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    Remember all, in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Okay, whose quote is that??????? That is your lesson for the day.

    Don't forget to check out the last few posts on volume 326 on the Porch.

    Gotta go get some things done before I leave here to go home.

    Chat later.


    Oh and don't forget to try this link this time to see my pictures. I hope this one works:

    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=14060&l=8f0aa&id=1017422700 (i think this will work, and if you click on the picture, it will have an explanation).

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mickey, it worked! Great pics. Your group photo looks like a bunch of happy, healthy, alert folks. You
    and the girls look terrific. And your pool looks immaculate.

    Is that a rawhide bone Jack has? I read they were bad for dogs. Can get stuck in the GI tract. A clerk
    at a pet store told me that was nonsense, but then they sell them, don't they.

    Hope the bugs are gone for good, Julie. Why do you suppose they are so many pesky bugs in
    the world? As Ogden Nash observed:

    God in his wisdom made the fly
    And then forgot to tell us why.

    500 years ago this bit of verse would have gotten old Ogden burned at the stake for heresy.

    I am reading Ogden's biography. Ogden came from notable ancestors including a Revolutionary
    War General, 2 state governors, and a wealthy father who was convicted under the then new
    anti-trust laws. A conviction overturned by the Supreme Court. Nashville, Tennessee, was named
    after a member of the family, probably the General.

    Laters, gators.


    PS. Oh, yeah. About the quote. I saw it attributed to Abe Lincoln, but it
    doesn't sound like anything he'd say. Gordon says it sounds like Mae West.
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  3. monica33flowers

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    Well, it sure sounds like everyone is busy. I need to get some extra energy so I can tackle a few projects around the house like our office. What a mess --- I like things to be neat and organized and this room is terrible.

    Lydia: I'm hoping the bugs are gone for good. We had lice at one time when Jackson was in 1st or 2nd grade. I just couldn't get rid of the little buggers. Ended up throwing out a lot of bedding and buying new pillows etc. Plus, I spent a small fortune at the laundry mat. I'm sure glad they have come out with some better stuff.

    Elaine: So good to see you! I hear you on toxic family. I will only talk to two of my mom's sisters. They are a rotten bunch and I'm glad they are outta my life.

    Mickey: I love your pool. Are you able to use it year round? I know you live somewhere in the south so probably not but gosh that looks so wonderful to me right now! I hear ya on the decorating for Christmas. I would still have my tree up if Randy didn't make me start taking it down last weekend. I just love the extra light! I remember one year my mother had her tree up past Valentine's Day which would have been OK if it was fake but it was real and real dead. LOL.

    Rock: I hear ya on the depression and lack of motivation. I hate January. I can also tell it is time to make a change in my anti-depressants. I'm so happy with my new insurance. I will finally be able to see a psychiatrist and get the right meds (hopefully) for the depression. My current GP has me on Paxil and it hasn't worked much at all. But I've tried a lot of meds and I'm just too tired to go and see him and listen to his rambling.

    Jole: I'm glad your daughter got that mole taken care of right away. I had one a few years back but it ended up not being cancer. So, you wanna hop on the diet train with me? I did consider the Adkins diet but for me I think I just need to focus on lightening up my eating and using more fresh veggies. The other big thing for me is drinking my water. I've slipped away from that and I can tell my tummy feels better as well.

    Granni: I like shopping as well. Randy and I found a few bargains the other day at a thrift store. It was fun to go out shopping with him again plus I got some fresh air and exercise and I didn't have to worry about the ice and falling.

    Georgia: Here is my two cents for what it is worth. You and Mr. M have been very happy together and I believe he is of Spanish culture? Both of you are adults and I wouldn't bother with his family if they are going to treat you that way. Go with your heart ---- I believe Mr. M is a wonderful man and has been very kind to you as well (from what you've said). Just be happy together. Time is a very precious thing to waste....just keep on making him his strawberry bread and enjoy each other.

    Sorry if I missed anyone.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I popped in last night on my wife's puter to say HI to all the Porchies ! (My puter has some serious probs.)

    I came back on with her puter tonight to find the Porch had changed from 326 to 327......

    Oh well , I stood on the corner again to get new donations for another bulb for my porch light since my other new one burnt out again. :>)

    Since there are no "fines" for doing this , I'll say HI again ! LOL

    I'll be back as soon as I can !!!!!

    Blessings ,

    b/c (I'll always hang in there and never give up !) [I'm just a bit slower than I used to be....]
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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Elaine - Oh what a mess with your younger brother and his fiance. You cannot make him leave her, even if that is what would be the very best thing. Geez, I can imagine how it would be for them to be calling you atll hours of the night or day. Talk about no consideration for anyone but themselves ! She sounds like a real mess and she is dragger her down with her and the children too, poor kids. !!

    Mickey - don't know if I made a mistake or not but Itried again and I got the same thing - they want all my info. I even put it in and they still didn;t like me (-: !! Maybe I will try again soon. Gee, that surely is a long url (is that what you call it that yo have to type up ?)

    Can't remember if anyone else said anything that I can;t remember or not.

    OH BILL - Hi to you and welcome to the porch. Hope you get some more NRG soon !

    I think my meds are starting to work also, so gotta run !


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Woke up from a nap about the time Gordon comes home. He was half an hour late. Freeway was
    all tied up w/ a car that somehow wound up on its top. Four lanes of traffic were shut down. I
    am so glad I don't have to drive in rush hour traffic anymore.

    Hi, Bill. I meant to say Welcome to the Board in my last post, but nowadays it is standard for
    me to forget. Did you get a replacement bulb? I found a light bulb joke on the net:

    How many new Presidents does it take to change a lightbulb.

    None. The change was just a campaign promise.

    (Actually an old joke from the Clinton years.)

    Granni, I am waiting till Monday to order the B12 patches. I need to have them shipped to Gordon's
    office, and I don't want them to arrive on a weekend. Never heard of Palais Royal, but 75%
    sounds like a big discount.

    Elaine, family is a revered concept in our culture, but many families are abusive, toxic, criminal,
    alcoholic, etc. I moved thousands of miles away from mine. Looking back, I see it would have been
    healthier to go even farther. For example, "No, I don't think it's a good idea for you to visit."

    Springwater, glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope it lasts. Your sesame chicken sounds pretty

    Micky, I'm still feeding 6 or 7 feral cats. The landlord won't allow pets, but there are two tame
    ones I frequently let in for an hour or two on cold nights. They love to lie on something. An
    old towel, a newspaper, a sock. Just about anything.

    Monica, I never took Paxil. I have taken lots of ADs. They all work for me, although some
    work better. I'm on Citalopram now. It's so much cheaper than Effexor, I feel like it's
    free. Hope you can find something that works for you.

    Back in the 80s when I had more energy, I used to walk an hour a day. I lost 15 lbs. in 2 months
    w/o changing my diet. Wish I would get enough pep so I could go back to walking.

    Thanks to everydobby who inquired about my con-dish-ee-on. On the one hand, I'm better.
    On the other, I'm still disabled. On the next hand, I'm probably in better shape than most
    of the folks here. On the other side, I have half a dozen serious medical problems.
    On the Far Side, we have Gary Larson.

    Time's up. Wonder what I forgot this trip.

  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its 10am and the lights just came on after going off at 2am and nowadays as soon as the refrigerator switches itself on with a click, I go - "lights come! ........computer!! ....porchies!!! hahahaha.

    Jole - i sent up prayers for your daughter and for her swift and complete healing; please try not to worry too much. The thing about families and loved ones is they give you so much joy when all is going well and also cause so much worry, when stuff happens. astuff happens,dont we all know that.

    Elaine - Im sorry to hear of what all is going on with your brother and his fiancee. I feel for their kids. I grew up watching and listening to a drunk mom and dad abuse each other and ..nothing damages a childs self esteem more than watching parents fight wildly..I hope they remain strong and everything solves itself...and everything turns out well. Prayers going out there too. You could do without all this stress especially with your own health issues.

    Rock - i hope your energy revives soon. I read in the last post what all Gordon cooks and my goodness, does he cook or what! Is it a Chinese thing? All the Chinese I know love to cook , are darn good at it, and love flowers and are wonderful housekeepers. Also bless you for looking after those stray cats..sometimes i feel the world is a cruel cruel place and then when i read about people looking after cast outs and strays i feel its balanced.

    Mickey - i looked at the other pics -that pool of yours, sighhh...it must be heaven to have a pool of ones own...to jump into and caper around in in the hot summer....here the only ones with a private pool, well, Im guessing one could count on the hands the number of people who can afford thatAnd its not just the money, its also the availability of water. We have to depend on our neighbours kindness of heart to get drinking water from her tubewell. Our tubewell throws up iron laden water - undrinkable. The government water taps? Theyve been dry for several years now. Some people walk distances carrying pails of water for drinking. Thats why people here say, those who have been good in their past life, previous incarnation get born in the west..lol.

    You and all other porchies, you all are most welcome to drop in if you ever come to Nepal.

    Granni - most picture sites ask for you to be registered first and then let you have access to them. I dont use Facebook but i had to make an id and register so i could see what was going on with my cousins. I hardly use it tho.

    Monica - nice to see you coming around to the Porch oftener now. I too like things to be organised and tidy but i have given up hope of ever keeping an immaculate house, with 7 dogs, and pigeons nesting in windows, is not possible.

    LInda - wherefore art thou? And how is Luciekins.

    Julie - i laughed when picturing Keira staring at you bathing her moms hair...kids, so wide eyed, so innocent, so impressionable, so smile inducing. Hope the bugs gone for good now. But with Keira attending day care i suppose you will always hav to check her hair now on.

    Georgia - glad Mr M is home. Glad the two of you have each other; and if his or your people wanted you both to be happy they should not be having problems. Im sure you finished another sweater while we were posting the last couple of posts.

    I spent yesterday picking bugs off my rice, lol! there you go, those ubiquitous bugs again! We buy these sacks of rice and the critters are all over them. My middle brother had come and he and niece took the rice up to the terrace, spread it on a sheet to sun and picked them off. But theres half left to be done.

    God Bless

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It is Friday - Yoo Hoo. Tomorrow we take Ashley back to Columbia to her new, much smaller college. She is so happy about that, however, 1st impression of new roomate seems like it is not going to be like her old best friend roomate. They got along great and became great friends.

    However, this one is kind of wierd, the first thing she told Ashley was you better not come to the dorm drunk or they will kick you out. Wow, that was the 1st thing, firstly Ashley doesn't drink, she wants to get her work done and get out as fast as she can, secondly why would she say something like that not even knowing Ashley. Oh well, hopefully I am wrong and she turns out great.

    We are taking her to dinner tonight with Mama and Papa, they just adore her and them to her as well.

    Rock - yes my family is all pretty healthy, my Dad is 78 and smokes probably 2-3 packs of cigs a day and has never had a health problem. I am not saying that is good, but he is healthy as a horse. He was a mailman most of his life, (the kind that walked all day), so he was fit most of his life. He is the best Dad a girl can have. As you all know I lived with him when my Mom left when i was 8, I stayed with him until i got married. Definetly a Daddy's girl. LOL, my Sister and Brother eventually went to live with my Mom, which they totally regret now, very dysfunctional on that side of the family.

    Rock - is there anyway you can try the generic Effexor. It is called Venaflexine and that is what I take. It works just as well as the expensive Effexor and I only pay 25.00 for a 3 month supply. Also, let me know how good the B-12 patches work, because I will definetly try them if they work for you.

    Yes, that was a rawhide, and I agree, I don't think they are good for dogs, especially after he ate that whole thing in an hour and then went outside and threw it all up. Literally.

    Georgia - I agree, you are an adult and you should do what you want, that is ridiculous.

    Monical - Yes we can use the pool all year round if we want to pay about 3 to 4 hundred dollars a month in heating bills. Hahahah, so no, we close it in October and re-open it in April. We just can't afford heating it all winter, unfortunately.

    The main reason we got the pool was because of Lindsay. When she was diagnosed with Scoliosis, she had to wear the brace 24/7 and the only time she could have it off was when she took showers, went swimming or played sports. So that was why we got the pool for the summers so she wouldn't have to wear the brace in the heat. We really couldn't afford it, but we scraped and suffered on other things in order to do this for her as I am sure any parent would for their child. We did get it tax free since it was for medical purposes. I couldn't believe it, her Doctor told us this and he wrote a letter stating that we needed it for our child. So that was about a 10,000 dollar savings.

    Bill - I am sorry I switched the Porch Volume on you, we usually do this when it hits in the high 20's, low 30's so it is not such a long post and easier to keep track.

    Elaine - Wow, sounds like your brother has it rough, how can he stand to stay in that relationship. Sounds like he needs help as well as the rest of them.

    Granni - I am sorry u couldn't get on to see the pictures, no big deal, it is just me bragging about my family, hahahaha. Just have to show them all off.

    Julie - Way to go Julie - I am proud of you too for eating the vegetables for an evening snack. You go girl.

    Springwater - Wow, I didn't realize it was that hard to get water where you are. It is funny because you never change the water in the pool, you just add chemicals to keep it clean. Kind of sounds gross but that is how it works. You sound like my Mom with all those animals. She has 2 cats, 2 dogs and 2 birds. Definetly an animal lover.

    Well gang, I am going to get to work if I can keep my eyes open. I stayed up reading till about 1 in the morning. Those books are just so good, I can't put them down.

    Love ya,

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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went shopping today and got some good buys even if I probably didn't need to buy anyathing but the buys were terrific - some were 75% off and then 20% after that other things were 1/2 off. More about that later when I hae the time.

    Just want to wish you al a happy and fun weekend. Check in later while you are all probably sleeping (-: !

    Hugs Granni
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I can't believe anyone one would do that to supposedly get money and then also be living with someone else. The craziest part seems to be that he knows about it and goes along with it. Come on now, they cannot be THAT poor ! They both are crazy. I feel sorry for your brother. Has he always been that insecure to hitch up with someone like that? You are smart to not have anything more to do with them, unless he tries to really make it right and leaves her for a starters.

    Mickey - Glad Ashley will be going to a smaller college. I am sure it iwill be better for her. Her roommate sounds a bit weird but hope it will work out. Maybe she had a bad experience with another gal in her room before. Maybe she was a big partyer and didn't study and was a BIG distraction. I hope that is what what it was. Gee, I would like to go in your heated pool (if it was heated) at any time. I can't stand cold water on me. It makes me worse.

    Georgia - You are doing the right thing in regards to Mr. M's relatives and your SIL who are not being very nice. If she sent you such an obnoxious e-mail I wouldn't have anything to do with her. I am wsure whe will figure out why you don't want much to do with her. If she really wants to know, and is that stupid, you can tell her the truth about how obnoxious she was to you :) !

    Well everydobby, I need to go and take a shower and do some stuff before beddy bye tonight. Hope you all hae a wonderful weekend. I will probably check in with you tomorrow sometime.

    Hugs to y'all, (those MIA's and Lurkers too)

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am sure it will be a quiet weekend as per usual.

    Julie - good for you in losing some weight. I know it is not an easy thing to do. Kiera sounds to cute ! Do you actually unbdertand what she is saying?? Sometimes you cannot understand a word but they just go on and on. That is good, encourage that . I say that since I have two grandsons who have learning disabilities and didn't talk until way to late. Boys usually are later anyhow. My 4 girls all spoke earlier than my son. He satrted when he was 3 and when I put him in Mothers Day Out and then preschool when he was 4 that helped alot.

    Georgia - Good for you ! That is terrible when people are like that and even worse when they are related. That just makes it harder to separate yourself from them unless they are just awful. If they make you sick just forget them.

    Well, I had better go and do something constructive like checking my wash to see if it is dry. Then I need to fold it so it doesn't wrinkle.

    More later and hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Hugs to y'all,

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Last night i had typed four sentences and the lights went poof! lol.

    So i had to wait till now, its 1pm and ive just made lunch.

    Yesterday I was feeling low for no reason and found out it was near Full Moon. Today is Full Moon. But i am feeling okay. Ive been listening to relaxation tapes regularly before falling asleep and wonder if thats helping me. Normally come Full Moon and its full blown depression.

    Yesterday we went for a movie, a Bollywood one, which turned out to be surprisingly entertaining inspite of its violence. My husband had bought the tickets four days back and it was a sort of treat for his cousins...i had my niece and son with me too so it was quite a crowd. And Saturdays the theatre is always packed. My husband was having a clumsy day and spilt coffee over a persons head when coming down the aisle and then he spilt all sons popcorn; some nearby seated people were laughing. Luckily the man he spilt coffee on didnt make too much of a fuss tho husband was scared they would come over during interval and start a fight. They didnt.

    After movie we reached cousins back and begged off going in because the lights were on only for a while and i wanted to come home and iron and use the computer.

    Julie - I hope you enjoy your movie; It is so sweet of you to be so concerned about your daughter...with David away...she is a lucky girl to have parents like that.

    Georgia - It seems to be a tense relationship you have with your family; i hope it can be healed one day but until then i do agree distancing yourself is the best option to protect yourself from being hurt.

    Elaine - oh my goodness, I am so sorry about all the goings on and that you have to find out all this. I pray the children will be all right. What a complicated world we live in, if everything is going on fine in our own lives, then something screwy is going on in our relatives lives and causing upset. Im fast coming to the conclusion that the only way to be safe from stress is to retire to the mountains and learn to live on fresh air and water and berries...like a hermit or yogi.

    Mickey - yes, that roomie could have waited for Ashley to get settled in before coming up with those kind of talks but on the good side, now you know the roomie herself must be the non drinking or at least no getting drunk kind. I hope. sometimes first impressions lie. My daughter when she joined grade (11 A levels) in her new school went up to this shy looking girl and tried to break the ice by offering her a chocolate, and the girl went, "no, thanks, calories!....!" and put up her hands to emphasise no. My daughter and her best friend were taken aback and thought her snooty...but after one month they discover she is just more shy than most and socially awkward and this girl was one of their 'gang of five'..inseparable for the two years they spent together..

    Bill - hello...nice to have another Porchie drop in and say hello

    Carla - where are you? Busy painting, or making another cabinet?

    Rock, Linda, Jole, Granni everybody who drops in hugs to you

    God Bless

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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon is at work in the kitchen making chicken stew. I am the sous chef. I peeled the potatoes,
    carrots and celery.

    Am reading a historical-detective book. Starts in 1900 and is now up to 1941. Although the author
    has written best sellers, he seems a little hazy about the past. We did not, for example, have
    photocopy machines in the 1920s. Offices in the l940s did not have cubicles. And in 1941 there
    was no such thing as a forensic squad in the police force.

    Elaine and Georgia, Mies Van der Rohe said "Less is More". He was referring to design, but I think
    it's true of families too. In many cases, the less you see of them, the more content you'll be.
    This topic comes up frequently on the boards. Lots of people say, give them another chance. I
    think in most cases they've already had decades of chances.

    Julie, just refer to your Christmas letter as a New Year letter. Then you can send it out any time
    in the new year.

    Not much else going on here. Supposed to be 80 degrees today. Bout time. This has been the
    coldest CA winter I've ever seen.

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to church this morning - gee it was cold out there and I didn;t want to get up out of the bed. With the wind chill it made it feel like in the 30's. It was i the low 40's I think and might hit low 50's I think if we are lucky. In the house I am still COLD. Next week sometime it is supposed to get alot colder - good grief !!

    DH and went to do a little working out - we have been bad lately and didn't go at all this past week. After having some soup to try and warm us up and reading the paper, I had to come and check on you guys. I have lots of things I coud be doing but do not feel like doing anything (not really that unsual.) DH is watching the football playoffs, all but 1 of my daughters are also watching. They are wore with the football and sports than then son. My eldest daughter doesn;t really care but now that she has 2 boys she has to get used to some of it.

    When I was groing up in NY no one was that interested at my house. Dad watched some boxing and baseball and my brother played football in HS but I was gone by then. Now they have so many things for the k kids, girls included not just dance and piano or musical instruments instruction. I took some dance and then violin lessons but in HS had to give that up as were had to get bussed to HS and had to leave for home by bus every day. No one to come and get me and certainly no car for me either. Plus my parents had no money to sign me up for any stuff.

    Rock - chicken stew sounds really delicous esp this time of the year. I would like to have anice recipe for that that is not to involved. Does Gordon have a recipe or does he thorw and bunch of things inthe pot and doesn't measure anything? That is how my mom used to cook, no reiipes and everything turned out greatl I think I am a retty fair cook too but the first time I do something a recipe is good to follow then you cando your own thing.

    Georgia - What is pozole? It sounds Italian ? Is it a dish or a dessert? It sounds very interesting. Thatis good that yu are blocking their calls and e-mails if all they do is cause trouble and make you sick. That is awful !

    Julie - Gees you are a busy cooking machine girl. How about coming and helping me do some cooking??? All tht fod sounds so good you were talking about . I would be tired if I made one of those dishes and not all of them :).

    Springwater - Glad you got to go to the movies in spite of all the little accidents that went on. Gee, you have had to do everything around your electricity. That isn't alot of fun, I would say.

    A big hi also to Jole, Carla, Elaine , Mickey and everydobby else, mia's and lurkers all included !


  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I see that cooking is the topic of the day.

    Granni, if Georgia was talking about Pasta Fazul, it's white beans and pasta in a tomato sauce.
    Interesting that Julie found a stew w/ a similar name. I guess Georgia will have to tell us
    which of the many variations she makes.

    Gordon was in the kitchen much of the day. He made the chicken stew, roasted spare ribs, and
    made a picked concoction for a co-worker that combines cucumbers, carrots, onions, etc.

    Then he made the filling he uses for egg rolls: ground pork and vegetables. But he didn't feel like
    going to the trouble of putting together egg rolls, so he is frying it in patties. This is to
    repay a co-worker who made him some tamales a couple weeks ago.

    Then he did a pork roast. Then he did the laundry. He says you can't eat the laundry unless
    you are Bart Simpson. ("Eat my shorts!)

    As for measuring, he only does that when he bakes. Here is how he assembles his chicken stew.

    Crock Pot Chicken Stew

    But you could do in the oven or top of the stove if you wanted.

    Brown chicken parts.
    Fry onion and garlic till soft.
    Make a roux/gravy.

    Put potatoes, carrots and celery in the bottom of the pot. Add a bay leaf.
    Pour in gravy.
    Add chicken.

    Cook on high about two hours.

    Well, friends, that's all for today on Cooking Adventures with Gordon. Be sure and tune in
    next week when our guest will be Emeril Lagasse. We are going to duct tape his mouth and
    find out if can cook without yelling "Bam!" every two minutes.