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    Hi everyone! Time to get a new porch going...wow, these seem to be flying by. It's nearly 11:00 pm in my neck of the woods, so I will be headed to bed soon...just have a bit of paperwork to do first.

    I went to the CB club luncheon (the one I used to take Gpa to, once a month.) Everyone seemed very glad to see me and kept telling me what a nice man Gpa had been and there were many comments and thank you's for taking such good care of him.

    Spring and Granni, I think you guys mentioned having our bedroom on the first floor of our new house. Yes, it will be down here...everything we need or use on a daily basis will be on the ground floor. Upstairs will be extra guest rooms, bathroom, storage, etc....but I will have plenty of storage downstairs, too. We're planning for our "golden years", lol!

    Here's a picture of Den and Liora being silly...we were waiting in line to eat supper on Veteran's Day. She kept pulling his hat down over his eyes, so he just took it off and put it on her head. Love their matching flannel shirts :)

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Am not feeling great. There is still quite a bit of pain and nausea. I had thought it was better but guess it isn't. Oh well, I'll just do what I can and leave what I can't. Neighbors downstairs are driving me to the airport and home when I get back. So, basically all I have to do is pack and deal with the pains of flying these days. I'm taking the x-ray of the stent on the other side in case the TSA sees this one in the scan and has questions. A lot of people have paid the $85 for the quick pass to get through TSA lines faster. Our airport has shut down the line. I'll bet a lot of people are really mad about that. I'll just leave plenty of time in case. I leave on Tues. and return on Fri. I usually don't stay any longer than that.

    Julie, thank you for starting us up again. What a cute pic of Den and Liora. I'm so sorry you hit the wall when you came home. It can happen anytime with us and doesn't necessarily happen when we've overdone. Still, it helps to pace ourselves. I can feel just fine and, Wham!, out of the blue, it hits and it's time to lie down or fall down. It was my description of this phenomenon which swayed the judge to grant my SS disability. I know it's scary, especially for men, when we can't even get up; there is nothing they can do to fix us. I do think that kids can learn to be helpful, independent and empathetic when someone in he family suffers from chronic illnesses. You have given your kids and GKs an excellent example by how you've cared or GPA and your Dad. I hope you feel better.

    Sun, what a way to live, indeed! You sound like me. I wake with some NRG but, by afternoon, I need to rest and the pain usually increases. Our whole lives revolve around how we feel and how we feel usually ain't that great. I also love hibiscus; we have so many here in all colors. Our bldg. has a double hot pink hibiscus tree at either end out front. I have one bush with a yellow/orange bloom which is purple in the center. I have an appt. at the doc's on the 30th to have the stent removed if enough of the frags have passed. Last time, it had to be left in because a large frag was still in the kidney. I've been saving the fine little pieces in a jar but don't know whether they are big enough for assay. If not, larger ones will likely pass once the stent is gone. Last time, one passed at the doc's office when he removed the stent. The stones on the left are likely the same composition as the ones on the right. We still don't know what is causing these stones to grow so large so fast. Hope we can find out. I hope you are feeling better. You've had soooo much pain lately.

    Diane, just sent up a little prayer that the new car goes smoothly with no more $$$ outlay. This has been quite an ordeal. What I found with the Surface laptop/tablet is that I unconsciously rest the heels of my hands on the touchpad and that causes the cursor to jump all over the place, especially when the touchpad is too sensitive. I also type very fast but trying to type on that laptop is sooo frustrating. Can you change the way you type on yours with your hands up over the top of the keyboard so your hands don't touch anything with only the fingers on the keys? I'm trying to limit my salt intake because salt is a risk factor for stones. It ain't easy. Take care, my friend.

    Spring, what cute little owls. Early in our country's beginning, pewter was used for all kinds of dinnerware and decorative things. It can be stamped with an endless array of designs. I have a little pewter dish which holds bread/rolls. It can be heated in the oven to help keep them warm. It has the inscription, "Give us this day our daily bread." What is bunking class? Does that mean skipping school? I haven't heard that term. I'm sorry your son was bullied and by a teacher! Seems our whole world is getting more angry and meaner. It breaks my heart to see it like this. Seems that people don't even have any shame over acting so ugly. At least, DS turned his pain into art. I'm not a rap fan but was impressed with his rhyming and rhythm. Again, a lot of the rap we have here is sexist and angry. His isn't. Hope your weather is good and you can enjoy it.

    Granni, looks as though you're your usual busy self. Another funeral. Is this the young man? So sad! Brownies sound so good. I have one of those pans which makes the crunchy edge on every piece. Mmmmm! Yes, I think many of the male species just don't get it when it comes to our illnesses and housework. Back in the days when we were growing up, men weren't raised to understand nor show their emotions. Most were also not raised to learn how to do housework. They were short changed because, if they had to live alone, they were lost. DD is struggling with DGS; he totally takes what she does for the family for granted and just feels entitled to be catered to. She won't let him get away with it. My MIL spoiled her sons and they left home with no clue whatsoever. When I was dating after my divorce, I liked dating men who had lived alone for long enough to understand what it takes to run a home. I hope you don't overdo it with all you have on your plate.

    Rock, I hope you are doing well. I need my Rock humor/wit fix. Hope you can stop in and sit a spell.

    I heard the newspaper hit the front door so will go get it. I hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning awl. It is almost time to leave for church. Just wanted to pop in and check on everydobby.

    JULIE - Thanks for changing to the new volume. Anyone interested I posted a fairly long one, ore so than the usual yesterday on the old volume. So you might want to check it. Spoke to almost everyone including STAR, MIKIE, DIANE, SW and possibly others. Very cute pic also of Den and LIORA . She is getting so big :)!!

    Nothing to new going on here really just trying to get things in order for DD#4 to bring her Christmas stuff back with her, It wasn't much. I will send other gift cards later. Usually I have everything together for them but since the accident I haven't been out shopping much at all for Christmas and her birthday and stuff for their son Zach.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are back to feeling yuck again. Hope it gets better for your trip so you can really enjoy it Yes, the funeral is for the young man whose mom sings in our choir at church. An early funeral to go to tomorrow. So very sad. Home from church and then on too bake a bunch of brownies for a couple of functions. If any leftover I will save or make for Thanksgiving.

    DIANE - Good luck with the keyboard and your new car :)!! Could be, as Mikie said not to touch the keypad or whatever you call it when typing. I know when I touch it strange things happen. I usually use the mouse. Old habits die hard. Not easy to change what you are used to doing.

    Pretty chilly this morning. It was about 30 this morning when I put on the TV to check. At least there is no precip. I think it should be clear through Thanksgiving and it also should warm up but be very comfy weather here.

    Gotta get ready for church now.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    His Kids

    It's cold here. I have to take off my gloves to type. Just saw the weather report.
    Flash floods predicted for LA and Ventura Counties. Ventura is just to the N
    of us; also on the coast. The worst damage occurs in those areas where the brush
    was destroyed by fire. Ironically that's where many of the new, expensive
    home are located.

    Just went out and looked at our sky. Looks like a calendar photo. Lovely blue
    sky with lots of cumulus clouds.

    Time out: turned on the portable heater.

    Star, Gordon is knitting me some leg warmers and watching a National
    Geographic program about Australia. The animals on the screen looked
    like mice, but the narrator said they are small possums that live
    where it's very cold.

    Sorry you're feeling so poorly. Yes, I agree about the kids. They will
    appreciate it if they know how to take care of themselves when they
    go off to school or live on their own. Being able to do some cooking and
    the laundry and basic cleaning makes one feel grown up and competent.
    Also makes a good impression on potential mates. What was the budgie
    massacre? Are all the birds gone?

    Barry, are Slinky's antibiotics liquid or pills? I only remember one cat
    I gave meds to. Kitty no likee. Had to gently insert pill after gently
    prying mouth open and then gently hold mouth shut. Uff-da.

    I tried the G. M. Malliet book. Didn't care for it. Too bad. I'm always
    happy when I find a new author I like. You ever try Philip Gulley?
    He writes cozy novels, but w/out the mystery part. Although the
    most recent book did have some murdered bats and a Javert like
    detective determined to find the killer and impose the full
    punishment of the law.

    Julie, great pic of Den and Liora. I'm wearing a lumberjack shirt too.
    I have two. One is blue and new. The other is decades old and falling
    apart. I am a big fan of pecan pie too, although they didn't seem to
    come my way too often. Mom never made any. A couple aunts did.
    I think I made one a few decades back, but my memory is pretty hazy.

    Mikie, Didn't post yesterday. I was sick. Ha Ha. We are always sick. We
    should have some special term that applies to additional problems.
    Oh, I was sick, sick yesterday. Eh! That sounds like baby talk.

    We have a large hibiscus bush at the top of the garden. Red flowers.
    They remind me of peonies. Pretty flowers but also pretty messy. The
    flowers turn brown. Have to keep sweeping them up. A family on
    Carrol Street has a really big hibiscus with yellow flowers. Seem to have
    flowers all year round. That reminds me. Our narcissus plants are a
    foot high. Should have flowers soon even though it's a long way from Spring.

    All for now. Hugs, Everydobby.

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    Hi guys! I would feel silly saying "Good morning" since I didn't get up till 10:30 am and it's just past 11:00 o_O

    Mikie, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling better today. My prayer is that by Tuesday, enough of the stone has passed and you will have less pain and more energy to enjoy your travel and visit.

    Granni, that will be an especially sad funeral...I'm so sorry. Good idea to get the Christmas presents taken care of ahead of time...will save postage and stress later. I'm done with all the grandkids and have one thing for each of their parents to unwrap, but include money with those. The adults never seem to have a chunk of cash to spend on themselves these days...always taking care of the kiddos first. Every once in awhile I send Lindsey or Amy a few dollars and tell them to spend it on themselves or their husbands. But Amy still loves to get something "giftwise" to actually unwrap, lol!

    Rock, I'm sorry you are so cold. It was 23 degrees when Den got up, so he decided it was time to get the wood furnace going. And that gives him incentive to clean out the shop (or at least rearrange the clutter from in front of the stove ;)) The house is feeling rather toasty...I may need to put on a tank top and shorts, lol!

    I didn't get settled and to bed until after 3:00...trying to get paperwork, etc. straight...and I have to get things ready for the accountant to file a final income tax return for the estate. I don't think this will all be done by the end of the year, so I wonder if that means we will have to file two (2016 plus a little bit of 2017.) Anyway...

    And I think I messed up when I left Den's cousin's birthday card with someone at her church yesterday (only one car there when I stopped by...party is TODAY instead of yesterday...so I left her card with a lady that was inside the church.) The party is supposed to be a surprise from 1:00-3:00...if she finds the card during church, she will wonder what on earth is going on. Man, sometimes the best intentions just don't work out...

    I'd better get around and go help Den. I still have a bunch of firewood to move out of his way...he split it quite awhile ago, but it is in front of the overhead door to the stall he wants to park in (somebody didn't quite think that through, lol.)

    Thinking of everyone and hope today is as good as can be.

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    Julie: Cute pic. Of Den and Liora....love her full out laugh! I look back on pics. I've taken thru the years and suddenly, I'm transported back to that exact moment.

    Spring: Was that your son that had a tough growing up few years? Sounds like he's on an even keel now though.

    Star: With those"lightening" strikes of pain that hit you, have you had an MRI of your back? Can you do any specific stretches of your neck/back that might loosen things up.

    Rock: I love the Carroll Ave area! Lucky you. The hibiscus that I was talking about is basically mahogony colored leaves, spectacular for the foliage, and then the deep red flowers that appear for less than a day is just icing on the cake. We've had hibiscus in the past but not since white fly appeared in So. Calif. They LOVE the plant and can easily kill it, which is what happened to a large one in our back yard. There is a house down the street from me that had about 4 large ones, covered with the white fly and the webbing....awful. Just this past week I see they were all removed along with all the bushes in the front. Another yard going succulent!

    Mikie: I'm NOT TV/computer literate, and I'm going to cancel direct TV. I know you have a fire stick. How does it work? I have a fairly new TV, age 2 years old, but it's my understanding that you need an antennae to received anything. That's why I kept direct TV for over a year, but it's now going to cost more $. I had called Frontier (used to be Verizon) because that's who I have landline phone and internet with, and they're to double check for FIOS. I was told in april by a phone repair man that we still didn't have it. So I'm assuming no FIOS yet.

    Diane: Was Kevin able to work on your computer yet? And what have you found out about a new KIA lease?

    I was invited out for dinner last night with my DD, SIL and his family. We went to a very old elegant restaurant, used to be a stage stop back in 1848 and maybe a small hotel. I haven't been there in at least 40 years or more. Food was very expensive, but SILs parents were buying! So a great treat for me since I don't get out much. And.....going thru my closet, looking for something to wear that wasn't so daytime casual! So many things I own are dated, don't fit, whatever, so I'm going to do a bit of shopping today, starting with a comfortable but nice looking pair of dress shoes .
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    Hi Gang,
    I am sweating heavily from my forehead as I type. Just got through the tedious task of cleaning and frying up my Amanita mushrooms. Ricardo will put them on thin-crust pizza tonight for dinner. I have also washed the dishes ( I am the dishwasher here); I don't let them pile up and we don't have one of them fancy electric washers. Don't want one either. This keeps my hands real clean....:rolleyes:!

    Rock, bummer about the Malliet novel, and that you don't care for it. Maybe I should cancel my requests.... But no, I'll give her a go because I like dark chocolate and you like milk chocolate, so our tastes are possibly opposite. ;). Possibly. I don't know Gulley. Maybe I'll try him out. As for Slinky, her medication is liquid. I have to put it in her mouth while Richard holds her wrapped in a towel like a mummy. 1 mm Clavamox twice a day. I use a needle-less syringe. She is finally getting used to it. Smells like banana to me.

    Sun and Mikie, so glad you are enjoying the hibiscus everywhere. You too, Rock. Up here it's too cool and damp in the winter for the tropical types to live. The hibiscus I have is a perennial and dies to the ground each year; it is a hybrid of some of the cold-hardy hibiscus that are native to the eastern U.S. Huge 10 inch diameter pink flowers with red eyes, and bronze foliage. Loverly.

    Star, I hope you are feeling better. Yes, I want to know what caused the budgie massacre too. A shame. :( Did the ferrets get them?

    Good wishes for your vacation dear Mikie. Hope it is not too much of a strain on you, and that you enjoy yourself.

    Julie, we used to heat with wood too, until my bad back wouldn't take any more, so now we have a 200 gal. propane tank, and heat with that. It sounds like you are keeping on top of everything. Best wishes to you and yours.

    Love to All in these Troubling Times,
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    Good almost evening everyone,

    Finished making my brownies at least for now. Not sure how they turned out but smell good. One batch that I did on a large sheet will probably come out not as cake like but that's OK. Also hope they come out OK since I put the wrong time down in the oven half way through. So I changed it to the real tempt 325 from 375. Was hoping they wouldn't burn. I did another smaller batch in a regular 13x9 pan or whatever it is. Hope I do not have a hard time getting them out of the pans after dinner when they should be cooled. Hope I get throughthe next couple of days,especially tomorrow and tomorrow night.

    OH speaking of our choral practice tomorrow night, the leader just had some tumors removed from her spine. Not sure if that was all of them and or if they were malignant or not. Please pray for her recovery. Her name is Ann Lee, very simple. Hope she will be able to get back to us especially with the program that we will be doing on Dec. 9th, around the corner. Just found that out the other day. No wonder she was crankier than usual especially at us sopranos for not doing the hard part correctly. Usually she is yelling at the altos :)!! Not really yelling but correcting you so you know you are being corrected. LOL Sure hope she will be OK. That reminds me I have to g look for a get well card for her,

    BARRY - Sorry you aren't feeling that well again or are feeling more sick. Yes, I know what you mean. Hard to explain to people who don't have this stuff. Hope it is warming up for you too. That mushroom pizza sounds wonderful. What kind of crust does Richard make, a regular flour crust, nothing special, not GF?? Does he use coat cheese or mozzarella or both?? Can you tell I love pizza.

    MIKIE - Hope you are doing better today and so you will be wide eyed and bushy tailed for your trip. I forget if you were leaving Monday or Tuesday. Have a wonderful trip and get home safely back to us. Enjoy your kiddos and family.

    SUN - I know what you mean about a lot of outdated clothes and stuff that doesn't fit, one way or the other. Glad you got invited with your family to dinner. That sounded really fun. What will you be dong for Thanksgiving. EWe will be at out DD's closeby and DS and DDIL will be there too and DD#4 and DGS will be coming on wed till Sunday and will stay with DD#2. They are close and love sports.

    JULIE - Hope you get some more strength for all that you do and NRG too. I know the feeling. Enjoy your day even if it will be quieter than usual for you.

    Gotta run and need to go finish up dinner . Afterwards have to go fight with the brownies to try and get them out of the pans.

    ROCK - Sorry you weren't feeling that good the other day and didn't get to post. Don't feel bad as I haven't been that great at posting regularly lately either. Read any exciting books lately? Sorry but I cannot remember all the stuff you wrote on your last post either. Sometimes I glance and read reeally fast when in a hurry and don't retain a lot :)!

    DD#1 , husband, are going to CO with the other g parents alon with a bunch of others to go skiing for Thanksgiving at DGD's. Most are staying in a hotel as her place is small. They all have $. I won't be skiing for sure if we ever go there, for many reasons. I probably would also kill myself or break something.

    Will try and check back sometime tomorrow but ot promising anything.

    Bye for now!

    Granni :)
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    Granni: Sounds like your #1 DD and family are living the good life! I tried skiing when I was around 20....terribly clumsy even at that time, and the second time on skis my SIL and I drove to the local mountains, rented our equipment and found out we had to take the chair lift up to the top! Everything was fine until getting close to the top I realized I had to ski off......so I panicked, fell, skis all over, and caused others to fall who came after me. I remember that day I landed a lot on my tail bone, could hardly drive home it hurt so bad, and was in terrible pain for at least 3 weeks afterwards. Of course I wasn't going to see a doctor for my bum. Not sure about Thanksgiving yet.

    I found an interesting "healthy" brownie recipe today.....gluten free and made with..........avocado and sweet potato purée and of course coco powder. Hmmmmm? I have suddenly an over abundance of ripe avocados but not the sweet potato. Years ago I won a cooking contest for "cheatin brownies" using prune purée. I'll have to search for that one, maybe I could improvise.

    Barry: So Richard loves to cook and you love to do cleanup afterwards. Sounds like a good pair. This hibiscus also is supposed to be cut down. Wonder if it's the same plant.

    Just got back from the mall, NO shoes that either appeal to me or that I could wear without breaking an ankle as I fell off them! No kidding. What do little old ladies do anymore? I'm almost tempted to check on Ebay or the thrift store!!!!! I'm really going to hoard the few ones I have.

    By the way, Rock.....I was at Big Lots and they have a large selection of men's slippers...I think they were around $6.99. I stopped at Penney's to look for shoes.....eegads what a messy store, everywhere. A huge overabundance of clothes on racks, shoes drastically reduced, people everywhere. It looks like a bargain basement store. I could hardly wait to run out of there.
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    Julie - just look at the look of love on Dens face as he gazes down at Liora :). Nice to see you being busy on your own account for a change.

    Rock - I googled Carroll street LA, a whole bunch of lovely old houses came up. What a beautiful area. That pic looks like the flowers which were sold to me as daffodils but I guess they're the same family? Mine was of a bright yellow. I don't like some programmes nat geo/animal planet, so much savagery...but necessary. Gets me asking the same ole questions again..why?

    Sun - yes, that was Son went thru difficulties during middle and senior school. He is in much better place now. He went out to a restaurant in the touristy area last night with friends and was asked by a friend to rap..he did. There was a live band who gave the background beat...not the angry, cuss words rap but again something related to his growing years and thereafter, and a foreigner came up to him after and told him, he liked the lyrics very much. He always puts a positive spin on it, so it doesn't come off as dark.

    That was scary about the fall at the ski place. You hv had some trysts with falling, hurting! But then you also hv had some lovely trips...lovely moments. I envy you.

    Mikie - i keep praying this whole stone episode is over. And you stop being a stone quarry. I laughed when you first called it that but this pain is far from funny! Keeping you in prayers as always.

    Oh oh, someone at the door..will be back.
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    Hi Kids

    O'My Gosh! Springwater didn't come back. Yoo Hoo, Spring. Here's a pun
    I came across from your neck of the woods. "They released The Necklace in
    Bollywood. It was a Hindi pendant film."

    Yes, Carol Street has wonderful, old houses. Many of them were moved there. And
    the old fashioned street lighting wasn't installed until the 1980s. All of those
    houses have been in lots of movies, TV shows and commercials. One was used
    in Michael Jackson's Thriller. At the time, it didn't have a complete roof. The
    house was restored a couple decades ago. Yes, daffodills and narcissus are pretty
    much look alikes. My mother loved them, but never had any in her garden
    Maybe we were too far north.

    Just looked on the net. There is a Daffodil Society in Minnesota. Yes, they can be
    grown there. Who knows? Maybe today's daffy dills are different than the
    old primitive ones we knew.

    Sun, I can't imagine a brownie w/prune puree. I'd be willing to try though.
    My mom made good brownies. She frosted 'em too. No likee the no frosting
    variety. Been decades since I did any baking. Or had some home made
    goodies. The stuff from the supermarket bakeries is flavorless.

    We used to go to a Big Lots store in the San Gabriel Valley when I lived there.
    I bought a portable CD player there for ten bucks. Worked great. Took
    it on several trips. It was great on the airplane. Last time we went to the
    Big Lot store was over a decade ago. The store had a new name and no more
    wonderful bargains.

    That was some ski outing. You ever try again? We used to play bridge
    with a gal who went skiing. Broke both legs (or was it ankles?) before
    she even got to the top of the hill. Grabbed hold of the tow rope. Her
    skis immediately crossed and she fell forward. Ouch!

    Hi Granni, with regard to reading, I tried two new library books today.
    Didn't like either one. One of them was so bad I kept wondering. Who
    does the publisher expect to read this? But Philip Gulley's latest book
    about the small town and the Quaker pastor is very good. The
    Quakers have a novel approach to the Sunday Service. They sit
    in silence until someone is moved to get up and speak. I'd be
    bored stiff. Have to take a book to read.

    How did your brownies turn out? I bet they are delicious. My mom
    also made popovers. Have never known anybody else that did. They
    were huge; and hollow. And eaten with lots of butter.

    Can't sit any longer. Gotta go. Hugs to Barry, Mikie, Diane, Star,
    Julie, Linda, GB
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Keyboard is getting 'sticky' again. AARRGG!! :mad: This may be a short post [cheers from the crowd].

    Don't know why there is more pain this time but I'll just take my acetaminophen and do my best. I got a new itinerary for the flights and forwarded them to DD's. I'll print out my boarding pass this afternoon. Since my flights were changed, I'll be arriving in DFW at rush hour. I especially avoided this flight for this very reason. DD says we will grab some dinner near the airport instead of sitting in the car during gridlock. Sounds good to me. I'll be basically doing very little today so I can deal with traveling.

    Thank you all so very much for your prayers for a pain free trip and a good time. If I'm up to it, DD and I will look at fabric; I'm just not satisfied with what I bought. I shouldn't have settled. Also, there is some kind of Christmas bazaar in downtown McKinney so we may check it out. DSIL's bro and his wife don't want to do much when they visit. They just want to rest and recharge so there will be no pressure to try to keep up.

    Rock, I've also seen all kinds of inexpensive slippers advertised at various stores. I don't know about the quality, though. Too bad you didn't like your books. Think I mentioned that I'm taking two Fanny Flagg books on my Kindle that I've already read. Not up to checking out anything new. I always grew daffodils when I lived in CO. Tulips too and those little bulbs which bloom right through the snow. The name, like a lot of things, escapes me right now. I think the ultrasound blasts must have powdered my pea brain. Yikes! :eek: Hope you're feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed soon.

    Granni, my boss once gave me a recipe for frosting for brownies. It's basically fudge which is poured on the top of the pan of baked brownies and left to set up as it cools. It's sooooo rich. Allows one to cut smaller brownies due to the richness. A big one is too much. I leave on my trip tomorrow afternoon. Hope your director doesn't yell at you. Brings back flashbacks of Mr. Shane. Yikes! :eek: Hope the funeral isn't too sad.

    Sun, there are several streaming devices like the Fire Stick HD. Apple has one. If a TV is smart, connected to Wi-Fi, there is no need for a device. Just found out from Comcast that my Xfinity box will stream Netflix. Amazon and Netflix both require paid subscriptions in order to stream their content. If one has a fairly current game box, it can be used to make the TV smart too. I could have used my Wii but the Fire Stick was just easier to use. Some newer TV's will bring in the broadcast signals without antenna. Yours may not need one. I'd still be using mine had it not been so difficult to get reception in my condo and had Comcast not made me such a great offer. I still use it on the TV in my bedroom; no need to rent an additional cable box. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Julie, you sound just like me when I get so tired. I forget things or wonder why I did something the way I did it or even forgot to do it. I hope Den's cousin gets his card. I'm not hard on myself when this happens. I tell myself that I'm doing the best I can under the circumstances and, often, it takes heroic effort to do anything. Sometimes, it becomes a source of humor in hind sight. DD says it's cold in TX so I can just pack things I can layer. My best to you, Den and your family. Stay warm.

    Barry, so sorry you are sweating. That usually signals to me that I'm not up to snuff. Glad Slinky is taking her medicine without too much fuss. I've been avoiding my political shows for a while. I don't need the stress. I just hope and pray for the best. The double pink hibiscus trees drop their blooms on the sidewalk. The dead blooms get all mushy like some kind of rotten fruit and stick to the walks. AACCKK!!! :eek: The price we pay for beauty. Those trees bloom and bloom and bloom. Our bushes bloom in the winter but the trees seem to bloom all year round. I am happy for my dishwasher but don't mind doing a few pots and pans now and then. Hope you and Slinky are both better.

    Spring, I also liked the lyrics to your DS's rap when you posted them. Seems he gets a lot of fans when he performs. I'm impressed. It is sooooo dry here that we will be in a drought if we aren't already in one. It's only 53 degrees out at 8:30. Think it was in the 40's during the night. There was a wee bit of frost just north of us. The horrible train wreck in India made our news here. How awful. It made me think of that pic you posted of the train. Stay well, my friend.

    If I don't post before TG, I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and good food. I'm staying with two foodies, one a former chef, so I should be in food heaven. DSIL's bro is a chef too but don't know whether he'll want to cook since he's on vacation. Love to my Porchie Family.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! I can't stay...have to run to the bank and take care of some estate stuff. Just wanted to mention that today would have been Gpa Denzyl's 95th birthday. He talked and talked about how he was going to quit shaving on this day, lol! I wonder what he would have looked like with a beard.

    Hope everyone can find something good about today. I am going to be busy for a few days...let the house get in a big mess (and didn't get much done before we went to Tennessee) so I'd really feel better if I could get things "under control", lol!

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just woke from a very wee nap and printed out my boarding pass. I have a window seat. Woo Hoo! When they changed my flight and wouldn't guarantee a seat, I though for sure I'd be in the middle scrunched between two HUGE people. I always breathe a sigh of relief once the boarding pass is printed out. My bag is mostly packed and I have all morning to finish and to get ready to go.

    I walked to Nancy's to give her a key to my condo and I picked up one from her for hers. Chewy the dog and Bob the cat came out to get some of my lovin'. Guess Sir Vester isn't the only cat to nip. Bob does it too when anyone pets him and it drives Nancy crazy. They don't bite down hard; it's kinda like a love nip. Bob is a bit bigger than Sir Vester but his four different kinds of fur are exactly the same. He is brown where Sir Vester is black and white. Cats with Maine Coon in them aren't always brown. In any case, Sir Vester checked me out thoroughly when I got back. He's taken to sleeping on the back of the loveseat in the little front office again. I opened the blinds a bit so he can see what's happening out front. I'll leave the sliders to the lanai open a bit so he can go out there.

    I wish I could say I feel better but the walk to Nancy's made me feel sick. Just wish I could get rid of these waves of weakness and nausea. Just seeing the kids will make me perk up. Again, thank you all for your kind good wishes. I wish all y'all a very happy thanksgiving.

    Julie, that's a nice pic of GPA. He's the namesake of one of my favorite actors. GPA is on the cusp of being a Scorpio and Sagittarian, quite a mix! Nancy's birthday was last Thurs. She is a total Scorpio as is my DD that I'm going to visit. My ex was a Scorpio too. They can be the most amazing people as long as they don't go over to the dark side. Each sign has the potential for great goodness and great trouble. I know what you mean about getting control over things. I cleaned up a bit of paperwork today but this place is a mess on the one hand but not bad on the other. I've just been feeling too sick to care. Hope you regain control without overdoing it.

    Don't know when I'll be back but I'll check in at some point.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Safe trip MIKIE. No time. The funeral was good and actually quite funny when a few got up to talk about this young man of 30, who was a adopted and got cerebral palsy sometime afterwards. He apparently was quite funny and a character and played in lots of musicals as did his dad I think, even in wheelchair and couldn't talk. However he used his board that he used to speak with. There was so much stuff at the reception.. Enjoy your trip. I sure would with people cooking for me for a change.

    JULIE - Great pic of G Pa . Hang in there sweetie with all the stuff you have to do.

    Gotta go and do some practicing now before tonight. Sorry I cannot chat, maybe tomorrow with no DH around and not a whole lot else unless I do some working in the yard before practicing in the afternoon.

    Love to everyone. TTYL !!

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good grief, Granni. You're like the Energizer Bunny. I hope you get it all done but don't overdo. I was leaving and saw that you had posted so came back to see what you wrote. I'm glad everydobby remembered that young man with humor. That attests to a life well lived, especially considering his limitations. At our Irish family wakes, we tell jokes and laugh about all the silly things we have all done, including the deceased. I hope that, when I'm gone, people will laugh when remembering. Lord knows, I've done my share of silly things.

    OK, really gonna go.

    Love, Mikie
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - im back. Lol! Yes, it looks more steeped in history than the other parts of LA. So used to thinking of L.A. as this modern town housing movie stars in their modern mansions. And brightly lit night spots. It has its other side too, and charming it is.! Not least the abundance of foliage and flowers as proved by Gordon and the extraordinary numbers of beautiful orchids he is able to grow.

    I thought The Necklace must hv been a indian film, and googled, and up came Guy Du Maupassant...the short story. I remember reading it when younger and watching a TV drama version of it before I was married. TV had only just come in then to nepal and theatre was prolific. Now I think TV and films hv overshadowed theatre. I had bought a second hand Guy Du Maupassant paperback from the roadside vendors but found the stories on the dark side..and I don't think I read them. At least I can't remember.

    Another similar story was that of a couple who love each other and are broke, the girl has beautiful long hair of which she is very proud and the man has a precious watch which is an heirloom...I'm sure you know the story, I can't recollect the title now because I read it in school and when I finished it I was feeling like it was a beautiful story and happy to hv read it but it also left a hollow ache in the heart because it didn't have the usual ending where alls well that ends well. Those days I was very impressionable.

    Ah.. I did find it online, the story title was Gift of the Magi.

    Mikie - have a safe trip, and a pleasurable, rejuvenating one. Who knows but a change of place will do some good? Don't give up meditating or the white light exercises.

    Granni- I feel more than ever that young man was born to show a lesson in living life. What a wonderful story! He fulfilled his mission and went back to the long home. Completely restored in mind, body and spirit. Thank you so much for sharing that story.

    Julie - nice pic of Granpa..looks happy. I never knew his name was spelled with a double L. I mean to deep clean too, but somehow the daily chores and unexpected glitches which need fixing keep popping up. Then I find its night time and the deep part of the clean is left undone. And so it goes. One of these days...

    I didn't get much cleaning done yesterday but I did make myself mushroom dumplings..and bought goat meat for the others...made a standard masala mutton curry...which is easy because I use it to make chicken curry too. We use bay leaf, cardamoms, cloves etc I had to replace like 10, 15 kitchen condiments the other day including a pickle I hunted specially for and stocked up on. I don't know the name in English but it's got a sweetish sour taste. I was trying to find DHs new sugar free for his tea and couldn't so I swept everything off the lower shelf and put into a bucket thinking I would clean too, later. Outside errands beckoned and then the dinner making and all and the next morning, DH thought I meant to throw the stuff, and threw the contents into the garbage downstairs.

    The help downstairs readily helped themselves to the stuff...so there was nothing when I found out the mistake and went down to retrieve the spices. They were put in used jam jars and pickle, cheese spread bottles. So I knew exactly what spice was where. What a row I had with my DH. Imagine not even thinking to ask! Not even picking a jar up and finding it full!! and discussing why I was throwing new things away!

    My son was so fed up with the numerous fights we had, the moment the issue came up, he would say, please, it's done. It's over, get new spices. The DH did get new ones, new little plastic bottles with all the same lid, and some of the spices...but I had to go and get some of them, he doesn't even know what they are, not all the spices , condiments are available in the supermarket...they're available in different parts of town...and the pickle I love is unavailable now.

    Anyways I have replaced everything over the course of these past few days.

    It's cold today. I hope the sun will come out. It's meating season and one of our doggies keeps trying to get out the gate and rush over to the neighbours little dog. It's a task keeping him from rushing out when DH and son drive out. There's a stray dog who has been adopted sort of by some neighbours, they feed him and he thinks the alley way is his territory. He attacked our dog once but luckily let go when I threatened with a stick.

    I pulled out some weeds from outside the alley way outside our gate and swept up the leaves from the compound.

    God bless
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, Hope you have a great trip. Glad to hear you got a window seat. Although
    I always like the aisle seat 'cause you can help yourself to the stuff on the cart.
    Ha Ha! Nowadays you'd probably get shot by an air marshal. When the
    plane lands and we finally disembark, I always ask the crew, "What's the
    temperature here in Peoria." I think a little humor brightens up their day.
    Fanny will be good company for you. Bring back some pics

    I wonder if the flowers you mentioned were grape hyacinth. My mother
    planted hers in front of the tulips. She had the only parrot tulips in town.
    I answered some of you puzzles on the Homebound Board. One of them just
    popped into my mind. Aphasia. Okee Dokee. Bon Voyage!

    Well, Spring, glad you made it back. Have you been talking to Gordon?
    I see he's been shopping at QVC again. Bought some kind of light machine.
    The illustration shows man rubbing a light wand on his bruised arm. To
    speed up healing? I hope this gadget didn't cost an arm and leg.

    Julie, nice pic of Gpa. I thought his cake said, "Daryll". Couldn't
    figure out who Mikie's favorite actor was. Finally realized the
    cake says, Denzel. So, of course, that would be the famous British
    actor Denzel Worthing-Bottom from Nottingham Hill, Sheffield.

    BTW, the aforementioned actor was up for an Oscar. When he didn't
    win, he went simply Wilde.

    Well, dinner time here. I'm dining on a robust bowl of home made
    chicken broth.


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  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    image.jpg image.jpg !!! Rock. - they said in ancient days the Atlanteans used laser beams to heal illnesses. I was so excited that Gordon bought something like that. They knew a lot but then they used their knowledge in immoral, evil manners and invited their own doom by drowning.

    I know in colour therapy they hv gadgets which shine different kinds of coloured lights on the body for specific ailments. I used to take green bottled water, water in green bottle and set in the sun for several hours, as an internal cleanser. Anything to avoid taking normal medicines.

    Can you tell me the specific name of the gadget. I would like to look it up. Also looked up parrot tulips, o my Lord, they are gorgeous flowers. They are Givenchy of flowers. What form, what colours!

    God bless
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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Got up at 4:00 after seven hours of refreshing deep sleep. I'm sleeping better than I used to, thank God. I'm really looking forward to seeing my kids. I just hope the snow doesn't affect my flight. Even though there is no problem in TX, the crews often come from flights up north. I'll check online before I leave to see whether the flight is on time.

    I'm laughing at something I find hysterical. Seems the cast of Hamilton on Broadway spoke to VP elect, Mike Pence, who was in the audience, when they took their curtain call. They pointed out that their multi-cultural cast is the look of Democracy in our country and they hoped his administration would honor that (recapping here). Some people took great offense and decided to boycott the show. So, they all got together and posted about the boycott. What they told people to do was to boycott the Hamilton Theater in Canada. Doh! That'll show 'em! Good grief! Sometimes, ya just gotta laugh.

    Spring, OMG, minor (or perhaps major) disaster of all your lost condiments. I'm so sorry. It'll be expensive and a pain in the neck to replace them. DS is right, though; at some point, you have to just lick your wounds and move on. Spices are important in food in your part of the world. I could almost get by with salt and pepper. Those tulips you posted are so beautiful. Poor doggie, defending the only thing he has. It's too bad because he will likely become a nuisance. That is what happened when Jeff started feeding Sylvester and Tweety. They were jumping on people's cars and the food left out was attracting wildlife to the front doors. It would have been better had he taken them to the no-kill shelter. I think it's all worked out OK. Sylvester has finally started to miss his evil sister and has become quite needy. I've wondered whether Jeff would like to reunite them but I worry the neighbors would complain again over where he lives now. Hope you can find all the spices and pickles without too much expense and trouble.

    Rock, the bulbs I had lining our driveway which bloomed through the snow were crocus. They are small yellow, white and purple flowers and seem to me to be especially happy little flowers. I couldn't think of the name. I had grape hyacinths and lilies of the valley in our first home. Mom always grew them and I love them. Don't see them much anymore. I'm enjoying playing the word game but it's difficult when my pea brain won't cooperate. I'll be replanting our pots and flower boxes when I get back from my trip. I just hope I have the NRG. This time of year, our flowers are usually beautiful. The balcony is all cobwebby and I'll have to clean it off too. The stent is scheduled to be removed on the 30th and I hope it can be. If not, it will be close to Christmas before it comes out. Yikes! Just found out that Nurse Nancy talked to my doc and told him he has to find out what is causing these rapidly-growing stones. She told him this is too hard on me. Talk about having stones... Doc agreed with her and I hope we can figure out what is causing it. I read online that others have had this but didn't find out any specific cause. As you say, Ratbane! Is Gordon fixing something special for TG dinner?

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies, here and MIA. May you all have a very blessed TG with family and forbidden food.

    Love, Mikie
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