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    Star - that sound of the romantic koala sounded like a horn and rattle..!! Would've suited the Tasmanian Devil better. I hope your camping trip goes well..must be so lovely for the kids..oh and congrats for your kids for their achievements! I kept meaning to write and got sidetracked. You hv smart sharp kids!

    Julie - loved your cheery homey pic of the clothes hanging in the line. It's astute of you to associate your health issue with your emotional state. I've read a Dr Sha and Louise Hay who both said continued anger manifests physically be weakening the liver..fear by weakening kidneys...irritation at a particular person by sinus..fear of not measuring up by pain in lower back..prolonged bitterness..damage to pancreas..and so on.

    Mikie - those are strange people!maybe coz they are ill, they are so wound up? But people weren't so rude when we were taking DB to the hospital..they were sad..tired..however, didn't see anyone lose their temper.

    Granni - Chuck roast sounds good. For the longest time I thought chili meant peppers. I googled and it was like a slow cooked stew thing. Mmm..mouth watering. They hv veg ones too.

    Yesterday a lizard had gotten into the main tank and spent so much time trying to get it out ..a man had come to see to some cement plastering and he tried too but no luck..I didn't want to get into the tank..it's cold and dark. Then there were the leaves to rake..piles of them..

    But it's not so bad because in summer it's so humid and the mosquitoes make working in the garden a misery. I'll take the cold any day.

    Everybody stay warm!

    God bless
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    Hi Spring and everyone! Thanks, Spring, for starting a new volume. That house looks so warm and inviting...

    I'm trying to figure out what kind of tank the lizard got into...did you end up having to dive in and coax it out?

    Granni, I hope things go well at the dentist and he can save your tooth. We have dental insurance, also, but it doesn't pay as much on the white fillings that I insist on getting...just don't want the silver looking ones. I don't need to go back until a cleaning in May. Now, I need to get Den talked into getting his teeth taken care of.

    Star, I went to the link you showed...so pretty...made me think it was possible after looking at the "how to" pics. Maybe next year? I don't blame you for not wanting to play games with the sunshine and the clothesline...yes, that seems expensive per load, but our laundromats are expensive, too. Reminds me I need to take our giant fluffy mattress cover and comforter when I go to town tomorrow (too big for my washer, I think)...the puppy apparently peed on them the first night the kids were here...at least that's David's story, lol!

    I think Den is starting to come out of his crud...he said lots of coworkers have had the same thing, and it seems to take about 10 days. He is close to that time now. I haven't gotten it as bad as he has, but have been taking naps during the days.

    I'd better get on to bed...take care, everyone!

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    Hi Kids

    Great pic, Spring. Looks like the work of Thomas Kinkade. Yes, you're right
    about chili. The word refers to the spicy stew and also the pungent pods that
    flavor it. Gordon has an ornamental pepper plant. It is small. The red peppers
    are only about an inch long. Pic below.

    Julie, your pic of the winter wash on the line could have been from the days
    of my childhood (except for a couple of modern looking items). Hope Den feels
    better soon.

    We went to the doc yesterday. He was amazed the hospital only gave me one
    pill for the bladder infection. He gave me an Rx. I was amazed when it was
    filled. Only 5 pills. I guess they must be really powerful.

    Spent much of yesterday sleeping. Haven't slept tonight. Can't really drum
    up enough energy to do a long post.

    Hugs Everydobby

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    Good morning, friends! I allowed myself to sleep in (turned off one alarm to wait for a more "favorable" one, lol)...thinking if I get enough rest, I won't get as sick as Den. It's a balmy 32 degrees already at 9:30, and will get up to 38. Glad for a little better temps to get my dad out in today...I will see if he wants to stop for a strawberry malt after his eye appt.

    Rock, good to see you on here. I didn't realize you only had one pill at the hospital...I've heard of "timed release" and "long-acting", but didn't know one pill could ever be enough. Glad your doc gave you a prescription...you're right, those pills must be pretty strong.

    Your picture made me think of the little ditty...
    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
    Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?
    If Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers,
    Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

    Which led me to google it, then more popped up, lol
    She sells seashells by the seashore.
    The shells she sells are surely seashells.
    So if she sells shells on the seashore,
    I'm sure she sells seashore shells.

    Red lorry, yellow lorry.

    Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches?

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
    If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    He would chuck, he would, as much as he could,
    And chuck as much as a woodchuck would
    If a woodchuck could chuck wood.

    I'm washing more bedding today...I figure it's a good time to clear out any germs that any of us might have spread around when all the kids were here.

    Missing Mikie this morning...can't remember if any appts. or get togethers, etc.

    So, I'd best get myself in gear...should get a few things done before I head to town to pick up my dad.

    Take care, everyone!
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    Rock - good to see your post..I hope you are completely recovered soon. Does Gordon use those peppers. What a bright red colour they are.

    Julie - the tank is the main water tank. I saw a dead lizard floating. Didn't want it decomposing in the tank. Ugh! I can say the sea shells tongue twister pretty fast but stumble over the other two. We hv those in Tibetan too.

    Today the temp just dropped so it's cold. But I got in my bath. Brr. Glad. Finally had to use a warm shawl going out sho pping for groceries. I've spent more than I should on clothes this winter but the stuff came in the shops are so pretty. The years before this I've not liked anything so most of my clothes were what others got me.

    The cord for the charger just stopped working so not much battery. The other devices had to be charged too.

    Will be back later.

    God bless
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    Rock. Sorry to read about your hospital visit, but it was funny! You always manage to look on the bright side of whatever. DRINK MORE WATER! It helps flush.

    Spring. Is this a water tank for inside the house like washing, bathing etc. or just for outside use? I'm assuming it catches rain water and that's how the lizard got in? I've had a few lizards drown in the pool over the years. That wasn't as bad nearly as two of our dogs also drowned at different times, and both times one of the kids found her and had to pull her out. Very traumatic.

    Star: Funny video. Did I read you're guys are going camping? And have you again sent a christmas present to the one who stored all the old unopened ones?

    Julie. My mom always hung the sheets, towels, etc. on the clothes line. She refused to have a drier so when we had to get things dried, she would string a clothes line from one door hinge to another and we would have to work our way thru the drying things to get down the hallway. AWFUL when a date came to pick me up! Very embarrassing.

    Hope you don't catch from Den. Don't push yourself. I had an awful neck ache and headache in the back of my head for 5 days. Stomach upset too. I kept thinking it was something I had pulled in my neck/shoulders then on monday my cleaning lady came, said she's had the same thing so it must be a bug going around. She only vacuumed for an hr. Then left.......we both decided on that, and also cutting one hr. From her time she's here. I think it helps both of us. She has PT later and I need to conserve $ so I can pay a gardener. I can do most things around the house except the vacuuming. She's cleaned for over 2 years so we both understand each others problems.

    Barry: I'm sorry to read about Shorty. I know you two miss him a lot but you might think about a replacement for the place he left behind. Your hearts will heal when you are taking in another orphan dog.

    Mikie. I don't think I read what you're doing for christmas? I'm always more depressed at the holidays time, but the last couple of years are really hard for me. Living alone is hard. If I don't get to the store and talk to someone each day it would be awful.

    I discovered a water leak somewhere in one bathroom that I rarely use. The baseboard looks awful behind the toilet. So I tried to pull off the baseboard, and the wallboard broke apart. I've now got a hole in the wall about 9 x 12". I cleaned out all the debrise but no water leak there so it must be further. My handyman is coming on monday to look. Then yesterday I was cleaning around the outside wall and the stucco doesn't look good there. Found a small tree root? Don't know where that came from unless it traveled from the neighbor's yard. Ive had troubles over 3 times with this same area......once a plumber broke thru the outside wall, and twice the toilet was removed. Trying not to worry about the cost.
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    Hi Porchies,

    On good note is that so far the tooth is looking OK. The just took off the old crown c, cleaned it out and put antibiotics in it. I have to go back in two weeks for the to see how it looks and then do it again. Depending on how it looks they will eventually proceed with hopefully a root canal and another crown. If it gets to looking really bad they will have to remove it. Hoping that will not be the case. Guessing they didn't do the root canal yet since they only charged us $200. DH dropped me off and did some shopping and then sat in the car and waiting while he fooled around on his phone :)! So it worked out pretty well.

    Glad to hear from so many but now I have to go fix lunch - soup, most likely for me.

    ROCK - Glad you are doing better. Those pills must have been strong if he only gave you 1 the first time..I think that is what you said. I can't think the name of the one with 5 pills. I have had them quite a few times for my URI's. Most of the time you would be better off with the older less potant drugs for a longer period of time. It usually beter for older patients I think and others to who have problems with drug sensitivities.. The strong ones are good occasionally though when the infection is bad.

    JULIE - Rock was right about that Thomas Kinkade paintings. I have a few in our house and they are so pretty . To bad he died a year or so ago. Please rest while you can with this bad weather and bad stuff going around like what Den has.

    Hi to all, especially SW, SUN and STAR, BARRY and DIANE. Didn't get to answer you all. I need to go fix lunch and then wrap a few pore presents..

    Tomorrow morning we have our doctor visits early in the morning but not as early as today..

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Ho, Porcherinos,

    I was slow getting ready to go to the dentist's this morning so am just now getting online. BTW, Happy Winter Solstice, everydobby. This is the shortest day of the year. Good news at the dentist--gums and teeth look great so I only spent $85 for a cleaning. Guess St. Apollonia came through for me. I told the hygienist that I guess I'm not getting long in the tooth yet (no receding gums). I stopped in at Publix to get groceries and the gift cards for the mail woman and paper woman. As I went through the store, I stopped to wish everyone I know who works in there a Merry Christmas. One guy and I laugh because he's always stocking the yogurt when I'm there. I once told him that I figure he works 24/7. Today, I told him that we have to quit meeting like this. I can tell he's a character and he got a kick out of it.

    DSIL in TX will have Christmas off. He was supposed to but then he got scheduled. He's a captain but doesn't have a lot of seniority because he's behind all the pilots at Southwest before they bought out Air Tran. A nice pilot who is Jewish always bids to have Christmas off. He's an older guy with a lot of seniority so he always gets it off. Then, he picks a younger pilot with a family and tells him he'll fly his trips so he can be home for Christmas. This year, he picked my DSIL. With the problems at the Denver Int'l Airport, they couldn't get to CO for skiing yesterday. DD pulled a ligament in her finger and it is splinted. They will be able to go next week and that should work out better, even being able to stay at a friend's condo in the mountains if they just pay the cleaning fee. DD said everything seems to be working out even better except for her sore finger. DSIL's grandma is in pretty bad shape and the family is going down to be with her. There is no joy for life left and I think she has given up. She is 97. She is a very sweet, intelligent and talented woman.

    Spring, thanks for opening up our new Porch with such a beautiful seasonal scene. It warms my cockels. Yikes! A lizard in the water supply. I hope you were able to get it out before it dies in there. They run inside here when we open the doors. If I can't catch them, they run into a closet and die. They are usually fossils by the time I find them. Glad you got some nice winter clothes. We're still wearing our summer clothes. It got to 90 the other day.

    Barry, thinking about you and Richard and what a sad Christmas this will be for you. Sending up prayers for peace and comfort for you.

    Julie, whenever I get sick or run down, or even have a lot of bad luck, I usually try to take whatever lesson I can from it too. Except for Den's being sick, it sounds as though things are working out for you. I hope he feels better and you don't get it. BTW, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are both sick with bad colds so y'all are in royal company. Of course, she doesn't have to hang out laundry. I felt cold just looking at the clothesline. It looks like the one I had in our first family home. I still prefer my laundry dried outside.

    Rock, that looks like a Christmas Cactus. Mom always had one. I had one here but it got gigantic and straggly so I got rid of it. When they removed the stents, they gave me one huge ABX to try to prevent a UTI. Still, when I've had an active infection, I get a course of ABX for 8 or 14 days, depending on the ABX. I understand about not having much NRG. A UTI wipes it out. Sleeping will help you recover. Good luck.

    Sun, so good to see you here. Sorry both you and your cleaning lady have been having pain. It is nice, though, that you two understand each other. I am glad you can have both the cleaning lady and gardener to help you take care of your home inside and out. A home, at this point, would be more than I could handle. Heck, this condo is more than I can handle right now. Water leak? AACCKK! Hope you get it, and the wall, fixed. I don't have any plans for Christmas this year. I usually spend it here alone. I don't mind. As an only child of a working Mom, I learned how to enjoy being alone at an early age. I'm sorry it's difficult for you. I know it is for many people. Hope it is better this year.

    Granni, they are doing your root canal differently than when I've had them done on teeth with crowns. My dentist doesn't do them; I see a specialist. He drills down right through the crown and cleans out the roots. He puts ABX in the roots and cements them shut. Then, he fills the crown and it can't even be seen. No need to replace the crown. I hope your procedure goes well.

    OK, Kids, gonna get going. I'm tired already from running around. I knew I'd be tired so didn't plan on getting anything done in here today. I have three days before Christmas to clean up the condo and that won't take too long. Getting all the paint supplies put away and the tile floors cleaned was a big step forward.

    Sending lots of hugs, love and prayers for all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - I think this will hopefully be my second or third possible crown or should I say recrowning :)!! He said the infection was pretty bad and not to sure if he could save it. I may have to go back a couple more times to see if all the infection is gone, and retreat it with antibiotics before they can really do anything permanent or hopefully permanent. So we will see what happens. The jury is out on this one but at least he didn't say it was bad right away and had to pull it.

    How nice of DSIL friend at the airline to give him off so he can see his Grandmother. Sorry she is ill but I guess we all will know when it is our time to go. 97 sounds like she had a very long, productive life from what you said. Sorry your DD broke her finger which I am sure would make it a little tricky to ski. Of course I never did and wouldn't want to try it. Hope it works out for them when they go and it doesn't bother her to much.

    SUN - Sorry about the water leak. That sounds bad and to try and find and take are of. I can't imagine trying to do everything myself either so that makes it very hard. I help DH on some projects outside , sometime reluctantly but I know he does a lot and if I had to do it alone I might have to move, to a smaller house with no much to do outside plus a smaller home. Then I would have to get rid of a lot of furniture too. There have been quite a few husbands passing away in our neighborhood and it makes things very hard and sad for the ladies. I know you will have a sadder holiday than if you still had your DH with you again. I am so sorry for you and other ladies who are in your same situation. Hope you can see your g children and your DS and have a little Merry Christmas for yourself. Special warm hugs to you sweetie (((SUN))) !! I just got finished raking leaves from out deck and putting as many as possible into out trash cans. To many trees ):!!

    SPRING WATER - I think I forgot tot ell you thanks for the new volume and lovely picture painted by Thomas Kinkade. He painted so well. I have a few of them. Hope all is going well with you sweetie.

    I need to get off here and wrap a present for my cleaning ladies tomorrow. Just some candy and cookies . Then I also have to start my spaghetti sauce for tonight. That will be easy to eat tonight.

    Love to everyone.
    Granni :)
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    Hi guys! Long day, but at least I did get my dad to the optometrist...his eyes have changed a little, so I have a prescription. That's not so pressing, but the optometrist said Dad's glasses frames are wearing (the pieces that fasten to the front frames) and will start getting more uncomfortable. So, our next outing will be to the place that fits and orders new glasses.

    We grabbed him a strawberry milkshake afterwards, then I took him back to the care center. He said he wants to come to our house Christmas Day, even though it will only be me, Den and the dog...

    I took my time running errands because Den had texted that he had to work late. Glad to stay home tomorrow, then another doctor appt. on Friday.

    Spring, glad you got the lizard before it did damage to your water supply. I do the same thing about clothes...can't find anything I like, then suddenly there are racks of clothes I can wear...that is the time to "stock up."

    Sun, I'm so sorry for your pain. I, too, am glad you and the cleaning lady have an understanding. How frustrating to try to find the source of the water leak...we dealt with so much of that in the old house.

    Oh, the poor kids and the poor dogs...that would be something the kids would never forget. Yes, clothes hanging all over the house would be embarrassing, lol! I have been really taking it easy...in the form of sleeping later in the mornings and naps in the afternoon. Amy texted this evening that she and Keira have been having tummy troubles...hope that doesn't start spreading.

    Granni, yay for saving the tooth so far! I need to think of something to get for the staff at the care center...I try to remember the nurses/cna's, the kitchen staff, the hairdresser/barber, the housekeeping/laundry, the maintenance guys, and the physical therapy dept. Too many to do a lot, but something they can all share, like a big tub of different popcorns or bags of clementines. Just a little something to show appreciation...

    Mikie, glad you got a good dentist report and got to go spread your Christmas Cheer. How nice of the man with seniority to choose your DSIL to have time off for Christmas. After our girls were grown, Den often took call for one of the younger guys who still had little ones. And on the police force where David works now, the Chief makes sure the officers with little kids are home Christmas morning.

    Well, I hope I've caught up with those who posted while I was gone today. I'm going to try to go to bed earlier tonight...before 11:00. See you all tomorrow!
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    It's howling out and I'm sprawled out on my camping cot, in the annaxe. I forgot to take my usual 3 o'clock pain tab, so am paying the price for a little while- 'till it kicks in. In a little while, I'll venture down to the wharf where the rest of the tribe is and see how their fishing adventures have gone. Mind you, just listening to the waves getting thrown around by the wind makes me feel a chill to the bone...yes. Really looking forward to it. (not!!)

    A current affair is on. Oh great. Another sicko exposed. Apparently this pervert had hidden cameras in his tenants' bedrooms. Yuk!

    Fireworks caused a major catastrophic incident in Mexico...how sad.

    Sun, I'm sure I went red from the tips of my ears to the bottoms of my feet- When you queried my getting a gift for the couple (sil&bil) who had left past prezzies unopened, in their shed...I tried to be a hard a### ,(or a## , as americans say), but failed-well, not Altogether...I didn't end up giving them the gifts I'd already had, but I did get them something little.Also, I gave their toddler a Christmas bag filled with all the Frozen paraphanalia and a gorgeous little dollie...Its Chtistmas...And I'd already had it. What can I say? Guilty as charged...

    I can't remember if I told you guys, but in a moment of pure brilliance (Not!!) I decided to send family a text msg, informing everyone that after this Christmas, we wouldn't be doing adult gifts anymore and we don't expect to receive any... I did word it in a way as to try to avoid causing any offense. Of course the guilty party didn't respond. Truthfully, most of our siblings don't give gifts anyway and it's been a long time coming...
    Unfortunately, talk about 'foot in mouth'... I got a reply text from mil saying how her partner really liked his gift... Oh drat! I'd sent that rediculous text on his birthday! Of all days! Tried to call, but phone went flat. Mil tried to call. But got cut off. I then tried to call them using Dh phone... Honestly, what could go wrong, Did... It was Terrible.
    Eventually we got it together and I explained the reason behind the group text and redeemed myself.

    It's been a long time coming I guess.
    Two sisters have 7 kids, then two Sil's have 7 and one niece started having children very young and has 3 already- we don't even get a 'thank you' text or anything. It's all gotten really yuk, so I guess this last thing with Chinese SIL & BIL was the last straw.
    While I don't Want to play favourites, it's all way out of hand, so next year, Big change.
    Mostly cards I reckon.
    Mums will Always get a little something. That'll never stop.
    They both make giving a real blessing. I love it when I get the gift right.

    Anyway, I made a huge mess of it. But on the other hand, something needed to be said too.

    Sun, sorry Christmas is a bit of a sad and lonely Occassion for you. I wish Icould fix it for you.

    A dear friend from Church is having a funeral tomorrow for his wife. We were praying she'd be called home. Her bones had got so weak with multiple fractures that when she got pneumonia in hospital , she couldn't be propped up to clear her lungs... Their last 20 years or so have been a real trial and he was starting to really struggle taking care of her. He could no longer lift her and personal care was a big challenge...anyway, it'll be his first Christmas without her. Just having her 'there'...

    Oh boy. I've rambled on. I'd best get cracking.
    Sorry guys.

    A big hello to Everyone! Barry. Mikie, Julie, spring, rock , Granni , Linda, Elaine AndDianne.

    Ooh. We had fresh snapper and chips for lunch today. Yum!

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Hi Kids

    Not much going on here. Gordon took some potted poinsettias to family graves
    this morning. Then ran some errands. I read the autobiography of Cindy
    Williams, the Shirley of Laverne and Shirley. A quick read; only 130 pages.

    I only saw the show a couple times. Remember Lenny? Played by Michael
    McKean. I saw him later in some shows on HBO. He was actually an excellent
    actor. Won various awards.

    Julia, been decades since I thought of those old tongue twisters. Never heard
    the Swiss watches one before. A strawberry malt sounds good. I wonder if it
    is possible to buy a malt anymore. Nowadays one gets flavorless shakes.

    Granni, the drug the doc prescribed is a generic for Levaquin. That sound
    familar? Good luck with your wrapping. My brothers and I used to
    struggle with wrapping presents when we were young. I guess nobody
    really cared if they looked a little lumpy; sorta like an unmade bed.

    Mikie, we have three Christmas cactuses. I saw two of them about a month
    ago. The flowers were in bud. Haven't been outside to see if they are blooming
    or not. They are a deep pink. Very cheerful. So far I haven't had any pain.
    That's why the diagnosis surprised me so much.

    Sun, you're right about drinking water. I am currently drinking two quarts
    a day which is more or less right according to the current rule. Remember
    when we were young we were always told: drink 8 glasses of water a day.
    Some years back I read there was no scientific basis for that recommendation
    at all.

    Good luck with all your repairs. You're lucky to have found a good cleaning lady.

    Spring, no, Gordon doesn't use the miniature peppers for cooking. I suppose
    one could; don't really know. It's just for decoration. A couple gals at the
    office brought them in for Christmas decorations.

    Barry, Gordon told me to tell you about a cozy mystery site. I think it was
    Cozy Mystery. com. Well, anyway there seem to be a lot of such sites. He
    is currently reading books by Alys Clare and Kaitlyn Dunnett ( as in Who
    Done It?).

    Hugs to Diane, Star, Linda, GB


    Oh, Hi Star, Sorry to hear you are feeling punk. I hope the pain tab is
    effective. Yes, relatives can be a pain in the sacrum. And it seems like
    some family members go outta their way to marry troublemakers.

    Hope it's a happy Christmas in other respects. Do folks down under say
    Happy Christmas like the British or Merry Christmas as we do or something
    else altogether?
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  13. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Feeling better this morning. I felt sick yesterday after the dental exam. I don't know whether it's due to fluoride in the polishing grit the hygienist uses or whether it's because I accidently swallowed some of the water used to rinse. When they clean our teeth, bacteria can be released and make us sick too. Based on how I feel this morning, it seems to be a Herx-like reaction. I'm taking my AVs so it could be that. Who knows? At least, my body is purging something and that is a good thing. Later, I'm going over to see Bob and check on the red ant hill outside of Nancy's condo. They were supposed to be poisoned so I'm to look for signs of red ant life.

    Yes, it was so uplifting to find out about that kind pilot and it helped get me out of the doldrums of late with all the news of anger, war and hate acts. I know there are kind people doing all kinds of loving things but we seldom hear of them on the news. It tends to color one's outlook. So, I invite everydobby to post of any acts of kindness here. I have another--the little boys at the end of our bldg. brought me a beautiful pumpkin spice Noel log cake. They made it with their Mom. She is a nurse and told me that three of the nurses are Muslim. They all volunteer to work on Christmas so that others with small children can be home. She will be able to be off with the boys on Christmas. After she left, I was feeling so happy that such love and kindness exists.

    Granni, the kids won't be going to visit DSIL's grandma. They were just there. Now is the time for the rest of the family to be able to visit her. The kids will be going to CO to ski next week after Christmas. DSIL will be able to be home on Christmas instead of working, due to the kindness of the other pilot. Kids will be putting a thank you note in his inbox at the airport. They are so grateful and in awe at what he has done. Have your crowns been temporary crowns? The ones I described being drilled through are permanent crowns. Waaaay back years ago, I had a very badly infected abcessed tooth. I had multiple temporary crowns on it while the dentist did the root canal and treated the roots directly with ABX. I had a dental tool so I could pop the crowns off if the infection got too bad and built up pressure in the way of gas, which can be produced from the infection. One night, the tooth hurt like crazy and I popped the crown off. It didn't relieve the pressure so I sucked and created a bit of a vacuum in my mouth to try to relieve the pressure. It did alright but I started to go into shock and almost fainted. My ex had to rub my arms and legs to keep me from getting worse. I had an uncle with the same thing and he went into shock at the county fair. Yikes! It did take some time for it to get better so a permanent crown could be put on. What happened to me is fairly rare but seems to run in the family. I wish you the best of luck and have asked Ste. Apollonia to help.

    Julie, I'm glad you got to have the strawberry milkshake with your Dad. Glasses can get very uncomfortable for elderly folks. My Mom's skin was so thin and we had to get the lightest weight frames and lenses for her. Otherwise, the nose pieces would really irritate her skin, almost causing sores. I am now at the point where I have to have really lightweight ones. My new ones are frameless on the bottom of the lenses and the lenses themselves are a very lightweight polycarbonate. Thanks for posting about Den's and David's working so others can be off. Again, it's so nice to hear about such generous acts of kindness. Hope you got to go to bed early.

    Star, OMG, I can't imagine much that I'd hate to do more than be off on a fishing trip and being in pain and chilled. You are such a great Mom. It isn't easy when you're sick and in pain. Sorry your friend is burying his wife but am glad she is out of her agony. I pray for peace and comfort for him. We stopped the madness of Christmas presents years ago and it was soooo freeing. No more pressure trying to find things and ending up with stuff no one wants. I subscribe to magazines for my kids and give money to DGS but, other than that, we don't do gifts. We each make donations relative to our ability to give. Knowing that we forego gifts so that we can ease suffering of others is the best gift of all. I hope the fishing trip goes better for you and you have a nice Christmas.

    Rock, someone gave Barb one of those beautiful hot pink Christmas Cactus plants. As per her usual MO, she threw it downstairs and neglected it. I scrounged around down there and got it blooming but it didn't make it past that year. She's even mean to her plants. She should be reported to the ASPCP! I also read about debunking the advice to drink huge amts. of water. In my case, however, it does dilute the urine and helps to deter stone formation. I've always drunk a lot of water and other liquids so it's not a problem for me. That is one reason I like to have the ice and water dispenser in the fridge door. Even Sir Vester gets filtered water from the fridge. Male cats often have urinary tract problems, especially ones who are neutered. Both he and Bob pee like race horses. Bob gets water delivery in the big bottles from a service. Well, he shares it with Nancy. Hope your infection is gone with the wind.

    I'm off to read the paper and then run over to see Bob. Have to take the garbage down. Hope I have enough NRG to get things done in here. Sending wishes for NRG for everydobby and a pain free day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
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  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends!

    Star, I hope you got your pain under control. Oh, the mass text...well, it was a good idea...sorry things got a little mixed up, though. I don't miss trying to find gifts for people that don't appreciate them or that I have no idea what they would like. I would much rather get presents for my kids and grandkids, parents, and the people who take such good care of my dad. And Den...well, he got his presents weeks ago, in the form of power tools for his shop. And I got my "power tools" for the kitchen last week, lol! Our girls just drew names this year between the grandkids...both families struggling with finances.

    Den and I also started sponsoring a little girl in Africa...one of my dad's nurses is from Togo. He became a pastor in his country, then came to the States and got his nursing degree. His little family lives off his wife's salary and he uses his nursing salary to send back to family and to support this ministry.

    The nursing home just gave him three months off work to go help work on a school for children in his village...there are 318 students, 10 teachers and 2 pastors. He took donations before he left...$10 could buy so many bags of cement. For $55 we can sponsor a child who will get a back pack with school supplies and tuition for a whole year. I don't know how they can do that, but I trust and believe him. He gave me a picture of our little girl, named Rosine. For some reason, I can see me and Den taking a mission trip to Africa...

    Star, I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's wife...

    Rock, you reminded me that I wanted to go visit my MIL, mom, and Gpa's graves. They are all three just down the road in our family cemetary.

    I used to love watching Laverne and Shirley...

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!"

    Yes, I bought Dad a strawberry malt...I didn't get one because I hadn't had lunch and didn't want to send my blood sugar sky high.

    Mikie, I guess there are lots of random acts of kindness...or maybe, not so "random"...we just have to look for them. Seems to be more at this time of year, but I try to do things all year long...when people least expect.

    I inherited my grandma's Christmas Cactus from my parents. It bloomed for a couple of years, but this "shop/house" just doesn't do well for plants. I really hope I can get more to grow after we move.

    I'd better get busy...a little slow today. Didn't get to sleep until after 4:00 am. I'm blaming it on the caffeine in the soft drink I had while in town...just needed a little "buzz" with my supper so I could keep going with errands, but must have drank it too late in the day.

    And, Den got a text around 1:00 am from a company that he bought lighting from for work...they were sending more "deals." What???? It couldn't have waited till morning?!

    So, it's now after 10:00 am and I've only gotten dog and cat chores done...lots to do today, then gone again tomorrow.

    Hi to everyone else...take care!

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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    So, this is how I've spent the last hour or so. Keira found this baby quilt fabric in my sewing stuff (probably something I meant to do for one of my grandkids, or maybe even one of the girls?... and never got around to it.) She wants to give it to her baby brother...

    I got several colors of the satin binding so Keira could choose which trim to put on...she wanted orange, but that's the one color the store was out of. She chose the rainbow, so that's what I used. Never put blanket binding on before, had no idea how to do the corners, so watched a utube video, lol! And I had to leave the binding out away from the edge of the fabric a little, or the faces of all the animals would have been covered...which might have made it a little harder to work with.

    And...my eyes are so blurry, I had to take my glasses off and get down close to my work so I could even see what I was doing (I have an eye appt. in a couple of weeks.) But...it's the best I could do...and since Keira believed that Grandma could do it...I gave it my best shot. Can anyone say R E L I E F, lol!

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got up early today but not as bad as yesterday to go for both of our yearly doctor visits. All is fine that I know of. Just have to wait for the blood work to come back on both of us. My tooth is feeling a bit better today and trying hard not to chew on the temp crown. After we got home from the visits we went out to lunch but now am so full. This place we go to some of the portions you get especially meat is a lot. I took part of my meatloaf home. Of course DH ate all his and then complained he felt to uncomfortable. He didn't listen when I told him to bring some home like I did. I ate all my spinach and mushrooms and most of my meatloaf and part of the cornbread. Yummy, it was so good. Hope to do something lite for dinner.

    Also had to get ready for the cleaning people to come again today. So I was hustling about this morning. DH just ran to the store before the cleaning ladies come this afternoon. I am typing frantically before he gets home and decides he needs to get on.

    STAR - So sorry you are in pain and have been out in the cold and damp. Yes, we all have to make sacrifices for our dear ones, especially as they are growing up. What is the weather for you down under:)?? I used to love fishing but not sure I would enjoy it out in the old and damp weather now that I am older and have these yucky diseases - brrr !!! Hope the pain med kicked in and you got to feeling better. In spite of everything hope you have a great time with the kiddos camping. Ours loved it alot too but we were in doors most of the time in a trailor. Sorry about your friend from church's wife but I understand when it is their time to go and they are suffereing it is best for all, even though they will be very missed.

    JULIE- Hang in there doing what you are doing. You are always so thoughtful and caring towards others. Wish more were like you and any of us here but this time of year we hear about the good deeds of others esp towards the needy. Hope you get all the chores done today, busy lady but try not to wear yourself out to much.

    *****I see that we were posting about the same time. What a lovely quilt. it is beautiful and so thoughtful of Keira to want to give it to her baby brother. It is adorable and so colorful too. You did a GREAT job JULIE :)!!!

    MIKIE - Glad you are feeling a little better after your dentist . I know I am doing better than yesterday also and still on abx.

    Sorry I have more stuff to do although I think I am finished wrapping, not that much. This year I think everyone is getting less sine I am the giver and it is on my SS plus my supps and other bills, not good.

    Love to ALL including everyone not mentioned,
    Granni :)
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good evening, friends! Gonna try again tonight to get to bed earlier...need to "steam" my face first as I feel some sinus stuff coming on. I did lie down with Den after he got home from work, but he was still coughing, so neither one of us got any rest. I should probably spray or sniff some colloidal silver, but it hurts so bad when it touches those tender sinus membranes...even diluted...my nostrils must be extra tender, lol!

    Got all the guest bedding folded and put away, then tackled a mountain of towels and washcloths, etc...finished that a little bit ago. Amazing what I consider an accomplishment, compared to what my "normal" friends get done in a day, lol!

    Granni, your lunch sounds yummy! Gpa always brought a "doggy bag" home whenever we ate out...he even broke rules and would take part of a piece of chicken off a buffet if he couldn't eat it. Had little baggies in his pocket all the time...usually to bring something home to save for Kirby cat...;)

    Den starts his holiday days off tomorrow...they get off work at noon, after eating a catered meal. And he gets Monday off...so I hope he can get some extra rest and start feeling better. He didn't want to take sick leave....partly because he doesn't currently have a PCP. His doctor closed his practice and the new doctor won't make an appt. until he has the records from everyone else that Den has been to. So, if Den needed several days off, he has no doctor to write an excuse...

    Okay...here I go to bed. Biopsy is at 11:00 tomorrow...I sure hope I don't have to wait too long for the results. Things have always turned out fine, so I have no reason to think this will be otherwise...will just be glad to have it over with. I was teasing Den that if anything happened to me...well, he can't even cook! He promised to take care of the dog, but said the garage cats are "on their own"...I doubt that...Den is a softy, but doesn't want anyone to know it.

    Take care, everyone...I know this is a rough time for so many...holidays, cold weather, mean neighbors, crazy family members...but there is plenty of good around, too.

    I'll quote my daughter, from their hectic shopping trip to Costco today (over an hour drive from their home, but they wanted to stock up)...

    "Costco with 4 kids and 3 carts full then rush hour traffic in Nashville. Thank goodness hubby was driving. And thank you to the kind ladies who blessed me over the size of my family instead of the lady who glared at me while I was trying to get out of the way with 2 carts and a freaking out 2-yr-old on my hip. Lady I had 4 babies without any medication at all; I can snap you like a twig if you try to shove past me and my babies again. Ok I promise I didn't say a word and was kind, but that may have gone through my head....." [​IMG][​IMG]

    That's my girl, lol!

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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Below is the post I had almost finished just before we lost power for three hours yesterday. I always call our utility co. to register the outage or to find out info. on one which has already been reported. My neighbors, on the other hand, call me. I've tried to gently mention that it's really helpful to call the utility co. so they can get updates; the utility co. makes robo calls to update people if they want it. Still, they continue to call me. Now, these are my friends and I always enjoy talking to them but, when they call multiple times, it can get to be a bit hectic. Sometimes, I'm on the phone with one when another calls. I had planned on vacuuming yesterday despite being in a lot of pain and feeling yucky. Couldn't do that so decided to just rest and read. No such luck. I could stop taking calls but then would have to eventually return their missed calls. No rest for the wicked. At the same time, Nancy was texting me about things with Bob and her red ants. AACCKK!!! It's hard to multitask. Eventually, the power came back on late in the afternoon. Seems a small animal, read squirrel, got into the power lines. We are overrun with squirrels this year so, I guess, it's thinning of the herd.


    Hi, Kids,

    Today has gone strangely. I did get over to see Bob and he was glad to see me. I brushed him and gave him lots of love. What a sweet little cat. Ran into a nice neighbor so was glad to have walked over. I stopped to see Grace because her little dog, Dusty, has been sick and not eating. Vet put him on some meds and he's already feeling better. Grace's DH, Dennis, is going to paint an accent wall in their guest room so I loaned him my drop cloth. Then, the sprinkler guy was there so I showed him two areas in Grace's atrium which weren't getting sprinkled. He fixed them. Then, the guy who will be pressure washing the bldg. came by to post notices that he'll be here on the 27th. I put Barb's plant and plant stand down out of the way of the pressure washing. I'll be bringing in my chairs before he starts. I'll also take in welcome mats where people are gone. Hope it looks nice when he's done. He's a nice guy and did a good job last year. Soooo, there were all kinds of things going on.

    I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and filled my pill boxes but haven't done anything which requires much effort. I'm still in what I guess is the Herx mode. I have a headache, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes and I ache all over. Major whining here. While resting, I watched White Christmas on AMC. I have the DVD but, since it was on, I decided to watch it. Only problem is AMC runs ads nonstop for the ASPCA showing freezing abandoned animals and ads for UNICEF showing starving children. I can't take it. I'm glad they are getting money for good causes but those ads make me really upset.

    Julie, how sweet of you and Den to sponsor that child. Thanks for posting about it. I love hearing good news. That quilt is adorable. Nice job! That's sweet of Keira to want it for her new little bro. It's also sweet of you. I know this can't be easy for you and Amy. My ex does random acts of kindness. He will eat out and pay the tab for little old ladies who are eating. Our family also tries to do things all year round. We have a lot of wealthy people in SW FL and I see all the ads on TV for Mercedes and Lexus luxury cars with big red bows on top. I hate them because they make it seem that is what everybody does for Christmas. I wonder how they make people feel who are barely making ends meet for their families. Our values are being skewed. I'm glad there are good kind people who help others.

    Granni, glad the tooth is better and you had such a good lunch. It's always nice to eat out. Hope all your tests come back OK. I'm laughing at DH complaining of feeling uncomfortable after eating so much. I know that feeling. I try not to overeat and usually don't but, once in a while... What, you mean you're not feeling rich with that raise we all got from Social Security? Maybe I won't be able to afford to overeat. Well, that might be a good thing. Hope the ABX do the trick for your tooth and that they don't make you feel sick.

    Earlier, Sir Vester got a wild streak and was zooming around and howling. Nancy thinks maybe he smelled Bob when I came home. It could also be Dusty. Wish I could zoom around and howl. Heck, if I could zoom around, I'd feel like howling.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby,
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Morning everyone! I'll keep this short as I want to get some things done before I leave the house. Good news...I was in bed and ASLEEP before 11:00! So, now I am feeling awake and refreshed early enough to actually function...Den leaves around 6:00 am, and I usually hear him, but fall back to sleep.

    I must have been sleeping pretty sound around 12:30...our little Susan texted that she was in the ER and needed prayer. I can't remember the name of the disease which is causing all her nerve, muscle and joint pain...an uncle of hers has the same thing...his is under control, but they are still working on getting her some relief.

    At 26 years old, she has a really hard time "pacing herself" and is pretty stubborn...like driving to Iowa and back home to Tennessee like she just did. We kept asking her if she was up to doing that, and she just replied that she still has to "have a life." I know that feeling all too well...and I understand paying the consequences later.

    Mikie, what a nuisance to have the power off for so long! And to have all the neighbors calling you for info. Yes, you are their "go to" person and they count on you to know what's going on and to somehow "fix it" or make the arrangements for it to be fixed. I'm glad they have you, even though it puts you in a bind sometimes...

    I always think of Spring and their power cuts/outages. We got used to the "inconvenience" while in Belize, but it was a real pain in the neck, especially trying to fix a meal for a team of 30 or 40 people.

    Sorry you are still herxing...I hope you start feeling really good very soon.

    Den is still coughing...he just can't seem to get that gunk to come up. I told him he will need to rest this weekend, but he thinks he should work on the house since the weather will be much warmer (in the 50's.) I'm bringing my dad out here Christmas Day, so maybe Den will at least take that day off. I bought several jig saw puzzles to keep him occupied...

    Well, it's still dark out, but our yard light shines on the wood pile, so I am going to go out and bring a bunch of big chunks into the shop...rain forecast for several days in a row (along with warmer temps) and a lot of the wood is still sitting out "unsplit." Den brought the logsplitter inside because the electric motor "blew up" (just needed a part, that Fred happened to have) and it was much warmer to work inside during our "deep freeze."

    If I can get some wood brought in, that will save Den from being out in the rain, trying to bring wood in...we have the boiler (heat in the floor) when necessary, but it uses lots of propane.

    I feel like I've really rambled, but hope everyone is doing as well as possible.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just made three trips to take my paper down for recycle and to take the old area rug down. The coffee table is moved out so I can vacuum around the edges of the living room. Then, I can put the new rug down. When I pulled up the old one, Tweety had peed on it and the backing was stained. Her urine didn't have much of an odor. She must have done it at night and it was pretty much dry by morning or, at least, the top was dry. AACCKK!!! There is no spot on the carpeting and I don't have time to shampoo it. So, will spray the area with Febreze and lay the new area run on it. This area rug is indoor/outdoor so the urine may not have soaked through. Sir Vester isn't sniffing around like he would if there were pee on the carpet.

    I took some of my magazines to the neighbors to read. I ran into the neighbor who is taking care of Bob. She loves cats and is smitten with him so I know she is spending time with him. I'm not going over to see him today. I still have to vacuum and put the area rug down. Every time I go out, I run into friends and neighbors. One of my neighbors here just lost her longtime boyfriend to two strokes. I think she is in her 50's and he was in his 60's. I consider her a friend but she's still working as a realtor so doesn't have much time to socialize.

    Julie, glad you got some sleep. I just sent up a prayer for Susan. How sad to have all that pain at an age when she should be having a good time. I think the Herxing is getting better. Yes, we do get spoiled here with our dependable power, unlike so many places in the world. Everything here is electrical so we depend on it for everything. I think because I've been on boards for so long that people think I have some kind of info. Of course, when on a board, one needs to know what is going on and, I think, people just get into the habit of calling me. I don't mind but it can get hectic with everyone calling and people texting. It's like Grand Central in here. I hope your Christmas is nice with just the three of you and I hope Den can get some rest and feel better.

    BTW, did anyone else love hard Christmas candy like I did. I say, did, because I don't think anyone makes it anymore. Of course, I shouldn't eat it anyway but I miss it. There is a big candy store south of me and they carry all the old fashioned candy that's hard to get these days. If I go, I know I'll lose my mind! Well, lose what's left of my mind.

    Gotta go vacuum. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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