Porchlight addendum

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    gremlin pops up again..im getting only an 'on' on reply page so

    writing here and will deal later

    georgia - good to know you are busy knitting all that stuff, when i
    once crocheted a cap during school days, i was so engrossed i just
    couldnt stop.

    granni - hope you have a good time out!

    julie - good luck for your FILs party; good to know the kids are around,
    will be some load off your hands, remember to take care of yourself

    im groaning because its wedding and other family ceremonies season

    tomorrow i have to go out to a silver jubilee wedding anniversary in the
    eve and it wil be held outdoors and i know it will be COLD. then the day
    after theres three functions in a row for the same wedding of my dhs
    cousin sis's husbands family. yesterday i was tearing my hair looking for
    my old brocade tibetan dresses because we are not supposed to repeat
    the same dress to the same familys function. i still cant find one of my
    daughters older brocade dress i was planning to wear to one of them,
    altho i found one of my own which i thought was lost. this is the thing;
    these stupid clothes occupy precious storage space and then we wear
    them just a couple of times a year. since its cold i need a matching sweater
    for some of the clothes and plan to go today. i had planned to go yesterday
    and looking for the lost clothes tired me out so much i just collapsed. the
    darn CFS. we CFSers should be exempt from all this. we should be allowed to
    just huddle down in our quilts and just 'be'.

    right, theres my vent.

    God Bless All