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    Hi porchies and lurkers, welcome to #412.

    Quote of the Day:

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    I have been roaming around just waiting for you or someone. I should have tried to do it myself. Know that I can!

    Rock: I think it was you-----it was my grandson who received his white jacket to be a Physicians Assistant. He has loved all of the rotations that have been in various hospitals. He especially liked Oncology-----You must be special to do that I would think. My d asked if it didn't make him sad when someone of his patients passed away - he said yes, but when someone goes home in remission it all makes up fpr that.

    For one month he was in Pediatric Oncology. He loved OB and "birthing babies' but he didn't like Gyn>

    Springwater: How do I get to your pictures? I tried the website, etc. that you posted but the comp. refused it. Can I look for it while I still have proHealth Open?

    I just can't remember what allof you dear ones wrote! Just read it too.

    Why can't I remember names? On another board I again read about someone's brother in law. I have written before what I thought about that. It is soooo frightening for the whole family. I do not understand the laws for those kind of people. I read a news article about releasing those who aren't murderers as the prisons are too full. Those are the people who are very apt to be murderers sometime!!

    Elaine: I think of you so often and it is often on the tip of my tongue to say to friends that I have a friend who is going through so very much with cancer. That would lead to questions and I am not about to answer those. Please keep on reading and investigating and hope that you find a wonderful answer. I believe that sometimes God leads people, Drs. etc. to those answers too.

    Rock: Please keep us entertained! You add a bit of life to the board and add humor too. We love you and think you are one of a kind!

    I think that i have said that sevefral yrs. ago I scanned all of DH's family pictures of ancestors, etc. It was sooo simple on the other comp. i e-mailed them all to our 3 and to his BIL. Kids kept saying for me to do my side of the family,

    Well, it is a different story on this comp. Son had to work and work to figure it out (he is very good on this thing).I did 2 while he was here and now I am on my own!!!! oh my!!!!!!!!!!! i am having an awful time with it.!!!!!!!!1

    Think I will go back to it and see what I an accomplish.

    Have a good afternoon and evening. Excuse my not remembering who was who!!!

    Gentle Hugs to all of you,

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    Dad had catarac surgery a while ago and scar tissue was building up behind the lens. That's why he was having so much trouble seeing. The doc burned it off (laser) and sent him home. Said he should be fine, but to come back in 6 weeks.

    Mom's check was routine. She's having trouble with glaucoma. Her eye pressure needed to be checked. One eye is down very nicely. The other is still high, but coming down. She's to go back in 6 weeks also.

    Can you believe it? We were out by 3:30! Doc was a regular speed demon today! hee hee

    I wasn't bored in the waiting area. I took some cookbooks and looked for some new recipes to try. I leafed through those in between going into the exam rooms with the parents.

    So both are fine.


    I seem to remember someone asking what instrurment I played. In college, my major instrument was Voice, my minor instrument was Piano.

    I don't need many more school supplies. Tissues (school can't keep them in stock), lotion (I don't think my kids parents buy the stuff), and small containers to put my jacks in.

    Baggies won't work. They won't hold up to the wear and tear of nearly 300 kids opening and closing them. I'm thinking some of those small plastic food storage containers. Cheap, but sturdy.

    We've got school year planning meetings tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm going tomorrow. I ain't-a promisin' about Wednesday! hee hee

    Better post this before it gets lost.
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    Campmeeting was lovely. I was actually able to pay attention in the services this time! Yippee!
    I guess that means my new medicine dose is working!

    Got to hear lots of good music this past week. It was especially exciting to hear one man sing that hasn't for over a year. You could hardly hear him for all of the "Amens", "Praise the Lords", "Hallelujahs", and the like. I thought there for a minute, the pastor was gonna make him sing the song again. Pretty neat.

    Oh! I forgot to tell y'all that I actually felt like staying on the property for the event this time. My niece worked in the dining hall and had a great time.

    Had a bit of a scare with her when we moved over on Saturday. She ate A (as in ONE) chicken nugget from McD's. We found out the hard way that they fry their nuggets and fish in the same oil. I thought there for a minute we were going to have to go to the emergency room.

    We found some of that Prilosec or Previcid or whatever and some Benadryl. She had calmed down quite a bit by Sunday morning. Thank the Lord!

    Tuesday, our room key fell out of my purse and I didn't know it until after night service. Doh! We had to find the people in charge of lodging so they could open up for us with a master key. It was found and turned in so I retrieved it later.

    Wednesday, niece woke me up to tell me that a certain party had arrived. <sigh> This man is PESKY.

    Be rght back.
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    Yes, one of the ladies in the office upstairs boss has the swine flu as well as his grandaughter. She stated that he was on his way in to pick up some paperwork, I immediately told her to call him and tell him he was forbidden to come into this office building still having that. I also sent an email around to all the tenants of the building (yes i manage this office building), stating that if you are sick TO STAY HOME UNTIL DOCTOR SAYS YOU ARE IN THE CLEAR. Geez, how stupid can you be. That is nothing to fool around with. I sure hope he listens and does not come in.

    Some people think they are so high and mighty when they are sick and can still come in to work. They actually brag about it, but to me that is the stupiest thing to do, to get others sick. That is why you have sick days, duh.

    There have been a few times where i wasn't feeling good in the morning and I went ahead and came in to work but then once i got here i left since i didn't get better, but i never came into work knowing i was contagious.

    I am scared to death, there are so many cases in MO of swine flu now.

    Teacher - my kids were always told to bring a box of kleenex into class the beginning of the year, that way the teacher would have plenty for the year. That shouldn't have to come out of your pocket.

    Joan - It is okay if you don't want to try and open a volume there are plenty of us to do it. No worries. We will do it for you, you can just come on here and post like you do and make are day just by being here!!!!

    Well gang that is my news for this afternoon. I guess Springwater is sleeping by now, at least i hope so, it is about 1 in the morning where she is.

    I shall be back tomorrow, it is almost 4:30 here so got get some more work done. Bye for now.

  6. teacher

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    Tissues have to come out of my pocket. I'm not regular classroom, I only teach music, so I don't get the benefit of having the students bring certain supplies to class.


    Mr. Pesky finally got it through his head that I am NOT interested. He needs to spend more time with his wife and children!

    Enough on that!

    My energy level was quite high last week. I only missed the afternoon service every day. AND I was alert every evening. The mornings were rough, but that's OK.

    I think this new drug combination is working! Yippee!

    So, that's what's been happening in my corner of the world. Gonna see if I can find some dinner now.

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  7. Pippi1313

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    I did it again!

    Mick: I left ya note about tomatoes on the last post, THEN saw the last line of your message, about going to start a new porch! Duh, me! LOL!

    Anyhow, we can leave that little post back there. Just go see it, since ya asked about tomatoes.

    And now for the BIG "I did it AGAIN"!!!!!

    I got stuck on the SAME elevator!

    I had to go downstairs just for a minute - called the elevator - the same elevator I got stuck in, opened up - the same little voice told me the same thing: DON'T get on this elevator!!!

    Again, I ignored said little voice, & got on the elevator. After all, it wouldn't be back in service, if they hadn't repaired it, right?
    What could possibly go wrong??? (Sound familiar?)

    Every instinct I had, was screaming, "NO, you MORON!".... sigh....

    Got stuck in the same place (10th floor).
    3 peeps onboard this time, including a girl of about 17 or 18 who had been to check on her grandma.
    Problem: BOTH the other peeps are seriously claustrophobic! Bob, the guy who was onboard, was calling 911 before I could finish saying: "Hey, I think we're stuck again."
    I thought the girl was gonna have a serious panic attack.

    Fortunately, this time the door slid open again for no reason, just like last time, & the 2 of them just about ran over each other getting outta there. Heck, we were only in there about 3 minutes...

    I guess the building management rode the elevator up & down once w/o getting stuck, & decided to just let it run.


    The girl was so distraught that she was having a near-hissy when we got downstairs (in the other elevator), so hopefully, security has it locked off again.

    They'll have to actually repair the elevator, cuz the elder-folk here DO NOT tolerate being treated as if they're less important than anyone else!!!
    If the elevator isn't fixed SOON, they'll call the tv news "trouble shooter" & know why!

    Soooooo... I'm not getting on that elevator again, even after it passes re-inspection, for at least a week or 2!!!

    Again, I must state: DUH, ME!!! LOL!!!


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  8. fibromickster

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    I went to 411 and read your post. That is really neat, I can't wait to try that. I only planted 2 tomato plants but next year i plan on doing a lot more. I think i will wait one more week and if they don't start turning pink I will do that trick. Actually, tonight i am gonna go pull one off and try it now. I can't wait to have a homegrown tomato, especially my homegrown ones.

    I am the same, I do not like the store bought tomatoes. There is a big difference between the store bought and the homegrown. Even the ones that say homegrown at the store, they never taste the same. There is a little place by my house that sells homegrown tomatoes from their yard and those are delicious. I eat them just like apples, however, i add pepper to them.

    It brings back so many memories from when i was little. Me and my Grandpa would walk around the block to his garden and pick the tomatoes from the vine and eat them right on the spot. He would always bring his salt and pepper shakers with us. Gosh i miss him so much and those days. If i could have those days back i would in a heartbeat.

    Okay, before i cry i am gonna get off of here.
  9. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    There were 3 gorgeous ones left in my car after coffee this morming. And i DO NOT LIKE RAW tomatoes! I have tired and tried throughout my life and I still don't like them! We used to have a huge garden and I canned bushels and bushels of tomatoes for Chili and spaghetti sauce. I love them just cooked down some, add a bit of sugar, a bit of butter and enjoy hot. I also, we both did, love breaded tomatoes. I'll find someone to give them to.

    Teacher: Please tell me about campmeeting if you have time! It sounds as it was something I would love! For 13 yrs. Harley and I went to Gaither Homecoming in Indy. It began with a program in the evening on Thur. Music in the afternoon , and the eves. of Fri. and Sat. Inbetween times were the most wonderful speakers. The 11 a.m. worship service was wonderful!!!!! Wonderful music, excellent speakers, just so imressive. They discontinued it several yrsl ago and we were so disappointed.

    The only problem was we took a wheeelchair for Harley - oldest son went too and he pushed it til we got back to hotel - then it was up to me!!! Several times I thought I would pass out from weakness from FM. Worth it all though. You come home so inspired and thrilled.

    Did you get rid of the "certain party"?

    i have a granddaughter that is teaching remedial reading for all grades t 8th. Another is teaching Spanish and German to middle school. Grand-daughter-to-be is to teach in a downtown school in Chicago with Special Needs children. Bless her heart. DIL is teaching middle school math and another DIL subs about everyh day. That's what I used to do!

    I rfemember my grandmother talking of Aimee McPherson!

    Pippi: No way would I ever get on that elevator again! It is jinxed!!!

    I worked this afternoon for 3 hrs. trying to get this scanning right! I got just 3 scanned, then couldn't find them to put names on them and put in my folder. Surely it can't be that difficult???!!

    I spent todahy on the phone. I had 5 calls to make - had them all written down. Then I got 7 calls throughout the day!! Hope the phones don't ring this eve.

    my eyes are getting so very tired and my hands hurt, my back hurts, so I think that it is hot shower time.

    Have a good nite's sleep if possible. Would one of you read me a story??

    Gentle Hugs,

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I am here to tuck some people in again.

    JOAN - would you like me to tuck you in tonght? You we asking for someone to do the honors before.

    PIPPI and MICKEY _ what is this about growing tomatoes.? I missed something when PIPPI told you or gave you a tip on how to grown fresh tomatoes or something ! I just love fresh tomatoes and we used to have a huge tomatoe garden in the last house BUT we had so much sun. We had so many tomoatoes we had to give alot of them away. However, we have very little sun on this property .It is mostly shade with a tad of sun moving around all day.

    PIPPI - Your elevator must be possessed :) . Hope they get it fixed soon and when they do you have the guts to get back on. I think you will, my dear ! You are a brave soul kiddo !! At least you were not stuck on it for too long. It surely could have been alot worse for you and the others, esp if one is claustriphobic.

    You can hop in bed close to MICKEY and JOAN and I will tell you a story :) !!

    Teacher - sounds like you are anxious to get back to your teaching duties in school. Busy , busy , busy ! I would think it would be fun to be a music teacher. Of cours I love music, voice and other instruments.

    Well, it is getting late so I have to go after reading the story to Pip, Joan and Mickey and anyone else who would like to hear it. Anyone have a problem going to sleep, maybe Ican help :) Then again maybe I need someone to read me on. I need some help too.

    Good night everydobby inc those not mentioned !

  11. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    If ya follow the tomato advice on the last porch, you'll never have "too many" again!


    G'Nite Everydobby!!!!!

  12. jole

    jole Member

    Just a quick note to say I'm thinking about you and hope everyone has a great day!

    The B-day party for my MIL went great last weekend...I was wrong though, she'll be 95, not 90 like I stated! Lots of relatives and a few family friends there for potluck and most of the afternoon. Two of our kids couldn't make it. One couldn't get off work; the other is pregnant and wasn't having a good day at all...Braxton Hicks contractions going on.

    My hubby's nephew's daughter had a cancerous brain tumor at age 17, and has fought it now for over 4 years...chemo, surgery. Then had blood removed and a bone marrow transplant done on her 21st birthday. Then they replaced her own blood...only to then find out she had leukemia, which meant the marrow transplant was for nothing. Two weeks ago she lost all muscle control and was hospitalized, unable to talk or even open her eyes. Ended up on a ventilator. The family of course is devistated. They did another MRI and found out that she now has major cancer in her spinal column with no chance of survival. So on Saturday my nephew/wife had her disconnected from the ventilator. As of tonight, she is still breathing somewhat on her own, and everyone is just waiting on the phone call in this area.

    I can't imagine that being my child....what an agonizing decision for any parent to make...and to watch. Please, if you believe in prayer, say one for Linsey and her parents. They live in Omaha, NE, which is a 5 hour drive from here with no stops. I want to go give them all a hug and let them know I care, but can't do it. They're not home to call.

    Will try to get back tomorrow. Love to all....Jole
  13. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I never thought of it that way. Maybe I was supposed to be in that elevator, cuz 2 peeps with claustrophobia would have fed off each others' panic & been seriously traumatised by it.

    So, when I go out in a few minutes to run an errand-

    If that elevator stops, but it's empty, I won't get on.
    However, if it stops & someone else is onboard, should I get on, just in case it DOES get stuck???


    Jole: I never know what to say, in circumstances like that.
    Just know I'm so sorry for your family.


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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not much in the way of news. I had mandarin
    oranges for breakfast. Finished the book by
    Tom Bodett. Started a bio of Robert Vaughn.

    Vaughn was in lots of movies. Probably most
    famous as the star of TV's The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    Joan and Granni and anydobby else who's interested. I would be
    glad to read you a bedtime story. Not Cat in the Hat which I read
    about 500 times to my son, but something w/
    substance like The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.

    If you do not know this classic, you can find it


    Bet you can't read it w/o tearing up. I couldn't.

    Loved the quote for the day, Mickey. How did it
    go? A mini skirt will maximize your experiences
    while a something, something, etc.?

    You're right about sick employees staying home.
    Employers don't seem to encourage it though.

    Joan, thank you for your kind words. I was
    thinking of you last night while writing a sympathy letter.
    A neighbor died. He was 2 years younger than I. He never
    had too much to say, but he sure knew a lotta jokes.

    Teacher, that laser surgery is amazing. I had it
    ten years or so ago. You look into a machine
    that looks kinda like a microscope and the dr.
    goes click, click, click, and you see a red light

    The procedure is over in a minute or so. The
    results are instantaneous.

    What's this about Mr. Pesky? I don't recall you
    mentioning him before. Does he want to make
    beautiful music with you?

    I did a crossword the other day. Clue was: like
    a fly. Answer was: pesky.

    Georgia, the Aimee Semple McPherson Temple
    is 3 blocks from me, across the street from Echo
    Park. The near by library has pictures of old
    LA. There is one of Aimee in her long white robe
    wearing enormous angel wing.

    She was very dramatic. Used to make her entrance
    coming down a stairway w/ a spotlight on her.

    The temple was built in the 20s. A few years later she was in the
    headlines across the country. Dead? Drowned? Kidnapped?
    Romantic getaway? The evidence was contradictory.
    In any case she showed up a month later and went back to preaching.

    Pippi, I don't understand about the 2 elevators that fell. I read
    decades ago that elevators can't fall because they have brakes
    in the corners. They are not just supported by a single cable.

    Now, if an elevator fell in a forest, and there was
    no one around to hear it, would it be a good idea
    for Pippi to avoid it?

    And I think we can all agree on that.

    Jole, Your grandmother must have been born in
    1914, the beginning of the Great War. On the
    national scene were people like Babe Ruth,
    Charlie Chaplin and Mr Burns who was graduated from Yale.
    (Mr Burns is on The Simpsons.)

    And Joe Kennedy married Rose Fitzgerald. Their daughter Eunice just died.

    I'm w/ you, Julie. I wouldn't get on an iffy elevator either. I'm
    getting more and more claustrophobic as I age. Two attys
    got stuck in the elevator at our office a few years ago. The building
    was only 2 or 3 stories tall, but I guess that's immaterial when
    you're stuck. They were liberated after 20 or 30 minutes.

    They could have been having a good time billing at a $150 an hour.

    All for now

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I had an exciting morning at the rheumy's today :) Anyway she convinced me to start taking the WHOLE generic Flexeril at night before bed. I had already cut out the Klonozapam but was having a bunch of pain in myneck and lower head area. So, she told me to try 6 wks of trying the whole poill again along with the supps I am taking for bedtime. So, I will try that. Then I took DH out to luch for driving me. She unfortunatly wants to see me in another 6 weeks to check to see how I am doing.

    Pippi - That was very interesting about the tomatoes. I just wish I had enough sun to really grow them now. That elevator situation is somthing else. You shouldnpt have to e worrying about an elevator breaking down with being stuck in a wheel chair and all makes it worse. Glad that you are not claustrophbic. I am sure that you were the bravest of all the peope stuck in thee the other day. Not good if they were all screaming !Q

    Julie - you surely do have alot on your plate. I know that you are always doing so much and probably didnt tell us half of your problems.

    Teacher - yes what is this about the Mr. Pesky. Sounds interesting :) !! How did your meeting go today and your getting ready for class?

    Rock - Oh you can read me a sotry any time. I am sure they would be very interesting !! That might be one PIPPI would like :) ! She does like Winne the Pooh though and so do I. However, youmight not want to read that one to all the young ones. However, I am the same age as you but I do not care :) !!

    Elaine - Hope you are doing OK kiddo. You barought back memories of DH';s dad who had alzzheimers and was living with us and then we brought him to the home He also wouldn't eat and we had a time deciding on whether to put in a feeding tube. However he only lasted a couple of days anyway after that. I don't think they had put in a tube yet. The whole thing was terrible sad anyway.

    Jole - sorry to hear about yoru frieds young daughter. That is just terrible. I will say prayers for her and the family. It is always worse when it is someone so young. Hope you are feeling OK with all this sadness and stress.

    Georgia - sorry to hear about grandpa's bpuncing the check. That is always bad with the extra charges they put on you. Hope the BRAT doesn't bug you to much tomorrow. Maybe you could put another snake in her desk or something (or have Jerome do it). That just bugs me how she can get away with her antics.

    Well, everydobby I had better sign off before it goes into never never land.

    Hi to all I did not mention !!


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  16. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Everydobby!

    Julie & Rock: I didn't have to make the Big Elevator Decesion. The other elevator stopped first, both coming & going. No "St. Pippi of the Elevator" today! LOL!
    And yes, Rock, although that was a very long time ago (before I was born actually) my uncle was in an elevator that fell in the V.O.A. building here in Louisville, & my friends' G-Father was in an elevator that fell in a hotel in Cincinnati.

    Jole & Elaine: Your posts were a vivid reminder to me of why I appointed my brother as my legal healthcare surrogate. If the worst happens, I NEVER want Mom & Pop to have to make that decesion. It will be hard enough for my brother, but it's something I don't think my parents could recover from.
    My brother has accepted the responsibility willingly, probably for the same reason.
    And I literally trust him with my life.
    He works, teaches, researches, in the medical field & will know (more than) what the professionals tell him about my condition.
    He'll also know if a doctor is being optimistic, pessimistic, or just plain stoopit about the reality of my situation (should it arise).
    And I've already assured him that any decesion he may make is the right one, & he's NEVER to second-guess himself.
    (This is my brother, David.)


    Well, gosh! It looks like rain again! We've had a few minor storms since the flood, but the ground isn't getting a chance to dry out.

    Hey! That would be kinda funny (in a twisted way), (or would it merely be ironic?), if I got stuck in an elevator, during a flash flood, while the storm is still raging & the power goes out, with claustrophobic peeps.
    It'd be my luck somebody would have gas.......

    On that cheery note, TTFN!

  17. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Jole: What a horrible thing to go through. I know because our family just did that 3 1/2 mons. ago. We both had signed Living Wills just a yr. ago, at my suggestion. That solved the problem but oh, how terribly hard it was.

    We knew thata DH was in pain and couldn't commicate with hys - he often heard but couldn't speak often. He did try to tell us about 4 days before, over and over, "I am going to die" D. and I t alked to him and told him about alla the Drs. he had and what wonderful hospital was he was in.

    After it was all over, I realized that he was trying to tell us that---he was going to die. All of the tubes were taken out the day before and we sat and cried and cried and laughed once in a while at something funny he had done in his lifetime.

    But I can't imagine doing that for one of my children. How do you endure it???? God has to help you through it.

    Elaine: You said it all so beautifully. Goodbye is so hard. Jole and you, Elaine, made me cry. Letting go is so hard.

    Guess I will say so-long and dry my tears. A groups of friends got together for lunch today and had a great time. The gal that brought me home is the only one I can talk to about our grief. She lost her dear DH 5 yrs,. ago and the pain is still there. that was all we talked about as she brought me home. She had a difficult time trying not to cry and so did I. I imagine she did just what I have done since I have been home.
    Letting the tears roll.

    Granni: What do yhou think of Clonozapam? I just take a 1/2 at a.m. and another half at bedtime. My PCP once asked why I was taking it and I told him you were on vacation and I had to go to someone else here i the clinic! He said -Oh- and I am still on it! What does it do?

    I am supposed to go back to my PCP next week - the nurse said he would not fill anymore scripts til I came in----so-----

    Pippi: i will think of you and elevators everytime I go on another elevator!! I would be in a real panic!!!! So would our D!!! She hates heights and elevators.

    Granni and Rock??? You are the same age!!!! i don't imagine that either of you are as old as I am.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle Hugs to all,


  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I used to take both the generics clonazepam (Klonopin),and cyclobenzeprine (Flexeril) to help me sleep mostly, and for some muscle spasms. I only took them both before bed.

    I am now off the clonozepam which is an antianxiety medication and for some seizures also.

    Cyclobenzaprine, that I am still on is a muscle relaxant, antispasmotic and for some anticonvulsions. Given both together they are supposed to help with sleep and some pain.

    If you decide to get off the clonozepam, do so VERY slowly,like 1/2 pill for awhile and then the other. You cana also eliminate 1/4 pill first but do that for awhile before you decrease again.

    Hope this helps some. May be back later. Have to go and do the hair project (groan) !

    Hope all is well with everydobby. I didn't remember what ALL said before. I didn' tag on to the volume.



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  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Nite, Porch Peeps!

    I'm soooooooooo sleepy. But...

    Am I the only person who fights sleep?

    I have such horrid, twisted, violent, vivid, screaming-nightmares EVERY time I sleep. I have for a long time. My doc says it's part of having PTSD.
    I always wake up feeling like I've been trampled by rouge elephants.
    When I lived with other people, they told me I cry out & make awful, tortured sounds when I sleep.

    I don't know what it's like to sleep without dreams.
    It sounds so nice, & pleasant & peaceful. I wanna do that just to know what it feels like.

    But I get so loopy when I'm exhausted (like now) that I give in to it & let sleep overtake me.

    When I get loopy, I talk too much....


  20. teacher

    teacher New Member

    It's 11:45 p.m. here. I was so tired when I got in from my meeting, I went to bed early because I couldn't function anymore. It's like that at the beginning. The physical work isn't too bad, but the mental work wipes you out for about a month. You learn as a youngun to give in and go to bed before the chickens or you spend the first two months sickern a dog!

    Jole: My condolences. Will be praying for them AND you.

    Mickey: Can't stand it when sick folks come to work. Glad you made them go home. Can I get you to come to my school and send the sick kiddies home?! Seriously, our nurse does a great job, but stuff goes around in nothing flat when you're dealing with ages 4 to 12 (Pre-K to 6th Grade). One person gets something, comes to school, and we ALL get it! I try real hard to live on Vitamin C for the school year.

    Georgia: Glad you're having fun knitting socks. Can you make them as thin as factory socks or are they thicker? Can you tell I don't know anythng about knitting? hee hee

    OK will post this and come back!


    Pippi: How's this for twisted logic? The elevator will only get fixed if the same person keeps getting stuck. It seems you've been chosen! Congratulations!
    Keep up the good work! hee hee

    Joan: Campmeeting is fun! We have a "Spring" meeting in June, a "Fall" meeting in August and a Winter meeting in December. June and August run for eight days, Sunday to Sunday. December runs four or five days, depending on where Christmas and New Year's fall. December is also our smallest meeting since we're talking cold and snow.

    We have a 10:00 a.m. service and a 7:00 p.m. service. Both are regular church services, complete with congregational singing, special singing, and preaching. We don't hire in special groups to sing for us, we entertain ourselves. The different preachers that come in for the meeting take turns preaching.

    Monday - Friday, the children have their own service at 10:00 a.m. On Saturday morning, they come to the main service and sing the songs they've learned and give us a mini version of the story they were told all week.

    There is a teaching service at 3:00. It only lasts an hour and is closely resembles a typical Sunday School lesson. Sometimes there's a theme for the week, sometimes it's random topics. Just depends.

    This event is held at my church because we have several acres. We have dorms and a dining hall on the premesis. People from our congregation volunteer to do all the work, so we aren't held to a firm schedule for when the work gets done (especially in the dining hall). We DO have a schedule for eating, but if morning service runs a bit late, we don't have to worry about paying someone overtime. Does that make sense?

    Posting again.

    I'm back!

    There is a daily prayer meeting at 8:30 a.m. and a Young People's Service (age 13 until married) every evening at 6:00 p.m. It's like their own short version of a regular church service. (They have 45 minutes)

    People come from all over. It's quite fun to see folks when you haven't seen them for a year or so!

    THAT, my people, BRINGS ME TO MR. PESKY! (Pay attention here, Granni and Rock)

    He comes from Chicago and has for many, many years. My first coherent thought of this man was when I was in high school. I was working in the dining hall the summer between high school graduation and my first year of college.

    This man kept coming through my line and trying to chat me up. I wasn't interested and tried everything I knew to politely ignore him. But dude wouldn't be ignored.

    He came to night service with field binoculars! I was singing in the choir and he just had to see the choir better! Yuck!

    THEN CAME THE FATEFUL DAY! I found out he was putting the moves on another lady, older than me, single mother. HOW dude didn't think we'd find out, I don't know. Needles to say, we were already disgusted singly, but now we were united. He went home before we could take him apart.

    I don't know how to describe it, but there was something about him that didn't feel right. Little things. He'd hold your hand a second too long while shaking your hand in greeting. He'd get close into your personal space to ask for more coffee. He'd chase you across the parking lot just to ask how you're doing. Stuff like that.


    He went home empty handed. I later heard that he got married. I thought that was the end of the story. NOPE! He wouldn't come every year after that, but when he did come, he'd leave his family at home and come sniffing around me. I always hang with my mama, so she always put him in his place.

    His mistake this year was he decided to do the same thing to my niece. I was OK with keeping things low key when it was just me dealing with it. I kept it mind that he was only around for a few days a year and I have grown adept at avoiding him. But now he was messing with my baby and it was time for the claws to come out!

    She went to breakfast one morning and came back to wake me up to tell me he was there and that he kept insisting on talking to her, getting into her personal space. I told her it was time to take off the polite gloves and let it be known far and wide that he's a problem. Yep, I told my pastor what he was doing.

    Pastor told me to put him in his place, but to be nice. I told him that I wasn't promising that!

    When Dad found out that he was in town and moving in on Niece, he packed Mom and my sister up and made them move over before they were scheduled to. That caused stress on my end because my sister is sooooo street. She brought her cane and was ready to use it. My mom and I had a tough time restraining her. I didn't want to be on national news because we were at a church meeting beating up on men! hee hee


    I told him to leave both of us alone before Mom got there. When Mom got there, she did the same thing and then told the pastor what she did. She then informed Pastor that if she had to speak again, it wasn't going to be pretty. (My mom is 5'2, quiet and extremely ladylike. If SHE gets ugly, it's uuuuuuugggggglllly!)

    Dude finally got the message.

    Of course, Niece had done a lovely job spreading it among her friends that this guy was a pervy and she had orders to avoid him at all costs. Some of the adults that were around when she was working helped to put him in his place also. Then THOSE adults talked to THEIR friends. He'll be watched from now on.

    <sigh> Makes me feel yucky just thinking about it!

    Granni and Carla: Sorry you're not feeling well. Take care of yourselves.

    Tomatoes: Don't like 'em in their regular packaging. They squish when you bite them. If it squishes, I don't eat it.

    Elaine: Prayers contiuing your way.

    Springwater: Leech bites! Yuck. I've never seen one, but it sounds bleah. Does anything make those bites stop itching, like a topical antibiotic or lavender essential oil?

    Rock: If an elevator falls in the forest, Pippi won't be there because it will be she that causes it to fall there. She is going to get tired of getting stuck and will chuck the thing out of her building!

    Oh, BTW, staff meeting was boring. I'm trying to decide if I wanna go back tomorrow. It's not mandatory, but if I go, I will get paid for two extra days instead of one. We'll see.

    Howdy to all I didn't call by name in this post. I'm gonna try to get some sleep now.

    Good night Jerome!

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