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    Hi everyone! I was just going to bed when I saw that Sacajawea2 had posted on one of the earlier porches. So I am going to move that post over here. It is so good to hear from you!!!!

    So, come on in, everyone! Hope to see some more friends when I get up in the morning. I'll keep the fire going to ward off the chill, but of course, the porch is always the perfect temperature.

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    Here is Sacajawea's post...
    Hi All!
    I still read here periodically but have such little energy to write much these days. But
    I about choked to death from laughing so hard when I read about Mikie changing the poopy diaper and finding the eyes lookin at you! You got the stink eyes that day!

    I've been meaning to write since last summer when your grandson when to New York and saw
    the lion king on Broadway. My daughter and her aunt were there that weeken as well and they
    Were there for the very same show!

    And Rock, yes, I chose this name after one of my girls gave me a Sacajawea coin.
    I always admired her growing up.

    And I have always admired Julie and her special bonds with her grandchildren. Keira is so sweet! I love the blanket. I saved one of my son's jungle baby blankets and gave it to his son. I showed my mom on FaceTime and she remembered it. It's in great shape. I hope!

    It's getting ready to snow. The smell has been in the air for awhile. I like the colder weather. Anything below 25/20, is lovely. I really prefer 10 and lower but it costs too much to run the furnace. But I have more energy, less pain and feel better in spirits too.

    Well, hello to everyone! I am getting sleepy!
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is doing well today. I felt rough last night but am hoping I'll feel better today. It's too early to tell yet. I just started the book on telomeres and am anxious to get into it more. There is supposed to be info on how we can protect our chromosomes against early aging. Hope it ain't too late. I've put the brain fog book aside for a bit as I find this book much more compelling. I'm also reading a novel about a family whose daughter went missing. It's been on the best seller list. The writing style and story telling ability of the author are good.

    Both Dear Old Friend and Joe called me several times yesterday. I'm glad we all keep in touch. I haven't called Nancy because her DD and DSIL are there and I know they will be busy. I'm just glad she is home and Bob has her and Chewy back. Poor old kitty; I know he was lonesome. When I go over to see her, both he and Chewy vie for my attention. Bob will nip at my toes if he thinks I'm ignoring him. With his size and strength, not to mention his persistence, there is no ignoring him. He is a force to be reckoned with. Speaking of which... Barb's kids left her alone again last night and asked Grace to watch her. No one can believe the nerve of her DD, expecting neighbors to do what they should be doing, even if Barb doesn't want anyone staying with her. If anything happens, Grace will feel horrible even if it isn't her responsibility. She's a sensitive soul and her own health is the greatest.

    Sacajawea, soooo good to see you here. I'm glad you can keep up with us and I hope you can continue to post. Now, I'm laughing about getting the 'stink eye.' What a small world. Hope your DD enjoyed The Lion King too. I don't want to miss it if it comes here. We get the traveling Broadway shows at some point. I'm so thankful that DGS and my kids escaped that bomb in Central Park unscathed. That was scary because they were so close. My Mom gave me a Sacajawea Dollar and I carry it for good luck. I don't like our daytime weather in the summer when it's in the 90's and humid as can be but the nights are lovely. I usually like this time of year here but it's still too hot and a bit too humid. I don't mind cold weather. What makes most of us ache is when the barometric pressure changes drastically. I hope you were able to catch a nice nap. I love the feeling of getting drowsy and knowing I'm about to drift off. I'm a world class sleeper.

    Sun, how scary indeed to have none of your cards working. Could be a mixup of some kind. Perhaps another person had her ID stolen and they mistakenly blocked your credit instead of hers when they put the freeze on her cards. Then, they may have realized the mistake and fixed it. It's the only explanation I can think of. There were two security breaches of medical facilities here and I was notified by both that my ID may have been compromised. Both offered a year's free credit watchdog membership and they suggested I use them to put a freeze on my credit. I wasn't about to go through all that inconvenience but it's good to know that I could if I discovered my ID had been stolen and used. If it were me, I'd contact the bank and see whether they can shed any light on what happened.

    Whatever I have is some kind of active virus which is causing my head to be stuffed up, my lymph nodes to be swollen, my throat to feel sore and my whole body to ache. It gets better and then worse again. Last night, my chest hurt really bad so I prayed it didn't go there. I can deal with this but not bronchitis or pneumonia. Yikes! I know what you mean about using the scissors to do the razor thing. I watched the video on You Tube on how to dry cut with the razor and decided I want to use that. I'm excited. Now, if I can just do it... Hope you don't have any more scares.

    Julie, I'm picturing the radiologist sitting in front of the x-ray viewer wearing a pair of those cardboard glasses with one red lens and one green lens sticking his hands out like people always do in 3-D movies. Glad you made it to the salon. I was so happy just to have a good hair day. I may not feel great but, if my hair looks good, I can deal with the rest. I hope the razor lives up to my expectations. I do OK with scissors and a wet cut but I love the look of a dry razor cut. Salons charge a lot for them. I'm also looking forward to getting some things cleaned out and organized as soon as health permits. Viruses usually leave us feeling a bit down and 'lazy.' Still, I can't try to push through it or I just make matters worse and the swearing... My body may be kaput but I don't want to lose my soul in the process. Yikes!

    Granni, not to beat a dead horse but when you look at the labels, if there is hydrogenated anything or partially hydrogenated anything, it's the worst thing you can put in your body. That's what makes the plaque in the blood vessels. It is especially dangerous when coupled with carbs. In order to turn even healthy oils into more solid form, it has to be at least partially hydrogenated. It's in butter substitutes and most commercial bakery products. This is all I'm gonna say on the subject but I would think using a little bit of dairy product would be the lesser of two evils. For years, they tried to convince us that margarine was the healthy alternative. Turned out it wasn't. Same with eggs. They are healthy even for those with cholesterol problems. We've been sold a bill of goods in this country for years and it has probably led to a lot of the obesity and health problems we suffer from today.

    Well, Kiddies, I need to get going. Not that there is any pressure to get any particular thing done but I do need to get to the mgmt. office before the end of the week. I never got there yesterday. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    JULIE - Thanks for moving that post over of SACAGAWEA2's. I was going to post that to MIKIE and let her know.

    MIKIE - Thanks for info . I pretty much knew it but when you go shopping w ith DH he is more worried about the bottom dollar than looking at all the ingredients. It did say dairy free. . I did not read all the ing.. I am going to ask my ND what she suggests when I get the chance. I know it has olive oil in it but probably not enough.

    Can you contact SAC's and tell her what volume we are now on. It was on Volume 946 but Julie moved it over here. What a nice surprise to hear from her.. Well, I guess she can figure that out if she see's these post here.

    I cannot stay as I have to get dressed and am getting ready to go to choir practice for part of the choir performance tomorrow.

    Gotta run.

    Granni :)
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    Good morning, friends! How does 3 degrees sound? Yeah, me too, lol! We did get a skiff of snow, so it looks more like winter...

    Mikie, that's pretty nervy of Barb's kids...that's taking the "Friends Helping Friends" group a bit far. Maybe they should have brought an aid or other medical person along with them, or arranged to hire someone local before they came. Everyone needs some respite time, but not when it puts others on the spot. I wonder what they do at home...oh, is Barb living with the kids or in a facility? When Gpa was living with sis, she would waffle back and forth about whether he could be left alone or not...depending on what suited her.

    Granni, I see you've posted, too! I know it's so hard to find the right things to eat...as I have read before, "We are what we eat eats"...yep, if a cow eats GMO corn, basically we do too....just one example. And then there's the extra expense. Why should it cost more to leave something out of food? Seems it should be the other way around, lol! Mikie's right about the "hydrogenated stuff", but I understand shopping with a guy. Den harldy ever goes grocery shopping with me, but when he does, we end up with some weird things in the cart, lol!

    I'd better get off the computer and get ready to go to my eye appt. I'll visit my dad too...take him some SF candy and fresh flowers. My appt's. at 11:00, so it will be after lunch when I get to the care center...

    I'm going to shop for groceries (for myself) that are on the Virgin Diet...that's the only one I have been able to lose any weight on, a few years ago. JJ Virgin is the author and the idea is to eliminate any possible problem food groups for three weeks, then gradually get back on them (one at a time) to see what might be causing inflammation, etc. So, I won't be eating or drinking any dairy, gluten, corn, soy, eggs, and peanuts (tree nuts are ok) and sugar.

    It's very restrictive at first, while the body is "recovering" from any problems...and it is very time-consuming (just thinking about what to eat, etc.) and I just haven't had the time, energy or brain cells to do it. But I'm hoping my "sabbatical" next week will let me get back in the groove...I'll be cleaning at home, but not having to interrupt my projects to go to any appts. (except to see my dad, toward the end of the week.)

    Sounds like a plan, huh? Well, I intend to be flexible if something comes up...but as Gpa always said..."It's good to have a plan" ;)

    Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing okay, or at least better...take care!
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just back from the mgmt. office and Publix. Barb was out on the balcony when I went out. She was very friendly and I asked whether she needed anything from the store. She seemed grateful but didn't need anything. Got some good BOGOs but spent about $20 more than I normally would in a week. They had Puffs with Vicks for $1 a box so I got six of them. They feel soooo good with this head cold. A friend of Barb's and mine was up on the balcony talking with Barb when I got home. She hugged me and gave me a kiss and I looked at Barb. She seemed soooo happy to see us like that. In the old days, she would have been jealous. This makes me so happy. I hope it keeps up. I think it is a big relief for her to be in a happier place.

    Nancy texted me back and is very glad to be warm. Said she's still thawing out. She's having a great time with her kids. It was cold out when I left but is warming up. That cold front won't hit til this weekend and I'm looking forward to it. No more high 80's; I can deal with low 80's. Joe called this morning. His fridge finally came but the door was dented in. He's about fit to be tied with these delays. It's been two months since Lowe's special ordered it for him. I told him that if it were me, I'd give them one last chance. His present fridge is still working so it's not critical. He could ask for some consideration for the inconvenience. They put in the wrong stainless sink when they did my stone countertops and they gave me a $100 gift card. Never hurts to ask.

    Julie, Barb isn't part of the Friends Helping Friends. The group will help anyone but it's designed for year round singles who don't have family members living with them. Barb's DD always comes down with her but stays in a different rental condo. There are a couple of younger single women here who have had DUIs and we didn't want to put them on the list. Several are still drinking. Those younger women have their own little informal group. The ones of the FHF list are older. I've let it be known around the hood that I have a group of friends who can help out if anyone is needing anything. We really haven't used the list that much but it's so nice when we need something.

    Barb lives with DD and DSIL up north. I feel sorry for them but, like everyone else here, I just can't believe they leave her alone. She's very unsteady and another fall might do her in. If it were my Mom, I couldn't rest a minute. BRRRR! That's cold. Hope the appt. and visit to your Dad goes well. At first, I thought the diet was for virgins so I figured it wasn't for me; however, it's been so long that I may qualify. :( Love the pic you posted. Makes me think of a rustic comfortable cabin in the CO mtns. Lots of pottery and other organic furnishings.

    Granni, I get the Land 'o Lakes butter in the tub. It's spreadable. I used to get the one with olive oil in it but now get the one with canola. It tastes better and canola oil is very healthy. Yeah, I understand about guys. I spring for the butter and cut in other areas, usually buy making meals around the BOGOs and sales. I'll let Sacajawea know that Julie pasted her post into the new Porch. It's sooo good to hear from her. It's good to hear from you and I hope you can come back to stay a while. I know how busy you are. How's the weather in TX?

    I'm so relieved to have taken my receipts to the mgmt. co. so I can get back about $200 I've spent in our bldg. Mostly for flowers and the little thing which houses our garden hose. I use my Lowe's card and get the discount for the things we need. I can use the $$$ to pay on my new fridge. I can pay it off in four or five months with no interest. I have 18 months but don't want to stretch it out that long. I'm always afraid I'll miss a payment and end up paying 24 percent interest. I just want to veg another day now that I'm home.

    Hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Just had a bowl of the delicious ham 'n beans I fixed yesterday and let cook all night in the crock pot. It was delicious. It was an easy peasy meal 'cause I used the canned beans I got on sale at Publix last week. The ham steak I got on BOGO was hickory smoked and really flavored the beans. I had enough left over to freeze for later. I had three bowls and there are two more left. That made the meal cost $1 a bowl. I should cook more, especially when I get things on sale.

    Grace and Lilliann downstairs wanted me to go to lunch tomorrow but I'm so beat today that I just don't think I'll be able to. I told G and L I would take them to the Indian restaurant next week if I'm up to it. I'm soooo tired but I don't want to take a nap. I watched some shows I had recorded and watched the Senate Cyber Security hearings. It's not a partisan issue and is so important. Again, history in the making. As someone said, We live in interesting times. I may wander into the bedroom to read and watch TV. I'll likely fall asleep. BTW, there is a special on the Menendez Brothers on ABC tonight if anyone likes true crime shows.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - The ham and beans in the crock pot surely sounds yummy to me. I was just fishing around the web to find a recipe similar to what I have used before. it is just ground turkey , canned tomatoes or salsa or a combo of each with zucchini and spices . I have gotten so lazy cooking but now that it is cold out DH is looking for more food. I am too actually even if I do not feel like fixing it. Hope you feel better so you can go out to eat with your friends, if not tomorrow next week. It was in the low 50s today and is supposed to be in the 20's tonight and 40's tomorrow. Some areas might get precip and ice. Don't think we will though. The cold is bad enough., I can't imagine DGD who is in Colorado. I thin they are thinking about trying to have Christmas with the family up there. Not sure my DH will go for it even though it sounds like fun. He will have to fly and will not drive in anything resembling ice anymore. Glad Barb is behaving herself with everyone. Hope it helps and she stays that way.

    JULIE - Let us know how that Virgin diet goes with you. It almost sounds like mine. Hope you can find out something, and me too :)!! We are having HOT weather compared to you my dear.


    Love to all,

    Hope to get back tomorrow . Need to go start supper.

    Granni :)
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    Hi gang...I had a much longer day than I had planned, but should be stocked up enough on groceries, pet food, toiletries, etc...I shouldn't need a thing until whenever I go to town again. That will probably be next Friday since I will at least go see my dad...hopefully his new glasses will be in and we can go pick them up.

    Mikie, I can imagine the atmosphere in the hood is quite different this time with Barb here...yes, I was being sort of "tongue in cheek" when I spoke about the Friends Helping Friends group. It sounds like Barb should not be left alone at all. It's great that you can do some of the things for the Hood...and important that you get reimbursed for your expenses.

    Glad your ham and beans turned out so good. I would make it more, but Den doesn't like the beans part, lol!

    Granni, I lost 13 pounds in three weeks the last time I did the Virgin Diet. The idea is to find the foods that are causing problems and either eliminate them completely or figure out how often a person can have them without running into trouble.

    I hope it works out okay for you guys for next Christmas...maybe if hubby has this much time to ponder it, he will decide it's not so bad?

    My eyes have changed...the right eye quite a bit...so I had to get new lenses for my glasses. Fortunately, they could be ordered and the staff will put them in right there. Otherwise they would have wanted to send my frames in to the lab, but I can't be without glasses that long. I am getting more near-sighted because my cataracts are growing, but not enough to justify surgery just yet.

    I saw my dad for just a few minutes...had already left Oreo outside in this cold weather longer than I should have. Finished getting groceries (three different stops) then headed on home. I found a salt lamp...had been waiting for Wal Mart to get more in...so grabbed it while I could. We don't have much of a variety of stores these days...lost two major ones in the past 18 months (Target and K Mart.)

    Den will be late getting home from work this evening...they have a new boss (oversees all the different departments) but he doesn't really know too much about what goes on. He asked the guys to come to the city council meeting tonight to answer any questions the council members might have. Yea...it doesn't really make much sense that he was hired when the past guy retired...but this guy is friends with the office manager, mayor and several on the city council...so...

    Anyway, I am beat...and actually cold, lol! Gonna get Den's lunch made for tomorrow then curl up on the couch and read. I have a new book about the missionaries who were killed in 1956 by the Auca Indians in Ecuador. The first book was written by one of the guys' wives (Jim Elliott's wife, Elizabeth...titled "Through Gates of Splendor.")

    This 40th anniversary edition, also written by her, is supposed to have updates on what happened, and tells about the families of the men in the years since then.

    So, I will say "Hi" to everyone...hope you all are okay.
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    Peeking in.. Got busy, went a visiting with SIL...at MILs place..all relatives gathered and brought their own meals, what a relief! Didn't hv to be alone with MIL. We hv some very serious issues, she knows I know about her, so it's super dicey.

    I hv fallen behind on just too much housework because of running around trying to get ingredients for the pot luck lunch yesterday and then again today getting something for SILs family to take to Switzerland so will bbl.

    Take care, you all.

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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I got to bed early and woke early. I fell asleep watching the Menendez Bros. special but I did record it so I can watch it. I watch all this serious historical stuff happening on TV and then I have to have some tabloid-level junk food for the mind. Just going to the mgmt. co. and Publix yesterday did me in. I think the head cold is better but it's left me exhausted. I'm glad I told Grace and Lillianne that I couldn't have lunch today. I am just not up to it. I'm sure they think I would enjoy it after being sick but they don't understand that it would just be something I'd have to endure and wouldn't enjoy. Even when I'm at my best, I usually don't enjoy things like that. The exception is when a whole bunch of us get together. It's often the only time I see some of our friends in the hood.

    News just showed Harriett sitting on the nest. She is keeping her chick warm. She is still sitting on the other egg but the experts don't think it will hatch.

    Granni, I don't know why but the cold in CO never bothered me much. The coldest I've been was in NE when they buried my Dad and in GA when I was driving home from Thanksgiving in Atlanta. The hottest I've been was also in GA when Richard and I were driving home from the Carolinas. I think the super dry air in CO keeps the cold from getting through to the bones. Last time I was in CO, it was 6 degrees in the morning when DD and I took the dog for a walk. I didn't mind but I was bundled up. Yes, cold weather usually makes me yearn for some nice hot food too. Grace texted me that Dennis loved my spicy chili. She didn't have any as she can't eat spicy food.

    Julie, my eyes had gotten a lot worse last time I had them checked. I had thought my small cataracts had grown but it was the astigmatism which had worsened. I got new frames and lenses and am glad I did. It isn't the frames which are expensive; it's the lenses for me. I have always been farsighted but it's the astigmatism which has been the problem. Now, even my far vision isn't good. The reimbursements are for things I bought for just our bldg. Each bldg. or courtyard here is its own small association and all are under the big umbrella assn. Kind of confusing but I'm glad because we have been better financially than many of the other assns. I just had our balcony, stairs and sidewalks pressure washed and now, I've found caulk in a crack which needs to be redone, a stair rail which needs repair and some paint chipped off the balcony deck. I've alerted mgmt. to send someone out to fix it all. There is always something which needs to be done, just like a house. Glad you found the salt lamp. The secretary at the mgmt. co. had one on her desk. She sits next to the copy machine and they are the worst for putting out positive ions. The lamp will help with negative ions.

    Spring, I'm sorry you have gotten behind on everything. I'm so far behind that I feel as though I'll never catch up. I may end up in one of Einstein's time warps. Yikes! Glad you weren't alone with MIL. Hope you can come back soon.

    I hope to clean the bathrooms today and dust. The condo will then be reasonably clean except for the two rooms where I'm cleaning out the closets and the dining room where there are boxes full of stuff to donate. The lanai needs to be cleaned and so does my car. I need to clean the car before we go to lunch. One thing at a time...

    I hope all y'all have a wonderful day today.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, friends! I went to bed early last night and woke up at 7:00 when Lindsey texted a pic of the snow in Tennessee! So glad I sent winter coats and snowpants down. It is cold enough that it won't melt right away...looked like just a skiff, but hope it's enough to play in :) Their police dept. posted a warning to people to stay home if they could...yes, if one is not used to driving on slick roads, it can be very dangerous.

    Good to see you, Spring...come back when you can. Glad you had a buffer of protection in the other relatives on your visit to see MIL.

    Mikie, glad you got some rest. I had "junk" TV on last evening, even though I wasn't paying much attention as I was reading. Den got home too late to watch our Netflix show, and we wait for each other before we watch whatever series we are on...right now we are watching White Collar. It's about a con artist (with a good heart) who is released from prison in the care of the FBI agent who caught him. This guy serves as a consultant to the FBI...it's very light watching, but can be serious at times. There were six seasons...we watch one episode on week nights, then more on weekend nights and holidays.

    The actual temp at 9:00 am is -1 degree! We are only supposed to get up to 12, so I won't be doing any extra outside today...just feed the cats and run back inside. Got the wood furnace going full bore, but the boiler still comes on regularly.

    I may get interrupted in my "week off from running around" next week. Clinton has a doctor appt. out of town and Amy may need me to pick up the girls from school. They don't have a day care person anymore because the lady's husband is in his last days of cancer and wanted to be home...would be too hard and exhausting to also take care of little ones as well as her husband. But one of Clinton's other daughters (the only responsible one) may be able to pick them up, so I won't have to make the trip.

    Normally, it would be great...but I just have these projects at home on my mind. And our niece (Den's sis' daughter) will be in Amy's town next Thurs. and Friday for her grandma's funeral. I could go there to see them (they are from Kansas) but just feel like I should "stick to the plan", lol!

    Anyway, I'd better get busy...hope everyone is able to be as warm or as cooled off as they want to be. It varies with me...I have piles of clothes all over the house, depending whether I get hot or cold :p

    Take care, everyone!

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    Hi Kids

    Don't have the energy to do long posts anymore. Am reading your posts though.
    Nice to hear from you Linda and Sacajewea.

    Great pic, Julie. Reminds me of the Timberline Lodge the WPA built in the 1930's
    half way up Mt Hood in Oregon. FDR and Eleanor were there for the dedication.
    (Wikipedia has pics.)

  13. Granniluvsu

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    Just reading quickly. Nice to hear from you ROCK. Hope you are feeling at least halfway normal, whatever that means. DH is at the store. I need to go get dressed. May make splitpea soup today before I have to go sing at our church concert. The church is putting on a post Christmas concert with all the different choirs at our church. It will be long but not as long as it was last year.

    JULIE - I know your TT's will have a blast n the snow. Hope it will be enough for them to have fun in before melting. Sure sounds like you are a busy one.

    MIKIE - Hope you feel better soon. It is no fun to like crap which I do most of the time . No one understands except those who have the same problems. Plus you have other things to to add to the non so fun experience ):!!

    Hi to SPRING, STAT, SUN and everydobby. Need to go get dressed now. Try and get back later.

    Granni :)

    Sorry I can't stay everyone but am not even dressed and t almost 10 a.m.
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    Hi Rock...so good to hear from you! Understandable that you are still extra low on energy...those infections can really do a number on a person, even after the meds are done.

    It sound like the WPA was a great thing...put lots of unemployed (mostly unskilled male workers) to work during a rough time. We have a lodge built in Lake Wapello State Park (not too far from us) that one of Den's uncles helped build. Below are the words of FDR and a pic of the Timberline Lodge.
    "Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood National Forest dedicated September 28, 1937, by the President of the United States as a monument to the skill and faithful performance of workers on the rolls of the Works Progress Administration."
    — Franklin D. Roosevelt


    Granni, your soup sounds wonderful. One of the things I like about the Virgin Diet is that you can make lots of "stoups" or something like that...a dish that is a cross between a soup and a stew.

    Lindsey hasn't sent pics yet...David worked last night so everyone is waiting for him to get up to go out and play with them.

    Oreo is outside...I wormed her this morning because she has seemed so ravenous lately....and she eats lots of "junk" she finds outside. After we fed the cats, she tried to bring in a piece of frozen "surprise", but I didn't let her, lol!

    Finally got Den an appt. with a new doctor...he got stuck in limbo after his regular PCP closed his office. Den won't travel the two hours to Des Moines to see one of Iowa's rare endocrinologists, so they quit renewing his thyroid meds. But...we had to wait for records to get to the new doc before they would make an appt. Cutting it kinda close...his appt. is Tuesday and he runs out of pills on Friday.

    Better go see if my doggy is ready to come in...I won't leave her out too long, but want to make sure she does her business.

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    Julie: What a gorgeous lodge (the color one) and also the last one you posted. It makes me think Aderondacks although I've never been up to that area. I've read novels set in that area and it sounds wonderful. Yes that WPA was a lifesaver for so many people. There are WPA works in my area also, but I think it's mainly paints on walls, etc. I should do a search on this though....I might be surprised.

    I'll bet all the little ones are now enjoying the snow and wearing those bargains you picked up. Hope DEN gets a good doc soon, scary being down to the last pills.

    Mikie: I've heard that this bug is LASTING. Sorry you're having trouble dumping. That's good news that Barb sees nicer.

    I DID contact the bank about my Visa and ATM cards as soon as I came home from the store. The lady pulled up my accounts....said there was no problems. She did say that it showed nothing about the credit card scanner trying to put my cards thru. Strange. And Discover said the same thing. But why was it ALL my cards at TWO credit card machines? It was like I wasn't to be in the store at that time!!!!!! So it definitely was THEIR machines.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Watched the special on the Menendez Bros. and, when it was done, I switched to the news. There was just a shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. So far, eight wounded and five dead. Those numbers will likely change. It was a single shooter who didn't seem to be targeting anyone in particular. He said nothing and surrendered peacefully, according to an eye witness. He had a military ID on him. No further info right now. How sad. Lauderdale is just east of me over on the East Coast of FL.

    I went down and turned things on downstairs for Ilona's and Frank's arrival tomorrow. Grace asked me to come down earlier and I did. She's been so good to help Barb every evening to get into her nightgown. Night before last, Barb asked her whether she thinks there's a hell. Grace told her what she believes. Grace never tries to push religion on anyone; Barb asked her about hell. This morning, Barb told Grace in front of Barb's DD that she didn't want Grace talking religion to her any more. Grace, being the nice person that she is, didn't want to say anything in front of the DD so she said nothing. She told me that Barb must be feeling better and is ready to cause problems again. Good grief! I was afraid this good will would come to an end.

    All I got done was getting my mail, turning on the things downstairs and cleaning off my coffee table. I have a little box with small rocks and candles in it. I took all the rocks out and washed them. They collect dust. I used some oil on the wood and it looks beautiful. I had refinished the table a couple of years ago. It was really bad but I've always loved it so decided to try to refinish it to save it from the trash heap. I'm soooo glad I did. I cleaned out some magazines on it and put some stuff away. Doesn't sound like much but it's all I'm capable of right now. Joe and I got the same letter that our dentist is retiring and another one has bought the practice. My next appt. isn't until June. I'll see him then. I think Joe's appt. is before mine. I'll let him be the Guinea Pig.

    My new hair cutting razor kit arrived. It has all kinds of different guards so I can feather the hair a little or a lot. I like the one the guy used on You Tube so will try that. There were also a couple of nice combs included and extra razors. Can't wait to have at it. Amazon was smart to include free two-day S&H in its membership. It's a big incentive to order through them.

    Julie, I'm sorry it's soooo cold. Brrrrr! I hate to say that my A/C just went on. Temps will drop this weekend from the same cold front you are having up there.I binge watched the whole six seasons of White Collar. I loved it! If you like that, try watching Suits if it's on Netflix. I can never remember whether I've watched something on Netflix or Amazon. I am thinking of getting rid of Netflix but it's so cheap. Right now, there is usually a lot on network and cable TV. It's in the summer when I'm inside all the time that I binge watch. As I've said, our seasons are all mixed up down here. You must have had intuition that the kids would need those snow suits. Hope you can get everything done without doing yourself in in the process. I only get about half of what I want done these days.

    boulder high.jpg

    Rock, our high school had two big pieces of art in bas relief on the front of the school. They were WPA projects done by artists. Evidently there was a lot of public art paid for by the WPA to help out starving artists. It's difficult to see the figures here at the top of the concrete wall over the front door. It's a male and a female figure whom we called Minnie and Jake. As a senior prank, someone made a huge bra and hung it on Minnie one year. The school was constructed of flagstone, the same material used for most of the buildings on the Univ. of Colo. campus. Boulder High School was originally Boulder Prep, a school for the children of U of C personnel to prepare them for college. I don't know whether the whole school shown here was a WPA project or not but I would imagine it was because the art was integrated into the original bldg. at the time of construction. Next time I'm in CO, I need to stop by.

    Granni, I am afraid to go back to read your post and edit here to include my response. I lost my post once and am nervous. I'll respond when I post again. Hope y'all are having a good one.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE - Your information about Barb sounds like she is scared, of dying and was trying to somewhat good. However, with the strikes she has had I think perhaps it is causing her memory to fail even more and she forgets things, like asking Grace I think was if she believed in Hell and then saying she didn't want Grace to talk about religion any more. Of course she may also conveniently forget the things she wants to forget.. I am surprised to that her family is letting her stay alone. Maybe because they didn't want to hear her when she starts complaining, etc. That however could be very dangerous for her and if she needs help in getting into her nightgown she shouldnt be alone. There are other things she should or can't do very well.

    Will try and get back. DH needs the computer.

    Luv you and all,
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Granni, glad to see you back. Sorry you had to go. As I mentioned, I was afraid I'd lose my post if I edited it to respond to you. The gremlins are alive and well in the ether. Yes, both Grace and I think Barb got a scare with her health and is afraid of dying and the possibility of hell. She knows she's done some really mean things to people. Then, she feels better and doesn't want to think about it. Her kids already told Grace that she isn't OK mentally anymore. We all figured that out. She has had some serious things which easily could have caused damage to her mind. Her kids act as though they've had enough but everyone here is shocked that they leave her alone and expect poor Grace to look out for her. That's their job. Either that or she should be in a facility. I feel sorry for them because Barb is so difficult but it just isn't Grace's responsibility. I'm sure that when Ilona gets here they will expect her to take over. No one wants to tell them no. People here are mostly good and they take advantage of that. Her kids don't like me or Joe so they don't ask us to do anything. He and I laugh at how lucky we are that they don't like us. Joe is a rascal! Hope you have a chance to come back to the Porch soon.

    Sun, that really is strange. I hear the theme from The Outer Limits playing in the background. Da da, da da... I'm just glad no one got ahold of your ID. I have Lifelock and, once when I opened a new credit card, they called me. So, it must work. I get monthly reports that all is well (knocking on wood). The two credit bureaus send alerts every time I get my credit card bills and every time I pay them off. If the credit bureau memberships hadn't been free for a year, I wouldn't have bothered. Yes, this crud seems never to end. As I've said, though, if it just stays in the head and doesn't migrate to my chest, I'll be happy. Well, maybe not happy but, at least, I won't get too upset. Hope you can come back soon too.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone! Just putzing around...having a later lunch of a chicken sandwich (using Rommaine lettuce leaves instead of bread) and a "stoup" of canned black beans that I added some cooked quinoa and rice to. I seasoned that with some Mexican seasoning (trying to get my taste buds used to a little "fire", lol.)

    Sun, still so weird about your cards not working, but I'm glad it wasn't anything on your end. Den will get to see the doctor's PA, but I didn't want him to have to wait till the 26th to see the MD. They have the records from the hospital where he had his thyroid removed, and from the local hospital lab....so just need to renew the prescription. Den wanted to just start ordering his thyroid med from Canada or somewhere (he said he wouldn't need a script) but I told him no...he needs to see a doc once in awhile.

    Mikie, the news about the shooting at Ft. Lauderdale came across my facebook news feed. So, so sad...

    I agree with all the comments about Barb (wouldn't it be weird if she knew so many people were talking about her?) Sounds like some kind of dementia combined with occasionally feeling bad about her behavior. Oh my goodness, I didn't realize the kids were leaving her alone at the condo down there. And how rude and irresponsible to expect people in the Hood to take care of her. I, and several other people, often thought Den's sis would neglect Gpa...leaving him home alone, etc...in hopes that he would "be gone" when she returned.

    It almost worked...and I'm sure would have, if we hadn't brought him to live with us. Barb's kids could have at least checked with Grace, Ilona, etc...to see if they were willing to help out. So bad to just put them on the spot. Yep, I doubt you or Joe will be asked to help out...

    I'd better get back to work. I only count on getting a portion of my "to do" list done...but I do need to get papers rounded up for tax prep, etc. Need to take papers to Gpa's attorney so we can get this thing wrapped up.

    Thinking of everyone...

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Julie,

    Just responded to an IM from a dear friend I keep in touch with here and thought I'd check our Porch one last time today. So nice to see you had posted. I like a lively Porch. From the shows I've seen on TV, it can be unsafe to order those drugs from outside the U.S., no matter how much they appear to look like the real thing. I hope Den can get it all straightened out. I hate losing docs and dentists. Throws everything in disarray. I hope I like the new dentist and he isn't too expensive. My old guy was reasonable.

    Ilona wouldn't let me tell anyone until this week that she was coming down because she was afraid Barb's DD wouldn't make arrangements for her and would expect Ilona to care for her. Well, it appears the DD didn't make arrangements and figured she's grab anyone she could to help out. This DD and SIL bought Barb's condo. They are not especially friendly and people here would just as soon they would sell it. They may keep it for them and the grandkids to visit here. I don't know whether Barb will be able to come next year or not. These kids don't really bother anyone and they will likely be fiscally responsible so I'm OK with it. As long as people keep up their monthly fees, we can keep running. Living in a condo is like everyone being in one big family.

    I'm sure GPA wouldn't have made it either had you not taken him in. I just hope that, if anything happens to Barb, it doesn't happen on Grace's watch. She's a sensitive soul and it would be really hard on her even though she knows it's not her responsibility. Barb's DD was always soooo close to her mom and always thought her mom could do no wrong. Now, she knows just how difficult Barb has always been. I just wonder how she will feel if anything happens to her mom when she's alone. Barb uses a walker and can barely get around. I worry about her falling. That's how she broke her femur last year and there was a woman living with her. It ain't a good sitiation.

    Hope you have a good one and the same for all our Porchies.

    Love, Mikie

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