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  1. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    HI Porchies!!!

    Is the new kid allowed to turn on the porchlight? :D

    I'll be back in a minute, to add something...

    OK. I'm back. I saw we were at the 30-post limit. Hope I didn't commit a "fox pass"! LOL!

    Hey Rock!
    I just wanted you to know something.
    I was reading another post, on another board, & saw an answer you posted.
    A light went on in my brain! The answer you gave to the other poster, was EXACTLY an answer I needed to hear, about a situation I experience, but haven't posted about.

    Wow! It just goes to show ya. We truly have no idea how many peeps we truly affect here!!!

    Thanks Rock. Your words were very wise!!!

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  2. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'm so glad you get to do something you love!

    I wish I could knit, but admittedly I lack 2 crucial characteristics: I'm impatient, & easily frustrated... Darn...
    But I seriously do wish I could knit, or crochet.

    How did you learn? Did your mom or gran teach you, or did you take a class?

    Thanks for letting me "turn on the porchlight"! :D

    I've noticed that peeps usually carry over 1 or 2 posts from the previous thread, for contunuity, but I wasn't too sure about attempting that myself.

    It's getting late here in the east. Good Night, Porch Peeps!!!!!!!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Good job on starting a new thread, Pippi. Even
    though this is an important job, we have no
    orientation or training program.

    Come to think of it, of the various jobs I held over
    the years, only one had an actual training program with
    classes and lessons and what all.

    I'm sorry to hear you have not yet had the scintillating experience of
    attending a game of cricket. (Neither have I.) I am told it is a fun-filled adventure combining the snooty attitude of the fox hunt w/ all the excitement of a
    chess game.

    Don't know what I said on some post, but if you
    found it helpful, that's good. (Perhaps it was my recipe for ham
    salad.) Hey, that reminds me. We haven't had a recipe thread for
    a long time.

    Julie, I see you are busy as a swarming bee. Tell Den to watch out for those trenches.

    If one is in the litigation/accident business, one has a case involving almost everything including Jello; exploding and/or smashed boats; Celebrities and Fortune 500 companies; biting dogs and cougars; swimming pools and escalators; false
    teeth and vacuum cleaners that attack.

    Decades ago our office had a case involving a trench at Flip Wilson's home.
    A worker was killed. I expect the trench was deeper than what you guys are
    working with.

    We didn't have any cell phone cases, Mickey.
    Did have a few involving pools though. Gordon has had two coworkers who
    lost their phones in the rest room. (It wasn't their fault.)

    Elaine, have you asked your mother for suggestions for your new name?

    I remember when my son was 3. I told him I had
    to go to a wedding. He looked at me very solemnly and asked,
    "What will your new name be, Daddy?"

    Georgia, hard to believe someone took your stuff outta your desk. Usually the only people w/ the gall for that kinda behavior are sleeping with the boss.

    Hope your new class goes well. Gordon tried to
    teach me to knit, but I just didn't have the hand-
    eye coordination.

    My younger brother used to knit. When he was a teen one of mom's friends opened a yarn shop in her home. She taught him to knit. He won a prize at the county fair.

    Well, have to come back and finish this later. All for the nonce.

  4. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Glad I didn't commit a "fox pass" by assuming to turn on the prochlight so early in my porch career! And with no formal training!!! :)

    WOW! Little-Miss-Hideous commits a federal offense! Woo-Hoo! Wonder if she'll post THAT on her MySpace page??? HaHa!

    Why doesn't someone paint a nice "do nothing room" for YOU? U R waaaay too busy!

    Hmmm... Come to think of it, I have a "do nothing" room. I call it "my apartment"! :D (1-room studio-style, but plenty big enough for me!.)

    Although ham salad sounds intriging, your words of wisdom weren't food related. :)
    Did your brother really win a knitting prize, or are ya just kiddin?

    Hugz 2 All!!!

    PS: Rock: The thing you said, that made such an impression on me, was about forgiveness. Not forgiving others, but forgiving ourselves.
    A person had posted about being wracked with guilt, over some "terrible mistake". It was heartbreaking, how this poor lady was hating herself.
    I can understand how she felt, as I've done so many things that have caused a crushing, unrelenting remorse.
    You asked the lady, if it had been a friend who made the "terrible mistake", would she forgive the friend.
    That's what really opened my eyes.
    In my world, if my friend, brother, mom, etc had commited the "terrible sins & crimes" I have commited - OF COURSE I'd forgive them! In an instant, I'd forgive them! They needn't even ask!
    That was the big Ah-Ha! It's a 2-part ah-ha. We need to show ourselves AT LEAST the same courtesy we'd show a friend. And we need to accept forgiveness, from ourselves, to ourselves.

    You're so right. If only we could / would forgive ourselves, as freely as we forgive others!

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  5. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Just dropped by to say "hello". Julie I am also taking your lead and evoking a national "Be kind to Debra Day". It includes me doing only what I can and to not feel guilty! Maybe I will make everyday be a "Be kind to me day".

    You may all follow my lead...as I don't have a desk anymore and am not protective of my "desk stuff" :)

    Rock....ham salad; I missed the recipe. I do have a great cake recipe with a whipped frosting:)

    I am passing out hugs to everyone...gentle hugs of course.

    Talk to you all later!!
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I've made multiple attempts over the last three hours to finish my post. Guess
    this will have to do.

    Thanks for the kind words, Julie. Loved the story of the swimming grandma.

    At the beginning of the 20th century women wore almost as many clothes to swim as to go shopping.

    My grandmother once decided in for a penny, in for a pound. She woke up, got outta bed and stepped on something. Hearing a crack, she thought, well, whatever it is I might as well step on it good. And she did.

    It was her glasses.

    Springwater, yes, when I was a kid I found irises and gladiolas confusing. Now, I'm confused by
    political parties. Is there any significant difference between our two major contenders?

    I never knew Buddha abandoned his family. Frank Lloyd Wright did the same thing. He ran
    off w/ a married woman.

    Cynthia, volley ball is like all sports to me. Something men are supposed to be good at, but
    I'm not. I don't even like watching them. But it's reassuring to know that while the country is collapsing, CEOs and entertainers can still command big bucks.

    Jole, was that a compliment to me? If so, thank you. If not, I'll pretend it was. Haha! Yes, dysfunctional families (like mine) often have members who disappeared decades ago, who don't speak to relatives, who never grow up, who never stop blaming. Who fall off the wagon and
    often land in the punch bowl, the wedding cake,
    the open grave.

    One of my friends told me her brother did this sort of thing all the time. After one such episode she got a call from an aunt who said, "This was
    your fault. You should have controlled him."

    My sister is always trying to manipulate people. "I'm not going, and I don't want you to
    go either."

    "I don't speak to him, and since you had
    lunch with him, I won't speak to you either."

    As a speaker said at an Adult Children of Alcoholics convention, "It's amazing we're not all
    serial killers."

    But enough of this light chit-chat. Anydobby got
    any good recipes? I can be coaxed into disclosing my ham salad recipe.

    Hugs to all: Carla, Linda, Barry, et. al.


    Ok, the magic button showed up.
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Finally got back this afaternoon fro the convention, unpacked and put the stuff away or in the laundry. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Can you guess??? We did have a good time and we are bth tired from late hours to bed and early hours to get up. However the peple were alot of fun/ I helped with handing out some door prizes for the ladies luncheon and breakfaast today. I also helped setting up the tables (just the decorations) for the banquet. DH decided to do his job again for another job. So, we will both be busy again for another year.;

    JULIE - No more dropping laundry in my basket, at least this monday anyway :)! Maybe you will be doing your own tomorrow since you are sort of taking a break from doing everything for everyone else. I am so glad that you are taking a littel break ( if that is what you want to call it) for yourself.

    Georgia - Geez, I do not think all young people are that was but I know what you mean when some of them act so self righteous, know it all, and have absolutely no clue of how to be respectful. Pippi is right, that her paretnbs nevet taught her better. Some , so called adults, can be pretty bad too. Would your boss say anything if you turned her in for what she has done to you - g oing into your dsk, removing suff ,etc.? If she gets really bad you might want to eo that. Of course that would not endear you to her any more that she already is:) ! However, if the boss said something to he, would she quit being so snippy and bossy to you. Just MAYBE, if she knew that the boss knew she would at least try and be better, IF she knew her job was in jeopardy. Of course, maybe the boss doesn't or won't care either. Is that part of your problem?? Good grief, what a mess !! You shouldn't have to work with such people like that esp little brats who think they know it all.

    E-laine - Now about this sex change operation, that is an interesting way of trying to explain it to your mother. That is two funny. It sounds to me like it will be a (ROCK - do not read this) Va----- hysterectomy? That is what it sounds likes especiallysince you will be in the hopsital that one day, not overnight either I think you said, day surgery). They remove it from the bottom instead of having to make an abdominal incision . Well you should be home in a flash with hopefully no other problems.

    Glad you will have it revoed soon so you will not have to think anymore aboutit - yuck ! What a terrible worry every few months !!!

    Mickey - have no fear . As someone else said, Julie perhaps that some teenagers ( and some ever older than that ) take longer than others to figure things out. You just hope they figure it out quickly after a few failures. Let me tell you. My middle daughter pulled some tricks in her teenager years and that really made me grow old and sick 24/7. It took her quite awhile and is now divorcee with 3 children. That is a long story too but Lindsey will figure it all out when you do not come to bail her out and buy her a new phone and other thing she wants cause she wqs carless with it and then quit her job cause she tought the boss was being mean. It is time for Lindsey to start ti grow up but it is tuff to hear when they are that age.

    Pippi - Hi there kiddo. You have given some good words of wisdom too along with Rock and Julie. Glad you had a good family life, that is really helpful when kids are trying to grow up ( sometimes to fast too). I know one thing, I was brought up to respect my elders and never would of questioned one's authority, in reference to Georgia's sassy young workmate.

    Hi to Jole to and hope you are feeling OK today. I am pooped and need to try and sleep in tomorrow. Hope it works out.

    I didn't attach to the volume so I forgot what everyone else has said.



    I need to get off here so hopefully this will submit when I try to submit.
  8. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I can't remember whst most of you wrote except lydia *do I have the right person?) You sais that you took a day off and vacuumed, cleaned, etc. That is not a day off! Rest is doing nothing except entertaining your self with nothing that takes energy!!

    How do y ou get to see others responses while writing? I forgot.

    I am not settled in as yet. The whole past weeks seem unreal to me. I jhave no emotions at all - just cried completely out. Then suddenly it hits me - it is real! i do a little each day and still have not gotten all back as it was ----not possible. I called to cancel his Medicare D and found out had to call S.S. first. That was a punch this, punch that, but gave all neccesary info.

    Got a bill for me from Clinic ---they have my new Ins. card info. so have to call them tomorrow and see what 's wrong.. Then FedEx left an empty box on porch with insturctions to send the monitor for DH's defib/pacemaker. It was at NH so got it and it is packed and ready to me to cal FEX to schedule a pick-up. Thingl like that never end.

    I went to my Dr. in early April to find out what is wrong with my left arm. He scheduled a E?? at the hospital and was called to have an Aril 27. appt. Went there that day - wasn't scheduled. Someone goofed. Said they had me down for June 1st. Called Fri. to find out time. not scheduled but said that they had me down for May 18th. No one had called me about or anything. By then I was frustrated. I said that I wouldn't have come on the 18th as DH had passed away the previous day. Called Dr.'s off and had to leave voicemail. old nurse all that happened and asked to please inform me as to what in the worlk is going on. o much for that.

    i don't do much each day - I am still wrung out mentally, emotionally and physicallay. I actually took naps 2 days that past week. I wake up about 5 a.m. and don't want to get up then so stahy in bed til t5;30 - me who loved to sleep in. I do slowly get a few thiongs done there.

    I stared on Tues. to go back to coffee with my group. At least I can talk to someone and find out what is goin on in our small town.

    i do believe that I have vented enough for this evening.

    Thank you, thank you for all of the vwery kind wordsyou have sent to me. I love yo9u all.

  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I know words can't help you feel better. Just know you're in my thoughts & prayers.

    Many gentle hugz 2 U!!!!!!!!

    PS: Vent all you want! Everydobby here certainly understands the need to vent!


    PPS: To All: Keep me in your thoughts on Monday. I have a worrisome doc appointment. I'll tell about it late Monday evening... :)
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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Pippi – thanks for stepping up and doing the honours…putting on the new porchlight. You did great. Good luck for the upcoming doc appointment.. You seem like a trooper, having come out of all you have…

    Elaine – good luck with your surgery too..you seem so cool about it…I guess having gone through with a similar procedure before, you are able to relax more…hmm J. Smith is a lucky man…and yes, we are glad you met him too.

    Joan – I see you are being really brave and trying to move on…it will be a bit hard in the beginning…since you were with the dear DH for so long…but it seems like all the various things you are needing to do are keeping you occupied. Prayers going out for your continued healing from the grieving.

    Granni – glad to hear the convention went off well, and you enjoyed it…your DH seems to be as active and enthusiastic as yourself, taking on the job for another year!

    Rock – it doesn’t sound nice but I am so glad Buddha abandoned his family and went off to do what he did. What he found out and shared has helped me so much….through my illness..

    Julie – good to hear you are giving yourself an ‘enforced time off, about time you got some. .’. Trenches makes me think of world war II.. It seems to me like Den made the transition to full time work pretty smoothly didn’t he? I suppose it helped that he was always doing stuff for his fathers house and that he has so much experience in his field.

    Georgia – good luck with the new knitting classes…the young ones are rude but not all of them..I find so much difference even among my daughters and sons friends. Some seem to be naturally polite, some seem to be awkward around parent figures.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pippi - sorry but I forgot that you started us up for the first time - great job. It took me a much longer time of being here before I started doing that ! It is not hard but I did manage to get caught a few times and have to do overs, etc.

    Elaine - I am a bit confused. Are you first going in to have the growth removed and then the hysterectory or the hysterectomy right away? Whatever you do, just get it over and done with already. Glad John is being supportive of you and your medical problems. Also glad it will be a quick surgery and not to bad. Let us know what youwill be having done.

    Nitey nitey to everydobby. Gotta go and help dear Hubby who wansts some attention . Then off to beddy bye. I am so tired.

    Please forgive all I haven;t mentioned. Hugs to Joan and everydobby else.

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was a stay at home day…..but day before I went out to the education fair….took a look around ….lots of stands for agencies which send kids abroad…hmmm I am not comfortable with the thought of sending my son abroad…he is still so much of child….the place was so cramped and crowded, and the exit badly marked, I went round and round in circles trying to get out and I was already so tired. Achy legs. I tried to get a cup of tea and found the canteen completely crowded…I got some brochures for my niece from some bachelor level colleges.

    I came home and collapsed on the bed. And there i was lying when daughter called. Husband and i spoke to her; it was early morning and she was about to go out to a Hindu temple. She sounded chipper and i am glad she is away from me and cannot see my lying around.

    Theres a strike today so son wont be going to college. He had gone out swimming yesterday with friends and brought me back some meat dumplings…I didn’t fancy them too much because he bought them from one of those tiny places very cheap which he and his friends frequent…but I managed to eat half. My husband saw and told me to ‘”go ahead, you and son ruin your stomachs both of you, okay, by eating all that junk.”
    My stomach is decidedly bloated and I am going to try and eat plain and healthy for a few days now. The low phase has made me pig out on junk and its telling on my stomach now.

    Everyone – hugs

    God bless
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    my condolences for your friend, what an awful thing to happen! Praying for the little girls soul and her grieving relatives.

    God Bless
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is gone and I have to leave soon for line dancing (1 hour) in our subdivision. So, it is closeby and easy to get to. It is alot of fun and exercise which I do need. When I get home I will have other chores to do.. DH is at the bank, stores, etc. so I get the puter for a very short time.

    Elaine - I did understand you whole situation. I thought that you had said ORIGINALLY that you had hoped just to go and have the hysterectomy right away. I see the docs are trying to avoid that if at all possible so are taking out the tumor first, which is the most simple procedure, which I do understand. I guess that I had just assumed the docs had agreed that you should just have the hysterectomy right away whether the growth proved to be cancerous or not. Guess the docs just want to avoid the total hysterectomy, if at all possible. Glad that they will be removing the growth soon though. I guess the docs just did not agree with you on the hysterectomy right away, or asap.

    You are handling it all really well. I (we) are so proud of you. Also, good luck on your get together with your family esp your sister and her crazy partner. Yes, go get her Elaine if she/they cause any problems for you. It sounds to me like her partner thrives on tension and aggression.

    Julie - Hope you are still taking some time to rest :) It doesn't sound to me like you are doing a lot of resting, you busy girl. With your family it seems like you never get to do much of any resting !! Hope you are feeling a little better now anywho.

    Joan - I know how terribly hard this who thing must have been on you as well as your family. It will take alot of time and you will always remember him with love, I am sure.. When I have the time I will try and give you the way someone gave me of how to attach on to the volume so you can read and type. If I couldn't do that I would never remember what sho said :) !!

    Springwater - glad to hear your daughter id doing well. Hope you get some more NRG soon. If you do find any please could you send some my way :) !! Sometimes, I think it is good for them to see you when you do not feel very well. Then they also appreciate you more when you do some things for them.

    Rock - Are you planning on starting a recipe thread :) ?? Are they your recipes or Gordon's or both? In any case that would be a fun thread I know (-: !!

    Deb - I hiope you get to feeling better soonl Yes, do whatever you think is relaxing and fun , not what someone else thinks is fun. Like my husband thinks golf is fun and relaxing. I think it is stressfull.. Whatever works for you sweetie, Gotta run now.

    Love to everydobby else too,


  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Georgia - I think you might have been typing whille I was. Glad you seem to have a "plan" for that youngster causing problems and being smart alecy. Yep, try and avoid her if possible but you shouldn't have to go into another room. Will you still be using the same computer and desk?

    Mickey - Hope all is well with you my dear. Hope you are feeling better since you put up that pool of yours. Also hope that work isn't wearing you out.

    Gotta run DH is back and I have lots to do. I did two loads of wash but have to remove them from the drier and fold, etc.


    Granni again
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so glad that you decided to speak to one of your many bosses and glad that he will be taking care of it. I hope he does. This little girl needs to be put in her place for sure. There is no way that she whould be telling you that she has to have your desk and office after you have been there for so long. This brat really needs someone to give her what for. besides you.! Glad you had a good time with your eager student.

    I very rarely bring up politics with anyone unless I know their views ahead of time. You can have some very heated debates like you say. We even have family members that don't agree. It is not just politics either for some people :) !!

    DH is trying to paint some of the walls, woodwork, and partso f the cabinets that are the same color of the woodwork. However, that means that I have to do some cleaning first - ugh !! It surely will look alot better when it is all finished. I was so worried about the matching of the paint. However, the guys who did the work for us and painted did a fantastic job of doing that. So, now we have the correct colors, mostly different shaes of off white. Did you ever try to match off white paints? We did so in the den before we had the men here. It came out OK but I thought I would try and match the paint coors myself !!

    Finished 3 loads of laudry today and trying to pick and do some cleaning aroaund DH painting.

    Where is everydobby??? Are you hiding out??

    Bye for now and hope to see some more Porchies later on.

    Love to everydobby,

    Granni[This Message was Edited on 06/01/2009]
  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    ELAINE: Numerous yrs ago I had to have a hysterectomy due to excess bleeding. It wasn't what you call fun but it was a great relief to get it over. I planned to take 6 weeks off but my terrible boss (never did care for him) called me to hurry up and get back. I took my own sseet time.

    i had already had 3 C-sections, (up and down from navel to as far down as yo9u can go) so everyone went into the same scar. Now they do bikini cut.

    But good luck and prayers to you dear one. I have enjoyed all of your romance troubles (or were they that?). You are a fun gal.

    Why is it that the "grannies" on this board seem to be the busiest?

    Today was write write and call, call, call. i am writing personal notes to those who brought food or did something special for us. 26 so far!!

    I'm anxious to see my water bill and the utility bill! To top it ioff I gott the funeral bill today-----my, oh, my. My #1 son is a banker and is tending to the difficult things I have needed to do since DH was in NH. He will make arrangements for me to pay for mine and DH at the same time.

    My precious Maggie (cat) hardly ever leaves my side and always goes to bed with me. Pets are a real comfort------

    My middle finger on my left hand (writing hand) locks when i bend it---such a nuisance.

    Thanks for info on looking at previous writings.

    Take care.

  18. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi y'all!

    I mentioned earlier that I had a worrisome doc appointment today.
    Well. It was a long & tuff day, but I'm back home, & I have good news:

    I don't need surgery!
    That was my great fear. I had symptoms that indicated I might need a surgery. I've already had it twice. It's a scary, bad one, not just a simple, easy one - & it's something that is likely to come back, at some point. But NOT today!!! YAAAAY!!!!!

    Sorry I can't address everyone individually right now. I'm thoroughly exhausted & plan to nap immediately! Well, actually I'm gonna nap whether it's planned or not. LOL! It was SUCH a long, hard day...

    I'll be back later to catch up with everydobby!

    Love & Hugz 2 All!!!!!!
  19. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm just lurking tonight. Too tired to really think to respond to all posts and such. School will be out next Tuesday, so I'll hopefully be more of a participant after that!

    Enjoy the evening. It's beautiful today.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am going to bed. There is some warm milk and cookies on the other side. Hope I do not get caught in the door !!



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