. Jude so have been asking for his help. ;)

    Star, sorry you are still dealing with pain and jelly brain. I hope it gets better. I am going to have to write everything down because my memory is sooooo bad. I think when our brains are so busy dealing with pain signals from our nervous systems, they don't have time to cogitate. Our county has rules against cats roaming free so we don't have many of them. They are a problem because they come to the doors of people with inside cats and yowl. Tweety did that when she got away from Jeff and was out overnight. Hope you feel better and your little Treasure does too.

    Spring, thanks for posting the cute pics. My daycare family had a big loveable white bushy dog when I was little. Her name was, Babs. If you said, "Smile, Babs," she would make the same face as the doggie in the pic. I loved her so much. Oh how I would love to stroll the marketplace with you. So many things to look at and I'll bet the aromas are wonderful from flowers and spices. At least, that's what I imagine when I see people in the markets from your part of the world on TV. It's kind of like that at our flea markets where merchants have little booths for all kinds of things. We have a huge one here but it exhausts me to try to walk through it. Thanks again for bringing smiles to us.

    Julie, I'm sorry you hit the wall. There have been a couple of times when that happened that I actually felt myself slipping away. Don't think I was dying but it's a horrible feeling. Years ago, my dentist suggested I get an athletic mouth guard to see how it went before spending on a dental one. It only caused me to clench down more. I have found that chewing gum for a while before going to sleep helps. The Klonopin also helped a lot. Of course, the best treatment is getting rid of the stress. I hope yours is gone soon.

    Elaine, they certainly ran you around in circles. Good grief! Practicing medicine has gotten so complex and busy that I don't know how they get anything done. Like you, I just want to get this treated and over with. It's sapping my energy; I had just started to get over the procedure... I had been worried that the stones on the other side might move too. I just need to find out. I hope your boot doesn't further complicate things for you. DD found that she did better when she wore a shoe with a thick sole on the good foot. Hope you can get your surgery and all goes well for you.

    Granni, I'm so sorry you lost your post. Do try to find it as Sun suggested. Before we post, our drafts are saved in the little dialog box but, sometimes, I even lose that. Come back soon.

    Barry, I hope you are doing well. Also hope Shorty is all healed up. Stop in when you can.

    Rock, my doctor is good. I think it was the radiologist who grossly underestimated the size of the largest stone but he did say he thought it had grown. My doc left it up to me whether or not to blast them. At that time, the stone hadn't moved. I decided to give it another six months. When it moved before then, it became more urgent. My insurance may have balked at the procedure before the stone actually moved so it all worked out. When it became urgent, they OK'd it immediately. Jeff is a good guy and he loves the cats. He was only doing what he'd been taught from childhood. He seemed really upset and sad when I 'splained to him that Sir Vester was only showing him the highest love an animal can have for its owner. Like with all of us, now that he knows better, he'll do better.

    I have always loved Doris Day and, the fact that she is an animal advocate, only makes me love her more. When I was a teenager, we girls always wanted to see her comedy movies because she had the most fabulous wardrobe. I also loved her singing. Despite the social ill in the 50's and early 60's, I am so glad I grew up then. I am so nostalgic for those days when anything seemed possible. Even the hamburgers and malts tasted better than the food we have today. My body was strong and I had gobs of friends at school. We had Rock 'n Roll but also the beautiful romantic songs from the era. The boys drove muscle cars and restored hot rods. Summers were spent at the 'beach' at our local reservoir. Of course, I loved having my family when my kids came along but life was never as carefree as it was for me in the days of my yute. I don't live in the past and try to enjoy, and be grateful for, all my many blessings now. Still, a little trip to yesterday brings a smile to my heart and gratitude that I grew up when I did. Someone else said, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

    Sun, I hope your pain is better. Are the exercises still helping your shoulder? As I 'splained to Rock above, thing with the stones is that most are passable. They don't become a threat to the kidneys unless they move and are too large to pass. My doc did offer me the procedure but I decided to wait another six months because we thought the stone, while large, was passable. My ins. likely would not have OK'd it without evidence that the stone was not passable. So, while I bided my time, the stone moved and was causing the symptoms. That's when I had the cat scan and it revealed that the stone was huge, much larger than the radiologist and my doc had thought. The radiologist did say in his report that he thought the stone had grown. We got to it in time and it all worked out OK but I don't want to wait on the one on the left which is now causing symptoms. If it's moved, I want another cat scan to see just how large it is. The last thing I want is to go through the procedure with the stent again but I can't take chances with the trip looming over me. This is like being in the Twilight Zone where I can never escape. Yikes! :eek: Again, hope you are feeling better, my friend.

    Gotta go read the virtual paper. Is that an oxymoron? I likely won't get much done today because I have to go get my x-ray this morning and I see the NP this afternoon. The wait at the radiology office is usually long. At least, they have HGTV on their large screens in the big waiting room. It will take all my NRG to just to endure it. Whine, whine, whine! Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Guten morgan. That's Deutsch for good morning. One of the few phrases
    I remember. You may wonder, why is this idiot writing in German? The
    answer is, I dunno. Just popped into my head.

    I am finishing a book about General William Tecumseh Sherman. It was
    written by John Eisenhower, also a general. Son of President Eisenhower.
    He was a historian, and wrote several books. Later became an ambassador.
    Died only a few years ago at age 91. He said Sherman's march to the sea
    (from Georgia) was a new tactic in warfare.

    And here's a historical kawinkydink fur ya. John Eisenhower was
    graduated from West Point on June 6, 1944, D Day. The largest
    invasion in history. In charge was the Supreme Allied Commander,
    John's father.

    Mikie, yes Doris was talented and lucky. But that's redundant. If you have
    talent, you are lucky. Read her bio many years ago. She broke one,
    maybe both legs in a car accident when she was a teen who was studying
    dancing. So she switched to singing. But she was still able to dance better
    than most of us.

    You can read about her hugely successful career in Wikipedia. Ironically
    one of the producers of The Glass Bottom Boat was her husband Martin
    Melcher who helped himself to the money she earned and left her in
    dire financial straits.

    Sun, yes it is aggravatin' that some folks skate through life and some of us
    have to struggle. Some people find positive thinking helpful. On the other
    hand one of my therapist said positive thinking is just lying to yourself
    and pretending things aren't really as bad as they are.

    Thanks for the animal pics site. That's a great pic of the orangutan climbing
    the tree. I'll have to go back later and find the other pics. Don't want to
    lose my place here.

    Granni, sorry that your post escaped. The good news is that it now happens less
    frequently than before. Maybe it would help if the board had a hitching post.

    Well, we saw our chiropractor yesterday. He told us on our previous visit
    that he was retiring at the end of December. I wrote him a little goodbye
    verse. But yesterday he said the landlord had done something so we
    wouldn't see him in December after all. I'll have to mail him his farewell

    Not sure how long we've been seeing him. About 20 years, I guess. Got
    kinda teary eyed. He had magic fingers and was a friendly guy. Always
    asking me about the Sons of Norway and Gordon about his orchids.

    I think I previously mentioned his wife, a nurse, suffered a bad injury
    at the hospital where she works. The insurance company is now saying
    no more therapy. I told him I don't practice any more and some laws have
    changed since I did, but I agreed he should consult an attorney. Explained
    if the attorney couldn't get results for his wife, there would be no fee, and
    if there is a recovery, the Judge will OK the amount of the fee which will
    come out of the settlement. That was a big relief since their income is now
    in sharp decline.

    Ok, gotta go.
    Hugs, Rock
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  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang.

    Exhaustion and the blues are ruling me right now.

    Shorty's medication was reduced by R. Poor little guy started having horrible seizures again. 3 in one day. So now he is back on his normal dose, but it is taking him a little time to get re-adjusted. Poor Richard feels horribly guilty for making such an unwise decision.

    Star, you asked if I ate rabbit. YES! I love rabbit, but it is very dear in the shops, and hard to find. Do you eat it? Most Yanks prefer a big piece of cow meat (but NOT the best parts like tongue, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads, etc, that I was raised on!)
    So you have budgies now; how nice. Will you breed them? One of my English aunts was a budgie fanatic, and had lots of them in her from parlor. I've raised lorikeets, lovebirds, and had two pet parrots --- a conure and a Senegal. No birds now except for the wildings that I throw bird seed to. Why aren't cats allowed out at night where you live? Are they allowed out in the day?

    Rock, I've never been to Catalina either, but my college roommate was from Avalon -- I think h --is father owned a pharmacy there, or maybe was the town mayor. Or both. , I have been to one of the other Channel Islands though -- Santa Rosa Island -- on a short camping trip with a group of botanists and zoologists to study the flora and fauna. Fun!

    No more nrgy right now, and getting the blurries. Nice to hear from you Linda, Diane, Sun, Spring, Granni and Mikie. Plus any I've missed... oh yes, Julie and Elaine too....

    Best wishes to all, and may your aches and pains go away, and energy come your way,
    Love, Barry
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Awl,

    Another shorty since it is almost time to get ready for my Zumba gold class. Going with DD . We have missed so many classes lately but I have to do some things to get dinner started before we go we DH doesn't have to wait to long for dinner. What is it with some men about having to eat at a certain time. It doesn't bother me if I have to wait but then I also have to do the cooking. Not sure what the temp is right now. I think it is in the 70's. It feels so much like rain but not sure if we will get any. The humidity feels pretty high.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are stilling feeling bad and didn't get your a ray out of the way yesterday. Hope you get your kidney stone problem gets taken care of before you go on your Thanksgiving trip. We want you feeling fit as fiddle, not that will happen but a lot better would be great !!! BTW, I did search fr my missing posts and didn;t find it anywhere. I know sometimes it is where it should be but very faint until you click on it. However, I didn't find either of them, so gave up. Will try and be more careful.

    BARRY - So sorry about poor Shorty. Tell poor Richard to try and not to feel so guilty about changing the dosage of Shorty's anti seizure med. Now he knows and will keep him on that reg dose since he found out what happens on a lesser one. We all do what we think is best for our loved ones, furry and not. Sometimes we make the wrong decisions but then we rectify it, when we find out if our decision was incorrect at the time.

    JULIE - Hope you found a little more energy to do all that you have to do but try and take it easy a bit if you can. Take a nap when you feel that way. I know sometimes it is not a very good time to or the place.

    I need to run and try to finish up this post before I push something and make this post disappear :)! Also have some chores to finish before leaving.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just back from the doc, the pharmacy and the lab. I am getting ready to go get a cat scan at 4:45. Nurse Practitioner found a really big stone on the left side in the x-ray and it appears to be trying to pass. Thing is that it wasn't there the middle of Sept. Yikes!! I just had my blood drawn for blood calcium level. She suspects I may have parathyroid disease which is a tumor(s) on the gland(s). That would 'splain how a stone could form so rapidly. I may be in for another stone blast and then surgery on the parathyroid gland but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll just have to deal with it if it comes. I just looked up the symptoms and I have a bunch more besides kidney stones. This has been a nightmare! Whine, whine, whine!

    Rock, it's a good thing it isn't 'Gluten Morgan' for those on a gluten-free diet. Oh, that was realllly lame! It's the best I can do under the circumstances. I'm so sorry you are losing your chiro. I worry about my eye doc's retiring. He's pretty close to my age I think. That was nice of you to write one of your wonderful verses for him. Wasn't it Doris Day's and Martin Melcher's son that the Manson gang wanted to kill? That must have been scary. What is it with these talented and successful women, like her and Debbie Reynolds, that they marry men who squander their money? Enjoy your posts, my friend, including the song game responses.

    Barry, I'm so sorry for you, Richard and Shorty. Little prayer going up for you. Thanks for your good wishes for all of us. I'm sending my good wishes for you and yours.

    Granni, sometimes my posts disappear too and aren't saved in the draft form. That is why I edit 'n add my W&P responses. Some people get angry or upset when they don't eat on time. There is actually a slang word for it--Hangry. They can't help it. My DSIL is like that. He's skinny as a rail and eats a lot and often. He and DD know he is like that so they try not to let him go too long without food.

    OK, Kids, I'm going to go get my cat scan. Then, I'm gonna come home and crash. For some reason, I'm running on raw nerves so I can get all this done. It's happening just like last time; everything is starting to snowball and become more urgent. I probably should have gone in earlier for this stone on the left. Geez! When it rains it pours!!!

    Love, Mikie
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello, Everybody

    That's how Kate Smith used to start her radio and TV programs.

    Mikie, one wouldn't want to take gluten free to extremes. Especially if one
    wants to sit down now and then. I don't remember reading about the Manson
    gang and Melcher's son. Hard to think of a better example of what can happen
    when young people hang around with the wrong crowd.

    Good luck with the cat scan. I'm sure Sir Vester gave you some good pointers.
    Can't remember if I've had a cat scan or not. I refused to have the one where the
    patient is enclosed. But I had the "open" variety. Even if they found out a lot
    of stuff from the scan, I seriously doubt it would make my life any better.

    You and Gordon were both doing errands today. He's investigating to find
    a new Chiro. Brought me back some chocolate. As Stephen Hawking or
    somebody said, "Save the Earth! It’s the only planet with chocolate."

    Barry, Nope, never been to the Channel Islands, but I sailed around them.
    Was cruising on a model of a clipper ship. Previously owned by Jimmy
    Cagney. It was a sleek and beautiful ship, but I was just as seasick as if
    it had been a rusty old scow.

    At one time some of those islands had goats on them. Buffalo too,
    I think. Don't know what the current situation is. I think maybe the
    Wriggly gum mogul owned one of them. Or maybe all. Don't
    have the energy to look anything up right now.

    Gordon just hollered from downstairs. He's leaving to do more errands.
    Going to the library for books and to the market for "fossil bones". The latter
    is his new name for the chicken carcass. He's making more broth. The
    cat loves it.

    Granni, hope you had fun with the zumba. Does your group ever branch
    out? For example, the samba, rumba, hula, carioca, lambada, conga,
    or the hora?

    Thanks for listening. (That's how Kate signed off.) I am refraining
    from singing "When The Moon Comes Over the Mountain" due to
    permanent and irreparable vocal deficiencies.

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I was sooo lucky that they got me in at the end of the day for the cat scan. The radiologist's office wasn't busy today. Don't know why. Maybe 'cause it's Fri. Film printer was on the fritz so I had to take a CD. The urologist doesn't like that but it was that or nothing, as the tech pointed out. I haven't eaten since noon but am not hungry. I should probably have a little something, though. Good thing I don't suffer from 'Hangry.' I'm still in a bit of shock about the possibilities but will take things one at a time.

    Nurse Nancy was out walking Chewy so I walked around the block with her. She sees the endocrinologist next week or the week after about her thyroid. Good grief! We are quite a pair. She wants to go with me again if I have to have these stones blasted. I had told her I'd ask someone else. I'll see whether she's feeling up to it. I'm so glad we have this group of friends to help each other out. I'm driving her to the airport next month to fly up to NY. Another neighbor and I will take care of Chewy and Bob the cat while she's away.

    Rock, I loved Kate Smith when I was a kid. My Mom loved her too. I think the scan you are referring to is an MRI. I had them on my arm and knees before I had surgery on them. They take forever and are noisy as heck. The enclosure doesn't bother me so I'm lucky. The cat scan machine slides you through a larger ring and things spin like crazy inside the ring. An emoji and a voice tell you to take in a big breath and hold it. It did this twice. This scan didn't use contrast dye so I didn't have to fast for it. Didn't have to for the lab work either. As bad as all this seems, everything worked like a well greased operation today which allowed me to get it all done. No pun intended.

    Manson fancied himself a musician and I think the Melcher kid was a producer or musician. They met, I believe, on more than one occasion. Manson thought he could use the kid's connections. Celebs attract all kinds of nut cases. I am soooo glad to be just an ordinary person who can go about my business in complete autonomy. How sweet of Gordon to bring you chocolate. He's a keeper.

    I guess I'll get going. For some reason, I'm all hyped up and can't seem to relax even though I'm tired. I think my nerves are frayed by all this. I shouldn't complain. None of these things is life or limb threatening; it's just that so much has happened in so little a time frame. I think if I need surgery on the parathyroid gland, DD will want to come down for that one. For now, I'm gonna try to relax and hope I can stay awake for Blue Bloods.

    I hope everydobby has a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Just a quick post before moving on to the newspaper. I stayed up a bit later last evening, 9:00 p.m. OK, for me that was 'later.' I didn't get up til almost 6:00 this morning except for a brief time to read early so I could get back to sleep. Sir Vester was trying to get me up but I told him to go back to sleep and he did. He's out on a chair on the lanai, enjoying the cooler morning air . It's 68 degrees out at almost 8:00.

    My Rx wasn't ready at Target yesterday so I have to go back again. I returned my sour grapes and got a refund. I don't know what was wrong with them but they sucked all the saliva out of my mouth, leaving my mouth extremely dry. Really sour apples will do this. I had bought two pounds of them so decided to get my money back. One nice thing about buying with my Target card, besides the five percent discount, is that they don't question any returns.

    I've been taking the AcidRelief 360 in lieu of Zantac. Zantac is one of those meds Suzy Cohen calls 'drug muggers.' The AR360 contains licorice root, aloe vera, slippery elm and lemon balm. The added bonus is that the licorice root is helping with the nausea from this new kidney stone. I have asked PH to look into carrying it.

    Just got my e-mail of the books from Amazon for Nov. I can choose one of them for free. Sometimes they're good; sometimes, not so much. I'm still struggling to finish Seven Eves. It's a pretty good book but I don't think I'll be reading sci-fi for a while. It just doesn't keep me involved. Too far out. I prefer something which involves my emotions.

    I've been praying that I don't have parathyroid disease. If anydobby has some spare prayers around, I'd appreciate a few. I sent an update to my kids so they know what's going on. I don't want to worry them but we tell each other things. I hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    image.jpg Just logging in ..After a hectic, tiring day.

    Mikie - praying you don't hv parathyroid disease. This has been one long drawn out series of events. I think maybe that's why you're on edge. Anyone would be.

    How sweet of Nurse Nancy. She sounds like a caring person. What a good idea of yours to create that support group. I'm pretty sure you could've been President, a better one than Hilary, if things had gone smoothly.

    Rock - that's unsettling..having ones long time chiro retire. I remember you said he is pretty old. Eighty or something? People here would be flabbergasted at someone that age working regularly. It could be the lower standard of living here, less nutrition, adulterated food etc, people here retire or are unable to keep up their regular jobs after 60. Yes, all the health complaints start surfacing then, mostly gastric related issues. We hv lots of thyroid issues too these days.

    Imagine owning an island. I read Marlon Brando bought himself a property in Tahiti coz he fell in love with the place when shooting there for Mutiny on the Bounty or something..I saw Richard Branson's island resort Necker on TLC or something...truly beautiful. Remember pictures of Late Princess Diana cavorting there.

    In the remote villages, however, the old folks are pretty spry. Again, I'm thinking, clean air, organic food, and lots of exercise the reason.

    Barry - oh I'm sorry for Shorty. Well, at least they do hv medicines to control his seizures. Do take care of yourself. Both you and Richard being wound up at the same time wouldn't help.

    Granni - Zumba must be exhilarating. As compared to normal exercises. I was pumped up when Zumba first came out i asked DD to send me a DVD but never got around to doing it..

    Sun - so sorry about the neck and back pain. We all here seem to be in some sort of funk, some more serious than others but funk all the same.

    I got a sort of pins and needles feeling in my abdomen and arm and my shoulders were doing their cracking thing. But I was able to go out on errands. I just blasted all the tingly places with white light..had to go to different parts of town to replenish incense and buy a new rubbish bin for kitchen organic refuse. Also a lightweight three tired shelf type thingie one can dismantle to hold razors, and balms, paper napkins and other knick knacks.

    The monasteries are closed today otherwise wouldve liked to visit. Met my middle brother instead and gave him some clothes Id bought for his DD and the little Barbie book for his DGD.

    I would've liked to go to a restaurant and eat some ethnic Tibetan stuff with him but there was no time.

    Julie - I hope yr dentists appointment went well..

    Elaine, Linda, Star, Diane, all MIAs, a shout out to you folks.

    God bless
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