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    Come on in, all of you, out of the rain or hot sun...rest your weary feet or bodies, quiet your teeming thoughts and let the Universe take care of you and your cares for a little while yet, ....

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    I don't.know how to resize this picture. Sorry. And.my font key is not bringing IP those options to make the font larger.

    The other fonts are working. I guess yet another thing computer gremlins are having fun messing with.

    Mikie - we too are receiving an inordinate amount.of rain these days. Not complaining. It brings down the temperatures and eliminates having to water. Besides cleaning the air of the abominable pollution in these parts. I think grey green clouds are beautiful. I just love clouds and sky in different shades.

    At home when I was a kid...our house opened direyctly.into a biggish terrace and one could see the lightening just in front in the sky. Terrific bolts of electric streaks and the big patches of sky lit up in eerie white sporadically framed in dark. I used to stand at the doorway and watch for moments on end. I also used to be fascinated by the big globules the rain made when it battered our terrace and hit the cement floor. To a small child it seemed like one big constantly moving sea of big globules.

    Sun - when I thought of moving from this house and we went to.look at some apartments. I thought the same thing...claustrophobic with so many neighbours right up close. Even when I left my hometown and we moved here, we moved to several different locations but they were all separate houses with their own garden space..oh Lordy, how times change. Now the houses are so many and not enough space, you do hv bits of empty land and independent houses but new houses are having to use every inch of space. Real estate is too expensive, no more rambling spaces.

    Rock - the club sandwiches me and my friend used to sometimes eat, when funds allowed, from the hotel we worked at were so huge and filling and very very tasty. Our bread and club sandwiches were famous. This was thirty years ago. I don't know what's the famous food available there now. The size would be ordinary in America, but for Nepal it was jumbo. I used to be nonveg those days and would happily wolf down ham and all the goodies packed into it. We used to get 40℅ staff discount as executive level staff but still we would afford it only sometimes. Lol! Even now I couldn't afford the full price more than twice or thrice a month!!

    Granni -/I hope you are enjoying your time at DDs. Mind you keep your legs and feet covered! Our dogs nose at home when I was a kid, was always covered with scratches, where he had got the worse of a scuffle with the cat. Or cats. We always had a dog and cats. I can't remember not having.one. probably because cats don't need looking after so much and there was no such thing as vets those days. Strange, i cant remember our pets being sick! even we kids went to the local free hospital if at all. We just gave the dogs scraps and the food was simple, everything unadulterated, wholesome.

    Sun - That is extremely extremely exciting about your son and the swirly grey stuff he is seeing!! If it is correct that he is tuning into something that happened before, it is called a residual type of haunting. It's trapped energy from those times which is still there and sensitive persons can tune in and see it or feel or hear it. About the lady spirit in your son's house maybe a medium could come and get it to go into the light. Its safer for sensiyives like your son not to hv them around him if possible. Some people I know who are into healing have started using their abilties to send earthbound spirits and entity attachments into the light. Due to the earthquake and the Maoists atrocities etc..this country probably has equal number of earthbound entities as living persons! I once went where a young mum had brought her little toddler who was seeing the spirit of a suicide in her newly rented rooms. She also had a little baby and I was so sad. Not what a infant should hv to be near. I don't know what happened to that case.

    I've also someone i.know who is being attacked because he is sending spirits into light. He felt a heaviness in his head and couldn't think properly while trying to clear a person of black energy and psychic attack and asked another clairvoyant to see what was going on..the clairvoyant saw two disembodied hands putting black energy into the head so the healer would forget his healing techniques and mantras. So the healer who was being attacked visualized two handcuffs and prised the hands away, made a portal and sent them thru.We laughed so hard when the healers were talking. They say it's just energy. And the power is ours once we know how to. Also this clairvoyant saw one spirit who was skeleton wearing a white wedding dress and had hair which was electrocuted looking.

    Again so much laughter. Not for the client who complained of feeling tired and nauseous but us when the healing was completed. It sounds like hogwash but the young clairvoyant actually saw Archangel Michael respond and materialise open up a portal and send the spirits thru.. while standing, leaning on his sword while they went. When the last of the earthbounds had gone thru, he hit the ground three times with his sword and dematerialized. Before 2013, I would hv laughed. Now? I believe.

    Sylvia Browne said she felt almost faint when she went thru a pass in a desert in Midwest, Pacheco Pass something like that, so inundated was she with feelings of extreme sadness, terror, agitation. She researched and found the area was the scene of horrible massacre of Native Americand by colonial Spanish in the past. And the energy had stayed. Theosophy teaches this kind of negative emotion and to this scale would also attract lower energies of malevolent nature because they feed off it.

    I wrote a paragraph about my trip go replenish incense but it's gone now. Anyway, it was a good good trip. Got everything I needed. And cab drivers who didn't try to fleece me.

    God bless
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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Got up feeling a bit better but still have some ringing in my ears. Gonna pace myself and do what needs doin' in here. This computer was freezing up yesterday and I couldn't retrieve my e-mails from Yahoo even though I could on my old computer. I wrote an e-mail to HSN complaining about it. I got a nice reply saying I could still return it postage free. I decided to unplug it and pull the battery while it was still running. That forced it to do a hard reboot. It took forever while Windows ran diagnostics, found the problem and repaired it. I'll let HSN know that I'm keeping it. I got up and my cable box had no signal so I had to reboot it too. Good grief! Are the electronic gremlins at it again? I hope not.

    Sun, the Rocket Dog sandals I bought were not cheap. They weren't expensive like Vionics or Clarks but are not the cheap flip flops available either. I've had mine for years and they are still intact. Sorry they didn't work out for you. I'd buy more if I could find more colors.

    Spring, thanks for starting us up again. I took the liberty of enlarging the type in your post. There are two ways to enlarge type on the screen. When one enlarges the screen image, it only enlarges it for the user and not what others see. If you want to enlarge the type in your posts for others, you need to select the font size button in the strip above , A:. I type what I want to post, press Control+A to highlight everything and then select font size so it's larger for others to read. I also select text color ,A, to make the type darker black. I had enlarged my screen image and didn't realize that to others, my posts were in such small type that they were difficult to read. Someone mentioned how small the type was so I started enlarging it. Hope this helps.

    Love the cozy porch. Makes me think of somewhere along the coast of Maine. The green sky I described wasn't green clouds. The entire sky was an ominous green color with no individual clouds. It was eerie and unsettling. I like a good thunderstorm as much as the next guy but not what I saw looking at the ugly green sky. It rained early this morning and we are in for rain storms every day this week. The temps are to be a few degrees cooler. When it's in the 90's, every degree counts. I'm glad your rain keeps things cooler for you. This is the time of year when we just hunker down from the heat and hurricanes and wait for fall to arrive.

    TV just showed the weather cam toward downtown. There are billowing cumulus clouds which are a pretty pink because the sun is hitting them at the high altitude. It isn't up here on the ground yet. I watched an interesting show on PBS last night on time. It not only traced the history of keeping track of time but also how time is used for science and navigation. PBS saves the day this time of year when there is so little on worth watching. I did start to watch a special program on the Son of Sam serial killer but fell asleep. I guess if a serial killer can't keep me awake, I need the sleep.

    Here's hoping we all have a wonderful weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Look how pretty that pic. Is......right on the water. Wonder where it was taken. NO.....he is NOT seeing anything in the house. He told me it's like an energy in the house. He has an air B&B and most everyone comments on their really good sleep. One lady said she's an insomniac and was amazed at her good sleep.

    Mikie: I did a search on the Rocket Dog and WHY they put on fabric on the bottoms. I paid under $15 both times....never again. They must have varying degrees of flip flops. Here's why the fabric. Interesting. I didn't realize there was a cheap fabric, so when it started shredding I really took a look.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Just taking a wee break from cleaning. I'm not working too hard and am taking frequent breaks. I do feel better today but am not dancing any jigs. I'm hungry but nothing appeals to me. Seems there is a big alt right white nationalist demonstration against the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee in VA. Some are wearing guns. Lots of things being thrown at counter protesters and police. What could possibly go wrong? Cops have broken it up and people have moved on. Holy cow! Things could have been a lot worse. I hate to see this kind of thing going on in our country.

    Sun, I think my Rocket Dogs were $30 but, of course, I had a coupon for them. They didn't have felt on the bottom but I've had them a long time. They never wear out. I'll have to check out the Coach. I have a hard time finding shoes in general. My feet don't have fat on them and are flat. So many shoes don't want to stay on. That's why I was so excited to find my Jessica Simpson silver flats I wore to TX last year. Then, the silver started flaking off of them. I used to buy some Italian flats which were sooooo soft but I don't see them anymore. After DD from CO leaves next month, I'll start looking for new shoes. Thanks for the link; that's very interesting.

    Again, hope all y'all are having a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Saturday morning, gang! Just popping in to say "hi" and I am thinking of you guys, but can't stay. Den has been putting up some more lights in the bathroom this morning and is now napping. I'm moving things around so we can get the extra fridge and freezer moved in to the new part of the house.

    Went to the chiro Thursday and the dentist yesterday. And saw my dad twice...the first time to take his weekly flowers, sugar-free candy, and fill his birdfeeder and birdbath...the second time was after lunch to take his milkshake. He is doing well...seems more alert, etc. after his trip to the hospital.

    I've been worn out, but still glad I went to Tennessee...just part of life.

    Spring, thanks for the new porch and pic. Glad you are getting enough rain to make things more comfortable.

    Mikie, I'm happy for you to have family visit. I know whatever you get done will be just fine...they won't care as long as they can see you.

    Sun, I've been thinking of all you have going on with your house, kids, etc...in my eyes, you are doing great...it's a lot of things for one person to deal with.

    I'd better get back to work...Den and I know we need to "pause" on the house and get outside things done to get ready for winter (firewood, clean up, get some heat in this part of the house, etc.) Just trying to reach that point so I can get more things put away...have so much stuff that has been misplaced and I hate to buy more when I know it's "here somewhere", lol!

    Keira is at her dad's and will be back Tuesday or Wednesday, then wants to spend the rest of the week with us. Amy and Miley will come next weekend, then the girls start school on Wednesday, the 23rd. Keira was having headaches...had her eyes rechecked and her new glasses were too strong. If her new lenses come in I may take her home to get them changed, then back to spend time with us. Clinton is having carpal tunnel surgery on Wednesday; they are just taking Miley along since Keira will be with me (wherever we are.)

    Anyway, I have a few days to try to get stuff done...take care, everyone!
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    Hi everyone. Not much to tell. I did buy a bag of Donut Peaches at the 99 cent store. I had seen pictures of these peaches but never in the stores, so had to try them. They taste kinda like a white peach only sweeter, had to cut pieces off the stone, and it's got a wonderful scent to it. I like them.

    I cleaned my studio too!!!! How it gets out of hand then suddenly I really look at it...ugh.
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    Good Sunday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    A bit of excitement last night. Nancy's DD called me to say no one had been able to contact her all day and evening. I went over and could hear her TV and her phone ringing when I called. I pounded and pounded on her door and window but got no response. DD wanted me to call the sheriff so I did. A deputy and the ambulance with some EMTs came out. The deputy was able to open her kitchen window and one of the EMTs crawled through and let the rest of them in. Nancy was in her closet packing and couldn't hear her phone nor my pounding on the door. Thank God! Seeing her was a sight for sore eyes. I was so worried that she would be found on the floor. I told Nancy it's time to come out of the closet. We are lucky here; all the emergency workers were soooo nice.

    When I got home, I was still all het up from the adrenaline so watched TV til midnight. I watched a show on 48 Hours about the murder of a woman doctor just south of us. Her husband has been in jail since it happened two years ago. No trial yet. He allegedly hired his best friend and another guy to kill her for the insurance money. The friend threw him under the bus to avoid the death penalty. All three of these guys are creepy. One is suspected in another murder in MO. I woke at the usual 4:00 a.m. so I haven't had enough sleep. Another friend came out from Nancy's bldg. She had been at the ER all day because her Mom, who has dementia, had a bad spell. Hospital released her to go back to her care facility. It was a long day for her.

    After I posted about the demonstration in VA, it got more violent and a 20 year old man drove his car into the crowd, killing one woman and wounding dozens of others. I pray for peace in the world and it needs to start at home. So much hate and anger!

    Julie, sounds as though you and Den are your usual busy selves. I'm glad your Dad is doing so well. I hope Keira's new lenses work for her. My eyes are worse again and it's been less than a year since I got these lenses. I'm glad I didn't get new lenses when these got scratched; I'll likely have to have new ones when my eyes are tested. Bah!!! School started here last Thur. I don't know why it starts that early here. When I was a yute, we went from Labor Day to Memorial Day. The Good Ole Days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

    Sun, sounds as though you are working too. Everything gets so dirty and cluttered before we know it. I've never heard of donut peaches nor peach donuts. Do you slice these donut peaches and dunk them? I went online and looked at Coach sandals. A few were ones I would wear but not for every day. Vionic sells some nice ones for every day. I need some kind of closed toe shoes for TX at Thanksgiving. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg because I only wear flip flops at home. Those silver ones were nice and they fell apart. I'll bet it feels nice to have your studio all clean. If I ever get done in here, I hope to experience that feeling.

    I'm waiting for the newspaper to be delivered. I can start reading it online until the real deal arrives. Hope everydobby has a wonderful Sunday. There was one winner for the one $300 million plus LOTTO. I haven't heard whether anyone won the other one last night.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning, Fellow Porchers

    Note: "Porchers" should not be confused with "Portiers" which is French
    for curtains. So in Paris the Wizard of Oz says, "Ne prenez pas attention
    à cet homme derrière le portiere." In the French version the Tin Man is
    played by Maurice Chevalier,and Dorothy Gale is played Edith Piaf.
    Toto is played by a French bulldog.

    Thanks for opening, Springwater. Another wonderful picture. Gosh, I
    haven't had a club sandwich for eons. I think Gibbs of NCIS fame
    has a fondness for them.

    Mikie, never heard of Rocket Dog. I am familiar with Lassie, Pluto,
    Rin Tin Tin, Asta, and Benji. I met Asta's mom in the 60s. She was
    appearing in Barefoot In The Park.

    Re: navigation, James Burke discussed the need for a clock that would
    work on a ship. In the days when navigation was based on the stars, it
    was necessary to know the correct time. It wasn't until the 18th
    century that such a clock was available.

    I hope you and your new computer are both performing better now.
    Gordon's car is not performing. The batter died yesterday. He thinks
    it's 3 years old. Back in Minnesota the cold was very hard on car
    batteries. Generally had to buy a new one every 2 years. Here in
    La La Land batteries last 5-6 years usually.

    Sun, I don't know if I've encountered those donut peaches or not.
    I remember some white peaches. The inside was very pale and so
    was the flavor.

    I am amazed you remember my comment about Ensure. Haven't had
    any for a year or so. Gordon bought an experimental box of something
    from Costco that was cheaper and supposed to be equally nutritious. It
    tastes like watered down milk, so I haven't been drinking much of it.
    My appetite came back and I have regained some of the poundage I
    lost a few years ago. The last time I was in the hospital I weighed 130
    pounds and was told to gain some weight. Congratulations on your
    tidy studio.

    Julie, good luck with getting everything done before Old Man Winter
    comes calling. I hope Keira can get the right glasses prescription
    this time. And good luck to Clinton with his carpal syndrome surgery.
    If it doesn't go well, he'll have plenty to carp about.

    Talk about surgery by robots someday is in the air. I dunno. What if the technician isn't paying attention and instead of setting the machine for "Remove ingrown toenail" sets if for "Remove right leg"? There doesn't seem to be much in the way of capable performance in the modern world. Only tonight I watched a true crime documentary. A picture of a revolver was said to depict a pistol. The ubiquitous incompetence today is staggering.

    Hugs to Granni, Barry, GB
    upload_2017-8-13_2-23-37.jpeg upload_2017-8-13_2-37-56.jpeg
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    Mikie: Poor Nancy! What a shock to be in your closet/bedroom and have firemen and police come into where you are. Gosh, she could have had a heart attack. Is she moving permanently or just for the time being? You're losing a lot of old friends. I know how I felt when my neighbor of 32 years moved. The new young family hasn't moved in yet, but I'm looking forward to them. They have a 9 month old and a 3 year old and perhaps a dog? I live on a pretty quiet street so it might be good to have some new noise.

    By the way, a friend experiences occular migraines and I know you do too. Found this interesting site: I've had one and hope I NEVER do again. Scared the heck out of me. Thought I was having a stroke.


    Rock: I'm sooo pleased that you're eating and have your appetite back. Has it been over a year since we talked about it? I forgot what you called "losing your taste" and how hard it was for you to eat. How tall are you? My DH was 5'9 and with the cancer he lost quite a lot, got down to around 130 and he looked pretty unhealthy. I'm 5'4 (shrunk an inch) and weigh 140. It took me awhile to put on some weight because I didn't look healthy at 130. I'm really overweight now but who cares.

    I remember that wonderful program of James Burke. We used to watch it every saturday morning. I'll have to do a search of the library and see if they have it.

    Julie: Poor Keira and those glasses. How competent could the optomitrist be to prescribe too strong glasses. I hope it gets fixed and I'll be thinking of Clinton too. How did he develop the carpal tunnel? And how are Lindsey and Susan doing?

    I painted a little colorful bird in WC yesterday.....first time I've ever painted a bird. The teacher on Friday's group gave out a copy of it, and since I was waiting for another painting to dry at class I decided to try it. I have a few more little tweaking to do of it and if I'm able to attend this friday I'll take it in.
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    JBsVINEYARD Member

    Hello Dear Friends..

    I am soooo ready for fall weather..not winter with snow and ice, but just nice cool temperatures. It's been in the mid 90s here for the past week or so..down from triple digits! Guess you could say we're in a cooling trend!

    Missed going to the farmers market this weekend..I don't know how much longer they will remain open. I do enjoy going up and down the isles looking at all the beautiful fruits and veggies..I also enjoy just getting out and about and being with folks..then it's back home and inside before it gets too hot.

    Brought Vicki home from the hospital last Tuesday, and I must say, it's been quite an adventure. I can't remember if I told you but her operation lasted 10 hours..tumor had grown farther up the bone towards her hip than first thought. A partial hip replacement was done at the same time when they removed about 8 inches of diseased bone. We got a good report from the pathologist stating that they got all the caner.

    However, we aren't out of the woods just yet..the last chest x-ray showed two very small spots on her lungs..too small to do a biopsy right now..so, Dr. Thorpe and his team are making sure Vicki gets a chest x-ray every three months so they can keep an eye on things. We are hoping that these spots are crystals which will fall from the tissue and get absorbed into her system.

    Her pain level is being kept under control with medication..she wants to get off this stuff as soon as possible as she doesn't want to get addicted to it but she knows she has to keep that pain under control.

    She will continue to use her walker for several months..

    I've been staying with her since she came home from the hospital..she obviously needs assistance just getting off the bed to get to the bathroom..she has a brace that looks like it's straight out of Star Wars but she must wear this at all times when she is off the bed, which isn't too often. Then at night, she has this foam wedgeeee thingeee that fits between her legs and then it is strapped onto both legs to keep her legs from moving and doing damage to the newly operated leg.

    It was quite a week for our family that first week, what with Vicki's operation, then my eldest daughter's mother in law was in the hospital for over a week due to low sodium..then my eldest daughter had to have one of her kitties put down..he was 17 and not doing well..and so it goes..don't like it much either!

    The neighbors at Vicki's apartment complex have been so kind and helpful..the day I brought Vicki home, several of them saw us drive up and ran out to the car to see if they could help..so, I put them to work unloading the car with all the stuff from the hospital..two of these wonderful people have been doing grocery shopping for us..what a big help that is.

    I have been keeping touch with my husband via phone and email making sure is ok..he is in the early stages of dementia and I worry about him, but he seems to be doing fine, and our wonderful neighbors also look in on him. At my age of 70, running two households, especially when one household is about 45 minutes from here is quite a challenge but, I'm getting it done..kinda..

    My eldest granddaughter had her 7th birthday party yesterday..auuww to be 7 again..LOL..her folks bought a blow up type pool at the beginning of summer..anyway, several of her friends and parents over to celebrate her birthday and for a dip in the pool and BBQ. She also lost a tooth..her upper right..this tooth has been loose for what seems like forever..but the tooth fairy finally got to pay her a visit. She also got her ears pierced..she has wanted than done for months..I told her mom that she and her sister were 5 when you guys got your ears pierced..my youngest granddaughter want's nothing to do with having her ears pierced at the moment..I'm sure she will change her mind when she gets a little older.

    The granddaughters are also working on a fairy garden..each has a large bowl and they have been planting little plants and putting all sorts of fairy doo dads into them..mom said as soon as they are finished, Grandma will get pictures..

    Haven't watched much TV lately so don't know what's going on in the world other than North Korea is threatening us and many other countries....I get anxious when I hear this stuff.

    I do want you all to know that I'm thinking of everyone and that you, your family, and friends are in my prayers and wishing you all a good day today!

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    Hi guys! Den is taking an after lunch snooze and I don't want to make too much noise, so thought I would get on the computer a minute.

    Judy, oh my goodness...what a lot you have going on! I'm glad your daughter got home and that you have so much help at both households. Sounds like you do what you need to do...I am sending my prayers for all of you. Thanks for keeping us posted. Those little fairy gardens are so cute...I'm seeing different ones pop up on the computer.

    Sun, glad you've been getting to your painting classes...I'm thinking you could probably be an instructor. I'm not sure why Keira's glasses got made too strong...maybe she couldn't see particular things well enough the first time. Or maybe a mistake was made in the lab when the lenses were being made. At any rate, I'll get her home to get the new ones put in as soon as we know they are in.

    Clinton has done construction for years...I suppose something he did while at work caused the carpal tunnel problems.

    Mikie, what a scare for all of you...and to think Nancy was oblivious to all of it till at the end. Yes, that would have been quite a shock for her...but better that you all were looking out for her than to have her lying hurt and nobody know about it.

    We had some inconvenience this morning...I went to the big freezer to get some sausage for breakfast...it was thawed! Not sure how long it's been that way, but most of the meat on the middle shelves was still frozen so I was okay there. But all the bacon, sausages, frozen veggies, fruits, etc. will have to be thrown out. Luckily, I had bought a big bag of ice on Friday (had my cooler with me, but forgot the ice things) and had just shoved the ice in the freezer when I got home. We don't really want to spend money on a new freezer right now, so will try to make do for awhile...just didn't need that mess today.

    David posted a video of Lorraine's baptism on facebook. Was nice to watch it. Lindsey had to stay home with a sick Liora, so didn't even get to go herself...but I think David's mom and sister were there.

    I just had some lunch...sort of a stew with leftover roasted veggies and turkey sausage from last night's supper, along with some spaghetti squash that I baked while the veggies were in the oven. Added some chicken broth to it and ate it like a soup.

    Better see what I can do, while being quiet...thinking of everyone.

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    A quick HI to everydobby. It has been a busy few days with DD and crew. They just left t this morning when we went to church and to the Ministry Fair that I had to man for awhile at the choir table. I just had time today to come home fix lunch and throw a wash from yesterday in the drier. My battery almost died and is in a bad way on my phone. It is still working but is the original and is bulging, inside, not a good case. We had a nice weekend the DGS kept trying to pick up the kitties when they wanted to rest, etc. He is almost 14 but still as delicate and gentle as a mack truck. He tried to be gentle but he could have been much more so. The kitties were pretty good really, all things considered. They now almost have the run of the house but are not allowed on the kitchen counters or tables and will soon have their claws removed as they won't be outdoor kitties. They have been good and sleeping a lot on DD's bed or under it. One is out and about more than the other. The other one was under the bed most of the day but has been getting better and are so funny how they run to get their food and play , chase each other and fight each other - so funny..

    So, now I need to go and start working on dinner. It is one of those that will take some prep work. DH will be happy to have his liver and onions.

    Nice to read about everyone. Sorry I can't write to all individually right now.

    JULIE - I saw Lorraines baptism on FB. What a big girl she is getting to be and sorry her mom missed it but glad some were able to go. How old is she now.?? Sorry Keira's glasses weren't not the right script fo her. Hope they get it fixed right SOON.

    JUDY - Glad DD is home and things can hopefully settle down a little. Glad they will keep an eye on those spots to make sure nothing has spread.

    Gotta run and start cooking. It is so hot out and who feels like it but I have eaten out two nights in a row and at DD;s the day before that. However, we have had to eat LATE as DGS got off work at 7 pm so by the time we got to the restaurant no matter how local and got our food it wa pretty late. We both didn't sleep to well last night.

    Granni :)
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    Good Morning Friends, Romans, Countrymen

    As Mark Antony said in some play or other. I saw Julius Caesar in the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis when it was new. The theater was new. Not the play. Director Tyrone Guthrie moved the play from Rome to the Amazon. Mark Antony wore a headdress and a feathered jockstrap. He made his entrance by doing a forward flip off a ledge into the arms of
    two burly extras.

    But that's another play. Today we are all in a play that might be called
    Our Board ala Thornton Wilder. I'm just nattering on because I
    have no news. Well, the upstairs toilet is on the blink, but I guess
    that's pretty much a dry topic.

    Granni, I love your description of DGS with the kitties. "Gentle as a
    Mac Truck." Those trucks BTW originated with the Mac Brothers
    in 1900. They had dreamed of going into the cough drop business,
    but discovered the Smith Brothers had beat them to it. Apparently
    the Mac Brothers were slowed down by the cough syrup on their shoes.

    How did the liver turn out? With onions or bacon? My Park Ranger
    brother always made it with both. First time I ever ate liver. I musta
    been middle aged by that time.

    Julie, that's shame about the freezer. Modern civilization is wonderful
    until it doesn't work and then the lights go out or you're trapped in
    the elevator. (I refuse to ride in elevators nowadays.) I hope the
    freezer is fixable.

    Folks didn't have freezers when I was a kid, but sometimes I heard
    kids saying their mom went to the freezer which was a building where
    you rented space. It might have been part of the local dairy that
    processed milk and made ice cream, etc. In grade school our class
    visited the dairy. Huge tanks full of milk and what not.

    Judy, I never heard of a fairy garden before. (Bea Lilly used to sing
    a song called, "There Are Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden".)
    Anyhoo I looked on the net. A fairy garden seems to be a miniature,
    kinda like a doll house. Are they for indoors, outdoors or both?

    Congratulations to your granddaughter who got her ears pierced. Nice
    to realize your dream by age 7. I didn't get mine pierced till I was 50.
    Only one though. I thought it made me look like a pirate. I didn't
    get a parrot though. We already had an attorney in the office who
    brought his cockatiel to the office frequently. Today he's a Judge.
    (The attorney, not the cockatiel.)

    Sun, I am the same height as your DH was. As you probably know,
    tall men have advantages in this life. They are more often the boss,
    win more elections, and women consider them highly desirable.
    Who cares what we look like now? I agree. Not I.

    The lose of sense of taste is ageusia. There's also another term for
    the condition where things taste awful. Can't remember. I used to
    have all the James Burke programs on tape. Got rid of the tapes when
    we moved. Still have a couple of his books though including "Con-
    nections". What kind of bird did you paint? I hope you feel up to
    attending Friday's class.

    Well, that' it, Kids
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Monday Morning, Dearest Porchies,

    I just wiped out my first paragraph and am sooooo disgusted that I will have to come back later. Otherwise, I'm gonna slam this damned computer against the wall!

    Love, Mikie

    OK, I'm back and ready to give it a go again. I have to slow down my typing. This computer is soooo sensitive that it takes nothing to highlight text. Once highlighted, only one keystroke on any key wipes it out. I usually highlight and copy as I go just in case but hadn't had time to do it when everything went poof. It froze up again yesterday so I'm only opening one tab at a time to see whether that helps. So much for being happy at having a new computer. On the plus side of life, the scratches on my eyeglasses are getting smaller and smaller. I think it's from cleaning the lenses and rubbing hard on the glass. In any case, I'm glad of it. On the down side, my eyes continue to get worse.

    I managed to get a lot cleaned up in here yesterday and will continue to clean today except for taking Nancy and Bob to the airport. I really hate to see her go but I've had time to accept it. I'll stop at Goodwill on the way back from the airport to dump donations from my cleaning and from Nancy. It'll be good to get rid of it. I will go to Publix tomorrow morning for groceries we will need for the kids' visit. I am going to make pasta tomorrow evening and a pork roast on Wed. We will eat out one night. I need fruit, snacks and things for breakfast and lunch. DGS loves to wake up to a big bacon and eggs breakfast the first day.

    Last evening, I stumbled upon a show on PBS where Thomas Friedman was talking with a Congressman from Kentucky. He's a frequent guest pundit on TV but I never realized how smart and funny he is. He has won three Pulitzer Prizes for his columns in the New York Times. He has also written books; the latest is Thank You For Being Late. He talked about his yute in Minnesota, growing up with the Coen Brothers and Al Franken. He spoke fondly about his home town and the people there. He is one of the great thinkers and this book is about the challenge we will have dealing with the giant leaps in technology. It can only be done with cooperation and we will fail if this division continues in our country. Mother Nature is his heroine and mentor. I could listen to him for hours. He speaks rapidly and I never got bored. In fact, I had to pay attention just to keep up.

    Julie, you should have seen the look on the deputy's face when Nancy told them that it's a good thing her shotgun was locked up. He was really nice and we were all thankful to him and the EMTs. I'm so sorry your freezer bought the farm, so to speak. I had one when the kids were little and I was cooking every day. I froze veggies from the garden in freezer zip lock bags. One year, we had a bumper crop of zucchini. I thawed it out and made zucchini bread all winter. I can see why a freezer would be a God send for you. Hope you can get it replaced. I also hope Keira's new lenses are the right prescription.

    Rock, I'm glad you are tasting and eating better these days. Batteries down here in the jungle have to be replaced every three years or so. I have AAA and they come out, run diagnostics and replace the battery in the carport. They have good batteries and guarantee them. Robots are already being used in surgery. The docs operate the robots which are far better than human hands at doing delicate surgeries. Results for robotic surgeries are better. Friedman talked about technology like this. Most experts believe all cars will be self-driven, or autonomous, before long. Truck drivers will no longer actually drive the trucks but will sit in the cabs and they will have to be computer savvy. The loss of blue collar jobs is due to the necessity for computer skills in jobs which used to require few skills. Bea Lilly was one of the funniest women I've ever seen. Hope your good taste continues.

    Judy, so good to see you posting. Wow! It sounds as though you and DD have gone through a real ordeal. I'll keep you both in my prayers. It's so gratifying to find her neighbors so kind and helpful. It's like that here in my little hood. We all look out for one another. We couldn't manage without one another. Some of us, like me, have no relatives living close by. Sounds as though your DGD had a good birthday. I'll bet it was really special to get her ears pierced. Little girls look so cute with their little earrings. Hope things go well with DD's recovery.

    Granni, hope it's OK that I took the liberty of enlarging the type in your post. It was so small. Your phone is bulging? That doesn't sound good. SV won't come out when my DGS is here. He's gentle and loving but, like most kids, he's active and it scares SV. He comes out and takes treats and runs from him. I'm hoping this time, he will come out and let DGS pet him. I'm lucky in that neither SV nor Tweety ever tried to get on the countertops. Hope you can get a new phone or, at least, a new battery.

    Sun, thanks for the link. I'll check it out. The biggest scare of the optical migraines is when a black and white checkered flash zig zags in my vision. It's really strange. Barb saw what looked like fireworks in her eye before she lost the vision in it from a blood clot. Reaaally scary! Post a pic of the little birdie you painted. I love birds except for the crows and blue jays. I do admire their beauty and intellect but don't want them around me. We have so many big birds here but my favorite is the little mockingbird that serenades us from the top of the streetlight. I got a text from Nancy thanking me for being such a good friend and said she was sorry to have caused all of us so much angst. I think she was in shock right afterward. My adrenaline was pumping because her DD's phone call woke me. Our other friend said I was white as a sheet. I'm probably always white as a sheet these day since I haven't been out in the sun forever. Hope your new neighbors are nice.

    I'm gonna get into the shower to try to get a good start on the day. I'm feeling better these days but don't have much endurance. I have to stop and rest between chores, sometimes in the middle of chores. Still, a little at a time eventually gets the job done. The condo looks good and is clean except for that one 'hoarder' room. I'll straighten it up today and it will be good enough. This will enable me to do the deeper cleaning and organizing after my kids' visits. I still need to see my gyno and get my mammogram and Dexascan and schedule a colonoscopy. Think I've mentioned that my gastero is no longer on my ins. plan so I'll have to find a new one. AACCKK!!

    Hope all y'all have a good week. Soooo nice to see so many visits to the Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie,

    Just re-read my latest post. Somehow the paragraph to you was omitted. A printer's
    error no doubt. Anyhoo I was getting mild discomfort in my back and felt sleepy so I
    went back to bed. Did not sleep at all. Uff-da! I loved your observation that it was time
    for Nancy to come out of the closet. Reminds me of the old joke Gordon told me. The
    Chinese janitor jumped out of the closet and yelled, "Supplies!" Note in case anyone
    does not know. Gordon is Chinese and a naturalized American. And he cooks Chinese,
    American, Mexican and Norwegian dishes. His lefse and krumkaka are especially good.

    Sorry to hear yout new computer is less than fully satisfactory. People are always
    saying, "You get what you pay for.' But I think we often get less. Sometimes a lot less.

    Did you ever see the movie Thoroughly Modern Millie? It has two of my favorites:
    Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore. They do a fantastic tap dance in an elevator!
    And Bea Lillie plays the villain. Her henchmen are Chinese. Just checked. Our library
    has the DVD. I put it on hold.

    Never heard of Thomas Friedman. I'll have to see if I can find something by him at
    the library too. I read Bea Lilly's biography years ago. She and Noel Coward were
    friends, and she sometimes appeared in his works. (C & B low.) OK, I found several
    Friedman books and put the latest on hold. It seems to be about senior moments by
    important people like the Russian General who forgot to put his pants on.

    Hugs to Barry, Diane, GB
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  17. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good Monday morning! 65 degrees, so the windows are open for a bit. I need to get laundry going as it will be a good day to hang out sheets, etc.

    Mikie, I'm glad you are getting things ready for the kiddos' visit...I know you will all be glad to see each other. How sweet that you fix DGS your traditional breakfast...things like that make the memories. Oh, I sure hope your computer calms down a bit...that can be very frustrating.

    Rock, I love your posts...I think you have forgotten more than most people will ever know in a lifetime...I'm amazed at the stuff you bring up and you remember so many details. The joke Gordon told you made me laugh out loud.

    Granni, sorry for your heat down there....I hear you about it being too hot to cook. Glad the kitties are acclimating well to their new environment...most cats are wary of active kids, aren't they?

    Not much news here, except that I need to get busy...we are just plugging away on the house. Seems to go so slow, but we are making a little progress. We moved the extra fridge around yesterday and I decided I will just look for a small chest type to replace the one that died. We do have my parents' old one in the garage, but it's almost too big and bulky.

    Den is getting the old kitchen ready so we can move the washer and dryer in there...he has to reroute the gas line for the dryer and redo drains for the washer and utility sink. In the meantime, I am to get the shelves upstairs emptied so we can take them apart and move them to the new loft...after he gets the doorway made to the new part upstairs.

    Our plan is to use the new loft area for my sewing/gift-wrapping/craft area, kids' office area and library...but before we can let the kids up there, we have to finish the safety fence. But we have till November until the little ones will be back.

    Anyway...as I said...gotta keep plugging along. Thinking of everyone today and this week...hope we all can do the best we can.
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    What a co incidence..Id just sent a picture of a fairy garden DIY to a friend who said she was making a place for fairies in her place.

    When I was five and in boarding school, the big doll in the fireplace, it's arm came off.we had toys donated from England. Then one.morning the arm was stuck back good as new. The hostel in charge, or Auntie, as we called her was a Scotswoman. She and the big girls told the little girls, that a fairy had repaired it. That it danced off afterwards. Even then I couldn't figure if Auntie was joking or serious. She was very religious and would sometimes smack us on the palm with a big wooden spoon if someone lied. She was a lovely lovely dedicated lady and later after going off to Scotland was sometimes invited back to her former wards homes in India. Anyhow, I remember being so excited about fairies actually visiting.

    Judy - good to hear from you. I hope all goes well for your DD. How much you are dealing with. I hope the animals are fine.

    Granni - so happy kitties are adopted and adapting to their new home..it sounds like you hv a loving DD..SIL and grands.

    Rock - hahahahaha.. Supplies!

    Mikie - I'm glad you didn't succumb to a heart attack, yourself over Nancy. Looks.like you came close to. I hope you get a nice neighbour.

    Sun - I'm sure your water colour bird was beautiful..still remember your sea w.c. how very lucky for you and your tribe ..your co artists at the class.

    Julie - nice to see you back home and in the groove. You all hv.made such good progress with the house.

    It's raining again ....rivers hv broken their banks all over the southern.parts of the country and causing major flooding. Some neighbouring areas of India too.

    I watched a bit of the Virginia car plowing incident. How much can anyone hate ...that one wants to mow them down for voicing an opinion. Probably a person who had other issues.

    The fairy garden picture is too big..I will take it down after a while..

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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dearest Porchies,

    Spring Water- What a cute fairy garden. Thanks for sending the picture. It can cheer us up and lift us up to a much simpler time in life :)!! Speaking of gardens I was out sweating doing some clearing of stuff early this morning. DH was out there too but we weren't out to long due to the heat. We have been putting it off.

    I should be on my phone calling to check people to see if they are interested in going to the ladies luncheon this month. A few people said they had to wait and call back and others I have not heard from. Most times if I do not hear I figure they are not interested or cannot go. At least one said she was interested and might have guests but would have to get back to me. We will be gone for two days next week to the casino and hope not to lose to much money. Last time I was so lucky and played one machine that gave me $800+ with one pull in a quarter machine. I do not expect that this time of course. Trying also to save my $ for Christmas coming up already, not that I'm planning on lots of Christmas presents for all. Have been cutting back every year some but most of the gifts come from my SS and so it isn't that much. I know other friends either give a lot or nothing so it is a big mixture of feelings on what to do do anymore. I have a mixture of young grandkids now (2) almost 14 yr old and 16 yr old, 2 working g sons, 2 that need all the help they can get and 2 in college. Of course there are 5 kids inc one who knows what is going on with and haven't heard from in awhile. It is mostly gift cards unless they give me an idea of what they want or need for the g kids. Not sure if I should give to those g kids working. DH says don't worry about them but I feel guilty. Oh well, getting away for an over night should be good for the soul esp if I win :)!!! he he LOL

    Did Lorraine get the earrings, I missed something somewhere? I know someone got it and they were 7 years old. Just guessing it was Lorraine, the b-day girl I think. Our girls had to wait till they were 13 to get them if they wanted them. Of course they all did want them .

    MIKIE - I am sure that you will miss Nancy leaving . I forget if you had any problems with her or not. It sounded like there might have been some problems somewhere but I have forgotten, but not as crazy a situation as with Barb who seems to have changed her tune some with time and time to ponder. However, strokes can do lots of strange things to ones brain and change their personalities from what I have seem plus the anger and frustration of it all. Will Nancy be back at all or not? Sounds like you are busy as a beaver trying to get ready for the family coming. That is fun when the family gets together no matter how simple. Our gathering from Thursday to Sunday was simple but fun and we weren't there all the time esp DH as he had stuff to do and our son and DIL came over to chat from Houston, and go out to eat with us on Sat. evening. We at our two nights and we ate pulled pork sandwiches the DSIL made on his smoker Thursday evening. Before going out to eat we all chatted about when they were growing up and the chores they had to do and all the complaining that went on with 5 kids. We all had a good laugh. DS also bought a new truck and ws thrilled and excited about that but they will pick it up today.

    Tonight we start our Chorale Society practices so will have to be more organized than usual, which isn't that much lately :)!!

    Thinking about everydobby but gotta run,
    Granni :)
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  20. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Popping in a minute...good to see Spring and Granni have been here since I last posted. I had two loads of clothes on the line (sheets off our bed and a load of Den's jeans) when it started raining...so...the two loads of towels have been dried in the dryer. Didn't want to deal with everything being soaked again, although the sun has now come out and the clothes on the line will probably be dry by later this afternoon.

    I have managed to bring some free-standing shelves on wheels downstairs and have them in place in my back pantry. And took two sets of shelves off the wall in the old kitchen and put them back up above the "rolling shelves." Things need to be somewhat movable in that area so Den can get back to the boiler, water pipes, etc. We have heat in the floor of the old and new part, but are trying to decide if one boiler can handle it all or if we need to buy another one for the new part. If we do get an additional boiler, it will go on the wall in the back pantry...so I have to leave room for it, and access to it...

    I just realized I've forgotten to mention about Lindsey and Susan. Lindsey is just doing her best to get back "in the groove"...had a pretty good home-schooling system going before she got sick...now she's trying to regain lost time and energy, etc.

    Susan's headache came back, after she went back to work. I tried to get her to stay home, but she was afraid of losing her job and went back too soon. But, at least her insurance did okay the myelogram...it will be tomorrow.

    Oh, Granni...it was Judy's granddaughter who got the pierced ears. Although after that post, Amy did post on facebook that Miley got her ears pierced over the weekend.

    Amy has been in touch with Keira, her dad, and Nana. Somebody will get Keira back here tomorrow sometime, then I will go get her (and visit my dad at the same time.) Amy hadn't heard yet if Keira's new glasses lenses are in yet, so I am just being very flexible about when to take her to get them replaced. If it happens to be on Wednesday, we'll go and stay till they get back from Clinton's surgery...it's supposed to be at 11:00 am, but at the hospital 1 1/2 hours from their house, so they may be back rather late. Just playing it by ear.

    Better get back to work. I need to get some shelves cleaned off in the bathroom...it's a big unit, 4' wide by 2' deep and about 6' tall. Used to hold bottles of wine in a grocery store...we bought it from our friend who used to work there and has supplied us with lots of things for the house. Den put wheels on it, so we can move it around. But he's had tools on it and is done with them now, so I can get them out of the way.

    Probably not the best idea to work on a house while living there, but we were so anxious to get moved...and if we waited till we were "all done"...might be next year before we could move, lol! Maybe longer, since we aren't going to get everything done...running out of money.

    Take care, hope everyone is having a good enough day!

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