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    Welcome all..come in, come in

    Star - our city is a day's drive away and a two days trek, I think from those mountains, the Himalayas..if one drives whole day and then treks a bit(no road, helicopters are there) one can arrive at the base camp of the mountains..that's where Trekkers begin their climb to peaks..the general tourists go trekking upto base camp...

    Mikie - im glad to hear gravel is coming out in bits and spurts...let's hope the quarry is completely empty soon! Praying continuously.

    Rock - guess what, a Vietnamese restaurant has opened near the stupa shrine i visit, and it was advertising Pho soup! Immediately thought of you. I think I will sample if they hv it in veg.

    Julie - Oreo would be trotting like a show horse at an exhibition...on her new leash! Heh heh..
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening our new thread, Springwater. Great pic. Very serene.
    Reminds me of those Thomas Kinkade paintings: cottages with light in
    the windows. Not that the pictures look alike; just give me the same feeling.

    Interesting that a Pho (pronounce like the first half of fudge) restaurant
    would be new to Kathmandu. You will never find a vegetarian version
    though since the main ingreediment is beef broth. Comes with noodles
    and some greens and spices on a plate that you can add.

    Gordon loves Pho. His favorite Pho restaurant is in the San Gabriel Valley.
    I've been there a couple times with him. That was enough. The place is
    loud, uncomfortable, and expensive. Seven-eight bucks for a bowl of
    soup. But I encourage him to go.

    Our narcissus are in bud, but not yet in bloom. The biggest bud finally
    opened. Guess what. No flowers. Instead it produced 4 tiny stems, each
    with another tiny bud. Silly things should have waited for warmer weather.

    Well, had the intention to post more, but I guess not. Going back to bed.

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    Good late morning to you all, the sun is trying to peak out, always feel better when the sun is shining and the skies aren't gray.....sounds like a song

    Spring what a cute porch photo, I love it. You asked about my dog Lucie, cant believe she will soon be 9 yo. Golden Retriever and poodle mix I also have a second dog, a Yorkie/Dachshund mix, we say Cooper is a Dorkie...LOL. If I can figure out how, I will post a pic.

    Sun, I have been to FL a zillion times or more but never been to Key West and am looking forward to it. We are going to fly right into the Keys, next closest airport is Ft Lauderdale and a three hour drive away, only staying 3 days so want to have as much time as we can get at our bed and breakfast accommodations. We have reserved the entire Inn for all the guests, a 15 bedroom Victorian Style home. It will be an outdoor ceremony w a laid back approach, no tuxes or gowns. The bridesmaids will wear short dresses and the guys will wear khaki pants w long sleeve white shirts, sleeves rolled up and boat style shoes. Its going to be a smallish wedding, only 50 people. The price tag not so small....but it could be worse, I watch one TV show on TLC that features four different weddings , each of the four brides attend each others wedding then each gal votes for which wedding they think is the best, some of these weddings have guest lists of over 250 people....I dont even know that many people, as it is our side of the family is so small, most of the guests will be the grooms side. I should give them the bill....

    I googled Louies Backyard and its still there and so cute, looks like what I anticipate the Keys to look like. I hope you put the rake away, I did.

    Barry thinking of you and your beloved Slinky, they do become and are one of the family. I remember when I was in high school our dog passed, I was so sad, I skipped school and walked the streets all day crying.

    Julie I too am thinking of putting my Christmas tree lights up today, I hang them all from the inside and not out. Too much work and cold after the holiday to take them down in the freezing cold and snow. Fingers crossed, so far no snow and one day closer to spring. The very reason my DD Moved to FL, she hates the cold and snow as do I but have just learned to live w it.

    Mikie I would like to be one of those snow birds that inundate the sunny south in the winter. My Mom and Dad did it for years so of course we always went to visit, esp for Spring Break and the very reason my DD learned there was a better place to go that didn't include snow.

    Rock thanks for the proper pronunciation of pho...otherwise I would have said poo soup....;-)

    Hi Star I hope you are feeling OK today

    Hi to busy busy Granni too

    Now I will bid you all adieu

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    Lucie and Cooper

  5. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi to all!

    Just a quick reply -- my computer is still acting up. I wrote several posts last week, both here and on the Homebound board, and they went poof!

    Linda, good luck in January!! I can't see the pic you posted though.
    Mikie, good to hear that your "gravel" is passing. And I hope the stones never come back! Hugs to Sir Vester!
    Rock, I got the new Fannie Flagg book -- that's my project for today! Some GOOD READING.
    Spring, lovely porch pic. I enjoy Pho soup, but I think it's made from beef broth.
    Granni, Happy belated anniversary wishes!
    Julie, Hope you can have a get together with Lindsay, et al. Love the pics you've posted.
    Sun, Hope you are doing ok, I think you were/are in a lot of pain?
    Star, You have so much going on. I wish you and yours well.
    Barry, my friend -- I'm so sorry to hear about Slinky. I know that Slinky will be well cared for, by you and Richard. We went through this with two cats, when meds stopped working. I really feel what y'all are going through. We're here for you my friend.

    I know that I'm missing people to address, but the keyboard is acting up. So I better post this now.

    Kevin and the kitties and I are OK. Insurance stuff is moving along. We're getting a reimbursement check from ins. for the "roadside assistance" -- $303+. Can you believe that amount? Now, we're waiting on a bill for the month's rental car -- I thought that would come from her insurance? We'll see.

    Love y'all, and hi to anyone I might have missed.

    Hugs, DIANE
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    Lin As Rock usually says....no workie on the IMG. Darn.

    The wedding sounds perfect! We went to Key West in December for my BD and we ate there. I remember Louie's Backyard with good memories and the food was wonderful. We went around dusk so also got a fantastic sunset which Key West is known for. There's a point out there where everyone gathers to watch the sunset, an unobstructed view with Cuba in the distance. Speaking of Cuba, I watched the movie, Papa Hemingway in Cuba. I would give it a two thumbs down.

    Yes, I've put away the leaf blower and have the neighbor's gardener coming on wed. To give me a price per month. Just one more thing to budget for.

    Spring Pretty little cottage you posted. Thanks for starting it up.

    Diane Wonder what the $3 was for OR what all they deducted to come up with that amount.
  7. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi Sun -- It was $303.55 (for the roadside assistance/towing), charged to Kevin's credit card. Apparently Kevin called the Kia Roadside Assistance (we lease from Kia), instead of the Insurance Company (State Farm Roadside Assistance, I think). First time he's been in an accident, late at night, raining, other driver ran from the crash, his car disabled, cop cars arriving on the scene, plus EMS. Etc. Just too much going on to process.

    What I couldn't believe was that it would take $300 for a tow????? I guess that's 2016 prices?

    But we're supposed to get that money back for the $300 +, from State Farm. We're just waiting on the check that they said was issued to Kevin.

    Just waiting for all this stuff (paper work, checks) to be cleared up.

    Gotta get off the computer, mouse, etc. going crazy again............
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    Thanks JULIE for starting us up again. I need to go start practicing my music for next Friday. So this will be quick.

    Also thanks JULIE for posting our wedding picture on the very last of the last volume. Go take a peek if you all dare :)!! LOL We were cute then :)!!!

    SW - What a lovely house and PORCH for us to come to visit. Thanks for sending.

    DIANE - Glad things are moving along fairly well for you on the accident. I know it never goes fast enough. Hope you get the checks soon.

    MIKIE, ROCK, SUN. STAR, LIN , BARRY sorry not much time to chat. Hope you are all doing OK. I know taking car of very sick animals has got to be very sad and no fun especially when you have done all that can be done for them at the time.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Didn't get work done outside. Seems everydobby in the world called me but it was great to catch up. Grace and Dennis will be here next weekend, God willing, as she says. They lost their grown son and the holidays are hard for them. I think Christmas is easier here instead of their family home in VA. Joe called because his cat is throwing up. We discussed what may be wrong. She doesn't appear to be feeling sick. Sir Vester just threw up. He rarely does that. Glad I have my trusty can of Blue Magic to keep it from staining the carpet. Dear Old Friend called and we got caught up.

    My neighbor came over to tell me she's gonna be gone for four days. She's on our little board for our bldg. and she said she'll serve another year with me. I went downstairs to talk to our other board member and she is also willing to stay on the board. That's a relief. We've been lucky in that there were no problems this last year and neither of them had to do anything. I haven't done much either except to complain about our lazy landscapers. I still need to call Ilona and then, I should be all caught up with most of my buddies. I always get behind when I've been sick.

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again. That is such a peaceful and pretty pic. I need to get myself in a more peaceful mood. Thanks for your prayers. I ate at a Vietnamese café when I lived in Denver. The food was spicy and delicious. I swear it cured my pneumonia. I told the owners I wish I could bring them to FL with me. Not only was the food great but they were soooo sweet. A nice departure from impersonal fast food. I keep you in my prayers too and will always be grateful to you for helping me with light.

    Rock, sho 'nuff, pho is pronounced just like the first part of fudge. I looked it up. If it has noodles, it's banh pho. I had it at a restaurant in Denver when I visited but I was nervous; they place was opening back up after being shut down by the health dept. Yikes! And yes, it was expensive for what it is. The nerve of your narcissus, being so narcissistic with all those buds. Show offs! Sorry you had to go back to beddy bye. Hope you're feeling better.

    Diane, thanks for your good wishes for my quarry. I'm sorry you lost your posts. I just hate that! Sir Vester sends hugs back to all y'all. I hope and pray all this insurance stuff gets straightened out for good. What a pain accidents are. We have soooo many people leaving the scene down here. I think society is going to hell in a handbasket! I should get Fanny Flagg's new book. I'm just finishing re-reading two of her older ones.

    Sun, Bob Vila from This Old House is redoing Hemingway's home in Havana. We didn't visit his in Key West but I'd like to. We have gone down to the pier to celebrate the sunset when we've been there. Like with New Orleans, the partying never seems to end. It's not the partying, it's the hangovers! Glad you are getting someone to help with the leaf blowing.

    Granni, sorry you have to run. Hope the practice goes well. It's wonderful y'all visit the nursing facilities. I know those folks appreciate it. Stop back in soon.

    Linda, yes, the Snowbirds have the best of both worlds. Wish I had a condo in the mountains in CO to get away from this sticky heat in the summer months. The wedding sounds so nice. You are right--small is still expensive. It wasn't the snow in Denver which made me decide to move down here; it was the winter air pollution which did me in. I had pneumonia the last year I lived there. Other years it was strep, bronchitis or sinusitis always with asthma. AACCKK!!! I'm laughing at the name, Dorkie.

    OK, dear ones, I'm off to brush my teeth and hit the hay early. This day has been a kind of a bust. I got a free new thriller from Amazon Prime and will start it if I finish up the Fanny Flagg book. At least, that's something to look forward to. I'll see y'all tomorrow morning. Nighty night!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Linda, you're right. Sounds like a song. The shine is a shining to welcome the day.
    Heigh Ho! Come to the Fair. Writ by the same gal what wrote Bless this House.

    Yes, it is important to pronounce Pho correctly. Otherwise this joke won't
    make any sense. Found it in a new thriller I started this morning. Police
    Captain gets of of her car in New York. Discovers she has parked in front of
    a Vietnamese restaurant named "Pho Sure".

    Sun, I looked on the net for pics of Louie's Backyard. Couldn't find any. There
    are apparently many on Face Book, but I'm not a member. Not gonna be
    either. I did find a site that had reviews though. Many raves and some just
    the opposite. Good luck with getting a gardener. Ours doesn't speak English,
    doesn't seem to know anything about gardening, and basically just walks
    around with a leaf blowers. I think his current price is $45. He comes twice
    a month. Stays for about 15-20 minutes per. I've been saying get rid of
    him for years, but Gordon is determined to keep him. Quite possibly our
    gardener used to work at Mikie's condo.

    Diane, I've had Fannie's book "The Whole Town's Talking" on hold since July.
    I think the library had its budget cut and isn't buying as many new books.
    I asked the head librarian. He said No. Hard to tell anything with him.
    Terribly quiet fellow. Seldom speaks and when he does it's in a near
    whisper. Even so, a nice guy.

    Been a long time since I had anything to do with the cost of towing a car.
    My guess is that the tow cost $300. The $3.55 was probably the cost of
    a Budweiser for the driver on the way back to the garage.

    Mikie, I am total agreement with you on this significant issue. "Dorkie" is
    pretty funny. Also much better than an alternative such as Yorkhund.
    Ach, du lieber!

    I hope Sir Vester just had a hair ball rather than something serial. A
    cat with a hairball was a significant part of the plot in an episode of
    Fawlty Towers. You anywhere near Cocoa Beach, Florida? They
    have a Fawlty Towers Motel there.


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  11. sunflowergirl

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    Rock. Hope this link for pics. Of Louis' back yard comes thru. Wish I could revisit Key West. And look at all the gorgeous sunsets.

    $45 to blow leaves????? I hope this gardener won't charge that much because I want him weekly. In the past I would blow the front, then the next day the back. Guess I was saving us a lot of $. I had it all figured out......how to get the back side of the pool without the cord going into the water. Of course gardeners have gas blowers. This is the guy who redid my yard in back with the gravel and he was reasonable. Didn't speak much english though.

    https://www.google.com/search?q=pictures of louis's backyard restaurant&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

    Mikie. My cat throws up all the time if she eats too fast. So if the cat is acting OK this may be it or a fur ball.

    I met a friend and her friend for lunch at an Old Spaghetti Factory to celebrate my birthday. Never been to one, I think they're a chain. Beautiful place, looks like eating in an old English chapel. Lots of stained glass everywhere, high vaulted ceilings, and heavy carved wood everywhere. But the three of us had a great time.....I needed that


    My friend was telling me that her 5 year old hyperactive grandson wears this weighted vest while in school. Most interesting.

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  12. lydia1

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    Hi everyone...fairly nice evening at 36 degrees. Lows not too bad until Wednesday (down to 12) and Thursday (8 degrees!)...our Tennessee Treasures are gonna freeze :( We had some snow this morning...only stuck to the grass and vehicles...melted soon after hitting the driveway.

    Lindsey and the kids want more snow, of course. David (the driver) would rather it not. It is to snow again on Wednesday and next Monday (they will be traveling here very early on Thursday and going home Monday.) Hope it works out.

    Sun, Happy Birthday! I took a virtual tour of the Old Spaghetti Factory...looks like a very nice place. We have a local group that gets together and makes weighted blankets for children...work the same as the vests. Wow, that's a lot of bucks to blow leaves. But would be worth it for you not to have to worry about it and easier on your back, etc.

    Rock, I suppose Gordon figures if he fired the gardener he might not find anyone else for that price...and would have to train/break in a new one, if he did. I used a leaf blower when we had the hardware store in town, but here on the farm we just mow/mulch them and let them go wherever they want.

    Diane, sorry your computer is still being mischievous, but glad you got on to post. What a hassle with the insurance, tow truck, etc...hope it all gets worked out soon.

    Barry, I'm so sorry about Slinky...what a hard thing to go through.

    Granni, you're welcome for the pic...just hopped over to your facebook page after you mentioned it. But, Spring started the new volume...I am hardly ever on the ball like that, lol!

    Mikie, glad you could get caught up with everyone. What a shame for Dennis and Grace to lose their son...I can imagine their home only brings back the sorrow. Glad your gravel is leaving...hope you are feeling much better. That, and the Red Tide have done a real number on you.

    Speaking of vacation homes in Colorado...Den's friend, Fred, has a son who is moving out there with his girlfriend (who has family back there.) They don't want to impose on anyone, so are taking a little fold down camper and plan to live in it over the winter. Fred and son have spent hours and hours rewiring the camper so it can handle an electric heater. Den and I think the son is crazy, I imagine Fred does too...but the kids must think they have a better chance at jobs...the son works concrete construction and his company is shut down for the winter.

    Linda, a June wedding...how beautiful! This June, Den and I will be married 42 years :) We got married in the park across the street from my house. Ours was not a very expensive wedding, but it was pretty. I hope you are completely recovered by then.

    Spring, thanks for starting a new porch. You have lots of interesting food choices for sure!

    Star, oh my...so glad you could still make use of some of the gifts. Sorry you are feeling so rough.

    I went ahead and posted, because I started getting an error message and was afraid I would lose everything. Just put some wood in the stove and will make sure it's going good before I go to bed.

    I'm trying a new recipe...crockpot overnight steel cut oats with apples. It's supposed to take 7 hours on low, but Den will be up in 6 1/2 hours and it will probably be done. I told him to just turn off the crock pot after he tries it out. I want to have some easy breakfasts for when all the kids are here. Will also make a couple of casseroles...one with eggs, tator tots, sausage, etc. and one with frozen hash browns, meat, but no eggs. Lindsey's family members eat very little eggs and never for breakfast (she says they are harder to digest early in the day.)

    I want to be organized enough that I can just play with the kids and be able to quickly get meals on the table.

    Our new mattress came last week...one of those foam ones in a box. I had also ordered a frame, but it didn't come the same day. So, when it didn't come the next day either, I just went ahead and unrolled the mattress on the guest room floor...it started to expand immediately. The next day the frame came, so we got it all fixed up. I hope it works okay for the kids, and I have air mattresses too. Just not a lot of floor space in that room, so I could only put up one actual bed. Amy and her family will take over the living room and Lindsey and family can have the guest room.

    Spent some time helping Den on the new house...I happened to check on him at just the right times when he needed me to hold something or go get a tool, etc.

    Oh, and I FOUND MY WEDDING RINGS! They have been lost since before Gpa moved in with us (over a year and a half.) They had gotten too tight, so I put them up for safekeeping...but forgot where. Why I didn't just put them in my jewelry box, I have no idea. But as I was looking through it (one more time) I happened to see a little cup behind a picture frame that was sitting on a shelf in our bedroom. Tipped the cup over, and out fell my rings. I have no recollection of putting them there, but I thank God that I thought of looking there.

    Well, chiro in the morning, and "first wave" of grocery shopping. Tuesday I'll leave home in time to go put up my dad's Christmas tree, get more groceries, then go on to Keira's Christmas concert. Will hopefully get to stay home Wed and Thurs...and wait for the kiddos to get here Thursday evening (or maybe afternoon.)

    Take care, everyone....will check in tomorrow.
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Slept til about 5:00 this morning. Of course, Sir Vester kept trying to get me up before then but I chased him off the bed and kept going back to sleep. I have to do the work outside today that I didn't do yesterday. That Red Tide is awful. It's still so hot here that it got up to 87 yesterday. It'll drop as the week progresses and the storm front, which was in Granni's neck of the woods, passes through. It should only be in the high-70's this time of year. Lowe's will call me today to let me know the time window for delivery of the new fridge tomorrow. I am going to toss some of the food in the freezer that's been in there a while. It's just the cost of being sick for the last six months and not being able to eat much. I'm going to try to get back over to the pool next week.

    I downloaded The Whole Town Is Talking on my Kindle and just got started on it. She has been centering her books around the same town in MO. This one is about strange goings on in the town cemetery. Several of her books have dealt with death and the afterlife. Maybe it's because she's getting older. She certainly knows how to keep readers involved with her stories and characters.

    Rock, I love on the West Coast, the Gulf Side, and Cocoa Beach is over on the East Coast, the Atlantic side. I am farther south too. When I see rocket liftoffs, I look to the NE. I think Sir Vester just scarfed down his food too fast. It came back up shaped like a tube which had been stuck in his gullet. That Blue Magic really is magic. Stains just disappear. Some cats throw up all the time. Fortunately, SV only does it rarely. Other than trying to get me up so early, he's a really good little cat. We have always suspected that our landscapers speak and understand more English than they admit to. For good reason, we are not supposed to talk to them directly. The supervisor is a Gringo who speaks Spanish. I really need to get back to trying to learn to speak Spanish. Dear SIL's brother's wife speaks Spanglish and I can understand her. DD says she thinks her whole family speaks Spanglish at home. I used to have my hair done in a salon owned by a woman from Cuba. They all spoke Spanglish and I could keep up with them. I am guessing that if a Dorkie gained too much weight, you could call him a Porkie.


    Sun, a very happy birthday to you. I keep using this same cake but it's about the only clip art which sparkles. I can't keep up with all the birthdays here. Was your trip for your birthday? I know a lot of cats get fur balls but this throwing up is new for Joe's cat. I told him to keep an eye on her. I think I'll check to see whether I can get some probiotic treats for SV. Animals who kill and eat other animals get the probiotics from the prey's guts (I know, aacckk!). I love Key West but I can go to any number of restaurants on the beaches here and watch the sunsets over the water. Thing about KW is that it's in the Caribbean and the water is more blue. I also love the marker which signifies the southern most point of the contiguous United States. There is a guy who owns the southern most house. How cool is that! DD worked at the Spaghetti Factory in Denver. She made great tips there. A lot of tourists like to eat there. There was a real trolly car in which one could eat. It's a fun place. Hope you can find a good person to blow you leaves.

    Julie, I wouldn't want to be living in a fold down camper in CO in the wintertime. Around Jan. and Feb., the temps can drop below zero. Yikes! I also wonder how safe an electric heater would be in such a confined space. I'd worry about a fire. Dear Old Friend's son is a concrete contractor supervisor. He moves around where the job takes him. He works on really big projects. Right now, he's working on Cape Canaveral. He and his girlfriend will be with DOF for Christmas as will his other son in Chicago. Hope I get to see his kids. They are a hoot! So glad you found your rings. I'm getting soooo forgetful that I don't trust myself to find anything anymore. Thank God for St. Anthony; I keep him busy. It's not all bad. I just found $50 in a drawer. Almost like found money. Well, actually, it was found money--my money. Still, it was a nice surprise. Maybe it's because I was ADHD as a child but I like to have a heavy pillow on my stomach and chest when I sleep on my back. It's calming. I don't have enough NRG to be hyper now. Glad you and Den are able to make progress on your house.

    It's that time for me to go read the virtual newspaper. Wish all the bad news were virtual and not real. That big fire in Oakland is horrific. I pray for the families who lost loved ones. That place wasn't safe; it didn't need to happen.

    Take care, dear ones and have a happy start to the week.

    Love, Mikie
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, Mikie and everyone! How does 33 degrees sound? We should get up to around 47, though. Hard to get used to wearing regular shoes again, lol...I wear sandals or flip-flops as long as I can...probably would be a little chilly in the snow :p

    I am thinking the kids who are going to Colorado will probably not have to live in the camper for too long...the girlfriend's family will surely take them in when it gets so cold. I agree, I can't think it would be very safe (or even warm enough) either.

    I set my alarm for 5:30 so I could get up and see how the overnight oatmeal turned out...I think the cooking time was just right, wouldn't have wanted it to go the full seven hours. I'll make a double batch when the kids are here...this recipe made about four or five servings, so double should be good for us and Lindsey's family. Will be good with some choices of fresh fruit to go on top, but okay the way it is. And I'll make the breakfast casseroles Friday night or Saturday night and can pop them in the oven the next morning...probably fix them for Sunday as I think that's the only night Amy's will stay over and be here at breakfast time.

    Planning the big dinner for Saturday (turkey, roast beef, etc., etc.) and will have someone go get my dad (or else take over the kitchen while I go.) We'll also open gifts (mostly for the grands).

    All the grandkids were wanting a pinata for their birthdays, so we are going to have a joint birthday party...for the kids, Jesus, and David (his birthday is the 15th.) Need to get a few more little things that will fit in the hole. Apparently, the "thing" now is not to blindfold everyone and let them take a whack towards the pinata...the ones today have lots of different ribbons hanging down and everyone takes turns pulling on a ribbon...the "magic" ribbon opens the trap door in the bottom. Sounds so much safer, so no need to have a video camera ready to send anything to "Funniest Home Videos."

    So, that's "the plan." Hope the weather cooperates, but if not, at least we tried.

    Hope everyone has a good enough day. I am off to the showers to get ready for the chiro. And may need to go by the pharmacy and pick up a script for Den...since our doctor is "closing shop", the doctor in Des Moines (from when Den was in the hospital) ordered one more month of thyroid med. Then he has got to find a new doctor and get started with followups, labs, etc.
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie I just read something most interesting for small kidney stones and something for you to remember.

    According to an article in AARP:

    "Riding a roller coaster could help ease the passage of small kidney stones, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Assn. A patient told doctors he had passed stones after each of three consecutive rides on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Walt Disney World, so researchers tested the effect on a 3D model of a kidney containing real kidney stones, taking it on roller coaster rides at the Orlando resort. When researchers sat in the rear car, the stones were passed 64% of the time. Front seat rides worked only 17% of the time."

    And maybe your ticket to Walt Disney world would be tax deductible?????? LOL

    Julie So glad to read you will have the family with you for a few days. That's great.
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - I am so tired out just reading all about your plans for the kids coming to visit :)!! Everything sounds really neat and a good idea to plan all the meals so you don't have to fuss to much with the meals while the kids are all there. We want to know al about your visit when they come. Sounds like fun !! Hope you don't get too pooped out preparing etc. Maybe you all could take some naps :)!! The pinata sounds neat with just pulling the ribbon. Lots of them here in TX. Sure sounds cold by you and is supposed to get to 20's or so at night towards the end of the week here. It has been in the low 50's I think today with drizzling rain today. The dampness is really bothering me..

    LIN - Who is getting married? Is it your daughter? It sounds lovely by the water. Hope you will be fully recovered after your surgery.

    SUN - HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Hope you have a great b-day !! Hope you get to do a little celebrating with your family.

    MIKIE - Sorry about Sir Veter. Hope he is OK. Glad you are doing a little better. Keep hanging in there sweetie.

    Hugz to ALL I need to go start dinner. Time to eat early tonight so I can go to chorale practice. The performance is Friday night. The dress reh. is Thursday. Going our with DD and DSIL our for our anniversary dinner in a nice place.. Since I can eat and drink a little more than I have been for 3 days a week I will splurge except for dairy. It is so hard not to have anything dairy esp desserts or drinks.

    Will try and get back to visit on the Porch a little more than I have been lately !!

    Granni :)
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    What a day! I got the bushes trimmed but not the cobwebs cleaned off the balcony. No hurry on that. I got soooo exhausted and felt nauseated so came inside and took a nap after taking the med for the nausea. When I woke up, I felt really hot and thought I was running a temp. Turns out the A/C had stopped cooling and it was 83 degrees in here instead of 77. So, I left a message for my A/C guy. Good grief, appliance problems come in groups. Just what I don't need. I'm praying it can be repaired and not replaced. It's about ten years old and has been slowing down this last year. Ratbane! As Rock would say.

    I'm waiting for Lowe's delivery people to call me to let me know when they will deliver the fridge tomorrow. Hope the A/C guy isn't here when it's delivered. I have all the windows in the main part of the condo open. With the Red Tide, my allergies are going nuts. Just shoot me now!

    Julie, 33 degrees actually sounds pretty good to me right now. I'm sweating just sitting here with the windows open and the fans on. Sounds as though you are your usual busy self. A piñata sounds fun. It will be so nice to have your family all together.

    Sun, I had also heard about the roller coaster treatment. Thing is that I rode them all day last year at Universal and the stones didn't budge. I think the stones have to be just the right size and in just the right position to pass. Since mine turned out to be so big, they likely wouldn't have passed anyway. I'm hoping the new supp will prevent any new ones. DGS heard about this and got all excited and wanted to plan a trip to Universal for medicinal purposes. :) Thanks for thinking of me.

    Granni, hope the rehearsal and performance go well. I also hope you enjoy the anniversary dinner and hope you also splurge and enjoy that too. Stop back when you can.

    I'm binge watching
    The Housewives of Beverly Hills. The new season starts tomorrow night. I didn't have cable last year so missed it. Think I've mentioned that one of them is married to Dick Van Patten's son, Vinnie. That's my DSIL's Uncle Dickie and Cousin Vinnie. There was mention of his passing and some video of him and his wife, Pat. I'm glad I got to see it but it's sad.

    One of the other housewives has Lyme Disease. She nearly died when the infection went to her heart. She has the means to do all kinds of treatments and she does but the other housewives are vicious. It's just like what I read about here when family and friends don't understand. They demean her because she will do anything to get well. If I had the $$$, I'd do anything too. The peptide shots helped sooo much but didn't turn out to be the cure.

    Hope all y'all have a great evening. I'm hoping it will cool down. Our nights are cool but it was really hot this afternoon. I've got an ice pack on the back of my neck.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Walked around the yard yesterday. There are several orchids in bloom and
    an equal number where the old flowers have now withered and should be
    trimmed. Some of the succulents are in bloom but you wouldn't exactly
    describe the results as flowers. One has tiny growths that look like red broccoli.
    And one has long twigs, taller than the plant, that put out tiny white flowers.

    Mikie, what color is your new fridge. Steel? Remember the fun colors
    from the 70s? Avocado and gold. I saw an ad on line from a company
    named Viking. They have those colors plus red and green. With matching

    I used to play bridge with a gay Professor from the Univ. of CA branch
    in the San Fernando Valley. He had a beautiful home in the hills just
    off Mulholland Drive. Spectacular view all the way to the Pacific. He
    ordered some fancy refrigerator from Europe.

    The company that trucked it to his house damaged it. It worked OK, but
    it had a dent top front. He decided he didn't want to wait for another
    delivery so he accepted something like $200 for the damage and kept
    photos and what not over the bad spot.

    He had the only house I've ever been in that had a conversation pit.
    Sort of a mini sunken living room inside the real living room. When
    he remolded the place he filled it in. I asked if he had a body concealed
    in the pit. He said, "Yes, but don't worry. It's only a grad student."

    Sun, that's an amazing story about the roller coaster therapy. And who
    would expect a difference between the front and back seats? Must be
    at least 40 years since I've been on one of those things. Pretty sure I
    still remember how though. I had a coworker who quit his job and
    went to work for another insurance company. There was a roller
    coaster death at one of the Magic Mountain Parks. I asked him about
    it (on the phone). He said, "We're not allowed to talk about it."

    Julie, you're right about those pinata videos. I took my son to a
    party with a pinata when he was about 6. I had to hang onto him
    to keep him away from the flailing stick.

    I remember when America's Funniest Videos was new. Saw part of
    an episode a few months ago. So many ads and so much meaningless
    jabber by the new host that I changed the channel after ten minutes.

    Hope you don't have too much trouble finding a doctor for Den. Gordon's
    doctor in the San Fernando Valley moved several years ago. He went into
    business with the doctor I was seeing. So now we go to the same office.
    But then the doctor who had moved quit and moved again. So now we
    go to the same doctor.

    Congrats on finding your rings. I have two missing. Class and fire
    opal. Like all my rings, they are lab created. Synthetic opals, I
    read, have only been available since the 1970s. Next time you're
    out this way, drop in. You can help me look. You got eyes like
    a howk.

    Barry, sorry to hear about slinky. I was gonna post an illustrated version
    of The Rainbow Bridge, but now I'm having electronic gremlin problems.
    Anyhoo there are several versions on YouTube.

    Have you read any books by Susan Conant? I'm just starting one. She
    writes dog mysteries. Is also a writer for Dog's Life Magazine. The
    good news is if you like her, she's prolific.

    Hugs All
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    I'm sitting here with the windows and doors open, letting the breeze blow through. It's going to be in the low-80's inside and out until I get the A/C fixed or replaced. I've been praying it's fixable. It could have worse; it could have crapped out when it was in the mid-90's outside. Yikes! I'm going to jump in the shower pretty soon here so I can try to blow my hair dry before it's too humid out. The cold front is supposed to hit on Thurs. but those promises often fall flat. Having trouble posting as my dyslexia is in charge of my fingers.

    Rock, our aloe vera succulents are blooming. The stalks are about four feet tall with little orange bugle shaped flowers at the top. Unfortunately, the small orange bird of paradise plants have taken over and it's a mess. I'll have to deal with that when time and NRG allows. In other words, possibly never! My new fridge is stainless steel. The first SS appliances were a bright shiny steel but the newest ones are a bit darker and not as shiny. It's supposed to be a smudge-proof finish because there were so many complaints of finger print smudges on the older ones. I upgraded a bit to go from a Frigidaire to a Whirlpool. I've had good luck with Whirlpool and they have good consumer ratings. Also, think I mentioned that the cheaper fridges are painted black on the sides. The better ones are a gray color on the sides and it matches the stainless better than black. This is important to me because the rest of my appliances are still white so I don't want this one clashing. The black would stick out like a sore thumb. DSIL's mom just got a new stainless fridge and it doesn't clash with her other white appliances.

    I just hope the A/C guy isn't here when they deliver the fridge. They are scheduled to arrive between 1:30 and 3:30. I'll start unloading the fridge and freezer about noon and put a lot of the stuff in the sink with ice cubes. I have a small cooler which can hold the rest. Anything lost or wasted is just the cost of my having been sick so long and not using what I had in the freezer. I remember those gold and avocado appliances. If you watch old shows, like The Brady Bunch, you can see them. When I was growing up, the latest colors were turquoise and pink. You can buy any of those old appliances which have been refurbished. There is renewed interest in mid-century homes and people want the appliances to match the style of the homes. I like my white cabinets, my stone countertop and stainless steel. Conversation pits were a big deal. Again, if you watch old shows, like The Mary Tyler Show, you can see them a few steps down from the front door. Russia used to ban those shows because they didn't want the masses seeing how well the middle class in the US lived.

    It must be convenient for both you and Gordon to have the same doc. I'm just glad all my docs are so close to me. Twenty years ago, this area was all new growth so the professionals established offices here. Now, everything is expanding south of me and over in the Cape to the NW. If left to their own devices, the developers will pave over all of FL. I don't know how we will support the demand for water. Today is our best chance of rain but it will be spotty. There is dark scud outside right now. I hope it isn't raining when my A/C guys comes or when they deliver the fridge.

    Sir Vester went crazy when I opened the kitchen window and the breeze blew through. He jumped onto the windowsill and was trying to push the blinds apart. I just hope those breezes keep up so it isn't so still and stifling in here. BTW, I am enjoying The Whole Town Is Talking so far. I'm not too far into it. Hope the library has it for you soon.

    Hope all our Dear Porchies have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    A very good morning to everyone! 34 degrees. with expected high of 39. The snow forecast for tomorrow has dropped from 90% to 10%...better for travelers. I am exhausted from running around yesterday, but have another full day today if I want to be able to stay home Wed. and Thurs.

    Mikie, don't feel bad. When I got home last evening, I had to clean out both freezers (upright and one in the top of the fridge), the fridge itself, and the extra little fridge/cooler. I've stocked up with a lot of extra things so the kids can take anything they need back home with them...although I'm taking some stuff to Amy's when I go today. Lindsey can't get some of her "favorites" in Tennessee...might be there somewhere, but she hasn't found a source, yet (organic half and half, beef bacon and dried beef, since they don't eat pork...things like that.) And I've got lots of fresh fruits and veggies on hand for the kiddos to snack on.

    But, in the process of making room for the new stuff...I had to actually face the mess I already had. I found partial packages of freezer burned meat, veggies, about six "almost gone" tubs of ice cream (full of ice crystals)...I could feel so ashamed, but I recognized some of it from when Gpa first came to live with us.

    That year was such a stressful time, combined with the stress that had already been piling up...I don't know how I ever knew up from down. We would get along fine (taking care of Gpa) until he talked to or saw his daughter...then he would get upset, I would get upset. That "season" is nearly over, but I may feel the repercussions for a little while yet. So nice to not have to have any interactions with her...for that, I am grateful.

    Anyway, it's onward and upward, true?

    I'd best just say a quick Hi to everyone...the day is going to "take off" quickly. Wish me luck!

    Barry, I am feeling your grief...give us an update when you are up to it. We may only be internet friends, but we all care about you and Richard. I'll give Rock a hand and post this one...there may be others.

    The Rainbow Bridge
    inspired by a Norse legend

    By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

    Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

    Where the friends of man and woman do run,

    When their time on earth is over and done.

    For here, between this world and the next,

    Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.

    On this golden land, they wait and they play,

    Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

    No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

    For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.

    Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,

    Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

    They romp through the grass, without even a care,

    Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.

    All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,

    Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

    For just at that instant, their eyes have met;

    Together again, both person and pet.

    So they run to each other, these friends from long past,

    The time of their parting is over at last.

    The sadness they felt while they were apart,

    Has turned into joy once more in each heart.

    They embrace with a love that will last forever,

    And then, side-by-side, they cross over… together.

    © 1998 Steve and Diane Bodofsky. All Rights Reserved.

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