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    Hi everyone! I can't stay, but wanted to get a new porch going before I go to the vet to pick up Oreo. And here's a pic of me and Den with our Tennessee Treasures.

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    Nice photo, Julie. You must be so happy.

    Peeked in for a moment.

    Mikie - good to hear the procedure is over. I must go online and see what they say about how kidney stones are formed.

    There were painters painting a ceiling where it got blackened from a winter kerosene heater, so I've been hovering around, picking up and keeping an eye on things, surfing the net, etc.

    It's such lovely weather. Got a ton of washing done, also bought some cream coz there's lots of fruit in the house so will have dessert with that.

    Indias demonetizing their RS.500 currency and some people were asking me, I haveno idea. Because we are nearby, lots of nepalese running around trying to change their money.

    I was cleaning out our prayer room (lots of prayer ritual stuff used for festival)needing to be taken out so I ordered mushroom pizza delivery. And enjoyed a bit of TV while eating. Cooking takes up quite some time, and in my case, lotsa energy. So.

    Will be back later

    God bless
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    Good Morning, Dear Porch Family,

    Started feeling better yesterday afternoon. I'm so glad because it was rough going the night of the procedure. I went out to get my newspaper this morning and there on the window sill were two little handmade get well cards from the boys at the other end of the bldg. My heart leapt in my chest; it was sooooo sweet! They wanted me to get well and told me they love me 'cause I'm nice. OMG, who could resist such sweetness. There were also five little round hard mints glued inside each one. There is no gift on Earth which can compare with what a child makes and gives from the heart. I'm feeling better already.

    I was so saddened to see that Gwen Ifill died. I have loved her for years on PBS News Hour and during election coverage. She was beautiful, elegant and smart as a whip. I always enjoyed seeing what she would wear and her jewelry. Even more important, what she had to say. Evidently, she had been having chemo for months while still working and no one much knew she was sick. It was only toward the end that she stopped working. Most everyone thought she wasn't on the news because she was working on something else. It must be very hard for her news partner, Judy Woodruff. She will be sorely missed.

    Julie, I'm shocked, no pun intended, that such horribly dangerous wiring passed inspection. I'm glad no one was injured. That's dangerous. Do they have any GFI outlets? Usually, code mandates them in the kitchen and baths. The electricians were horribly sloppy in my condo but, at least, it was nothing dangerous. Instead of trimming the long wires in the outlets, they just scrunched them up and stuffed them in the box. I had the electrician out to fix one for another reason and he said they call those, 'bird nests.' I call them, 'cluster _____s.' In any case, I'm glad it is all fixed for the kids. Good grief! I'm also glad you and Den are home safe 'n sound. Great pic of you two and the kids. They are getting so big. I love that sofa. It's very elegant.

    Granni, the singing season certainly keeps you busy. In junior high school, our choir director had us singing high-falutin pieces, many in Latin, especially at Christmas and Easter. I guess it elevated our performances but we didn't like it and neither did our parents. Boring! Kids want to do more contemporary things. The other junior high school in town did show tunes and pop music. How we envied them. Think I mentioned that our director, Mr. Shane, was the uncle of one of the Kingston Trio singers. He looked like Vincent Price and always dressed in black. He had long hair in an era of buzz cuts and DA's. He had some kind of skin condition on his hands and when he used them to direct us, the skin would bleed and ooze. You can imagine how that affected kids at that age. Yikes! Poor guy. He meant well and was only trying to make us better. Sylvester's Other Mommy, Julie, has been in poor health and been very depressed. She OD'd on pills and was in a rehab facility because she had no use of her legs. We don't know whether it's temporary or permanent. My heart goes out to her and she could use some prayers. Everything here is all overgrown too and the lazy landscapers don't help. Don't work too hard, my friend.

    Sun, thanks for the link. I have read quite a bit but am going to be doing more research. Perhaps there is a change to my diet which will help. Jeff had stones and takes magnesium to dump some of the calcium in his system. Problem is that the calcium in the stones may have been stolen from my bones. I already have osteopenia in my left hip. Every time I try to make an appt. for a Dexascan, I have a stent in or am about to have one. Doc doesn't know why my body is doing this. It is usually from parathyroid disease but my labs have been normal for months so it has to be something else. The moon is usually only orange when it's close to the horizon when rising or setting. It was big 'n white up high in the sky. Glad you got to see it. It was really bright during the night. Again, thanks for the link. That is so sweet of you.

    Rock, it was a bit rougher this time around but I'm doing well today. The only bad news is that we don't know how that stone could have tripled in size in two months. I hope they can get to the bottom of it. It scares me that more stones could form very rapidly. I can't keep doing this. Hope you can stop back in, dear friend.

    Spring, good for you for getting some pizza. I had mentioned that the last one I got didn't taste good at all. I see it on TV and remember how good it used to taste. I'll try ordering one from another place to see whether it's the pizza or my sense of taste. That's too bad about the soot on the ceiling. Is there some way of venting the air over the stove? I have one over my stove and it filters the hot air coming off the cooking. Our weather is getting beautiful here too. It's in the 50's and 60's in the mornings and the high-70's in the afternoons. It'll be even cooler over the weekend when a cold front moves in. That's the good news; the bad news is that we are now in a drought. There are 14 wildfires out of control up in the Carolinas. I think your weather and ours here are about in sync. Enjoy it.

    Gonna go read my real newspaper. I have to take garbage down to the dumpster and get my mail. Nothing too strenuous today. I still have a few things to do before I leave. Lady downstairs is going to come up to see Sir Vester. She loves him so much and will likely come up all the time. I don't think he'll get too lonely. I told her not to be too shocked at how my condo looks because I have boxes all over for organizing and donating. My neighbors all know there is a gap between how I'd like to keep the condo and how it actually is.

    I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rushing again before DH gets home and we have to rush to another store. He was painting the new steps our workman put in yesterday and found her was almost out of paint. So he ran to the store to buy more and mix up the little bit he had left. Not looking forwards to having to painting the rest of the patio after it gets power washed. Can't believe it is time again to paint and those plants have grown so and are in the way of the sides which I get to do . DD has offered to help some with DH taking us out to lunch occasionally. I detest that job especially those plants in the way which I have to cut down or back.

    MIKIE - Sorry this procedure was rough on you this time but glad you are feeling a bit better today. Yes, a card c=from a child can make it almost all better again :)!! Hope they find the cause soon of those recurring and fast growing stones without to many problems and can take care of it quickly.

    JULIE - Thanks for the cute picture of your and those T T's. They are growing so fast, enjoy them while you can. Mine are almost all grown up and don't live close by either . So don't get much time to see them. Might see the twins from college on Christmas. The DD who is planning on moving took the home off the market a few months ago as there was no movement. I think after the holidays and some class she will be taking will be over and she might put it back up again . Maybe after the holidays..

    SPRING - Glad your weather is being lovely for you and you can get some stuff done. I know what you mean about cooking - it is the pits for me lately. That pizzas sounds yummy . I cheat every once in awhile with a small piece mostly now due to the cheese on it. I LOVE PIZZA. . I could eat it almost every day, at least for a sack if not a meal with everything on it. Oh well ):!!

    Would love to find a gluten free pizzas and non dairy cheese. May have to some day make my own. I have seen the crusts that you can put your own stuff on.

    Hugz to everydobby inc ROCK< SUN, DIANE, BARRY, STAR and whoever I might have missed. When DH gets home we will need to go to the store. Not sure if he will finish his painting first or not . Gotta run and get some stuff done around here.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi everybody!

    Julie, what a lovely picture. Glad y'all are back home safely. Did Oreo miss you?? :) I keep hearing about the SouthEast wild fires. Your family is out of harm's way, I hope!! And it's so good that all the wiring problems were found. Whew.

    Granni, you're busy as usual. :) Look for Amy's brand frozen pizza, it's gluten free. And you can get it with dairy-free cheese. Or you can find gluten-free crusts in the health food store, then top them with your faves -- tomatoes, olive oil, goat cheese, etc., whatever you like.

    Spring, send me some of that fruit and cream, please! It sounds so yummy.

    Sun, I hope you are in less pain today.

    Rock, I'm enjoying the games on homebound board. My mind isn't sharp right now, but I'm enjoying reading and sometimes posting. :) Thanks for the tips from Gordon on the wontons. I may try those, post-holidays.

    Barry, we got an 8 pound "Lil Butterball" turkey. So it's turkey, dressing, green beans with a couple slices of bacon for flavor, a pumpkin pie. I have to do homemade no-salt bread for Kevin, so I'll be baking two loaves (for his dressing). Kevin won't eat turkey, so I guess we'll get him a "ham steak" to ration out through the holidays. But he loves turkey gravy, so mashed potatoes will be on the menu! LOL

    Lin, I'm sorry that you have to wait til January for your surgery. I'm one that steroids (prednisone) is a "wonder drug." Makes me feel great, but gives me yeast infections and oral thrush. Good luck to you!!

    Star, I can't keep up with your posts. I didn't find any posts on the last volume of the post, but WINDOWS 10 DRIVES ME CRAZY! You have so much going on. I hope that all is well with you and your family.

    Mikie, I'm sorry that the procedure was a bit rough-going for you. Did you have Nurse Nancy to drive you? Amazing about those stones. My thought -- do you eat a lot of soy? Soy is said to be great, soy is said to be "bad". Might you have an allergy to soy?

    I developed kidney stones from taking soy supps post-hysterectomy. That was several years "post". I couldn't tell if I was going through menopause, or what.? To this day, I have never gotten a definitive diagnosis for that, and I've asked and asked and asked. All I do know is that soy "messes" with me.

    And it's in everything. Pick up a container of coleslaw at the store (if you like coleslaw). At the bottom it "might say": contains soy. Frozen meals. You'd be surprised.

    I do eat some soy, can't avoid it, if I want a quick frozen meal. For the most part I try to avoid it. There's no definitive answer on soy or "NO" soy. I use University of Maryland (a dot edu site), for a lot of my research.

    Feel better soon, my friend. When do you leave for vacation??

    Kevin has to get his rental car changed on Sunday. Our coverage expires on Sunday on our policy. So on Sunday it will transfer to HER policy.

    Repair work still has not begun on Kevin's car, after the "hidden damage" was found. The insurance person inspected the car, again, but has not written his new estimate. Since parts will have to be ordered -- and I assume HER insurance will only cover 4 week of a rental for us -- I wish that things would speed up! I'm just so jittery about this.

    Did I forget to mention anyone? If so, it wasn't intentional. While I'm typing on the keyboard, my mouse pointer is roaming all over my post, wreaking havoc. Maybe this post will make sense, maybe it won't.

    I don't like this new computer and don't spend a lot of time on it, posting. Reading seems to be OK. POSTING is REALLY IFFY.

    Take care all. Know that I'm thinking about you. I'll probably be posting less; it's taken over 1-1/2 HOURS to post this message. And the glitches are getting worse.

    Love and hugs, DIANE
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  7. Granniluvsu

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    DIANE - Nice to hear from you. I figured that AMYs might have a brand of healthy pizza as I get the organic soups in her brand. I haven't looked that much . MY health food store MIGHT have it but a lot of their stuff is quite expensive. However, if I can find it I will probably buy it. I will keep on the lookout. Sorry that you don't like your computer for posting . Hope after awhile it might get better for you, as you get more used to it, or maybe not. However, we can hope, can't we??

    SUN- Hope you get a little more NRG and get going doing what you need and love to do. It seems like more and more stuff I am getting on my plate. Hope you are feeling a little better with less pain, How is your shoulder pain doing?? I probably need to read that article that you posted to MIKIE on this thread. I know I don't drink enough water, for sure. So far no stones but it might help with my sometime constipation issues.

    Just found out that one of that gals in church choir's handicapped son has passed away after some problems and surgery. However, the poor guy already had more problems that he should have had at his young age. Not sure of his age but was crippled and in a wheelchair and had problems breathing at times and coughing and trying to catch his breath,. The funeral is Monday and also the day I was going to pick up stuff for chorale snacks. It is my turn and along with a few other people. It is also an early funeral, 10:00 Mass with 11 reception and we are supposed to help with the food for the reception.

    MIKIE - Yes, when are you planning to go on your Thanksgiving vacation to see your DD.? Hope you still get to go. Lemon is water I know I have heard is supposed to be helpful in not forming stones.

    Thinking of everydobby also inc ELAINE, LINDA and all our MIA plus all our regulars.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    I got dressed and got my garbage taken down to the dumpster. I ran into the little boys' Mom and Grandma and told them to thank the boys for me. I told them how much those little cards mean to me. Grandma offered to do anything for me, including cooking meals. Good grief! I have wonderful neighbors. Ran into another one who served on the big board with me but no longer does. He brought me up to date with a lot that is going on here in the hood. I was getting a bit weak so came inside. I'm pretty pale and don't have too much stamina. It always takes me a bit to get over anesthesia.

    Sun, thanks for this link too. I already knew about not drinking sodas and drinking a LOT of water. When I did the 24-hr. pee test, I had excreted 1.9 liters of urine and I wasn't drinking as much as I usually do the day I did the test. I'm going back to putting lemon in my water. I don't do things which might contribute to stones so don't know why they are forming so rapidly. Just hope we can find out. Thanks again. How is your pain? I hope and pray it's better.

    Diane, I don't eat any soy if I can help it. It isn't supposed to be healthy unless it's fermented. I did see that eating a lot of it can cause stones. Yes, Nurse Nancy drove me there and home and spent the whole time in the waiting room. She is really a trooper. I hope this whole accident/ins. thing gets over with soon for you and Kevin. Your TG dinner sounds good. DD and DSIL always get an organic turkey and fix a lot of food. Don't know whether or not his parents and his DB and DSIL will eat with us. I hope so. I haven't seen them in years. Stick with Windows 10 and give it a chance. You can change the beginning screen to look more like previous versions and that might make it less of a pain. Some laptops have such sensitive touch pads that just letting the hand touch them makes the cursor go crazy. The Surface is like that. I hate it. You can adjust the sensitivity of the touch pad. Hope you like it better.

    Granni, I don't envy your having to trim those plants. It's a frustrating job. Down here in the jungle, they grow back soooo fast. Amy's frozen food is very healthy and the Mexican dinners are good. She uses organic ingredients. I tried one of the others, not Mexican, and didn't like it. Her stuff isn't too expensive. I leave on the 22nd to go to TX and return on the 25th. The weather there has been similar to ours. It will be good if I don't have to bundle up too much.

    I was hoping to get more done today. I don't know whether to push it and risk having a setback or just take it easy. Patient info said to take it easy for two or three days. It's been less than two so I may just laze around. I have been moving to try to dislodge whatever stone frags I can. Some have been excreted but, like last time, they are waaay too small to capture. I need to go eat so will bid y'all adieu. Hope everydobby is well and having a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi All.

    SO Glad you are feeling better Mikie. About time! I too was saddened by Gwen Ifill's passing; I liked her very much.

    Diane, so you the turkey and Kev eats ham. Isn't ham too salty for him? I thought he was on a salt free diet.... I still don't know what we're going to have. A chicken is in the freezer, but I would be happier with a good local crab (season just opened!) and a bunch of prawns. No pumpkin pie -- Richard care for it NOT. Strange, cause he's an Okie of California birth. I can take it or leave it; would prefer a pecan pie if given a choice.
    Sorry Windows 10 is driving you mad. I am getting along pretty well with it, but I don't do pics or anything fancy. I do get annoyed with Cortana sometimes when she (it) asks me how far it is to work, or to remind me to get eggs at the store, or not to forget to send an e-mail to Edward and Violet. BUT - :cool: - I finally figured how to stop her. She wants to learn my speech patterns; maybe I'll trick her with a fake accent...:p

    Star: go on strike!

    Pizza. We get the extra-thin crust with just a bit of cheese and sauce topping; frozen. I don't like pepperoni or meat on pizzas, or thick-crust pizzas. We fry mushrooms and/or sweet onions for a topping, with a little goat cheese.

    Mushroom season is good this year. I know a tree (dead) that is covered with oyster mushrooms. Unfortunately it is on a steep bank and the 'shrooms are too high up to get to. :( On the other hand, yesterday on Shorty's walk, I picked three big Amanita calyptratas -- must weigh two pounds. One of the few edible Amanitas. NEVer EAT an AManIta! is a mantra among fungophiles. (Unless you know what you are doing...;).)

    I am very angry at the ravens. The devils have taken my entire crop of persimmons. I manged to get TWO before they were all gone. Next year I'll pick them early and bring them into the pantry to blet. The two I did manage to get --- delicious.
    The deer have been gobbling down the fallen apples. The trees were loaded again this year -- the best-flavoured being a variety of Winesap; I forget which var. though. It's apples are huge, and it's never been a good producer before. Excellent taste.

    Rock, I contacted the chocolate company you referred me to. I was offered a position as a sales manager, but declined when they said their newest choc. bar would be called "Trump Bar". Oh well, you can't win them all, I guess. :mad:

    Big fox in the backyard munching on the soft Golden Delicious windfalls. No signs of bears this year so far. A few chipmunks are back, eating the bird-seed I throw out. They stuff their cheeks with it and then run to their dens to stash it for the winter.

    Posted out for now,
    Love to All, Barry

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    Hi Kids

    Got half an hour sleep last night. Finally fell asleep again around 5-6 AM
    and slept till ten. Gordon is at the dentist. Plans to stop at a nursery on
    the way back.

    Got an e mail from my brother the forest ranger. It is about his trip to
    Minnesota last month. Yummpin Yimminee! It is as long as three
    Warren Peace posts. Way too much to read in one sitting.

    Here's the most interesting thing (so far) from my perspective. His
    college years were spent at the U of Minnesota. First in Minneapolis and
    the final years in Duluth. After college he worked in N. Minnesota for
    some years before moving to Oregon.

    On this last trip he discovered that some of the fishing camps and lodges
    (including the one where he used to work) had been bought by the State.
    One is now a museum. He was the only visitor (there are more deer in
    N. Minnesota than people). When the park ranger found out that the tourist
    was also a park ranger from the U of M they were instant buddies.

    The museum had lots of photos on display. Some of the people in the photos
    were not identified. So Little Brother was able to supply the names and other
    info on many of the unknown; people he had studied and worked with half a
    century ago.

    I wonder if I go back to the cave where I was a teenage guide. Do you think
    folks would be interested in my fascinating stories about the old days?
    Kinda doubt it myself. Wonder if the cave is still owned by the same family.
    The owner was one of the 3 teenage boys who discovered the cave way back
    in the 1930s and later developed it

    Julie, great pic of the kids and Den. They all look healthy and happy. Who's
    that teen age girl? The baby sitter? Bet Oreo will be glad to see you.
    Mikie's right. It is shocking news that such terrible, and dangerous, wiring
    passed inspection. Sounds like the kinds of inspectors who OKed that
    skyscraper in San Francisco that is tipping and sinking. I sure wouldn't
    walk down that street.

    Springwater, if you hunt around on the net I think you'll find that stones
    in the body are formed the same way stalactites are formed in caves.
    See photo for more info. Does pizza in Nepal come with Italian spices?
    Would that include curry?

    Mikie, you're right. That is so sweet that the little boys made you a card.
    I used to have some boxes of stuff my son made in grade school. Finally
    tossed 'em. Just made me sad to have 'em around.

    Happy to hear you plan to take it easy for awhile. No cleaning is worth it
    if it risks aggravating your situation. And speaking of cleaning, when I
    was downstairs in the living room earlier I heard what sounded like water
    dripping in the room overhead. Went to look. That's the bedroom of Gordon's
    brother. I don't think the floor has been swept since Gordon and I cleaned
    the room 2 years ago before he moved back in.

    Hope you feel a lot better soonest!

    Granni, good luck with your painting project. Why not go ahead and
    paint the the adjacent plants. That way the patio and the steps and
    the plants will all be part of a unifying theme. It will tell visitors:
    See, we had plenty of paint.

    Pizza sounds great. Haven't had any for I don't know how long. Been
    at least ten years.

    Diane, yes, we miss you on the Game Board. Come back soon as you can.
    I don't know what's wrong with Kevin and Gordon that they don't like
    turkey. It's practically un-American. Gordon didn't even like the
    aroma of it cooking, but he used to cook it for me until I had to stop
    eating it. Sometimes he roasted it, and sometimes just did drumsticks
    in the crock pot. Delicious either way.

    Hi Sun, when I first read your post I thought it was about the Rolling Stones.
    Come back when you can.

    Barry, Have you heard of a writer yclept G. M. Malliet? Just got his
    book "Death of a Cozy Writer". One blurb describes it as a "must read for
    fans of Robert Barnard and P. G. Wodehouse". I plan to tackle it next.

    Star, Linda, GB

    Barry, I see we were doing it simultaneous. (Old time radio gag.)
    I think a Trump Bar is a great idea. And how appropriate that
    Trump Bar is an anagram for Abrupt Mr.
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  11. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Hope everydobby is doing well. I'm up and feeling better than yesterday. This time round, the stent isn't uncomfortable and no pelvic cramps trying to push it out. I'm so grateful for that. Maybe this time, no matter how long it has to stay in, it won't make me so sick. So far, so good (knocking on wood). Since I'm doing basically nothing, there isn't much to tell. I did notice I felt winded yesterday when I walked back from the dumpster. Lo and behold, there is a concentration of Red Tide offshore here. Up the coast a wee bit, dead fish are washing up on the beach. There is a big boat race coming up there and everyone is worried about tourism. They aren't releasing a lot of water from Lake O right now so that goes against the theory that nutrient-rich water releases feed the toxic algae.

    BTW, medical staff at the hospital were impressed at my general good health. I guess a lot of people my age have Type II Diabetes and/or cholesterol and heart problems. I think the workouts at the pool are responsible for holding the line. I'm anxious to get back to it. If NRG permits, I may go over tomorrow just to walk in the shallow end. It seems oxymoronic to be in general good health but sidelined by exhaustion a lot of the time from my immune/autoimmune conditions. Oh well, I'm grateful for whatever good health I have.

    Dear Old Friend called me twice last evening. I believe he's stuck in the denial phase of whatever ails him. Doc has said it may be FMS and it certainly sounds like it. He had made an appt. with a specialist but cancelled it. He keeps trying to deal with it by working out at a gym and walking. It isn't working but every week, he tells me he will be doing a new program "next week." I keep gently suggesting that he make another appt. with the specialist. He has nothing to lose by keeping the appt. He has everything to lose by not seeking help but all I can do is suggest. He respects my advice but I am in no position to push it. He'll do something when he finally sees that he has to or accept that it's not going to get better. I'm just afraid he'll fall again and do some real damage. I'm sure his kids are worried about him. I'm worried something will happen while I'm gone. I told him if he needs anything, Joe would be happy to help out. I'll call him while I'm gone.

    Barry, thanks for your good wishes. I love reading your posts describing all the nature where you live. Wish I could forage. It's so rewarding. In-laws used to live by a big area that was undeveloped. Wild asparagus grew in the fields. It was soooo tender and delicious. I also love Winesaps and Jonathans. Seems that there haven't been many Jonathans available in the stores the last few years. Yesterday, I made a bowl of Waldorf slaw with an apple sliced in it. Couldn't find my walnuts so substituted pecans instead. I prefer pecan pie to pumpkin too. Still, I'm a traditionalist so usually eat pumpkin at Thanksgiving. Your post made me hungry for mushrooms. I have a couple of cans of organic shrooms and think I'll saute them in butter with some onions to put on top of something yet to be decided. Thanks for your continuing description of your wonderful peaceful life in nature. It reminds me of a favorite column my Mom used to read in one of her magazines. Give my best to Richard, Shorty and Slinky.

    Rock, I hope you can get some rest to make up for a bad night. Ever since this big stone appeared, I've slept better and deeper than before but am still bedeviled by waking up several times during the night; however, Sir Vester is getting better and better at not trying to bug me to get up. He cries for attention after his breakfast every morning so I pick him up and hold him like a baby. I could never have done that when he first came to live with me. He lies there and gives me love looks and purrs. How nice your bro could supply the names of the people in the historic photos. I'll bet the cave people would also like your input. Wish I had paid more attention to history and our family tree when I was younger. I was too busy trying to have a good time. On the other hand, I'm glad I've been able to have good times before becoming ill. Mom and I visited caves near Colorado Springs when I was a kid. It was fascinating. Yes, the stone frags look and feel just like any old rocks or cave formations. It's kinda amazin' that the body can produce such things. I'm a walking quarry! :eek: Get some sleep. my friend.

    Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock, you made me smile...

    Hi to everyone! I have about 30 seconds to type...just letting you know I am still alive, but haven't even really had time to read any posts. Was gone all day yesterday (errands in town and visiting my dad) and was able to get my chiro appt. changed from next Tuesday to this morning. I can barely move...almost funny, but not! I think it's from sleeping on a mattress on the floor with the kids...anyway, chiro will fix me up.

    But I've gotta get going. Clinton came yesterday to help Den on the house, and stayed all night. I fixed them a hot breakfast, but am now rushing around to get myself ready.

    Will check in when I can.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Cold here this morning. Down to 53 degrees. I put on my thermals. It's
    71 now. Much better.

    Gordon's orchid club is having a dinner tonight. It's the annual awards dinner.
    Members are recognized for their service to the club and for the ribbons they've
    won during the past year. The club pays for the dinner and each member is
    given an orchid plant.

    The menu is Italian. I asked Gordon if their were any orchids associated with Italy.
    He said, "The Mussolini orchid." Serially, I looked on the net. Read that a
    hundred species of orchids grow wild in Italy.

    Incidentally the Academy Awards started the same way. An awards dinner for
    MGM folks at the Roosevelt Hotel. Right across the street from Sid Grauman's
    Chinese Theater. The first movie to win Best Picture was Wings; the only
    silent film to do so.

    Julie, hope by this time you've been rejuvenated by your chiro. I got a call from
    mine this morning. He called to say thanks for the goodbye verse I sent him. He
    was calling from a supermarket Gordon and I used to go to a lot. Now we've
    been there maybe twice in the last decade. Happens a lot in the big city. I
    used to go to Glendale twice a week. Now I'm hardly every there. Used to
    work in the San Fernando Valley. Now we just drive to to the library there
    now and then

    Mikie, glad to hear you were feeling better yesterday. Hope you're even
    better today. I agree. Pecans are tastier than walnuts. I never buy any
    nuts anymore since I can't chew them. But the last time we were at
    Trader Joe's I walked by the nut section. Many were 9-10 bucks a pound.
    One was that much for half a pound. I think it was pine nuts aka pignolias.
    Well, they're labor intensive you know. Costs a lot to train the squirrels
    to pick the nuts outta the pine cones.

    As for wild mushrooms they show up in murder mysteries frequently.
    I wouldn't eat any. BTW I read there is no scientific difference between
    toadstools and mushrooms. Same for vegetables and fruits.

    Finally got the latest best seller from John Sandford, one of Minnesota's
    most popular writers. I've had that book on hold since last July. Uff-da!

    Hugs Everydobby
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here is evidence that somebody is watching. Not necessarily Big Brother. Just
    went to our home page. Top of the page is an ad for pine nuts: $14 a pound.

    A few days back I looked up cockatiel to make sure I had it spelled right.
    Been getting ads for cockatiels and cages ever since.

    As Oliver Hardy used to say, "Hmm, Hmm."

  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Long day, but the chiro did a lot of adjusting and I feel some better. Still have to go back on Tuesday, though.

    Rock, how nice of your chiro to call you. Interesting about the "Italian orchids".

    Today turned out to be very stressful. I texted sis to let her know we are done getting things from over there, and will take our padlock off the shop...but I still need access to all the buildings until the estate settles.

    That got her started on a tirade of how I cheated, deceived and tricked her dad into leaving Den things that he had already "given to her." Ummm, no...I did not trick her dad, and those things are still part of the estate until the estate is settled.

    She just kept it up, until I finally had had enough. I let her know a few things (about how her dad came to make the decisions he made, etc.) and I was not very nice about it. Sometimes the truth sucks, but I am just so tired of being accused of things (and accused of making up things that her dad said to me and others.) So, I dished it right back to her. Oh well...tomorrow is a new day.

    Anyway, Clinton went home a little bit ago...may be back this weekend. I hope they all get to go to Tennessee for Thanksgiving.

    I'd better get some things done before I crash for the day. Thinking of everyone.
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  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - how sweet was that! The little boys wishing you speedy recover with those gifts. Made me smile.
    So glad to know you're more comfortable. Keep sending white light.

    I hope DOF will get the help he needs. And will not do anything that puts his own health at worse risk.

    Julie - urrgh! Sis and her venomous ways. My goodness, she sounds like my MILs duplicate. Because I haven't gone over, for ages, and she wanted to vent, she screamed at my middle uncles wife. This was some months back, aunt said she thought she would die of apoplexy, the way her hands and body were flailing. Aunt has kept a safe distance since then, I've kept away. And one aunt is just as bad as her and they can't stand each other forever. These people will go to any lengths to hurt another. Sick in their minds. A blight on the planet. Please keep safe.

    Rock - loved reading your long posts. I'm sure anyone young or old would want to hear of your stories about the cave. I'm scared of caves. I find them fascinating. Mysterious, sometimes sinister, but fascinating. I've watched mat geo/discovery programmes on them but wouldn't go into one myself. That demo photo of stalactites on the cave wall had me in splits..re how kidneys form.

    I read a book on how the antagonist in a book used not mushrooms but lantana seeds to get someone out of the way.

    Barry - that was a scream about Trump Bar. You and Rock! The things you say. I love the name Gilden Delicious. The vendors on bicycles bring little round golf ball sized apples, maybe a little bigger, which are very sweet. They're normally green on top and bottom and Crimson in colour. They call them chocolate apples. But the indian vendors pronounce them chuk late.

    Diane - so good to see you drop in..I'm glad the computer is atleast letting you post. We don't get turkey here. Maybe a packaged one in a supermarket which will cost more than 99 percent of the people out here can afford. Interesting about the soy. I was having soy milk myself, I must keep the things you said in mind. A chinese doc I went for acupuncture long time back, told me I have some problem in my kidneys and gave me some plasticine type medicine which I didn't hv. I got tingling feelings thereafter in that region but I also found out what it was and dealt with it. :D

    Granni - oh I'm so sorry to hear of the young boy who passed away but it seems like it was better than the suffering he was having to endure. Like Mikie says, there was probably a purpose to his young life. But his loved ones must be so sad.

    We hv been having nonstop electricity whereas this time of year ,there would be at least 15 hours of power cuts. A govt person in charge has overhauled the whole thing, seen where too much electricity was being unnecessarily used and made necessary changes and viola ! 24 hours electricity. Everyone is talking about it.

    It's decidedly nippy. DH saw me shivering while making tea and told me I could buy new winter clothes. But I always feel that's a waste since winter lasts a mere two months and then the clothes go into storage. How I hate stuffing things away and them taking all that space.! I'll just take out the woolens in storage just now and buy something I like. Which I can wear more often. Really need a pair or two of shoes, rather sandals. I've worn my fav pair of sandals to the bone. Two pairs of them because I found one black new sandal had a bit of a heel and made my legs ache.

    I was picking up in sons room, the other day and found some scribblings of rap he wrote when much younger I remembered this little bit he recited in a mall with his then girlfriend but the youngsters he said, mostly 15 16 year olds didn't like it and booed them...luckily it didn't dent his self confidence to the extent he stopped rapping. Although he gave it up later because of no time.

    It's better to not remember enemies,
    because foes live forever in your memories,
    Let go of that negative energy
    You've been drained physically, deranged mentally,
    This is when to be
    Putting yesterday back to his-story
    The past doesn't mean sh*t to me
    aisthai chha yo zindagi

    God bless
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Up and feeling even better today. I'm thinking all those stones on both side has been affecting me for a very long time. Having a quarry inside a person has to take its toll. To Stoners like me, Rock takes on a very different meaning than just music. In any case, I've learned that I have to do what needs doin' early in the day because I flag by about noon. I need to color my hair before getting into the shower. I'd like to get to Wally World to pick up another litter box for Sir Vester so he'll be completely able to stay alone. Nurse Nancy isn't well and I don't want her to be scooping. She has to use a cane and his box is in my shower stall. Her balance isn't good and I'm afraid she might fall.

    Another neighbor and I will be caring for her cat, Bob The Heart Throb, when she's up in NY the month of Dec. She is taking her little dog, Chewy, to a friend who has a fenced yard. He will be happier there. Dec. will be busy for me because I want to fix up the atria in the stairwells and put flowers in our pots and boxes. I kinda hate to leave because Dear Old Friend is in too much denial and is very vulnerable to falling. I keep suggesting he remake the appt. with the specialist and he says he will but he doesn't. Ai yi yi! Nancy will be keeping an eye on him. I told him he could call Joe if he needs anything. Julie proved to us that, if a person is determined to do whatever he or she wants to do, there is nothing caring friends can do to head off disaster. All we can do is pray. I need to talk to Jeff to find out how she is doing.

    I watched a great interview of Justice David Souter at the Univ of NH back in 2012. He was retired from the Supreme Court. He was speaking about the lack of civic social studies education in the country. At that time, 2/3 of adults didn't know that there were three components of govt. nor how govt. works. He believed that this basic ignorance was a worse threat to our democracy than terrorism or attacks from foreign countries. It's one of the best nonpartisan things I've ever seen and well worth watching. It's short because it was just one answer to a question from the audience. In my yute, we had social studies which included this info but, evidently, this is no longer taught. No wonder we are churning out students who know so little about something so important.

    Gordon, I hope you enjoyed your orchid society dinner. Hope the Italian food was good. It's probably better than rubber chicken. Can't wait to hear that you were honored for all you do. Hope you got a good orchid. Let us know the details.

    Rock, this is just a small backwater town but I almost never go to the downtown business section. There are lots of small shops and galleries but narrow streets and congestion deter me. I go once a year for the big art show but we don't even eat there. Perhaps this year we will for something different. I hope I don't have to give up nuts. They're so healthy. I can't eat pine nuts; they make me sick. When I make pesto, I use almonds. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin seeds, pepitas, but they are sposeda be healthy too. Don't think I'd eat wild shrooms either even with an expert picking them. DD and I once found what we thought was a magic mushroom but a friend of hers said it wasn't. Even if it were, I'd not partake.

    Julie, it's good you let her have it. Sometimes, it's better to avoid confrontation but sometimes, one has to stand up to bullies. I just hope this is all over soon. My guess is that she'll lock things up again. She is desperate to wield any little bit of control while realizing that she has none and, once the estate is settled, she'll have even less. At some point, all this anger will sabotage her body from the inside out. She is her own worst enemy. As awful as these angry people are, it's hard to watch them implode. Soooo much bad, dark energy. Hope the chiro helps you. Hope you can get some rest and feel better.

    Spring, yes, that was soooo sweet of those little boys. Their Mom is trying to close on a house for them, which would be a much better place to raise the kids. I'll miss them and can only hope we get another good tenant in there. I think that simple act of love from children did more to help me heal than anything else. Hope you can steer away from MIL and angry aunt. No one needs that kind of bad drama or bad Karma. I am actually glad that Barb no longer wants to speak. All the neighbors know what she is so she can't start trouble for me with them. Everyone just pities her. I pity her and pray for her. Yes, I invoke the light to keep me safe and help me heal. I'm so pasty that I just about provide my own light. Usually, people living in FL have nice tans. I tell them I'm so white I glow in the dark. Once I get back to working out in the pool regularly, I'll pick up a bit of color. Glad to hear there is elec. 24/7 now. A govt. employee who can solve problems is a rare and good thing.

    Gotta go read the newspaper. In school, I learned that is part of our civic duty. Kids today are getting their news from social media. We are now learning that much of that news is false. So, even kids who are trying to be informed may be misinformed. Good grief! I think Justice Souter was right.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Here's a report on the orchid club dinner. The food was mediocre. But everydobby
    did get an orchid. Gordon's is about 10 inches high (not full grown yet) and it
    has one big bud. The plant is the result of crossbreeding. The parents are
    Mario Lanza and William Ferrell. Couldn't find a pic of the plant in question,
    but the pic below is a relative.

    Julie, happy to hear the chiro did ya some good. Hopefully you'll be even better
    after the next treatment. I suppose you will be having a big family dinner on
    Thanksgiving. Any discussion yet where it will be?

    Springwater, I wouldn't go into a cave now either. Got claustrophobia in my
    old age. As somebody said, Old Age: the gift that keeps on taking. Great verse
    your son wrote. I don't know if the verse matters though with rap music. The little
    of it I've heard is so noisy one can't hear the words anyway. BTW I think there's
    something wrong with your keyboard. The last line was unintelligible.
    Glad to hear you now have electricity all day. Hope it lasts.

    We have lots of lantana here. The flowers are supposed to come in several
    colors, but all the ones I see in our neighborhood are pink, white or
    yellow & orange. Gordon doesn't like them. Says they smell bad.
    I can't detect any odor at all. I am making a mental note not to
    eat any.

    Mikie, we had Social Studies in both grade school and High School when I
    was a yute. I was always somewhat mystified as it seemed to be different
    subjects in different years. Just looked at Wikipedia. It lists 14 different
    subjects that are included under the umbrella term of Social Studies, e.g.
    history, geography and philosophy.

    I remember pipita seeds. A second cousin brought some back from Mexico.
    I found them delicious. I was delighted to find one could buy them in CA.
    They are reportedly seeds from Mexican pumpkins, but they don't look
    anything like seeds from our pumpkins. Even though they are hollow
    and pretty fragile, I can't chew them anymore.

    How come you do all that yard work, cleaning outside, gardening, etc.?
    Are you going to keep on doing it? Maybe you should let somebody
    else have the fun? Just a thought. Or may you could train Sir...Nah.

    Hugs, Guys

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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning dear Porchies,

    Sorry have to hit and run again but wanted to let you know I am alive and doing OK. Got up super early this a.m to be ready for our decorator group outing this morning. Have to be ready for pickup about 8 or so. We meet at 8:15 ad leave at 8:30. Hope to pic up a few small gifts today for the people that drive me places, like or choral practices.

    MIKIE - Glad you are feeling a bit better and hope it will continue on your trip.

    JULIE - Good for you for letting you know who have it back. I know she will never stop but maybe it helped you to feel a little better about things she has said and done to hurt you. Hope this mess will be over and done with soon.

    GORDON - good luck on your orchids. Hope you got a prize.

    Sorry gotta run to be ready for pickup.

    Love you awl,
    Granni :)
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning! We're not in the "deep freeze" yet, but it will start with tonight's low of 29 (should get up to 64 today)...then a high of 45 tomorrow, but back down to 23 tomorrow night. The wind is blowing something fierce right now...hope my sheets that are on the clothesline don't blow off and into the next county :eek:

    Granni, have fun at your outing. So sorry to hear about that young man.

    Spring, how nice for the offer to get new warmer clothes. I put off buying things because I keep thinking I will lose weight...hasn't happened in a few years, but one can always hope, lol!

    Mikie, glad you are feeling some better. I hope you are able to enjoy your trip....you've looked forward to it for so long :)

    Rock, hope Gordon felt the meeting was worth going to. I love the names for the orchids...thanks for posting that pic.

    We won't be having Thanksgiving dinner at all. Amy and family will be going to Lindsey's. We haven't done anything with Den's sis for years...ever since she started treating Gpa the way she did. I have one brother who is an hour away, but his wife is the one who gave me a piece of her mind several months ago (told me what a terrible big sister I had been to her husband, how she had always had to keep her mouth shut because things were always "all about Julie".)
    This is the sis-in-law who used to come along to family dinners but just sit and work on her puzzle books, hand sewing, etc...and ignore everyone.

    I still send birthday cards, etc. to their grandkids, but we don't get together. And I text my brother news about our dad...they live about 30 minutes from him, but my brother only goes to see him once or twice a year. His wife rules the roost and if she has something else she wants him to do, he does it.

    And my other brother is in Texas...his wife is going on her third year of fighting stage 4 lung cancer...doctors said she would only live 18 months.

    So...Den and I are going to the nursing home to eat lunch with my dad. We have done that before (usually including Den's dad, and sometimes if Den was on call just Gpa and I would go eat with my dad.) Last year I bought a complete meal from one of our grocery store's deli...it was good, but I didn't feel like even doing that this year.

    Our Christmas dinner will be early, because the Tennessee kids will be up sometime around Dec. 10. I'll get my dad then and we will have our big dinner. So, for Christmas Day, we'll probably go back to the nursing home to eat again.

    Neither of us have any other close family near by...only extended aunts and uncles and extended cousins. But we don't have that "anchor" of our parents to go to dinners "for" or "with". Gpa's sister is having a Thanksgiving dinner the following Saturday. I used to take Gpa to it (even when he lived at his other farm) so at least I will try to go this year. I kind of miss having the big dinners from the days when our grandparents were living and it seemed everyone could at least pretend to get along...but these days I just don't have the energy to host them.

    Speaking of "getting along"...last night I dreamed of the days when sis and I were "friends" (well, it was "present day", but we were trying to be friends again.) But, during the dream, I realized that she had only been using me when I would drive four hours to help her out after childbirth, surgeries, etc. (because everybody else, including her kids, had "caught on" years before, and wouldn't help her anymore.) So, I "came to peace" with the fact that we will never actually be friends again...and that's okay. Toxic people are....toxic.

    Oh dear...I have rambled a lot. Den has been up for hours, already working. So, I'd better just say "Hi" to everyone and get busy.

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