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    The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. Did you know that was a saying by Mark Twain, one of my favorite writers of all times.

    Anyway welcome to another round on the porch. I am going to copy and paste the last few posts

    From Me

    TGIF - Whoooohooooooo!!!!!!

    OMG Julie, poor Kiera, that just broke my heart when you said she is running to the bathroom herself and vomiting in the bathtub herself, poor baby. I hate when kids are sick, they are so pitiful. At least she has her Grandma there to take care of her.

    Jole, yes, I always said when my girls were little that I would always be a good Mom for them and be there for them when they needed me for advice or whatever. I vowed not to be like my Mom was and thank God i didn't take after her on that. Don't get me wrong, now my Mom is a much better person and she has changed over the years and I am sure she is paying for it now how she treated us back then. I actually feel really sorry for her, especially knowing what kind of relationship she missed out on with me.

    Anyway off of that depressing subject, today is Friday and I am so glad. Ashley wrote on my wall on Facebook "Hi Mommy, I love you and I can't wait to see you on Saturday" I thought that was so cute, especially know that all of my friends on Facebook can see what she wrote and it doesn't even embarrass her. LOL

    You guys should all get an account on Facebook, it is free, easy and so much fun. We could all become friends on there too and be able to see each others photos and everything else. I love it. I found a lot of my cousins that I haven't talked/seen in years. Now i can see pictures of their children and them and what they have been up too.

    Well, I probaby won't be on all weekend so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Oh by the way, it is supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow, hooray!!!!!.

    I will try to get back on before the end of the day to see you all one more time before the weekend.

    Love you all.


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    Its midnight and the lights will be on for two more hours..before poof!

    I came here and enjoyed reading everybodys posts. Its more enjoyable when im alone and no one to disturb me and its quiet all round.

    I watched a little of American Idol today. And then Indian Idol. Lol. And then a tv show hosted by a successful bollywood actor,producer,director,singer who is also good looking and although i enjoyed the show, i felt sad thinking how can one person be gifted with so many talents and me...sitting here. And then i thought of our backgrounds, this fellow is born to two Bollywood writers/lyricists who were big in their time and still are now..so he has had a privileged unbringing whereas the opposite is the case with me. This is the actor Farhan Akhtar

    Im still trying to come to terms with the 'unfairness' of it all, although i think i was making progress on the 'contentment' issue in my life.

    All of you thank you for your comments re my daughters letter, she does write funny stuff. I at last got an email from her and the subject title was.."I am unleashed....." and she had written a long long mail and ended it with "diki, your treasure". But the content was more serious than last times, regarding what she was studying and some advice to her brother on how to spruce up his college application and that he better get started interning and preparing for SATS.

    My brothers came, one on yesterday, and one today. Both asked for money. And i refused both. They think i am a money tree. Well, I had enough! Though i am worried about my nephew. I might go see whats going on there tomorrow. Niece is still with me.

    Son has enrolled himself for extra tutorial classes for economics which he is not too good at. The amount of money kids costs is making me anxious. I just hope they all find their feet and be independent. And not be like my brothers...out of work, and not many prospects.

    Jole - love ya back. Im sorry about the migraine. I used to suffer them couple of years back. The pain, the nausea everything, but its gone now. One person i know got cured completely with reiki. I think in the west, they call it laying on of hands. It is using the persons energy to cure another. I pray for your sister and her husband. Oh i hope this world economic status takes an upswing fast.

    Julie - poor Tierra, going through all that. Praying for her. I dont know why such a little one would have to endure all this, but i am very sure there is a reason and that it all comes out right in the end. Meanwhile i envy you your strength and stoicism and faith. Also hope keira gets over the stomach flu soon.

    Carla - oh i hope your leg heals soon! But then you seem to just soldier on..going about your duties, whether power is on or off and its wonderful to hear about your painting you are about to begin..what a lovely gift for your granddaughter. Not many kids can boast about having a painter grandma. I envy you the zing you feel when you look at your pencils and brushes and envisage what youre gonna create with them.

    Mickey - YOU wanted to punch someone? lol. Hard to believe. She must be irritating in the extreme,this bikini girl. I saw a little of her. But she was not in a bikini, and she went into the next round. She looked sort of very hard. And im pretty sure they kept her on for her viewership value. You know someone who stirs things up. I think its wonderful the way you and your two spend so much time together. When my daughter was here, it was always her friends first, and then me if there was a movie or somethng to go to. And son of course is in his own world.

    Elaine - that is a stressful situation with your brother. As someone else rightly pointed out, it is his life. He needs to be held responsible for what he does. I would be sorry if you had to move out, but you seem to be the sanest person in your house, maybe along with your big brother and i am sure you will make the right decision for yourself and al concerned.

    Granni - yur sauerbraten descripition made my mouth water altho i m not sure what it is..and potato dumplings..yummy ...i love potatoes in every form as long as they are cooked.
    Lucky DH.

    Rock - my daughter might have eaten hazel nuts..would explain the gassiness. Abut energy, i have plenty energy to sit and watch tv and surf net, but that energy evaporates when i am faced with some long overdue chores like cleaning out the storage room and washing some of the dogs rugs out, and sorting out the clothes cupboard and ..and...and...

    Also, I think its sweet of Gordon to want to be near his mother..you have a sweet accomplished SO, Rock, and an accomplished one, what with his gardening and cooking skills.

    Georgia - i hope you qualify for the benefits. And its nice to know you are going back to church. Ive always found a kind of energy, a peaceful feeling in places of worship.

    Monica - are you recovered from your fall? That was scary. Happy to see you checking in more often. This porch is getting to be such a nice cozy place to come visit with so many dropping in.

    All of you, and those yet to come, hugs

    God Bless
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    I just wanted to tell you not to give up on your daughter wanting to spend time with you first over friends. SHE WILL. Ashley was just like that, but she changed within the last year. I can tell you and you wonderful daughter are so close and I can just tell that she will be like that too. It seems as they get older they are more willing to choose their parents over their friends.

    I am so proud of you for not giving money to your brothers. I know it is probably hard for you too say NO because you are just a caring, loving person. But I am sure you did the right thing. They have to learn that they need to take care of themselves at their age and that no one else is responsible for them and their lives except themselves. So good for you.

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    Just wanted to tuck you all in (-: before I go to beddy bye. I just took my nitey nite meds and supp and so hope to be sleeping soon.

    The sauerbraten (beef marinated for 2-4 days in the refrig) and then pot roasted with onions and some marinade and carrots. After cooking you thicken and season the "gravy" with mashed ginger snaps and sugar. It is sort of sweet and sour. You boil the dumplings separately and then serve them with the roast and gravy. I also serve that with red cabbage . Yhe potatoe dumplings are sort of a pain. I used a different recipe since they store no longer carrieds the mix. It turned out Ok but a bit stick and moist so nexzt time if I used it I will put in more flour. It was still yummy though !

    Mickey - How cute you daughter was to write that to you. How cute that was. Enjoy that weekend andhope the weather warms up a bit for everydobby who has been freezing of late.

    Nitey nite also to Elaine. Carla, Georgia, Jole, Rock ,Springwater Sweetie, Jodie, Joan,Mrdad, et al. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND !!

    Will probably get stuck doing som chores tomorrow as well as going out tomorrow night. We have season tickets to a show - Performing Arts.

    Love to y'all,


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    Just a short note today since my migraine is not letting up and I'm having trouble concentrating or seeing.

    Julie, my little 18 month old grandson just got over what sounds like the same virus. Those poor little ones have no clue what is going on when they get sick to their tummy for the first time....I remember the look on my kids' faces...they think they've done something wrong and are in trouble....

    Spring, yes it's wonderful to be able to help others out, but not to the extent that they simply "expect" it! Don't be an enabler.....they can work a little harder for what they need. You just have such a gentle, caring, loving heart!

    Mickey, have a great weekend....I know you will!

    Everyone else, you know I love ya! ***Jole***
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    Gonna take a chance and type this on the board. Gordon went to see Frankenstein, his name for
    the chiropractor. (Well, he does have a German name, but he's from the Philippines.)

    When Gordon comes back it will be time for my Emotions Anonymous meeting.

    Mickey, that cheerful quote does not sound like Mark Twain. He usually said things with
    more bite in them, like: Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of
    Congress. But I repeat myself.

    However the quote is listed on several sites as being from his notebook. Never heard of his
    notebook before. I'll have to check that out.

    Speaking of river pilots, one of my ancestors was a captain on a Mississippi steamboat. Did I
    mention that before? Probably. Anyway he wrote a book about his experiences ca.1907. A
    few years ago I was able to find a copy in the Los Angeles Library. I was amazed they let
    me check it out.

    He left the river to enlist in the Civil War.

    Georgia, your spry 91 year old friend reminds me of my much younger self. I had planned
    to stay healthy with mind and body intact in my old age. Alas, I discovered we don't have
    very much to say about it.

    I did another goofy ALZ thing yesterday. I bought a recording of Don Giovanni which has
    3 CDs. Then I was complaining because one of the CDs didn't have all the tracks on it.
    But, of course, I had the CDs mixed up. The simplest things are becoming increasingly difficult.

    Granni, I looked up sauerbraten. It translates as sour meat. Apparently because the meat is
    supposed to be marinated in vinegar.

    Carla, is your foot healing up? Jole, do you have frequent migraines? Or was it Monica?
    Both? Does anything help?

    Julie, I hope the two girls are getting better. One of the worst things for a parent, I found, was
    having a child in distress and not being able to do anything about it.

    Have to go to the market and the bank. Gordon wants me to get my disability check deposited
    before CA goes bankrupt. Sounds to me like we are already there along w/ most of the other
    govt. entities in the country. Anyway I get $16 a week. Enough for lunch at a coffee shop.

    Alles; auf wiedersehen.

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    Haven't gotten much accomplished to day except putting a wask in the washer. Now I have to go check on it and fold and put away. I really do need to also vacuum amongst other things.

    Elaine - so sorry about this latest incident with your family. Hope your mom will be OK. Yes, I am sure the strain of it all has upset your mother as well as you. Sounds like you sister is one of those where everything has to be going well or she goes off the deep end. Of course, her partner isn't much help and makes things worse.. Maybe working outside the home would be good for you, in some ways. Of course then you couldnt check in alot with us all.

    If you can find something PT along with what you are doing at home maybe that might work. Full Time might be a bit much who knows if you got just the right job and hours. Yes, it is wonderful to come and check in with our friends on the Porch. That too also puts a smile on my face. It is upsetting to me however, to see what you have to put up with sometimes. Glad it is all out in the open howeverand you let them all know (until they decide to perhaps forget, again). Have you been speaking at all to "John" since all this family business started?

    Julie - Hope Tierra is doing better and Kiera too. You wear me out with all you do for everyone.

    Springwater - I think you did the right thing in not giving anything to your brothers. I agree, it is a very hard thing and have had to do the same also, not with brothers though. He lives in NY and is very genereous and doesn;t need money anwyay but kids at one time or another.

    Georgia - Hope you day with your friend in church is wonderful for you tomorrow. Glad that you will be getting some unemployment !

    Rock - you are right about the sauerbrater. That is what I was saying in my explanation. You have to marinate it 2-4 days in a crock in the refrig in vinegar, water ane spices. It was yummy and we have some left over for dinner tomorrow or so. We are going to a show that we have season tickets for. We will get some snacks and such for being season ticket holders. Hope things get better so we can continue to do this next year. If not we will have to cancel it. it is so much fun.

    Well everydobby I had better go and do something of worth today.

    Love to ALL,


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    for a min..

    wanted to say Elaine - what a horrible time you have had. Most of our members are not having the best of times are they, Joles migraine, (which i hope has let up), Julies little Keira with the bug, Carlas foot, I think Monica too was having some health issues. I hope this all passes soon.

    Elaine, that is so scary about your mum. I think the harsh way your sister acted was part shock at seeing mum bleeding. It must have freaked her out and she just lashed out at you because you were there at the point, It really is a sad fact that most people even ones own do not consider fibro and cfs serious disorders and how they can affect the patient. Thank goodness you have your older brother to fall back on for support. Obviously mums this episode has come on because of younger brothers shennanigans...isnt it sad how one persons destructive behaviour can become a chain reaction and impact everyone around in a negative manner? Please take care of yourself. Try to see all this as outside of yourself and view it impassively. And take the help of medications, breathing exercises to remain in a calm place yourself.

    Mickey -thanks for pasting my post onto the new porch. Yes, i guess daughter will change later on as she matures.

    Georgia - great to hear you got your benefits...we could do with some good news from time to time here. Kind of reminds us that bad phases pass and positive things happen too.

    Rock - Gordon calls his chiro, what? Frankenstein? Hahahahahahaha. Oh dear. The two of you are a pair. By the way, it brought back memories of the time when i saw the first Frankenstein movie, black and white wayyyyy back in the 1960s. me and my two brothers went to this cinema and landed right in front the cheapest seats, we were so small all three of us, i think ten minutes into the movie we were all three so scared! Come interval, and the lights came on, we made a beeline for the exit and hurried back home. I think my only time, i ever left a cinema halfway.

    When we arrived back, it got my father and mom reminiscing, and mom told us when they were newly married, and she and dad went to see a mummy movie, (Egypt) my dad was so scared, she had to accompany him whenever he wanted to go to the loo...the loo was located outside the house because he was scared of the dark!

    Today, i have oiled my hair, will bathe it, and i made some dry meat with spinach and lentils soup for lunch. Then the lights came on, and niece and i took our lunch and since this talk show came on whose host we both like, we watched and drooled over him together while eating.

    Younger brother phoned and said he is bringing over his son, because its a holiday so i guess that s what i will be doing the rest of the day. Trying to entertain nephew. I wanted to see him and find out how he is doing anyways, so its good.

    Yesterday i suddenly felt listless and my legs turned stiff and i got cranky so i took magnesium and calcium...and spent a lot of time doing breathing exercises out on the terrace. Nowadays the sun is so warm during mid day, its scorching. Today i am back to normal. Thank goodness, the idea of CFS/depression creeping up on me again scares the living daylights out of me.

    All of you...Carla,Julie,Granni,Linda,Lila and those MIAs, hugs. Anyone lurking, you too get a big hug whether you want it or not.

    God Bless

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    but we did go out to a great performance last night. The group was called "The Southern Fried Jazz Band". Apparently the 6 that showed up were only 6 of the 8 in the group. They were so talented. The youngest guy there was 55 and the eldest (sort of the leader) was 85 yrs old. One was more talented than the next one. They told the history of jazz and how it came about from the slaves and such early on.

    They all played together and then did some things spearately. The eldest played the trumpet (he had played some with Louis Armstrong and other bands of that era. The next oldest played the trombone. There was also a guitarist, a pianist and the youngest was the drummer. My feet and my body was bouncing the whole time. I can never sit still when I hear a good beat in a song and they were all good. DH is not particularly a jazz fan but during the intermission (outside) he got to talk to the guitarist and found out their ages and more of their personalities. The second 1/2 was even better and he really enjoyed it too. It was a fantastic show. I should look them up on line. They were really entertaining and alot of fun.

    This morning was church and then hom, do some washing, ate lunch and then to do a little working out at the very nearby gym. I do mostly the treadmill and some weights (light) and the leg pushy thingy for the osteoporosis in my hips. I would have done the abadominal machine but someone else was on it and Dh wanted to leave. So many of my pants do not fit. That is very frustrating. Not that I weight that much more but what little there is (extra wt) are in the wrong places, tummy, hips and butt.

    Georgia - So glad that you were apprroved for your unemployment. Hope you and Mr M find just the right job soon.

    Julie - Glad that Kiera is feeling better. It is so hard when those little ones are sick on them and everyone else.

    Elaine - Chin up kiddo just know you are doing all you can and TRY not to let those family members influence you to much. I know that is very hard sometimes. Hope your mom is doing better and is not so upset about everything going on. I know that is very hard fo her too.

    Springwater - It was so funny to hear you talk about those scary movies. I have always hated them even when I was a little one. Actually back then alot of them were really almost funny when I think of them now. Now they are so gorey,bloody and stuff. Not me, I wouldn't be in there watching it. I am not the bravest soul anyway when it comes to these weird movies, even if they are not realistic, then I still don't want to watch them.

    I love to hear about the kinds of foods that you cook. It is so interesting ! Do you have lots of outdoor markets and such for most of your foods. Do you have any other supermarkets like we do here in the U.S.? When we went to Europe a few years ago the markets outside were so interesting with lots of yummy foods, either already cooked or for you to bring home and cook.

    Jole - I hope that your migraines go away soon. I am sure they are not fun. I used to have what I thoughtt was migraines years ago and they were not fun. They just went away when they were ready to. Now, I have other kinds of head and neck pain.

    Rock - Hi there ! Gordon cookin up any more treats?? It is so lucky when you live with someone who can actually cook. If I didn't do it we would all starve to death except for opening up a can, hamburgers and steaks on the grill, fried eggs. BTW, DH is making steaks on the grill tonight. I will marinate them and we will baked potatoes and a veggie of some sort. We might tire of all of that ( the cuisine that he can cook) quickly.

    Mickey - I hope you had a great weekend and EVERYONE ELSE TOO.

    Just wanted to mention to you all that I have a doctor and a dentist appt this coming week plus there are lots of little things I really need to start doing around here. So, if I am not here for a few days, or longer, do not worry. I will come back as soon as I can to check on you all to make sure everyone was doing OK and behaving themselves (-: !!

    I may get to check on you all but not post, esp if DH needs the puter right away. We'll see what happens. I have some great ideas in my head but sometimes my brain or ideas are much bigger than my energy level. I am sure you all understand what I am atalking about.

    Bye for all to all you dear Porchies.

    Love to everydobby,


  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the library. Big news; at least from the library's point of view. For as long as
    I can remember, books could be checked out for 3 weeks. Until last year when it was changed
    to 2 weeks. Next month it goes back to 3 weeks.

    A few years ago the library system closed a dozen branches to save money. (It has over 70 branches.)
    At the same time it built two new ones close to me and is building another new one a mile away.

    This illustrates that the govt. has no idea what it's doing. There is an editorial on the Yahoo
    news page that says the same thing. Only it's talking about the federal govt. and the economy.

    There is a very light rain right now. That's good. Will wash the smog outta the air. Which
    reminds me. Gordon left his lights on yesterday. I just e mailed him at his office. The main point of the
    e mail was to tell him to check his car lights, but of course I left that out. I am so tired of
    forgetting the most important point. I do it all the time now.

    This morning I typed an e mail. On proofreading I discovered my ALZ brain had substituted
    the word "why" for "or". Makes no sense. Those words aren't similar.

    Yesterday on our trip to and from the market I saw calla lilies in bloom. "The calla lilies are in
    bloom again. Such a strange flower. Suitable for all occasions." Katerine Hepburn in Stage

    George S. Kuffman, one of the authors of the play didn't care for the screen version. He referred to it
    as "Screen Door".

    And there were blooming trees and roses, lantana, bougainvillea, and various things I couldn't identify.
    Gordon has a plant in bud. It looks something like a bromeliad. And one of his aboreal orchids is
    in bud. It is very small. When it blooms the flower is the size of a dime.

    One of the feral black cats was around when I got home. He is very docile. I brought him in for
    a few minutes, dried him off and gave him some kibble.

    Guess I'd better e mail Gordon again. Cheer up those of you in the frozen north. About a month
    and a half till Spring. You gots to be strong when you live where it's cold.

  11. jole

    jole Member

    Elaine, I am so proud of you! It sounds like you have come a long way from where you were in the past, and have become a better, stronger individual. You have had so much to deal with. It sounds like my past with a brother and sister that I no longer have any contact with....our family is also divided into two sections now, but it's okay.

    I do feel terribly sorry for you, and know how all this brings on such terrible physical and mental pain. Please take care of yourself, okay? Yes, you will.....you are strong now! I also worry about your mother, and hope she gets her blood pressure under control soon. Hopefully your sister will get involved with that issue and see that she's taken care of with doc appointments, etc. Just hang in there. We love ya!!!

    Julie, that little Keira is really having a time of it. She should be getting well soon now, with Grandma's help! I'll bet your jello salad was beautiful when finished!

    Mickey, hope your weekend was good. Also, I'm happy to hear that you like your therapist so well. They can be a big help....

    Georgia, good job on getting the unemployment. I didn't know that was even available for someone working part-time. I'm sure that will be a big help for you.

    Springwater, I'm wishing for some of your warm weather and sunshine. I love sitting outside in the sun when it's warm...it lifts my depression and helps the pain, plus I love looking at nature.

    Granni, you stay so busy it amazes me that you can be in pain.....I know you are, and am impressed that you can keep going like that. The jazz concert sounded wonderful. Like you, I enjoy all kinds of music.

    Lin, good to hear from you. I'm so sorry you have to tolerate all the pain until April. The time goes so slow when you're waiting on something, doesn't it? Wow, you're doggy is getting big! Soon she can pull you around in a cart!

    Rock, hope you got your check cashed...yes, CA, FL and AZ could all go bankrupt any second....and why not? They don't have the printing press! What, $16 a week for disability??? Surely, you jest!

    Hope I didn't miss anyone. My migraine is now down to a dull ache, so am thankful. I've never had one last this long before...usually just 2 days, never 4. I couldn't bear light, sound, movement....I wanted to take my head off and sit it beside me, the only thing that would have helped.

    With my migraines I can't lay down or rest my head on anything it's throbbing so bad....sometimes I will sit on the floor and lean my forehead against the couch. The only thing that gives me a little relief for a few minutes. I've tried heat, cold, migraine medications, etc. and nothing seems to work for me.

    Yesterday I slept all but 2 hours, then slept 8 hours last night, so maybe it's over for now. At least they aren't as often as they were when my kids were growing up. I don't know how I managed, plus working. One of the reasons I gave up nursing....was so afraid of making a mistake. The other nurses use to laugh at the way I would tripple check everything and then check it again when I didn't feel well....but I never made a mistake that way.

    No news here except the wind is howling outside and the house is creaking! Good ole Kansas wind! Calm days seem to be a rarity here. Love to all***Jole***
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    ROCK - when you said athat yot gots to be strong when youlive in the frozen north. I am glad that I live in the warmer climate and hope that you cheered everydobby up, esp in the frozen north. I know that you always cheer me up (-: ! Glad that you can keep your books for a week longer now.

    Elaine- I am so glad you are being so strong and really doing pretty well all things considered. Also sounds like you have a gaood doctor that knows you well. That is great. You should continue to not let anyone, inc your family to force you to do anything, inc to see them or listne to their rantings.

    Julie - Sounds like you are a very busy gal and that it is good that Keira is on her way of getting better, and not cranky, etc. That can be so hard on all when they are. With everyone back you are working yourself harder than ever., Yes, you do need a rest and need to nap (with Keira) (-: !!

    Mickey - Hope you had a nice weekend aren't tooo busy today at work !!

    Well, I gotta run now as DH needs the puter. I will be gone tonight to chorale practice. More later on, possibly tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,
  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I hope everyone had a nice enjoyable warm weekend like I did, LOL. Yes, it was wonderful. I spent all day Saturday and night with Ashley in Columbia, we went shopping, eating and then at night we went to Cody's Bar. It is a Country Bar and we had a blast. You can get in when you are 18, but of course you cannot drink. We had so much fun, 3 guys asked me to dance throughout the night and Ashley said she isn't going to go there with me anymore since no one asked her to dance, LOL. That isn't true though, I saw a couple of different guys ask her and she turned them down. LOL It was so much fun.

    Anyway, I am back home to the ole same ole thing, working. Yuck. She won't be able to come next weekend either because she has to work again. Maybe if Lindsay doesn't have to work, she could go with me next weekend.

    Julie - I am so glad that Kiera is better, boy what a mess for you and her. I think that virus is called RSV and it is going around in little ones around here too.

    Elaine - wow what a scary time for you and your Mom, bleeding from the nose and mouth. I would have been scared to death over that. I am glad she is okay now. Sounds like your sister is a little overboard. She definetly cannot handle those kinds of situations. What is her problem yelling at you like that. I am with Julie on coming over and knocking some sense into your family members. I would also like to say you have one hell of a doctor. Wow is sounds so caring and really truly is there to help you. Not too many of those around anymore. I am glad you have him.

    Granni, what is a wask?????? I have never heard of that before. I hope you don't work too hard this week because we will miss you.

    Georgia - I am so glad you got approved, that is awesome especially when people like you really need it and deserve it.

    Springwater - that is so cute how you described your Dad being afraid of the dark after seeing that Frankenstein Movie, Hahaha. I remember that black and white movie too. It was scary, I remember the one part where they go like to the Anartica or somehwere really cold and he gets really mean again. Gosh I am gonna have to rent that so I can see it again.

    Lincamp - I also hope that your surgery will be a success and that it will eliminate all the pain in your hip. Prayers will be with you. Also, boy do I know about shedding, Jack is the worst (yellow lab). We even get him deshedded every 6 weeks and it does help tremendously but I can still vacuum every day and the rainbow is still filled with hair. It is unbelievable that he is not bald. LOL I am still waiting on the "Speciality" pharmacy to send me my first round of shots for the Humira. I hope it comes soon so I will be able to wear shorts in the summertime, otherwise there is no way i will be in anything but pants.

    Rock, that is great news about your library letting you check books out for 3 weeks now. Now you can return them in 4 weeks, LOL, haha I just had to say that. I can't wait until Spring here when everything startes to bloom again and the grass is green. I will be so much happier.

    Jole - Gosh I sure hope your migraine goes completely away honey. I know those are just horrible. It sure is windy here too and it is pretty warm. I was driving at lunch today and boy was the wind blowing me all over the place.

    Well gang, I better get back to work. I will catch you all later, have a great rest of the day.

    Love you all.

  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hope i can get this off before the lights go off. The schedule is gone all awry so i am not sure when.

    Just got back from the salon..i gave myself a hair trim because the ends were all stringy and very dry from having coloured it a year back...feeling good, coz it was on my to do list for like months...after that i went and dropped into my Chinese friend who i havent had a proper gabfest with for months. I used to visit her office regularly for gossip sessions. And she is too tied up with her household chores and office work to phone me and have hour long chats like we did before. her help also did the vanishing act on her..after she scolded him for getting drunk so she has her hands full.

    Middle brothers wife at last sent money and he and niece hav gone off to collect it...i told niece she must make sure all the grocery bills are paid..looks like they are busy;it is almost 7pm and no sign of them back home. Earlier I made her make a meat curry and cauliflower curry made in butter and gravy...while i supervised. If i leave her alone, she will bury her nose in a book 24 hours. I told her i would buy her the third Twilight book this month; I know she is desperate for it..i had bought her the first two last month.

    Elaine - you sound a lot more relaxed and in control now; I am so glad you are working it all out, looks like you have a doctor who knows what he is on about, very glad he is in your corner, pulling for you.

    Julie - your comment about using Sheba as a carrier between two households cracked me up. Hope little Keira is much better. Such a sweet memory of you and your daddy watching tv

    Linda - happy to see you not just peeking in but posting too...miss you when you dont, i sure hope the pain lets up even before April; who knows? miracles do happen! you take good care of yourself.

    Granni - we have lots of outdoor markets for veggies and foodstuff; and also supermarkets these days...so shopping not a problem where i live..some of my friends live in more suburban areas where there are just residential houses, it s a wee bit of problem for them...enjoyed your
    info on the jazz band, so interesting.

    Rock - must be so good to see all those flowers in bloom now...im glad they have extended the library check out time....i remember i paid a lot of fines when i was a member of the british council library (they ve shut down the library now).

    Jole - very heartening to hear that the migraine is losing its grip and praying it goes away completely never to come back. Sweet of you to check in even with a throbbing head. What a good nurse you were, so careful and true to your job, even when you were ill!

    Mickey - what a blast you had with your daughter....i love the way you enjoy with them...its almost like youre sisters not mum and kid, lol!

    Georgia - my goodness maybe i wil ask you to knit me a nice warm sweater for my next winter, the way you just spin them out!

    Well those to come, and those lurking; Marta, Lila,Monica et all...waves to you

    God Bless

  15. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Oh your niece loves the Twighlight Series. I read all of the series in about 2 months time. I couldn't put them down, I absolutely loved them. You should read them when she is done. I never thought I would like them and then my youngest daughter begged me to read them (she knows how much i like to read), so I tried it and just fell in love with them all.

    We then went and saw the movie after i read them all. I was so bummed when i finished the last one, i wished they could just go on and on forever.

    Yes, me and Ashley do act like sisters, however, the motherly advice always sneaks in there at times too. Now that she is a adult and very level headed there is no need for scolding anymore which makes a huge difference in a realtionship with your kids. Lindsay and I are definetly still the mother daugher relationship but that is okay, that is what us parents are there for. We have to teach them as they are growing in adulthood to become good, well mannered, moral adults. Once they are there then it is time to have fun and become friends.

    Anyway, Good Morning Porchies, it is 8:45 am and already about 60 outside, can you believe it???? It is supposed to be in the 70's today. I am so excited. When I get home tonight I am taking Jack for a walk first thing as long as it doesn't rain.

    My husband with his promotion has new hours now, 6 - 3 p.m. and I hate those hours for him. NOw when I get home he is already home and sitting in his chair with the tv. I liked when I got home first and was able to watch my recorded shows for awhile until he got home. What is it with guys and their chairs and tv's and remotes. They think they own them. Ha

    Well nothing really new on my end of the spectrum. Hope you all have a great day and I will come back later.

    Love ya all.

  16. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    in the transition of posting so right now I'm just going to send Elaine lots and lots of gentle hugs. Your family is really putting you thru the ringer! I'll be here sending you lots of positive thoughts to for all the coping you are having to handle at the time.

    I'll be back Porchies. I just didn't want to get caught in the door.

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