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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well Porchies it is that time again. I had to search and search for a new light bulb but finally did. I also brought some yummy choc chip cookies straight from the oven. Enjoy !!

    Also, please don't forget to check on the last volume with some bad news from Jole. There are also posts from Teacher and Pippi.

    Hugs to awl,
  2. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    As busy as you are, I don't know how you find time to bake cookies! But I WILL enjoy eathing them. I am awful about cookies----if they are in the house, I eat them. but not just one-------how about three.

    Jole: I am so very sorry your sister! how devastating that must be. my heart aches for you and all of you family. You please take it easy - don't do anything extra and let your heart absorb this awful news. I can't imagine (I don't have siblings) how your pain just be. we will pray for your and for your sister.

    I just invited some on FB board to come on over and try us----these were felling awful and desserted on their board. They mentioned Chit Chat and they had heard it was pretty8 good. I told them we are wonderful and welcome anyone who just wants to laugh, cry, talk about illness, deaths, food, humor, ----jst anything and we never get angry at one another. That OK?

    Today----kind of like yesterday! Went to coffee and the ill friend appeared and was no nicer to me after I called and asked if she were ill than she was before. oh well, I did what I wanted so that isd OK.

    My work included folding clothes, and putting them away!:>) Wasn't tjat difficult??? I talked for a long time friend that is homebound and visited about 23 min. with her. must do that more often. I don't give up anything for Lent but I will make that my Good Deed for Lent!!!!

    Got up to snow again this a.m.-----this is the 3rd day in a row---not much snow, just enough that I have to clean off the car, scoop a small path to car, and stomp thru it where ever I go. All of at coffee just grumble, grumble,---as if that will do any good.

    I just finished reading the last Vol. and I can not remember anything any of you wrote. my Senior Moments seem to come more often. ever have any??????????

    Maybe I will have some excitement some day,,,,some good excitement. as Teacher says, we can just come here and tell you if we lost our underwear or what not. I still laugh over that-----I have found odds and ends in a suitcase when I got it out the next time but not my underwear! so funny.

    Again, I say I have to go find food! Maybe it wiill be cold cereal. I just love that for supper. I seem to like only the expensive kind so I have to wait for good deals to buy it. You know-----honey frosted with almonds!

    Well, ,my boring writing has run out................

    See you later, alligator!!!! Where in the world did that come from..My high school days!

    Gentle Hugs,

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    After awhile crockodile !! Oh I remember, "See you later alligator, and after awhile crockodile." We still said that even though you are a bit older than I. Isn't that nice to be able to say to someone that you are younger than they :) !!?

    Just had to answer you back before I go take a shower and then go and watch the restof the Olympics. Missed some of it yesterday due to choir practice.

    Soirry that gal was snippy again to ytou in your coffe group. I cannot understand people like that, just terrible and after you called to check on her. Sounds like she has problems, not just medical either !!

    I have to go get ready for the Olympics y'all ! Sorry this is so short. Love to awl !

    Hugs to everydobby,
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just woke up from a long nap. Here's a little joke my sub-conscious dreamed up
    whilst I was in the arm of Morpheus.

    Stores that sell goods for other people should be consigned to Hell.

    Possibly too long for a bumper sticker.

    Well, I didn't say it was funny. Just that it's a joke.

    I have to hang the curtain. I took it down so the landlord could trim the
    Venetian blinds. No ladder needed. I can stand on the retaining wall.

    Excuse me. You have a retaining wall in your living room? That's right. It's
    slanted. About a 30 degree angle, I'd guess.

    W/ re: 2 The Case of the Missing Underwear, or, She Put it There Because it
    Suited Her Fancy, I once had a college roommate who kept a bottle of vermouth
    in his suitcase.

    This was a sly scheme to keep the college authorities from discovering contraband
    in his possession. Worked too. For quite a while.

    Be back in a bit after I wake up.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got a book on Pioneer Schoolteachers who helped to settle

    the frontier. Thus far have only read the introduction. Here are

    some of the old-fashioned names. Probably some you've never

    heard of:

    Clarissa, Henrietta, Zilpah, Arozina, Betsey, Asa (my grandmother's

    name), Ursula (tell the Rottie, Georgia).

    Agnes, Josepha, Flora, Polly, Augusta.

    Also found a man's first name I've never encountered before:

    Eliphalet. Don't know how it was pronounced. Maybe his

    friends called him E-li.

    Granni, if I can, I will be happy to send you some energy. HaHa!

    Mine has been waning for 30 years. When it started, I thought

    it was a mid-life crisis. Or I was getting lazy. Of possibly I had

    developed some character flaw. Was a relief to finally find out

    I was sick.

    Why did you send you daughter an X ray certificate, Springwater?

    To show no TB? Did you see the recent joke on another thread?

    A radiologist married a gal. His friends couldn't understand what

    he saw in her. Very likely it was her inner beauty.

    Julie, I'm glad to hear you are improving a little. Are the drs still

    in the diagnosing stage?

    Teacher, you're right. We don't need a lot of activities to report.

    Of course I live in Tinseltown and am constantly going to movie

    premiers, cocktail parties, and other fancy shindigs. I just choose

    to say de minimus re: same.

    HaHa! I've never been to a movie star's mansion. I think a lot of

    them have special rooms most of us don't need. One for

    recreational drugs; one to brood on failed relationships; one to

    read old press clipping of various disasters; one to, well, you

    get the idea.

    You see in the news the highest paid actor on TV is in rehab? His

    TV show is shut down. I remember about 45 years ago. His

    actor father was just starting out. I saw him on stage w/ Jack

    Albertson in a play called "The Subject was Roses". Made into

    a movie w/ Patrica Neal shortly thereafter.

    Jole, I am so sorry to hear this devastating news. I remember

    reading about Lou Gehrig's famous speech. "I'm the luckiest

    man on the face of the earth." Even when I was a kid I thought

    that was ridiculous.

    He had been one of the luckiest people in the world, but he

    wasn't any longer. I know you will be a great help to your sister

    but I'm afraid it's going to be very difficult for you.

    OK, better end this before it all goes poof.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thanks for opening up. Will have not one but two choco chip cookies becoz its breakfast time here and im feeling peckish.

    Jole - Oh im so sorry to hear this news. Your dear sister! Im just wondering why so many
    challenges put on earth. And then the young lady with tongue cancer Julie mentioned. Oh
    why why? I will be praying for both her health and for you all to have courage and strength.

    Georgia - i didnt know one could give doggies anyting for arthritis. Our Tommy is like 11 years oldand walks very stiffly with his back legs. I just hope he isnt in constant pain. Plus he always brings up his food. That has been stopped with the digestive enzyme the vets gave but nothing for his legs.

    He loves a good head rub and makes it all the way up to the terrace to come and butt me and get his head rubbed. I look at his face and wonder how much longer he has. Losing many dogs over the years, some to old age, some to illness has made me much more stoic. But I still get
    oangs in my heart when i think of the inevitable.

    Rock - yes, daughter had to prove she didnt have TB. so i had to courier her report. It must be an age thing. I used to admire and envy screen stars their parties and clothes and jewels. Not any longer, I long to live in a sweet cosy little cottage in the middle of a lush green wood with a sparkling stream rushing by and birdsong all day long. And crickets and jackals at night. I had it when i was small. Oh joy.

    Okay i didnt tag on so i cant recall other posts.

    Oh yes, Joan - sorry your coffee friend was as snitty as usual. I am beginning to think she
    is just this way and it has nothig to do with you. If i were you i would one day just ask her outright why she is being rude. I did that to my friend and it led to a squabble but she has been careful not to repeat what she said about me being 'lazy'. Lazy indeed.

    Well, I didnt go out after all yesterday. The thought of dodging water balloons put me off.
    Day after is the festival of colours and after that i can safely go out without being afraid.
    I am afraid of a lot of things, driving, riding in a car, in an airplane, riding pillion on mobikes,
    talking in front of groups of people, talking into a microphone, interviews for jobs, the future,
    and getting hit by water balloons.

    I saw three parrots yesterday winging it thru the sky. And now the swifts have come out.
    How joyful they are! They must be the happiest birds of them all. Dodging, diving, soaring.

    My garden is beginning to bloom now that the weather is turning warmer. The calendulas have come out, and sweet peas. I am tempted to buy some flowers which i dont have but trying to be thrifty. My bro in law was saying how the share prices have gone down. My hubby has been looking a bit serious and not talking so much. That could because he's lost some money or due to his gum infection. I made him rice and spinach gruel so he could chew easily. His jaw has been hurting since yesterday.

    Everydobby hugs

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Don't ask me what I have been doing, maybe a bit of washing and some recipe looking up on the computer. Geez, now I am all warn out. Glad that I do not have to cook tonight. Going to the monthly birthday celebratioon at our club fpr those with bdays in February like DH. We will have a good sizd group there at our table. it should be fun but hope we can hear each other with the music playing and the other people being there :) !

    Can't believe that it is Friday today and almost the weekend. So I guess the Porch will be even slower than usual since some of our dear ones have been busy with their families or their problems, etc. Hope all goes well for everyone.

    Linda - glad to see you popped by with Lucie ducie :) !

    Sweet SW - Sorry you have so many things you are afraid of sweetie. Sending lots of hugs your way ! Yep, go out tomorrow when youdo not get hit witha a water ballon. I haven't seen to many of them lately for sure. I know what you mean about drivint. it is not my favorite thing at all but I have pushed myself to do so. Hope you have a nice weekend and will be feeling more up than down.

    Georgia - I never heard of a yoga bra or whatever you were talking about. Is it what they sometimes call a sports bra? I have seen those buyt have not used them at all. Actually, I could go without any and no one would notice. I would notice cause then I would be colder than usual - BRRR!!

    Julie - Hope you aren';t in to much pain today. Thinking of you and all your activities with all your family and all that is going on. How sad about your friend or your daughters friend. That is terrible !

    Jole - thinking of you sweetie and your sister and family. She will be in my prayers and you too.

    Rock - I thought I was going to remember everything you spoke about but I can't remember. Did you say you would send me some NRG or was it someone else ? There goes my memory again !

    Carla - Missing hearing from you and hope you are getting ready to get into your new house.

    Elaine - Hoping you are OK too my dear. You are so busy and get back into your real life again ! Have you seen JS lately ?
    Hope to hear from you real soon.

    Mickey - Hope all is well with you at home and your job and your hope that your hubby is able to find another job soon.

    Pip - Hope you are doing OK too now and getting stronger and stronger each day with your walking ! Yey !!

    Well, my brain is gone. Hope everydobby has a wonderful weekend. I need to go and try and figure out what I need to wear when I go out tonight for the birathday celebration. I know it will be warm !

    HopeI didn't miss to many Porchies !

    Love to awl,
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The light just came on at mid day. Its one now. and will go at 2pm. Lol. better type fast. also want to catch up with the news on tv.

    Julie - that was scary about Lindseys asthma episode. Our kids give us the greatest joy. And the greatest frights. One of my sons friends also has asthma. And sometimes has to stay back from school.

    Elaine - great to see you coming back on more and more often just like old days. I see you are
    slowly and surely getting things back on track after the upheaval of past months.

    Granni - I hate waterballoons now. I have a phobia of them. I see young girls getting pelted with them on the streets and curse the tradition and whoever started it. They dont usually hit us older women but some kids like to hurl them at anyone and im petrified of being hit. Like i said, a phobia.

    Georgia - i burned my bras some two decades ago. Ever since i didnt need to go to office.
    I cant stand tightness around my chest of stomach. So wear loose clothes. Im very small built so it doesnt matter. Lol. Only wear bras if i have to under a certain top.

    Linda - hey, as always good to see you. Its illegal for boys to toss water baloons at passersby except the police dont enforce it. Its become so ingrained they would be arresting thousands of boys. Luckily its till tomorrow. Tomorrow is a free for all. Tomorrow is the real festival. Tomorrow one goes out at ones own risk. Coloured water, plain water, coloured powder, engine mobil (shudder) all these are smeared on passersby and we can only appeal to people sense of decorum to refrain. In India they also drink a kind of sweet laced with intoxicant and merry make. I will try to get some photo shots of the street of the festival and post. Its kind of nice to look and maybe even take part if one is young and up for anything. My daughter used to go to her friends place and take part or they would come here and have water fight.

    Rock - i would love to have an uncle Eliphalet. haha. Georgias relatives take the cake for olden days names. I especially like Barfra, Im sure it would have been shorrtened d to Aunt Barf! Jerusha is also lovely.

    Today there is a dumpling eating contest in a restaurant in town and my son has gone.
    When he was a kid he had taken part and won. But we have asked him not to participate.
    There are different categories for different age groups.
    The contest is called Momo Mania and is an eagerly awaited contest. 'Momo' means meat/veg/cheese filled dumpling. Only vegetarians eat the veg momos' everyone is crazy about meat dumplings. Theyre like the fish n chips in britain and pizza/hamburger in usa. good for anytime anywhere.

    Its a bit cloudy today. My help who washes clothes has gone to the village for a week and ive got some clothes soaking in detergent to go wash.

    I just finished re reading Agatha Christies 'Bertram Hotel last night. Loved it. Love her.

    God Bless

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, it's 4:30 AM on Sat. morning. Been up most of the night.
    A gentle rain has been falling the last 4 hours. Probably fiercer
    up north in Georgia and Barry's neighborhoods.

    Huckle is curled up on the carpet. When I'm done w/ this I'm
    going back to bed. He'll have to go out. There are covered
    porches in the neighborhood where he can find shelter.

    Springwater, my friend who always has 3 or 4 dogs gives
    them glucosamine when they get old. She says it helps a lot.
    She also has a stairway for them. Well, 2 steps anyway, so
    they can make it up to her bed. She mostly has dachshunds
    and you know what short legs they have.

    Your cottage in the woods sounds ideal. I went to Youtube
    to hear what the jackals sound like. They howl kinda like our

    Glad to hear from you, Linda. Yes, you're right. I've been very
    beat up, I mean up beat, the last couple days. Tell Lucie
    I'm waving my paw back at her.

    Georgia, I may have to borrow your pogo stick. I was trying
    to unload groceries from the trunk tonight. Lost my balance and
    was lucky; fell against a tree which propped me up.

    Elaine, what do you mean the right coast? I thought you lived
    smack dab in the middle of the country.

    Julie, is hubby allergic to pollen? The rain should wash the air
    clean here. Should be able to let up on my antihistamines for a
    few days.

    How was the birthday party, Granni? At my impending birthday
    I'll be 70. I think "So Long, it's Been Good to Know Ya" might
    be more appropriate than "Happy Birthday".

    A thought from Steven Wright, a man who seems to have a
    fascinating mind that may be tilted just a bit: Even if you did
    have everything, where would you put it?

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    which I think is OK by me. However, I did some vacuuming but am not done with that chore. Then I leave the vacuum sitting there for awhile till I get started again or DH puts it away after getting tired of looking at it !

    Did some food prep this afternoon for unstuffed cabbaage with a "recipe" that Diane from PA gave me. It sounds so yummy with very few ingredients which is my type of recipe. There is less work than the stuffed cabbage but the cutting of that monster cabbage was not to easy. DH did offer to help but I just finished myself. Will let you know how it turns out. It sounds so good and I haven't made the stuffed cabbage in many years.

    Julie - sorry to hear about Lindsey's asthma attacks. Hope the doc gets her meds straightened out and she has less attacks. I can imagine how scarey these attacks must be for her and for you too. She is so lucky to be close to you. How far away do you live from her?

    Hope you are feeling better and in not so much pain. I think I have figured out why you have been having less pain lately.

    It must be because you spend so much timje and energy worrying and taking care of everybody else ! Try to rest some this weekend will you :) ??

    Spring Water - watch out for those water balloons. I know it is no laughing matter with you and must be scarey if one just pops up out of the balloon. Hope things continue to get better for you and you have some nice and serene events and surroundings !!

    Elaine - so glad to hear from you again. Not sure if I responded to you already or not. Glad you are little by little getting things back in order again and that you still have JS in the picture. It is time for you to have some fun and relaxation with whatever you enjoy. So glad that you have your dad's memory and lessons from him to continue to help you on your way.

    Carla - hope all is getting ready for you to get into your new home. Haven't heard from you in awhile and hope that there has not been anything else causing you problems and that you are just busy trying to get the house ready.

    Thinking of everydobby, sorry if I haven't mentioned you today -Teacher, Jole, Rock and Georgia. Hope there are not any more bad rains on the west coast.

    How terrible about that Chiean earthquake and the Tsunami which may hit others on the coastal areas, Hawaii, and possible others.

    Love to awl,
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Picked up the LeRoy paper this morning. There was my nephew
    and his family on the front page. They won the "First Baby
    of the New Year" contest.

    Ayla was born Jan. 31. HaHa! In LA we probably had a
    thousand babies born Jan first between midnight and 12:01.

    Anyway the new parents won lots of prizes from local businesses
    like a free haircut for mom, an oil change and a $100 savings
    bond from the bank.

    Gordon is doing more repotting. Mama Kitty is curled up a
    few feet away supervising.

    Granni, I thought you were a liberated woman. Tell hubby to
    stop staring at the vacuum and start vacuuming. I haven't had
    stuffed cabbage for eons. So is the new recipe a casserole?
    Sounds great. Tell hubby he can have some when he gets
    done vacuuming. HaHa!

    Julie, I think your dream means you are worried about your
    mother. Are you having more storms? The mother of the LeRoy
    paper's publisher writes a column. She says her neighbor
    has shoveled her walk almost constantly this winter. Well,
    that's small town folks for ya.

    Georgia, those were some names. I had only heard of two
    of them. I think Minerva was goddess of wisdom. I posted
    about Ursula some time back. Pretty much forgot what I read.
    Was she a Viking queen? Or was that Bertha? Maybe it was
    both of them.

    I put a play by J. M. Barrie on hold a couple days ago. He was
    Scottish. His birth and death dates are almost the same as my
    maternal grandfather. Both died 3 years before I appeared on

    Elaine, don't waste your time looking for a prince. Look for
    a man who will be a good husband. Someone, maybe Steven
    Wright, referred to the heir to the English throne this way.
    Prince William now wants to be called "The artist formerly
    known as Prince."

    Gordon finished his plant. It was especially tedious because
    he bought it from Norman Fang's nursery. Norman always puts
    moss in the pot along w/ the bark which is ok when the plant is
    a seedling. But Gordon removes it because it is no longer suitable
    for a mature plant.

    Anyhoo we are off to the Pasadena Library. Haven't been there
    for some years. It is a beautiful old building w/ lots of dark
    woodwork and paneling, high ceilings and chandeliers.

    Hi to Carla, Barry, Joan, Linda, etc.


    Gordon just told me to hurry up. I told him I am not hurrying. He can go without me.
    HaHa! I'm a liberated woman too.
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Let us know about the ultrasound on monday ! Wow, I cannot believe that they can tell so early but they can, I know !!

    BTW, that unstuffed cabbage was SOOOOO- good. Let me know if you want a simple and yummy recipe.

    Lots of hugs to you and all,
  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I hope everdobby is having a good-enough Sunday!

    I'm getting a bit more steady on my feet, the past few days!
    In my apartment, I'm using my crutches for balance (the kinda crutches that look like canes with the thingies that go around my forearms so I don't drop them).
    I'm still using the walker whenever I leave the apt.
    It has a seat, & brakes, & I can stop & sit down if I feel unsteady. But I'm not needing to stop & sit when I'm moving about in the building.
    (I've been visiting neighbors, & going downstairs to check the snail-mail & stuff.)

    I think I could safely use just the crutches if I stay in the building, but I hafta get past the mental block of being apprehensive that I MIGHT fall.

    Maybe I'll get brave enough tomorrow.
    I'm gonna help another neighbor with a computer prob.

    It's kinda funny (or maybe merely ironic?) that I'm pretty good with computers, cuz I had to teach myself to use one.
    I know a LOT of peeps had to teach themselves to use a computer, so that's not unusual.
    What IS unusual is that I didn't learn about computers in school, cuz I was in the juvenile delinquent class, & we weren't allowed anywhere near the computer lab. LOL!

    On Tuesday, Mom & I are going to the Asian grocery store.
    Mom discovered they have a lotta gluten-free stuff (like rice flour, rice crackers, etc) at normal grocery prices.
    If I buy that stuff in the "gluten-free" section of a store (or online) it's 10-20 times more expensive.

    Hey Rock! Your library visit sounds SO cool!!!
    2 things I love are, very old buildings & the aroma of very old books!!!

    Julie: Your description of the spiteful "ex" was chilling!!!
    My ex-boy-fiend was a jerk, but I wish him well regardless.
    (Sadly, he's much too stoopit to ever have a smooth, peaceful life, but I'd be happy for him if he could change that...)

    OK. I think I've rambled on enough for now!

    Love & Hugz 2 EVERYDOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I haven't done much today and I am so achy. I even took a tylenol arthritis to see if it would help a little bit anyway. Who knows if it is my FM or arthritis that is acting up. I am guessing some is also the FM since it is not just my head, neck and shoulders bugging me . Oh, I did finish my vacummiung from yesterday. At least I got the vac out away. The last time I vacuumed I left the vac in the kithcen sort of out of the way. So, I am good anyway on that score.

    Georgia - Have a good week out of your usual office next week. Hope you get some good interesting cases. Sorry but I missed some of the posts telling what you were doing. I am guessing you are doing some typing or getting the info from the case written down. Is that a court stenographer or something like that? Hope is a nice week for you ! I know you just love being away from your other job ( :!

    Pippi - Hi there sweetie. I am so happy that you are doing better in your walking. Just be careful as you have been. No need to rush anything.

    I know you would love to have a cane, walker, wheelchair burning when you do not need them any more. You probably need to stay with the walker outside for another short while longer till you get a bit stronger. I would think when you do not need anything in the house then try the cane outside. Of course I just do not want you to get hurt and have more problems.

    Julie - We wanat to hear tomorrow about the sonogram !! YAY !!

    Hugs to Rock, Julie, Jole, Elaine, Carla, Linda, Joan and everydobby else not mentioned too!

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  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - ive been repotting and growing wheat grass. Its mandatory to have a pot of freshly grown wheat grass during Tibetan New Year and Nepalese big festival but i grow it all year round because I love its fresh green colour. I try to chew some because its supposed to be good for the stomach. Today i put a handful of chopped up wheatgrass into the dogs food. Now that warmer days are here, their skin ailments and digestive disorders will be on the rise.

    Julie - I didnt know your mother was needed oxygen. Its definitely the worries that are exacerbating your dreams. I tend to dream about whatever is bothering me. YOu have a lot on your plate how with Lindsey expecting also and you coping with intermittent pain. make sure you set aside time to just breathe.

    I dont know how you control yourself re the 'ex' of Amy but i would have like to go there and rough him up a bit. How dare he behave so badly?

    Georgia - ursula and i have a lot of favourite things in common. How lucky for you to have fields at the back of your house. Mine has streets every side now.
    Used to be we had a stream on the north side but it got covered up and a road made. So the kingfishers, weasels, stoats, seem to have disappeared.
    On the good side i noticed not as many mosquitoes either.

    I ve read Daphne Du Mauriers 'My Cousin Rachel'. I loved it. Its about this beautiful middle aged lady who marries this rich old english country squire and then he dies while staying in her italian villa. His beloved nephew and now the heir, is heartbroken and suspects foul play and vows revenge but instead when she comes to visit, he falls in love with his uncles widow and starts willing all the estates to her to the horror of his wellwishers.

    Pippi - slow and steady does it. Good to know you are on your feet some. We have some south indian dishes made out of rice flour at a nearby Indian restaurant. I didnt know rice was a gluten free food. Actually i dont really knowmuch about gluten.

    Granni - Im kind of achey too but that is due to PMS. I always get like this at this time. No pains but a feeling of malaise and tiredness inspite of not doing anything much.

    Ive been watching CNN and the Chile earthquake and the devastation from floods in Europe.
    Coming so soon after Haiti. Really is a grim time.

    Since the weathers turned warmer theres a lot of twittering and cawing and cackling and birds flying to and fro. Today i was watching from my window because the crows were so noisy and turns out theyre building their nests! I also got a glimpse of my parrot nestled in the tree.
    We have a particular pigeon who for a year has been roosting outside our kitchen window. One foot is deformed or something and he was always alone. These days i see him with another pigeon. Today i see three twigs out there. Wonder if theyre setting up house?

    Hugs everyone

    God Bless

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  16. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Don't ask, lol, pengys took me to the zoo and locked ME up!!!???!!! For a whole week!!!!

    Well, now I have to plan my move which happens in 30 days... and I'm trying to stay focused on writing.

    Got to go, time's a waste'n!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Fight :)
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It has been rather been uneventful around here but just wantaed to check on everydobby !

    Julie - We are waiting to hear about Lindsey's sonogram and the baby !! Qhat an exciting time. Maybe sometime our son and his wife will have a baby. They have tried so hard but to no avail. Maybe they will be able to foster to adopt soon.

    Pippi - Hi there sweetie. Glad to hear you are dojng better and WALKING !! Thatis soo exciting for you . I'll bet your family is soo happy for you. . Gotta run !

    Hi to Teacher, Mickey, Carla, Joan , Rock Jole, and everydobby else !

    [This Message was Edited on 03/01/2010]
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Guess what? We had a massive hailstorm last night. It lasted for a few mins but what destruction in terms of plants. Those who had tin roofs were frightened because of the noise the wind made tearing at them.

    It came so suddenly there was no time to do anything. Furious lashing of the winds and lightening. And horrible clattering as the hail started pelting roofs and windows panes. Our little generator was going on upstairs on the terrace so we could watch tv and when i tried to get up the stairs to turn it off, I couldnt make it up, the wind and hail just pushed me back and brought down a big painting we had in the hall.

    I turned and fled not caring whether the generator would explode. Then my son came panicking frm his room and he and i went up and together brought the generator in.

    Hail was thick everywhere, carpetting the terrace.

    And cries from people all around who were wondering at the force of the storm and trying to salvage stuff.

    It died down pretty quick and i took a torch and went down to see the damage. The sweetpeas were bent down, and flowers all blown off the stalks. African poppies which were beginning to bloom, gone. Theyre such delicate flowers.

    Well, at least it was only flowers. Im wondering about the farmers and their crops.

    My help and me tried to salvage some plants by emptying the pots of the hailstones covering them and trying to shovel hail out of the flower beds but gave up. It was raining and dark.

    If i want any flowers this season, i will have to buy all over again.

    The pigeon chick in the bathroom ledge was safe. Not a drop of water. The hail came from the west side and the bathroom is on the east side so she was well protected.

    I took a peep and found the pigeon which roosts on the west side outside kitchen cowering and almost buried under hail, so i scooped off the hail from there. Dunno how birds fared unless they were well tucked into nooks and crannies.

    We been nurturing those flowers since September of last year and its gone in some 10 minutes.

    God Bless
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    how exciting! God bless both mum and child.

    Today we got electricity throughout the day, it was weird. Yesterdays storm doesnt
    seem to have killed anyone although some people got hurt downtown when a gigantic
    hoarding fell on people taking shelter from the rain and hail.

    And a lot of trees uprooted alongside the main roads. Im angry about that. We need our
    trees. Lines have come down and debris blown away by the wind stuck on tree tops.
    My prize two tone bougainvillea i was so proud of, was torn off from its pot because it was bang
    in the way of the wind and hail and high up on the terrace. Luckily, my Chinese friend took it
    into her head to order some half a dozen shawls from our old stock so i will have money to buy a replacement for it and all the plants destroyed.

    Its also ironic this storm, day before my DHs cousin sis had called me up and invited me to
    come over sometime this week and see her cherry blossoms. Well, Im guessing not much to see now. But the funny thing is she had called me over last year too and when i went over my old posts it was exactly a year she had called me and her sis over to see the cherry blossoms. March 1st! That time too her dragon ma in law was out of town for a week and this year too so she wants the visit to happen before her ma in law comes back. Lol.

    Ive caught this hubbies cold and been without appetite for food, I just worried down some
    hot and sour noodles from a packet, because i wanted something soupy and hot.

    Jole - i was just thnking about you, I knw you might not be in a mood to come and post but
    keep strong. Been praying.

    Same for all the other MIAs. Mickey, Carla, Teacher, etc.

    God Bless

  20. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I am so very, very sorry to hear that your sister is sick. I will keep both of you in my prayers and in my heart.

    Gentle Hugs,

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