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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hot chocolate with whipped cream and assorted coffees await those of us who are freezing, like me and it is even trying to warm up. However, the North wind is really freezing je out today. Glad at least there is sun.

    Hugs to awl and please check the old volume. Lots of good post there and its a GIRL for Julie and daughter Lindsey, or at least it will be when she is born. Check it out.

    Gotta run.

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  2. Pippi1313

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    & thanks for turning on the light, Granni! :)

    I'm back from running an errand via the city bus, w/the walker.

    I had an appointment at one of my good docs, but I dislike going there cuz of the tv in the waiting room.
    The woman behind the counter insists upon having the dang Food Network on all the time. GAG! LOL!
    I'm NOT a foodie, & find the Food Network to be disGUSting!
    I've asked them to change it several times, & even wrote a polite letter to the office manager about it. But they ignore me.
    (When I go in there feeling nauseous, being forced to watch the Food Network is pure torture!!!)
    So today, I took my tv remote & my cable remote, to see if either one would work to change the channel or turn off the tv.
    Oh well! I only had to wait like 3 minutes today, so I didn't worry about it. But now that I'm "tall" again (haha) I'll just reach up & change the channel, if I hafta wait long.

    And the kick in the teeth came when Evil TV Controlling Woman acted all happy to see me walking. LOL!
    I was polite, but I wanted to say: Don't talk all friendly to me, you control-freak FOODIE!!! ;P

    (No offense to any Foodies who don't force others to watch Food Network!) :D

    Hey, SweetSpringwater!
    Your storm sounds INTENSE!!!!!
    My apartment faces west (the direction storms here come from) & being15 floors up, I lay on my beanbag chair at my floor-level window & watch big storms roll in.
    It's fascinating to watch them approach from the horizon & engulf the city as they get closer!!!

    Fortunately, even BIG storms don't knock out our electricity.

    We did lose electricity once since I've been here.
    That was back in December, & was caused by a fire that burned the electric wiring, 2 floors below.
    Nobody was hurt, & the emergency generators kicked on so the hallways & elevators & lobbies still had power & heat.
    And the firehouse is only 2 blocks away.
    Whole lotta comotion that day!
    The power was off all day, til the electricians got the wiring put back together.

    As soon as we knew everything was safe, & the fire was out, the coffe-holics on my floor brought a coffe maker to the lobby so they could get their caffiene fix. LOL!

    And since the land-line phones were OK, & my laptop has battery back-up, I was able to stay online.

    OK. Enough yakking for now! I think I feel a nap coming on!

    Love & Hugz 2 EVERYDOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Sorry, but I do like the food channel but my son likes it even better. He loves to cook---guess he got that from me!

    I wrote a bit on another post and when I tried to get this one, it kept showing it was connecting, connecting and I thought, here we go----but here i am!

    I had to re-order checks and I think that I am so uneducated! I had all right but the route number and I couldn't get it right! Finally, finally, I figured it out! Anyone should be able to dio thaat.

    Congratulations on a sweet baby girl in the future! young mommies look so sweet when the tiny one begins to make itself known to all.

    SW: i am so sorry about that awful storm. "I wonder what this world is coming to", as the old timers used to say------whoops,. now I do! When I read the last vol. and you talked of your sweet peas, it took me back many years. My grandma, who lived in our house, always had sweet peas growing on her front porch. I used to go out and pick some and they are soooo pretty and sweet., I never had much success in growing them but I think that her's were the kind that had been there in that same spot every year.

    The storm must have been frightening for all of you! When we have a storm like thaat, we always lose our power!! Then the land phone work and the cell only lasts till the batteries run down. A guy asked me the other day if we had one and I said no. When we were without power for 12 LONG days, so many bought them. but, it would have been too heavy for Harley to manage and now----I never could!!!! So I light my candles and I have a lantern with LED lights in it. If you don't have power, doesn't seem as if EVERYTHING you want to do is electric!!

    Yesterday, i had a EMG. I was very surprised as I had read on the Internet that the needles hurt. Coudln't even feel them. The lady Dr. kept asking me if I had diabetes? Three times she asked!! Oh my , now what!!!!! She told me that all of my rioght arm pain comes from ther spinal stenosis in my neck. then she said I had Carpel Tunnel in that wrist and as I write left handed, I probably had it in the left wrist!!!!
    I other words I am fallking apart!

    But I won'gt complain-------I watched CNN too all day followking the earth quake. It is awful and seems to be getting worse. And the tsunami that enveloped those little towns. i heard this AM on ABC that it is the last of summer there and all were on the seashore----(like some do on Labor day) and they just disappeared!!!! I sat all afternoon waiting for the tsunami----luckily it disappeared.

    But there have been soooo many natural disasters lately-----or am I out in space?

    Rock or someone: I took a stupid test on FB called You Real Age----( will not tell you what it said!!!) but the next day it offered pain Rx suggestions. Take 1000 mg. extra Strength Tylenol 4 times a day!!
    Also said a good breakfast would be oatmeal with blueberries in it. luckily I have lots of them in the freezer. I put some frozen ones today in the oatmeal and so very good.!

    i can't remember what anyone said in the last vol. and I can't think of anything that I have done that is the least bit interesting.

    Oh yes, Granni: What about that cabbage recipe? You said it was good and it was easy----I'd love to have it as I really like cooked cabbage.

    Oh yes. Yesterday they were discussing Reflexology. I hope I don't offend anyone but I don't go for that stuff. Then Pastor said she had a hot rock's appt. I asked her what it was and she repeated and I asked her what they did. She screamed at me "They put hot rocks on you, Joan!""" i still am not sure just what they do beside putting some kinds of rocks on you but I was flabbergasted to have her scream at me with all around. I was part of that church before she was even born so here I stay!!!!

    OK Everdobby- I will quite jabbering and say love to you all and get a good rest this evening. Watch or read something pleasant and try to get a wonderful night of sleep!!

    Gentle Hugs,

  4. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Hot rocks..... is a different type of massage. They heat selected stones and then lay them in a row on your spine. The stones are then rubbed over your body using the same strokes as a regualr massage.

    Haven't had one but have been told that the combination of massage and heat makes you go right to sleep.

    Tell your pastor that she needs to go dip in the river seven times. She's a bit unclean.

    Had meeting today with boss, her boss, union and myself. Outcome? I have a different job in the morning. Now will have to dogde harassment.

    Am feeling "bleah" today.

    Hope everyone had a good day.
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I may drown in my whirlpool tonight . On days I have practices and such I take a shower and now trying to take a real bath in a hot tub with all the pain I have had lately. I even cleaned out my tub well !!

    Sweet SW - sorry to hear about all the storms and such in your area. Hope you are feeling not to badly today. All these terrible storms, earthquakes and tsunami's are just horrible for everyone. I feel so sorry for eveyone in their paths.

    Joan - The recipe I got from Diane (Confused in PA) here on the Chit Chat board is an easy one but you have to chop the cabbage and onion .

    Cooking for one you might have to either adjust the recipe or just save alot for lunches or freeze some.. Diane didn't realy give me specifics on the amounts so you can just guesstimate !

    Unstuffed Cabbage - - I forget how much of onion she told me to use so I am guessing. Maybe 1/2 or a good sized one or a small onion.

    I sauteed about 1 chopped onion (depending on the size of the onion and how much you like or dislike it). I used the deep fry pan , I think it might have been called a chicken frier. You can also use a whole fair sized onion (sm-med). You can also use like a stew pot. My onions are usually pretty big. Saute that along with at least 1 lb. of hamburger meat. Then add some cloves og garlic to the onion. I added some of the jarred already chopped garlic and as much salt n pepper that you like. We only added pepper. If you don't have garlic and only have garlic powder or garlic pepper that is fine. We love garlic but you can leave it out if you don't.

    After that is done you can add 1-2 large 28 oz. cans of tomato puree (or sauce) or diced tomatoes. I didn't have large cans which I think was just as well. I had cans of tomato sauce and diced tomatoes (14 1/2 oz). So, I took out 2 of each. I did not end up using the last can of tomatoes. It also depends on how saucy you like it. You can add one or two of the cans(sauce ,diced or combo of either) and add to the onions and meat mixture, etc.

    I suggest that you use the smaller cans since it is just you eating (14 1/2 oz). Then , slice (shred) the cabbage (maybe a bit thicker than you would for slaw). I had a good sized head so at first I added 1/2 of the cabbage shredded but added more as it cooked down. Cook slowly , covered for as long as needed to cook the cabbage. it can be served with rice or mashed potatoes. it tastes like stuffed cabbage. As suggested by Diane I didn;t add the rice to the dish to cook. it soaks up alot of the sauce. However, after eating I took some leftover rice and added it to the mixture. We had one dinner, two lunches for 2 and 1 other lunch for DH.

    You might want to just do 1/2 the recipe. It is just experimenting but we had alot leftover which was OK with us. It looks at first like so much cabbage but it cooks down alot as it cooks. Let me know how you like. I think it really tastes like stuffed cabbage (to me anyway). DH kept saying how good it was. Hope you like it. It is an easy recipe but takes awhile to chop the cabbage and onions.

    Went to the lab today to get my blood work and urinalysis done for my thyroid. I have the endocrinologist appt. next week. Went to the wrong place at first since they did not tell me where to go and it was the first time.

    Well I am all tired out and need to get into the tub tonight. Sending hugs to awl.


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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Spent most of the day asleep. Had 3 naps. Did absolutely
    nothing till just now when I did the dishes.

    I think a cup of hot chocolate would be a treat, Granni. Haven't
    had same for years. Your unstuffed peppers recipe sounds
    very good. If I can get the ingreediemnts and the necessary
    energy together, I will try it. I expected it would have diced
    green peppers in it.

    BTW, your "hugs to awl" is a very pointed remark.

    Springwater, I was looking on Youtube the other day. Found
    a video of the largest tulip fields in the world. Not in Holland
    as one might expect, but in your neck of the woods: Kashmir.

    Pippi, I wrote something down when I read your post. Have no
    idea what it says though. Have to revisit that issue.

    Who was talking about sweetpeas? Joan? We used to have
    some growing on the front fence, but Gordon decided he didn't
    like them, so he never planted them again.

    We all recall from 9th grade science class that the monk
    Gregor Mendel studied sweet peas to learn about inheritance,
    genes, etc.

    I looked up that "Your Real Age" test, Joan. Not interested
    in taking it. Way too gloomy a subject.

    I saw a test decades ago that was about age, but it was totally
    different. It had pictures; asked you to name the object in the

    For example: what do you call the appliance that keeps food
    cold. Really old folks would say, an ice box. Younger people
    might say, a Frigidaire (the first electric cooler). And young
    people would say, a refrigerator.

    Did the same thing w/ the machine that plays records:
    Victrola, phonograph, Stereo.

    Think your brain is going? I'm right there w/ you. Probably
    ahead of you. The last greeting card I sent my aunt before
    she died almost didn't get there. I had to address the envelope
    3 times before I got it right.

    And I botched up a couple checks recently. Finally put Gordon
    on my checking account so he can write them for me.

    Whew! Went to copy and paste the above. All but 2 paragraphs vanished.
    But it was ok. The complete post was saved in the mouse. (At least
    that's how I visualize it.)

    Pippi, watch out for those electric fires. Don't be a hero. My secretary's
    brother rescued a phone repairman when there was an explosion and
    fire in the phone room at the office.

    He was a hero, but he suffered permanent lung damage. Doctor told him
    to move out of LA to a rural area w/ clean air.

    Teacher, what's this about a new job? Is this a good thing, a bad thing or
    you don't know yet?

    Oops! Here comes Gordoni. Back from an orchid club meeting. His dendrobium
    won a blue ribbon. It was a spectacular plant. About 3 feet tall w/ yellow flowers
    that have a splotch of maroon in the center. About a hundred flowers on the
    plant, each the size of a 50 cent peace.

    Now I'm trying to post before the time runs out and he wants to talk to me.
    Life is always full of conflicting demands, ain't it?! Better go.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    My cold is ripening. Im at the sneeze and watery eyes stage. I forgot to buy nasal drops so
    wondering if i wil be able to sleep properly.

    Normally sleep is not a problem. But a restful sleep is. Tend to have unsettling dreams.

    Once in a while a lovely dream from which i dont want to wake up.

    I had been putting off going out until my cold is better. But i had to go downtown today.
    We had made pancakes last evening to take to ma in law today. They would not have tasted
    fresh if i put it off.

    I bought some potato and onion pakoras too to take. Pakoras are snacks. The potato is boiled and mashed with green chillies, onions, salt in it. Then little balls of potato or onion dipped in batter made of gram flour and deep fried. It is eaten with mint chutney.

    I guess it woud be called fritters there, I think.

    I went on to the city shopping area after that and bought me a magazine and had some tea.
    On the way back i took a wrong bus back home which took me another ways. Luckily, I noticed and got off before i went too far off. I had to take a cab back, something i was tryng to avoid but hey, me comes first.

    Granni - thanks for opening with a flourish. Hot chocolate sounds great. I am definitely going to make the cabbage. Sounded so yummy!

    Pippi - I dont mind food shows. I enjoy it especially if the host is quirky.

    Joan - Spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel..I dont even know what those are exactly! But you'll do fine, dont worry. I would love to have seen your grandmas porch with the sweet peas trailing all over. The sent of sweet peas and snapdragon are my favourite. Oh, and pine too.

    Rock - Yes, Kashmir Valley is called the Switzerland of the East. Sadly because of the militants
    and terrorism it is reduced to a shambles where no one wants to venture. They had these beautiful pristine lakes in the midst of verdant valleys and there would be houseboats one could rent. And 'shikharas' (boats with a roof on them and mattresses and cushions for the passengers) to go an a leisurely boat ride with the boatman rowing. I guess like a gondola.
    Now? The areas become like a Palestine. People get killed daily. Police are stoned by crowds.

    Teacher - you are a riot! telling Joans pastor go to and bathe seven times. I hope everything pans out good and the days get better and better for you.

    Georgia - have a good jury duty. The concept is alien here. Can you tell me what what one has to do?

    Everydobby hugs

    God Bless

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - Glad you got off Jury Duty. I have the same problems with sitting and also having to go to the bathroom so offter. I ama going to try and getoff some of these b/p meds and diuretics which might help,if I can do so. Sorry when I asked you about going to the court house., I missed something there and thought you might be doing some temporary work there . Well, less than year and I won;t have to go unless they change the age. Good grief, I can't believe that I will be 70 this year. ROCK and I will be the same age then again !! I forget who is older than who by a few months :) !! Glad you (Georgia) will be having a nice day today (sunny) !

    Spring water - Glad to hear from you my dear. Were you one that said you wanted to make that cabbage dish? It is so yummy if you lke tomatoe sauce, cabbage and hamburger meat (onion too) !!

    Hope you are feeling better with more NRG ! I bought myself some B12 today to sy if it will do anything !

    Have to get ready for dinner and then choir practice.

    CARLA - How are you doing sweetie? Hope you are not sick(er) or anything. YOU TOO JOLE!

    Love to awl,
  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    She wrote me a note as I had sent her a note. Said things were going as usual for building------its up but mistakes were made, ---just taking longer and wrong price quotes. Sorry, I can't remember just what else she said but said to tell you "HELLO AND LOVE" and she would be back soon.

    Thanks granni for the good sounding recipe. Rock---it was me who wanted the recipe. Think I can adjust it for amount. I could fry rest of the cabbage--love it!

    Don't know what got into me today. Decided to do one little thing, then that ran into another little thing and on and on it went. Do any of you ever do that. No one on the so-called outside would think that I did anything but to me it was a lot!

    One was that I wanted the marble topped table that is between Harley and my chairs moved forward a little. Well, that turned out to be more than I anticipated. went to move it and it was to heavy to just scoot. Took the mable off (it was hideously heavy and just put it on chair) and picked up the wooden frame. Well, it broke. Igt had been repaired over and over and over---very old. I got out hammer, towel and glue. Tried to hammer it back to where it was supposed to be and put glue there. It, of course, ran. Had to wipe all that stuff running down the wood off. I can see that I can't completely repair it. In time, someone else can do it!!! Then it got frame where I wanted it, then had to pick up marble slab. I just dropped into my chair and just sat and caught my breath. It's OK now.

    Granni: I'm not the one you are thinking about that is a few yrs. older but--------I WILL BE 80 THIS YR!!!!! It just overwhelms me! can't imagine it. But you know, I am so very thankful that I will be 80 and can get around, do my own stuff---shopping, laundry, etc. So many people never made it to this age and missed seeing family generations. Thank you, Lord.

    Yes, teacher. I think what you said about what I shojuld tell pastor was so funny! She was very nice today. She wasn't at coffee yesterday and has probably remembered what she said. Said I would really like it. Might try it soon. Sounds so restful! Of course, I don't need rest---sat down to read paper and fell asleep.

    Rock: I have never learned yet how to copy and paste.

    I am tired of sitting and am hungry. Have potato salad in the frig. and what else? Think I will boil some eggs while i am eating and sitting right by the stove so I don't go away and forget them!!!!!!

    Luv you all, kind friends,

    Gentle Hugs,

  10. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    i just looked up again in my comp. Medical book spinal stenosis. It is a narrowing of the spinal cord - in my neck and bottom 6 vertabra----and it pinches the spinal cord and the nerves and causes pain. Sure does!

    Carpel tunnel is the nerve that runs from middle of wrist to mid hand. It gets swollen, etc. from continued use and repetative use. (mine is from this machine right here!) It also pinches that nerve and causes the hand and fingers to be in pain and have neuropathy. My left hand is from being left handed and writing over the yrs.

    Seems as if everything is from a nerve somewhere.

    If I call you Sweet Water sometime, think nothing of it. that's how I think of you-----sweet water=-----all ripply, shiny, soothing, etc.

    Bye again.

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  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    One would think that with all of this exercise, I'd be so fit I could be a model!!!!


    Rock, my new job in the morning doesn't mean a new job period. I get to keep that one! LOL

    It's just that my morning duty has been changed. Instead of herding the masses, I will hangin' with a chosen few. The darlin's that can't stay out of trouble before school starts.

    I am thinkin' 'bout makin' 'em do sum exersizin' to get rid of dem der wiggles a'fore class starts fo' duh day.

    Either that or make them sit quietly and take in my great beauty so they will have something wonderful to take away with them to help them get through the day. Ha!

    Y'all have a good enough day.

    Love you!
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in quickly before DH comes home. We need to work out some and try and do some stuff around the house and outside work. Now that it seems to be getting warmer (in the afternoon anyway) DH is all nervous that we are so far behind in our outside work. The work out is some treadmill and other streatching and weight bearing, not heavy weights ! I need it for my osteoporosis and FM mainly.

    Joan - Thanks for telling us about Carla and glad to hear she is OK . Was starting to worry. ROCK is the one who is a couple months either younger or older than I. I might have mentioned you to but I do not remember. I knew you were older that both of us and it sounds to me like most of the time you do a really good job of taking care of yourself ! Keep it up sweetie !

    Yes, I agree that SWEET SPRING WATER is a fitting name . I think I started that one . Plus there is a Sweetwater in TX , I believe. I ALSO THINK THE NAME VERY FITTING FOR HER :) !

    Also. lots of hugs to Sweet Spring Water and hope all is well in her lovely area of the worrld. Hope the crazy electricity thing hasn't driven her to bonkers lately - when to do what nthat aneeds to be done that aneeds electricity. We are spoiled here in our country having it all the time !!

    Teacher - Maybe whpoevefr gives you that job thought you were the best one for it - lots of humor in your "direction giving" to the little WIGGILY darlings:) !! GOOD LUCK KIDDO !!

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni and Joan -thank you for saying the name Sweet Water suits me. I was intrigued
    to hear that there is actually a place of that name! I love quaint names. Remember Rocks
    and Georgias relatives? Lol. We have a street here in the city with the name which translates into 32 Butterflies. I have no idea how it came to be.

    Julie - i hope the pain is somewhat relieved. You seem to be busier than ever. And always
    helping others.

    Teacher - laughed out loud at your plans on how to keep the young restless ones quiet and still.

    Glad to hear Carla is good. Miss her.

    My cold is still the same. Not feeling very frisky. One of my cousins from dads side phoned and
    told me she is getting married and the reception is on 8th. Aargh. I had so many things postponed from before and hadnt done. Visitng and all and now this. But i am happy for her.
    Shes much younger than me and we dont meet that often. Like once or twice a year. Her family is in Tibet and she doesnt want to go back there. Lives in my dads elder brothers house
    because he is in America and the house only has some nuns to take care of it.

    I will have to go and buy some scarves and presents and i had been hoping not to go out until my cold is better. My brother was also groaning when i told him because his house which is on rent has a severe drainage blockage and he was running around trying to get that fixed. He was wishing the wedding was some other time.

    Ive been trying to film the parrots and got some shots from my terrace, trouble is theyre green
    and the leaves are green so its hard to make out. I wil try and post some time.

    Hugs everyone

    God Bless

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got finished planting some impatients, one of the few flowers thgat grown on our property since we have no sun at all, or hardly.n Also did some cleaning up for the outside porch area and front door. They were so dirty. DH did the high up window in the front and sprayed for spiders/. We get alot of little tiny spiders and they drop white stuff all around on the windows and make such a mess. That is not counting for all the webs too - ugh !

    Georgia - I think I must have missed something. I thought you were getting out of the jury duty Good luck !!

    Julie - Glad that Kiera's surgery went well. With all her infections it is a good thing. I had mine out to which was good at about age 5 or younger as seven then I had lots of respiratory problems. I am sure all are glad that is over with for her and then too !

    Rock - I do suppose you could put some bits of green pepper in since the stuffing, meat and tomato mixture (minus the cabbage) and the rice is similar to what I used to put in STUFFED PEPPERS.

    Can't remember what all is going on so I will sign off.

    Hugs to everydobby,
  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Many long yrs. ago, after I was in the 1st grade, i had my tonsils out. ki had missed 30 days of school while in the 1st grade. The next yr. I hardly missed any so it is good that Kiera had all those nasty things out!I barely remember it but I remember my dad walking down the hall, holding my hand while I was on the gurney. Also, a relative gave me a neat basket with a handle on it. I use it to hold paper napkins!

    Yesterday's burst of energy about "did me in". I am exhausted today and don't want to do anything. Guess that wore me out. Doesn't it make you mad when you ENRGY leaves you. oh well, tomorrow is another day.

    I spoke to someone who was to ask the boy I had to do lawn work to come today. I stayed home from doing groceries----he didn't come! Son #1 raked some leaves last fall and put them all over my tulips and daffodils----they can't come up thru all that mess.

    my mind is so weary that I can't think of anything to write about!!!

    Got 2 new shoe catalogues this a.m. so I will look thru them this evening. Ordering is the only way i will get any new shoes----never go any place. One older pr. is too big, of all things. Well, I don't suppose that was too exciting for you to read!!!!!!

    Take care and hope my mind and body work better next time,

    Gentle HUGS and love to all,

  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    So I probably won't make much sense.

    Had my tonsils out in my late 20's. No ice cream for me. Lots of salty food. Glad to hear she came out well.

    Joan, what shoe catalogs did you get? It's time for me to get busy on my summer sandals.

    Cannot spell properly any more today. Am hoping will be able to do a better job this weekend.

    Love you!
  17. jole

    jole Member

    Been having a tough time lately, but think I've caught up on reading about everyone, if I can just remember it. Sounds as though everyone is doing well...no jury duty, pictures of the parrots, Kiera's tonsils out, teacher's new job, spring cleaning and planting, Pippi walking with her walker (yea), Carla's house nearly ready for her, etc.

    Not much good going on here. Upset for my sis, talk or text her daily. She's still waiting on her 2nd opinion to come back on her ALS (Lou Gerhig) diagnosis, and is a wreck. She can't let anyone at work find out what's going on, but can't keep the thoughts and tears away. She went to see her Psych this evening. I'm hoping he can help her cope with this.

    I went to the doc on Monday and again today. Had pain meds increased. If this doesn't work will be the Fentanyl patch, which I don't want. Told to eat lots of yogurt, and start grinding my meat to keep from the choking episodes due to the esophageal spasms.

    When I came out of there I felt very self-centered, thinking about all my complaints when my sis has so much ahead of her. Wish I could take her illness myself and give her back her health, since mine is shot anyway. Seems so unfair.

    As you can tell, my mood isn't so great. So I'll try to limit my time here until I get my attitude adjusted a bit and can be a little more positive and uplifting for everyone. Love ya....Jole
  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I'm back for a moment. I've been pretty busy trying to store up energy to pack. So I pack about 4 boxes a day, or I try to. Today I only got 2 packed, but then I took a few boxes I didn't unpack when I first moved in here and added it to the packed ones.

    Tomorrow I'm supposed to get up earlier than yesterday, hopefully around 10 a.m. Got a lot to do like look for apartments, and then come home and pack again. I have to quit this smoking as it is not helping with going up and down the stairs with boxes. This illness bothers me enough, and then to have less oxygen due to smoking, ugh!

    I've got a few packs left so I'll see if I can cut back and then quit, which is how I quit before my grandmother died 6 years ago... and how I quit right days before I found out that my best friend died, and then I started up again after his death and haven't quit for more than 3 days since. The only problem is, when you rely on cigarettes to help out with stress, that's when that nicotine captivates your brain, so when you try to quit smoking, you have to find "many" things to do when you get stressed to replace just the one thing, nicotine. Not just one or even five things will help. I've heard all of the magical cures or suggestions and none work for me. So I guess this is time to find several things to do when something stresses me out. But every time there's one thing that stresses me out the most that gets me to smoke all over again... well 2 things, if you include someone really close to you dying, but the second thing or event is uncontrollable pain. When that pain hits me so hard to the point that most would go to the ER, I am reaching for cigarettes or going out and buying them again. Well, I hope that no one dies that's close to me or that my pain stays at least a tiny bit under control,,.... but wait... I'll be moving, and that includes pain from doing all of that, and the stress of the arguments of what goes where when dealing with family, lol. Should I wait to quit after I move? Nah... if I must get some I will, but I'll try not to.

    If I could come up with a list of things to do when pain gets way too uncontrollable and what to do when I want to use cigarettes to keep me from crying about the pain, then I might be more prepared.

    If you have any suggestions let me know... but do not let this take away the focus of others on here, as I'm not here to ignore other's needs. Just babbling to you all. Plus too tired to read all of the posts. So if you skip mine, that's okay too.

    Fight :)
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    3/4/10 9:33 PM Porch addendum...couldn't get any reply buttons.

    Just checking in, someone can move this over to the porch if you want. I can't get anything to come up so I can make a reply to the posts that are already there.

    It is almost 11:30pm...I sent Amy to bed around 8:30 and rocked Keira until she fell asleep, then took her up to her mommy. Had to wake her up at 9:45 to give her more pain medicine, then she didn't want to lay back down...wanted to rock-a-bye. So we came back downstairs and I held her in the recliner for awhile, and just laid her down on the couch. We have a lightweight mattress, so I will lay on it, next to the couch.

    Keira will need more pain med at 1:45, so have my alarm set. One of the nurses said it is so much better to keep them on a schedule of pain medicine the first day or two, so it doesn't get out of control.

    Amy will be alone with her tomorrow, so I wanted her to get as much rest as possible. I will work, but planned an easy day for the daycare lunch and snacks...

    Just wanted you all to know that I am thinking of you, especially Jole. I feel so bad for you and your sister, but never give up hope, we don't know what God has in store for sure...

    I'd better get some sleep while I can. Lindsey is doing pretty well, still fighting asthma, though. She was such good "entertainment" for Keira tonight...as wonderful an aunt as she is, I know she will be an excellent mommy.

    Good night and love to all,

    Hello everydobby

    Just got back from the Tibetan Market side of town where the big stupa is. I visited a monastery and said prayers. The one i go to usually was silent and deserted and one solitary nun told me everybody had gone on a picnic. Well certainly the weather for it.

    I went to another and then i bought some brocade tibetan dresses with silk blouses to match for cousins wedding. She is my dads elder brothers elder sisters wife. Since big bro is short of cash i bought his presents for now and he can repay me later.

    I had to send Hobbes to the doctor because his lump in the side hasnt gotten smaller and he is limping. But they said if it gets bigger they have to operate. Im guessing that wil be soon. Aargh.

    Ive not had my tonsils out. Thank goodness tho remember a lot of the kids at school having to do it.

    Fight - I hope your pain recedes soon. I dont know about the smoking prevention,my mum smoked throughout till she passed away altho my father gave it up when he wass about 40 years old. Big brother too used to smoke but has given up. I hope. Maybe someone on the board will have some ideas?

    Julie - hope Keira is up on her feet soon. She reminds me of my dhs cousins son who is so attached to his maternal grandparents, he always wants to come visit.

    lol this fog has made me forget what else was written

    oh Jole - my thoughts are with you, i know what a difficult time it is and how much you feel for your dear sister;

    so everydobby hugs

    God Bless

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much new here since yesterday but I think I am taking the day off today and not go to the Fish Fry. DH can go and do what he is in charge of which is baked fish and baked potatoes. They also have fried fish, cole slaw, salad, and hush puppies . Will try get other things done around here. Don't you think it is about time to remove the Christmas tablecloth from the DR tsblr :) !! I think so.It is not red but it is Christmasy ! Need to find some other things I removed before putting up the Christmas stuff and put them back up.

    Fight - Sorry you are so worn out and having to do all that packing. GOOD LUCK in giving up your cigarettes. I used to smoke also but I was more of a social smoker and was wasting more than I smoked half the time. I started as a teen and into the 20's and maybe some in the low 30's. When I decided to give them up I didn't have any problem with it. It is really a terrible addiciton and is or can be so hard to stop if yfou smoke alot. Now, I know so many that are really sick from it. Againots of luck to you. You're a FIGHTer I know you can do it !!!

    When will you be moving and to where? I know you probablyhave mentioned this before but my brain has gone and left the building :) !!

    Julie - So sorry that Kiera is having so much pain, pooir little gal ! This should help with so many infections. I didn't have any problems with the reply buttons. At least it was there when I checked in.

    Teacher - good luck with your NEW JOB at school or whatever you want to call it :) !! Those kids are just probably listening to you and trying to figure out what you were saying. You are so funny ! Either that or they are laughing. Don't do it to well or you will get it again next year.

    Jole - Glad to hear from you. Thinking of you and your dear sister. Please know you and your sister are in my thoughts and prayers. Please come back soon.

    Have a great weekend !

    Gotta run now.


    [This Message was Edited on 03/05/2010]

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