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    Hi everyone...thought I would get a new volume going before I head back to bed...although after a four hour nap today, I'm not sure what time I'll fall asleep, lol!

    Check out the last porch for posts from me, Granni and others. Oh, I have to come back and share this joke, since some of us have been cleaning and buying fridges, etc.

    "I bought my girlfriend a new fridge for Christmas. Not a great gift, I know...but you should have seen her face light up when she opened it."

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    Beautiful porch, Julie!

    Spacious, airy, uncluttered. Very tasteful. These days i hv a horror of clutter. alas, my house is a hold all bin! Lol! I'm always thinking I will get to it all and then something comes up.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dear father. Having loved ones is a double edged sword. You get so much joy, and then there is the worry. I'm praying all your family dynamics get sorted out, or calm down. Was Clinton always like this?
    Or did it start after his surgery.

    What an exciting time opening presents, lol, even tho there was going to be a lot of clearing up. Worth it. I think the little kiddies could help out a bit, picking up wrappers, and Keira a little more?

    Granni - how strange about CD. Why is she so fixated about being a vet? I hv heard sometimes drugs induce hallucinations. But I didn't know it was permanent or semi permanent. In our culture, we would call it a walk in. Someone else's disembodied spirit occupying a body partially when the persons mind has become messed up due to trauma or drugs or sometimes even anesthesia. Then their memories get mixed up with the spirits.

    Of course modern medicine would hv scientific explanations probably. I understand your pain regarding this whole issue. It's been going on for a number of years now. How stressful for the other siblings too! I wish someone would set fire to ALL the drugs and cigarettes and alcohol in this world. Who knows how many children young people hv been affected for life experimenting with this crap.

    Mikie - I hope the painting goes well. Good to know you got sanding and spackling done. Dusty sounds like a lovely little fella.

    We had a gathering at the healing center...lots of us meeting after ages...the lunch one of the members had served, (she caters) was absolutely fantastic! So delicious although homely. Potato curry with gravy just the way I like it, green beans, kidney bean lentil curry in lieu of lentils, poori (bread), pulao rice. And a raita, (spiced curd) just as delicious as the rest of the food. I wish I could cook like that. There were about 70 of us..so that would be lots to prepare!

    I walked home part of the way with a friend. It was like old times. When I used to go often to the center.

    We learnt about the meaning of some mantras, and lots of other information. So interesting. It's good to see a healing place do well. They've produced so many hundreds of students out of whom half a dozen already opened their own centers. And doing good. Very encouraging.

    I hope Star, Diane, Elaine n all are well.

    God bless
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    Hi spring...just happened to hop back on here as I was waiting for the wood stove to get going. Yes, I think the same about clutter...then I worry I may need this or that some day, so I don't get rid of it.
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    Yes, I'm still up and glad for that...just found Star had posted on the last porch. I felt it was important to move her post over here...guess some of us were worried about her for good reason. Star, dear, I am so sorry you've been so sick...glad your hubby has realized this and is helping. Praying that the meds work somehow, or that you find something else that does. Thinking of you...

    From Star:
    Hello There, everyone at the Porch.

    I'm really sorry Barry for your loss.
    Animals are such a blessing to us humans.
    Fill our lives for sure.
    Rainbow Ridge-how fitting.

    Thank you Mikie for your message.
    Was nice.

    Kinda been feeling Lost In Space.

    So much has been happening re Treasures and school...
    Wrapped up with Presentation Night Thursday.

    Two of them got top of the class in woodwork (dd & DS)
    And DS medal for arts (includes acting & music)
    Dd also got 'sportswoman ' medaL.
    Principal of 22 yrs was leaving, so it was a long night.
    Was very grateful DH drove. I felt like I was running on borrowed time.

    Two are away for the wk, competing against other schools in various events.
    Am glad they are too, as I can barely manage.

    Last week I considered getting my friend to take me to hospital,
    But wouldn't have been good for Treasures...

    I'd been gradually getting sicker and finally told my dr that this wasn't just IBS, Or a virus,
    Something else was going on and I was really worried.
    He said I looked much more tired than usual...

    Such a frustrating journey, this one, coz no one seems to know much about it...
    Turns out there's a parasitic Protozoa in my gut.
    It's called DIENTAMOEBA FRAGILIS. (Copied and pasted).

    Get this.
    . Apparently many people have it, but Don't have a clue.
    most aren't symptomatic and apparently don't require treatment.
    Such poppycock.
    They're ( medical society) aren't even sure how you get it.
    My Dr said ' contaminated water '.
    I don't make a habit of drinking out of puddles.
    I'm Always washing my hands or using sanitizer.
    I wash fruit and veg too and I still wound up with a filthy parasite.

    Found a very informative site. Many testimonies and was set up by a woman who was pretty much on the GI roller coaster.
    But was eventually taken seriously by the specialist who had gotten onto H Pylori.

    Unfortunately getting treated properly is a chore.
    I got a script with repeat for Flagyl tablets, but chemist got all stroppy and instead of getting 2 wks worth, I ended up with 3 days, liquid.
    I wasn't allowed to use my repeat and they took it ?
    Had to get another script for the suspension and am on my 2nd day of that.
    Dunno if it's this disgusting (apparently harmless) stuff having a party in my gut or if it's the meds, but my stomach and lower feel like they're being ripped apart.Taking slippery elm aswell.

    Felt like I'd been transported to the middle of the Sahara this morning,
    With all the sweat pouring off me.
    Eating causes pain.

    After researching, apparently Flagyl antibiotics rarely kills it.

    And what about my Treasures?
    I hit the dr with all these questions and even though he said, he'd rather I ask him and Not Google-
    I wound up saying 'never mind ,I'll google it'.

    If my bowel didn't show up with severe inflammation, he wouldn't even attempt to treat me for the D Fragils.
    So it's probably not food allergies or lactose intolerance at all.

    Ok guys.
    I'm very sorry this post is all about me.

    I care about each one of you very much, but I figured I should probably try and explain About this thing
    Just in case eigther of you, or your loved ones, find yourself in the same boat.

    It's taken forever to write this and I'm so weak.
    S'posed to be going away Monday...

    DH decided we should adopt a three legged cat.
    She wakes me up on and off all night, for a pat, by tapping me on the face or rubbing her face along mine...
    I know she needs love, but gee I'm so tired. Oh. And she's a licker. Sigh.

    DH is finally realising that I'm worse than usual.Health wise.
    He's worried and even doing some cooking, which I don't eat. ( but not enough to do dishes .Lol).

    Oh well. I've lost the 'thought train' and am probably rambling.
    My apologies.

    Forgive me if it's a while before I write again- but I'll be reading along when I can.

    Take care
    Catch yas Later

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I again got a lot of sleep but only because I fell into a coma last evening. I paint and then have to go lie down for a while. It's really slow going but, eventually, it'll get done. The paint perfectly matches what's on the walls and trim and that's a relief. Mgr. scheduled a guy to pressure wash the sidewalks, balcony and stairs in our bldg. It'll be done before Barb arrives. One less thing for her to get riled up about. I'll be bringing my chairs inside so she and her kids don't have them to sit on just outside my front door. She only has two chairs of her own, not enough for everyone and anyone else who stops up. In the past, they broke two of my chairs. I plan to get a lot done inside in Jan. while they are here.

    Just after I had mentioned Red Tide here, the TV news showed dead fish washing ashore with the RT outbreak. I'm sneezing and my sinuses have been stuffy. Breathing has been labored too. AACCKK!!! All RT symptoms. Since it's a neurotoxin, I think it causes anxiety as well. Because it's still in the 80's in the afternoons, I'm working inside with the A/C on. Hope I can finish the painting by tomorrow. Sir Vester showed his displeasure at having his dishes moved by dumping his food bowl. I saw him do it deliberatly. Now, he's eating off the floor and he doesn't like it.

    Julie, thanks for getting us going on a new Porch. The Porch you posted is lovely. I don't think your house looks like it threw up; I think it looks like a divinely chaotic family holiday. After my ex's grandmother died, I dreampt that she really didn't die and the people at the hospital were forcing her into a casket. She was screaming and trying to tell them she really wasn't dead. It was soooo real and very upsetting. It left me upset for weeks. I can understand how your Dad felt. I hope he is doing better. As upsetting as family squabbles can be, they can also open up dialog and help clear the air. Any grandma would intervene when a child is suffering from favoritism of another child, especially if the adult isn't handling it well. Perhaps Clinton needed to be called out so he realizes that his 'only kidding' PA behavior won't fly. There is no need for him to help Miley heal at the expense of Keira. In fact, he should be enhancing his relationship with her by praising her for helping Miley. Of course, she will act out; she's had her world shaken up too. Each child has different needs and deserves love and respect. I'm glad you and Clinton are still talking (texting). Each of you only has the well being of the kids and family at heart but he may need some help in how he handles things. Perhaps a bit of counseling would help everyone. It costs nothing to talk to a pastor who is good at counseling. Good luck.

    Star, I am so very sorry, not only because of this condition, but for the mistreatment at the hands of this doc. When taking any kind of antibiotic (ABX) it is very important to take probiotics too. Flagyl is very strong and can cause all kinds of problems in the gut. Eating yogurt is a good idea but usually isn't enough by itself; probiotic capsules are what is needed. I didn't mean to add to your troubles by messaging you but just wanted to make sure you are OK. We were all worried. Turns out for good reason. If you need to go to the hospital, you should. Not going could end up being worse for your DTs in the long run. Sounds as though they really cleaned up on the awards. Good for them! I hope having them gone will allow you to get some rest. Hope you are doing much, much better.

    Spring, so glad you had such a lovely time at the healing center. That food sounds lovely. Also glad you enjoyed your walk home with your old friend. When I did the meditations with Oprah and Depak Chopra, he explained the meanings of the mantras in each meditation. Of course, I can remember none of them. I really need to settle down and get back to meditating. My life has been so out of whack for the last six months. Well, it's always that way but more so since the stones. Come Jan., I'll be hauling out the salt water bowl to fend off Barb's horrible dark energy. I'll always be indebted to your for all your help. Take care, dear one.

    Granni, I'm sorry your DD is still suffering so much. I know how horrible her illness has been for everyone. I agree with Julie that, since everything seems to pivot around the question of her military status, it might be better not to go there. I know how much everyone wants her to take responsibility but she is sick and may not be able to. Thinking of her as sick, instead of the one who has caused so much pain, may help y'all to deal with her. Since she isn't ready to take responsibility and isn't able to face reality, it probably is better not to be in contact with her. No explanation is necessary. Just tell her it's better that way for now. Let her know how much everyone loves her and is praying for her success. That's all anyone can do. She will have to face the facts about the military but it's better if she does from others and not the family. I pray for all y'all.

    I'm off to go see Bob and get to my painting. Tomorrow, I have to go to the store. There is just enough milk for one cuppa. I'm off my feedbag but am looking forward to an Asian salad for lunch. I defrosted a hamburger patty in the fridge from the Omaha Steak gift box. I can't bring myself to eat it. It was a frozen hamburger patty which caused what the doc said was likely e-Coli poisoning years ago. It caused swelling around my kidneys, liver and pancreas and we were worried there might be damage to them. Fortunately, there wasn't but it made me very sick. I'll see whether I can eat it today but, if not, I'll throw it away. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Morning guys! I slept late since I didn't get to bed too early because of my afternoon nap yesterday...hope I break that cycle today, lol! So now, I can't stay here long as I need to shower and get to town (the one where my dad lives, my gyno is, where I do most of my shopping...30 minutes away.)

    Have appts. (11:00 and 1:00...mammo, then gyno) and the care center Christmas party is at 2:00. I usually take those little clementines, instead of cookies or candy...Aldi's is right next to the clinic, so I should have time to grab some after my appt., then it's just a few blocks to the care center. Already have a gift wrapped for my dad...may pick up some more fresh flowers...that grocery store is also near by.

    I texted my brother the other night to keep him informed about Dad. Brother told me he missed me, but didn't know what to do about the situation with me and his wife. I told him I loved him and he will always be my baby brother, but I don't know what to do, either. How do I invite someone to my home when they have made it clear that they can't stand me and have disliked me ever since they have known me...yes, she actually said she has had to bite her tongue for close to 30 years, because I am such a terrible big sister to her husband, and I think the whole world ought to revolve around me. I always thought she must not like me very much, by the way she acted towards me and most of my family (she's very friendly to the "chosen few" who she wants to impress, then a completely different person at other times.)

    She won't let my brother out of her sight, so if he comes to see me (or on the rare occasions he goes to see Dad...like two or three times a year...and he only lives a half hour away) she comes with him, but either sits in the car or waiting room or sulks or stands right by him (arms crossed and feet tapping cause "it's time to go.") or, as in the case at my dad's nursing home picnic this summer...she pretended to be sick (sitting at the meal table...head down, sighing, looking up to see if my brother was watching her) so they left. But a half hour later, when I stopped by the home supply store, they were also there and she looked just fine.

    I want to see my brother and his kids/grandkids, but I just am not going to put myself through the stress...I am done walking on eggshells around people. Maybe I was the "Miley" of the family...I did have a special relationship with both sets of grandparents...but I worked on that relationship when I got old enough to go visit them, etc...maybe it is just easier for females to "bond." And my brothers were always wrestling or fighting, from an early age...too much for older people to handle.

    Oh wow...I am really in a state, aren't I? Maybe I'm the "troublemaker" in each situation? Yes, I do and say things to try to "fix" whatever is not right. But I know for a fact, if I didn't say or do something at times (for example, in Gpa's elder abuse/neglect situation) Gpa would have had things even worse than they already were. So, yep, I'm the "bad guy" sometimes...that's just the way I'm wired.

    Sorry to ramble, yet again. I really want to just live a stress free life and try to heal my body of some of the crap...but "life situations" keep getting in the way. Better go...will check in later.

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    Off to a party and then to sing this afternoon. I should now be writing more cards but have to get ready to go. Not sure how many of our group will be there since many have other commitments. I know I will be singing my solo part without my friend on Silent Night. She had another commitment and then going to get ready for her cruise. The gal who was supposed to come get me got sick during the night. So I had to try and call others. DH has a meeting and I have no car.

    Gotta run, please go back to the last volume to read my post if you are interested in my CDD.

    Might try and get back here later if not writing cards when I get back.

    JULIE - Hang in there sweetie. You are doing the right things, as I can see it. Sorry about the MILEY and CLINTON situation with Amy caught in the middle.

    Gotta run.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just finished painting for today. It's not quite 2:00 but I've had it. I'm starting to hurt myself and make mistakes. That's the signal that it's time to stop. Grace doesn't understand how it can take three days to paint a small area. Both she and Lillianne downstairs want to have lunch with me. Neither understands so will have to eventually go out with them but not before the painting is done. Tomorrow, I'll put everything back in the kitchen. Sir Vester deliberately turned his food bowl over again to let me know how displeased he is and then took his paw and tipped his water bowl to soak the food on the floor. I think he has some of his sister's evil genes.

    I hate to admit this but I had never downloaded apps to my smart phone. I only use it to call and text so there was no need. When I got this phone, it had no built-in calculator. I've just not stopped to figure it out and download one. DGS thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard and said he'd download it. We got busy and never did so I checked yesterday and, sho 'nuff, there was a Google Play icon. I clicked on it and found a free app. I downloaded it and now have my calculator. Woo Hoo!

    I had been calculating when the condo would be paid off. I knew it was in about three years. When I checked my last mortgage stmt., I did the math and it showed 36 months at this payment would pay it off. Today, I got the new stmt. and did the math and it showed 34 months. I understand that, as I pay down the principle, more will go toward it but I didn't think it would be whittled down that fast. Perhaps my math was fuzzy before. In any case, can't wait to have it paid off.

    Julie, I think the holidays bring up a lot of old crap in families. You can't help what your SIL does but I know that doesn't help your missing your DB. It would be up to him to deal with her but, for whatever reason, he may not feel he's in a position to do that. He's the one who has to live with her. I hope that when you do get to see him, you don't let her ridiculous behavior keep you from enjoying him. Barb pulls the same crap and everyone is wise to her. It's sad but we have to just ignore her antics so we call all enjoy each other. I know it's easier said than done but try not to let her eat at you. You've had too much stress lately. Rest, pray and know that everything will be OK. After you've done what you can, turn it over to God and ask His help. I figure that if I believe He has everything under control, I should act like it. Again, easier said than done. "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 3:16. DD's MIL in TX gave her a coffee mug with this on it. I have a little plaque on my dresser which states, "Be Strong and Corageous." (Hope it's OK to post this and that it doesn't offend anyone.)

    Granni, OMG! If I had to sing a solo, I'd die right on the spot. Heck, I'd probably die just knowing I had to do it while waiting to sing. You must have a lovely voice. Good luck to you. I don't do Christmas cards anymore. I did get a beautiful one from DSIL's parents in TX. She always sends the most gorgeous cards and writes such nice messages. They liked the thank you card I sent. It's so nice to have such sweet extended family but I don't get to see them often. She and I just stood there like idiots and grinned because we were so happy to see one another. I'll keep praying for your DD and all of you. St. Dympthna is the patron saint of mental health and emotional upsets.

    Gonna go fix my Asian salad with ginger dressing. I need something fresh and green. Hmmmm! That describes Kermit the Frog.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Back from my party and performance. All went well. My solo was not exactly a solo. I was singing the high descant different from the melody but usually sing it with another gal who had other commitments. So I did it by myself. I did OK thank goodness.

    Speaking of painting MIKIE in a few months we will be painting the deck, lucky me and I hate it. It will be outside and the weather may not be very good. That is why DH cannot start right away. He also has to power wash it first. To cold and wettish lately but it is warm right now but drizzly . Why is Sir Vester mad at you this time ??? Do you have any idea? Not enough attention?? Good luck on you getting your condo paied off in 34-36 months. It is nice to know. Our house is paid off but if anything happened to DH I would have to move to something smaller eventually. Hate to move away from the close DD and SIL.

    JULIE - Sorry about all the stuff going on between your brother. SIL, Miley , Clinton, etc. We are only human and do what we can at the time. We are not perfect even if we think we are the right kind of person and it is very difficult to be perfect and how do we know how others are going to act in different situations. Just stick to your guns too..

    Have not heard any more from CDD of DCD so not sure if she deleted me before seeing my last e-mail. Not that my mail was very long. I was just trying to explain to her why her siblings were not contacting her. She could not understand that. Hope she will at least contact some of her siblings, if not us on what is happening and where she is going, if anywhere else and if she does go to school . As far as I know she has not even been OKed for anything but she has all kinds of plans in her head. Some are very unrealistic. I told her "baby steps" but she thinks I am thinking to small. She was never the best was at classwork.. She is also thinking about moving later on to Austin or San Antonio if she ever gets a car. Then she probably wouldn't see any family esp her kids but none are that close from Houston either.

    Thinking of everydobby. I need to go and do some more Christmas Cards. I know I am crazy :)!! May God bless you all. You are all so very dear to me.

    Granni :)
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    Hi gang...I haven't been home very long...fixed Den a bowl of soup for supper and myself some stromboli and mashed potatoes. Had such a busy day, but I worked it all in...mammo at 11:00, ran a couple errands and grabbed a bite of lunch, gyno at 1:00, then ran to get 15 pounds of clementines for the nursing home Christmas party, then was at the nursing home until 4:00. Then...I had a chance to get some groceries, lol!

    Dentist tomorrow (replace a filling and pick up my night guard...cause I apparently grind my teeth while sleeping) and some more testing on Thursday (internal ultrasound, because I mentioned abdominal and low back pain, and the doc wants to play it safe since I have reproductive organ cancer in my family history...my life has been so crazy, I couldn't even remember how long I have been dealing with it.)

    And I don't know if our Susan from Tennessee will be here early Thursday or not...but she will be fine. She unwinds and sleeps a lot whenever she's here.

    Anyway, I feel like I could go to bed right now (at 7:00 pm, lol) so will just leave this pic of me, my dad and Santa :)

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    Hi all.

    I have some time, well made some time off..sice I've got lunch n dinner all ready. Cooked lots yesterday. So I hv been sitting and going thru the net, randomly looking up things. Really, it's better than TV sometimes. I like going back to the old days and looking at pictures.

    Old as in before 70s. Houses, cards, movies. Yesterday, I found a site which had some old movie clips of stars me and my brother loved when we were 10, 12. How My son and I laughed at some. I showed it to him. There was this spaghetti western star called Giuliani Gemma, and his movies were b grade westerns hugely popular with our town crowd. Horses galloping thru stereotypical red canyons and cacti populated deserts, rescuing damsels in distress, and taking out half a dozen enemy Cowboys in a go..and being the general macho hero, winning the hearts of the heroines and us little eastern kids watching a world away, lol!!!! The scenes were so absurd now when I look at them, but boy, they entertained then.

    I also visited a site to make a pickle I love but can't get here now, and found the name of the fruit used...in English. It's Nepali plum hog. Hohohohoho. Lapsi in Nepali. I found a biggish jar of its chutney the only remaining in the supermarket so I bought it. Made a grab for it rather, before other shoppers saw it. I tasted it, it's good. Will do. Although I prefer the pickle. Sweet and not too hot.

    Mikie - I am gonna go over to Barb and put contraband in her luggage so she can get stopped at the airport and can't come down and mess up the condo inmates lives with her negativity! I don't want her there. She must not come! I'll put a ticket in her purse, a ticket to Belize or Cuba so she can still get her sun. But it will be one way. No returning.

    Oh my Lordy, Star! So sorry to hear about this relapse. They tested me too for E.coli when I was blindsided with gut problems years back. Negative. I just got better with antacid and a stress inhibitor which I stopped taking after prescribed dosage. Some weeks. One of those unexplainable things. But it took me a year before I went to that doctor. I had gut problems again this year for three weeks which no meds could touch, but it went away in one day flat with alternative healing. I think I saw a site where holy bottled water from Lourdes could be purchased, why don't you give it a try. Anything is better than this. As it is the allopathians don't seem to know. I pray for you and the others.

    Granni - I love that you do your cards...the world is so modernized as it is, some old fashioned ways bring stability. Here, our post is so bad, people to whom we write to arrive before the letter to them gets to them.

    Julie - it's time for things to go without a hitch and for some peace and quiet. I hope you get it. You deserve it. It's unfortunate about your dear brothers wife. Maybe it's jealousy. Jealousy is such a strong force. It incites people to behaviour of twisted kind. Nice to see you taking care of yourself. Visiting the doctors and making sure all is well. Maybe you and Den can take a mini vacation away from everyone one of these days. Make it about yourself for a change.

    Thank you for posting Stars message to this page It was considerate of you.

    Well, I got to get up and start the daily treadmill.

    Rock, Barry, a shout out. Hope you all right.

    God bless
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    Good morning, everyone! Went to bed early (10:00 pm) so woke up at 2:00...tried to go back to sleep, but finally got up at 3:00. Gonna be a long day, lol! At least I got the fire going so Den doesn't have to worry about it before he goes to work...it's 11 degrees. The good news is that it only feels like 11 degrees (no wind chill to make it feel even colder.)

    Spring, I'm glad you got some time to yourself...I like to cook ahead, too...I call them "planned-overs" instead of leftovers. Good idea to prevent Barb from going to Florida...nobody needs that stuff to deal with.

    Mikie, I'm glad you are getting your painting done...will make that area feel so fresh and clean. And getting your condo paid off, well that will be great!

    Granni, glad the program went well. Could I hire you to do my Christmas cards, too? I keep thinking every year that I will be more organized...maybe next year.

    Star, I hope you are doing some better. If not, as Spring says...there has got to be something that will help...if not regular medicine, then whatever you can find.

    I'll say hi to everyone else...hope today is good to you. Not sure if I can get to sleep for another couple of hours or not...have to leave at 9:45 for my dentist appt.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,


    Love this little Christmas angel so thought I'd share.

    I yanked the battery from my computer and it got rid of the sticky keyboard. Yea! One more problem taken care of. I got a mini burst of NRG last evening and finished the painting in the kitchen itself and cleaned my shelves off before putting them back in place. There is a little nook on the kitchen side of the half-wall. I have some of those bistro chrome shelves with butcher block wood on top that fit just right in there. One is actually a cart which can be pulled out to provide a small work space on top. My kitchen is kinda industrial and antiques with wood and brass antiques on top of the cabinets. The ceilings are tall and open in the kitchen. I love my condo but wish it had a larger kitchen with more storage.

    I just have a bit more semi-gloss to do, including a door, and then just a wee bit of flat paint to go on two small areas. It is soooo good to have the kitchen put back together. I'm really glad I decided to do this project now and get back to reorganizing the closets afterward. So far, Sir Vester seems happy to have his bowls back where they belong. He's been sitting on the drop cloth and an old towel in the entry while he watches me work.

    Julie, glad you got so much done. I hope the doc can help you with this pain. Your post reminded me that I need to make another appt. for my mammo and Dexascan. I had to cancel two appts. due to the urgent nature of my kidney stone procedures. Nice pic with Santa.

    Granni, so glad all went well at the program. I may get a few cards to send to family but I have so much going on right now that I don't know how I'll fit it in. Even a few take time. Sir Vester was mad because I had to move his food and water bowls from the usual place so I could pull out the shelves to paint the wall behind them. Cats are funny like that. Some don't tolerate change well. Also, I'm sure he can smell Bob on me when I come back home and he's probably miffed that I'm cheating on him with another cat. Sweetie, your DD may not be able to understand nor process anything right now whether said or in an e-mail. I'm sure everyone is hoping that she will realize the pain she has caused others and apologize but it may not happen. As difficult as it is to realize, she may just not be capable of it now or ever. IMHO, the best thing is just to let her know you love her. You can never go wrong with that message. I am asking St. Dymphna for help.

    Spring, I'm laughing at sending Barb on a one-way trip somewhere else. Grace was just saying yesterday that she dreads Barb's coming down next month. Ilona feels the same way. So does the woman downstairs. Good grief, I'd hate to think my friends and neighbors would ever feel that way about me. I refuse to let her spoil my life and have told the others to do the same. I've told them she is obviously sick and it's better to just leave her alone. Yes, those old Westerns are silly but I loved them when I was a kid. We would strap on our cap guns, put on our boots and wear our cowboy/cowgirl hats to the double-feature movies on Saturdays back in the days of my yute. In the summer, I would wear all this with shorts. Good grief! We never got tired of those old Westerns. When I was a young adult, The Dick Van Dyke Show was what we thought of as smart humor. It was in B&W. This week, they colorized two episodes and showed them. What a stupid show! I can't believe we ever thought it was funny. I still like I Love Lucy.

    I am gonna jump in the shower before long. I got some extra-strength conditioner for my hair. The anesthesia, along with coloring it, has left it dry and brittle. The good thing about short hair is that the damaged part grows out fast and can be trimmed off. I need to pick up one of those little brass doorstops that screw into the baseboard for the wall next to the front door. The old one is bent and icky looking. So, that means a trip to Lowe's and then on to Publix. I'm out of milk. I borrowed Nancy's half and half for my coffee. Bealls has a $10 off coupon for $25 spent. My old insulated Tervis Tumbler glasses are awful looking so I may stop in to see if I can find some new ones. They are really great. When I get home, I can finish the painting. It's soooo good to freshen up the entry way.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!

    Mikie, yay for you wrapping up your painting project. And glad you got your computer troubles under control.

    Where are our porchies today? It's 4:00 pm...I have been home for about an hour, but took time to get the fire stoked, unload groceries, etc. and get two more carts of firewood into the shop from the supply in the garage. Our loads are going fast...and we are supposed to have a more severe winter than usual.

    Got my filling replaced...this dentist is so gentle, I truly think I could have fallen asleep...except for the contraption they had in my mouth to keep my tongue and saliva away from the tooth that was being filled.

    The Novocaine finally wore off enough around 2:30 so I could get a sandwich to eat while driving home. Now I need to think of something to fix Den for supper in a couple hours...but I probably won't be hungry so soon.

    I haven't heard from Susan...I hope she at least lets us know if/when she is on the way. She's in so much pain because of a neurological condition...not sure what it's called. Sounds like severe FMS to me, but the tests have come back as a specific thing...I just can't remember what it is. She's a physical therapy assistant in a nursing home and has to go to work whether she's hurting or not...we are just worried about her driving all night (after working all day) and in this frigid weather.

    Anyway, just thought I'd check in and say "Hi" and thinking about everyone. I haven't even began to tidy up the house...but I should at least get the guest room ready for Susan.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit. Trying to wrap up some of this Christmas stuff. I just ordered some gift cards for the g kids from WM and a jewelry armoire that was on special. It is plain and not as ornate as some but I have so much mostly junky jewelry that I have no place to stuff it. I have stuff all over. I need to go through my stuff in drawers, etc. I also have some of moms stuff . I have some very good stuff that DH wants to keep in the safe. I have another small Jewelry Armoire that doesn't hold that much . Not sure if that one I order is bigger but maybe some. They have more drawers but not sure if the size is the same. Hope it is bigger. I only paid $98.00 plus tax and no s and h. The original price said $198 or 96 or something like that. It is not ornate like my daughters but this will do. I will get dear SIL to put it together. He's an engineer and will do it right and likes to do it. DH hates to put stuff together.

    Think I have most of my cards done will send more out as they come in. Then I cross more off my list :)!! DD and I went to the ladies program and I even won a door prize. Not quite sure what it is. It looks like something you can put on your neck to keep it warm . The cost was $34 but was from a boutique. It almost looks like something you could wear under something else like a tank top but it is fleecy and fuzzy, with two colors of yarn. By the time I figure it out it wil be hot weather again Today is gloomy and chilly with no sun.

    JULIE - Hope your mouth feels better soon. Speaking of dentists I go tomorrow for my deep cleaning. Good luck in getting your house back in order. I can imagine all those little ones taring into their presents. What fun !!! I remember those days . Sorry Susan is feeling so badly with working in the nursing home. This cold weather hasn't been very helpful I am sure.

    MIKIE - Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts for DCD and us. Who knows now if we will speak to her again. Her memory is so bad she might just forget and send us message. I just hate not knowing anything about her. I just keep hoping she continues with a roof over her head. Not sure about the degree yet as she has never been the best student but who knows. Now she is desperate for money and a trade of sorts. She said she had some kind of paper from Baylor U about PA training or something. I doubt that. To be a PA you have to be at least a nurse or close with other training also. I told her that a Medical Assistant is different than a PA. She as w MA front office mostly.

    I popped in a bit earlier to read and there wasn't to much new and I had to get going. So I didn't post.

    Gotta run and make some kind of supper for DH. Off to the dentist tomorrow. Will try and get back in the afternoon.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone...going on midnight, so I will be getting to bed soon. Susan is on her way...close to St. Louis...might get here around 5:00 am or so.

    I got the guest room ready, but the rest of the house looks exactly like it did when the kids left on Monday, lol! No worries...Susan mostly comes up here to just rest, sleep and relax. :)

    Amy and Keira will be here Friday evening, unless we get the ice storm they are predicting.

    Granni, glad you are making headway on your cards...I used to send out over 50, but just haven't had the energy the past few years. Or I should say I just haven't made it a priority? I am chuckling at your prize from the ladies luncheon...I can't even offer a guess as to what it is.

    So...just checking in. Hope to hear from some others later on. Take care, everyone!
  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning...boy, these early mornings are becoming a habit, lol! I was awake off and on during the night as I asked Susan to keep me posted on her progress. She got here about a half hour ago (5:30 am) and went straight to bed. It's 6 degrees...computer says it FEELS LIKE -6...quite a change from Tennessee.

    I don't look for Amy to be able to travel here tomorrow...100 percent chance of snow, starting in the afternoon. The same pattern for Saturday....not worth taking any chances, unless an emergency, etc.

    Anyway, I expect Mikie will be around pretty soon...Hi to everyone! Have a "good enough" day...
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Slept in til 6:00 this morning. I fell asleep before 8:00 last night. When they show sleep deprived people on news segments who are so tired they might as well be drunk, it perfectly describes how I felt yesterday. I was a zombie as I tried to take care of Bob and get groceries. Hope to be able to finally finish the last of the painting project today. At least, the kitchen is done.

    Nancy called yesterday and she is freezing up in NY. Her son lives down the road from Meatloaf, the performer. She said he has a beautiful home and it's all decorated. The front is two stories of mostly glass. The homes are in the Adirondacks. Lots of acreage and stone fences. I told her Bob is doing fine. Our friend, Joan, will be moving the 3rd of Jan. to live near her daughter in Louisville. I can almost picture the day when there's no one left in here of the old gang 'cept Nancy and me--two old ladies leaning on one another.

    Got a nice e-mail from DD in TX. She has been sick. They are having their kitchen all redone. They will be skiing in CO and the workers will do most of the work then. Insurance is paying to replace the flooring in the kitchen and family room due to a leak. She found the homeless man that she thought had the stray dog. Turns out he has his own dog but let the stray sleep in his tent at night. The stray wouldn't let him put a leash on her. DD will be working with him to find a home and will be giving him food and water for himself, his dog and the stray. DD and DGS helped with gifts for needy children. The event lets the kids shop for gifts for their families, helps they warp them up and lets them take it all home. It's good for DGS to realize that not everyone lives like they do in their little contained suburb.

    Julie, glad you have been able to get so much done. It isn't easy when we don't feel well. New article in the PH e-newsletter states it may not be just one area of the brain affected by CFIDS/ME but how the areas of our brains work together. I had a difficult time understanding the details but I got the gist. My brain has been especially affected since I've been sick. I'm getting better but when I try to do big jobs like painting, it just tuckers me out. I hope those storms don't keep your kids away. We are likely in for an active winter this year. On the other hand, it's still in the mid-80s here. Good grief!

    Granni, I know you worry about your DD and it must be horrible not to be able to do anything to help her. She probably talks about a lot of things but they may not be feasible for her. Look at it this way--she has survived so far. At some point, I hope and pray she gets the help she needs and will be able to stay on her meds and continue to get therapy. Congress has just passed a spending bill which should increase resources for mental health. I got a jewelry armoire from HSN. It hangs on the back of my bedroom door and looks like a full length mirror. It opens up. It doesn't hold everything and a set of hooks broke from the weight of my beads. I haven't had the time to fix it. I have a shelf in my master closet and have found I can hang those heavier beads from little hooks. Like everything else, I need to cull through my jewelry and reorganize it. The older I get, the less I go out and the less I wear my jewelry. I've turned into a hermit.

    I looked for Christmas cards at Publix but the only one I found nice enough to send to DSIL's parents was $8. Yikes! I didn't get it. Maybe I'll get to Wally*World tomorrow. I need to get gift cards for the newspaper carrier and our mail carrier. I also need a 2017 day planner refill. No matter that I have a calendar on my phone; I have to be able to write things down and be able to see them on real paper. I'm an old fart and unlikely to change.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better get going. After I go see Bob, I'm going to get to the painting to try to finish it up. So little left to do except for one door. The part I've finished so far looks sooooo nice. All fresh and clean! Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello All.
    A bleak, grey rainy day here. I miss the sun!

    Things have not been well here. Shorty seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Totally deaf, does not respond to hand signals either. Very depressing. He is almost like a zombie. He is not going to get any better --- I suspect a brain tumor, but haven't mentioned it to Richard.

    I am having bowel problems -- dull ache in lower belly when I wake in the morning, foul gas, etc. I suspect chronic diverticulitis and am seeing a doc in three weeks. So hard to get appts. this time of year. Of course, I am very demanding of the time of the appt!

    Good to hear from ya STAR. So sorry your feeling crock. I'm glad your tummy trouble has been traced to D. fragilis. At least there is a positive diagnosis. As for your pharmacist, he could loose his licence for not following the docs' orders, I would think....

    Mikie, Granni and Julie : Superwomen. You are so active I don't know how you do it. I want to be Superman, but there's too much kryptonite around I guess. :confused:

    The Porch seems slow. Probably the time of year, eh what? X-mas. I'm sending no cards. I e-mail or call my greetings. I don't like the crass consumerism of Christmas, and I don't think Jesus would either. Maybe I'm just a Scrooge, I don't know.

    Mikie, your relatives are so kind, helping needy children, people and dogs. Bless them.

    I'm all "tuckered" out as someone said, so 'bye for the nonce.
    Love, Barry.
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone...Susan and I just got home from town (she couldn't sleep after she got here...road buzz...I do the same thing, lol) so she went along to my appt. then we ran errands and I took her out for lunch. I got the fire going strong again, so am going to take a nap. I think she has probably crashed too.

    Mikie, I know that "drunk zombie" feeling all too well...just try to fake my may through until I feel better. Or sleep it off if I don't have any obligations...

    How exciting for your DD's kitchen redo. And how nice of her to help not only the stray dog, but the homeless man as well. Yes, it's good for kids and adults to see how other people sometimes struggle to just survive.

    Barry, I'm so sorry that Shorty is worse...never a good time for that, but especially not since it's so soon after losing Slinky.

    I agree about the consumerism of Christmas...and it seems to start earlier each year. I have to admit, we were very generous with our grandkids...but I shop early and look for things that I know they need. This year they each only got one toy from Gma and Gpa...but they also got things they will really use...sleeping bags, suitcases, pajamas, and dress clothes. But those stores try to nab every shopper and convince them to buy so much unnecessary "stuff", just because it's Christmas.

    Truly, I don't think of myself as "Super" anything...I have my moments where I seem to go on adrenaline, but there are also days (like this past Monday) where I spend almost all day in bed.

    Susan brought some unfinished Christmas craft gifts...Den showed her how to do them the last time she was here and she did as much as she could at home, but he will help her finish up in the shop. It's just a stained board with a picture decoupaged onto the surface...she's making them for her family members, I think. Den and Susan usually do some sort of project in the shop when she comes up, so this can be the designated project for this trip.

    I'd better get going...my eyes are getting so heavy! Will check in again....hang in there, everyone!

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