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    image.jpg hello all

    Welcome to a new porch! That's fall flowers for you all to enjoy.

    Sun - good to see you. I went to the URL you posted, st Clements is beautiful! You hv been busy. Good busy at that. DD will be back this month I guess.

    Mikie - the stent is out, yippee. Glad your doc visit went well. Sir vester must be soooo happy to hv you back.

    Julie - the young uns are gonna be thrilled with their new dresses. I loved the pale peach one..the other too is lovely. Looks kind of Spanish..red and black..I was laughing at the pic of Keiras new brother..he looks so sweet and quaint in that new just come into the world kind of way, and my, that's a lot of hair on his head!

    Star - congrats on yr lil son .graduating ..you must be so proud..his thoughtful mention of you all and all.
    I think I've seen those shorts with coat and tie..but not here. They look quite good.

    Will be back tomm because it's late just now

    God bless
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  2. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Thanks for all your good responses to my getting that #@%&*# stent out. I'm already feeling so much better--no pain--but I am tired. Too much stress worrying about it all.

    Spring, thank you for all these beautiful flowers to brighten our day. Fall blooms can be the best. Hurry back to us.

    Julie, those little dresses are adorable. What lucky little girls. It's so sweet of you to buy special clothes for the kids. I remember hanging stuff on the line and having it freeze. Hope your headache is better.

    Sun, I'm glad you got to go but I'm sorry traveling is so hard for you. It took me a day and a long nap before I started to feel decent in TX. When I got home, the stent was wearing on me. Still, I'm so glad I got to go. The stones have been blasted to smitherines but there are usually a few little pieces of 'gravel' which will pass. No need to send the frags in for assay as they are like the other side. No need for another 24-hr. pee test either since that last one showed the lack of citrate. There are a couple of new TENS units on the market; one has a remote control which would be nice. The other one syncs to one's cell phone. I wonder whether one's muscles twitch when the phone rings. You could select vibrate or twitch. :)

    Rock, on one of our trips to CA, we stayed in San Diego at a resort owned by the Princess Cruise Line. We went to see the Del Coronado Hotel and one of the girls found a sand dollar. I took a really beautiful pic of the little fishing village; I wish I had taken it with me when I moved out of our house. I had given it to my ex as a gift but I doubt he wanted it. Driving over the bridge to the hotel freaked us out. Yikes! I remember the delicious Mexican dinner we had in Old Town San Diego. Mmmmm! I hope my stones are behind me but my kidneys are inside me. Thanks for your colorful Woo Hoo!

    I've been researching the magnesium citrate supp the doc recommended. Unfortunately, it also contains potassium citrate. I'm not supposed to supplement potassium because of my BP med. It's a time release tablet and I do like that. It's not cheap, of course. I already take a magnesium supp and wonder whether it would work if I take it three or four times a day instead of once. I would imagine it would. I think I'll do that and see whether he'll repeat the test in three months when I see him again to find out whether this supp increases the citrate. I can also ask the pharmacist whether the potassium would interfere with my BP med. In the meantime, I'll increase the mag/citrate supp.

    The sun has come out after a gray cloudy day. It's a welcome sight. I'm hoping to go buy flowers tomorrow if I feel up to it. I just feel beat right now. I didn't sleep all that well last night. Tonight,
    Survivor is on and I always look forward to that. I haven't missed any of it in the last 16 years. Designated Survivor is also on. It's a good show. I hope everydobby has a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. Granniluvsu

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    Good afternoon almost evening dear ones,

    It has been a busy day today and I finally sat down at the computer to check on you all. Actually, I did a bit earlier but then DH called and needed some help outside. This afternoon I put up the little table top tree and decorated it. So that is done. I am still missing some stuff
    like fake Pointsettas that I use to decorate. I have stuff scattered all around in the house. The big tree and fancier stuff is up under the garage eves. We probably wont be going up there much any more , to much of a pain in the neck and everywhere else..

    SPRING - Thanks so much for starting us out and showing us that lovely bunch of flowers on our new PORCH. The colors are so pretty.

    JULIE - What pretty dresses for those little and bigger girls. Both of them are very pretty. The goldish ones for the young ones actually looks peachy colored or off white in the picture. Gone are the days when I used to buy clothes for some of the g kids that were in need. I know they really appreciate all you do for them. Yes, with all those girls they will be handed down and gotten much use, I know. Hope you get to see them all for Christmas at some time or for whatever works for them.

    MIKIE - WHOOPIE, so glad that your stent is out and you are starting to feel a bit better. That was one long seige wasn't it. Hope Sir Vester is now cooling down and feeling not so like he was ostrasized after you left.

    I got up a bit late this morning, almost 8:30 and then had to rush as DH said he wanted to take me to Sams to get me a nice witch for our anniversary. It will be 54 years in 2 days. I got a lovely gold and silver or white gold Bulova watch with some diamonds on it. Almost got a cheaper one but the lady said that the one she wanted to show me was so much better and would last a lot longer. It is really pretty and can be dressed up or down which is good for me. The original price probably at the jewelry store was $425 and we got it for $150 or so including the tax,etc. He kept saying the next cruise we go on he would get me one. However, we haven't been on a cruise in some time.

    I am so disorganized with my supposed Christmas letter and other stuff not sure how many I cards I will be sending out this year. This year it gets less and less.

    Our first party is tomorrow. Have to search and see what I can find and any Christmas jewelry. I would love a nice jewelry armoire for Christmas if possible even if I have to pay for some of it myself. I have stuff stuffed everywhere and can't find a lot of it. I have a very small on with no sides for necklaces or beads and am saving 1 earrings to a pair in hopes I can find the other one. Some are probably stuffed in my clothing drawer.

    STAR - Congratulations to your DS who graduated. I know he must be proud as well as all of you for him . I know what you mean about socializing . It can wear you out too even if most of itis fun.

    Gotta run everyone and start dinner.

    Love you all !
    Granni :)
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    Rock - I didn't see your last post or maybe you posted ..after I opened the new porch.

    I was laughing at your wry smile pun.you don't hear that word much nowadays. I must Google del Coronado hotel..seems like a famous landmark.

    Granni - wow, I would love to receive a beautiful dressy watch..as gift. Unfortunately, we don't celebrate anniversaries...if I want something, I hv to ask for it . And since our main businesses, carpet, pashmina shawl etc folded, I don't ask often.

    I do hv a very old guy laroche watch which I whip out when I go to parties sometimes, it's got a broadish smooth black leather band, and a white rectangular face with tiny diamante diamonds all along the edge and the glass cut in irregular shape. I don't know how old and out of style is this, I can't even find it on the net! Anyways, I love the classic design.

    Barry - I pray Slinky is not in too much discomfort...and glad to hear Shorty is doing good. How we love our pets, how much joy they bring to us, and how much we suffer when they are unwell. ! It's mating season here, one of our older dogs is feeling the heat, we hv a hard time preventing him from running out the gate to be with our neighbours dog.

    He got attacked at the same time by two other dogs, luckily they were smallish and I feed the somewhat stray dog when I see him, so he didn't attack our dog too bad knowing he belonged to us. Just wrestled him to the ground and let him go. His stray doggie friend must hv followed his lead otherwise our pooch would've been history by now, he is a grandfather in doggie years, wonder what's kicking up his libido?

    There's lots of regular jobs need doing...so many in fact, I don't know where to start..

    I did go out for a bit yesterday looking for odds and ends like a wash basin and stuff and found a dear little place where they make and sell bara, a thick bread made of pounded black lentil with chicken in it if one is non veg and plain if one is veg, and another made of rice flour...and they serve it with curry with bamboo shoot and potato. My DH polished off the stuff after coming from work. I'm always thrilled to find good places to get food from.

    Also found a bargain net saree, with purple embroidered flowers border..so picked it up for DD. Like Mikie, I love bargains! But I cannot find a suitable shoe...I cannot stand high heels and my toes hurt in pointed toe pumps and I need one in maroon. So looks like that's a tall order.

    I hope Diane, and Linda and all MIAs are all well.

    Well, heigh ho! Off to do chores, we go.

    God Bless
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  5. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope all y'all are well. I didn't sleep much again last night. I have so much to do and need my rest. Hope I can get a nap in today. I've opened the sliders so Sir Vester can go out. The ducks in our pond have been really noisy every morning. DD's guest bed and pillows were sooooo comfy that I slept well when I was there. Of course, I didn't have a pesky kitty trying to get me up. Just a DGS who couldn't wait for me to get up so we could have breakfast together. DD said it was really sad for her when she took me to the airport.

    I have seen the women on TV who have gotten horrible bacterial infections from having pedicures at salons. I always told my girls not to do it because it's too dangerous. The infections in the feet, where circulation isn't as good as in other areas of the body, are the devil to clear up. In the worst cases, women have lost limbs. Yikes! DD in TX decided to treat herself to a pedicure at a brand new salon and, sho 'nuff, she got a painful infection. Even the newest and cleanest salons can harbor bacteria. She left me at the airpot to go get her antibiotics.

    Granni, glad you got your little tree decorated. I need to go through my decorations and get rid of some. I haven't even put my Christmas wreath on the door. Time was when all the bldgs. here were decorated right after Thanksgiving but we are all getting too old to do it anymore. The squirrels chewed our lights so we can't put them up. I had thought about one of those laser lights which project on the bldg. but they are stealing them here. How sweet that your DH bought you such a nice watch. It sounds lovely. The batteries in mine are all dead and some of them require a special tool to open the case. I'm too lazy to even replace them. I've kinda gotten out of the habit of wearing one since I always have my cell phone with me. I've always loved pretty watches. Send a pic of you think of it.

    Spring, isn't it hard to find just the right shoes? I'm so upset that my little silver flats fell apart. Your watch sounds lovely too. Classic watches never go out of style. I bought one a few years back. It is a designer watch but not fine jewelry. I could have bought one that was for what it cost but I fell in love with it at first glance. It's called the Five O'clock Watch because it's always five o'clock somewhere when one can drink. The only numeral on it is a big five. It has a black strap and has really beautiful crystals on it. It sparkles under lights. A woman in an airport once came up to me to have a look at it because she saw it sparkle. Glad your doggie is OK but that's scary. We have leash laws here but there are still dog attacks. The saree sounds really pretty, especially when it was a bargain. I love seeing them when I watch Indian Summers on TV. It's off for the season now and I can't wait for it to return.

    OK, Kids, I'm off to read the newspaper. I hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    It's 3 AM more or less here on the left coast. And cold. I'm trying to
    type with my fingerless gloves on, but it doesn't work. Have to take
    them off. And I only have two layers on. Forgot to bundle up. Uff-da!

    Gordon's brother usually gets up at 3AM and leaves by 3:30. Lately he's
    been leaving at at 3. Sometimes he goes to the gym before work. Just looked
    for the cat. She's usually around at this time, but not today.

    I'm reading a mystery. Not much going on plotwise. I may have
    to move on to something more promising. But, this is the first work of
    fiction I've encountered where one of the characters has CFS/ME. She
    is an artist; oil paints.

    Thanks for opening up, Springwater. That's really a colorful pic. I recognize
    the snapdragons. Also the orange flowers on the upper right, but can't
    remember what they're called. The ones on the left look like daisies.

    I can't give you anymore information about Gordon's therapeutic color
    lamp because he hasn't even taken it outta the box yet. But as they
    sometimes say on the NCIS show, "When I know, you'll know."

    Mikie, when we stayed at the Del Coronado the main (old) building was full.
    Maybe because of the bridge tournament. They have several modern buildings
    though. We did eat in the restaurant at the old building. Kids, you can get a
    glimpse of the carved ceiling etc. if you go here.


    Granni, what a nice anniversary gift from DH. When I read what some
    of those expensive watches cost, my head reels. Brands like Breitling
    and Tiffany and Rolex have expensive models. Patek Phillippe has
    watches that cost more than some houses. Saw one for $127,000.
    Some of their old watches are collectibles with a capital C as in Cash.
    Some have sold for 4-5 million.

    Barry, am reading a cozy mystery. Don't know if it's your cup of tea.
    It's set in modern but rural Texas. It's a series. The author is Bill Crider,
    a writer and college Professor. The first book is "Death On The Move".

    Going back to bed to warm up. Hugs, Kids.
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  7. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! A bit nippy this morning...35 degrees (feels like 26) and only to get up to 40. Next week, the highs will only be in the 20's and 30's...if the Tennessee Treasures come, they are gonna freeze! :eek:

    Sun, I googled San Clemente...looks very pretty! I'm glad you got to go, but sorry it is such an ordeal for you. What a devoted pet mama, to go back home every night. Soccer playoffs...exciting! That necklace sounds pretty, but a lot of work to put back together. The new wife of Amy's ex...she's a sweet gal and very good to Keira. And she's not the one the ex cheated with. I feel kind of bad for her because the ex's parents have always considered Amy to be their favorite DIL...and between the three boys, there have been six of them! But, you are right...Amy is a very forgiving person. I'm not sure I can even take part credit for that...I think she gets that trait from her daddy...I tend to remember things forever and hold grudges :(

    Oh Rock...your puns continue to make my day, lol! I would like to hear more about this color lamp, too.

    Spring, thanks for starting a new porch. I left abruptly yesterday and didn't even check how many posts we had. I have the same problem with shoes...but can't wear flip-flops in the snow (although I do wear them as long into fall and winter as I can, lol!) Glad your old doggie didn't get hurt too bad.

    Granni, you are ahead of me...I just can't get the energy to put up our 7ft. tree this year. If we were moved to the new house, I have a perfect spot for it...so I'll just leave it in the box for now. I did buy a 4ft. tree online...picked it up at Walmart yesterday. Already has lights on it, and I have a table in an "out of the way" spot to put it on.

    Mikie, glad the stent is out and your pain is less. That is such a stress on your body...hope you can rest and recuperate. What a scary thing for your DD, to get an infection. I've only had one or two pedicures...a friend of mine was set up at the beauty salon I go to.

    Hi to Star, Diane, Barry, and anyone else my brain is forgetting. Anyone heard from Elaine? Oh, our friend from years past (Goat Woman) got married recently...to the man she called Grandpa. Sounds very happy.

    So....I got back so late last night, I didn't even take time to visit. I had already showered and was just on "stand by" till I heard from Amy, regarding my helping get Keira home. Around noon, my hairdresser texted to see if I could go in at 2:00 pm (instead of this morning at 10:00.)

    About that same time, Amy called that Keira and her Nana were still in the town where the new baby is, and that Amy was going to meet them on the way home. From experience, I knew Nana must be exhausted from all the traveling she did yesterday...so I told Amy I would be glad to meet them after my hair appt. and get Keira on towards home.

    That worked out great (and Nana was very appreciative)...I had time, after my hair appt., to go on to the other town and run errands until Nana and Keira got there (picked up my new tree, visited my dad, etc.) Picked up Keira at Nana's house (30 minutes from my house) around 5:00, then drove an hour to meet Amy at the pizza buffet we all love. So now, Keira (and Miley) have their dresses...and I got to show Keira the color choices of blanket trim I had found (we are making her baby brother a new blanket).

    On the way back home, I stopped at another town to pick up groceries that I can't get locally (organic 1/2 and 1/2, the shampoo and bodywash we use, other odds and ends)...so I didn't get home until 11:00 pm. Thankfully, Den had already packed his lunch and got the coffee pot ready for this morning.

    Even though it was so late, I still woke up at 6:15 this morning when Den left for work. Figured I might as well get up...need to get a few more things out of the guest room...our new mattress and bed frame will be here today.

    So, now I need to get busy...hope everyone has a good enough day. I'm going through another round of sinus headaches...think it might be from the wood stove...but I'm sure I'll live.

    Pic of Gpa (Den's dad) helping decorate our big tree last year...

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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Lowe's and Target. I got the orange geraniums and purple lantana for our pots and boxes. It's humid out so don't know whether I'll get them planted today or tomorrow. Nurse Nancy was out walking her little dog, Chewy, so I walked a bit with them. I'll be taking care of her cat next month while she's in NY. Chewy was so excited to see me and kept picking up his pace and looking back to make sure I was coming. When I got home, Sir Vester smelled Chewy on my hands and got all excited and started caterwauling and running around. Chewy was his best friend when he lived outside.

    I talked to the pharmacist about taking potassium citrate for my kidneys because the patient information sheet for my BP med states not to supplement with potassium. Pharmacist was sooooo nice and said that 'chemically' I'm OK but should let my PCP know I'm taking it. If I know my PCP, he won't even't care! On the other hand, I could just take more magnesium citrate. Thing is that the supp the doc wants me to take is time release. Good grief! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Gotta cogitate on this for a bit.

    Rock, them's some mighty regal looking chandeliers at the del Coronado. We always had such a good time when we visited CA. I just wish it, and CO, weren't so overcrowded now. FL is getting as bad. I think the flowers you referred to are zinnias, one of my favorite flowers. Think I mentioned I'm rereading Standing In The Rainbow by Fanny Flagg. I'm enjoying it all over again. She has such a wonderful way of making human nature funny and entertaining. Instead of 'Fanny,' her name shoud be 'Funny.' I can picture the characters. I remember people like that back in the 50's. Heck, my family was like that back then. I hope your mystery novel gets better. Reading a bad book is like being in a bad marriage; you keep hoping it will get better. I have a light gizmo for my face but I've lost the power cord. It has red light for getting rid of wrinkles and blue for healing. I once got an acne breakout and used the blue light. It cleared up in a day. I need to look for the power cord.

    Julie, what a nice pic of GPA trimming the tree. I'm sure he will be missed this Christmas. Three exes among three boys! Yikes!!! Come to think of it, my ex's family has had six exes, including me. They are from Dysfunction Junction. Their father was a womanizer and dirty old man, God rest his soul. Not a good role model for his sons. Glad you were able to use the trip to do a lot of things before you met up with Amy. We had a pizza buffet but it closed. Rats! Oh well, I'm not supposed to be eating that anyway. When I have sinus headaches, I take Tylenol and spray my nose with saline or Nasacort. Hope yours gets better.

    OK, gonna get moving. Again, hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie

    BTW, this is me jumping for joy at having the stent out.

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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon Dear Ones,

    DD wanted to go shopping at WM this A.M. so asked if I needed to go. I said OK but had to hurry to get dressed. Bought some cards, gift bags, other necessities as well as a couple of shirts for DH for our anniversary. Normally we don't buy for each other for anniversaries or even B days. Usually just go out to eat. Tomorrow it will be our 54th anniversary. Part of the reason DH f got me the watch was on our last cruise he got himself one and later on told me that he would buy me one on our next cruise. Haven't been on another one since then :)! Who knows when we will get go on another one. We have a few trips hopefully in the planning but no cruises.

    We will be going to one of our group's parties tonight ( early for Christmas) so I really have to get up for it and search for my Christmas stuff :)!! Found my black sweater with colorful stones that I love to wear sometimes for Christmas and had to pick up some earrings from WM today if not to wear tonight for a couple other K of C parties later on in the month.

    Next week we start our singing for Christmas at the different Sr. residences. There is so much to do. At least I think I am almost finished with my decorating. Even got my small tabletop tree up and decorated yesterday.

    MIKIE - I am sure you are like a ping pong ball jumping for joy at your stent removal - FINALLY :)!!!! MMM, that pizza buffet sounds wonderful. All the things I probably shouldn't eat either even though the ND said to concentrate more on the no dairy. Not supposed to have cheese. The party we are going to tonight will be catered so I will just eat what we paid for, wish is probably everything. It all will be delicious but the healthiest stuff will be the salad. You can bet I will be eating the lasagna and I think it was chicken alfredo which has dairy but I may have a little of that. They will have two kinds of cake Will have a small piece of the choc. The other was a creme cake or something so probably worse for me. Of course there will also be garlic bread. This afternoon for lunch I made some turkey lettuce wraps because of the tonight. This diet stuff is driving me bananas even though the ND said that I could have some sugar and wine 3x a weeks. So that is some leeway (sp?).

    Hugz also to JULIE, SUN, SW, STAR, ROCK, BARRY, DIANE as well as all our many MIA's.

    Granni :)
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  10. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Awww. Just heard Manuel from Fawlty Towers has passed on.

    We have a new neighbour. At the moment he still lives in a unit out the back of his parents' place, in a suburb of Melbourne.
    He's 40 and this is his first place. He seems really excited.
    First thing he did was get an air conditioner fitted. He's now talking about putting in a pool.
    He left after having planted a baby Christmas Tree in the centre of his front yard.
    I assured him I'd water it if he didn't make it back it back in the next couple of days...
    I'm just quietly amused.
    Although he's only a few years younger than me, he seems, well, young...like twenties, young.
    He even seemed proud when he mentioned his mum still cooked for him.

    Was watching one of those Current Affair programs, which focused on children not leaving the nest ' till they're 30!
    Guess it is getting rather difficult breaking into the housing market...

    I got squeezed into the doctor's today.
    He's not convinced my problem is lactose intolerance.
    Monday means more blood tests. Oh yay.
    I know, I know. I should be grateful. It just seems glaringly obvious that so many doctors don't have a clue...

    That's nice. My Treasure just gave me a block of chocolate- no strings attached...
    Ah. I know what's going on. This is her way of saying sorry for the whammy she through a couple of hours ago.
    Gotta love teenage hormones.

    I love all the pics here on the porch- beautiful, amazingly crafted little human beings. Treasures from Heaven.
    Oh and gorgeous flowers and landscapes, pics of the seaside.
    Fantastic art and lovely little gowns and All great.

    I also like the other kinds of pics. That one of you jumping was a ripper, Mikie
    And of course the mental pics of fingerless mittens and 6ft Christmas trees, glittering sarees and flashy watches,
    Stunning country and wildlife. Deer stealing apples.

    Thanks so much guys. I don't always get to type my responses, but I do appreciate you all sharing.

    Anyway, I'm going to attempt to add a link to a funny little song I heard the other day.
    I'll give it my best shot, but if I don't succeed , don't hd it against me!

    Take care All
    Catch yas later

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  11. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Mm mm. Just tried to put only the link in the above post, but after I save it, it shows a big pic of the you tube page.
    If it's done wrong, please remove it. I've tried to edit it so only the link is there and every time I save changes, it looks fine.
    It then changes again.
    Not exactly a success was it?

    It's funny to see that in the East ish (correct me if I'm wrong, Spring),
    Extended families are the norm, but in the West it's so unusual, they're given a name.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's cold here. Maybe I've reported that previously. Hmmm.

    Star, thanks for the funny video. That's an amazing quartet. They all
    look so much alike they could be related. And a wonderful song they
    wrote. The tune is so good it might have been composed by a pro. I
    think your posting of the video was a great success even if it wasn't
    your original intention.

    I remember Manuel from Fawlty Towers. Gordon got me the complete
    set (24 episodes). John Cleese said in an interview that Manuel was the
    most popular character on the show. He thought it was because of
    his vulnerability. Wikipedia says the actor Andrew Sachs was from
    Germany (not Spain) and his family moved to England when he was
    a boy. Sachs married one of the gals who appeared in the Basil The
    Rat episode.

    Ah yes, those medical tests. Dave Barry did an entire column on
    same. He said the tests generally show that you need more tests.

    Mikie, Glad to see you feeling so frisky. Why, you jumped higher than
    a building. Was Sir Vester out jumping with you? Saw a great video
    of a jumping dog the other day. He's assisting Eleanor Powell. Are
    those harem pants? Anyhoo the video is from 1941.

    You're right. Fanny is funny. When I was a kid my mother used Fanny
    as a synonym for butt. I was surprised to find out later is was a name.
    Bette Davis played a Fanny in one of her many films.

    The mystery I was reading did not get better, so I moved on to one set
    in LA. Every place mentioned in the story is a place I've been. What
    a change from when I was a teen. Seems like almost every book, especially
    a mystery, was set in New York. That's one place I never got to. But I don't
    care. I saw the Broadway shows and the Met when they toured.

    Never heard of a pizza buffet. Sounds like a fun idea though. I suppose
    you could put some slices together and make a Dagwood pizza. Hope
    you continue to feel better and better.

    Granni, what kind of earrings did you get? Christmas ones? My mother
    had a pair of Christmas tree earrings. We kids liked them, but I think
    she only wore them once or twice. She didn't really approve of novelty
    jewelry, clothes, nicknacks, etc. Well, actually she didn't approve of
    us, but she did it with good taste.

    Julie, nice Christmasy pic of Gpa. Yes, I will let you know about the
    healing lamp if Gordon ever takes it outta the box. He sometimes has
    packages around for months before he opens them. I thought Mikie's
    story about the blue light curing acne was amazing. I did read, though,
    that the history of such cures was spotty.

    Thanks for the news about Goat Woman. She used to have the funniest
    avatar. A close up of a smiling goat. Have to look and see if I can
    find a similar pic.

    OK, going back to bed. Hugs, All.


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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Another night of poor sleep. The stones cause a 'Fight or Flight' kind of anxiety and I think that's what's keeping me up. I do get 4 or 5 hrs. of decent sleep early on and that is the only thing keeping me going. I'm sure when I stop being so inert, things will improve. I will get into the shower and go out and plant the flowers if I'm up to it. If not, I'll do some laundry inside and try to get some things done in here.

    I did call my doc to tell him I'm going to be taking potassium citrate and he said that was fine. His nurse called me back. This is really how we should do things--research what the doc wants us to take; talk to the pharmacist; and, let the other doc(s) know. That pharmacist was wonderful. He was so kind and caring. He said he'd be happy to consult anytime. I normally don't like CVS but the one in the Target is great. The old Target dedication to customer service has carried on.

    I just paid some bills online. The bank changed the format and I don't like the new one but I'll get used to it. They offered a free FICO credit score so I looked at mine. I knew it was good but was pleasantly surprised. I pay my credit cards on time. A good score means one pays less for a lot of things, including auto insurance. I hate debt. I got 18 months of free credit to pay off the new fridge but will likely pay it off before then. I like to pay for a few months and then just pay it off. That way, it doesn't hurt so much all at once. However, if one is late for even one payment, the acct. charges almost 25 percent interest. That is horrible! I've had so much expense this last year. I hope next year is better. Just learned that our electricity will be going up about 10 percent. Nothing seems to be getting cheaper. Not good for us on fixed incomes. Whine, whine, whine!


    Granni, happy anniversary. The card above is supposed to sparkle but sometimes, they don't. I'm glad you got some decorating done. I'll try to get my Christmas wreath hung on the door and call my decorating done. Never thought I'd ever get to this point. Right now, I'm basically in survival mode. I am also flummoxed by eating restrictions. I've been trying to eat better which includes nuts and a bit of dark chocolate. Now, I see that I should restrict those because they can add to stone formation. Same with wheat bran. The only way I get enough fiber is to eat the Bran Buds. If I keep this up, there will be next to nothing I can eat. It's crazy. Think I'll take the magnesium citrate and potassium citrate and not worry about those things. If, in three months, no new stones have tried to form, I'll figure it's OK. I'd like to get to Wally World myself. I have to go when it's early because of the crowds down here this time of year. One of the neighbors from NY rolled in the day after Thanksgiving. I bet you look great in that sweater. Granni, our sweater girl!

    Star, love that video. The lyrics are to the tune, Obladi Oblada, one of my favorite Beetles songs. The lyrics are hysterical. I'm not sure it's the fact that Millennials stay living at home for years and years; I think that some of them don't grow up because Mom and Dad keep doing everything for them. Of course, this isn't everyone. Many young people are hard working and idealistic. DD's best friend has a job and lives in her own home but her parents continue to pay for everything. She is a mess. DD has worked for everything she has and feels she is privileged because of it. I hope the doc can help you. I think one of the best things we can do is to go on an elimination diet to remove things we suspect might be causing problems. Each one can be slowly added and, if there is a reaction, Bingo! That's the culprit.

    I didn't feel like eating much protein in the form of meat while I was battling these dratted stones. My arthritis is soooo much better. I always knew red meat was inflammatory and this seems to prove it. Gluten is also considered inflammatory but removing it didn't help. You are right--most of these docs don't have a clue. Almost everything which has helped me is something I learned about on our medical forums here or through my own research. Good luck to you.

    Rock, I just watched that same movie with Eleanor Powell not long ago. Can't remember the title. It was about another couple who kept getting married and divorced. When DD lived in the LA area, she and DSIL loved seeing all the historic places. I wish you had had a chance to visit NYC. It's full of all kinds of places from movies. Just seeing the architecture in the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building is worth the trip. I remember seeing Rockefeller Center on TV when I was just a small kid. I started watching The Today Show when it originated. Almost all TV centered around NYC back then.

    The lifestyle in CA is a lot more like the lifestyle in CO. People in CO never took kindly to 'outsiders' who moved there back in the day. People from NYC were viewed as city slickers and people from TX were viewed a nouveau oil rich cowboys. We were so white bread that you almost couldn't buy rye bread for years. People from the South were viewed as 'backward,' but anyone from the West was acceptable. They were neutral about people from the Midwest. Today, CO suffers from overcrowding and overdevelopment so no one is welcome there. Sir Vester isn't jumping for joy but he is trying to pull his little pranks on me. He goes to the sliding doors and beats his paws as though he wants to go out. Then, when I open them, he runs away. As soon as I'm settled again, he does the same thing. It's too hot out to leave them open. He's miffed that I refuse to play so he's lying here at my feet. Too bad he won't go out. Yesterday, there was a young hawk sitting in the slash pine. Try to stay warm, my friend.

    As per my usual routine, I'm gonna go read the virtual paper. Neighbor wants me to look for delivery of a present for one of the little boys at the end of the bldg. I looked for little gifts for them when I was at Target yesterday. I found little balls with a Santa, a Christmas tree and a polar bear inside. When bounced, they blink bright lights. I love those myself so hope the kids will too. I can't spend much but always try to find something they will enjoy. I still have the little get well cards they gave me. Next month, the mom is supposed to be closing on a house for them all. I'll miss them.

    Hope everydobby has a great day. BTW, just ordered my supp to try to keep new stones from forming. A month's supply is $17.00 and a bottle contains three months' supply. It's normally $60 for the bottle but, with the discount, it's $50. Just another monthly expense but if it prevents stones, it's worth it. I had to give my doc's promo no. to get my 16 percent savings. I wonder whether he gets a kickback. They will let him know I've ordered it. Until it arrives, I'll keep taking the magnesium citrate I get here. The new supp is time release so it probably works better round the clock to prevent stones. I'm just grateful that there seems to be a correctible reason my kidneys are forming them. Perhaps, soon, stones will not rule my life and thought processes.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Good morning to all, been reading and playing ketchup w you all... The sun finally decided to come out but it remains kold out there, guess I better start layering and get used to it.

    Mike so happy to hear the stent is out and you are feeling almost normal. Did the doc say what kind of stones they were? Not all kidney stones are created equal which you probable already know but thought I would ask. Some are caused by uric acid not calcium, uric acid is the same thing that causes gout and there is a specific med to take for that. Just thought I would throw that out there. And because inquiring minds like mine want to know, I did google around a bit and found this interesting article from a reliable source, thought some of the info may put you ate ease.


    Rock I liked Mikies analogy about bad marriages and your bad mystery book, keep reading w the hope it gets better. A few posts back you commented you never heard of the flower crocus or is it crocoi ? LOL anywaaaay...in the North East they are the first spring flower to bloom and do so at the first hint of spring, then it eventually snows again and they die off early hence the croak in the name...

    Granni Congrats on 54 years of marriage!! We celebrated 30 this July. Sounds like you have yet another busy Holiday singing/party season a head of you. I just took down the few turkey day decorations I put up and am dreading the Christmas decorating but have already decided I will cut back, again, every year is less and less. For several years now I keep saying I want to get a newer Tree w the lights already on but every year I say next year, just don't feel like coughing up the extra money. Esp this year w my daughters wedding in June and the wedding shower in January.

    Star when you mention the doc didnt think you had lactose intolerance I assume you are having tummy troubles. The lasted fad diagnosis is called SIBO, acronym for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, can be treated w antibiotics. I know two people recently diagnosed w it, you may want to read up on it and see if it sounds like something you may have. Sending you a get well basket full of relief from pain and discomfort.

    Julie that tree you shared was Huge, great picture of Grandpa. Loved seeing the girls dresses, reminded me of my younger years as well as my girls holiday dresses. Now a days people barely dress up for Holidays and special events.

    Thanks for Georgia update, happy to hear she finally tied the knot, they were together a long time.

    Spring thanks for the cheery flower picture, I saw snap dragons in the picture, one of my favorite flowers that you don't see that much anymore.

    SUN how are your aches and pains and shoulder? I hope the PT is helping.

    I Am counting down the days until my hip surgery, (January) I sure hope it eliminates the pain which is just awful esp at night, hard to lay on either side and when I lay on my back I wake myself up from snorting and apparent sleep apnea, uff dah as Rock would say

    Until next time, stay warm, stay well and stay out of trouble....Linda
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, guys! Just skimming the posts cause of this silly sinus headache...seems I go though little "seasons" of these headaches, I think this one is caused from the wood stove. But, gotta deal with it...can't quit burning wood, especially if we have the winter they are predicting...propane would be so expensive.

    So good to hear from you, Lin! Yes, I'll bet January can't get here soon enough for you. Chronic, unrelenting pain like that would do me in, for sure.

    Speaking of our daughter, Amy...who wants another baby so bad, but is having trouble getting pregnant....and now has to "deal" with her ex and his new wife having a new baby this week....I saw she was on facebook asking friends, etc. if they have any extra preemie/newborn clothes she can mail, along with what she bought (they didn't expect the little guy to be just over four pounds, but he was a few weeks early.) A perfect example of how love for her daughter, Keira (the baby's half sister) outweighs the hurt of Keira's dad providing a sibling before Amy could (or maybe ever will.)

    Ohhh, I can't stay and look at this computer screen much longer...but wanted to wish Granni and her DH a wonderful anniversary. I'll be back when I can.

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  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni Congratulations to you both. That's quite an achievement. And your watch sounds very pretty. I have an expensive chunky watch bought at Kohls about 3 years ago. It's like a black enamel silver bracelet with a large face, and I love it. I met a lady a few months ago someplace who said she has the same one. It got a little worn looking so she went and bought the identical one again!

    Lin Good to see you post, and I KNOW you're looking forward to january and the surgery. Here's something strange about hip replacements that happened to my SIL's aunt. About 4 years ago she needed in both hips, had no insurance to cover it, so went to India for both of them. I asked HOW she could fly back on the plane....lots of pain pills. About a year later turned out the "appliance" was recalled but then the company wouldn't cover replacing it because she got it in India. Don't know how or who paid for that replacement......but then about a year after that she was again in awful pain. Turns out she got an infection from the replacement which apparently is a common thing......so both hips were removed and she lived SIX months without hips!!!!! We all just don't know how she did it, but she's got hips now. She's a VERY strong 68 year old.....determined that nothing will get her down.

    Rock I guess I missed your post....Gordon has a lamp in a box that he hasn't taken out yet? Yes, Hotel Del Coronado is a wonderful old hotel. We stayed there once....expensive but I guess it's the ambiance that made it nice. I remember something funny about that stay....my DGS was about 2 at the time and he had a habit of shucking his clothes! His dad took him up to the room so he could go potty.....he snuck out of the room, probably made a mad dash......and my SIL had to take off after him.....to FIND him. He's running thru the halls asking people if they saw a little naked 2 year old.

    Mikie Try cooking up some steel cut oats and then add a little hemp seeds to the mixture when ready to eat. I add almond butter to mine along with melted coconut oil, cinnamon, and lactose free cream. You will get all the roughage you need. Yes, your doctor is getting a cut from what you bought.

    Spring Love that picture you posted. It reminds me of the wonderful cut flower garden my mom used to have when I was young. I remember all the butterflies! I think I got my love for flowers from her.

    Julie Have you tried bromelain for your sinus yet? Amy sounds like she's such a nice person to be concerned about baby clothes. But maybe she sees the handwriting on the wall concerning her X and this wife.

    Star Have you cut out ALL lactose from your diet yet? After a week or so if it's lactose problems you should start to feel better without a blood test.

    I'm fighting a cold along with my other ongoing problems. Last night I blew my nose and started a big nose bleed, probably because it's VERY dry here in So. Calif. The winds are supposed to be fierce too. All last night I could hear large planes being diverted from the airport.....which means about every 5 min. Or so a large jet would fly overhead. Many times they can't land so they have to fly to other airports and then passengers are put on buses. I remember how this summer when a hurricane was expected in the islands, and we didn't know if we could get out or not. Landing on the island was awful.....everytime we thought we would touch down the pilot would take it up for another loop around the island. My DD was REALLY panicked......she's not a good passenger.

    I've been out running some errands. Darn it's hard when I have to force myself when I'm feeling so awful.

    Lin. You asked about the PT on my shoulder/arm. I stopped it because all I did was exercises to keep the shoulder/arm limber....I can do that at home. I was feeling a little better, then I overdid it with the blower yesterday.....OMG. OMG......can't believe that I'm at square one again on everything. It's my 72 BD in a week and I finally had to come to the realization that I now have to hire someone weekly to blow the front and back of leaves. I'll have to call the gardener who comes on wed. To my neighbor and see what he'll do it for, in the meantime trying not to whimper. I've always been an active person but little by little there are things that this aging body can't do anymore.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone who wished us a very Happy Anniversary today and yesterday too. I actually posted on FB ( for those of you who go on there occasionally). Posting a picture on there of our wedding wasn't as bad as I though, since I could just take a pic from my phone and then send it to FB. Somehow I don't think it is that easy to send to PH. Please let me know, any of you who have posted pics onto PH. BTW, we will celebrate next week with DD at a nice restaurant.

    We had a pretty busy morning raking leaves this morning in preparation for the big rains that are supposed to start sometime this evening. It is supposed tp last all weekend and maybe Monday too with some people getting quite an accumulation. We will see what happens. It is also cold here at least for me. It is the dampness that really gets to me. Low 60's or high 50's I am guessing but a cold front is supposed to be coming in with the rain.

    SUN - Sorry you now have a cold too. That is just what none of us whats this time of year with all the extra stuff happening. Hope you can get rid of that sooner rather than later. That is such a cute and funny story about your little naked then 2 year old GS. Kids are so funny and you never know what the little ones will do from one minute to the next, especially some :)!!

    MIKIE - Sorry that you aren't getting your full sleep and that you are still feeling a bit yuck. I know what you mean about not knowing what to eat. It can sometimes drive one crazy. I cheated at the party last night but hI was told that I could eat sugars and have a glass of wine 3x a week, so that is something. We'll see. I had wine, pasta and bread and cake last night. So that was 4 things so trying to be good tonight and for a few more days:)!!. Saving myself for next Tuesday when we will go out to eat with DD.

    LINDA - I am sure you are just waiting for your surgery. At least I suspect you wish to get it over with and for you to feel better. Sorry you are in so much pain and wish you didn't have to wait so long for the surgery. Nice for you to pop in and let us know how you are doing and to chat a bit. It is nice to see old friends on the porch :)!! Please continue to come back as often as you can.

    JULIE - Poor Amy, she sounds like such a sweet person but I know it must hurt a lot to see her x and wife having a baby. I know our son and DIL have given up on a a baby and then she decided no to adoption too I guess after so many hurts. We are so different. I would think that would make me want to adopt more but we are all different, aren't we? It hurts when our kids can't have the babies they want or other important things in life that mean so much but what can we do.?? Maybe if my DIL wasn't so overweight but that is another problem. She is also so very short which can be another problem My son is also on antiseizure meds which may be another problem. However, they have made their decisions and I can't say anything.

    Thinking of everyone in ROCK, BARRY, DIANE, STAR, SPRING WATER, ELAINE and all our MIA's.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni. I would love to see the pics on FB. Maybe someone here could capture them and post here.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - I only posted one picture of us probably after the wedding in our finery. Of course it was in B and W :)!! Once I have it on my phone then what do I do:)!! If someone tells me what to do maybe I can figure it out since it is only 1 pic. After that maybe I can post some other things too. Howis your should feeling, any better?? Hope so !!

    MIIE - Hope you are feeling a little better also.

    Hope everyone is happy, warm and getting ready for nighty night , at least in a little while. DH is watching something and then will watch football. I rarely watch sports, unless it is local and when my kids used to play. They all get paid way to much for me to get excited.

    Hopefully more tomorrow sometime. It may be raining outside pretty good tomorrow. Doubt we will be doing much.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Here ya go, Granni! Just saw this, but can't stay right now. Will BBL...

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