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    I've downsized this picture so it doesn't take too much space

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    Hi Spring! Thanks for starting a new volume...purrrfect picture, considering the temp here is 17F..."real feel" is 3. The fire was almost out in the wood stove...I revived it with some smaller pieces of very dry wood and a little TLC. Den has this huge "fire thrower" that he uses, but I'm always afraid of burning the house down, lol! So, I do it the old fashioned way...adding little stuff, then bigger and bigger, and giving it just enough air...until it takes off. There is quite an art to fire building, ya know ;)

    I probably wouldn't even be awake except that I asked Lindsey to text when they left...I heard my phone around 3:30...about an hour ago. Then Oreo wanted to peek out the door (too cold, at first, to actually go potty out there, lol...she has since been out to do her thing.) So, while waiting on her and on the stove (to make sure it took off good) I decided to go ahead and start the coffeepot. Normally, the timer goes off and it turns on around 5:15. Now, Den will be up in about an hour...then I can start doing things that make noise.

    I have a couple loads of laundry left to do...don't think I will be hanging them on the line today...yesterday they froze, lol! As it is, I set a pan of roast chicken drippings in my van last night, so the fat would harden on the surface and I could scoop it off...well, I forgot about it...I imagine I have a big block of ice now. Will have to bring it in and let it thaw "just enough." And here, some of my friends on the porch are still planting flowers outside o_O

    So....thinking of everyone...here's to a "good enough" day!
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    Good Morning Friends,

    I hope this fine morning finds y'all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm darggin' my tail a bit this morning for no particular reason but when did our conditions need a reason to sap our NRG? Sir Vester is lying here on his side on the sofa all stretched out and snoozing. Zzzzzzzz... Wish I could join him; maybe later. I have to go over to feed Nancy's cat and give him some love. He also likes to give love nips which sometimes don't feel so loving. It'll be interesting to see whether he can figure out how to get his treats out of the little plastic mouse. If not, it will give him something to do while he's alone.

    Morning Joe show is reading headline that our life expectancy is declining for the first time in the US. With the junk food and obesity, it's no wonder. I was walking into BB&B yesterday behind an absolutely massive woman who was all dressed to the nines. She had a young teenage girl with her. As she walked in, she hocked up something and spit in the parking lot. OMG! Grossssss!!! Nice example to set for the kid. I do worry for our future. We're not only obese; we are disgusting. What ever happened to civility and acting politely in public? I also worry about the cost of treating all the sick people whose lifestyle choices have made them sick. While Nancy and I were waiting to be called back for my procedure at the hospital, we saw a parade of morbidly obese people coming in, many with young babies and children. Again, I worry for us all.

    Spring, thank you for starting us up with such a cozy pic. I love looking at pix of kitties and doggies. I also love calico cats. Of course, I'm sitting inside with my A/C turned on. It isn't running at the moment but will be when it heats up later in the day. Tomorrow, it won't get outta the 60's here due to a cold front moving down from the north. We are ready to leave our sweltering temps behind but, I think, they are supposed to soar again after frontal passage. How is your weather there?

    Julie, thanks for your kind words. It's certainly winter there. Do you have a clothes dryer? I remember in CO when it was so cold the dogs would run just outside the patio door, do their business and high tail it back inside. When we had fireplaces in our homes, I was the designated fire builder. We used to joke about my having my fire builders badge. Now, the kids in TX have a two-way gas fireplace. You open one of the pillars next to it and turn it on. No skill involved. Of course, there is also no need for buying or chopping firewood so there is an upside. There is only one fireplace in the hood here. In FL, people who have fireplaces often have them lit at the same time that they are running the A/C. Living in FL takes some getting used to.

    I watched the TV news about the big snow storm in CO yesterday and am glad to be living here. They even mentioned Boulder, my old home town before moving to Denver. Biggest problem is the drivers who have 4x4 vehicles and drive too fast. Yes, they can go in snow and ice but may not stop and will skid. It wouldn't be bad living there now that I don't have to get up and drive to work but I wouldn't enjoy having to run the snow blower every time it snows. There is a reason the old folk move to warmer climates. My neighbor from Buffalo got down here just in time.

    Gonna go read the virtual newspaper. I have to keep up with the mail because I'm expecting the delivery of those supps to prevent kidney stones. I can check it when I go over to feed Nancy's cat, Bob. Hope all y'all have a very good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, Mikie! Hope your supps come soon and they help a lot. Glad you guys have your Friends Helping Friends group...yes, it would be cute to watch Bob work to get his treats. Oreo has a thing called a Kong...it's a big rubber thing, sort of shaped like the ice cream on a soft serve Dairy Queen cone. One end is open enough to put treats in or to smear peanut butter inside...Oreo likes to play with it, sometimes bringing it to me for a refill. :)

    Lindsey just put on facebook that apparently the puppy gets carsick...oh no. But Lindsey gave her some homeopathic remedy and she is now resting just fine.

    Yes, I have a clothes dryer, but just love the smell of clothes that have been dried outside. But, I still "fluff" each load for a few minutes to kill any allergens...orders years ago, from our allergy doctor. I can hang things inside when it's too cold outside...Den hung clotheslines in the second level (above the shop)...I do that to save fuel, but often will just go ahead and use the dryer.

    I'd better get back to work...have all the beds made...I may sleep in the living room with some of the kids, if they don't want to sleep in the guest room. Amy, Clinton and the girls will only be staying one night, on Saturday...then they will take over the living room.

    Might have to take time for a nap this afternoon, lol!
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    Mikie - that picture is very large but I don't know how to downsize it..the thumbnail option was too tiny.

    I'm relieved our doggies don't like to nip to show lurrve! Would be covered in bruises. We hv obese people here, but they're not overly obese..and very very in the minority. Most hv trouble walking. I really hope kids will make the right choices...in eating and lifestyle.

    The weather is purrfect right now. Cold in mornings and evenings, warm to hot in mid day. I layer when I go out. I'm surprised it's so hot out there even in December!

    Julie - we used to build fires during my childhood. Alternate that with kerosene stove for cooking. . Used coal mostly..very nice to warm the hands but so messy!! It sounds really cold now out there! I think I would probably make my bed my home in those temps!

    I spent today clearing out our Chrissies and marigolds that are now truly over. I haven't finished...I didn't plant other autumn flowers and these just rambled over the beds, they looked super when in bloom but gonna take a day or two of clearing.

    I also pruned the bougains which had put out long new shoots...

    Made a short visit downtown...on some errands and dropped off some books I'd already read at a friends shop. All spiritual or metaphysical. It seems to me all healers who write bestselling books are tortured souls who tried to committ suicide at least once before seeing the light. Eckhart Tolle being one if them.
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    Spring. Did you get a picture of my cat, Clair??? LOL. Yep, she's a calico but more orange and brown and very little white on her.

    I can imagine those beautiful flowers when they were blooming, but it's hard to do the cleanup. Makes one think twice whether something should be planted or not. My mom had a huge flower garden, always had chrysyanthimums blooming, covering most of her garden in the fall, but so beautiful. There is a "mums" garden/nursery near Pasadena that I have gone to at the height of the blooming. Acres of them, everything you could imagine. Made me want to buy! Then I thought of my little growing space and decided against it. I'm lucky living in So. Cal.....we're so spoiled with always having things blooming.

    Julie. You sound like a master fire builder! We have a wood burning fireplace, but fire always scared me. Most of the time I would have my DH build it then I would stoke it with more wood, scared to drop it on though. At our other house we lived in when our kids were young, we lost power for 3 days in the middle of winter. OMG....thankfully we had a wood burning fireplace which is where we all huddled around a fire in our sleeping bags trying to stay warm.

    Should be MOST interesting and a fun time with all your family, Oreo and a little puppy! I hope your energy holds up.

    Mikie. How are you enjoying your new frig? I talked to my son last night who lives in Portland. He said they were expecting snow and freezing weather. He's got a source for all the wood pallets he wants for free so that will help with the heat. And apparently he talked to the company owner who even offered to bring a whole dumpster right to his house! They just want to get rid of the pallets. My son recently completed a covered shed in the back where the wood will stay dry but that he would cover the dumped pallets with a dropcloth. Out here in Calif. we can't comprehend anything more than a little rain.

    The gardener came, took a look around and told me he couldn't do the work because he had no other steady jobs in my area and the neighbor next door has now sold. Then he said he could blow it all and do some cleaning for $25. I said OK....but then he took his trusty weedwacker and got rid of all the weeds growing up in the cracks between all the rocks and blew everything. OMG.....it looks soooo good now. As he was leaving he did say if I wanted he could come back in 2 weeks and blow it again. I guess that's better than nothing. My shoulder/arm have been killing me again from several days ago.

    Here's something that was sent to me. So interesting about a restored map from the 1600s. Several videos to watch.

    http://hyperallergic.com/342182/a-b...y Rags Revealed to Be a Rare 17th-Century Map
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for starting a new thread, Spring. Nice pic of a kitty on the hearth.
    (Charles Dickens wrote about the cricket on the hearth.) Looks like
    a calico cat. Never owned one. Or any exotic cat. My mother had a
    Siamese, but that was after the kids were grown and gone. It had an
    exotic name too, but can't remember what it was.

    Well, we went to the opera concert last night. Gordon allowed 45 minutes
    to drive the 23 miles to the library. Took every one of them. Traffic
    was barely moving. The clock on the wall said 6:30 when we arrived so
    we were exactly on time. The librarian told us the concert would start in
    ten minutes.

    Remember Margaret Dumont from the Marx Bros. movies? The program
    was opened by a lady who reminded me of her. Her name in the program
    looked vaguely Russian. Whatever her accent was, it rendered her speech
    almost entirely incomprehensible. Turned out she was the best thing on
    the program.

    The first singer was a baritone who sang the popular Toreador Song from
    Carmen. His voice wasn't too bad, but it was powerful. And he was only
    10 feet away. Hurt my ears. He could have sung in an auditorium that
    held thousands and still have been heard.

    Anyhoo, I hated to do it, but I left the room. I didn't want to hurt anybodies
    feelings so I kinda did some silent coughing and clutched at my throat as I left.
    It was pretty noticeable, I'm afraid, as there were only 7 people in the audience.

    Well, I moved two rooms away from the concert and looked at books. The
    soprano who followed the baritone was equally loud, but her voice was
    much worse. At any rate we checked out some books and DVDs so the
    trip was not a complete loss.

    Mikie, another kawinkydink. Just the other day I was watching Bob Hope
    tap dance with Jimmy Cagney, Natalie Wood, etc. on Youtube. Clever
    how you worked his name into your last paragraph. W/ re: 2 civility and
    good manners, I think small towns may be the last bastion of same.

    Julie, I remember back in the 40s and 50s when we got a hot water heater,
    a washing machine, an electric dryer, a vacuum. All big household events.
    And appliances certainly were not part of a new house. Well, we seldom had
    a new house in our village. I can only remember 2 being built in the 2 decades
    I lived there.

    Well, gonna lie down and read for a bit. Gordon is gonna do some
    errands later. Hope everydobby has a good day.


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    Porchies, Hello.

    Springwater, your pic. stunned me. The cat looks just like Slinky, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. A time for sadness for us, Richard especially broken up. When she leaves the state of rigor, we will bury her under the camellias in the back yard where we first saw her years ago, lost and frightened. We took her in and she was a wonderful cuddly cat. I shall always think of her cavorting in the yard, and climbing up the persimmon tree looking down at us. Sweet memories.

    Rock, sorry the concert was not up to snuff. Only seven in the audience???? Your exit amused me, pretending to have a 'bad turn'. At least you got some books and dvds! I agree with you and Mikie about the decline of civility in the last few decades. Maybe it portends the decline of civilization.....

    Wood fires, how I love them! Had coal fires in England as a child. We got rid of our wood stove here about ten or fifteen yrs. ago, and had propane installed. I miss the cozy wood fire though, though my back doesn't. Darn horse. Darn back.

    Sun, glad you found a gardener. I need at least two or three, but won't be getting them! Not much blooming around here right now, but I did see a lawn daisy y-day! :) The most colour I have is the crabapple which is bent down with tiny red fruits, leafless. The hermit thrushes are just starting in on the berries.

    We've been having a series of small earthquakes, but this morning gave us a 6.5 that jolted the county about 7 o'clock. There have been a number of aftershocks, but I didn't feel those ones. No damage reported.

    Later My Friends,

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    Barry. I'm so very sorry to read that Slinky has passed on. It's so darn hard......It was in August that I had to put my favorite kitty, Abby, to sleep. I cried so hard at the vet and afterwards. Came home and the house felt very empty without her here. I'm sure you also feel that way. I don't think I will be getting another pet just yet though. Clair is 10 years and I don't think she would like it.

    Earthquakes!!!! Yipes. They all "shake me up" and don't know how I would take it, being alone now. I did learn how to turn off the gas and also the water in front....just in case.

    Rock. Egads! Loud singing in a small area. I was hoping it would have been enjoyable for you but at least you came home with some books.

    I just finished listening to a good book, at least I enjoyed it. About Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley. Called "The Paris Wife" by Paula Mclain. Check it out.

    I got an email from a friend today about someone who had suddenly passed on.....she worked at a small investment company, was at work and wasn't feeling good so apparently she went home or went to a doctor, I don't know and then died a few hours later. A shock to everyone. It was my understanding she was diabetic, so don't know if that was the cause. Anyway, I've been thinking about her......such a sweet lady, and suddenly she's gone.

    And on thanksgiving a friend's husband died as they were leaving their son's home. The paramedics worked on him for quite a while on the lawn but she thinks he had died before they had arrived. His BD was in another week and he would have been 81. Had terrible heart problems with a defibrillator put in years ago. Also badly diabetic and had to use insulin quite often during the day. Even with all the problems it's still a shock when someone passes.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Barry, I'm so sorry to hear of Slinky's passing. I know how very sad it is for you and Richard. I have always believed that our pets continue to watch over us from the other side. I have very good reason to believe it. I also believe we will be reunited with them. Life and love are energies which don't go away. Please know you are in my heart and prayers.

    Julie, I've seen those things for dogs. They look neat. It's funny that Oreo brings it to you for a refill. I try to do laundry with full loads so I don't waste energy. My front loaders are energy smart. The washer spins most of the water out of everything so drying takes almost no time. It goes so fast when it spins at 1200 rpms that I think it's gonna take off. Still, I'd love to be able to hang my things outside. It's been so long that it would likely do me in to do it, though. Hope you got that nap.

    Spring, I don't know how to resize photos either. Seems most of mine are always too big or too small. Like Goldilocks, I'd like them to be just right. Our weather is nice now with cool mornings and evenings but we'll be back into the 80's by this weekend. It's been hot 'n humid this year, more so than normally. We have too much cheap junk food available here. So many people eat horrible diets. No wonder obesity and illness are rampant. Don't overdo it gardening, my friend.

    Sun, I'm so sorry your shoulder is so painful. I hope it gets better soon. I also hope this guy can help with the weeding and blowing. There are all kinds of things people are doing with wood from pallets. That's wonderful your DS is getting them free for firewood. There is a new trend in home renovation to use wood with 'live edges' for vanity tops and table tops. Instead of perfect wood, people are now appreciating imperfections in it. I know I do. I am loving the new fridge. I'm so glad I did it. It's probably a good thing that man couldn't be revived. Too much time may have passed before the EMTs got there and he might have lived only to be a cardiac cripple. That's what happened to my aunt and my Mom told me never to let them revive her if she had a major heart attack. Hope you feel better.

    Rock, I'm laughing. Sho 'nuff, I did type Bob Hope. Think I heard that lady who was in the Marx Bros. films was really a cutup herself and not the stuffy woman portrayed in the films. I'm sorry your Night At The Opera didn't pan out. I can't stand loud singing in a closed-in space. So, are you up for an Oscar for your fine acting when you left? I always told Mom that if we were ever attacked and I had to draw my gun to protect us that she should feign a heart attack to get outta the line of fire. She thought that was funny. Glad your trip wasn't in vain and you got some things for going. Hope you enjoy them (just hope, not Bob Hope).

    Just got back from my second visit of the day with Bob The Heartthrob. He's such a sweeeet cat. He was asleep in the front bedroom. Nancy's condo is the same floorplan as mine but reversed. I had to show him how to get the treats out of the mousie. There was still one inside it but he didn't seem to want it badly enough to get it out. He's a big Maine Coon and just wants to love and be loved and to sleep. My friend, Richard called me and we got caught up. He sounded a bit flat, not quite as up as usual. Says he still wants to come down and wants me to come up there.

    I'm watching a Marge and Gower Champion movie from 1952--Everything I Have Is Yours. The costumes are soooo pretty and I've always loved their dancing. They are man and wife in the movie and live this 'perfect 1950's lifestyle.' It's the ideal I grew up with. Of course, their marriage is bumpy in the movie but I'm sure it will all work out so they live happily ever after.

    I didn't get to Publix today so will go mañana. Mañana, Mañana, Mañana Is Good Enough For Me. Hmmm, that would make a good song. :rolleyes: Oh, the movie is over and they are dancing into the future. I think all the stress of everything going wrong this week has finally caught up with me. I'm beat! I had one of the swordfish fillets for lunch. Think I'll make a seafood gumbo to use up the other one and some of the shrimp. A nice hot Cajun gumbo sounds good especially since it will be so much colder tomorrow.

    Ok, gonna go. I hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    Julie - if it were as cold here as it is there, above is where I would likely be spending most of me time..got it off the internet, a place to get lost in with books and hot ginger tea!

    Barry - I pray for your little Slinky. May she be well and strong now in spirit and climbing all the persimmon trees she wants to, with nothing stopping her.

    We had an EQ 5.4 some days ago which woke both DH and me up..very early morning. I'm beginning to lose that fear. Not thinking about it, it had occurred to me after the Italy and NZ quakes that we might get some

    Rock - what an actor you are! Making like you are gonna pass out! And how kind of you to try and spare that singers feelings.

    Sun - even a little help is welcome when one cannot manage chores, for whatever reason. I hope the guy gets a full time job or jobs enough to keep him and his family.

    I love going to the chrissie exhibitions...all those colours and shapes and sizes! I normally used to get those huge headed ones with petals like tentacles. Not this time. And the little flecked ones like stars. Omgoodness, I love chrysanthemums.!!

    Mikie - Bob The Hearthrob sounds like the opposite of fiery Tweety Madame. I love those kinds of animals..cozy, comfortable, easy to handle ones, though I always like at least one very mischievous one. With a twinkle in the eye and curious about everything.
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    Twas the night before Friday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...except Grandma...I am waiting for a few more minutes before I turn the crock pot on. I'm making the overnight oatmeal again, and it takes about 6 1/2 hours...I don't want to have to get up terribly early, so am waiting to get it started.

    Oh Barry...even when we know what is coming, it is still so sad. Please accept my sympathy to you and to Richard.

    Rock, what a shame the music was so darn loud...but as the others have said...at least you got home with some books, etc.

    Spring, my grandma and grandpa used to heat their house with coal. The big stove stood in a corner of the kitchen. First thing every morning, we would get up and run to stand by the warmth. Baths were taken in a galvanized tub behind the stove. I can't imagine an earthquake...I hope none of our friends see any more damage.

    Mikie, how nice of you to take care of Bob...glad he is such a gentleman and easy to take care of.

    I'll say a big "hi" to everyone else...hope all is well.

    The kids got here around 4:00 pm. I was pretty anxious for Oreo to meet the puppy, Snow (Lorraine named her Snow White). But they seem to have hit it off okay...Snow wants to play with Oreo, but Oreo is a giant compared to her. Wouldn't ever leave them alone together, but so far, so good.

    The kids seemed so happy to see their familiar toys and books, etc. They played and played. I offered to sleep in the living room with any of the kids...Lorraine, Liora and Isaiah thought that was a great idea. I'm sure Mommy and Daddy appreciated being able to just take Josiah and the puppy, put them to bed, and crash.

    Den's chest gunk is about the same...but he got off work early, so was able to come home and rest before everyone got here. I didn't get a nap, but must be running on adrenaline since it is after 11:30 pm and I have been up since 3:30 am. I can rest or do whatever while the kids are all gone to the chiro tomorrow.

    Here's for Barry, Richard, Sun and anyone else who has lost a much loved cat.

    Heavenly Nap

    You lived your nine lives here with me
    my loyal, loving friend,
    Then God took you up to Paradise
    to live life number ten.

    I’ll bet you’re peacefully lying
    upon an angel’s lap.
    Purring there, without a care
    having a heavenly nap.

    I’ll miss you for a little while,
    but our friendship will not end.
    Time will pass, and then at last
    you’ll be on my lap again.
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    Spring: What a cozy picture! It kinda reminds me of a little nook of a bedroom an aunt and uncle had in their home in Michigan we had come to visit when I was about 10. Totally charming....kinda like a tiny attic room under a stairs and I loved it. While searching for something I came across this really neat website, chocked full of pictures to drool over. One could take hours going over them and dreaming. Of course I head first to the gardens.


    Julie. Don't wear yourself out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Den sick?

    It was one of those days today for me. I was leaving to run some errands and my car battery seemed to be DEAD, so had to call AAA. Waited about an hr. For the guy to show up, then almost another hr. While he checked battery, etc. looked up my old AAA battery, then call for a new battery then install it.

    In the mean time I had called the florist that had delivered a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to me yesterday morning from my DD. Yesterday I noticed a drooping hydrangea, this morning 4 more gerbera daisies looking pretty sad, so I called and complained to the florist. Too much $ spent on old flowers. They were to have picked it up right away and replaced it but 6 hrs. Later i had to call again. The driver brought a new, fresh arrangement while the AAA guy was here. So after the new arrangement and a new battery I was finally able to get to the library.
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    Heading to bed very soon, but had a delay while I looked for my phone. I thought Josiah must have picked it up, but when I bumped the computer table, my phone lit up...it was behind the monitor.

    Sun, what an ordeal! Hope the new battery did the trick. And glad you got a new bouquet...I agree, too much money to have the flowers droop so soon.

    Yes, Den is getting sick...stuff in his chest and it affects his head, too. He's taking stuff for it, but with this cold weather (and his job often being outside) he's been pretty miserable.

    Headed to bed right now. I was worried about finding my phone...I have no other way to set an alarm...
  15. rockgor

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    Morning, Kids

    It's 2 AM here. Gordon's brother is already up. He used to get up a 3AM, but his
    schedule has changed recently. Have no idea why. Wouldn't do any good to
    ask him. When it comes to conversation he is incapable or unwilling.

    Nice pics of cozy rooms you guys have been posting. Remember the 50s?
    The dark wood of old furniture was being replaced with light, and
    wainscoting was gone. People had huge coffee tables; usually with enormous
    glass or pottery ashtrays that were free form or shaped like a triangle. And,
    of course, there were TV tables, sometimes a whole thicket of them.


    Got an e mail from my Minnesota brother yesterday. Kawinkadentally
    Gordon found an old thank you note in a drawer from his two sons dated
    1-3-94. They were thanking me for some tattoos (paper transfers) and
    money I'd sent them. The 6 year old said they would use the money to
    go "sceeing". His ten year old brother sounded very mature. "As
    Tom mentioned, we will use the money to go skiing."

    Now they are married, have 6 kids altogether, and one recently became
    a widower due to cancer.

    Barry, glad to hear the earthquakes were insignificant. I read we have
    earthquakes in Calif. every day, but most of them are not even noticed
    by people, only by machines. I remember 3 big ones that I felt, and several
    others in Calif that did lots of damage.

    I'm glad you have happy memories of Slinky. We took in 4 rescue dogs over
    the years. One of them was never really friendly; probably traumatized
    somehow. The other 3 were all shih tzus, and they were affectionate.
    Chester was an adult when we got him. I can't remember exactly how
    long we had him. Sixteen years, I think.

    Sun, as the old Gregorian chant put it, in media vita in morte sumus.
    In the midst of life we are in death. I think this means that most people die
    when they are going about the business of living.

    I looked up the Paris Wife. Read it was a "phenomenal success".
    The love of Paris, of course, was Helen and we all know how that wound
    up: the Trojan War.

    Springwater, what is that picture you posted? A bedroom? Living
    room? Whatever it is it looks like the essence of cozy. I am spending
    lots of time in bed reading. Cheaper than turning on the furnace.
    Oh, a chrissie is a mum. I was wondering. My mom had them in
    her garden. They came in several colors.


    Julie, do you put a lot of stuff in your oatmeal? Some people put so much
    stuff in it (maple syrup, cocoa, honey, graham crackers, cinnamon) it
    sounds like candy. I think it's been decades since I had any oatmeal.
    It was a good way to start a cold winter day in the Midwest.

    Thanks for the lovely poem.

    OK, going back to bed. Hugs, All
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    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I still can't find the poem I've been looking for but did find this one. I hope it's a comfort to Barry and Richard and all of us who love our kitties.

    Poem For Cats

    And God asked the feline spirit
    Are you ready to come home?
    Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
    And, as a cat, you know I am most able
    To decide anything for myself.

    Are you coming then? asked God.
    Soon, replied the whiskered angel
    But I must come slowly
    For my human friends are troubled
    For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

    But don't they understand? asked God
    That you'll never leave them?
    That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
    That nothing is created or destroyed?
    It just is....forever and ever and ever.

    Eventually they will understand,
    Replied the glorious cat
    For I will whisper into their hearts
    That I am always with them
    I just am....forever and ever and ever.

    Author Unknown

    Sir Vester was unrelenting, trying to get me outta bed this morning but I waited him out and got a little bit of extra sleep. At least, all his jumping on and off the bed are excellent exercise for him. I can't find Bob's brush so will take Vester's over this afternoon to brush him. Nancy says he likes it. When I went in yesterday, I said, "Mack," to him and he responded with, "Macknah." Very friendly greetings in Cat Language.

    I have to go to Publix today and really should go to Lowe's. I need to get my painting bin down to see whether I need any brushes and rollers. I think I got them when I got the paint but I should get new spackling. Wish one of these stores carried NRG in a can, box or other package. I'd buy it in bulk or on auto-ship. But wait, if ordered today, I'd get a better attitude for no additional cost, just pay separate shipping and handling (the latest scam in TV ads.) Oh, and I could stand to look better too, perhaps a fresh face. Now, these are things I'd buy.

    Spring, that cozy nook makes me just want to grab my Kindle can climb in. Zzzzzzz... I'm glad you are losing the fear of EQs but am sorry they continue. Yes, Tweety is an ornery cat but she is the smartest cat I've ever known. Too bad she thinks it's OK to pee wherever she wants to show her displeasure. Think I mentioned she peed on Jeff's throw rugs on the lanai. He had to remove them. I'm glad she can go out and have her little adventures like when the cats first came here. I wish Sir Vester could but, if that woman in the next bldg. saw him, all hell would break loose. Also, he's healthier inside and it's safer for him; he always tried to get in vehicles parked here. Repairmen and service providers usually leave their vans open while they work and both he and Tweety would get into them. He once disappeared for three days until someone figured out where he acquired him. Hope those quakes go away.

    Rock, we got new furniture in the 50's. Chartreuse was the current hot decorating color and my Mom got a chartreuse sectional sofa. Sectional furniture was also the hot trend. We got a new blonde modern coffee table with wrought iron legs. Mom had some kind of big ceramic ashtray like those you posted. We were the cat's meow. Think I've mentioned that these things are in demand today by people renovating Mid-Century homes. I no longer want minimalist modern lines. I'm happy in my cluttered coastal casual nest. We always had gold mums for our corsages at our Homecoming Dance. Our colors were purple and gold. Before the evening got started, the mums were falling apart. The florist was next to our high school. Boy do some of these things bring back old memories but, mum's the word.

    Julie, glad the kids got there safe 'n sound. It's great that Snow and Oreo are getting along. It's good for both of them. There is nothing like coming home to Grandma. The kids must be in Seventh Heaven. I hope all goes well with the visit and that the weather cooperates. That's a lovely poem. I keep searching for the one I want but can't find it. There are so many beautiful ones I'm finding. Enjoy your family. I hope Den is better. Rub some Vicks on his chest.

    Sun, thanks for the link. OMG, I can go crazy looking at gardens and rooms. Well, our parallel lives continue to resemble one another. I'm just glad your crap storm was smaller than mine and hope that it's over for you. I was soooo tired yesterday and think it was just the stress of having to deal with so much at once on Tues. I hope when it's Nancy's other friend's turn to take over Bob's care that she is able to do it. She has a 95-year-old mother who needs her often. Bob isn't any trouble and I could go only once a day instead of twice but I think he needs the company and stimulation. It does get me outside and walking even if it isn't far. I pass the dumster so have been able to dump my trash on the way and dump Bob's poop bag on the way home. My supps still haven't arrive but they are due about now. The link to track them in the e-mail isn't working. Hope your new guy will be just what you need to keep the lawn clear and allow your shoulder to heal.

    I will take a nice hot soak and then trim my nails. They are getting soooo long and one will break if I don't tend to them. Also, haven't read the paper yet so need to do that. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2016
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  17. Maithyl16

    Maithyl16 Member

    Thanks a lot for sharing this image.
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  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, y'all,

    I've been gone for a bit, with the computer troubles -- seems like when Kevin fixes a problem, another annoying thing happens. He's still working on it. He did disable my touchpad. Whew! That was a major problem with typing.

    And we have a small problem with the insurance company for the accident. They did an electronic deposit to the towing company. And the towing company had already billed us! So State Farm says that they'll take the money out of the towing company account and then send us a check. I just want to see $303.55 payable to us!

    We're still waiting on a bill from the rental car. Ins Co told Kevin that he should have called them first, before renting. AND HE DID! I was in the room when Kevin made the phone call. Whenever a bill shows up from Enterprise Rental, I told Kevin to take it to State Farm and have it charged to the account of the person who is responsible for the accident.

    Oh, for all this paperwork, etc. to be taken care of!

    Anyways, I've been reading your posts. Julie, have fun with the family. And those who are cooking, all sounds delicious to me! I cannot remember what everyone posted though.

    I'm into the "1950's" section of Fannie Flagg's book. It's such a good read.

    Barry and Richard, Kevin and I send our condolences to you. We know you'll miss Slinky.

    My internet is acting up, slowing down, so I'll close for now.

    I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and hugs and prayers,

    A Bridge Called Love

    It takes us back to brighter years,
    to happier sunlit days
    and to precious moments
    that will be with us always.
    And these fond recollections
    are treasured in the heart
    to bring us always close to those
    from whom we had to part.

    There is a bridge of memories
    from earth to Heaven above...
    It keeps our dear ones near us

    It's the bridge that we call love.

    Author Unknown
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A quick hi to all. I have been so absent. So sorry. All is well just very busy and COLD :)!!!

    Tonight is our big choral concert and will be glad when that is over and done with. Things will be in a tizzy or should I say have been. Our director was RXed a few weeks ago with aggressive small cell lung cancer. It is not a very good RX but she has had surgery and there are other tumors too. She will have radiation when her wound heals from the surgery, then also maybe chemo. She has a long road to how and not sure how things will turn out. I know the overall prognosis is not very good. She is so musically talented.

    Got lots of stuff to do but I need to get off and do a little bit of practicing after I try and order something online , nothing interesting just supps.

    BARRY - So sorry to hear about dear SLINKY. I know it is like losing an old friend or family member or both together, very sad for you and Richard. Hang in there both of you. Those posts posted about cats and death were so true and sweet.

    JULIE - Have fun with the family and hope that Den get to feeling better too with all those kiddos coming to visit. Have fun and stay well !!

    Special hugs also to DIANE, SUN, MIKIE, STAR, ROCK, SPRING, et al inc all our MIAs.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to get beack here sooner rather than later but I can't always catch the computer. Haven't even started any cards yet. I am so behind the 8 ball this year.

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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I got to Lowe's and picked up painting supplies. Then, I went to Publix. I ran into an old friend who used to live in our bldg. They moved to a community across the street. They go out to eat with Frank and Ilona when they are here. They are a really nice couple so it was good to catch up with them. She just had her gallbladder removed two weeks ago and is doing well. Her son had heart surgery for a large aneurisym, and eight-hr. surgery. He's doing well too but the recovery will take a while. Seems as though all we do anymore is compare maladies. Must be getting old. Just realized that our little community is like living in a small town. Had a nice chat with two of my favorite employees at Publix.

    I picked up things to make my seafood gumbo and it's simmering on the stove. I've put the shrimp and swordfish in with the okra, tomatoes and andouille sausages. I browned the sausage and used the fat, some onions and celery to make a roux. I'll add half cobs of corn and mussels toward the end. It's smelling yummy. Only problem is that it makes so much. I'll end up sharing with someone. Betty Cracker brownies were on BOGO so I decided to splurge and get them. A pan of them is in the oven. I have one of those sectioned pans which bakes an edge on every piece.

    I ran into Jeff on my way out to go shopping. He and our mgr. were giving tours of the property to potential landscapers to get bids on our business. I hope they hurry so we can get the mulch put in. Jeff said there are ten people running for the seven seats on the board. I'm so glad and hope we get some good people. I also hope we can keep Sam off the board. He's devious and not quite all there. He was on when I was president and he drove me nuts. He sends out copious e-mails over every little thing and holds everything back. People ask me about those on the board and running for the board and I tell them the truth. Jeff said Tweety didn't like her new litterbox litter and she peed all over and pooped in one of his plants. He put her face down to the pee and told her no. Since then, she's been using her box. She's smart and knows exactly what she's doing. She already refused to eat the food she ate here and Jeff ran out and bought her other food. He should have waited her out.

    I'll be going over to see Bob and brush him before too long. He was soooo disappointed that I didn't stay longer this morning. I can pick up my mail and drop off some gumbo to someone on my way over. I hope my supps came in the mail. I'll check that out on my way home. This is the busiest I've been in weeks.

    Diane, I'm so sorry for all the hassle over the accident. Good grief! I bet you'll be glad when it's all over with. I was behind a Soul at the stoplight and thought about you and Kevin. I'm in the 30's in the new book. I've noticed a couple of discrepancies regarding the town and its people between books but nothing to nit pick about. Another beautiful kitty poem. You and Kevin had had some cluster crap storms too. I don't know how I'd get through mine without all our dear Porchies here.

    Maithyl, how nice to see you've dropped in. I hope you can come back for a visit.

    Granni, Praying all goes well tonight. We are cold here too. BRRRRRR!!! The air felt frigid when the wind picked up in the Publix parking lot. Of course, I had on shorts and my flip flops. I did layer up when I was in TX and wore long pants. The Post Office is running ads with I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas. I've been singing, Vester wants a hippopotamus for Christmas. He loves it and he notices when the ad comes on. I'm so sorry about your friend. No, that diagnosis doesn't sound good. Just sent up a prayer for her.

    Ok, the gumbo is done and I'm off. Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

    Love, Mikie
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